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"Grab her! Dont let her escape!"<br><br>

A voice boomed as roars filled the air of the demon army that started to charge forward,
chasing the female that so despritely ran across the riggity bridge and onto the other
side of the terrian. Oger like creatures ran from the front gate of the demonic kingdom as
they held up their weapons of destruction to capture and kill the female they desperitly
wanted to capture under the order of the underworld lord. he female picking up her
pace as she made her way towards a light. his light shining brightly and was a rare
thing. !n the underworld souls are damned and sent to be tortured for the sins they might
have commited during their life on the mortal plane but once in a rare millium, there will
be a light for a soul to be reincarnated into a new body. <br><br>
"aiting so patiently, spending all this time waiting, being tortured and having to listen to
that no good ruler, she was ready to enter the mortal plane and nothing was going to
stop her. Despritely she started to climb up what seemed like a mountain as swords and
spears started to be thrown at her as she climbed. A spear gra#ed her leg as she
reached the top and climbed up. $unning the last bit of distance she finally ran up and
%umped into the light. &ever knowing what or where she would end up.<br><br><br>
'irth and Duty<br><br>
(erberus was born unto two greek gods known as yphon and )chidna. *e was brought
to the underworld, the place where souls enter and cannot leave for this beast stalks and
keeps them in. he three headed hounds soul purpose was to protect the gates to the
underworld and keep the souls from wondering out. A force to be reckoned with but yet
none to match its power. &one knowing what will take this beast down. <br><br>
here are only a couple of myths in Greek mythology where a hero gets the better of
(erberus. he first is when Orpheus +Greek mythology,, the famed musician, sneaks
into *ades by lulling the usually unstoppable (erberus to sleep with his beautiful music.
he second myth is when *ercules +Greek mythology,, with the approval of *ades
+Greek mythology,, the god of the -nderworld, gets (erberus in a choke hold, knocks
him out, and kidnaps him. *e is eventually returned to his post where he remains to this
day. (erberus, Guardian of *ades, Other than these myths, the three.headed hound of
*ell is an unmatched force for anyone trying to get in or out of *ades without e/press
!n vampire mythology, it is said that the souls of all vampires are held in a container +a
coffin, appropriately,, somewhere in *ades. According to the 0ampire Origin 1tory,
because of a deal made by the first vampire, if any vampire should ever return to *ades
they can get in +because technically they are dead,, but they can never leave
A new form<br><br>
he infamous hree.headed hound of *ades served as the guardian to the gates of the
-nderworld, letting not a soul in or out without the permission of his master. &aberius
+like most demons, has more than one form. *is primary demon form is that of a vicious
three.headed dog. !n addition he can take to the skies as a black raven or can take a
human form. One theory is that due to his dedicated work for the ancient gods +and in
truth, no creature was more dedicated to their master than (erberus,, (erberus was
released by his master *ades and was granted the honor of %oining the old gods as their
e2ual. *aving lived his entire life in the -nderworld, he was now able to walk the earth in
human form or take to the skies as a raven.<br><br>
$egardless of personal history, the demon 3ar2uis &aberius was considered to be the
bravest of all the named demons. *aving a powerful but hoarse voice, but is known to
be very elo2uent in his speech. &ot surprisingly, &aberius is considered the internal
guardian of the demons. *e plays a somewhat political role, keeping an eye on all that
happens in the demon world. *e has been given the power to take away ranks and
honors from the unworthy and can also restore lost honors to those who have been
unfairly stripped of rank and dignities. his goes for humans more so than fellow
A turn for the worst<br><br>
After many years of living on the mortal plane, watching over the other demons,
(erberus started to miss his home, his old duties. !t was after all, what he knew and one
thing he had done for so many years. )n%oying being his own person, living life how he
wanted and doing what he wanted with it, he soon found himself wondering what his old
master was doing, who had his %ob now, how things where going in the underworld.
Growing tired of seeing the world and what its like finally he decided to return home. he
new era seemed to be starting and it was nothing that interested him. 1o with out
another thought he opened up a portal and returned to the underworld. -pon returning
he was welcomed back with open arms upon arriving. *is master happily gave his %ob
back sense no one could fill the role the great beast had so wonderfully done. 4inally
returning to his main form, the beast stood proud and strong as it let out a loud roar.
