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Cimarron uncorks wine proposal

By ANDREW FLOHR-SPENCE the Tivoli offers lays with Auraria’s “This is a nice place to have wine office of Student and Auxiliary Ser- and some drinks,” she said. “We don’t
vices. SAS deals with leases and con- want drunk people, we just want
Looking for a glass of wine and tracts, and received Esparsa’s request some place to have fun and relax.”
a cozy atmosphere after the stress of but gave the proposal to student- Student Steven Bogert said he
class? The Cimarron Café and Grill elected representatives for review. thinks the idea is a good one, if stu-
wants to make the cafe, with its high The Student Advisory Committee dents can show a little common sense.
ceiling and old copper brewing tanks, to the Auraria Board, or SACAB, is “Students should be allowed to make
a place where Auraria’s students and responsible for representing the stu- healthy choices for themselves,” said
faculty can meet after class for drinks dents’ interest. As far as Cimarron’s the criminal justice student. “I’d vote
and conversation. liquor license, are charged with de- ‘yes’ for the student’s right to make
Eva Esparsa, whose cafe on the ciding what they think is best and re- choices.”
first floor of the Tivoli this past spring porting back to SAS with the recom- Psychology major Sarah Jones
took the place of the Daily Grind, mendations. said she would like to see more selec-
asked Auraria if she can apply for a In the case of Cimarron’s appli- tion available to students.
license to sell wine and beer. cation, SACAB decided to get the ap- “There is just nothing going on
But before any glasses get filled, proval of all three schools. down here in the evening,” she said.
all three of Auraria’s schools must “Because alcohol is such an is- Jones said she didn’t think drunks
give it the OK. sue lately at schools ... we at SACAB would be a problem. “Home is just
Esparsa said that when she nego- feel that we need to go to each insti- too far away – everyone at Auraria
tiated the lease with Auraria, they in- tution,” said Nicole Barringer, one lives somewhere else.”
cluded the option to discuss at a later of Metro State’s representatives and Barringer said SACAB initially
date the possibility of serving alcohol. current SACAB chairwoman. The voted to approve Cimarron’s request.
Now, having had a chance to get to student committee will write a letter She said several SACAB student polls
know her customers and look around to accompany the proposal outlining show students are overwhelmingly
the campus, she said she wants to go the safety measures that Cimarron in favor of further alcohol sales on
ahead with the idea. The campus plans to put in place to ensure that campus. But SACAB will wait to see
lacks a place with a calm, conversa- alcohol does not become a problem, where the schools stand before they
tional atmosphere, she said. she said. make their recommendations to SAS.
Pete’s Arena, the pizzeria on the Cimarron’s employees will be Barringer said she thinks the idea
north side of the Tivoli, is currently required to take alcohol-serving would help to establish more campus
the only place on campus with per- classes, including how to check IDs nightlife, which is one of SACAB’s
mission to sell alcohol. Pete’s offers and what to watch for, before people goals, now that student housing is
several kinds of beer on tap and in get too drunk. The cafe also agreed to located on campus.
bottles and has a brightly lit diner at- wait until after 3 p.m. before it starts She said SACAB hopes to have
mosphere, with a checkerboard floor serving alcohol. the plan sent to the student affairs
and chrome tables. “The key thing about having departments of Metro, UCDHSC and Photo by KRISTI DENKE /
Esparsa said she wants to offer alcohol is you have to control it,” CCD in the next two weeks. Barrin-
students and faculty a more low-key, Esparsa said. She said she hopes to ger said approval of Cimarron’s re- Mika Ikemoto prepares an espresso shot Aug. 25 at the Cimmaron Café. The
conversational alternative to Pete’s. attract more mature students and quest to serve alcohol might take up application process for a liquor license can take as long as a year.
She said she wants to offer wine. faculty and wants to start having to a year.
The final responsibility for what small events in the evening.

NightRider, police provide escorts ‘buddy walk’ couldn’t

By AMY WOODWARD ed to the parking lots across Seventh

With the hustle and bustle of

Campus safety after dark Free pepper-spray key chains
Available at:
Street and added, “A lot of people get
assaulted in those parking lots.”
The parking and public safety
classes and homework, most students NightRider The Auraria Health Center; Plaza Building division at Auraria Higher Educa-
are struggling to find the time for ex- Free service Mon. - Thurs. Room 150; Campus Recreation Event Center tion Center provides a transporting
tracurricular activities and volunteer From sundown to 10 p.m. call Room 108; MSCD Institute for Women’s service called NightRider. It gives stu-
work. This could be one reason why (303) 556-2001. After hours Studies, 1033 9th Street Park; and MSCD dents rides from any campus parking
the Auraria Police Department’s pro- or on weekends, or to reach Student Services, Tivoli Room 305. lot to their destination on campus and
gram, the “buddy walk system” was the Auraria police department Participants must receive brief instruction, back. They also work to fit the sched-
short lived after former Chief Heather call (303) 556-3271. show a campus ID and sign a release of liability. ule of students, faculty and staff who
Coogan created it last year. may want to use the service as part
To help heighten security during of their routine. The campus police
Auraria’s nightlife, Auraria police department is another resource, as
implemented a program called the There have been crimes on cam- Tully pointed to the parking lots across they provide their own escorts in and
“buddy walk system.” Students and pus, but incidents that have occurred around the campus perimeter. But
faculty could volunteer as escorts for were apparently random. Seventh Street and added, ‘A lot of people that service is limited from giving
other students and staff who may feel “They are few and far between, rides to the college dorms or lot W.
uncomfortable walking around cam- although they shouldn’t be happen-
get assaulted in those parking lots.’ “I don’t really ever see any secu-
pus at night. The program, however, ing at all,” Egan said. rity on campus,” said Metro sopho-
wasn’t a success and has been tucked Egan reported last year that a was stabbed last October in parking Metro senior Jennifer Tully said more Jonas Halstead. “I saw a cop on
away in the police department’s filing sexual assault occurred during ear- lot E after coming across an uniden- she feels safe on campus but thinks a bike writing a ticket once.”
cabinet. ly evening hours in the West Class- tified man rummaging through his the program is a good idea. Halstead said he feels pretty com-
“Unfortunately, we haven’t had room building. Although rape did car. There was another incident of “There are (emergency response) fortable on campus, and if need be, he
any volunteers,” said deputy chief not occur, a woman reported that sexual assault in lot A two years buttons and phones and police driv- would be willing to participate in the
John Egan. someone had grabbed her breast. In ago, and a student reported being ing by,” Tully said. “I don’t really “buddy walk system” to help ensure
Egan said the program will hope- January, a male student was robbed followed from a classroom building think you need too much security … the safety of others.
fully be revived sometime in Septem- in broad daylight near the South to Lot R, but physical contact did but if other people feel unsafe, then “Everybody needs to feel safe, es-
ber or October. Classroom building, and a student not occur. that’s a great program.” Tully point- pecially at a college,” he said.

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