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Koch, president-minister of the

German state of Hesse: Let's not
Philip Gordon: US closely follows
Ergenekon trial and supports
‘2012’: the
end of the world
as we know it

harm accession process any further Turkey's democratization process

Your Way of Understandng Turkey


page07 Doan Yayn posts huge loss for first nine months of 2009





Gov’t unvels detals ABOUT FIGURES BEHIND

of democratzaton Col. Dursun Çiçek, who was arrest-
ed on Wednesday for drafting an ac-
tion plan to destroy the ruling party, was
interrogated by civilian prosecutors about

ntatve at Parlament
The ruling Justice and Development position Republican People's Party (CHP) and dependent bodies will be established to pro-
the members of the military who gave
him the order to prepare the plan.
The colonel arrived at the Beikta court-
house in stanbul on Wednesday to testify to
Party (AK Party) on Friday submitted the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), mote and ensure human rights. For example, prosecutors conducting the ongoing investi-
to Parliament long-awaited details of whose leaders criticized the government's ef- a law seeking to establish an independent gation into a criminal organization known as
imek its democratization initiative to solve the de- forts for peace with harsh remarks yesterday. body to work to eliminate discrimination will Ergenekon. He was interrogated for approxi-
cades-long Kurdish problem. According to Atalay, obstacles before using be brought before Parliament soon. mately five hours about his role in the action
The details, disclosed in a special session languages other than Turkish in “social and reli- The structure of the Prime Ministry's plan and other figures behind the plan. Çiçek
Justice Ministry, of Parliament, envisage more freedom for ev-
eryone, Interior Minister Beir Atalay, the co-
gious” services will be removed, former Kurdish
names of settlements and geographical places
Human Rights Directorate will be changed; it
will be made independent. As a follow up to the
is believed to have prepared a document that
details a Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) plan
TB strongly deny ordinator of the initiative, which was
launched in mid-July, informed deputies. The
will be restored and political campaigns in lan-
guages other than Turkish will be allowed.
approval of United Nations protocols on the
prevention of torture, a national mechanism will
to destroy the reputation of the Justice and
Development Party (AK Party) and the
wiretapping claims plan drew strong criticism from the main-op- As part of the democratization process, in- be established to implement them. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17 faith-based Gülen movement. CONTINUED ON PAGE 05




The Justice Ministry and the
Telecommunications Directorate (TB)

have released separate statements strongly de-
nying allegations that the telephones of a chief

public prosecutor and some members of the
Supreme Court of Appeals have been wire-
tapped for a long time as part of an ongoing
Energy Minister Taner Yldz said on
probe into a clandestine organization.
Friday that Turkey was ready to store
Observers, however, believe the claims were
low-enriched uranium from Iran and that
put forward in an attempt to remove from the
there were no technical obstacles in the
agenda the recent arrest of Col. Dursun Çiçek,

way of such storage. Yldz's remarks came

who was put behind bars for drafting an action
in response to questions concerning a pro-
plan aimed at discrediting the ruling party.
posal by the head of the United Nations'
The Justice Ministry stressed that telephones
nuclear watchdog, who suggested Turkey
belonging to members of the Supreme Court of
as a third-country destination for Iran's en-
Appeals and stanbul Chief Public Prosecutor
riched uranium. Turkey would not say no if
Aykut Cengiz Engin were in no way being wire-
both Iran and the five permanent members
tapped. "Inspectors affiliated with the ministry
of the UN Security Council plus Germany
demanded that the relevant courts issue orders
make an official request on the issue, Yldz
for the wiretapping of the telephones of 56 judg-
told reporters, noting that there has not yet
es and prosecutors as part of probes they were
been such request, but the issue is still be-
conducting. Hereupon, the courts ruled that
ing discussed. There will be no technical
the telephones of those judges and prosecutors
problem in storing low-level enriched
be wiretapped [in 2008]. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17
uranium here, he said. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17

Minority leader hit
list found on major's
A list of 10 people to be assassinated has
been found on the computer of a major ROBERTA DAVENPORT, STANBUL
arrested as part of the probe into weapons dis-
covered in April during excavations launched There are nearly 1,000 asylum seekers
as part of the investigation into Ergenekon, a living in Gaziantep, many among
clandestine group that allegedly plotted to them the most destitute in the already pov-
overthrow the government. Alevi groups in Tunceli, stanbul and Ankara continued holding protests yesterday to condemn CHP Deputy Chairman Onur Öymen's erty-stricken Turkish province. As violent
Retired naval Maj. Levent Bekta was ar- controversial remarks about the 1937 Dersim incidents, in which thousands of Alevis were killed in a military campaign to suppress a rebellion. conflicts and adverse conditions persist in
rested on Friday in connection to weapons Turkey's neighborhood and beyond, refu-
found on land owned by the stek Foundation gees and asylum seekers continue to flow
in stanbul's Poyrazköy district in April. The Öymen's remarks Alevis continue to lash out against Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Onur
Öymen, who on Tuesday referred to the Turkish government's response to a 1937 rebellion over the country's borders. The nation's po-
stek Foundation is owned by Ergenekon sus- sition presents unique challenges, as it
pect and former stanbul Mayor Bedrettin spark comparisons in the predominantly Alevi city of Tunceli, then known as Dersim, as an example of fighting
terrorism. Tunceli residents have put up posters throughout the city showing Öymen with a shares land borders with refugee and mi-
Dalan, who is currently at large and believed to grant-producing areas and countries such as
be abroad. The weapons at the site were regis- to Hitler in Tunceli Hitler-like toothbrush moustache. Meanwhile, civil society organizations, the municipality, the
local university's rector's office and Alevi associations in the city have plans to march to the Iran. Individuals from as near as Iraq and as
tered in the inventory of the Turkish Armed CHP's local office and lay a black wreath in front of the building. CONTINUED ON PAGE 06 far as Africa are smuggled in through entry
Forces (TSK), according to a report from points along Turkey's Mediterranean and
Turkey's sole weapons manufacturer, the state- Aegean coasts, sneaking over Turkey's east-
owned Turkish Mechanical and Chemical
Industry Corporation (MKE). CONTINUED ON PAGE 05
and overstaying their visas. CONTINUED ON PAGE 06

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‘ Q U O T E O F T H E D AY
‘ S A T U R D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9


colu m ns
The American godfather needs to To our veterans, to the fallen and to their families -- there Feeling gratitude and not All eyes on Parliament
draw up a plan of action and take his is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly expressing it is like wrapping
Today Parliament will set the
own initiative, not wait for others. match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice. a present and not giving it. stage for perhaps one of the most
historically important sessions we
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad US President Barack Obama William A. Ward
have seen in the past few years.
This session has been anticipat-
ed for months on end now. All
eyes will be on the speech that will be made by
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan. Today, it
is the Turkish public’s right to expect more bal-
anced discussions and softer tones from everyone,
from leaders to party heads. And Prime Minister
A poltcan who loves mothers’ tears Erdoan must, when speaking about the content
of the democratic initiative, explain in a persuasive
Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Onur Öymen drew Tunceli (Dersim)], you can say whatever you want,” says Metiner.
CROSS READER manner why it is necessary. For while it is true that
widespread criticism when he made remarks in defense of the suppres- Yeni afak’s Fehmi Koru says Öymen’s remarks reveal the meth-
he has spoken with “everyone” on this topic, the
sion of the Dersim Rebellion of 1937 while voicing his opposition to the od the CHP proposes for the solution of the Kurdish problem in the
Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government’s Kurdish initia- FATMA DÝÞLÝ ZIBAK wake of the government’s democratization initiative: elimination,
fact remains that the topic itself has yet to be ad- equately explained. There has been no move be-
tive, which seeks to expand the rights of Kurds. The rebellion took place in deportation and suppression with bombs. Koru says it is actually the
yond the words “Blood will stop owing, mothers
1937 in Dersim, which had historically been a semi-autonomous region. idea that past policies peculiar to history’s circumstances would work
shall stop crying.” And it must be accepted that
Dersim was renamed Tunceli after the rebellion. The rebellion was led by today, which makes Turkey’s ght against terrorism difcult. In Koru’s
concerning this topic, the voice of the opposi-
Seyyid Riza, the chief of a Zaza tribe in the region. The Turkish govern- to him, I felt ashamed of my humanity and my face went red,” says view, the CHP will sooner or later understand that the policies which
tion has been greater and louder, and as such, it
ment of the time, led by smet nönü, responded with air strikes against Metiner, explaining his dismay over Öymen’s remarks. According were resorted to in past situations without heeding mothers’ tears will
has had more of an effect on the “streets.” And
the rebels. Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, the day when the Kurd- to Metiner, if suppressing the Dersim Rebellion with blood and tyr- not be a solution for today’s problems. “As a former diplomat, Öymen
so today is a historic date, for both the adminis-
ish initiative rst came to the oor for debate, Öymen said the Turkish anny had been a solution, we would not still be experiencing this speaks after weighing his remarks. What if a more straightforward
tration and the opposition. And now, what the
government’s response to the Dersim Rebellion was a good example of problem today and would not be faced with the PKK problem. “Who politician had spoken, then you would have been completely sur-
people of Turkey want to hear is not more traded
ghting terrorism. “Didn’t mothers also cry at the time of the Sheikh Said knows, perhaps the way the Sheikh Said and Dersim rebellions were prised. No matter what the CHP does, don’t be surprised,” says Koru.
slurs or reciprocal insults but some real facts about
Rebellion? Didn’t mothers also cry at the time of the Dersim Rebellion?” suppressed paved the way for the emergence of the PKK. And the As a journalist who interviewed two people who had witnessed
the roadmap for the initiative in general and any
he said in response to the phrase “Let no more mothers cry,” frequently wrongness of trying to suppress the PKK with the same method the Dersim tragedy, Sabah’s Mahmut Övür says the terrible memo-
handicaps that may arise along the way.
used by the government as part of its efforts to end the Kurdistan Work- caused Turkey to waste a quarter of a century. Everyone lost during ries of those people are still fresh in his mind. What surprised Övür
ers’ Party’s (PKK) campaign of terrorism. Öymen, along with his support- this process. Turkey lost. Enough is enough. I know grieving mothers most is the fact that the CHP’s Klçdarolu, who was born in Dersim
ers, was at the center of heavy criticism for proposing the brutal policies are of no interest to you, esteemed Öymen, because you are a mem- and is supposed to know the tragedies left behind the rebellion, ap-
of the past as a solution for today regardless of the mourning mothers. ber of a party which knows very well how to make mothers cry. But plauded Övür’s statements. Recalling Klçdarolu’s statement which Can our universities
Expressing his horror over Öymen’s remarks, Star’s Mehmet it is not your fault. The real fault belongs to those Alevis and those
from Dersim who are still behind you. As long as there are some who
said, “If Kurdish citizens in this country have a problem, they should
come and tell us about it and we will take the necessary action,” Övür
study Kurdish issue?
Metiner says he wonders how a politician can be so merciless and SABAH EMRE AKÖZ
heartless just for the sake of making politics. “While I was listening applaud you [like the CHP’s Kemal Klçdarolu who is also from says Klçdarolu actually acted in line with his attitude.
Can Turkish universities research the Kurdish
issues in our country? From one of my readers
who is working on her Ph.D. thesis in the US, I
received a “not surprising message” recently on
this matter. In short, she said: “At two different
universities in Turkey, I wanted to do my Ph.D.
press roundup thesis on the relations between the state and


Kurds. But neither of these universities would
grant me permission for this. In Turkey, the uni-
versity as an institution sees itself as a servant of
the state when it comes to matters of social sci-
ence and the law. And Turkish academics show
special care in not straying outside the ofcial
ideology on these matters. Some academics be-
have this way because they truly believe in the of-
A musical group

cial ideology, while others do it because they are
established by afraid of what might happen to them if they don’t.
And so, here is ofcial ideology: to look at every-
six secondary thing with a political eye and to either block or
school students censure everything that doesn’t serve Kemalism!”

in Diyarbakr’s
Bahiler village Wiretapping is horrible, as
who use bottles, is ‘coup plan’ incident!
sticks and metal MLLYET HASAN CEMAL

containers as Newspaper headlines are lled

with news about tapped tele-
instruments has phones as well as stories about
drawn a great the signed “coup plan” docu-
ment. It’s not surprising, and,
deal of interest in fact, it’s appropriate that the
from locals. papers are covering these stories, as they directly
concern levels of freedom in our nation. If democ-
racy and the rule of law are to actually take root in
Turkey, if people are to actually be able to protect
their own arenas of freedom and if such things
as “privacy” and “condentiality” are to actually
exist, then both of these matters must be claried
as soon as possible, and solutions must start to be
implemented. Otherwise, “justice” will be only a
word. As will “democracy” and “condentiality.”
habertürk: In a front-page story yesterday the daily headline of a front-page article in the daily yesterday, which bugün: Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy
reported that the son of Col. Dursun Çiçek, who was arrested quoted remarks from an expert at the Health Ministry. Chairman Onur Öymen, who angered Turkey’s Alevi
on Wednesday on charges of being a member of a terrorist Professor Ercan Bal said the ministry has made its community by referring to the Turkish government’s response to
organization, is one of the founders of nongovernmental preparations according to a scenario which foresees 30 out a 1937 rebellion in the predominantly Alevi city of Tunceli -- then
Pulling the high
organization the Young Civilians, a group which strongly of every 100 people in Turkey being infected with the H1N1 known as Dersim -- as an example of fighting terrorism, refused courts on the mat
opposes the military’s influence in politics. Çiçek is the figure virus. Professor Gaye Usluer, another expert from the to withdraw his remarks, the daily reported in its main story BUGÜN ADEM YAVUZ ARSLAN
who undersigned a recently discovered military action plan ministry, said 40 people are being treated for the virus in yesterday. “Will I be ashamed of Atatürk’s actions?” asked Every year in Turkey there are around 5,000 com-
which aims to destroy the government. Çiçek’s son, Deniz intensive care units at the moment. In the meantime, in Öymen, saying those who criticized his statements should plaints, criminal charges and allegations made
Çiçek (25) thinks his father is innocent, the daily said. stanbul a 7-year-old girl, Duru B., who splashed hand actually criticize Atatürk if they have the courage to do so. Not about the more than 11,000 judges and prosecu-
sanitizer in her eye, which her mother bought for her as a heeding the growing anger surrounding his statements, Öymen tors in the nation. Some of these are quite seri-
sabah: “30,000 infected with H1N1 virus,” read the measure against swine flu, lost her eyesight. said he even received congratulations from people in Tunceli. ous. Only yesterday, we read about legal charges
concerning judges and prosecutors who had con-
tact with a prostitution ring. This being the case,
using technology to follow the actions of certain
judges and prosecutors is quite normal. These
are procedures taken by a court order; without
t u r k e y n t he for egn pr ess concrete evidence and documents in hand, no
one’s phone can be ordered to be tapped. What’s
more, wiretapping happens only in three-month
periods and cannot be extended over one year.
The Sydney Mornng Herald Tme A court order allowing phone wiretapping en-
compasses home, work and cell phone lines. The
Uproar at Turkish plan to woo Kurds Behind Turkey’s new friendship with Iran picture we see before us is like a battle scene.
One section of the justice system is clashing
There were ery scenes in Turkey’s parliament Turkey’s attempt to join the European Union. In a development that has raised Western eye- protesting fraud were being pummeled on the with another section of the justice system. And
as the government announced its intention In a speech on Tuesday often interrupted by brows, relations between Turkey’s Prime Minister streets of Tehran. The two leaders have met twice it is certain that nothing beneting the nation
to broaden democratic rights for the coun- shouts from opposition benches, the Interior Recep Tayyip Erdoan and Iran’s President Mah- this month to sign a raft of energy cooperation and will emerge from these clashes, which is why it
try’s Kurdish minority. The government said Minister, Beir Atalay, set out a general over- moud Ahmadinejad have lately become almost business deals, including a decision to conduct bi- is absolutely necessity for the Justice Ministry to
its plan to end a 25-year Kurdish insurgency view of the government’s initiative. “We be- cozy. Erdoan recently dismissed Western anxiety lateral trade using their own currencies, rather than reveal every dimension of this topic to the pub-
would focus on democratic rights. Opponents lieve that democratization will resolve a terror- over Iran’s nuclear ambitions as based on “gos- dollars or Euros. Turkey appears to be strengthen- lic. Every dimension that remains secret will only
accused it of giving in to terrorists and under- ism problem that has ethnic nationalism at its sip.” Besides, he has implied, if Israel is allowed ing its economic ties with Iran precisely at a mo- serve to damage our institutions as a whole. One
mining national unity. The debate over the root,” Atalay told MPs. “This means an envi- nuclear weapons, why not Iran? Erdoan was the ment when Western powers are trying to isolate last note with regards to phone tapping: All gov-
democratization measures will formally be- ronment where everyone feels as an equal citi- rst world leader to congratulate Ahmedinejad Tehran and muster support for tougher economic ernment ministers have begun using encrypted
gin on Friday.. The move is a central plank in zen of the state and is not seen as the ‘other’.” on his re-election in June, even as demonstrators sanctions aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear program. cell phones as a precaution against being tapped.

