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Faculty votes on bonus pay options

By ANDREW FLOHR-SPENCE compared to the nearly $45 million as amending the school handbook, tion to the plan. with comparable schools is exactly faculty payroll, the money would not reworking the student evaluations History instructor and president what he is trying to do.
go very far. and dealing with the rules govern- of the Metro State Faculty Federation, “The truth of it is some people in
Metro professors have until noon “There needs to be substantial ing how teachers are reviewed and Ellen Slatkin said she worked all year to some professions get paid more than
Nov. 29 to vote on a plan for award- progress made (on equity) ... and this promoted. Changes made in the past inform her fellow teachers about what other people in other professions,”
ing bonus pay that would change (P4P) is not a salary improvement to such important areas, Saxe said, she says are problems with the plan. Jordan said. “There are clearly some
the way they are evaluated each year program,” he said. have often taken more than a year to She also said she respects the amount disciplines where the starting salaries
and, if they score high enough, could According to the first part of the get passed. of work the P4P committee and others are much higher than in, for instance,
reward them with a sum of money. plan supported by both faculty and The pay for performance plan, if have put into working out this com- the liberal arts.”
Proposed by the Board of Trust- administration, the teacher evalu- approved by the faculty, would begin promise, but the MSFF maintains that Jordan said the administration
ees, (which says the extra pay would ation system would change from in January before any of the corre- not only does the inequity in salaries has spent adequate time trying to
encourage teachers to do a better the current A – F grades to a three sponding changes had been made. need to be dealt with before any plan amend the major differences in pay.
job), the pay for performance plan, or category system, and the cost of liv- Saxe said because so many other for bonuses is implemented, but that He said he understands the concern
P4P, has faced criticism from faculty ing increase added each year to the areas were affected by the change that the entire system of merit bonuses of faculty on the subject of trust and
members who say that several other teacher’s salary would be in line with still needed to be resolved, the teachers will end up encouraging the teachers many of the handbook and other
problems, including the differences in the raises the state gives all employ- were being asked to assume that all the to work on special projects, while they small changes that need to be made
the level of teacher salaries, or equity ees. The professors would be scored promised changes will be completed. neglect the day- to- day duties. are minor and are not items that
and parity, need to be addressed first. in four areas – teaching, advising “They are asking people to take Slatkin said studies done at Stan- should delay the plan. The work that
“(Metro) President (Stephen) Jor- and student support, college and things on trust and now, that’s OK,” ford and Harvard indicate that pay everyone involved had put in the last
dan has really made some progress community service, and scholarship said Saxe, who has taught at Metro for for performance is not always effec- year and a half has done a lot to show
with equity within the institution, – and those who do something ex- 41 years. “But it will depend entirely tive in raising productivity and has how committed the sides were to an
but the salaries are still low with ex- traordinary in one or more area and on how much trust the faculty have been known to harm teamwork by agreement.
ception of the business school,” said did not lag behind in any other area for the administration and the com- over-emphasizing competitiveness. Jordan reiterated, however, there
English professor Gene Saxe, who would then qualify for the bonus part mittee.” Saxe repeated several times “We’ve hired a lot of brilliant pro- were other offices such as Student Af-
is the faculty’s representative to the of the plan. There are three levels of during the interview that he did not fessors in the last few years,” Slatkin fairs and Technology that needed at-
trustees. money for exceeding standards in the want to be misquoted as attacking the said. “But under these conditions, I tention and that as president he had to
Saxe said that in 2006 the trust- four categories, and officials have es- plan, Jordan, or the many people had think we could lose a lot of them.” think of everyone’s needs.
ees boosted the pay of the teachers timated the awards could be between worked very hard on the plan. Jordan said he is very aware that “There is a limit on what we can
that were lagging furthest behind, $2,000 and $10,000 per teacher. “They have all tried to work very finding the best possible teachers de- do,” Jordan said. “There are a whole
but much work needed to be done. The money would be paid out over responsibly, and they have all worked pends on Metro offering a competitive bunch of other issues that we have put
More than $2 million has been set the course of the following year. very hard on the plan,” he said. Other salary to teachers, which he said is on hold while we address this issue …
aside from the school’s budget to To make the plan a reality, a num- members of the faculty, however, have largely decided by the market. and the board has hired me to make
fund the bonuses, but Saxe said when ber of changes have to be made, such been quite vocal about their opposi- He said bringing wages in line some difficult decisions.”

