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Lea los siguientes textos y responda a las siguientes preguntas. Para recibir la mencin
Apto deber obtener un 60% de respuestas correctas.


A trip to Alaska
Alaska is an extraordinary place. Its the biggest state in the USA it has North Americas highest mountain
and the worlds most dramatic glaciers. In fact nothing in Alaska is small. Even the people are big!

The population of Alaska is just 610,000. Some people, like the Inuits, live in Arctic villages hundreds of
kilometres from the nearest town. Other Alaskans live in small cities like Anchorage and Juneau. In places
like Anchorage everybody has a car, but they also have a plane. There arent any roads outside the cities, so
flying is the only way you can travel. Many people have boat planes, and lakes near towns and cities often
look like plane car parks.

One of the most famous places in Alaska is the Denali National Park. The park is one of the most beautiful
nature reserves in the world, and you can only get there by private plane. Pilots usually land on a riverbank
and leave you there. Then they pick you up at the same time, in the same place a few days later!

Alaska is also famous for being cold. The lowest temperature ever recorded was
-80 C! Its also dark. There isnt much sunlight during winter, although you can see red, green, and blue
Northern Lights in the sky.

Many tourists visit Alaska in the spring and summer. Few tourists go in winter. From November to
February, Alaska is so cold that planes often get weathered in and cant fly. Winter holidays in Alaska can
be longer than you planned!


D si las siguientes frases son verdaderas (V) o falsas (F):

1. Alaska has the biggest glaciers in the world. _____
2. People from Alaska are large. _____
3. Inuits live near towns. _____
4. Most people in Alaska live outside the cities. _____
5. Its impossible for people to drive between cities. _____
6.There isnt an airport in Denali National Park. _____
7. The sun in Alaska is red, green, and blue in winter. _____
8. Most tourists visit Alaska at Christmas. _____



Happy, friendly 18th century guest house located near the famous town of Stratford-on-
Avon. Open all year round (including Christmas and New Year). Clean, warm rooms
and traditional English breakfast every morning. There is an excellent selection of
restaurants and tea houses near the guest house, which we can book for you.
There is a pretty garden with garden furniture and a barbecue area, a separate play
area for children and parking. This is a quiet, rural location with lots of walks nearby,
and excellent views.
Animals welcome. Please note: the guest house is non-smoking.


Our professional, modern hotel is in the centre of Stratford-on-Avon. We are open all
year round and are only minutes away from shops, cinemas and discos. All our 81
rooms have a bathroom with shower, complimentary tea and coffee, internet access and
modern furniture and design. Our hotel is perfect for business travellers and families. A
continental breakfast is included with the price of your room and is served in the
breakfast lounge. There is also a restaurant for your evening meals.
Children welcome. We have smoking and non-smoking rooms available. Free parking
for guests.


Lee los anuncios de los dos hoteles en Stratford. Escribe S (Shakespeare Guest
House), C (Stratford Central Hotel) o SC si la frase es verdadera para ambos

1. Its an old house. _____
2. Its good for business travellers. _____
3. You can have breakfast in the hotel. _____
4. Yoy can have dinner in the hotel. _____
5. It is open every day. _____
6. Children can play in the garden. _____
7. You can smoke in the hotel. _____


1. T
2. T
3. F
4. F
5. T
6. T
7. F
8. F

9. S
10. C
11. SC
12. C
13. SC
14. S
15. C


Escuche las siguientes audiciones DOS VECES. Para poder recibir la mencin Apto
deber obtener un 60 % de respuestas correctas.


Escuche a Eleanor hablar sobre la fiesta de Halloween. Las siguientes frases son
verdaderas (V) o falsas (F)?

1. Eleanor thinks Halloween is great. V / F
2. Halloween is on 1
October. V / F
3. The teachers dont wear costumes. V / F
4. Last year Eleanor was a rabbit. V / F
5. The children have lessons in the morning. V / F
6. Children dont do homework at Halloween. V / F
7. The children go to bed at six. V/ F

Escuche la historia y subraye la respuesta correcta:

8. Paul lived in India / Yemen.
9. One day he went swimming / to the beach with his mother.
10. When Paul went into the sea, his mother started reading / listening to the radio.
11. At first, Paul stayed near / was a long way from the beach.
12. Paul saw two dolphins / sharks in the water.
13. The man in the boat took Paul to hospital / the beach.
14. Paul told / didnt tell her mother about his experience.
15. Paul decided to return / not to return to the same place.


1. V
2. F
3. V
4. F
5. V
6. F
7. F

8. Yemen
9. To the beach
10. reading
11. near
12. sharks
13. boat
14. told
15. to return


Lea atentamente los siguientes enunciados y realice las tareas de comprensin escrita.
Para poder recibir la mencin de Apto deber obtener un 60% de respuestas correctas.

Lee las notas y escribe sobre David. Escriba 125 palabras.
live / with family / Dublin
study / engineering / university
long black hair / dark eyes
very intelligent
like / listen / music / go / cinema
always / cinema / weekend
smoke / not drink
favourite time / evening / like / go out

A Subraye la frase correcta.
1 Its a fantastic film / film fantastic.
2 I often go / go often to the cinema.
3 She drinks never / never drinks beer.
4 He has a car new / new car.
5 Thats a mobile expensive / an expensive mobile.
6 They always are / are always late.

B Escriba las siguientes horas.
7 6.30 _____________________________________________________
8 8.20 _____________________________________________________
9 12.17 _____________________________________________________
10 9.00 _____________________________________________________
11 10.50 _____________________________________________________
12 2.45 _____________________________________________________

C Complete las frases.
13 I often play football __________ the weekend.
14 The shop closes __________ the evening.
15 My new job starts __________ Monday morning.
16 I often have pizza ___________ lunchtime.
17 Her party is __________ Saturday.
18 The class starts __________ nine oclock.
19 Its very cold __________ December.

D Complete las frases con me / mine, you / yours, him / his, etc.
20 He likes Sally, but she doesnt love __________.
21 It isnt a good book. I dont like __________.
22 That car isnt __________. They dont have a car.
23 Are they French? Can you ask __________?
24 It isnt __________. He has a red lighter.
25 We dont speak Italian. They dont understand __________.
26 This books __________. Look! Heres your name.
27 Thats __________! Give it to me.
E Complete las frases con la palabra correcta.
28 I __________ my bike at the weekend.
29 This is a bad film. Turn __________ the TV!
30 Can you __________ that noise?
31 I cant __________ my keys.
32 I __________ by bus every day.
33 Mark can __________ chess.
34 Can you __________ me with this exercise?
35 Can you __________ a photo of us?



A) 1. A fantastic film
2. often go
3. never drinks
4. new car
5. an expensive mobile
6. are always

B) 7. Its half past six.
8. Its twenty past eight.
9. Its seventeen minutes past twelve.
10. Its nine oclock.
11. Its ten to eleven.
12. Its (a) quarter to three.

C) 13. at
14. in
15. on
16. at
17. on
18. at
19. in

D) 20. him
21. it
22. theirs
23. them
24. his
25. us
26. yours
27. mine

E) 28. ride
29. off
30. hear
31. find
32. go / travel
33. play
34. help
35. take


En esta tarea deber hablar sobre los temas que se le proponen. Deber obtener un
60% de competencia oral.


Formule y responda las siguientes preguntas:

1. What / time?
2. You / like / English?
3. What / you / do / yesterday?
4. What / you / do / next summer?
5. Can / play / the guitar?


Describa cul es su rutina diaria habitual.