NATIONAL S A T U R D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9 TODAY’S ZAMAN 03



WWF campaign to ‘brighten


the future with lanterns’ Meda freedom n

Georga and Turkey


A World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) proj-
ect aims to give children a voice at the United TBILISI -- It seems that Turkey and Georgia not only
Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) share a border but are also close in their unsurprisingly
meetings in Copenhagen in December. Organized as low scores in media freedom indexes issued by leading
part of the WWF’s Earth Hour campaign, the “Lanterns press watchdogs around the world.
to Brighten the Future” project invites children to down- In its Freedom of the Press 2009 rankings, Washington-
load paper lantern designs from based Freedom House describes both Turkey and Georgia
The idea is for children to draw pictures on the lanterns as “partly free” on the media freedom scale, with the former

of the kind of world they want to have in the future and send ranked 101st and the latter at 128th. In the latest report from
them to their local WWF ofce. WWF-Turkey is running the Reporters without Borders, a Paris-based international organi-
campaign in this country, but children from all over the world zation that advocates press freedom, the rankings are reversed,
are expected to participate through the activities of other yet still lock both countries in the partially free category, with
WWF branches. Families whose children are participating in Turkey ranked 122nd and Georgia at 81st place in the index.
the project have noted that it is a unique way to encourage The opportunity for comparative analysis presented itself
environmental awareness in young people, a WWF press re- when I was invited to a seminar in Tbilisi last week on media
lease this week said. Submissions to the WWF-Turkey ofce freedom in Georgia which was sponsored by the European
must be received by Nov. 25; thousands of submissions have Commission. For me, it felt as though a two-week workshop
been received by WWF ofces worldwide already. had been squeezed into a two-day crash course covering pret-
“The leaders who will make decisions regarding the ty much all of the issues confronting the Georgian print, online
planet’s future at Copenhagen must take notice of the and broadcast media, both regionally and nationally.
expectations they’ll see exhibited by these lanterns. For It was certainly interesting and educational to nd out how
these lanterns represent the world that children want similar so many issues facing the Georgian and Turkish media
us to leave behind for them,” WWF-Turkey head Filiz are. The problem of media owners acting like editors-in-chief
Demirayak said in the statement. stanbul Today’s Zaman As part of the WWF’s project, children will draw pictures of the kind of world they would like to see in the future on lanterns. who are trying to advance other business interests through the
media arm of their corporate conglomerates apparently poses
major challenges in both Turkey and Georgia.
The questionable relationship between media owners and
political actors and advertisers obviously casts a shadow of
doubt over the independence and impartiality of editorial con-
High-speed tent in the eyes of the audience, all participants agreed. This
concern has certainly been one of the main issues raising the
train derails eyebrows of many in Turkey for a long time. Media groups
in Eskiehir: No used to position themselves as either for or against the govern-
ment according to a set of predened relations, sometimes to
casualties the benet of business interests in other ventures or to deny
A high-speed train derailed favorable treatment altogether in some cases.
in the Central Anatolian The Turkish public was awakened to this hard and bit-
province of Eskiehir on Friday, ter fact when powerful media mogul Aydn Doan’s tax eva-
with no reported casualties. Two sion and accounting irregularity case resulted in a hefty ne
cars of the high-speed train, trav- against the group by Turkey’s tax collection authority. Al-
eling from Ankara to Eskiehir, though Doan’s shady business practices have been known
derailed near Eskiehir’s Hasan- by media professionals and government ofcials for quite
bey village some 10 kilometers some time, over a span of governments on both sides of the
from the provincial capital. Am- political spectrum, only the Justice and Development Party
bulances were dispatched to (AK Party) had enough courage to step up and throw much
the area, and passengers were needed political support behind the tax agency so it could
evacuated before being taken to go after the books doctored by the group’s management.
downtown Eskiehir. The group’s long-sustained impunity seems to be over, and
There were 245 passengers on the case is pending in the Turkish courts, though Doan has
the train. Ofcials from Turkish sought a settlement with the agency.
State Railways (TCDD) say the train Setting an example does help to promote media freedom
derailed while switching tracks. in this case, but it is certainly far from satisfying the need for
Transportation Minister Binali structural change in the media landscape. Firstly, we have to
Yldrm said it was a minor inci- adopt strong laws to ensure the corporate side of the business
dent and that there was no need to does not affect the editorial independence of the media, some-
worry. Eskiehir Governor Mehmet thing the current government has failed to do so far. For exam-
Klçlar visited the site of the acci- ple, we need a law severely limiting or banning media owners
dent. stanbul Today’s Zaman from entering public tenders. Secondly, we should have strong
trade union laws for members of the press, providing better
protection against possible interference from the management
Rumors of 2nd through the use of threats of layoffs or rings.
I should note, however, that there is an important differ-
missing Erzurum ence between the Turkish case and the Georgian experience,
child turn out which at times confuses foreigners. There are multiple players
in the governance of Turkey to a varying degree. Unfortunate-
to be false ly, the government, which has the mandate from the people,
Scattered news reports alleg- and Parliament, which is the representative body of the public,
ing that a second elementary fall short of invoking their executive and legislative powers ful-
school student had gone missing ly. The Turkish military, which sees itself as the guardian of the
in Erzurum are false, the Erzurum vague concept of the regime, still exerts considerable inuence
Governor’s Ofce has said. over Turkish politics. It is no secret that it tried to manipulate
Following the emergence of last the press and pressure media owners into ring columnists
week’s kidnapping and murder of who wrote critical articles about the role of the military in the
13-year-old Musa Kang in Erzurum, past. There is an abundance of evidence regarding the various
some news agencies reported yes- schemes employed by factions in the military, most of which
terday that a second elementary has come to light during the Ergenekon investigation.
schooler had gone missing in the Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that the military still
eastern province. According to a uses accreditation as a tool to deny information to media out-
written statement released by the lets with no justiable reason whatsoever. For example, it bars
governor’s ofce, Miraç Akda, a reporters from the Zaman Media Group, which publishes both
fourth-grader at Haim can El- Zaman and Today’s Zaman, the largest dailies in Turkey in
ementary School, has not been kid- Turkish and English, respectively, from attending weekly press
napped or lost. News stories saying briengs or covering military-run programs. By denying access
that the boy had gone missing and to information controlled by the military, it is actually doing a
that his parents had notied the po- great disservice to a large portion of taxpayers in this country.
lice are not true. The boy is safe and I learned a lot about the Georgian experiment from this
sound at a relative’s home, the state- seminar and had a chance to make my own contribution to the
ment said. stanbul Today’s Zaman well-attended audience on the Turkish media outlook as well.

04 TODAY’S ZAMAN S AT U R D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9

Koch insists on EU stance, but says talks should go on AL



A German conservative politician reiter- tionship that Turkey and Germany enjoy.
ated his country’s skeptical position toward Koch said the Turkish community in Germany
Turkey’s accession to the European Union yes- closely follows Turkish newspapers and televi-
terday but said accession talks should go on as sion programs and therefore developments in the
agreed and that rhetoric must not be allowed to
harm Turkish-German bilateral ties.
Turkish media interest Germany as well. Major
Turkish newspapers and television corporations
The Hasan
Roland Koch, the minister-president of the
German state of Hesse, said it was a mistake on
have special editions and stations for the Turkish
audience in Germany. “Zaman’s editorial policy
murders and the
US mmune system

the part of EU leaders to let people in Turkey be- is guided by its respect for pluralism, democrati-
lieve that their country could join the EU in a few zation and support for Turkey’s accession to the
years’ time, accusing the European politicians who EU,” Zaman Editor-in-Chief Ekrem Dumanl said. President Barack Obama was right when he chose
agreed to open accession talks with Turkey in 2005 Today’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bülent not to use the words Islam, Muslim or terrorism
of creating an “illusion” that also affected Turkey’s Kene warned that Germany’s image has dete- during his remarks at the ceremony for the Fort
policies in the following years. riorated in Turkey in recent years, noting that Hood shooting victims. Had an incident like this
According to the German politician, EU mem- this is linked to Germany’s stance regarding happened during the early Bush-Cheney years, it
bership will not be possible for Turkey until at Zaman daily Editor-in-Chief Ekrem Dumanl (R) and Cihan news agency Director-General Abdülhamit Bilici political polarization in Turkish society. Abdül- could have been used as a pretext for another war.
least a decade from now, and no one can say for (L) accompany Hesse Minister-President Roland Koch as he leaves the Zaman building after a meeting. hamit Bilici, general director of Cihan, noted that Now, that’s quite a change, isn’t it?
sure that the country will join the EU because of will take a long time, with no automatic guarantee bilateral relations, which he described as “special.” although bilateral relations between Turkey and What Maj. Nidal Hasan did to his fellow soldiers
the changed global and strategic circumstances. of membership. Koch, a politician from Chancel- Koch, who sparked a deep controversy when Germany are strong, Berlin’s position on Turkey’s was a horrible thing. And I join the president in his wish
“Maybe Turkey will say it is no longer interested,” lor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, he said that Germany has “too many criminal EU accession process has had a negative impact that the killer meets with justice “in this world and the
he said during a meeting with Zaman, Today’s is a supporter of his party’s proposal of “privileged young foreigners” and that immigrants must on Turks’ perception of Germany. next.” The suspect’s state of mind and motives are not
Zaman and Cihan news agency executives at a partnership,” which calls for special relations with stick to Germany’s “Christian-Occidental” cul- Koch visited stanbul after a series of talks with yet clear. However, it’s tough for any politician to re-
breakfast at the Zaman headquarters. Turkey that fall short of membership in the EU. ture during his campaign for re-election in 2008, top Turkish ofcials, including Prime Minister Re- sist emotional sentiments that arise in the aftermath of
What should be done, he said, is to let the ac- He said the debate over Turkey’s EU membership said the 2.7-million-strong Turkish community cep Tayyip Erdoan and Turkey’s chief negotiator such incidents, especially in the post-9/11 world. By not
cession talks continue and accept that the process should not be allowed to harm Turkish-German in Germany further strengthens the special rela- for EU affairs, Egemen Ba. stanbul Today’s Zaman choosing the cheap and irresponsible option -- that is,
pointing the nger -- Obama has demonstrated he can
be a wise and calm leader during heated times.
I must also give huge credit to Gen. George
Casey, the US army chief of staff. Consistent with
his civilian commander-in-chief’s line, Gen. Casey
said the following during an interview with NBC

US follows Ergenekon tral, last Sunday: “Our diversity, not only in our army,
but in our country, is a strength. And as horric as
this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty,
I think that’s worse.” Armies basically exist and ght

backs democratzaton process to defend the values and lifestyle of a nation. What’s
the point of having an army, then, if a prominent Amer-
ican value such as diversity were to be undermined by
excluding Muslims from the government and society?

T O D AY ’ S Z A M A N , A L  Ü N A L
ABDULLAH BOZKURT ANKARA Gen. Casey’s remarks came when he was asked
about concerns regarding a possible backlash against
Muslim soldiers in the US military. He conrmed
A senior US ofcial said on Thursday that
those concerns are “real.” Especially when one sees
the United States is closely monitoring
some extremist and racist views emanating from cer-
developments in the Ergenekon case, an
tain groups in the US, you better understand why.
investigation into factions in the military that alleg-
Just check what the American Family Association
edly conspired with others in the bureaucracy and
(AFA), retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, New York
judiciary to topple a democratically elected govern-
University (NYU) Professor Tunku Varadarajan,
ment by creating havoc in the country.
television evangelist Pat Robertson and others have
Philip Gordon, the assistant secretary of

said. On the other hand, it’s heartening that those
state for Europe and Eurasian affairs, told re-
views constitute only a minority. And that keeps me
porters that the Obama administration is “very
still optimistic about the future of this nation.
interested in things that dominate the headlines
While most mainstream political and commu-
in Turkey.” Though he declined to comment
nity leaders refrained from jumping to conclusions,
on the specics of the case, saying that “when
there were also those who could not resist the temp-
you have judicial and internal political develop-
tation. Senator Joe Lieberman, who heads the Sen-
ments, they are not for us [to comment on],”
ate Committee on Homeland Security and Govern-
Gordon said, “We watch it closely because it has
mental Affairs, said initial evidence suggested that
an impact on one of our key partners.”
the suspect was a “self-radicalized, home-grown”
Commenting on the Turkish government’s
terrorist who had turned to “Islamic extremism”
democratization initiative to solve a long-stand-
while under personal stress. Paradoxically, he
ing Kurdish problem in the country, Gordon
also said it’s “too early” to make any definitive
said the US administration supports the process.
conclusions, as if he wasn’t the one who was just
“We believe it will increase internal stability,” he
speculating. Senator John McCain followed him,
said. “It [the initiative] does seem to be an op-
calling the incident an “act of terror,” as if he is
portunity to not only fully integrate all of Tur-
part of the investigation. Why the rush, gentlemen,
key’s citizens but to get beyond the conict that
don’t you have any patience with due process?
has been devastating Turkey for many years. … Philip Gordon, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, spoke to a group of journalists at the US Embassy in Ankara on Thursday. When asked whether he thinks having Muslims
Obviously that is something the US supports.”
in the army puts them in a very difcult position of
Gordon acknowledged that the issue is mains a country with strong and close ties with the Turkey would be a secure place, we believe, and vide reassurances to the international community to allay
ghting a war against Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq,
very controversial in Turkey and said the US West; it’s certainly a close partner to us,” he added. we welcome Turkish support,” he added. concerns over its suspected nuclear weapons program
Gen. Casey replied, “I think that’s something that they
steers clear of interference because the issue is During his rst ofcial visit to Turkey since Mohamed ElBaradei, the director-general of and warned that engagement and dialogue can’t
have to look at on an individual basis.” Again, that’s
an internal matter. “It is for Turks to decide,” he he was conrmed by the US Senate, Gordon has the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy go on forever and there will be consequences if Iran
the right approach. Even if eventually religiosity turns
said. “We are not inuencing it [the process].” discussed a range of issues with Turkish ofcials in Agency (IAEA), said he ofcially proposed Turkey does not cooperate. He declined to specify, however,
out to be a factor in Nidal’s actions, that’s his individual
He also dismissed conspiracy theories that the Ankara. He listed those issues as Afghanistan, the as a third-country destination after Iran failed to what those consequences will be. There are some measures
and obviously distorted interpretation. It does not bind
initiative is in fact a US plan and the Turk- Iranian nuclear program, Iraq, Middle East peace, agree to a Western plan for its enriched uranium to already in place against Iran as adopted by the UN Secu-
Islam and other Muslims, just as one cannot blame all
ish government is simply implementing what Cyprus, normalization with Armenia and energy. be sent to Russia for further enrichment to reactor- rity Council resolutions. “Further ones we have not
Christians and Christianity as a religion because some
Washington dictates. “In general, the role of the “The prime minister and president’s agenda will grade fuel. Tehran has yet to give a full official reply to spelled out in detail because we do not want go
individuals are bombing abortion clinics in their name.
US is often exaggerated. I wish we were as in- bear all of these critical issues I mention and some the proposal, which was drafted three weeks ago after there. We want the engagement to work, and we
That said, I must also note when somebody
uential as people tried to portray us,” he said. more,” he said, signaling that he was in Ankara consultations with Iran, France, Russia and the US. want to succeed in dialogue,” Gordon said.
commits a crime, it also means there has been a fail-
for advanced consultations ahead of Turkish Gordon acknowledged that the US and Tur- He called the signing of protocols between Turkey
‘Turkey not changing axis’ ure in control mechanisms. Some people are trying
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan’s upcom- key do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to deal- and Armenia a historic process that will benefit both
to put the blame on such institutions as the military
The US assistant secretary of state also dismissed ing visit to Washington in early December. ing with Iran. “On Iran, we do believe it is time for sides immensely. He dismissed the linking of ratifica-
or the FBI, as if there were security lapses that led to
rumors that Turkey is moving away from the Gordon said the US would welcome Turkey’s the international community to be sticking to one tion in the Turkish Parliament to the resolution of the
this incident. They question the effectiveness of early
West. “I think talk of a change of axis is a very support in getting low-enriched uranium from Iran. voice,” he said. “That is why we have open dialogue Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. “We think that normal-
detection mechanisms designed to identify people
signicant exaggeration of what is going on in “If Iran is prepared to send it to Turkey, that is some- with our Turkish friends.” He noted that the Iranian ization is important. It should not be linked to any-
who might be inclined to violence and terrorism.
Turkey,” he said. “We are neither surprised nor thing we would be happy to explore because what problem requires international cooperation, and thing else,” he said, stressing, however, that the US
I would argue that societal gaps are worth more
worried about Turkey’s engagement in the East.” matters to us is to get the low-enriched uranium said, “We believe that Turkey shares our concerns is working hard to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh
attention than security gaps because had we not
Gordon said Turkey has legitimate reasons for out of Iran so that Iran would not have the oppor- about the Iranian nuclear weapons program.” issue and is actively engaged in bringing about
so many societal gaps in the first place, most se-
engaging with neighbors in the East. “Turkey re- tunity to use it for a nuclear weapons program. The US diplomat remarked that Iran needs to pro- reconciliation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
curity problems would not arise at all.
Here is what I mean by that. Maj. Hasan did
not go nuts, nor did he become an alleged ter-
rorist in a second. Society failed to prevent or at
least detect him earlier. That certainly includes

