5-21-14 Five Baseball Players Land on All-Region Team for Generals | Sports

RELEASE DATE: May 21, 2014

SUBJECT: Five baseball players lan !n All"Re#i!n Tea$ %!r &enerals
S'URCE: Jas!n Ra()b*n, +ea Baseball C!a,), -.."0/00, E0(1 222-
HERKIMER, NY – The Herkimer Generals baseball team has added more accolades to their 201 season,
!hich has incl"ded a birth to the N#$%% &III 'orld (eries startin) this (at"rda*, Ma* 2
+ ,o"r -la*ers
!ere named to the .irst/team %ll/Re)ion Team and one !as named to the second team+
The three e0er*da* -la*ers to make it .irst team !ere short sto- T*ler 1hilli-s 2Hancock, NY3,
center.ielder %+#+ ,abri4io 21alm $it*, ,53 and catcher #ohn 6oland 2Rhinebeck, NY3+ 1hilli-s led his
team !ith 78 assists on the season, b"t made his bi))est im-act at the -late+ The .reshman had a team/
hi)h +29 battin) a0era)e !ith :: hits, 9 r"ns scored, t!o home r"ns and 28R6Is+ His 19 do"bles in 8
)ames has 1hilli-s ranked si;th in the nation+ He<s also tied ,abri4io !ith the team lead in r"ns scored
!hich is 11
best in the nation+ %s .or ,abri4io, !ho -la*ed in e0er* )ame b"t one this entire season, led
the Generals .rom his clean"- s-ot in the line"-+ His 8 R6Is !ere .irst on the team, knockin) in three or
more R6Is in a )ame si; times in 201+ ,abri4io !as also .o"rth on the team in -"to"ts !ith ==+ ,inall*,
.or 6oland, he hit +12 in 8= )ames !ith the team lead in home r"ns 23 and sl"))in) -ercenta)e 2+:8=3+
%ll .o"r o. his home r"ns came !ith r"nners on base, )ettin) t!o three/r"n home r"ns t!ice, most
recentl* in the Re)ion III (emi.inals a)ainst Erie, )i0in) his team a /0 the* did not relin>"ish+ It hel-ed
him .inish !ith 8: R6Is, second best on the team+
(o-homore Michael &e$arlo 2'*nantskill, NY3 !as one o. three -itchers to make it .irst team+
&e$arlo !as second in the re)ion in !ins 273, .irst in the re)ion in ER% 21+0=3, 10
in the re)ion in
strikeo"ts 23 and .irst in the re)ion in com-lete )ame sh"to"ts 23+ &e$arlo onl* allo!ed si; earned
r"ns in nine a--earances this season, ne0er allo!in) more than t!o earned r"ns in an* )ame+
(o-homore o"t.ielder $hristo-her 6"rns III 2Endicott, NY3 !as the lone General to make it to
the second team+ 6"rns III hit +00 !ith one home r"n and 8: R6Is in )ames this season+ His 18
do"bles !ere second on the team and ?: hits !ere third+ The le.t/hander had t!o or more R6Is in 1
)ames .or the Generals, attainin) .o"r a)ainst $ol"mbia/Greene !hich !as a season/hi)h on Ma* ?
Photo: Attached is an action shot of Mike DeCarlo, Tyler Phillips and A.J. Fabrizio.

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