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David Sarnoff: Russian Monster. Created an empire.

Armstrong: Brillent Inventor. Liked fast cars and great heights.

Lee de Forrest: Liked to call himself the father of Radio.

Normin Corwin: Talks about sound
Marconi: Father of Radio

Lee de Forrest: appears on TV. Thief. Romantic. Responsible for bringing radio to
the public. Born in Iowa. Son of a minister. Grew up in Alabama. His dad was
president of a black college. He read books in the library. Went to Yale. Mowed
lawns at 4am. 300 patents. Nerdish and Homeliness member of his class. Works for
a wireless company. Company raises 15 million. Marries Miss Sherdon. Wife leaves
him. He stole his idea from a Canadian inventor. Guy sued and he lost everything. De
Forrest still had radio tube idea though. De Forrest committed stock fraud and lost
everything again. But found not guilty. He starts a fourth radio company and this
one is actually legit.

Armstrong: Good childhood father was a publishing exec. He had an involuntary
tick. Armstrong read the boys book of inventions. Built dexters lab. Commuted to
Colombia university. He sent out to figure out how the tube thing worked. He
figured it out. Regeneration. He patented this. The tube could send voice and music.

David Sarnoff: Was a corporate executive that understood the future of science to
the community. He went to America when he was 9 couldnt speak English. He was
president of RCA w/I 30 years. He worked at 9 pedaling Yiddish newspapers. By 14
he had bought his own newsstand. He became an office boy at the Marconi company.
He soon became the personal messanger of Marconi. Marconi company was
responsible for saving some of the ppl of the Titanic. He claimed to be the only
worker at work during the titanic. The disaster helped Sarnoff to advance. Sarnoff
evolved the idea of taking it from one point to many points. At 21 he got an office in
the wolworth and was put in charge of getting new technology.

De Forrest mad because Armstrong was doing much better and was much smarter.
Launched the worlds longest patent suit ever. The federal government halted all
patent suits. Sarnoff became general manager of RCA from his success during the
war. Forrest sold his stuff to the navy and RCA. He was also an alcoholic.

Teams of scientists were beating the individual inventor. Howard Armstrong didnt
see it either. Armstrong made his second great discovery in the core. Basically an
upgraded radio. This made RCA a lot of money. Armstrong was promoted to major.
Armstrong won his two cases. De Forrest was again broke. Armstrong made the
inventor the single larges stockholder in the secretary and dating Sarnoffs
secretary. Sarnoff barred him from the offices. But he married Marian and gave her
the worlds first portable radio.
Sarnoff helped forge NBC
NBC linked together 24 stations
30 million people listened to News Of Lindberg
Charles Lindberg
De Forrest won on an archane definition of legal language.
Armstrongs decision to not license de forrest caused him to lose
He moved to Hollywood and married and 21 year old.
Sarnoff became president of RCA
Moved into Rockefeller center
Le Forrest hated commercials
Armstrong was annoyed by the static
He had perfected frequency modulation
Invented FM
He had invented Television
People say they had stolen some of the inventions
De Forrest proclaimed himself as the grandfather of TV