Davutolu begins visit to Spain, Italy’s Napolitano to pay official the Muslim community as well. I don’t know if
his e-mail correspondence with the former radical

EU’s next term president visit to Turkey next week imam of the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque played a fac-
tor. What I do know is that his religious mentors,
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutolu is key’s refusal to open its ports and airports to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano “The visit is expected to serve to further mosque and family should have done a better job
scheduled to commence an ofcial three- Greek Cypriot trafc in line with its decision in will arrive in Turkey on Monday for an develop deeply rooted relations between our of detecting and helping with his problems. And
day visit to Spain today at the invitation of his 2006. The Middle East peace process is, mean- official four-day visit at the invitation of his [two] friendly and [allied] countries, which I’m sure a middle ground could have been found
Spanish counterpart, Miguel Angel Moratinos, while, an issue of interest for both Davutolu Turkish counterpart, Abdullah Gül, the Pres- have united around joint democratic values in if Hasan really had an ongoing conflict between
the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday. and Moratinos. On Monday Davutolu will idential Press Office announced Friday. Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, and to his religious/ideological and national allegiances.
Davutolu, who has already declared that November deliver a speech titled “Turkey and Spain, Two In addition to Foreign Secretary Alfredo offer the opportunity to solidify strategic coopera- Instead of adopting the easy and lazy task of point-
will be “the month of Europe,” visited France earlier this Sides of Mediterranean: Joint Contributions Mantica, senior ofcials from the Italian Pres- tion and dialogue between Turkey and Italy,” it said. ing out his religion or ethnic background and so forth,
month. Spain will take over the six-month rotating presi- to Global Peace and Security” at a breakfast idency and Foreign Ministry will accompany Following their talks in Ankara, Napolitano Hasan should be treated as a troubled individual who
dency of the European Union from Sweden as of January. meeting to be held at the Madrid-based Nueva Napolitano on the visit, Gül’s ofce said in a and the accompanying delegation will proceed is a product of a society (and a world) with a weakened
Davutolu and Moratinos will hold bilat- Economía Fórum. Members of the media, opinion written statement. to the Aegean city of zmir and will meet with immune system. Evidently, wars are not good for the
eral talks on Sunday in Cordoba, with discus- leaders, business leaders and diplomats are expected On the occasion of the visit, Italy and Turkey Italian citizens living in Turkey there. health of the societal immune system. And sticking
sions focusing on Turkey’s EU membership to attend the meeting at Spain’s leading debating orga- will exchange views on Turkey’s European Union The last presidential visit from Italy to Turkey to admirable values such as diversity, religious under-
process. The Cyprus issue is expected to be nization. While in Spain, Davutolu will also officially membership process and global affairs, while also was paid in November 2005 by then-Italian President standing and tolerance has a vitamin effect. Maybe one
another major item on agenda of the talks as inaugurate Turkey’s consulate general in Barcelona, seeking diversication and a strengthening of Carlo Azeglio. Italy is among the rm supporters of needs to look from this perspective for a more thorough
an EU summit in December will review Tur- which is already in operation. Ankara Today’s Zaman elds of cooperation, the statement said. Turkey’s EU accession. Ankara Today’s Zaman preventive diagnosis and cure for this kind of violence.


Minority leader hit list


found on major’s computer n the meda
contnued from page 1
Investigators cracked the code of an encrypted le
the prosecution demanded his arrest. The names of the
military personnel who testied yesterday were not re-
on Bekta’s computer, revealing a list of names of people leased. Members of the press were not allowed to take ANALYSIS
who subscribe to the Agos daily, a Turkish-Armenian photos as the three soldiers were released through the
biweekly whose editor-in-chief, Hrant Dink, was shot back door of the courthouse.
dead in 2007, and names of 10 prominent representa- Ten light anti-tank weapons, 20 percussion bombs, TODAY’S ZAMAN
tives of minority groups to be assassinated. three other bombs, 250 grams of C4 explosive, 19 emer-
So far eight members of the military, including a gency ares, 10 hand grenades, 800 G3 bullets and a large There are a few ndings in common in the inves-
naval major and two non-commissioned ofcers, have number of cartridges for revolvers were found on the stek tigations into Judges and Prosecutors Association
testied to prosecutor Murat Yönder, one of the pros- Foundation land. The discovery followed the unearthing (YARSAV) President Ömer Faruk Eminaaolu
ecutors conducting the investigation into Ergenekon. of similar underground weapons caches in January dur- and Sincan 1st High Criminal Court Chief Justice
Five of them were arrested on April 25 on charges of ing digs based on maps found in the homes of two sus- Osman Kaçmaz Osman Kaçmaz.
“membership in an armed organization” and “illegal pects -- former Deputy Police Chief brahim ahin and Both men call journalists to provide informa-
tion on cases they are closely following and in so
possession of arms and explosives.” Yesterday, four Mustafa Dönmez, a lieutenant colonel who turned him-
doing direct public opinion through the resulting
more members of the military arrived at the Beikta self in a few days after a warrant for his arrest was issued.
Ammunition was found on land owned by the stek Foundation in stanbul’s Poyrazköy district in April during the news reports. For example, Eminaaolu says he
courthouse to testify to the prosecutor. Three of them Dalan was in the US during this wave of detentions and
investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine organization that allegedly plotted to overthrow the government. might even meet with the executives of a newspa-
were released, while one was referred to a court after discoveries, which began on Jan. 7. stanbul Today’s Zaman
per to ensure that news stories on cases of interest
to him are covered better in the newspaper.
We learned about this and a dozen other
similar scandals after an inspection board inves-
tigation. Following an audit at the Telecommu-
nications Directorate (TB) that was conducted
through the joint efforts of the two men, another

Plot colonel interrogated about manipulative tactic was employed by way of the
same journalists. Journalists, especially those at
NTV who are disturbed by the investigation into
Ergenekon, a clandestine network accused of at-
tempting to overthrow the government, are busy

figures behind action plan

working long and hard again.
YARSAV President Eminaaolu wanted it, and
the Sincan chief justice granted it. An investigation
was launched at the TB, the center where legal tele-
phone interceptions are conducted. TB President
Fethi imek, who is also an experienced public
contnued from page 1 and whether he had any links with Star TV, its The TSK also monitored the activities Çiçek that was seized in the ofce of the security prosecutor, said the investigation would endanger
“You indicated that the signature on the anchorman Uur Dündar or the Hürriyet daily. of more than 400 Turkish and foreign lan- chief of Ulusal TV, Ufuk Akkaya. The chief was investigations that are in progress. He rejected the
Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism, a The colonel was also asked about his re- guage Web sites. In line with questions on detained last Saturday as part of the Ergenekon investigation on the grounds that it was illegal, but
photocopy of which was seized at the ofce of lationship with Ergin Geldikaya, the security the armed forces’ program, the colonel was case and was accused of illegally wiretapping the to no avail. In the end, however, imek was right.
Ergenekon suspect Serdar Öztürk, does not be- director of Reina nightclub, who was detained interrogated over the activities of the Third prime minister’s telephone. In the note, Çiçek Reports on the audits at the TB were leaked to the
long to you. However, a forensic examination in May for suspected ties with the Ergenekon Information Support Unit. wrote: “I knew I would be arrested. So did the media, and the names of many people in ongoing
established that the signature is a product of terrorist organization. Ergenekon is accused of Ergenekon prosecutors asked Çiçek whether General Staff. … However, they did not calculate cases as well as the names of judges that ordered
your hand. From whom did you receive an or- plotting to topple the government. Dozens of evidence related to the notorious action plan was that it [investigation] would extend to the head- the monitoring of telephone conversations were
der to prepare such a plan and who coordinated suspected members of Ergenekon, including destroyed at the General Staff after the exposure quarters [the General Staff]. [Chief of General exposed. A witch hunt started for these judges. A
the implementation of the plan?” the colonel military ofcers, journalists and businessmen, of the plan. The unnamed military ofcer had Staff Gen.] lker Babu is aware of everything. lynch campaign was launched against people who
was reportedly asked. Çiçek, however, denied are currently under arrest. claimed that members of the military destroyed The July decree on the appointment of judges had acted within the scope of their powers as if they
knowledge of the action plan and responsibility Çiçek also faced a question about a TSK more than 40 sacks of documents related to the and prosecutors is very important. Gen. Babu had engaged in illegal activities. It must have had the
anticipated effect because Kaçmaz called for an even
for the signature on the document. psychological warfare program against civilian plan after it made its way into the news. had meetings with members of the high judiciary.
broader investigation.
The colonel was also questioned about an groups. The program was rst revealed early Another question directed at the colonel There may be a change in Ergenekon prosecutors.
There is a serious level of disinformation.
alleged smear campaign directed at the Educa- this month after an unnamed military of- was regarding four failed military coup at- Gen. Babu will appoint Gen. [Hasan] Isz to
These situations cannot be called “wiretapping
tion Ministry in which news stories were fabri- cer claimed that the armed forces established tempts. The attempts were codenamed Ay the 1st Army Corps Command. Isz will follow
scandals.” When some police chiefs illegally wire-
cated reporting that children were pressured to 42 Web sites to back its ght against civilian (Moonlight), Sarkz (Blonde Girl), Yakamoz developments in the Ergenekon case.” The pros- tapped telephone conversations on the eighth oor
pray at state schools. Prosecutors asked Çiçek groups it termed “reactionary,” “separatist,” (Sea Sparkle) and Eldiven (Glove). ecutors interrogated Çiçek about the information of the Ankara Security Directorate, we called that
whether he directed TV stations to air such news “pro-government” or “anti-TSK.” One last question was over a note penned by in the note. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires a wiretapping scandal. But the wiretaps currently
in question were conducted at the direction of

judges. Judges would not permit the monitoring of

telephone conversations if they did not have con-
crete evidence in their hands. Less than a year ago,
Ergenekon supporters obtained a CD numbered
51 that featured private images and information
about dozens of judges and prosecutors. The court
of appeals president directly informed the ofcials
concerned about these individuals. Isn’t it possible
that Ergenekon may have used some of these indi-
viduals to serve their own interests? More than 50
members of the judiciary were involved in wiretaps
ordered for Ergenekon suspects. Is the relationship

between a lawyer who is a suspect in a case and a

judge who says to him “Do you have any orders for
me?” not going to be investigated?
Take, for example, Ergenekon suspect Engin
Aydn, who attracted attention when pictures of
him eating at a restaurant with a Supreme Board
of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) member were
published in the media. He saw in himself the
power to be able to interfere in the Supreme Court
of Appeals elections. Should Aydn working be-
hind the scenes for some people at appeals court
be ignored? When retired chief prosecutor of the
Supreme Court of Appeals Sabih Kanadolu,
whose home was searched within the scope of the
same case, said prosecutors leading the investi-
gation would suffer the same fate as those in the
emdinli case, in which a prosecutor in Turkey’s
East was disbarred due to an indictment he pre-
sented to the court, whom did he trust?
Interestingly, yesterday the Milliyet daily com-
mented on the wiretapping issue as “preposter-
ous.” But immediately under that headline it cov-
ered the story titled “Six judges, three prosecutors
in prostitution case,” in which it indicated that the
HSYK had been informed about these individu-
als. In other words, we need to bear in mind that
Col. Dursun Çiçek was interrogated by civilian prosecutors at the Beikta courthouse on Wednesday about a document outlining a plot to defame the ruling AK Party and the Gülen movement. there is a chance that members of the judiciary can
commit a crime as well. It’s hard to understand why
some institutions hastily make statements. HSYK
Deputy President Kadir Özbek made such a state-
ment about a matter that did not yet involve them,
which brought many judges under suspicion. He
claimed that some judges cringed when inspectors

General Staff receives signature report from ATK made requests and issued warrants for wiretapping.
Inspectors just conduct inspections, but the
HSYK not only discharges people from their jobs,
The General Staff has received a copy of a the Military Prosecutor’s Ofce, but a report con- ian prosecutors -- in writing four times. He said no General Staff sent every document requested by it doesn’t even allow lawyers to do their jobs. If
Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK) report rming its authenticity has. reply has yet been sent to the Military Prosecutor’s public prosecutors as long as the information de- only Özbek had taken a look at a relevant report
released by the Turkish Economic and Social Stud-
conrming that a signature found on a military Col. Çiçek, whose name appears on the military Ofce. Gen. Çubuklu said they instead received the manded fell within the scope of legal regulations.
ies Foundation (TESEV) and realized how HSYK
document detailing a plot to illegally undermine action plan against the government, was arrested ATK report, which noted that the “necessary tests In response to a question on whether the military
decisions affect members of the judiciary.
the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Wednesday night as a suspect in the case against were run” on the document. prosecutor conducting the investigation into the docu-
Italian prosecutor Felice Casson said he
Party) belongs to Col. Dursun Çiçek. Ergenekon, a clandestine network accused of plot- Çubuklu said a probe into the document was ment had led a criminal complaint against the public
was inhibited by the higher judiciary when
Speaking to journalists at a weekly information- ting to overthrow the government. under way at the Military Prosecutor’s Ofce. prosecutor’s ofce that had not sent the original docu- conducting an investigation into Gladio. Over
al meeting yesterday, General Staff Judicial Under- Çubuklu said yesterday that the Military Pros- In response to a question on claims that the ment, Çubuklu said: “It wouldn’t be proper at this time the last year Turkey has been witnessing events
secretary Gen. Hfz Çubuklu said the document, ecutor’s Ofce had requested the original document General Staff had not sent some of the documents to say anything about that. What must be done will be similar to those experienced in Italy, and this
which bears a “wet signature,” has not yet reached -- which he said was allegedly in the hands of civil- demanded by civilian prosecutors, Çubuklu said the done within the scope of the law.” stanbul Today’s Zaman does not take anyone by surprise.


