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Harriet Tubman

By: Bailey

Harriet Tubman, whose real name was Araminta Ross, was born in Dorchester
County, Maryland in 1819 to two African American slaves. She lived a very rough life
that included being whipped.
When Tubman turned twenty five, she got married to a free African
American, John Tubman. When she thought she might be sold to some other place
where her family and friends werent at she planned her escape to be free with her
husband. When she was planning her escape, one of her neighbors gave her a paper
with two names on it and how to get to the first stop to freedom. At the first stop she was
put into a wagon and taken to her next stop. She landed up in Philadelphia where she
met William Still, the station master of the Underground Railroad.
When Tubman got free, she started working in the Underground Railroad. While
working there she made several trips back to Maryland to get some of her friends that
she left behind. The total number of African Americans that she freed was about
seventy. Everyone thought she truly was a hero.
The Civil War started soon after this. During this war Tubman did many things.
She was still freeing many enslaved African Americans during all this but she also was
a spy and a nurse for the Union Army believing that being on the Unions side would
stop slavery.
When Tubman was a spy she worked for the Union army by investigating
missions from the US Army behind the Confederate lines. Then in the middle of 1863
she tagged along with Colonel James Montgomery with an attack on many plantations
along the Combahee River. When they did this they saved over seven hundred
enslaved African Americans.
As a nurse she worked for the Union Army as well. There she helped save many
people during the war. However she mostly worked on African Americans. She also
made many remedies with natural things like plants. She helped aid soldiers who had
dysentery, which meant you had a bad case of diarrhea and soldiers who had smallpox.
Tubman worked for a total of two years on the Union side but then decided to stop and
move to Auburn, New York to be with her family and friends and create her own
business of selling pies and root beer.
In all Harriet Tubman was a big help she did so many wonderful things for our
country its no surprise many people call her a hero. Every great dream begins with a
dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the
passion to reach for the stars to change the world Harriet Tubman.