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true to force the columns to fit into the available width. Headers are first siz
ed according to configuration, whether that be a specific width, or flex. Then t
hey are all proportionally changed in width so that the entire content width is
This causes the CSS class x-grid-row-alt to be added to alternate rows of the gr
id. A default CSS rule is provided which sets a background color, but you can ov
erride this with a rule which either overrides the background-color style using
the '!important' modifier, or which uses a CSS selector of higher specificity.
Defaults to: true
Adds column line styling
Defaults to: false
This configuration option is to be applied to child items of the container manag
ed by this layout. Each child item with a flex property will be flexed horizonta
lly according to each item's relative flex value compared to the sum of all item
s with a flex value specified. Any child items that have either a flex = 0 or fl
ex = undefined will not be 'flexed' (the initial size will not be changed).