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PUGAZAENTHI E NO 14 LAKSHMI NAGAR THIRUMULLAIVOYUR CHENNAI - 600062 TAMILNADU CIOU Code : TNRI10179C Your Reliance No. : 9382926222 Relationship No. Bill Period Bill Date Bill No. Tariff Plan Name Credit Limit

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2391501092 25-09-2009 to 24-10-2009 25-10-2009 293342935542 HSD_DATA 3,000.00

Previous Dues (Rs.)(A)

Adjustments (Rs.)(B)

Payments (Rs.)(C)

Current Charges (Rs.)(D)

Total Amount Due (Rs.)(A + B - C + D)

Due Date

Total Amount Due After Due Date (Rs.)








Summary of Current Charges 1. Monthly Charges Sub Total 2. Taxes Total Current Charges

Amount (Rs.) 1,099.00 1,099.00 113.20 1,212.20

"This statement has been issued by Reliance Communications Services - a division of Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited for its dues and for services provided to you by Reliance Communications Ltd. & Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd." Please refer to the Customer Application Form for Terms & Conditions. Service Tax Registration No: AACCR7832CST001, Address: Reliance Communications Ltd., Thane Belapur Road, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai - 400 710 Service Tax Registration No: AACCS2157HST002. Address: Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd., Thane Belapur Road, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai - 400 710 Service Tax Category -Telecommunication Service.

Your Payment Slip (Please attach this payment slip along with your payment) Name : PUGAZAENTHI E
Bill No. 293342935542 Relationship No. 2391501092 Bill Date 25-10-2009

Your Reliance No. : 9382926222
Total Amount Due (Rs.) 1,174.00 Due Date 12-11-2009

Paid By: Cash/Cheque No./DD

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Drawn On Bank Name/Branch

Crossed Cheque/DD should be drawn locally in favour of RCIL A/c RIS2391501092
Regd. Off. : Reliance Communications Limited, H Block, 1st Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai 400710, Maharashtra, India.

Things to remember
Bill Payment:You can pay by Cheque, Demand Draft or Cash at any Reliance Communication Outlet or by signing up for Electronic Clearance Service/Standing Instruction facility or by dropping your cheque at any of our drop boxes. You can also pay online through our website or by using your Mobile Phone through R-World Bill Pay Service,through IVR at *222 using Credit Cards authorized by VISA, Diners or Mastercard. Late Payment Charges:Please pay on or before ‘Due Date’ to avoid Late Payment Charges and/or disconnection. If payments are made after Due Date, Late Payment Charges will be levied @ 2.5% per month or Rs 50, whichever is higher. Credit Limit:A Credit Limit is assigned to your account and is revised from time to time based on Security Deposit paid, monthly usage and timely and regular payment of your monthly bills. You can increase your Credit Limit by paying Additional Deposit or signing up for Electronic Clearance Service/Standing Instruction at any Reliance Communications Outlet. Instance of cheque bounce or ECS/SI charge back will reduce your Credit Limit. You are informed about your usage when nearing your Credit Limit via SMS/IVR/Telecall, wherein you are requested to make interim payment, which will reflect in your next month’s bill. Your services may get restricted in case usage exceeds your Credit Limit. Call Charge calculation:For all voice calls (Local, STD, ISD), as soon as a call matures, minimum charges of 1 pulse becomes applicable. Pulse is rounded up to generate call units. These call units when multiplied with the pulse rate form the call charges. SMS is charged on per message basis. All monthly fixed charges such as rentals, CLIP, etc., are charged on per month basis. Change of Billing AddressYou can get your billing address changed by visiting your nearest Reliance Communications Outlet. You will have to submit the proof of your new address along with the address change request form. The address change will be done subject to positive address verification and the same will reflect from the next bill onwards. About Your Services: a. No migration fee is chargeable for migration to any plan. b. No increase in any item of your tariff plan for 6 months from enrolment of a tariff plan. c. No charge will be levied for any services without your explicit consent. d. To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls, register your telephone number in NDNC Registry -Call 1909 or send SMS "START DND" on 1909. e. Refund of security deposit on your request for termination will be done in 60 days of termination of your connection, beyond which you will be entitled to receive interest @ 10% per annum. f. Model calculations of estimated financial implication of tariff plans are available on our website
For Mobile--Postpaid--Joy Plans--National Plans--Tariff in TRAI format For Hello--Tariff Plans Postpaid--To see the postpaid Tariffs in TRAI format

