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Data Sheet
Communication Unit 560CMU02 R0002

Doc.-No.: 1KGT 150 717 V002 1 1
Communication Unit 560CMU02 R0002

The 560CMU02 R0002 is a Communication Unit
(CMU) of the remote terminal unit RTU560.
The essential tasks are:
Managing and controlling of the I/O mod-
ules via the interfaces to the RTU560 se-
rial peripheral bus (SPB).
Reading Process events from the input
Send commands to the output boards.
Communicating with control systems and
local HMI systems via the 2 integrated se-
rial line interfaces and the 2 implemented
Ethernet 10/100BaseT LAN interface.
Managing the time base for the RTU560
station and synchronizing the I/O mod-
Handling the dialogue between RTU560
and Web-Browser via LAN interface.
Within the RTU560 racks the board occupies one
slot. It contacts itself via a DIN F socket connector
to the rack.
The Communication Unit 560CMU02 R0002 is
able to handle Ethernet- and UART-character
based communication protocols, and the serial
peripheral bus.
The two microprocessors are the essential hard-
ware parts of the board, which share themselves
in the tasks:
MPU: 32 Bit Main Processing Unit
SLC: 8 Bit Serial Line Controller
The SLC works as master for the RTU peripheral
The MPU is responsible for the other tasks. The
MPU handles the absolute time and date for the
RTU. The real time clock 560RTC0x can be used
for the time reference or the time may be set and
synchronized from the central system via the seri-
al lines or via the Ethernet LAN interface. RTU560
synchronizes itself to the time references supplied
by 560RTC0x. The minute pulse signal and the
time information of the 560RTC0x is provided to
the 560CMU02 on the backplane of the subrack
560CSR01. If the subrack 560MPR01 is used, the
minute pulse is routed to the 560CMU02 R0002
by two jumpers on the backplane.
Fig. 1: Function block diagram CMU of the
560CMU02 R0002
The 560CMU02 R0002 stores configuration files
power fail save in a removable Compact Flash
memory card. That allows the RTU560 to have
valid configuration data after power on and
RTU560 will be available again after a short initial-
The serial communication interfaces
Communication Port CP1
Communication Port CP2
Data Sheet Communication Unit 560CMU02 R0002

2 Doc.-No.: 1KGT 150 717 V002 1
are based on a USART (universal synchro-
nous/asynchronous receiver/transmitter) and de-
signed for RS232C and RS485 standard.
The Ethernet interfaces E1 and E2 are based on
the Ethernet standard 10BaseT/100BaseT.
The connectors of the serial and Ethernet com-
munication interfaces are provided as RJ45 jacks
integrated in the board's front plate.
The RTU560 serial peripheral bus is directly con-
nected to the back side.
560CMU02 R0002 indicates operational and error
states by a light emitting diode on the front plate.
The exact definition for the LED has to be taken
from the functional description of the RTU560

Err (1x) red Error / Warning
Tx (2x) green Transmit data,
ports 1, 2
Rx (2x) green Receive data,
ports 1, 2
A (2x) green Ethernet activi-
L (2x) green Ethernet link

Fig. 2: Front plate 560CMU02 R0002
Data Sheet Communication Unit 560CMU02 R0002

Doc.-No.: 1KGT 150 717 V002 1 3
Technical Data
In addition to the RTU560 general technical data,
the following applies:
Main Processing Unit MPU
Microprocessor: ELAN520 @ 133 MHz
(incorporating an Intel 586

class 32 bit processor)
RAM: 64 MByte
Flash Memory: 128 MByte (CompactFlash)
Serial Line Controller SLC
Controller Type: 80C251
RAM: 32 kByte
Dual Ported RAM: 16 kByte
Serial Interfaces CP1 and CP2
Physical Interfaces: RS232C or RS485
Bit rate: 38 400 bit/s
Signal lines: GND E2/102
TxD D1/103
RxD D2/104
RTS S2/105
CTS M2/106
DTR S1.2/108
DCD M5/109
Bit rate: 19 200 bit/s
Signal lines: G Signal ground
A Receive/Transmit
B Receive/Transmit
Ethernet LAN Interfaces E1 and E2
Physical Interface: 10BaseT/100BaseT
Bit rate: 10/100 MBit/s

Power Consumption
5 V DC: 1080 mA
Mechanical Layout
Printed Circuit: 3HE, Euro-card format
(160 x 100 mm)
Front Panel: 4R, 1 slot (20 mm)
Weight: approx. 0.3 kg
Connector Types
Subrack connector: Indirect, 48 pole
Type F DIN 41612
Ethernet Interfaces: RJ45 jack, 8 pole
Serial interfaces RJ45 jack, 8 pole
Environmental Conditions
Temperature: -25 ... 70 C
Relative humidity: 5 ... 95 %
(non condensing)
Ordering Information
560CMU02 R0002 1KGT 012 600 R0002


Data Sheet
Communication Unit 560CMU02 R0002

4 Doc.-No.: 1KGT 150 717 V002 1

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