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Expedition Leader

M/S Sea Adventurer

We are looking for an experienced Expedition Leader(s) to join our team onboard our
2014 sailing season. There are (2) two positions open for this role onboard the Sea
Adventurer. One position commences June 2
and the other commences August 12,

The Expedition Leader (EL) is responsible for the entire operation and safety of
Adventure Canadas expeditions. This is a demanding role and experience is essential.
The individual must have experience in polar environments, familiarity with marine
environments, expedition leadership and the ability to manage multiple people and
projects simultaneously.

The EL must ensure that all on board and onshore arrangements are to the Companys
and the guests satisfaction. This involves assessing sea and weather conditions to
determine suitable expedition landings, management of Zodiac operations, coordinating
onshore guiding activities, understanding and reacting appropriately to animal behaviours
(in particular polar bear and walrus), respond to emergencies, understand the obligations
of the company with regard to CWS, CLEY and other regional permits and
communicating all plans in a clear and calm fashion to guests aboard the vessel.

It is the ELs responsibility, to ensure that the Expedition Cruise Department functions
smoothly and works as a team. It is imperative that the EL work closely with the Cruise
Director, Master, officers, crew and staff to ensure maximum comfort, safety and
adventure for the Adventure Canada client.

Expedition Leaders must be enterprising, self-confident, independent-thinkers, highly
motivated and organized individuals. The EL must inspire teamwork and have strong
leadership skills. He/she should have mastered the art of driving Zodiacs and be able to
think on his/her feet. The EL must have the patience, skill and willingness to train new
and existing team members.

The ELs must be exceptionally good with people. Working with and motivating a team
is a daily responsibility. He/she must also be flexible, charming, calm, friendly and
unflappable. An individual with a perfectionist streak is highly desirable. Thoroughness
and attention to detail is essential.

Close cooperation is required between the EL and Ship's Command (the Master and Staff
Captain) to coordinate the daily itinerary from ship to shore. Due to the possibility of
extreme weather (ice, swells, hurricanes, etc) the EL is responsible for working with the
Ships Command to develop the safest plan of action for the duration of the sailing.
Changes to sailing schedule will be made by EL and Ships command as needed on a
day-to-day basis. For these reasons an understanding of the physical geography, history,
flora and fauna and direct experience in the Canadian Arctic and Northwest Greenland is
a must.


2+ years working as an Expedition Leader onboard an Expedition Ship in the
Canadian Arctic and Greenland (Experience on the Sea Adventurer is an asset)
4+ years with ice navigation in each the Canadian Arctic and Greenland waters
Destination knowledge and experience of the Canadian Arctic, and Greenland
waters (both positions)
Destination knowledge and experience with sailing navigation through the East
Coast of Canada (Newfoundland, Labrador, Sable Island (Position 1)
Working knowledge of firearms
Working knowledge of polar bear and other wildlife safety related to firearms, etc
Experience scouting unfamiliar/familiar polar terrain and territories for safe
passenger landings
Ability to read nautical maps and charting (electronically and on paper)
Experience with crisis control management
Experience with public speaking (especially under high pressure situations)
Ability to manage a number of different projects simultaneously
Experience with briefing passengers on landing procedures and etiquette while


Sefarers Book for Bahamas registered ship
STCW basic safety course
Security awareness certificates
Computer literacy
Ability to overcome language barriers and still maintain good levels of
Discretion and the ability to manage matters of a confidential nature Creative and
innovative thinking
Creative and innovative thinking

Pleasure craft boating certificate (or equivalent)
Firearms acquisition license
First Aid certified


Position 1 is from June 2
-September 24
, 2014
Position 2 is from August 12
, 2014

Please submit resumes by June 25
to and indicate what
position # you are applying for in the subject line.