Winter presents extra hardship for Gaziantep asylum seekers Turkish vice
chancellor honored
contnued from page 1 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Resources limited for charities ited funding, a problem common to all area NGOs
With chaos in neighboring Iraq on the rise
with the withdrawal of US troops from urban ar-
(UNHCR) Turkey Ofce are provided protection
under the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention to
to help asylum seekers that include aid to asylum seekers in their activities.
ASAM is accepting donations to aid asylum
in Turkmenistan
“These [asylum seekers] have left half of their hearts International Turkmen-Turkish Univer-
eas, the number of Iraqis eeing over the border which Turkey is a party. But the period between seekers living in Gaziantep. Top needs include coal
behind in their home countries, but they themselves sity Vice Chancellor Zeki Pekta was hon-
only stands to rise. their application and their interview date in An- (TL 430 covers the cost of coal for a family for the
are here,” evkli said. “The story of each person ored with the Gayrat award for his commitment
“There are nearly 1,000 refugees and asylum kara can stretch out for months, a period of time winter), clothing, household furnishings, medicine
seeking refuge in Turkey is more dramatic than the to and services in the eld of education by the
seekers in Gaziantep, with most of them hav- during which they are not allowed to work -- such as pain and fever relievers, canned food, health
last; their experiences read like a novel.” The psy- president of Turkmenistan this week.
ing come to Turkey from Afghanistan and Iraq,” which is where groups like ASAM step in. While chologist explained that asylum seekers escaping services, children’s books and accommodation and
“That was a surprise,” said Pekta after be-
Selma evkli, a psychologist and social worker their applications are evaluated, asylum seekers conict in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq monetary aid. ASAM can be reached at (342) 230 33
ing informed that he had received the award.
at the newly launched Gaziantep branch of the must stay in a province designated to them by generally go through a great deal of trauma before 45 or online at
“The award is a testimony to the importance
Ankara-based Association for Solidarity with the Interior Ministry. Gaziantep is one of these reaching Turkey. “There are people whose lives are Remzi Kaçar from the Gaziantep branch of the
President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov
Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM). “As Tur- provinces. ASAM was founded in Ankara in 1995 in danger for political reasons, who are threatened charitable foundation Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody
attaches to Turkmen universities,” he said. He
key does not accept [non-European] refugees on and is an NGO that works to increase aware- by gangs and factions. Others are in danger and There) explained that the association provides sup-
also pointed out that the award is a sign of the
a permanent basis, asylum seekers are in Turkey ness of the plight of asylum seekers and refugees have reason to fear for their lives for changing their port within its means to asylum seekers, services
friendship between Turkey and Turkmenistan.
only temporarily until they can be placed in an- and alleviate their problems. It recently founded religion; others still faced sexual abuse in addition to including on-site evaluations of the status of such
Turkmenistan’s president recognizes nu-
other country. In 2009, 17,500 people applied for a branch in Gaziantep. evkli explained that the violence and peril to their lives,” she said. persons and aid in the form of food, clothing and fur-
merous Turkmen citizens and foreigners in
refugee status in Turkey; each year, only an aver- winter season presents a particular hardship for The skeleton staff of four at ASAM’s Gaziantep niture. “We have les on a total of 34 individuals, and
various walks of life for their services to rapidly
age of 25 percent have their applications accepted asylum seekers, who are often destitute to begin branch -- two translators who speak Kurdish, Ara- so far have completed on-site evaluations with 14 of
developing Turkmenistan every year.
by another country. As for the rest, after a waiting with and experience difculty in nding employ- bic, English and Turkish, one psychologist and one them. For those 14 people, we regularly provide peri-
This year’s award ceremony was held on the
period of two to three years, they are deported.” ment due to both their legal status and their lack social worker -- have their hands full, evkli says. odic food and clothing aid and also help them furnish
eve of Turkmenistan’s Independence Day. Four
Those applying for refugee status with the of Turkish language abilities. ASAM works closely with the UNHCR but has lim- their homes for those who need it,” Kaçar said.
foreigners were also honored during the ceremo-
ny. Russian scholar Professor Viktor Sarianidi,
Alexei Tikhomirov from the UN and Counselor
of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan
Vahdet Sultanzade were among the awardees
along with Vice Chancellor Pekta.
The International Turkmen-Turkish Uni-
versity is a 15-year-old university established to
contribute to Turkmenistan’s growing eld of

Öymen’s remarks spark Htler education following the chaotic collapse of the
Soviet Union. The university has many successes
to its credit, and according to observers, it pro-
vides a quality education for Turkmen students.

comparsons n Tunceli Built on a plot of 110 acres, the International

Turkmen-Turkish University was established in
1994 by Turkish businessmen and education vol-

contnued from page 1 unteers. There are three faculties, including educa-
During a speech in Parliament on Tues- tion and engineering, and 11 departments in the
day criticizing the government’s Kurd- university. More than 1,500 students have gradu-
ish initiative, which seeks to extend the rights of ated from the university so far. Currently, there are
Kurds in Turkey to alleviate and ultimately end more than 1,000 local and foreign students study-
the separatist terrorism of the Kurdistan Work- ing at the university. Cemil Yldz Ashgabat
ers’ Party (PKK), Öymen said: “Didn’t mothers
also cry at the time of the Sheikh Said Rebellion?
Didn’t mothers also cry at the time of the Dersim RTÜK abolishes

Rebellion?” in response to the government’s used
of the phrase “Let no more mothers cry” as part of time limits for non-
its efforts to end the PKK’s campaign of terrorism.
The rebellion took place in 1937 in Dersim, Turkish broadcasts
which had historically been a semi-autonomous A recent change in broadcasting regulations
region. Dersim was renamed Tunceli after the has opened the door for private TV and ra-
rebellion. The rebellion was led by Seyyid Riza, dio stations to air programs in non-Turkish lan-
the chief of a Zaza tribe in the region. The Turk- guages and dialects without any time restrictions.
ish government at the time, led by smet nönü, With the new regulation, time constraints on
responded with air strikes against the rebels. programs aired in non-Turkish languages and
Thousands were killed in the campaign. dialects spoken in Turkey have been abolished,
There were also protests by Alevi groups in the Anatolia news agency reported yesterday.
stanbul and Ankara yesterday condemning Öy- TV and radio stations that wish to air pro-
men’s controversial remarks. grams in these languages must, however, seek
permission from the Radio and Television Su-
Öymen hasn’t apologized preme Council (RTÜK). The RTÜK will then
Despite widespread public outrage, the CHP evaluate the station’s programming, and if it
deputy chairman stood by his words, telling mem- nds it appropriate, it will grant permission for
bers of the press on Thursday, “In no part of my daily broadcasts and monthly programs.
speech can expressions that might offend our citi- The previous regulation limited radio
zens of different ethnic, religious or sectarian roots programming in non-Turkish languages to
be found.” He blamed the media for twisting his a total of ve hours per week per station for
words, accusing “some columnists and TV com- programs lasting 60 minute or less whereas TV
mentators” of making interpretations that would stations were allowed four hours per week for
be misunderstood by the public. Öymen also stated programs that last 45 minutes of less. Further-
that he would not apologize for his remarks. more, the old regulation made it obligatory for
Tunceli deputy erafettin Halis from the TV stations to broadcast all non-Turkish pro-
Democratic Society Party (DTP) said: “With this grams with Turkish subtitles or air the Turkish-
speech, Öymen points out the idea that killing version of the program after its original.
is a good solution to the Kurdish problem. What Tunceli residents put up posters throughout the city showing Öymen with a Hitler-like toothbrush moustache in protest to comments he made condon- A ban on programs teaching these lan-
Öymen said is equal to saying, ‘The CHP’s blood- ing the government’s violent response to the 1937 Dersim Rebellion. guages and dialects to viewers was also elimi-
drenched bayonet in Tunceli shall never dry’,” nated. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
Independent deputy Ufuk Uras dared Öy- Alevi community in general.” Fermani Altun, head of the World Ehl-i Beyt are afraid of democracy resort to massacres,”
men to make a similar speech in Tunceli before Tunceli University Rector Durmu Boztu Foundation, an Alevi association, said: “The said Metin Tarhan, head of the Erikli Baba Ce-
the province’s residents.
Hubyar Sultan Alevi Cultural Association
said Öymen’s statement was unfortunate, not- statement is completely scandalous. It is a most mevi and Cultural Association. TRT 6 to offer
ing, “Such a statement is really saddening when unfortunate declaration. They [the CHP] are not Meanwhile, the Human Rights Associa-
President Ali Kenanolu said: “The Dersim people should be trying to understand the pains only blocking the country’s movement away tion (HD) yesterday led a criminal complaint more diverse
massacre is a shame for humanity. Offering such of the Tunceli people.” from the ofcial ideology to a democratic system against Öymen, stating that his speech was in
a crime against humanity as a model for the Seher Dilovan, an Ankara-born folk singer but are also showing the same mentality as the violation of a number of legal regulations includ- programming
settlement of the Kurdish question is being part whose parents are from Tunceli, said: “Does he ofcial ideology with such statements.” ing Article 215 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), The broadcasting coordinator of the state-
of that crime. Öymen should apologize to the approve of what was done? This statement is the “This means that if they had the chance, they which criminalizes “praising a crime and its per- sponsored Kurdish channel TRT 6 has said
people of Dersim in particular and to the entire product of a backward mind.” would carry out similar massacres. Those who petrator.” stanbul Today’s Zaman the channel will offer more varied programs,
promising that the network will have more
shows that discuss developments in Turkey’s
relations with its Middle Eastern neighbors.
“Our aim is to bring a dynamic perspec-
tive to the channel’s reporting. We will not
just watch the agenda; we will determine the

H1N1 vaccine a matter of health, not politics, Akda says agenda. TRT 6 will not only produce music
and cultural shows; we will also be interested
in more serious programs,” said Fethullah
ASLIHAN AYDIN ANKARA companies that produced it. Akda denied these Ministry; the rest are distinguished scientists in Health Ministry’s scientic board and chair- Kran, speaking to Today’s Zaman yesterday.
claims. “You know I have tried to pay attention to Turkey,” he said. woman of the Infectious Diseases and Clinical The newly appointed broadcast coordinator
Health Minister Recep Akda has warned that the words I’ve used so far. But I call these comments Noting that 250,000 people have received Microbiology Specialty Society of Turkey, told the for TRT 6 explained his plans for the channel.
debates over the H1N1 vaccine should not be slander. This is dirty politics,” he said. shots thus far, he said all of them are in good Anatolia news agency that the ministry does not Noting that the state-sponsored Kurdish channel
exploited for political gains since the matter is of Stating that Turkey’s swine u vaccines are health and continuing their daily lives. currently know the exact number of swine u cas- has many viewers in Syria, Iraq and Iran, Kran
critical importance to the nation’s health. supplied by two companies and that the swine u Akda also said a swine u vaccine speci- es as diagnoses have increased recently. “It is said pledged that they will increase the number of
Speaking at a Parliamentary Planning and vaccine has been conrmed to be safe in many cally for pregnant women is set to arrive in Tur- that swine u cases are around 3,000 across Tur- programs closely related to the people in these
Budgetary Commission meeting yesterday, Akda countries, Akda said the adverse effects of the key in late November. key. According to our estimations, the real gure countries. “Our aim is to unite the cultures of the
said some people have commented on the vaccine swine u vaccine can be discussed but the issue is at least 10 times more than 3,000. We should region,” added Kran. Kran plans also include
against the H1N1 strain of inuenza, also known as should not be made into a political instrument. Swine u cases estimated pay attention to the rapid spread of the virus. switching from pre-recorded news programs to
swine u, without enough knowledge on the topic. “I did not decide to purchase the swine u vac- to be over 30,000 in Turkey There was only one fatality as of Oct. 8. Fatalities live broadcasts and offering more programs on
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy Os- cine and administer it in Turkey. It was a decision Although records show that the number of people car- increased to 40 in under one month,” she said. the socioeconomic development of the region.
man Durmu, a former health minister, has accused made by our scientic board of 40 experts, with- rying the H1N1 virus is around 3,000, it is estimated Meanwhile, stanbul Governor Muammer He also noted that TRT will launch chan-
the Health Ministry of unnecessarily urging people out any objections. They decided to administer that there are at least 30,000 swine u cases across Tur- Güler announced on Thursday that nine pa- nels in languages other than Kurdish and Turk-
to get the shot and of having purchased excessive the swine u vaccine to those in high-risk groups. key, a Health Ministry scientic board member said. tients in stanbul are being treated for swine u ish, saying TRT will launch Arabic and Persian
doses of vaccine for the nancial benet of the Only 10 of these 40 experts are from the Health Professor Gaye Usluer, a member of the at intensive care units. channels in early 2010. Fatma Turan stanbul


Saran, Fersa partnership brings $1 billion for renewable energy Çalayan: Exports
Saran Energy, a subsidiary of Saran Holding, The partnership between Saran Energy, which Minister Yldz also stressed that nuclear power Ministry will not appeal nuclear to exceed $100 bln
and the Spanish rm Fersa signed a partners-
hip agreement yesterday, marking an investment
has investments in solar, hydroelectric, and wind po-
wer, and Fersa, a publicly traded Spanish renewable
plants and renewable energy sources are a source
of energy security, underlining that these different
energy clauses
Speaking to press before the event, Yldz announced
by year’s end
of $1 billion for renewable energy in Turkey. energy rm and one of the biggest forces in the Euro- renewable energy options complemented one anot- Turkish exports are expected to exce-
that his ministry would not be appealing three clauses
A signing ceremony for the partnership was atten- pean energy sector, will invest $1 billion in renewable her: “By 2023, energy from natural gas plants, nuclear ed $100 billion by the end of the year, a
which the Council of State recently rejected regarding
ded by Foreign Trade Minister Zafer Çalayan, Minister energy in Turkey, with equal contributions by both power plants, coal from domestic sources, thermal psychological threshold for the country, Foreign
regulations for nuclear power plants.
of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yldz, Energy parties. Speaking at the ceremony, Yldz stressed the power plants and renewable energy sources will to- Trade Minister Zafer Çalayan said on Friday.
Answering questions about why the ministry
Market Regulatory Agency (EPDK) President Hasan signicance of this investment in attracting other in- gether create a strong and stable energy framework.” Delivering a speech at Parliament’s Plan-
had decided not to appeal the three rejected clauses,
Kökta and Spanish Ambassador to Turkey Joan Klos, vestments in renewable energy in Turkey. Yldz also Speaking at the ceremony, Saran Holding CEO ning and Budget Commission, Çalayan noted
the minister said: “In order to bring nuclear energy
along with other politicians and businessmen. highlighted the importance of this partnership for do- Sadettin Saran noted that this was an important that Turkish exports had slumped by 29.5 per-
to our country, we need to work together with le-
Çalayan, speaking at the ceremony about the ubling the 44,000 megawatts (MW) of electrical pro- rst step in attracting renewable energy invest- cent in the rst 10 months of 2009 when com-
gislators, enforcement and the judiciary when draf-
importance of energy for the future of the world, duction capacity currently installed by 2023. ments to Turkey. He continued by stating that the pared to the same period of last year.
ting legislation. Instead of trying to prove that our
noted that $26 trillion will be invested worldwide in Revealing that the ministry had set a goal partnership hoped to build 350 MW of capacity by Turkey ranked 32nd among exporting count-
ministry or the Council of State is right, we thought
renewable energy by 2023, while $125 billion will be of 20,000 MW of electricity derived from wind 2015 using renewable energy sources. ries with an export vo-
we could use our time more wisely by re-evaluating
invested within the next 10 years in Turkey. He conti- by 2020, Yldz stated that “we’ve been mo- Fersa CEO Jose Maria Roger expressed his faith lume of $132 billion, the
the situation. … We want to reach a conclusion re-
nued by noting the importance of the $1 billion invest- ving at a slow pace in doling out wind farm in the partnership by recommending that Sadettin minister said, adding that
garding the situation as soon as possible so we can
ment that this partnership will bring in achieving this. licenses. We have to speed up this process.” Saran become CEO of the partnership company. Turkey also had $202 bil-
issue calls for a tender.” Ankara Today’s Zaman with wires
lion in imports last year,
which made the country
the 20th top importer.
Following a lower
year-on-year contrac-
tion rate as seen in the


Zefer Çalayan
second quarter of this
year compared to the
rst quarter, exports are also on the rise, signa-
ling an economic recovery, the minister said. Ex-
ports increased by 4.6 percent in October over
the same month of last year, he noted. “Turkey

can go beyond its 2009 target of $98.5 billion in
exports under the Middle-term Economic Prog-
ram and exceed $100 billion by the end of this
year, which is also a psychological barrier.”
Çalayan, noting that Turkey’s growth rate
is below its potential, stated that an export-
oriented growth model was adopted in order to
accelerate growth. Turkey’s economy is expec-
ted to contract by 6 percent this year, however,
the minister said, the target for 2010 is set at 3.5
percent, above the average global projection of
3.1 percent. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires

TÜSAD: Micro
reforms needed for
sustained growth
Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s
Association (TÜSAD) President Arzuhan
Doan Yalçnda has stressed the importance
of micro-structural reforms to achieve sustained
growth after the crisis period.
Speaking yesterday at the 5th Competition
Trade Minister Nihat Ergün (L) had talks with Moroccan Industry, Commerce and New Technologies Minister Ahmed Reda Chami during the Trade and Investment Bridge between Turkey and Morocco, organized by TUSKON. Congress, organized by the TÜSAD-Sabanc
University Competition Forum (REF) and the Fe-
deration of Industrial Associations (SEDEFED),

Ergün: Turkey to be industry hub in Yalçnda said TÜSAD estimates see the Turkish
economy shrinking by 6 percent.
Speaking on how Turkey can grow faster than
its competitors, Yalçnda, who is also the co-

