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ATEN English Center

ATEN English Center


I . Use the Simple Past Tense for the verbs in brackets
1. Yesterday, I (go)______ to the restaurant with a client.
2. We (drive) ______ around the parking lot for 20 mins to find a parking space.
3. When we (arrive) ______ at the restaurant, the place (be) ______ full.
4. The waitress (ask) ______ us if we (have) reservations.
5. I (say),_________ "No, my wife forgot to make them."
6. The waitress (tell)______ us to come back in two hours.
7. My client and I slowly (walk) ______ back to the car.
8. Then we (see) ______ a small store.
9. We (stop)________ in the grocery store and (buy) ______ some sandwiches.
10. That (be) ______ better than waiting for two hours.
11. I (not go) ______ to school last Sunday.
12. She (get) ______ married last year?
13. What you (do) ______ last night?
- I (do) ______ my homework.
14. I (love) ______ him but no more.
15. Yesterday, I (get) ______ up at 6 and (have) ______breakfast at 6.30.

I I . Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets
1. My friend________Chinese well (speak)
2. He_______mathematics (teach)
3. She________him but he never________her (love/love)
4. We _______student of Aten English centre (be)
5. He_________his wife twice a day (kiss)
6. We________to the radio every night (listen)
7. Miss Moore__________that history class (not enjoy)
8. Today_________not Sunday (be)
9. It ____________very much in June (not rain)
ATEN English Center

ATEN English Center

10. Steve_________ten cigarettes a day (smoke)
11. I__________films. I often ___________to the cinema. (love/go)
12. In Britain the banks___________at 9:30 in the morning (open)
13. Tina has an interestin job in which she__________other people (help)
14. Peter_______his hair twice a week (wash)
15. We usually________dinner at 7oclock (have)

I I I . Put the verbs in the brackets
1. His wife hope he__________his mind about money (change)
2. She doesnt think that he _________Australia (like)
3. She is afraid that the climate __________him (not suit)
4. We__________home till 8 (not get)
5. We__________our TV programme if we dont get catch the 8.30 train (miss)
6. She __________married in the next two weeks (get)
7. You ________in Rome tonight (be)
8. Van __________ to Hong Kong in July, 2014 (go)
9. I wonder how many of us still _____here next year (be)
10. If you learn English, you_______a better job (get)

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