*appy to be back in his old habbitat, back doing what he knew best, something also felt
off. !t seemed that in his absense some souls have escaped, starting to mess up the
order of the underworld and havoc was starting to set in. rying to keep the souls in, the
dog demon worked night and day trying to restore what had been lost in the time he was
gone. !t almost seemed usless because as the souls where escaping, demons where
starting to devour the souls. 5earning what they tasted like and so they started to
breaking into the gates where the souls where hidden and taking some to devour.
5osing patients, *ades added more to the workload of the already e/aughted *ound but
trying to be loyal to his master, he continued with the heavy workload as re2uested.
-ntil, the day came and he could no longer take anymore.<br><br><br>
(lashes, booms, crashes, destruction could be heard as two sorces fought against one
another. On this day, it had started %ust like the others. he hound making rounds and
bringing souls in that where destined to wonder the underworld for a enternity or until
they where granted to be reincarnated. he demons that wished to devour the new load
of souls where more persistant than ever as they ambushed the dog demon and tried to
take what they desired. 'eing the lesser demons that they where, they where no
problem for the hound. Defeating them easily took no effort but he didnt come out un
scathed sense there where so many of them. 5aying down to let his wounds heal, the
break he finally took after so long of working, trying to get things in order, was a mistake
from the beggining.<br><br>
1eeing his companion taking a break, not doing his %ob, did not sit well with the ruler of
the underworld at all. 1ouls where still escaping, demons where starting to defy oders
and go against the ruler. 6uestioning on why the *ound was taking a break, why he was
not doing his duty, he soon wanted to find out. Approaching the beast, he asked what he
so wondered what had pu##led his mind so much. <br><br><br>
"ell me, my beast, why are you la#ing about when you should be doing your duty."
*ades asked with a 2uestioning e/pression on his face. he hell hound looked up at his
master 2uestioningly as well. "hy was his master asking this7 *ad he not been dutiful
enough to earn this small break. *e was on his last nerves and so it took every ounce to
answer the rulers 2uestion.<br><br><br>
"! obtained some wounds while fighting off the demons that seek to steal and devour the
souls you have worked so hard to collect my master." <br><br>
*ades, not being happy with this answer grabbed the beast8s collar and brought him to
the ground. (ausing a crator in the ashy ground making the air a bit more to/ic from the
to/ic dirt, he soon spoke once more. <br><br><br>
""ell that is not good enough! ! didnt take in a la#y good for nothing hell hound. ! gave
you a chance to come back and prove to me you belong here but you are doing nothing
but waisting my time. ! could have put a ant there to do your %ob and it would do it
*eart breaking. *earing those acidic words flowing from his masters mouth, it only
angered the hell hound. 4inally fighting back, he pushed his master off of him and then
pinned him under his paw, he stomped him into the ground. 1peaking in a enraged
"&ot doing my %ob7! ! dont belong here7!!" A deep growl escaped the beast8s mouth as
he pushed more into the god. "! have given my entire life to you. 3y whole purpose was
to serve you and to keep your souls in. ! have sweated and bled for you and your
precious dead and yet this is the thanks ! get." $aising another paw, he soon brought it
down towards the ruler of the underworld.<br><br>
*ades, a being that was strong and powerful easily escaped the grasp of the hell hound.