Europe producing advanced technologies president of the REF board, noted the importance
of increasing efciency in production and streng-
thening competitiveness.
Making mention of economic policies
Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergün investing in Morocco should be encouraged. by 2023. “Turkey exports to more than 200 count- Turkish automotive rms are ready to make invest- enacted during the economic crisis, Yalçnda
has called on Turkish and Moroccan com- “Our aim is to turn Turkey into an industry hub ries around the world. More than 90 percent of ex- ments in Morocco, too, he said. reminded everyone of their transient nature.
panies to establish cooperation and make in Europe producing advanced technologies. In this ports are made up of industrial products, and 60 “We would like to take advantage of Turkey’s “In 2010, the entire world will have to tighten
joint investments in third countries, saying they aim regard we attach great importance to research and percent of exports go to EU countries. Turkey pro- experience, especially in the automotive industry, its scal and monetary belts. It will be difcult
to make Turkey an industry hub in Europe produ- development. We are establishing techno parks duces goods to European standards,” he said, ad- along with textiles and the white goods sector,” said to reach high growth rates in this environment.
cing high technology. and encouraging cooperation between universities ding that Turkey’s foreign trade volume exceeds Moroccan Industry, Commerce and New Technolo- To ease this process, it is important to make the
Speaking at a meeting on Friday during the and industry. Turkey and Morocco should work to- $300 billion. Trade between Turkey and African co- gies Minister Ahmed Reda Chami. Turkey and Mo- necessary micro structural reforms now so that
Trade and Investment Bridge between Turkey gether in these elds,” Ergün said. untries is increasing and has risen from $5 billion rocco could make joint investments in southern Eu- we are better t for an economy without large
and Morocco in Casablanca, organized by the The minister said the meeting, which was at- to $17 billion within the last few years, the minis- ropean countries which offer lucrative opportunities government support.”
Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and In- tended by a trade delegation of more than 70 bu- ter said. The free trade agreement between Turkey in the auto market, he said. “We are the only country During her speech, Yalçnda said that in
dustrialists (TUSKON) in a bid to boost commer- sinessmen from Turkey along with more than 400 and Morocco, which has been in effect since 2006, that has free trade with America, Europe and Africa. order to achieve sustainable growth in the post-
ce between the two countries, Ergün said there Moroccan businessmen, gave company represen- has contributed to the rise in trade volume betwe- I believe this will encourage Turkish businessmen to crisis period, Turkey needs to double its total fac-
are a great deal of things the two countries could tatives from both countries the chance to discuss en the two countries. However, Ergün continued, it invest in Morocco,” he said, noting that they would tor productivity. Otherwise, she said, “It will not
do together. The minister said Turkey has made opportunities for cooperation and added that as the should be broadened, enabling more businessmen like to establish a joint committee to outline oppor- be possible to achieve fast growth rates or protect
signicant progress in industrialization and that government, they would give the required support to take advantage of the agreement. tunities for cooperation and investment. our competitiveness.” stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
Turkish businessmen can carry out operations to further boost combined efforts. Ergün said they Giving the automotive industry as an example Rzanur Meral, head of TUSKON, cited
around the world. Cooperation between the two had set their target to increase trade volume betwe- of one of the developed sectors in Turkey, Ergün Morocco as the gateway to North Africa and
countries’ governments and rms is of great im-
portance because Morocco has signicant advan-
en the two countries to $50 billion within the next
few years. The Turkish economy is among the top
explained that annual vehicle output in is approxi-
mately 1.5 million and that the aim is to increase
said trade volume between the two countri-
es had increased tenfold in last seven years, Western Black Sea
tages, having ties with countries in Europe, Ame-
rica and Africa, and for this reason, he continued,
15 economies in the world, he stated, stressing that
that the Turkish economy will be one of the top 10
this gure to 2 million in the coming years. Eighty
percent of vehicle production is exported overseas.
and added that they hope this gure will
continue to rise. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires region to be center
for seniors
The International Centre on Aging, part of
the stanbul-based World Aging Council,
plans to turn Turkey’s western Black Sea region
into an international center of life for seniors.
Doan Yayn posts 242 percent more loss in first nine months of 2009 Following a summit on global aging in stanbul
in February, the World Aging Council has been re-
Doan Yayn Holding, Turkey’s largest media Revenue from sales decreased by 19 percent in the posted a 91 percent lower prot for the rs three quar- Kuveyt Türk net prots soar 26.7 searching the possibility of building senior centers in
company, which was ned TL 4.8 billion for al- third quarter of 2009 over the same period of last ters of 2009 over the same period in 2008 on Thursday. percent in the rst nine months the western parts of Turkey’s Black Sea region.
leged tax fraud, on Thursday reported a TL 147.14 mil- year, falling from TL 710 million to TL 577 million. The net prot of Hürriyet Gazeticilik fell from TL 57 The net prots of the participation bank Kuveyt Türk Members of the World Aging Council,
lion consolidated net loss for the rst nine months of The company’s equity capitals totaled TL 1.52 billi- million in the January-September period of last year to increased to TL 107 million in the rst nine months including architect and healthy cities planner
the year, a gure 242 percent higher than that posted on, and its subscribed capital amounted to TL 802 TL 4.9 million in the same period of this year. of the year, growing 26.7 percent compared to the Colin Mosher, life coach and project director
for the rst three quarters of 2008. million at the end of rst nine months same period last year. According to the nancial sta- John Dunlop, alternative medicine and eco-
The company suffered a TL 43.04 of 2009, according to the statement. Dou Otomotiv posts impressive logy consultant Tsahai Ungar and coordinator
tements in the bank’s independent auditor’s report
million loss in 2008. According to the Doan Yayn posted TL 100 million in prot despite crisis the bank’s total assets rose 30 percent in the rst nine of active aging smail Oyank, met with health
company’s nancial statement, relea- operating prots between the months Dou Otomotiv, which celebrated its 15th an- months, to TL 6.2 billion from TL 4.95 billion a year ofcials and mayors of districts in Kastamonu
sed on Thursday, the company posted of January and September last year; niversary in 2009, announced in its third quarter ago. Total cash loans, on the other hand, were TL province on a six-day trip to Bolu, Karabük
TL 19.5 million in losses in the third the company reported TL 152 million scal report that it had sold 38,120 cars for a prot 4.96 billion, marking a 19.8 percent increase from last and Kastamonu. World Aging Council Cha-
quarter of this year. This gure was TL in operating losses in the same period of TL 40 million. Last year, the company posted TL 32 year’s TL 4.14 billion. Kuveyt Türk’s funds, including irman Kemal Aydn noted that the mayors of
12.3 million in the same three-month of this year. Short-term liabilities of the million in losses in the same period. both time deposits and current accounts, reached Devrekan and Bozkurt were especially interes-
period of last year. Doan Yayn had TL 1.7 billion company were also reported to have reached TL 1.4 The company noted that despite the econo- TL 4.99 billion in the rst nine months of this year, ted in their senior center projects. The council
in sales in the January-September period this year, billion in the rst nine months of this year, increa- mic crisis, they were able to increase their ope- 40.7 percent more than the same period in 2008. Its will present a report on the places where they
a gure which was TL 2.2 billion in the same peri- sing by 47 percent over the same period last year. rating income by a factor of 2.2. Dou’s gross equities rose by 18.2 percent to TL 787 million in the conducted research to the Secretariat Gene-
od of 2008, accounting for a decline of 23 percent. Hürriyet Gazetecilik, a subsidiary of Doan Yayn, revenues were TL 1.6 billion in the same period. given period. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires ral of the United Nations. Yaar Kuru Kastamonu

08 TODAY’S ZAMAN S A T U R D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9

OPEC president expects no change IMF chief does not see double-dip
in production level for December US recession, sees recovery in 2010
OPEC should keep oil production un- replied: “I don’t believe so. But it’s an issue that The International Monetary Fund’s 2010 will be a year of recovery,” Strauss-Kahn
changed at its last meeting of the year could be raised, although that is currently not the managing director, Dominique Strauss- told a news conference in Singapore where
in December due to high oil stocks and sentiment in the group. Kahn, said on Friday the pace of the recovery he was attending an Asia Pacic Economic
weak fundamentals in the global economy, “If there is a need to [raise production], yes, in the US economy remains sluggish but he Cooperation (APEC) meeting.
the group’s president said on Friday. but the sentiment indicates we will maintain pro- does not believe there will be a double-dip re- “I must say, in some respects, we had
Jose Botelho de Vasconcelos, who is also An- duction.” OPEC will meet in Luanda, Angola on cession. He also said China’s economic stim- been a little pessimistic because growth has
gola’s oil minister, told journalists that although Dec. 22 to decide on its oil production policy. ulus is helping to rebalance its economy to- resumed a little earlier than expected, by one
many in the group were inclined to maintain the OPEC has kept ofcial output targets un- wards relying more on domestic demand but quarter or so.” He said the dollar had re-
current levels of production, OPEC had the capac-
ity to increase production at any time. “We know
changed at meetings this year, after it agreed to
curb output by 4.2 million barrels per day last
it still needs to let its currency rise over time.
In October, the IMF raised its US growth
mained resilient throughout the global crisis
but most Asian currencies were undervalued
Ford says it sold
that there are still some stocks in the market and
the economic fundamentals are still not being felt,”
year. Botelho de Vasconcelos also said he hoped
Angola would hold a new tender for oil explora-
outlook to 1.5 percent in 2010 but Strauss-
Kahn said that forecast could be on the pes-
and reiterated calls for the Chinese yuan to
be revalued. “China’s economy in the com-
record number of
Botelho de Vasconcelos said on the sidelines of a
session in parliament. Asked if he expected a deci-
tion licenses in 2010 after it suspended a tender
in the rst half of 2008 before the country’s rst
simistic side.
“Our forecast has that, not only in the
ing years will be focused on domestic growth
and the value of renminbi will have to be in-
Fusion sedans
sion by OPEC to change output in December, he post-war parliamentary elections. Luanda Reuters United States but also for the rest of the world, creased,” he said. Singapore Reuters Ford Motor Co. said Thursday that its Fusion
midsize sedan has already broken the model’s
annual sales record even though US auto sales have
dropped 25 percent.
Ford sold 151,137 Fusions through Wednesday,
beating the full-year sales record of 149,552 set in 2007,
the company said in a statement. Fusion sales through

Leaders warn aganst pullng the rst 10 months of the year were up 15 percent from
the same period in 2008, according to Autodata Corp.
The Fusion was the top-selling car made by a
Detroit automaker through October. The Fusion is

stmulus packages too quckly made at Ford’s factory in Hermosillo, Mexico. It gets
up to 34 miles per gallon (14.5 kilometers per liter)
on the highway when equipped with a four-cylinder
engine and six-speed automatic transmission.


Government and business leaders warned But the general consensus was the balance
A gas-electric hybrid version gets up to 41 miles per
Friday against withdrawing stimulus pro- of global growth has shifted to Asia, with China,
gallon (17.5 kilometers per liter) in the city. The car’s
grams too quickly amid a growing recog- India and to some extent Indonesia leading as the
base price is just under $20,000 including shipping.
nition the global economic recovery will be led by global economy emerges from recession.
Even at record levels, the Fusion’s sales num-
China, India and other Asian countries. The “world needs China for development,”
bers still lag behind the top-selling midsize cars
The biggest economic crisis since the 1930s has China’s President Hu Jintao said at the conference.
in the US Through October, Toyota Motor Corp.
been the focus of this year’s Asia-Pacic Economic Asia’s economies are expected to grow 2.75
sold 294,493 Camry and Solara cars, while Honda

Cooperation forum, an annual gathering of 21 percent in 2009 and 5.75 percent in 2010, far out-
Motor Co. sold 244,579 Accords.
member economies from Asia and the Pacic Rim. pacing the West, according to International Mon-
The Fusion and its Mercury twin, the Milan,
“The measures the governments will take in a etary Fund. “So we are in the right region of the
have received good quality rankings from outside
few months ... will determine how quickly we can world. But risks still remain,” Lee said.
ratings groups. Four-cylinder versions of the cars
recover and whether we can sustain our growth,” But many say stable growth hinges on the suc-
nished second in the family car category, beaten
Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said cess of government measures to increase spending
only by Toyota’s Prius gas-electric hybrid, in Con-
in a keynote speech at a conference of business and by Asian consumers, who whose high savings and
sumer Reports magazine’s auto rankings. Detroit AP
state leaders on the sidelines of APEC. low consumption reects a lack of retirement sys-
An electronic poll of the audience -- made up tems and affordable health insurance.
of top business executives -- showed that a major- “Our focus in countering the crisis is to
ity thought the worst of the crisis was over but ma-
jor challenges to stable growth remained.
expand domestic demand, especially con-
sumer demand,” Hu said, promising to make
British Airways
Following the crisis, governments across
the world pumped huge amounts of money
China less reliant on exports. Lee noted that
Americans, whose big-spending consumer-
confirms board
into the system to promote economic growth.
A large part went to provide liquidity to banks
ism has traditionally driven the global econ-
omy, are now saving 3 percent to 5 percent of
talks on Iberia deal
and major companies facing bankruptcy. their income, which he called sensible. British Airways PLC and Spanish airline Ibe-
Money was also given directly to households, “But if Americans are saving, somebody else ria SA conrmed they are holding separate
sometimes in the form of shopping vouchers. has to spend more somewhere else in the world. board meetings Thursday about a long-awaited
Rebates were paid for car purchases. This has to be in Asia. How this is achieved is not merger, responding to feverish speculation that
The United States injected $787 billion in stim- just a matter of printing [shopping] vouchers,” he has sent the companies’ shares soaring.
ulus plans. Asia, led by China’s $586 billion pack- said. Not everybody agreed that Asia will be the BA, the third largest airline in Europe, said the
age, pumped in more than $1 trillion. Policy mak- world’s savior. Victor Fung, chairman of Hong meetings would consider a “potential transaction”
ers worry that a sudden reduction of such spending Kong-based trading company Li & Fung, said the and that no deal has yet been reached. It declined
will destroy consumer and business condence. whole world has to pull together. to provide any further information.
“There must not be any premature with- “In order for this recovery to be sustainable, we The two airlines’ shares surged Thursday on spec-
drawal of scal incentives or scal packages really have to actually think about how we generate ulation that a deal announcement is imminent, pos-
until there is real recovery led by the private global demand,” said Fung, noting that 60 percent sibly on Friday, when Iberia announces nancial re-
sector,” Malaysian Prime Minister Najib of global consumption comes from the West. sults that are expected to show an operating loss over
Razak said during a panel discussion later. “Fixing the nancial system stops the bleed- the rst nine months of the year. An announcement
Singapore’s leader said governments world- ing,” he said. “The body needs a fundamental re- would end more than a year of difcult negotiations
wide must coordinate the timing of withdrawal building, and that’s rebuilding domestic demand.” between BA and Iberia. The pair began talks about a
of their stimulus packages. Deferring the with- The nancial crisis resulted in a loss of about possible tie-up back in July 2008 in response to slow-
drawal for too long risks creating asset bubbles $1 trillion in US demand alone -- equivalent to the ing passenger demand, but discussions have faltered
that can become a “serious problem.” entire Chinese market. “You can’t expect the Chi- over issues including BA’s large pension fund decit
“How to withdraw that in a coordinated way ... nese economy to pick up the slack,” he said. and the proposed structure of a merged company.
that’s going to be a very delicate exercise,” Lee said. The APEC forum culminates in a week- Iberia also conrmed that the deal currently being
World Bank President Robert Zoellick, end leaders’ summit that will include Presi- discussed would give the Spanish airline 45 percent
also attending the conference, noted that dent Barack Obama, Chinese President Hu of the new company, with BA taking the remaining
among the greatest threats to recovery were Jintao and Japanese Prime Minister Yukio 55 percent. Analysts view a merger -- and a proposed
protectionism, lack of private sector initiative, Hatoyama, as well as leaders from South- revenue-sharing deal with American Airlines that is
unemployment in the West and ination. east Asia and Latin America. Singapore AP China's President Hu Jintao addresses the APEC CEO Summit in Singapore on Friday. still facing antitrust barriers -- as a necessary consolida-
tion in the airline industry after rising fuel prices and
the global economic downturn hit demand.
BA’s stock was up 10 percent at 220 pence ($3.64)
in afternoon trade in London on Thursday, making it
the biggest riser in the FTSE 100, while Iberia shares
jumped 13.3 percent to 2.25 euros ($3.35) in Madrid.
BA Chief Executive Willie Walsh has been among
MCAP 1-Y Change
the most vocally pessimistic airline executives about
Daily Monthly Yearly YTD Country Level
Close Change (%) Change (%) Change (%) Change (%) (million TL) Av.Volum (%) the outlook for the sector, warning that the key pre-
İMKB-100 48.746 -0,2% 3,3% 92,4% 81,5% 278.911 1.540 Hang Seng H.Kong -1,01 22.397,6 66.34 mium market may never recover. BA last week re-
İMKB-30 61.597 -0,4% 3,4% 91,5% 76,0% 227.975 1.172 Nikkei 225 Japan -0,68 9.804,5 52.97
52.3 ported a net loss of 208 million pounds ($346 million)
İMKB-IND 35.402 0,0% 1,4% 74,3% 79,0% 73.756 469 Cac 40 France 0,37 3.828,7 47.03
İMKB-BANK 109.886 -0,7% 4,4% 124,9% 96,3% 132.497 729 DAX Germany 0,40 5.691,2 for the six months ending in September, its rst-ever
DJIMT 10,40 0,0% 1,5% 48,6% 46,5% - 0,43 FTSE 100 UK 0,46 5.291,1 26,5 loss in the period, as revenue fell 13.7 percent.
Dow USA 0,00 10.259,0 8,6 9.7 The airline has begun a drastic cost-cutting
TurkDEX NASDAQ USA 0,25 1.787,4
US$/JP¥ S&P USA -0,07 1.097,7 Native Foreign Native Foreign drive, axing meal services on short-haul ights and
61,900 -0,68%
EU€/JP¥ 1,4925 0,61% BOVESPA Brasil -0,01 66.425,1 Number of Shares M.cap Number of Shares M.cap announcing sweeping job cuts and pay curbs that
AT A GL ANCE have raised the threat of strike action by its 14,000
pected cabin crew. The airline has already slashed 2,500
No data ex Daily Monthly Yearly positions between June 2008 and March 2009 and
Ticker Price (TL) Daily Change (%) Ticker Price Daily Change (%) Ticker Volumes Price (TL) Yearly Change (%)
Close Change (%) Change (%) Change (%) US$/JP¥ 90,49
ECILC 1,82 10,98% GRUND 0,52 -7,14% THYAO 229,5 4,7 338,12
TL / € 2,198 -0,1% EU/JP¥ 134,66
plans to cut another 1,700, freeze pay for current
ASELS 8,45 6,96% AEFES 16,20 -5,81% GARAN 172,6 5,9 127,75 TL / $ 1,471 0,5% EU/US$ 1,488 staff and offer lower wages for new employees.
ECZYT 4,60 5,99% CCOLA 11,80 -4,84% ECILC 140,4 1,8 123,17 Iberia, meanwhile, is also cutting costs after losing
AKSA 1,81 5,23% GUBRF 7,50 -3,85% EREGL 123,0 4,2 42,65
¤165.4 million in the rst half of the year. Its board last
EREGL 4,22 4,46% TEBNK 2,15 -3,15% KOZAA 112,5 4,8 440,91 Price ($) Way Change (%) High Low
month approved a plan to freeze hiring through 2012,
Light C. Oil 77,33 -0,8% 78,26 76,93
Gold 1116,00 0,1% 1116,00 1116,00
freeze salaries for all employees in 2010 and 2011 and
Copper 295,95 -0,2% 300,10 293,00 offer early retirement for ight attendants over the age
Mcap TL -- -- -- 6.882,3 4.554 1.436 99 794 P/E: Share price divided by earnings per share is a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the
of 55. The strategy also calls for creating more long-haul
income or profit earned by the firm per share. ights, in which Iberia is the leading European airline for
P/E 2006/12 14,9x 14,2x 11,7x 250,6x 63,3x -106,2x 15,6x -21,3x EV/EBITDA: Enterprise value divided by earnings before interest, tax and amortization; “t” stands for
trailer and means the data over the last four quarters.
ights to Latin America, and slash short and medium-
P/E 2007/06t 10,7x 10,1x 8,9x 310,3x 56,5x -605,2x 6,1x -11,0x
P/E 2007/09t 10,2x 9,8x 8,9x 338,9x 50,3x -230,6x 5,1x -9,5x
(*) Yesterday's closing (**) Updated at 6 p.m. by GMT+2 haul ights, and create a new company to compete
Disclaimer: The information in this report has been prepared by BMD, Bizim Securities from sources believed
EV/EBITDA 2006/12* 6,6x 5,2x 7,9x 30,5x 42,6x 18,0x 6,2x 43,3x
to be reliable. All the information, interpretations and recommendations covered herein relating to
better on such routes. The deal would form an alliance
EV/EBITDA 2007/03t* 7,3x 5,8x 7,8x 32,0x 39,6x 21,7x 5,7x 77,9x investment actions are not within the scope of investment consultancy. Therefore investment decisions on a combined route network serving 443 destinations
EV/EBITDA 2007/06t* 7,0x 5,7x 7,9x 29,2x 37,5x 22,4x 5,0x 37,2x based only on the information covered herein may not bring expected results.
in 106 countries with 6,200 daily departures. London AP



