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Partnership Agreement
M/s. Alpona Label
Momsad ddin Ahmed
10/4, 3
Floor, Shantibag, Malibag,
Md .Abd!l "ader
!o"se: 1#$, %oad: &, Dhanmondi,
Md. Mehedi #asan
!o"se: 3&, %oad: ', (anani,
R!mpa Rani Sen
!o"se: 1', (abor Ali %oad, Mohammadp"r,
Sarmi S!ltana
1#3/), *ttora, Dhaka
+oda, 1'
-o.ember, +"esda, #011, the abo.e members formed the follo/ing agreement
and started the firm named M/s. Alpona Label., member of the firm is mentall, /ell
and mat"red and all are (angladeshi and M"slim +he 1onditions of the partnership
agreement are the follo/ing:
Name of the firm$ M/s. Alpona Label
Address$ Plot23), %oad2 M (ir *ttam %oad, Ash"lia,, Dhaka 3Fa1tor,4, +he
address of the firm ma, be 1hanged b, the partners
Area of the firm$ +he /orking area of the firm is in the /hole (angladesh +he area /ill be
e5panded in the international market
Nat!re and Ob%e&ti'es$ +o s"ppl, the different t,pe of label of te5tile to the different
b"siness 1"stomer /ith high 6"alit, and 7"st in time,
(apital$ +he initial 1apital is '0 lakhs of /hi1h 30 lakhs is finan1ed b, the (ank and
partners /ill in.est additional 1apital if ne1essar,
Partners) *ra+ings: Partners ma, /ithdra/ mone, from the firm if ne1essar,
,nterest on *ra+ings$ 8nterest on the /ithdra/ mone, /ill be 1harged 9 10: ann"all,
Profit and loss$, partner of the firm /ill re1ei.e profit and loss a11ording to their
Management$, partner 1an r"n the firm and one person /ill r"n the firm o"tside the
firm as a ;eneral Manager
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Salar.$, partner /ill re1ei.e salar, e6"all,
Name of /an0$ !S(<, (ran1h, Dhaka
R!nning ban0)s A&&o!nt$ +/o members of the firm r"n the firm=s bank a11o"nt
Signat!re in the Paper and different Agreements: +he first t/o members of the firm /ill
deal in different do1"ments on behalf of the firm
Starting of +or0: +he starting of the firm is 1onsidered after the signat"re on the agreement
P!blish of 1inal a&&o!nt$ At the end of, ,ear the firm /ill p"blish and s"bmit to the
Time of a&&o!nt$ From >an"ar, to De1ember /ill be 1onsidered as time of a11o"nt
Ne+ partner: -e/ member ma, be in1l"ded in the firm b, the permission of the all partners
Retirement of partner$ A partner 1an retire from the firm b, 3 months noti1e
*eath of partner$ 8n this 1ase, the nominee of the dead partner ma, r"n the firm? other/ise
his/her mone, of the firm /ill be paid
Method of Mone. paid$ 8n 1ase of death or retirement the mone, of partner /ill be
determined /ithin # months and paid /ithin 3 months after determination thro"gh 3
2al!ing of 3ood+ill$ ;ood/ill /ill be .al"ed in standard form
Sol'e of problem : +he an, problem among the partners /ill be sol.ed b, the agreement or
follo/ing the a1t of partnership of (angladesh
*issol!tion$ +he firm /ill be dissol"ted a11ording to the a1t of partnership of (angladesh
(hange of (onditions$ An, 1ondition of the firm ma, be 1hanged thro"gh the appro.ed of
Partnership Agreement::Page D3 of D3
@e are /ell all mat"red and mentall, /ell toda, 1'
-o.ember, #011 signat"re the
partnership agreement in the presen1e of the follo/ing /itnesses=:
Signat!re of 4itnesses) Signat!re of partners
1 Ad.o1ate >amil Asad"l !a6"e
>o"rt 1o"rt, Dhaka
1 Momsad ddin Ahmed

# Md. Abd!l "ader
# Md Mofi7"l !a6"e
114/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
3 Md. Mehedi #asan
4 R!mpa Rani Sen
' Sarmi S!ltana

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