*is paw missing as it bashed into the ground causing a shake to move through the
ground. he crator growing a bit more from earlier and soon his ga#e met those of his
master. A sword made of the most demonic of flames coming towards him as his master
charged at him. 9umping back to avoid the attack, only to get a scratch on his left
shoulder. 5etting out a whale of a pain, the hound stepped back as canines where
clentched and the pain surged through his body. 'eing the ruler of the underworld it was
no trick to harm those whom where already dead. <br><br>
&ow hurting both from betrayal and a wound, the hound charged at *ades and clashed
with his flame. 'locking it with his head as he painfully pushed it back and soon tried to
bite into his masters chest. 'arely escaping the %aws of the beast, (erberus was able to
clip his arm. 'oth %umping back to a safe distance, panting as they stared one another
down. $age only flowed through the beasts veins more knowing that all this time, his
master thought only of him as a tool. 4inally not being able to stand it anymore, he
charged towards his master once more but once reaching the crator that hades had
embeded him in before, he was stopped.<br><br>
*ades had this planned all along. 1oon a light started to shine as the hound could not
move. 1truggling as hades walked over and then stapped his sword of flames into the
hell hound in the chest and spoke, saying a chant or some kind of spell. ")t cum
separaverint vos, rapiam seorsum separata ac in divisione. )t scire aeternum gehennae
incendiis in hac forma." he hound let out a loud roar as the light got brighter and
appeared to be like a blinding light from a e/plosion. 1oon three bodies flew from the
light and landed around the crator. wo males and one female. (erberus had now been
split into three seperate bodies, only at :;< the power, and much weaker than what he
was. 5aughing, hades walked up to the bodies which laid on the ground motionless and
smirked as he summoned some demons to come and capture the lifeless bodies and
lock them up.<br><br><br>
++ranslation of the spell= ! separate you, tear you apart, and divide you into separate
beings. o know the flames of hell and to forever be in this form.,,<br><br><br>
he females !mprisonment<br><br>
"aking up, her eyes scanning the area as her heart raced and she sat up against the
wall. 'Where am I?' she thought to herself as she soon managed to make her way to a
standing postition. 'ars surrounded her e/cept two walls which where the cold brick that
she had came to hate. aking a few steps forward she stumbled before trying to step to
2uickly and ended up falling flat onto her face. *er soft tanned skin e/posed as she laid
there against the dirty cold ground. Growling as she lifted her head slowly, her face
obtaining a few scratches but healed 2uickly as she shot her golden optics around. 5ong
silver locks moved over half of her face as it flowed down and around her on the ground.
1he could hear the screams of the souls out side of those four walls and it almsot made
her smirk as she imagined the souls being tortured.<br><br>
5ooking over, she noticed there where three other cages like hers in the room. 5ooking
over, she noticed she was the only one in one. >lacing her palms to the ground once
more, she managed to push herself to sit up straight on the floor as she took a few deep
breaths and looked herself over. A female body. !t was so different from the last one.
*olding up deinty hands, black claws where the nails and shackles where attached to
her wrists but something was wrong. !t felt like something was missing and there was.
4inally noticing it, her eyes went wide and she let out a loud scream. 1he was now only
:;<rd the beast she was before. her power cut down to nearly a sliver was absolutely
sickening. As rage started to surge through her, she made her way to stand and walked
over to the bared corner of her cage and yelled. "*ades! ! will kill you! ?ou bastered!
*ow could you do this to me!" 1creaming as her melodic voice chimed out yet in a fretful
tone. "Get in here and face me you bastered! ! want to rip your face off."<br><br>
*earing she was awake and noticing the threats through the walls, hades made his way
to the chamber where the female was held. 1tanding in the door way with a sinister
smirk on his face, he %ust looked at her as he watched her struggle in the cage. 1he
gripped the bars as she noticed him and growled. "?ou damn bastered. "hat did you do
to me!" *ades soon walked over and stood a few feet from the cage and laughed softly.
"! put you into your place. ! made you what you are. ?our weak." *er blood bloiling more
she reached out and tried to grab him but the chains that attached her shackles to the
furthest wall pulled her back. 1he yanked on them trying to break them but it was to no
avail. hey where made from the strongest metal and a spell was placed on them to not
break. 5ooking back at the man she once called master she growled a little more. ""hat
is your plan now!7 "ho will keep watch over your precious little souls." 1he said with a
acid tone. *ades laughed once mroe. "Oh silly woman, its already taken care of.