‘The Tournament’
The Tournament is a battle among 30 of the
world’s deadliest assassins that takes place
every seven years in an unsuspecting town. The
last man standing receives a $10,000,000 cash
prize and the title of world’s No. 1 assassin (which
itself carries a legendary million-dollar-a-bullet pri-
ce tag). The Tournament is set up by a group of
sick billionaires who watch the mayhem unfold
via CCTV and bet on its outcome. Each of the as-
sassins carries a tracking device embedded un-
der their skin, allowing the observers to monitor
the tournament and the assassins to track
each other. The tournament lasts for 24 ho-
urs, and if no assassin has won, then the
tracking device under their skin will explo-
de. When a French assassin removes his
tracker and throws it into a coffee pot, a lo-
cal priest (Robert Carlyle) who inadvertently
swallows it is caught in the crossfire.
Directed by: Scott Mann
Genre: action
Cast: Robert Carlyle, Kelly Hu, Ving Rha-
mes, Sebastien Foucan, Liam Cunningham,
Ian Somerhalder

‘The Watercolor’
Twelve-year-old Marco is very good at drawing.
Seeing his talent, Marco’s father introduces him
to three street artists. Eighteen-year-old Lorella,
brought up by these artists, becomes Marco’s
art teacher. Marco falls in love with her. Howe-

ver, Marco’s love is unrequited. Lorella is in love
with an art collector who despises watercolors.

Having discovered this, Marco starts collecting

every drawing he can get a hold of, with the dre-
am of becoming the greatest watercolor collector

one day. The poor street artists give him all of the-
For Emmerich, what ir drawings. When Marco turns 30, he opens the

boxes he has been keeping in his attic. What he

the 2012 prophecy really

finds in these boxes will change his life forever.

Directed by: Cihat Hazardal
means is making zillions of Genre: drama
dollars at the box office to happily Cast: Sarp Alemdarolu, Haluk Bilginer, Sava
Dinçel, Cansel Elçin, Tamer Karadal
enjoy the remainder of his years by

‘2012’: TH

bringing us one of the longest and
most overwrought disaster
movies ever to be made

EMNE YILDIRIM ÝSTANBUL when we wish we were crying? out about the ark and will do
The film starts in 2009. Global anything to save his family’s
The “2012 prophecy” is so murky that you can scientists discover the core of the life. Wouldn’t you?
choose for yourself just what to believe in. It earth is shifting due to exponen- “2012,” running at 158 ‘Bornova Bornova’
could really mean the end of our planet or may- tial heating of the sun. You know minutes, is a full-blown
be that we will move into a new “spiritual plane,” re- what that means: massive eart- blast of a nonstop rollerco- One day in the lives of three young men from the
connecting with the “universal divine light conscious- hquakes, massive tidal waves and aster ride where we become same neighborhood in zmir’s Bornova district.
ness.” For the life of me, I can’t fathom what that me- massive volcanic eruptions. One ge- the meek subjects of an audi- Hakan (Öner Erkan) is a young man who spends
ans, but if it entails my astral self moving around witho- ologist, the humanist Adrian Helmsley, ovisual abundance of CGI plane- his entire day in front of the neighborhood’s gro-
ut being attached to my body, then 2012, be my guest. takes this up with the White House (inste- tary mayhem. Never do we have a cery shop with Salih (Kadir Çermik), thinking,
For Roland Emmerich and his producers, what the ad of Morgan Freeman, we have Danny Glo- minute to breathe as we watch peop- “If we were just given the chance…” Salih, the
2012 prophecy really means is making zillions of dol- ver as US president). It isn’t long before the glo- le trying to run away and surviving or trying neighborhood’s psychopathic rogue, is like an
lars at the box office to happily enjoy the remainder bal leaders embark on building a handful to run away and being gobbled up by older brother to Hakan, who has just returned
of their years by bringing us one of the longest and of massive arks in Tibet (!), kept sec- earth or just accepting their fate as home after completing his mandatory military ser-
most overwrought disaster movies ever to be made. ret from the global public. The catch massive tides swoop them up vice. Hakan does not have a job, but he plans to
Those of you who believe the 2012 phenomenon will be is, only the rich, the powerful, po- like shellfish. Would you beli- become a taxi driver to be able to realize all he
a life-changing spiritual journey, you are wrong; just like litical leaders (as if we needed eve it, there’s even a tsuna- wants in this life: to earn just enough money to be
Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s, it’s really abo- them), some genetically diver- mi that reaches the Hima- able to decently look after a small family and to
ut squeezing out the dollars. One thing is for sure, the film is se Homo sapiens and the ani- layas! The only consolati- marry the girl he secretly adores. Salih is the only
one hell of a ride, and it isn’t a surprise after Emmerich’s pre- mal kingdom will be included on we’re left with is the Zen person who listens to Hakan and gives him advi-
vious string of disast-o-ramas “Independence Day,” “God- on board: This is the future of state of the Dalai Lama. ce. Although Salih has grown up in a respectab-
zilla” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” where the most famo- the human race. Well, no one Sure there will be le, educated family, he’s involved in every kind of
us landmarks in the world came tumbling down like a house said it was democratic, so let’s survivors, those in the illegal business in the neighborhood. Everybody
of cards. What is it about watching the Eiffel Tower crashing call it natural selection. ark, and guess where they in the neighborhood is scared of him, including
down or the ruination of the White House that is such a huge Of course, we cannot for- will be headed once the high school student Özlem (Damla Sönmez). Ha-
thrill? It’s almost like a masochistic joy rather than an inflic- get about the ordinary man, and earth takes its new geologi- kan is crazy about Özlem, but he never had the
tion of terror, but maybe Emmerich has already gotten us ac- in comes failed novelist Jackson Cur- cal form? To Africa, which turns courage to talk to her in person. In the meanti-
customed to his signatory hullabaloo and involuntarily pus- tis (John Cusack), currently working as out to be the only place in the world me, Murat (Erkan Bekta), Salih’s childhood fri-
hed us into a void numbness over monumental destruction. a limo driver. He lives in California, separated that hasn’t been devastatingly affec- end and a doctoral student in philosophy, makes
Nevertheless, all is in place in “2012,” and the more ridi- from his estranged wife (Amanda Peet) and his two kids, ted. A bit of Third World tit-for-tat politics ne- a living through writing erotic fantasies. He tells
culous the ride gets, the more we find ourselves getting in- Lily and Noah. The earth’s crust hits California first (a little re- ver did anyone harm, and if you’ll remember, Emme- Hakan about an erotic fantasy that he wrote ba-
volved -- thankfully Emmerich knows how to use real cha- venge fantasy there?), and Jackson has little time to save his rich included similar irony in “The Day After Tomor- sed on an event involving Salih and Özlem. Di-
racters rather than cardboard cutouts who find themselves family before the total collapse of the Golden State. We see row” when millions of Americans were trying to get sappointed and confused, Hakan heads toward
in the middle of force majeure, even though cheesy bits are him driving crazily through the cracks of the earth, accessing into Mexico after their fair land’s lethal freeze out. Özlem’s house to learn about the whole thing.
inevitable. Which brings me to another overused Hollywo- a small plane in the nick of time, flying it, then driving a van “2012” is the ultimate crash course in natu- Directed by: nan Temelkuran
od cliché: the horribly written “I love you” dialogues befo- through the volcanic Yellowstone Park and then trying to re- ral disasters. If you’re interested in watching our Genre: drama
re someone is about to die. Aren’t we all tired of cringing ach a larger plane that will take them to China. Jackson finds planet’s doom, this is the film for you. Cast: Öner Erkan, Kadir Çermik, Damla Sönmez,
Erkan Bekta


Russia sees Lisbon British ruling Labour Party keeps seat in Scottish fiefdom
Treaty as good for ties


Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ruling Labour However, only a third of voters went to the polls,
The European Union will be a tougher but more Party enjoyed an unexpectedly comfortable win down from nearly half at the last election in 2005,
predictable negotiating partner after the bloc’s on Friday in a vote for a parliamentary seat in one of its and commentators said Labour would struggle to
Lisbon Treaty comes into force, as it will be better Scottish strongholds, probably the last such test of pub- repeat the success nationwide.
able to speak with one voice, a top Kremlin ofcial lic opinion before a national election due by next June. “It was very much a Scottish by-election fought on
said. The treaty, which comes into force on Dec. Labour candidate Willie Bain polled almost three local issues,” said John Curtice, politics professor at the
1, will make the 27-member bloc more cohesive, times as many votes in Glasgow North East as second University of Strathclyde. “It is not a trick that can be
President Dmitry Medvedev’s foreign policy ad- placed candidate David Kerr from the pro-indepen- repeated south of the border. It doesn’t mean to say
dence Scottish National Party, maintaining Labour’s that the Labour Party has suddenly turned the corner.”

viser Sergei Prikhodko told reporters. “In many
events discussions with the European Union will grip on a seat it has held for 74 years. Center-left Labour, in power since 1997, has seen its
become more difcult because now they will be The win, although widely predicted, gives some support suffer during a deep and enduring recession and
speaking with one voice,” Prikhodko said in com- welcome respite for Brown before an election which with a rising death toll among British troops in Afghani-
ments released on Friday. The treaty streamlines opinion polls suggest he will lose to the opposition stan. Bain, 36, sought to play up the vote as a spring-
the EU’s cumbersome decision-making processes center-right Conservatives. board for a Labour revival across Britain. Labour trails
and creates the posts of president and power- With Labour’s share of the vote in the socially de- the Conservatives by upwards of 10 points in polls.
ful foreign policy chief, jobs designed to give the prived Glasgow constituency up by six points to nearly “The message for the general election is clear
union more clout in world affairs. Russian diplo- 60 percent, Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy said it was -- game on,” Bain told cheering supporters. “It was
mats complain that rotating EU chairs with dif- a “remarkable victory” that vindicated Brown and his a resounding “No” to (Conservative leader) David
ferent agendas and personalities have made it handling of the economic recovery. Cameron.” Analysts caution against reading too
difcult to pursue stable relations. But many ana- “It is a really strong endorsement of Gordon Brown much into one vote, but Labour needs to maintain its
lysts say Russia will nd it harder to bypass Brus- and what he is doing to get the country through this strong position in Scotland if it is to cling on to pow- Scottish Labour Party candidate Willie Bain (C) gestures to photographers during the Glasgow North
international recession,” Murphy told Sky News. er or limit the Conservative majority. Glasgow Reuters East by-election vote count at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center in Glasgow, Scotland.
sels institutions and curry favor with individual
member states under the new structures. “We
need predictability, we don’t need rushing from
one side to another, politicising small technical
issues,” said Prikhodko, seen as a crucial foreign
policy gure in Moscow. Moscow Reuters

Rich nations’ cash
offers still not clear
Just weeks away from a major UN climate summit,
rich nations have yet to unveil specic amounts to
US and Japan vow to
help poor countries ght global warming, Cana-
da’s nance minister said on Friday. Funding to
help poorer nations adapt to rising seas and more
chaotic weather is a make-or-break issue for talks
revtalze straned tes

to try to seal a broader climate pact in Copenhagen

Washington’s relations with Hatoyama’s
next month. The UN climate chief has called for an
initial $10 billion in funding to be offered by rich
government, which has promised to oversee a
nations in Copenhagen. EU leaders say develop- diplomatic course less dependent on its long-
ing countries would need 100 billion euros ($148
billion) by 2020. But Canada’s Finance Minister
time ally and forge closer ties with Asia, are
Jim Flaherty said there were still no specic num-
bers on the table during high-level discussions at a
frayed by a dispute over a US military base
recent G20 meeting or during a gathering of Asia- US President Barack Obama niversary of their security treaty.
Pacic leaders, ministers and CEOs that ends on and Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama, whose Democratic
Sunday. “At the G20 meeting in Scotland (last Yukio Hatoyama pledged on Party defeated its long-dominant ri-

week) we talked about nancing options but we Friday to revitalize their strained se- val in an August election, repeated
did not talk about numbers,” he told Reuters on curity alliance as they adapt to a rap- his view that a row over on the US
the sidelines of the annual Asia-Pacic Economic idly rising China. Marines’ Futenma air base on south-
Cooperation summit. Three weeks from the start Washington’s relations with ern Okinawa island should be re-
of the Dec 7-18 meeting in Denmark, that re- Hatoyama’s government, which has solved as soon as possible.
mained the case, he said. Singapore Reuters promised to oversee a diplomatic On Friday, eight elderly victims
course less dependent on its long- of the 1945 bombs demonstrated
CRACKDOWN time ally and forge closer ties with along with supporters outside the U
Asia, are frayed by a dispute over a Embassy in Tokyo calling for Obama
China to boost efforts US military base. to push ahead towards his vision of a
in fighting piracy “I told him that the US-Japan
alliance is the cornerstone of every-
nuclear-free world.
The two leaders were, however,
China is expected to ramp up its naval presence thing,” Hatoyama told reporters after expected to stress the positive, agree-
off Somalia and will co-lead the international their summit. “But given the chang- ing to cooperate in ghting global
taskforce ghting piracy off the Horn of Africa, ing times and global environment, I warming and promoting nuclear dis-
naval ofcers said on Friday. Naval ofcers who would like to deepen the alliance and armament, while calling on North
recently attended a meeting in Beijing of the create a new US-Japan alliance that Korea to rejoin stalled six-party talks
Shared Awareness and De-coniction (SHADE) is constructive and future-oriented.” on its nuclear arms program.
grouping which spearheads the anti-piracy ght Obama, on his rst trip to Asia as “Pursuit of nuclear weapons
off Somalia, said China would become a co-chair leader, agreed. and missile delivery systems makes
of the grouping along with the European Union “Our alliance will endure and our North Korea and the region less se-
and the multinational Combined Maritime Forces. efforts will be focused on revitalizing cure, whereas negotiations in the
“That is a leadership role in terms of making sure that friendship so that it’s even stron- six-party process to achieve the
that the meetings and the agendas for the meet- ger and more successful in meeting peaceful denuclearization of the
ings are properly coordinated,” said Commodore the challenges of the 21st century.” Korean Peninsula can bring security
Tim Lowe, the deputy commander of the Com- Tokyo is the rst stop in Obama’s and prosperity to North Korea and
bined Maritime Forces during an international nine-day Asian tour that takes Obama the region,” Obama told South Ko-
anti-piracy conference in Hong Kong. “My hope is to Singapore for an Asia-Pacic sum- rea’s Yonhap news service.
that perhaps in April or May next year, we would mit, to China for talks on climate North Korea warned the South it
see China taking on that lead coordinator role for change and trade imbalances, and to was ready for battle over a disputed sea
the corridor, to provide protection in the corridor,” South Korea, where North Korea’s border with a pledge to take “merciless
Lowe told Reuters, referring to a ve-mile-wide nuclear ambitions will be in focus. military measures to defend” what it
ocean strip which is policed by international war- Hatoyama and Obama agreed on saw as the correct line. The two Koreas
ships in the dangerous waters. Hong Kong Reuters a plan to review their alliance over had their rst naval reght in seven
President Barack Obama, left, and Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama shake hands before the start of the next year, with a view to deepen- years on Tuesday, but there were no
PLEA their bilateral meeting at Kantei, the latter’s official residence, in Tokyo, on Friday. ing it as they celebrate the 50th an- reported casualties. Tokyo Reuters/AP

