TITLE OF THE BOOK Discover English




English for the Teacher A Handbook of Classroom English Teaching English through English J. Willis Language Awareness in the James&Garrett Classroom Language and Communication Richards & Schmidt The Articulate Mammal J. Aitchison Linguistics J. Aitchison Listening to Spoken English The English Verb Meaning and the English Verb Exploring Spoken English About Language Grammar for English Language Teachers Alive to Language G Brown M Lewis G Leech R Carter & M McCarthy S. Thornbury M. Parrott V. Arndt, P. Harvey, J. Nuttall G. Yule S. Thornbury

R.Bolitho, Heinemann B.Tomlinson M.Spratt CUP Glyn S.Hughes OUP Longman Longman Longman

Hodder& Stoughton Longman LTP Longman


Explaining English Grammar Uncovering Grammar

OUP MacMillan


Reference TITLE OF THE BOOK English Grammatical Structure Practical English Usage Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary A Reference Grammar for Students of English A Communicative Grammar of English A Practical English Grammar Current English Grammar Grammar More Grammar Games Creative Questions Teaching Grammar Teaching Tenses Techniques and Resources in Teaching Grammar Ways to Grammar Grammar The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book Creative Grammar Practice Grammar in Action Again How to Teach Grammar M.Rinvolucri &P.Davis Mess & Pollard S.L.Mckay R. Aitken M.CelceMurcia & S.Hilles J Shepherd et al R. Batstone Hall & Shepherd Gerngross & Puchta Frank & Rinvolucri S Thornbury CUP Longman Prentice Hall Nelson OUP AUTHOR L G Alexander et al M. Swan J. Richards et al. PUBLISHER Longman OUP Longman OUP R.A.Close G.LeechJ.Svartvik Thomson & Martinet S. Chalker Longman Longman OUP MacMillan WHERE LOCATED

MacMillan OUP Longman Longman Prentice Hall Longman


Vocabulary TITLE OF THE BOOK Vocabulary In Use Patterns of Lexis in Text Working with Words Vocabulary Teaching Vocabulary Vocabulary in Action Implementing the Lexical Approach Teaching Collocation How to Teach Vocabulary Teaching and Learning Vocabulary Phonology English Phonetics and Phonology Better English Pronunciation A teacher's Guide to Practical Pronunciation English Phonology for Language Teachers Pronunciation Skills The Teaching of Pronunciation Teaching English Pronunciation Pronunciation in Action Teaching Pronunciation P.Roach J.D.O’Connor Fitzpatrick Pennington P Tench P McCarthy J Kenworthy Taylor M CelceMurcia, DM Brinton & JM Goodwin A Underhill C. Laroy C.Dalton and B. Seidlhofer G. Kelly CUP CUP Longman Longman Macmillan CUP Longman Prentice Hall AUTHOR M.McCarthy, F.O’Dell M. Hoey R.Gairns & S.Redman McCarthy M Wallace Taylor M Lewis Ed. M Lewis S. Thornbury I.S.P. Nation PUBLISHER CUP OUP CUP OUP Heinemann Prentice Hall LTP LTP Longman Thomson and Heinle WHERE LOCATED

Sound Foundations Pronunciation Pronunciation How to Teach Pronunciation

Heinemann OUP OUP Longman


Discourse TITLE OF THE BOOK An Introduction to Discourse Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers Language and Discourse Introducing Discourse Analysis Discourse Discourse and Language Education SKILLS: General English for Academic Purposes ESP Ideas Reading Reading In the Language Classroom Talking Texts Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language Developing Reading Skills Reading on Purpose Reading Headstarts From Reader to Reading Teacher Writing Process Writing Teaching Writing Skills Teaching Written English Teaching English Writing Writing Techniques in Teaching Writing Writing Warm-ups Writing D. White-V. Arndt D.Byrne R.V. White A.Pincas T.Hedge A.Raimes McKay C. Tribble Longman Longman Heinemann MacMillan OUP OUP Prentice Hall OUP E.Williams R.Holme C.Nuttall F.Grellet F.DubinE.Olshtain F Smith N.Hess Aebersold & Field MacMillan Longman Heinemann CUP AddisonWesley CUP Longman CUP Jordan Holme CUP Longman AUTHOR M.Coulthard McCarthy McCarthy & Carter D Nunan G Cook E. Hatch PUBLISHER Longman CUP Longman WHERE LOCATED



