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05.13.14 4:00 p.m. WHITE OAK CLUBHOUSE


CALL TO ORDER: The Board meeting was called to order by Board President
Tony Castro at 4:15 p.m.

Tony Castro President Harvey Campbell- Vice President
Lin Frasier CFO Robert Kline - Secretary
Gloria Hass Member at Large

Patrick Kelly- Management Agent
Debra Wolf Community Manager

1. Directors Pledge- Board President Tony Castro explained to the Homeowners the
Directors Pledge is a commitment to act in good faith and uphold the fiduciary
duties of a Board of Directors positions.
2. Street Project- Board President Tony Castro announced that the wear of the streets
are accelerating and the Board of Directors and Gary Skaggs are looking into the
3. Collections Report
4. Attorney Report
5. Owners Communication
MOTION: Gloria Hass
SECOND: Lin Frasier
RESOLVED: Motion to ratify all actions taken in Executive Session

1. Meeting Minutes of Executive & Open Session for 03.11.14: Board of Directors
tabled the matter until Secretary Robert Kline reviews and approves the drafted
minutes. Once approved, the minutes will be posted.
A motion was made to table the Meeting Minutes of 03.11.14
MOTION: Gloria Hass
SECOND: Lin Frasier
RESOLVED: Motion to table the Executive & Open Session Meeting Minutes until

FINANCE REPORTS AS OF 03.31.14: Lin Frasier provided an overview on the community
financials. After review of the reports, a motion was made to approve the financial
MOTION: Gloria Hass
SECOND: Tony Castro
RESOLVED: Motion to approve the 03.31.14 financial reports as presented.

1. Management Committee: Nothing to report.
2. Social Committee: Committee Member, Mary Anne King, announced on June 8

there will be an event, more details to come at a later day. Mary Anne also
announced that flyer boxes will be placed next to the mailboxes containing
information about events, and they will be removed after the event date.
3. Swimming Pool Committee:
a. Chairman Gary Skaggs announced that both pools have received new pool
cushions. Gary also reported that the pools and spas are up and running for
the summer, and the coolest the water will get is 82 degrees. He reported
that there are new pool toys located in the water in order to keep the ducks
from swimming in the pool. An announcement was made that water
aerobics have started this week.
b. President Tony Castro announced that all extra pool work is done by
volunteers within the community. The work of the volunteers saves money
for the community, and if you would like to volunteer to help with these
duties contact Gary Skaggs.

4. Grounds Committee:
a. Chairman Gary Skaggs reported that all trimming has been completed and
also the planting of the flowers.
b. Street Seal Update: Gary Skaggs also reported that this year the south end
streets are showing age and are in need of work. Gary has coordinated with
the Board of Directors about sealing the streets in order to get 25 years out
of the streets before replacing.
5. Club House Committee:
a. Chairman Steve Filson reported that Banks Pest Control is scheduled to sweep
and spray all mailboxes and gates within the community. Steve also requested
that the dumpsters are being overstuffed with personal items, and that we used
the dumpsters for trash only.
b. Steve Filson reported that one treadmill at the gym is down, however the parts
are on their way and will be fixed as soon as possible.
c. Steve Filson reported that one of the compressors at the Ridge Oak Clubhouse
is starting to make noise, and he is keeping an eye on it. In order to keep the
problem from progressing, please keep the doors closed.
d. Management announced that they are still looking for a temporary committee
to help refurnish the clubhouses. If interested, please contact the Community
Manager Debra Wolf.
6. Marketing Committee: Chairman Rendall Brushey was not in attendance.
7. Management Report:
a. Community Manager Debra Wolf reported that homeowners must go through
the ALCC process, before making any changes to their home. It was stated that
a letter is not acceptable, and if any assistance is needed about the contact
Community Manager Debra Wolf.
b. Management reminded homeowners that if you request to reserve the
Clubhouse, that you must provide certificate of insurance with your
application. It is not acceptable to provide the certificate the day before or of
the event.
c. Debra Wolf announced that she is meeting with homeowners who have had
previous events to complete the check in/ check out process.
d. Management stated that trashcans cannot be stored on the side yard of your
residence. The trashcans must be stored out of view of your residence.
e. Management reported that if you would like a topic to be discussed at the next
meeting, you must request it be put on the agenda. Contact Debra Wolf via
email at least 3 weeks before the next meeting to request your topic be on the
f. Management reminded homeowners that all concerns need to be in writing to
Management in order to be resolved.
1. ALCC review: The Board of Directors reviewed the document with no comments.

OWNER COMMUNICATION: The Board of Directors discussed the owner
communication log in Executive Session.
OPEN FORUM: Owners have the rights to speak to the Board. This period is devoted to
comments by owners and discussion of those comments. Except in emergencies, no action may be
taken upon a matter raised under this item of the agenda until the matter is placed on an agenda as
an action item. To accommodate all members, please try to keep your comments to three minutes.

ADJOURNEMENT: There being no further business, a motion was to adjourn the
meeting at 4:50 p.m.
MOTION: Gloria Hass
SECOND: Lin Frasier
RESOLVED: Motion for final adjournment at 4:50 p.m.

SUBMITTED BY: Delaney Wolf- Stenographer