1omeone ! should have put in charge a long, long time ago." 1he Growled as she stood
once more, now to her new full height of five five. <br><br>
1he then ran over to the bars once more and tried to break them. 1he tried to pull on
them, punch them, kick them, everything she could to try to find a way out and get to
hades. *ades stepped back and watched the female struggle as she desperately tried to
claw her way out of her enclosure. "ith no luck, she soon slid to the floor and looked
down as she panted. "1o now what do you plan on doing to me7 "here are my other
halfs if ! am only :;<rd of myself." 1he asked with a cold tone before slowly looking up at
the male. ""hy dont you %ust kill me now." *ades turned abit as he paced back and forth
to speak. "Oh your other halfs are gone. "eather or not ! killed them ! will never tell. ?ou
will never find them." *e said as he smirked. "As for you, well when ! saw that lushious
body of yours, your radient beauty, ! %ust had to keep you. ?ou are my beautiful work of
art and ! can not destroy something so wonderful." *e said with a to/ic tone. "1o ! shall
keep you, torture you, and show you where you belong." *er ga#e narrowed as she
looked at him and then she got up. Another desperate attempt to attack the god that had
done this to her, she tried to run up to the bars that restrained her only to be pulled back
from the chains. "! will kill you." 1he yelled as *ades laughed and walked away closing
the door and disappearing.<br><br>
As time passed, she remained in her cage, her body still weak from the transition from
being one whole to now a third of a fraction. !t was a few weeks before she could stand
and not wobble and fall down. Getting used to her new body, she tried to work on her
physical health the best she could. "hen she was not being tortured by hades and his
minions, she was sleeping and doing small e/ercises that she had learned when on the
mortal plane. At least she could remember that much of it. Doing push ups when she
had the strength and meditating trying to figure out what if anything at all, she was
capable of.<br><br>
Over time she noticed something was changing. *er hearing started to develop to where
she could hear things miles away. Granted she couldnt see anything outside but she
could hear the demon guards *ades had walking down the hall way even moments after
they have passed her door for a good while. *er eye sight became so good, she could
see details in the cement floor and then, she could smell things like the to/ins in the air.
1he had all of this before when she was in her full form but when she gained this new
body, she thought she had lost them. $egaining something from her previous form was a
releif to her. <br><br>
ime passed slowly and it was a lonely and dreaded time. 4orever wanting to escape
this hell of a prison, she worked everyday to keep up with her physical health and made
sure to rest. &ow having that hope of finding her other bodies and returning to her once
great state, she learned to deal with hades torture every day. rying to bring her back
down to her place and kill the fire in her spirit but she would never let that happen. As
she remained in the cell, she noticed something. A reacurance. 1he only sensed it until
one night, it showed up before her out side her cell. 1he had only heard about it but she
had never seen one as their locations where a random thing. <br><br>
One night after being drug back into her room and tied back up. 1he laid on the floor as
her wounds slowly healed. (losing her golden optics, she took a deep breath and was
ready to let sleep take over before a bright light shinned in the room. 4illing it up until all
shadow disappeared. 1he opened her eyes and almost %umped up as she tried to walk
up to the bars and watch what was now in front of her. A portal. &ot %ust any portal but
once every few hundred years, a portal will show up and you can be reincarnated into
what ever time era and location it placed you. 1he desperately tried to break the bars
and chains to get to it but it disappeared as fast as it came. 1ense then she had a
determination to escape and find one of those portals and escape.<br><br><br>
*er )scape @ $eincarnation<br><br>
As time passed and she tried over and over to pull on the chains that had restrained her
until one day, when she reali#ed she now possessed a new skill, and she could make
her escape. One day, she had finsihed her e/ersi#es and then meditated. 1he let her
mind wonder and everything that had happened came pouring into her mind. 'efore she
knew it, her body tempature started to rise and her blood started to boil. *eat started to
rise from her hands, and she noticed she had been digging her claws into them cutting
them open but as she did so, fire started to form around her hands as the blood moved
onto her hand. 5ooking down she concentraited on the fire and then see if she could
control it. About a moment later it disappeared. $eali#ing she now had this power, a
smirk formed on her face and it gave her a idea. <br><br>
Anowing that it would take her some time to even figure out how to summon that flame
once more, she knew she would have to suffer a little bit longer until she did figure it out.