Listening TITLE OF THE BOOK Teaching Listening Teaching Listening Comprehension Academic Listening Developing Listening Skills Listening in Action Speaking Teaching Oral English Discussions A-Z -Int. B Speaking Discussions that Work Keep Talking Role Play Communication Starters Teaching the Spoken Language Getting Students to Talk Conversation D Byrne A.Wallwork M.Bygate P.Ur F.Klippel G.P.Ladousse Olsen G Brown & G Yule Golebiowska R.Nolasco and L. Arthur Longman CUP OUP CUP CUP OUP Prentice Hall CUP Prentice Hall OUP AUTHOR M.Underwood P. Ur J. Flowerdew Rixon Rost PUBLISHER Longman CUP CUP MacMillan Prentice Hall WHERE LOCATED

METHODOLOGY General The Practice of English Language Teaching How To Teach English Practical Techniques for Language Teaching Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching Process & Experience in the Language Classroom The English Teacher’s Handbook Teaching English as Foreign Language The Teaching of English as an International Language At the Chalkface Teaching Practice Handbook J Harmer J Harmer M Lewis & J Hill J.Richards, J.Platt & H.Platt M.Legutke & H.Thomas R.V.White C. Dawson G.AbbottP.Wingard A Mathews et al R.Gower & S.Walters Longman Longman LTP Longman

Longman Nelson Nelson Collins Arnold Heinemann




PUBLISHER Prentice Hall Longman OUP CUP CUP OUP OUP OUP Pergamon Longman Newbury House Arnold CUP CUP


Language Teaching Methodology D.Nunan Essentials of English Language J.Edge Teaching Aspects of Language Teaching H.G.Widdowso n Research Methods in Language Nunan Learning Foreign and Second Language W.Littlewood Learning A Training Course for TEFL Hubbard et al Currents of Change in ELT Rossner Understanding Second Language R Ellis Acquisition Principles and Practice in Second S Krashen Language Practice Teaching English as a Second J A Bright & Language PMcGregor Teaching Languages: A Way and E Stevick Ways Second Language Learning and D Wilkins Teaching Culture Bound J M Valdes Images and Options in the Stevick Language Classroom Motivating High Level Learners D. Cranmer A Course in Language Teaching P Ur Introducing Classroom ABM Tsui Interaction Teaching and Learning in the T Hedge Language Classroom Methodology in Language J.C.Richards Teaching and W.A.Renandya R.Carter and The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of D.Nunan Other Languages Second Language Teaching and D. Nunan Learning Planning Lessons and Courses T. Woodward




Thomson and Heinle CUP


Approaches and Methods TITLE OF THE BOOK Conditions for Second Language Learning Principles of Language Learning &Teaching Teaching by Principles Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching Understanding Research in Second Language Learning Theories of Second-Language Learning Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching The Communicative Approach to Language Teaching Memory, Meaning and Method Communicative Language Teaching Collaborative Language Learning and Teaching Teaching Techniques for Communicative English Teaching Language as Communication Understanding Language Classrooms Interactive Language Teaching The Input Hypothesis Communication in the Classroom Principles of Learning and Teaching A Framework for Task-Based Learning Materials and Methods in ELT AUTHOR B.Spolsky H.D.Brown H.D.Brown J.C.RichardsT.S.Rodgers J. Dean Brown B. McLaughlin D.LarsenFreeman C.J.BrumfitK.Johnson E Stevick W.Littlewood D.Nunan J Revell H.G.Widdowso n Nunan Rivers S Krashen K Johnson & K Morrow Brown J Willis McDonough & Shaw Blackwell PUBLISHER OUP Longman Longman CUP WHERE LOCATED

Arnold OUP OUP Newbury House CUP CUP Macmillan OUP Prentice Hall CUP Longman Longman Prentice Hall


Course and Syllabus Design TITLE OF THE BOOK Communicative Syllabus Design and Methodology Syllabus Design Notional Syllabuses Curriculum Development in Language Teaching Designing Language Courses Course Design Teachers as Course Developers AUTHOR K Johnson & K Morrow D Nunan D Wilkins J.C. Richards K. Graves F.Dubin and E.Olsthain K. Graves PUBLISHER Pergamon OUP OUP CUP Thomson and Heinle CUP CUP WHERE LOCATED