Clinton pushes for

Manila-rebel deal
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged
the Philippines and the country’s largest Mus-
lim rebel group on Friday to strike a peace
deal before President Gloria Macapagal Ar-
Israelis seen backing possible talks Saudi villages evacuated due to
royo steps down next June. Clinton said she
believed Arroyo, whom she met over dinner
with Hamas, latest poll shows violence in Yemen, UNICEF says
on Thursday, was committed to ending the More than half of Israelis would support lawmaker in Israel’s largest opposition party, Some 240 villages in Saudi Arabia have been Geneva, giving no further details. A Saudi gov-
decades-old Muslim conict in the south- peace talks with the Palestinian Hamas Kadima, also proposed giving Palestinians 60 evacuated and scores of schools closed due ernment adviser said on Thursday that Saudi
ern region of Mindanao and was prepared to group if it recognised Israel, a poll published percent of West Bank land for a state and com- to ghting which has now spilled over from Ye- Arabia is using air power and artillery to enforce
make tough and unpopular decisions. “I think on Friday said. The results of the survey con- pensating Jewish settlers to leave these areas. men, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNI- a 10 kilometers (six mile) deep buffer zone inside
that the president is committed, she wants to ducted by the Israeli Dialog Institute seemed Western countries have said they would en- CEF) said on Friday, citing local contacts. Saudi Yemen to keep the Shiite rebels away from its
see this done,” Clinton said during a televised to suggest Israelis were blaming Palestinian gage Hamas only if it renounced violence, accept- Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, launched southwestern border. Fighting between Yemeni
question-and-answer session with students in President Mahmoud Abbas, a Hamas rival, for ed interim peace deals with Israel and recognized an offensive last week after Yemeni rebels seized troops and Houthi rebels, who say Yemen’s
Manila, referring to reaching a peace deal with a deadlock in peace talks, more than Israel’s its right to exist. Abbas had threatened to avoid Saudi territory along the mountainous border Zaidi Shiite minority suffers discrimination and
the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). “In rightist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, standing for reelection, blaming Netanyahu for a from which they said the Saudis had been allow- neglect, has ared on and off since 2004 in the
fact, what I often found is that it is easier to the Haaretz newspaper wrote. delay in peace talks stalled since December. He ing Yemeni troops to use to attack their positions. northern province of Saada.
make these difcult decisions when you are on A peace plan oated on Sunday by a for- has since agreed to delay a scheduled Palestinian ”Fighting has now spilled into Saudi Arabia, UNICEF voiced deep concern at the escala-
the way out of ofce because you know what’s mer defense chief, Shaul Mofaz, suggesting poll after objections voiced by Hamas. Despite reportedly causing 240 villages to be evacuated tion of the conict in north Yemen, where the
at stake and you are willing to brave the politi- possible talks with Hamas if the Gaza rulers the support for Mofaz’s ideas, Netanyahu had and more than 50 schools to be closed,” Sigrid United Nations now says 175,000 people have
cal re.” “So strike while the iron is hot, that’s were to drop their refusal to recognize Israel, also gained greater backing in recent months, the Kaag, UNICEF’s regional director for the Middle been displaced by the ghting. More than 15,000
an old saying. When people are in the mood was backed by 57 percent of Israelis, the poll newspaper said. The poll was taken after Netan- East and North Africa, said in a statement. are staying in al-Mazraq camp in Hajjah province,
and willing to make peace, do not sleep, do not showed. It also showed an increasing major- yahu’s talks with U.S. President Barack Obama The information came from UNICEF’s con- the population of which has doubled in the past
rest until you nally get there. Manila Reuters ity backing Netanyahu. Mofaz, number two in Washington on Monday. Jerusalem Reuters tacts on the ground, a spokeswoman said in month, according to the agency. Geneva Reuters

WORLD S A T U R D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9 TODAY’S ZAMAN 11

Global warmng’s Syrian leader Assad

urges firm US plan
msunderstood on Mideast peace

vctms Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that
US President Barack Obama should come up
OPINION with a rm plan of action to renew peace talks be-
tween Syria and Israel. In an interview with French
Bjørn Lomborg daily Le Figaro published on Friday, Assad said the
TODAY’S ZAMAN dialogue initiated by Obama’s administration had
not gone “beyond an exchange of views.”
“There has not been an executive plan,” he
BAMAKO, MALI -- Media organizations in wealthy coun-
said. Assad is due to meet French President Nico-
tries regularly send forth reporters to nd “victims of global
las Sarkozy on Friday, hot on the heels of Israeli
warming.” In dispatches from the Pacic Islands, Bangladesh
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was in
or Ethiopia, journalists warn of impending calamity. Global
Paris earlier this week. While Netanyahu said he
warming is the most horric challenge facing these regions,
was ready to start peace negotiations with Assad
we are told. Its resolution is vital.
immediately, the Syrian leader accused Israel of
But seldom do we hear from the local people who are
not truly wanting to relaunch talks.
said to be in danger. These people are not voiceless; we just
“But the weak point is the American spon-
pay no attention to what they say.
sor [of peace talks],” Assad told Le Figaro.
The Copenhagen Consensus Center set out to ask people in
“What Obama said about peace was a good
global-warming hot spots about their fears and hopes. In Mojo,
thing. We agree with him on the principles, but
central Ethiopia, our researchers met Tadese Denkue, a 68-year-
as I said, what’s the action plan? The sponsor
old former soldier with no regular income. “I never know when I
will be able to buy myself some food,” he said. “I only know that has to draw up an action plan,” he said.
I suffer a lot. This is not a decent life.” Assad said that while relations with the United
Tadese has never heard of global warming. When it is ex- States had improved, issues such as continued U.S.
plained to him, he is dismissive. He has more immediate con- sanctions against Syria were hindering any joint
cerns: “The rst thing I need is food, and then a job.” work towards peace in the Middle East.
Tadese is suffering from his second bout of malaria this Asked about Israel’s complaint to the United
year. He has lost count of how many times he has contracted Nations earlier this month about what it said was an
Healthcare worker Damian Blaza (bottom) passes out numbers to people waiting in line to receive a free H1N1 flu vaccine at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago. Iranian attempt to supply weapons by ship to Leba-
the disease. Our researcher accompanies him to a free clinic.
The electricity is not working. A doctor admits that most pa- nese militant group Hezbullah, Assad accused Israel
tients are sent home without testing or treatment: the clinic of lying. “What proof is there that the arms were for
has run out of medicine.
The threat of more malaria has been used to argue for
drastic carbon cuts. Warmer, wetter weather will improve
conditions for the malaria parasite. Most estimates suggest
H1N1 has klled 3,900 Hezbullah or someone else?” he said, adding that a
sovereign state had the right to buy arms. He said
Israel’s seizure of the ship amounted to “an act of pi-
racy in the middle of the Mediterranean.”
Peace talks between Israel and Syria faltered in
that global warming will put 3 percent more of the earth’s
population at risk of catching malaria by 2100.
The most efcient, global carbon cuts -- designed to
keep temperature increases under two degrees Celsius --
Amercans, US CDC says 2000 over the demand by Damascus for a full with-
drawal from the Golan Heights, a strategic plateau
Israel captured in a 1967 war and later annexed.
would cost $40 trillion a year by 2100, according to research
More complete data and more comprehensive calculations than previously Turkey later mediated a limited series of con-
tacts between the two countries, which failed to re-
by Richard Tol for the Copenhagen Consensus Center. In released now show that, in the rst six months of the pandemic, H1N1 sult in any formal negotiations. Israel accuses Syria
the best-case scenario, this expenditure would reduce the
at-risk population by only 3 percent. infected an estimated 22 million Americans and put 98,000 in the hospital of helping to arm Hezbullah and Hamas, its militant
In comparison, spending $3 billion annually on mosqui- enemies in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Assad also
to nets, environmentally safe indoor DDT sprays and sub- H1N1 swine u killed an esti- said the new unity government formed in Lebanon
sidies for effective new combination therapies could halve mated 3,900 Americans from created stability and made it easier for Syria, which
the total number of those infected within one decade. For April to October, including more ended its 29-year military presence in Lebanon four
the money it takes to save one life with carbon cuts, smarter than 500 children, US health ofcials years ago, to have normal relations with its neighbor.
policies could save 78,000 lives. said on Thursday. More complete data “The formation of a unity government auto-
Of course, malaria is far from the only reason we worry about and more comprehensive calculations matically means an improvement in Syrian-Leb-
global warming. Twenty kilometers from Mojo, our researcher than previously released now show that, anese relations, with a view to their normaliza-
met Desi Koricho and her 8-month-old son, Michel. Every two in the rst six months of the pandemic, tion,” he said. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad
weeks, Desi walks four hours to take Michel to the health center. H1N1 infected an estimated 22 million al-Hariri formed a new unity government on
After two months of malnutrition treatment, Michel has grown a Americans and put 98,000 in the hospi- Monday that includes two ministers from Syr-
lot but remains half the normal size of a baby his age. tal, the US Centers for Disease Control ian- and Iranian-backed Hezbullah. Paris Reuters
Michel is not Desi’s biological child. She took him in after his and Prevention said.
father committed suicide and he was abandoned. Desi likely suf- Of these totals, children account for 8
fers from undiagnosed malnutrition herself. It is rife here. There
are no roads, electricity or other infrastructure. Conditions are
million of the infected, 36,000 of those in
hospital and 540 deaths. “I have already
Carla Bruni denies
cramped and unhygienic. “We need everything,” Desi says. Solv- seen a larger number of deaths than we
have had for several years,” the CDC’s Dr.
influencing French
ing the malnutrition challenge would be a good start.
Campaigners across Europe and the US use the threat of star- Anne Schuchat told reporters. “I do be-
lieve the pediatric death toll from this pan-
had been led to expect about 8 million
doses this week,” Schuchat said. “Based
trapolation based on detailed data from
10 states. CDC’s precise count of con-
President Sarkozy
vation to argue for drastic carbon cuts. For most regions, weather France’s rst lady, model-turned-singer Carla
changes will increase agricultural productivity. Cruelly, this is not demic will be extensive and much greater on what we have today, we aren’t ex- rmed u deaths is 1,265.
Bruni-Sarkozy, has rejected accusations of in-
the case for parts of Africa that are already suffering from hunger. than what we see with seasonal u.” pecting to meet that estimate that the “For inuenza it’s virtually impos-
uencing President Nicolas Sarkozy’s political deci-
But, as with malaria, all of the evidence shows that direct pol- In an average u season, about 82 manufacturers gave us.” Many things sible to nd every case with a lab test.
sions, saying he was “not a yes-man.”
icies are much more effective than carbon cuts. One effective, un- children die in the United States, the CDC can go wrong with u vaccine produc- So the estimation method we are using
After French media published anonymous
der-appreciated intervention is providing micronutrients to those says. But those are lab-conrmed cases, tion, Schuchat noted. now we believe gives a bigger picture, a
comments from members of Sarkozy’s center-right
who lack them. Providing vitamin A and zinc to 80 percent of the which Schuchat points out are far lower probably more accurate picture of the full
UMP party criticizing her for supposedly passing on
140 million or so undernourished children in the world would than the kinds of estimates released on Quick antivirals scope of the pandemic,” Schuchat said.
her left-leaning views, she retorted that she had no
require a commitment of just $60 million annually. For $286 mil- Thursday. For the rst six months of this The CDC said doctors need to treat In an average u season, about 36,000
interest in politics. “How can anyone imagine that
lion, we could get iron and iodine to more than 2.5 billion people. pandemic, 129 US children who died had cases of severe u quickly with the anti- Americans die and 200,000 are hospital-
my husband is a yes-man who lets himself be in-
The choice is stark: for a few hundred million dollars, lab-conrmed H1N1 u. The CDC said viral drugs Tamiu, made by Roche AG, ized. But 90 percent of these are people
uenced!” the Italian-born Bruni-Sarkozy said in an
we could help almost half of humanity now. Compare this swine u is causing the worst u season Relenza, made by GlaxoSmithKline, or over 65. With H1N1, the opposite is true
interview with Friday’s edition of Elle magazine.
to the investments to tackle climate change -- $40 trillion in the United States since 1997, when for severe hospitalized cases, peramivir, -- 90 percent of those infected and seri-
“In a couple, each partner has personal inuence
annually by the end of the century -- which would save a current measurements started. made by BioCryst. ously ill are younger adults and children.
over the other but I don’t have any political inuence
hundred times fewer starving people (and in 90 years!). For “What we are seeing in 2009 is un- But a team of CDC experts said in And Schuchat pointed out that it
on my husband. Fortunately, because that would be
every person saved from malnutrition through climate poli- precedented,” Schuchat said. “Inuenza a report released on Thursday that only is only November. “We have a long u
hell!” Media reported that UMP members were up-
cies, the same money could have saved half a million people is really serious. The vaccines we have about 75 percent of hospitalized pa- season ahead of us,” she said. The US u
set by what they saw as a liberal artist’s inuence on
from micronutrient malnutrition through direct policies. are the best way to protect patients.” tients with laboratory-conrmed pan- season usually runs from October to May.
the presidency. In particular, Bruni-Sarkozy was said
Some argue that the choice between spending money on But the vaccines are being produced demic H1N1 get them. Most of the conrmed u cases are
to have persuaded the president to appoint Frederic
carbon cuts and on direct policies is unfair. But it is a basic fact and distributed slowly. Schuchat said Schuchat stressed that the pan- H1N1 u and about 30 percent of peo-
Mitterrand, nephew of the late socialist President
that no dollar can be spent twice. Rich countries and donors have 41.6 million doses were available or had demic is not worsening but noted that ple who show up at the doctor’s ofce
Francois Mitterrand, as culture minister.
limited budgets and attention spans. If we spend vast amounts of been distributed but this is far below it takes time to gather data on u cases and are actually tested for inuenza turn
She said she had not foreseen the impact that
money on carbon cuts in the mistaken belief that we are stopping what had been expected. and deaths. Thursday’s count is not an out to have u, as opposed to some oth-
marrying the president would have on her life as
malaria and reducing malnutrition, we are less likely to put aside “Last week we did mention that we actual reckoning of deaths but is an ex- er infection. Washington Reuters
she had previously hardly known about politics, only
money for the direct policies that would help today. briey scanning the politics pages. Paris Reuters
Indeed, for every dollar spent on strong climate policies,
we will likely do about $0.02 of good for the future. If we
spent the same dollar on simple policies to help malnutrition
or malaria now, we could do $20 or more good -- 1000 times
better, when all impacts are taken into account.
On Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania -- where the effects
of global warming can already be felt -- our researcher en-
Bomber attacks Pakistani intelligence agency; 10 dead

countered 28-year-old Rehema Ibrahim. Rehema was di- A suicide car bomber attacked an of- enclaves is vital for its Afghan effort. 1980s, but in recent years has become a target
vorced by her husband and disowned by her family after she ce used by Pakistan’s main intelligence The blast brought down the front of the of some militant factions.
failed to produce children. To nd out if she was the cause agency in the northwestern city of Peshawar three-storey building and sent a thick column Shortly after the Peshawar attack, a suicide
of the infertility, she started sleeping with other men. She is on Friday, killing 10 people and wounding 60, of smoke billowing over the city. car bomber attacked a police station near the
now HIV-positive, an outcast in a terribly poor society. ofcials said. The city, near the Afghan border, A wounded soldier said the bomber was in northwestern town of Bannu, killing seven
Rehema has noticed changes in the weather. She says has been targeted several times since the army a type of vehicle that usually delivers medical people including ve policemen.
that the snow and ice have been melting. She knows what began an offensive against the Taliban in South supplies. “All of a sudden it appeared on the Bannu is a gateway to the North Wa-
our researcher means by “global warming.” But, she says: Waziristan last month and militants stepped up wrong side of the road and began coming to- ziristan, another major militant sanctu-