As the days went by, she lived through the torture and being tied up but she
concentraited and tried to feel the same feeling that she did when the fire appeared,
trying to figure out how to summon it in general. 1he could tell her blood was one source
but she wanted to see if she could if at all, summon it with out her blood. 1he bit into a
few of her fingers enough to let blood move down them and then concentraited on it and
soon the fire appeared on her hand. "1o my blood can egnite itself..." 1he spoke softly
to herself as she e/amined it. 1he took in how it felt when the fire appeared on her hand.
Of course it didnt hurt her and she was not scared but the rush of her blood, her heart
rate, all of that. 1he remembered it all as she watched the fire dance on her
A few days later, she awoke for what would be the ne/t morning and instantly got up and
started to meditate while holding parts of the chains in her hands. 1he was going to do
this today if possible. *er blood started to race, and her heart rate went up as she
started to think of the things that have been done to her until she started to hear foot
steps and a voice. !t was hades voice. 1he growled as she heard him speak and soon a
flame appeared on her hands. 1he opened her eyes and looked down as the flame grew
and the chain started to glow but it was not going to be enough to break this chain if she
couldnt make the tempature rise. 5ooking over to the door and then back to the flame,
she tried to concentraite to make it go bigger and to make the tempature rise but it was
not doing any good until, she heard *ades speak. "! think its time to start breeding my
little hell hound beauty." *e said as he headed towards the door. *er blood started to
boil and she growled before she flew backwards fromt he fire getting to e/cited and the
chain finally emploding from the effect, breaking the ones around her ankles as well.
*itting the bars, she slid to the ground and then touched her head. 'lood covered her
hand but she got up and then placed her hands on the bars. *er eyes going blank as
she growled and the fire grew again, this time melting the bars in seconds. "hen it was
enough, she moved through them and hid behind the door.<br><br>
Once hades opened the door, and walked in, she kicked him into the back and into the
bars of the cage ne/t to hers. Digging her claws into the neck of the demons that where
with him and then ran down the hall way. 1he took out every demon that laid in her path.
*er claws and fire proving most usefull as she made her escape to the out side of the
castle. 1he stood there up on the hill out side of the gate looking around. &o, she had no
idea if she would find one, but she wanted to find one of the portals if she could. !f not, a
place to hide so she could travel and find one with out being seen. After a moment she
started to move as she heard yelling inside the castle and demons started to pour out. A
little bit of a distance from the castle was a old bridge that lead to the other side of the
terrain. 1he knew she had to get there through any cost. >icking up her pace, making
her feet move as fast as she could, taking out any who dared to step in her path as she
reached the bridge.<br><br><br>
"Grab her! Dont let her escape!"<br><br>
A voice boomed as roars filled the air of the demon army that started to charge forward,
chasing the female that so despritely ran across the riggity bridge and onto the other
side of the terrian. Oger like creatures ran from the front gate of the demonic kingdom as
they held up their weapons of destruction to capture and kill the female they desperitly
wanted to capture under the order of the underworld lord. he female picking up her
pace as she tried to get away. 5ooking desperately around to see if luck was on her side
and it seemed it was as she turned and picked up her pace and made her way towards a
light. !t was a portal and she was more than happy to see it.<br><br>
"aiting so patiently, spending all this time waiting, being tortured and having to listen to
that no good ruler, she was ready to enter the mortal plane and nothing was going to
stop her. Despritely she started to climb up what seemed like a mountain that had
appeared in front of her as swords and spears started to be thrown at her as she
climbed. A spear gra#ed her leg as blood started to pour down it as she reached the top
and climbed up. $unning the last bit of distance the best she could, she finally ran up
and %umped into the light. &ever knowing what or where she would end up and escaping
her captures hold.<br><br><br>
5ife on the 3ortal plane<br><br>
"hen she finally came to, she blinked as the sun light shined in her eyes. !t was bright
and the sky was blue. &ot dark and gloomy, but blue. !t had white fluffy clouds and the
air was clean. 1he took a deep breath and it almost choked her sense she was not used
to clean air. 1he coughed a bit as she sat up slowly. 1he looked at her leg as it did burn
a little but the wound was gone alread. *ow long has she been there sleep7 *ow long
had she been laying there7 1he was unsure until she felt a ga#e on her. A male stood
there in front of her, looking her over as he stood there in shock. 1he stood 2uickly,
ready to defend herself if needed but she was weak and ended up falling back to the
floor. he male, being a kind man, walked over slowly. "1tay back." *er melodic voice
chimed out as she spoke and tensed up. he man ignored her words and took off his top
kimono piece and placed it over her nude body. 1he narrowed her eyes as she looked
up at him and then passed out.<br><br>
1he was not used to being weak, used to being defenceless at least, it was not a feeling
she did not like. "hen she awoke again, she was in a bed this time. 1he blinked as she
looked around and then %umped up. 1he looked around the room. !t was a lavoush room
with a grand bed and nice furniture. 1he %umped off the bed and then looked at the night
gown she was in. As she started to look around to try to figure out where she was, there
was a nock on the door. "Are you awake7" A voice asked as they opened the door. !t
was the male that had covered her. ""here am !7 "hat am ! doing here7 "ho are you7
"hat do you want from me7" 1he asked 2uestion after 2uestion as the male entered the
room. 1he backed away when he stepped a little closer. *e stopped and backed away. "!