Classroom Management Large Classes Focus on the Classroom Understanding Language Classroom Classroom Observation Tasks Roles of Teachers & Learners Classroom Dynamics Teaching Monolingual Classes Techniques for Classroom Interaction Focus on the Language Classroom Effective Classroom Management Interaction in the Language Classroom Mixed Ability Classes Techniques Intermediate Communication Games Advanced Communication Games How to Use Games In Language Teaching Games for Language Learning J.Hadfield J. Hadfield S.Rixon A.Wright, D.Betterdge & M.Buckby J.Revell Nelson Nelson MacMillan CUP R.Nolasco & L.Arthur D.Byrne D.Nunan R. Wajnryb T. Wright J.Hadfield D.Atkinson D.Byrne D.AllwrightK.M.Bailey Underwood Van Lier Prodromou MacMillan MEP Prentice Hall CUP OUP OUP Longman Longman CUP Longman Longman MacMillan

Teaching Techniques for Communicative English







A Practical Guide to the Teaching W.M.Riversof English M.S.Temperle y Practical Techniques for M.Lewis-J.Hill Language Teaching Drama Techniques in Language A.Maley-A.Duff Learning Drama Wassels Project Work D.L.FriedBooth The Confidence Book Davis & Rinvolucri The Recipe Book S Lindstromberg Role Play Ladousse Planning from Lesson to Lesson Woodward&Li ndstromberg Testing & Evaluation Make Your Own language Tests Testing Spoken English Language Testing A Language Testing Handbook Testing for Language Teachers Classroom Based Evaluation in Second Language Education Evaluation Testing Spoken Language Assessing Reading Assessing Listening Assessing Speaking Assessing Writing Assessing Language Ability in the Classroom RESOURCES Making the Most of your Textbook Teaching English with Video Video in Language Teaching Video,TV&Radio In the English Class Visual Aids for Classroom Interaction Visual Materials for the Language Teacher N.Grant M Allan J Lonergan B. Tomalin S Holden (ed) A Wright B Carroll & P Hall N Underhill J B Heaton A Harrison A.Hughes F Genessee & JA Upshur Rea et al. N.Underhill J. Alderson G. Buck S. Luoma S. C. Weigle A. D. Cohen


OUP Longman

Pergamon CUP MEP Macmillan CUP CUP OUP CUP CUP CUP CUP CUP Heinle and Heinle

Longman Longman CUP MacMillan MEP Longman


Visuals for the Language Classroom Newspapers

A.WrightS.Haleem P.Grundy

Longman OUP

TITLE OF THE BOOK 1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy Action English Pictures


PUBLISHER Collins Prentice Hall CUP Prentice Hall Collins Longman Longman Longman Heinemann Prentice Hall Longman Longman


Frauman&Pric ket Pictures for Language Learning Wright Pictures in Action Puchta&Gerng ross Computers in Language Learning J Higgins & T Johns /Language, Learners and J Higgins Computers Using Computers in the C.JonesLanguage Classroom S.Fortescue The Language Laboratory and J Dakin Language Learning Using the Overhead Projector J R H Jones Songs in Action Griffee Musical Openings Carnner&Laro y Lessons from the Learner Deller LEARNERS General Psychology for Language Teachers Errors Learner English Correction Language Learners and Their Errors Mistakes and Correction Error Analysis and Interlanguage Rediscovering Interlanguage Error Analysis M.SwanB.Smith M.BertramR.Walton J.Norrish Julian Edge S Pit Corder Selinker Richards M.Williams & R.Burden



CUP LTP MacMillan Longman OUP Longman Longman


Learner Autonomy TITLE OF THE BOOK Learning to Learn English-TB Learning to Learn English-LB Learner Based Teaching Self instruction in Language Learning Learner Strategies Success with Foreign Languages Learner Strategies for Learner Autonomy Learner Strategies in Language Learning A Guide to Student-Centred Learning Learning Strategies in Second Language Acquisition Stevick Wenden A Wenden & J Rubin D Brandes & P Ginnis O'Malley Prentice Hall Prentice Hall Prentice Hall Blackwell CUP AUTHOR G.Ellis,B.Sincl air C.Campbell,H. Kryszewska Dickinson PUBLISHER CUP WHERE LOCATED


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The Self-Directed Teacher Reflective Teaching in the Second Language Classroom Tasks for Language Teachers Observation in the Language Classroom L Lamb J.C.Richards& Lockhart Parrott Allwright CUP CUP CUP Longman

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