1. Relationship Number :Your unique Account Number. 2. Bill Period :Time period you have been billed for 3. Previous Dues- Your Previous Bill Amount. 4. Adjustments- Any debit/credit transaction made in your

Account during the bill period.
5. Payments- Amount paid during this bill period. 6. Current Charges- All the charges incurred during this

bill period. This includes: a. One Time Charges– Any charges for administrative requests. b. Monthly Charges– All monthly charges billed to you in this bill period, e.g. Monthly Rent, Value Added Service Rent, Advance Rent and any Other Recurring Charges. c. Voice Usage Charges– Charges for all voice call made during the bill period. d. Value Added Services– Charges for all reliance Mobile World,Net connect, Black Berry Usage Services, Reliance Caller Tunes and any other Data Usage made during the bill period. e. SMS Charges– Charges for SMS sent from home location. f. Roaming Usage– Charges for Services used while roaming on voice calls, SMS, MMS and VAS. g. Discounts– Discounts applied in your account during the bill period. h. Taxes– Amount of taxes charged as per government regulations. 7 Total Amount Due-Amount you need to pay before the due date, i.e., Previous Balance +/- Adjustments Payments + Current Charges. Total Amount Due as reflected in the bill is rounded up to the next rupee for ease of making payment. The difference paise are adjusted in the next bill. 8. Due Date- Date by which you need to pay your Total Amount Due to avoid Late Payment Charges and/or disconnection of services. Previous unpaid dues, if any, are payable immediately. 9. Amount Due after Due Date- Total Amount Due + Late Payment Charges. If for any reason, you are unable to make your payment by the Due Date, you will have to pay Late Payment Charges along with Total Amount Due

Complaint Redressal : In case of any clarification on this bill, you can contact our 24 hour customer care on *222 (Toll Free) or 3033 3333 from any other phone or visit any Reliance Communications Outlet before the due date. A unique docket number will be given for the complaint you register with us. For any escalation please write to our Service Assurance Cell at: A Block, 2nd floor, Reliance Communications Ltd., DAKC, Thane Belapur Road, Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai-400710 or email at: or Fax at: 022-30388005. If your complaint is not resolved or you are not happy with the resolution, you can contact the Nodal Officer with your docket number. If you are still not happy with the resolution, you can appeal to our Appellate Authority with your docket number in the prescribed format. Appeal form is available on our website at Contact us--Service Assurance Cell--Appeal Form.

Contact details of Nodal Officer:
Ms.Venkateswari Arumugham,Reliance Communications Ltd, 6, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600006.Phone : 0422-3031008.Email :,Fax : 0422-3031060.

Contact details of Appellate Authority:
Mr. Boban C Mathew,Reliance Communications Ltd, 6, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600006.Phone : 044-30353432.Email :,Fax : 044- 30353434.

Page: Relationship No. Bill Date Bill No.

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3 of 4 2391501092 25-10-2009 293342935542

Cheque Payment Received on 08-10-2009

Amount (Rs.)

Total Payments Received


Current Charges
Monthly Charges Taxes Service Tax Education Cess On Service Tax SHE Cess On Service Tax

Amount (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

109.90 2.20 1.10 113.20

Total Current Charges


Page: Relationship No. Bill Date Bill No.

: : : :

4 of 4 2391501092 25-10-2009 293342935542

Your Reliance No.:9382926222 Reliance Mobile World Plan: L0

Plan Name: HSD_DATA Reliance Netconnect Plan: Brdband10GB_1099City

Current Charges (9382926222) :



Monthly Charges
*Reliance Netconnect Subscription -Brdband10GB_1099City Total Monthly Charges

Charges for the period
25-09-2009 to 24-10-2009 1,099.00 1,099.00

Service Tax Education Cess On Service Tax SHE Cess On Service Tax Total Taxes 109.90 2.20 1.10 113.20

Total Charges on Your Reliance No. 9382926222 The Charges marked with '*' are the Services provided by RCIL


*Reliance Netconnect Plan
Usage in MB Less : Monthly Usage Allowance in MB Total Chargeable Usage in MB Total 1,498.00 1,498.00 0.00 0.00


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