know all of this is odd. ! dont mean you any harm. ! %ust could not leave you out in the
woods." *e said before taking a bow. "! am oshi 3itsunagu, Aing over the 5untora
kingdom." *e spoke with politeness. "! brought you here so you could rest. ell me, why
where you naked out in the woods like that and where are you from." <br><br>
&ot trusting this person in front of her, she narrowed her eyes. "!m not telling you. "hy
shold !7 ! had to fight for my freedom and ! am not going to let you take it from me." 1he
said as she held up her hand, a flame appearing once more. he king held up his hands.
">lease, show us mercy. ?ou may go if you please, but please allow me to accompany
you with anything you wish. 4ood, clothing, travels, money, which ever it is you need,
please tell me." *e spoke as stepped back. 5ooking into his eyes, she could see there
was a kindness to him. 1he soon released the fire and then stood there. 1he was ready
to destroy the place but a part of her, the old demon she used to be, understood where
he was coming from. "ell me, what era is this, and where am !7" 1he asked curiously
before the male spoke. "?our in Ayoto 9apan, and as far as era, ! have heard some call it
the feudal era." 1he thought for a moment and then nodded. "Alright."<br><br><br>
BCB years<br><br>
After that day, she stayed in the kingdom. 1he knew nothing of the world she was in and
she knew nothing of taking care of herself in any way but things where not always a day
in paradice umong the kingdom. 4or the first few years, she had to learn to control a
blood lust she had obtained in this new body. 5uckily for her, the kingdom she was
staying in where not human. hey where among the wolf demon kind so she was not
very different from them so it helped. hey helped her learn to know when a spell was
going to hit and when to feed to control it. <br><br>
As the years went by, she kept herself in the lybrary learning everything she could. 1he
had taken up several languages, learned what history she could about wars and things
that had happened to this world. Along with those she learned how to do basic home ech
abilities like cooking, sewing, and cleaning. 1he wanted to learn it all so she could be on
her own and not need a soul to help her. !t was kind of rela/ing to her to learn all of
these things and she loved learning new things all the time. 1he felt like it was her life
was completely a new and it was.<br><br>
One thing she wanted to learn the most was how to use weapons. "hen she wanted to
learn how to use a sword, the king summoned the top elf sword smith and she re2uested
a special blade. he blade was black and had her blood embedded into it. !t was almost
as long as her body and the hilt was silver with tiny gold gems in it. Once she got it, she
started to practice all the time with it. 4ighting guards and anyone that would challenge
her. 1he failed at first but the more she practiced the more her mucles became toned
and moved with her. !t became easier to carry her sword and soon she could hold it and
carry it %ust like a master would. "ith her skills improving and learning all that she could,
she was developing into a fine young woman. *er skills of being around people where
getting better although she didnt trust anyone, she was learning to be around others.
1he also took a interest in instraments. 3usic was her new muse and it rela/ed her so
she wanted to learn a instrament. he first one she learned was a flute. A sound that
was pretty but it was not in her interest. 3oving from that to a violin, she loved the violin.
!ts sound and feel was everything she wanted. Along with those she learned piano,
guitar, sa/aphone and clarinet.<br><br>

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