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Couple meets again So years later


By BRIAN WILLIAMS/The Ottawa Herald




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Wi AWA, I(un.kep) | It's not exactlypuppylove.

Although, it may seemlike it is for two Ottawa High Schoolalumni.

"We feel like we're 15,"Joan Stone,68, of rural Waverly, said.

In November, she plans to wed GeorgeStewart, 78, oflar.r'rence.

It's not as if they are strangers,they'vejust taken the scenicroute to each other.

They both attendedthe sameone-room schoolhouse,Latimer School,south of Ottawa
on Rock Creek Road. They FCIttlutt".tded the same church and belongedto the
Jayhawker 4-H Club.

"we did a lot of hangingout as a group," said stone, whosefamily moved about
one-eighthmile eastof the schoolin March Lg49,whenshewas in first grade.

"My earliestmemoriesof Georgewere of him singing," Stonesaid.

He sang at both their school and their church, which was acrossthe street from the

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just outsideof Atlantain tg7o. They moved to StoneMountain. &i€f#"f' Denlse (Mu-student) Sunday. Penney'swhere he worked at the Ottawa. Thosetenuous beginnings evolved into a 33-year tenure with the KU Endor." she said about his younger brother who was her age. She also heard a lot about Stewart. In zoo6." Stewart said.C. After graduating from Ottawa High Schoolin 1948. graduated from Ottawa High Schoolin 1959. Lar..trynentassociation.Mo. said.who's maiden name *ur Ftr" fott t"tboan Hay. Stewart had two part-time positions at the University of Kansas including one as an accountantwith the endor.. four kids and a lot of faith.Stone'shusband. G&. Stewart married Donna Cartmill and farmed for awhile before attending Ottawa University to study music education." "I remember her as the little girl who lived dornmthe road. Within five days. which Ffrutlstotte and her husband would drive in their RV to FndfiromGeorgia Ft . Stone. After about 15years of work in broadcast media." Stone said...Her path led her to Robert "Bob" Stone. from his younger siblings. they moved to a farm in rural Waverly near the OsageCounty line. -""h she said.toldherthathe*u'@ l""g*ldying and wanted to take her back to where her friends and famrly were.which ended with his retirement as vice-president in 1995. when he was nine months old."I had enormous respectfor him becauseof that." Stewart. started eeting a few old friends ether coffee grew into yearly reunions at Pomona Lake. and Independence. Challengeswith the piano led him to J.columbiamissourian. Aboutfiveyearsago. 2009 5:13:34PM CT :8a:57:c6 OO:23:df 5:13PM 9/6109 . the oldest of five.r'rence "I moved to Lawrencewithout a job..whom she married in 1968.'. "Jack alwaystalked about Georgewith this adoring voice. 676l . "I've never been afraid to try anything.September6.rynent Association.Print Article http://www.locations until tg6z. she turned her home into an eco-friendly farm and raised registered dairy goats and then golden retrievers. whose family moved acrossthe road from the school in r93r.

" she said. Bob passedaway.along with him." After months of talking online and counseling and catching other on their lives for the past 50 years.. Before leaving he askedher what she would say if he askedher to marry him. September 6. 2Oo95:13:34Pl\4CT oo:23:dl:8a:57:c6 916109 5:13PM . When Stewart found out he sent her a condolencecard and a Christmas card followed soon after. telling her that he thought Georgewas a nice guy. he askedStoneif he could bring his brother. Stone remembers her husband. He was part of the community too. George. "Georgesaid he wasn't going to acceptthat and e-mailed back with other dates to meet. "I said. "It was good to have one another to walk through the grieving processonline. The summer reunions at Pomona Lake continued and Stone'sold classmate." Stone said. dinnerfi and talked for hours as well. They began seeingeach other almost every other day for severalmonths until April when Stewart stopped in to seeStone on his wayto visit his daughter in Newton. fil'Cf#"n Denise(Mu-studenr) Sunday.Jack Stewart. "We met for the first time in 5o years at least. clel1l7676l ." Stone said. he was the assistantmanager at the Penney'sstore in Ottawa.but wine. A few weekslater. bring him. Theybegane-mailing eachother back and forth. They agreedon a time and then not only had coffee. we did it again the next duy. by all meansr"'shesaid." After the reunion. "We had so much fun.Print Article http:/hvwlv. Mother Nature had other plans.they decided to go for coffeeafter a church meeting. "The last time I remember seeinghim. 'I can't seewhy not.columbiamissourian.." Stonesaid with a huge smile.who had lost his wife of nearly 59 years in May to Parkinson's disease. In zoo8. was a regular attendee. An ice storm canceledchurch and their time to talk face-to-face. "It was good to have someoneto share that with who understood what you were going through.

"I think it's a neat thing to be able to do that. neither would choosea detour. "Shewouldn't let me get away without saylng it." she said. When tr)'rng to put her and George'srelationship into . He still lovesDonna.Bob and I had a good marriage. You don't stop loving the other one.' and then I could seethe cogsturning as he was remembering our conversation. Then you have another and you love it just as much."'shesaid. When he returned a few days later.'Yes. 'Wait. Print Article http://www." he said with a smile. "I said." Stewart said.columbiamissourian."Stonesaid. t t &ia!4.September6."n Denise (NrlU-student) Sunday.she looked to her experienceas a mother. and we have no difficulty discussingthem. you haven't asked me yet. Although their paths to each other have been unconventional. "It's like when you have a baby and you think you'll never love anything as much. "I think the neat part of our relationship is we both loved our mates. Stone said. "I told him that I would probably say.." Stoneagrees. 2OO95:13:34 Pl\4CT OO:23:dl:8a:57:c6 916lo95:13PM . he was talking about things they would do when they were married." Stone said. "I still love Bob. "Georgeand Donna had a good marriage.." "Love expandsand love grows and this is good.