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What you see depends on you.

Your experience is
absolutely authentic but only in your own context.
Everything is related, interdependent with a certain context.
It is stupid to learn something for which the whole context is

Life is a much interwoven, interdependent, cosmic
whole. You cannot take a part out of it and keep it alive,
meaningful. This life is going to end in a few days, or in a few
years. It is not something to cling to. Each moment death is
coming closer; before death grabs you, you have to figure
out something which is eternal, which is immortal.

All that you see around you is made of the same stuff as
dreams are. Do you think you are for the first time on the
earth? On the same earth millions of people have come and
simply disappeared into thin air. Scientists have calculated
that the place you are occupying has been occupied by at
least ten people before you. You are sitting on ten corpses!
And dont think much of yourself, because you cannot get
out you will be the eleventh.

Maybe you have a few days more to live. Devote these
few days to a search for something which cannot be taken
away from you. Your youth will disappear, your beauty will
disappear, and your wealth will one day belong to somebody
else. And what does it matter, when you are dead, to whom
your wealth belongs, whether he is your kin or somebody

Our whole life is not much more than a projected film,
but to know it you have to go through it. You have to have a
great chance to experience life and see its futility. You had
seen that it is just a phenomenon. This gives you the
opportunity to sit in deep silence, undisturbed. Then you can
sit silently; desire less, thoughtless, moving inwards,
because the outside had lost all interest.

Do not be an ascetic, enjoy everything. Enjoy till you see
the futility of it. See how many times you become
enlightened and how many times you become
unenlightened. And one day you will simply get tired and you
will say: that was it.

Search for truth, for yourself, for the source of life which
is eternal. But this search cannot be the search of a poor
man who is hungry, who is searching for a loaf of bread. This
search is for a man who has realized that there is nothing
else in the world to think about, to desire, to be ambitious for.
The world is, in a way, finished for him the day he realizes
that; he never looks back from that moment, nor forward, he
just starts to be.

When you say goodbye to your last addiction it will be
possible for you to meditate. Otherwise you can sit with
closed eyes and beautiful girls, big riches or great
achievements will harass you. The moment you sit to
meditate, suddenly, from nowhere, beautiful girls or boys
start coming. And not only girls or boys. If you have not
known money, thoughts of money; if you have not known
power, thoughts of power; if you have not known what it
means to be a celebrity, then a deep desire to become
famous... And the mind will go on weaving a thousand and
one thoughts and desires. If life has not been a rich
experience if it has been a repressive, religion-dominated,
conditioned phenomenon you cannot meditate. You have
to live a life of love, you have to live a life of pleasures, you
have to live all that which can create the context in which
meditation is possible.

You have to drop tradition, you have to drop your
conditioning, and you have to get out of all the knowledge
that has been forced upon you. Unless you are so clean,
unconditioned, unorthodox neither Hindu nor
Mohammedan nor Christian you will not be able to enter
the world of meditation.

Meditation comes in the end; you cannot begin with
meditation. To begin with meditation you will have to go
through the dark night of the soul. And you will not find the
dawn anywhere. The dark night will go on becoming longer
and darker. It is a simple psychology: you are not prepared,
you have not done your homework, and you have started a
work which needs a tremendous background of experience.
You have to live first as hotly as possible then, after
wandering astray, you return home.

People live lukewarm. They live just at the minimum,
because from that minimum they are protected from many
dangers. If you dont want to fall, crawl you are safe! And
thats what you are doing in your life. I say live hotly while
the season lasts. And this season will not last forever. Dont
hesitate, because in that hesitation you are losing time.

A rose flower does not hesitate to open in the early
morning sun, knowing perfectly well that by the evening the
petals will fall and not even a mark will remain behind.
Whether that rose flower ever existed or not, it will be the
same. But while the sun is rising and the morning breeze is
welcoming to dance, the rose dances.

All the religions have destroyed your dance. They have
made you crippled; they have destroyed your sensitivities.
They have dulled your intelligence and then they say

A man who has lived hotly is bound to meditate but in
the evening. He has seen the day. It was beautiful, but it was
ephemeral; it is gone. Now begins the search for that which
comes and never goes.

You have lived hotly, you have loved deeply. You have
done everything that you wanted to do, unrepressed,
uninhibited. Now it is time for the enquiry into the ultimate.
But only now. If you have not lived at the maximum, that
which has been left unlived will go on lingering in your mind.
That which has been repressed will go on asking for your
attention. Your heart and your mind will be pulled by the
unlived, the repressed, the denied, the condemned, and you
cannot sit silently.

The word meditation simply means perceptivity, clarity,
seeing directly into truth. But if something you always
wanted it may be a small thing is there in your
unconscious, it wont allow your perception to be pure. It will
try again and again,I am still unfulfilled. First have the
experience that you have denied yourself.

All religions have been teaching you to deny this, to
deny that. They have driven the whole of humanity crazy;
otherwise human beings are beautiful as they are. If they live
naturally, one day they are going to ripen, one day they are
going to mature. One day they are going to graduate from
this so-called world of desires, ambitions, and jealousies.
After that graduation, meditation is not a doing. It is a non-
doing. You simply sit silently and it starts showering over you
as if the whole sky is rejoicing in your silence.

People want to jump into paradise directly, and they
dont see the place where they are standing, that if they jump
from there they will have multiple fractures. One has to reach
to the steps and one has to move step by step, consciously,
cautiously. It is a pilgrimage.