Pepsi replaces Coke on campus to boost revenue

bonus and an additional bonus of
By JEREMY JOHNSON $20,000 per year beginning the sec-
ond year of the contract, Auraria will
Auraria administrators recently receive a commission of 23.2 percent
faced the same old question that’s on snacks and 55 percent on bever-
been plaguing America’s soft drink ages.
connoisseurs since the turn of the Auraria’s snack commission is
century: Coke or Pepsi? nearly 5 percent higher than the Uni-
Effective Nov. 26, in coordina- versity of Colorado at Boulder and Col-
tion with unanimous decisions by orado State University. Beverage com-
the Auraria Board of Directors and missions are comparable to CU and
the Student Advisory Committee to higher than those of CSU, though the
the Auraria Board, Auraria officially latter receives $885,000 from Pepsi in
switched from Coke to Pepsi products athletic program funding.
and vending machines. Despite the revenue increase,
“The Coke agreement had ex- some students aren’t buying into the
pired, so we went out and solicited switch.
for different proposals,” Finance and “It’s not even that they got rid of
Program Director of the Student and the Coke products,” senior biology
Auxiliary Services Dave Caldwell student Melodi Wood said. “They
said. “(The proposal) was brought to only have (Pepsi) in bottles – plastic
SACAB for review and they decided bottles. And we don’t have a plas-
to move forward with negotiations tic recycling program on campus,
and take it to the Auraria Board.” which I think is an issue.”
After comparing other college Although the change officially
vending contracts, the board agreed to took place Nov. 26, many of the 183 Cole Cronk, a Metro junior, buys a Pepsi from one of the new machines Nov. 27. The decision was made by the Auraria
a five-year initial term with a five-year vending machines on campus were Board of Directors to change all Coke machines on campus to Pepsi. The new vending machines will continue to offer the
renewal option with both Pepsi and traded out during the Thanksgiving regular assortment of soft drinks, juice and water with a new feature that allows payments with credit and debit cards.
collaborating food vendor Canteen. holiday break. Like the Coke ma- debit cards. That seemed to be the like (the Pepsi machines) because of the big blue machines really are the
“(The board goes) through a chines before them, the Pepsi models biggest factor with the students.” the whole credit card thing,” Metro next generation of vending on Au-
whole bid process and considers the offer the typical assortment of soft Weiske also added that if the music education student C.J. Garbo raria, not only in product, but also
different bids offered,” Division Di- drinks, including soda pop, juice, vending machine credit card read- said, while sipping on a vitamin water in convenience. Still, the decision of
rector of SAS Barb Weiske said. sport drinks and water. ers are popular, the change might that once sold for $1.25 but that now Coke or Pepsi is ultimately up to the
“There’s a lot of variables that What sets the new machines be made to vending machines cam- costs $1.50. consumer, and Coke products are
are considered including the product apart is their built-in credit and debit puswide. But, alas, convenience will “It’s nice to have vending ma- still available in the Tivoli food court
line, product service and revenue.” card readers, located on the front of cost you … about a quarter. Most of chines that take cards because there’s and Quick Zone convenience store.
Weiske added that the revenue goes the machines. the new Pepsi machines offer 20 oz. only, like, three ATM machines that I “It doesn’t really matter to me,”
directly back into the student bond “That was a big highlight,” drinks at $1.25, compared to the know of on campus, and I’m never human services Metro student Elyse
and helps to offset student fees. Weiske said. “It really became an is- previous Coke price of $1. near any of them.” Hughes said. “Whichever is avail-
Along with a $150,000 signing sue of loose change versus credit and “The price is a little higher but I So debit, credit or cash, it seems able.”