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JASON DEARING * 954-328-6737 * 12528 N. Lakeview Dr, Mooresville, IN 46158 *


To gain employment utilizing my extensive experiences as a Graphic Designer,

Customer Service Expert, Business Coordinator and AutoCAD Specialist to insure
guest/customer satisfaction while maintaining a high level of commitment to the
business goals of the organization.


• Advertising
• Award Winning Graphic
Design • Retail Management
• Logo, Print/Web Design • Multi-Media
• Branding • Detail-Oriented
• Clear Customer Communication

2007-2008 Magellan Healthcare (Plantation, Florida)
Customer Service Referral Representative/ Manager & Trainer

• Managed the team of Customer Service Representatives

• Coordinated Training
• Detailed Computer Work, CPR+, for patients, doctors and insurance co.
• Maintained extensive records of all necessary data for each patient's profile
• Communication with patients to insure accurate and timely delivery of
medication throughout the continental United States
• Daily electronic communication between insurance company’s and doctor’s
offices to insure privacy and accurate recording of patient authorizations and

2006-2007 United Homes Intl. (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Construction Coordinator

• Developed and managed Excel spreadsheets

• Coordinated color selections
• Maintained communication and scheduling with all sub-contractors and
building inspectors
• Liaison with city/village/county agencies regarding accurate
processing/compliance with permits
• Utilized AutoCAD
• Filed and maintained accurate construction records of all phases of projects
such as Bella Vista, Mediterania and St. Mortiz

2005-2006 VIP Printing (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Graphic Artist
• Responsibilities included customer business card/logo design
• Designed and created customer brochures and banners for large customer

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JASON DEARING * 954-328-6737 * 12528 N. Lakeview Dr, Mooresville, IN 46158 *


JDesign 1995-2005 Graphic Designer, Public Relations
Graphic Designer, Public Relations
Coordinator, Manager, Trainer Bridge Logos Christian Publishing Co.
Apartment Life 2002-2003 Layout Artist/Designer
Event Coordinator Front Cover: “Selling Among Wolves”

Texas Best Tutoring 2002 Christian Businessman Magazine 1997-

Graphic Artist, Web Design, Company 1999
Logo Designs LEAD Layout Artist/Designer

Groggy Dog Sportswear 2001-2002 Lighthouse Education & 1996-1997

Graphic Artist, Public Relations Graphic Artist in Multimedia

Universal Studios Florida Summer 1995

Publishers Media Group 2000-2001 Graphic Intern

1990-1993 Valencia 1994-1996 University of Theological Seminary
Comm. College (Orlando, Florida (Gainesville, FL) (Dallas, TX)
FL) B.A., Graphic Design, M.A, Biblical Counseling,
A.A., Fine Arts, GPA: 3.3 GPA: 3.9
GPA: 3.8
2002-2004 Dallas


• Highly proficient with 95 • able to type 75

design and layout in • Illustrator wpm
print production for • Photoshop • Web design in HTML
offset & digital • PageMaker • Macromedia
processes • PowerPoint • Dreamweaver
• Photography • Quark Xpress • Freehand
• Illustration • InDesign • Fireworks
• Drawing • KTP Bryce • Flash
• Mac OS & Windows • StudioPro • eLearning design and
XP • Microsoft Office Suite development
• Windows2000/NT/98/

Provided Upon Request

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