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Thursday 9.13
Happy Jewish New Year!

Friday 9.14
The Student Advisory
Committee to the Auraria
Board meets at 2:30 p.m. in
Tivoli suite 329. SACAB is
located in Tivoli suite 314.
Stop by the office or call
(303) 556-4589.

September 15, 1982 A symbolic rendition of Auraria’s investment in wind energy. Illustrated by ANDREW HOWERTON/

New UCD classroom put on

hold The money The program Who’s in charge?
• Spring 2008, Auraria students will pay a • Increase current wind-energy investment • A Sustainable Campus subcommittee of
- Move to Auraria Campus $3 student fee • Increase campus energy efficiency the Student Advisory Committee to the
delayed for classrooms located • Spring 2009, the fee will rise to $4 • Expand current recycling programs Auraria Board (SACAB) will lead the plan
on 14th and Arapahoe • Spring 2010, the fee will go to $5 • Reduce campus water use • Student and Auxiliary Services
Streets. • Education and marketing of program • Facilities Management Division
Pink Floyd movie opens • University of Colorado at Denver and
- ‘The Wall’ opens in Health Science Graduate School of Public
September at specially selected Affairs

Green plan gets go ahead

Student representatives those voting saying yes, Harris said. for putting in a lot of hard work,” said have to vote on it every year, that

THE will oversee recycling,

Only 6 percent of Auraria’s students
participated in the election, but the
Andrew Pattison, a graduate student
at the UCDHSC’s School of Public Ad-
gives them some consolation,” Jor-
dan said.

COLD use of renewable energy turnout was the fourth highest in

Auraria’s history, he said.
ministration who helped draft the pro-
posal. It was the students’ willingness
Lia Peckman, a UCDHSC student
and the newly appointed chair of the


The University of Colorado at
Denver and Health Sciences Center,
to compromise on several points of the
original plan that showed the board
subcommittee that will run the pro-
gram, said the students are ready for
Push, CCD, the Auraria Board of Directors
and now the Metro trustees have
they were serious, Pattison said.
“One thing that I think that stu-
the challenge and will be prepared to
present their progress for administra-
turn wheel All eyes were on Metro’s Board of each voted to approve the plan that dent leaders across the three insti- tive review.
Trustees Sept. 5. Its vote that day was was several years in the making. tutions have been really good at, is “We started all of it with (admin-
During the school year either the dealmaker or deal breaker Originally the plan called for a when they heard the first response istrative review) in mind, because we
Auraria uses an average of for the passing of Auraria’s proposed new full-time administration posi- from the (Auraria) board ... which knew if we didn’t accomplish much
180 rolls of paper towel per Sustainable Campus Program. tion and an immediate $5 fee, but was a pretty tough response ... they they are not going to approve it,”
month - if rolled out in a line The three other governing bod- when the proposal was presented went back and made modifications Peckman said. “Essentially, we just
it would stretch 20 miles, ies at Auraria had already approved to the Auraria Board they refused to the proposal and brought it back,” have to prove ourselves.”
or from about Auraria to the program, and a nay vote from it and sent it back for changes. The Metro President Stephen Jordan said. The Student Advisory Commit-
Highlands Ranch. Statistics Metro’s board could have negated the program’s organizers returned with a “I think (the students) have been real- tee to the Auraria Board, the group
supplied by Ivan Lybarger, whole deal. Despite speculation about new plan that called for the program ly responsive to the concerns raised.” behind the initiative, will begin the
Facilities Management. whether the board would approve to be student run with a staggered One point that was critical to implementation of the program in
the measure or not, the board unani- implementation of the fee. gaining the trustees’ consent was the the spring.

THE MET REPORT » mously said yes.

The new program is designed to
With the new plan, each stu-
dent will pay $3 per semester for
trustees will still have to approve the
fee at the beginning of each year, Jor-
A committee of students from
each of Auraria’s three schools and
This week’s top stories: reduce Auraria’s negative impact on
the environment.
the first year, $4 in 2009 and $5 in
2010 and beyond to give the plan
dan said. According to Metro’s rules,
the board must review on a yearly ba-
advisers from the Student and Aux-
iliary Services office will run the
• Marijuana initiative
“I’m happy they (Metro’s trust- the needed funding. The new fee will sis each fee funded by students. campus-wide program that includes
• USS Indianapolis Survivor
ees) recognized that students are be- replace the now expired $1 clean en- Jordan said the students would an expanded recycling program, a
• Fall fest
hind this,” said Kevin Harris, Metro’s ergy fee that for the past two years have to make a presentation each year continued investment in renewable
• No more night rider
student trustee. had funded campus investment in proving the plan’s effectiveness and energy and the replacement of old
• Volleyball vs. Colo. Christian
Students voted in April to sup- renewable energy. laying out plans for the following year. plumbing and lighting with more en-
port the program, with 96 percent of “I want to commend the students “As long as (the board members) ergy-efficient hardware.

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