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The fear of snakes and spiders is very common in people.

Seligman (1971) would probably explain his

wih he idea of!
a. experience.
b. learning hisory.
c. ego comparison hisory.
d. preparedness.
Sarah hears voices ha ell her o shoo "r. #aura. She is experiencing!
a. delusions.
b. compulsions.
c. a phobic reacion.
d. hallucinaions.
The famous indusrialis $oward $ughes devised exraordinary riuals o minimi%e he possibiliy of
being conaminaed by germs. &or example' he would someimes spend hours mehodically cleaning a
elephone. $ughes(s behavior exemplifies which of he following disorders)
a. *goraphobia
b. +anic disorder
c. ,enerali%ed anxiey disorder
d. -bsessive.compulsive disorder
The curren classificaion sysem for psychological disorders ("S/.01)!
a. avoids giving people poenially sigmai%ing diagnosic labels.
b. conains fewer disorders han previous sysems' making i easier o use.
c. recogni%es he imporance of informaion oher han a radiional diagnosic label.
d. provides specific crieria ha allow herapiss o classify individuals simply as normal or
+eople wih unipolar disorders experience 222222223 people wih bipolar disorders experience
a. alernaing periods of depression and mania3 mania only
b. depression only3 alernaing periods of depression and mania
c. mania only3 alernaing periods of depression and mania
d. alernaing periods of depression and mania3 depression and mania simulaneously
0nerpersonal roos of depression include all of he following excep!
a. inade4uae social skills.
b. aracing a supporive social nework.
c. alienaing ohers by asking for reassurances abou heir relaionships and self.worh.
d. graviaing oward parners who view hem unfavorably.
Some clinicians mainain ha mos cases of dissociaive ideniy disorder are rooed in!
a. early reinforcemen for avoiding realiy.
b. a geneic predisposiion for engaging in fanasy.
c. a deficiency in cerain neuroransmiers in he brain.
d. severe emoional rauma ha occurred during childhood.
5hich of he following saemens bes reflecs he relaionship beween sress and anxiey disorders)
a. $igh sress may help precipiae he onse of anxiey disorders.
b. +eople wih anxiey disorders end o be unaffeced by sress.
c. The relaionship beween sress and anxiey disorders is largely a myh.
d. Sress appears o exer is influence on he severiy' raher han he onse' of anxiey disorders.
+eople who lose conac wih porions of heir consciousness or memory and experience disrupions in
heir sense of ideniy' would mos likely be considered as having which of he following ypes of
a. Schi%ophrenia
b. *nxiey disorders
c. "issociaive disorders
d. Somaoform disorders
6ecen sudies have found psychological disorders in roughly 22222222 7 of he populaion.
a. 8 o 18
b. 18 o 98
c. 98 o :8
d. :8 o ;8
/ichael gambles nearly every day' compleely neglecing his family and his <ob. $is behavior bes
saisfies which of he following crieria of abnormaliy)
a. "eviance
b. +ersonal disress
c. +hysical discomfor
d. /aladapive behavior
+sychosomaic diseases involve!
a. he deliberae faking of physical illness.
b. a pseudo.illness caused by psychological facors.
c. genuine physical ailmens caused in par of psychological facors.
d. a endency o misinerpre minor body changes as indicaive of serious illness.
5hich of hese is =-T a crierion for abnormal behavior)
a. "eviance
b. /aladapive behavior
c. +ersonal disress
d. >i%arre behavior
The process of disinguishing one illness from anoher is called!
a. diagnosis.
b. eiology.
c. prognosis.
d. somai%aion.
?ompulsion is o @acion@ as obsession is o!
a. fear.
b. hough.
c. emoion.
d. behavior.