“The issues I am experiencing have greater priority. The HIV retaliatory attacks. A military spokesman said wards the ofce,” the soldier, Nasir, told Re- ary on the Afghan border. Security is tight
and the problems it is causing are greater than the [receding] the bomber’s target was the ofce of the Inter- uters. “The guards opened re but it came to across the country with numerous checks on
ice.” Campaigners for carbon-emission reductions regularly Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. the entrance of the building as the ring went roads and it was not clear how the bomber
highlight the melting snow and ice of Mount Kilimanjaro. The attack came shortly before US National on and exploded.” It was not clear how many was able to approach the ISI ofce. Militants
But we need to pay as much attention to the people living in Security Adviser Jim Jones began a series of people were in the building when the bomber who attacked army headquarters in Rawal-
the mountain’s shadow. meetings with military and government lead- struck at about 6:40 a.m. (0140 GMT), before pindi last month were dressed in army uni-
*Bjorn Lomborg is the director of the Copenhagen Consensus Cen- ers in Islamabad. The United States, weighing the city’s rush-hour. The ISI has in the past forms and travelled in a vehicle with military
ter and author of “Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to People injured in a suicide attack on a police station in Bakakhel, options as it struggles to stabilise Afghanistan, supported extremists, beginning with guerrillas markings, reecting an increasing sophisti-
Global Warming.” © Project Syndicate 2009. near tribal region of Waziristan, arrive at a local hospital in Bannu. says Pakistani action against militants in border battling Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan in the cation in their attacks. Peshawar Reuters






Move that car

Driving in stanbul requires not only skill
but character. The other day a neighbor
across the street needed to leave a parking

lot, but a car was parked in front of the exit,
blocking the way. Does this situation sound
familiar to you?
I think we would all agree that if you
were to park your car and block my drive-
way, I would have a right to be irritated
with you. However, more often than not
the guilty party doesn’t seem to acknowl-
edge his mistake when it is brought to
his attention. Although it is true that the
driver whose path was blocked had the
right to be more cheesed off with the other
driver, it does not always bring about the
result you want.
Often foreigners who move to Turkey
need to recognize that things are handled
differently from how they may expect or
how they would handle it back home.
The other day some cars were parked in
a no parking zone in front of a car dealer-
ship. The police came along to tow the il-
Psychologist Eda Arduman, who specializes in couples and family therapy as well as psychotherapy, notes that cross-cultural couples have the added issue of dealing with each other’s respective culture and customs. legally parked cars. The manager of the car

Therapy for cross-cultural couples

dealership rushed out to inform the police
that they were about to tow his car. Discus-
sions looked as though they were becoming
a bit heated. And within a few minutes, the
police were on the radio calling for back up
and the manager was on the phone calling
for reinforcements.
ELLE LOFTIS STANBUL Finding a therapist is probably the easiest part. therapy as an option. Step back from whatever ap- adult development. Changing is not giving up.
We always tell our guests if you see a
Convincing your partner to come and agree to ther- proach you have been taking and allow the other All of the same applies in regards to dealing with
crowd stay away for your own safety. I sat
Last February I attended a speech given apy can be quite another. Growing up in Europe person to breathe and take the lead in their ap- families. In my case, dealing with my Turkish in-laws
quietly observing from a distance and sip-
by Eda Arduman, clinical psychologist, or America, the “yabanc” (foreigner) in the rela- proach to therapy. Be quietly persistent. It’s not has proved the biggest challenge to Can’s and my
ping my tea.
M.A. Eda specializes in couples and family tionship most likely was raised without the cultural easy, as I know from personal experience. It can be relationship, as well as to my personal sanity. While
Obviously since the police called for
therapy as well as psychotherapy. Born and raised in taboo of seeking help through therapy. TV shows done, but requires a lot of patience and should be a lot of my problems with my mother in-law tend to
more police, the manager called his close
the San Francisco Bay Area, Eda later moved to Tur- and movies lled with psy- viewed as an opportunity be cultural, I think that it is also based on other fac-
mates or family members to come help him.
key and attended Boaziçi University, completing chological jargon and about for growth. Personally, I had tors. It’s sad, but I have frequently reached the point
her undergraduate and graduate studies in clinical therapists and people seek- Psychologist Eda to really watch myself and where I refuse to see things from her perspective. I
Soon two cars arrived: police jumped out of
one and from the other came Uncle Tom
psychology. She has worked, coached and taught at ing therapy have made get- really concentrate on not feel vulnerable and constantly open to attack. While
various institutions worldwide. Her ofce is current- ting help socially acceptable.
Arduman stresses pressuring Can to talk or do I think the chances of convincing my mother-in-law
Cobley and all -- who’d come as back up
for the manager.
ly located in the stanbul seaside district of stinye. Turkey is a bit different, that Turkish society something he didn’t want to to enter therapy with me are slim to none, I none-
My grandfather once said to one of my
Can and I were not yet married when I rst however. Eda stressed to do. He had to decide it was theless can use some of the tactics that Eda suggest-
met Eda. Although my and Can’s relationship is me that Turkish society
and families focus on time. When he did, the talk ed to help my individual growth. I also can try and
brothers: “Son, the heaviest thing in the world
is that chip on your shoulder. Get over it!”
quite strong and secure, I felt relieved that such and families focus on the the group rather than that we had was so open and see things from her point of view whenever possible.
Let’s go back to my rst example: The
a qualied therapist practiced in stanbul and we group rather than the indi- honest it truly was a turning While dealing with my mother-in-law will continue
could go to her if needed. Can and I, like most vidual, unlike the Western the individual, unlike point in our relationship. to be a struggle, I may consider seeing Eda sometime
majority of drivers who block the parking
lot entrance will apologize and move the
cross-cultural couples, have a lot of extra baggage
to deal with. I liked Eda immediately because her
model. It can then be scary
if one person wants to seek
the Western model. According to Eda, cross-
cultural couples have the
in the future with my husband, Can, to help both of
us deal with the stresses that this fractured relation-
car so you can exit, but this is not always the
case. If the driver refuses to move the car or
background is both American and Turkish, giving therapy, and they can feel ‘It can then be scary added issue of dealing with ship is causing. Eda also does family therapy, so this
is nowhere to be found and nothing can be
her a unique understanding of cross-cultural rela- intimidated, scared or pres- each other’s respective cul- is an area that she knows well. She encourages deal-
tionships. Language can be a key point of misun- sured out of their decision
if one person wants ture and customs. Generally, ing with the problems of triangulation, between the
done, you have the right to be angry with the
person. However, rather than taking the law
derstanding, and Eda’s uency in both English and easily. Recalcitrant spouses to seek therapy, the American and European three components causing the issues. This can be
into your own hands, you should call the po-
Turkish is a denite plus. Knowing both cultures are not unique to Turkey, model raises us in a culture made up of anything from the couple, to the in-laws
intimately also puts her on safe ground with both and Eda gave me several and they can feel of over-individuation. We or children. In all cases, proximity management is
lice, and they should ticket the car or tow it.
This is not usually the case here.
sides. I visited Eda recently in her spacious ofce examples of American men intimidated, scared aspire to be “solely inde- key, which I entirely agree with.
A friend was telling me about his neigh-
with a fabulous Bosporus view, and we discussed who showed up to therapy pendent.” This is complete- Both before and after my marriage to Can, I
cross-cultural therapy over coffee. with their spouse and faked or pressured out of ly counter to the Turkish was bombarded with many stereotypes and nega-
bor who went on holiday and had parked
his car in front of their building, making it
As we sat on navy blue sofas on a rainy stanbul their way through the ses- standard. Cracks and trem- tive stories of why our relationship would fail. I
day, she rst stressed to me that there are several sions. She prefers an honest
their decision easily’ ors result in the everyday believe in my relationship, and I love my husband
hard for residents and guests to go in and
out of the front entrance. The building’s
qualied couples therapists located throughout approach, where the part- conict of these ideals. From and it saddens me that so many cross-cultural re-
tenants discussed having the car towed, but
Turkey. She is actively involved, along with other ner stresses how they honestly feel about attend- both personal experience and from speaking with lationships are viewed as failures in Turkey. While
some neighbors warned if he came back and
Turkish psychologists, in work with platforms ing a session. “Honesty is easier to deal with,” she other friends in cross-cultural relationships, I know I can’t single-handedly change this image, the in-
found they had had the police tow the car,
and associations with the European Union. She said. Couples therapy should focus on relationship that it is the little, everyday clashes resulting from formation and resources listed above can provide
he would do something terrible to them.
stressed to me that while there are several great building, which can take away some of the scary this that caused the biggest rifts in our relationship. hope to other couples in similar situations. By
People were afraid to take action.
therapists in stanbul, there is no governing body social stigmas of therapy. Trying to nd middle ground, without feeling like sharing my story and struggles, I want to illustrate
Naturally, when the neighbor returned a
that checks and regulates licensing, unlike the rig- Still, according to Eda, there are many ways either person is giving in too much, is critical. This that a cross-cultural relationship can work de-
week later, other tenants in the building re-
orous controls in the US and EU. It is important that you can present the option of therapy to your is why I believe that Eda can help couples navigate spite the odds. There are resources available, and
fused to say hello to this family and in their
to know your therapist’s background and where partner in a non-threatening way. First, be aware these tricky waters. She advocates the importance people willing to help. Please don’t give up hope,
own way hassled him about his mistake.
they were certied before making a commitment. of the potential cultural, social and personal op- of listening to each other, while also challenging and ask for help if you need it. More information
They were carrying a grudge, and they did
Once that is established, and you nd someone position. Try and get an ally that he or she trusts, stereotypes that deserve challenging. Both sides about Eda can be found on her Web site in both
not let go of it very quickly.
you are comfortable with, you are ready to begin. such as a close friend or relative, who can suggest need to view things differently, which is a part of Turkish and English at
Grudges come in many shapes and siz-
es: Large grudges often are a result of ma-
jor conicts, and one person, often the one
who feels scorned, won’t allow the conict
to be forgotten.
Some large grudges focus on the family.

You may know of a family situation where

‘Publc Places, Prvate Spaces’ a grudge has split the family. Also grudges
between business partners and colleagues
KATHY HAMILTON ISTANBUL lika Kemmler, Annabel Pattullo, Elaine Graham, at work are common. The drive to get even
Jennifer Odlum, Linda Caldwell, Margie Lambert- is a strong force. Grudges can make you feel
In a metropolis the size of stanbul, how do en, Mariette Rijnsdorp, Mojca Androjna, Shona miserable. They certainly don’t help you
we dene and create our own personal space Schneider, Sibylle Giraud and Sophie Greiveld- feel good about others, either.
amidst millions of other inhabitants? Where can inger are featured in the exhibition. Each photog- I was inspired to write my piece yes-
we go to have a sense of privacy when we live in rapher brings her own unique style and interpre- terday “What do you mean by the ‘real’
a city that spans two continents and never seems tation of the subject matter to the show. The result words?” because of things readers have
to sleep? The Photography Club of stanbul Inter- is a creative, personal view of how we all relate to shared with me. You’d be surprised at
national Women (PCIIW) has a new exhibition the world around us. As with the photography the number of apartment buildings where
that examines some of the ways people attempt club’s previous exhibits around town, this show- neighbors live in such close proximity and

to carve out their own private spaces, nding ways ing of photographs will have viewers leaving with yet are not on speaking terms because of
to be alone, yet never lonely, within a city teeming a different outlook on their own lives and how a grudge.
with others also seeking their personal space. they too create their own personal sense of space. Life is too short to feel wronged or short-
Twelve women from around the world of- “Public Places, Private Spaces” runs through changed in life. Deal with it and move on.
fer intimate glimpses of private moments forged Nov. 26 at Arnavutköy Art Gallery.
in public places. The show, titled “Public Places, Address: Arnavutköy Art Gallery, Arnavutköy “Resentment or grudges do no harm to the per-
Private Spaces,” is brilliantly illustrated through Cad. 75, Arnavutköy, stanbul son against whom you hold these feelings but
mesmerizing color and black-and-white photo- Phone: 0 212 257 06 67 ‘Public Places, Private Spaces’ aims to share photographers’ perspectives of how we define and cre- every day and every night of your life, they are
graphs. Works from Andrea Durchankova, Ange- Web site: ate our own personal space and how we all relate to the world around us in a city the size of stanbul. eating at you.” -- Norman Vincent Peale

Note: Charlotte McPherson is the author of “Culture Smart:

Turkey, 2005.” Please keep your questions and observations
coming: I want to ensure this column is a help to you, Today’s
NOTE: Today’s Zaman intends to provide a lively forum for expatriates living in Turkey. We encourage you to contact us at and share your experiences, questions and problems in all walks of life for publication in Today’s Zaman. Zaman’s readers. Email:


A real writer wants to write novels
Moscow Virtuosi Quintet
at Antalya Culture Center
The Moscow Virtuosi chamber orchestra, the


AHSEN UTKU STANBUL orchestra in residence at the annual Antal-
ya International Piano Festival, will be onsta-
“Screenwriting is not healthy writing,” says
ge this weekend in the southern holiday re-
Richard Price, an acclaimed American novelist-
sort city for this year’s event. The orchestra is
screenwriter who was in stanbul last weekend
taking part in this year’s festival as a quintet.
to speak in a panel discussion as part of this year’s stan-
Under the baton of revered maestro Vladimir
bul Book Fair, which wrapped up last Sunday.
Spivakov, the Moscow Virtuosi Quintet will
Born in New York City, Price grew up in a
accompany pianist Olga Kern in a program of
working-class housing project in the Bronx. Early in
pieces by Russian composers in Sunday’s con-
his life, Price was taken with the fact that his factory-
cert, which will take place at 8:30 p.m. at the
worker grandfather was writing poetry. “I don’t
Antalya Culture Center (AKM).
know if it was good or bad -- I was too young --

but it made an impression on me. So, I had it in my
mind, I wanted to be a writer. I didn’t know if I had
anything to write about, but it stayed within. And
in my 20s, I nally had my story to tell,” he recalls.
Price graduated from Cornell University and
also did graduate work at Stanford University. Te-
aching writing at Columbia, Yale University and
New York University, he received an Academy
Award for Literature from the American Academy
of Arts and Letters Awards in 1999. Among Price’s
novels are “The Wanderers,” “Clockers” (later
made into a movie by Spike Lee), “Freedomland,”
“Samaritan” and “Lush Life,” which will be publis-
hed in Turkey in January by Alfa Publishing.
American novelist-screenwriter Richard Price speaks during a panel discussion at last week’s stanbul Book Fair. DANCE SHOW
The 60-year-old author has also penned nu- means that someone has to calm me down, like an her people that writing novels won’t allow you. Scre- ‘Troya’ to hit the road
merous screenplays, including 1986’s “The Color of editor; he should convince me that it’s worth wor- enwriting is not healthy writing. You don’t control
Money,” for which he was nominated for an Os- king on so that I’ll go on. It’s like temperamental. what you’re trying to say about the world; other peop-
for four-date Ankara run
car, as well as “Life Lessons” (1989), “Mad Dog It’s a sort of a joke. ... Familiarity is important beca- le do it for you. So, for a real writer, I think you want “Troya,” the critically acclaimed dance pro-
and Glory” (1992), “Ransom” (1996) and “Shaft” use I realize that I go through this with every book. to be a novelist because it’s you and nobody can affect duction by Anadolu Atei, the world-famous
(2000). During his stay in stanbul, Price spoke to But the minute I nish that book, I forget and then that. The problem in screenwriting is that there’s al- Turkish folk dance company also known as
Sunday’s Zaman about his career. I go through it again. Someone has to tell me, “This ways people that want to talk to you about your work. the Fire of Anatolia, will travel to Ankara next
Your rst novel was published when you is the seventh time you’re going through this,” and When the product is nished, you feel a little cheated month for its rst ever performance there. The
were 24, and it was made into a movie. It must somebody has to be around me enough to know. because all you did was to write it on paper, and it’s up show, featuring a score composed by Yücel
have been a good beginning. Which is more essential for you, novels or to everyone to put it up on the screen. You think that Arzen and performed by the Prague Philhar-
It made a little bit of a splash because I was so yo- screenwriting? what they did is not what you exactly think, but you monic Orchestra, recounts a 3,000-year seg-
ung and that became a kind of interest to the book Novel writing. You don’t have to get anybody’s can’t do anything about it. But you do it again becau- ment of Anatolia’s history, taking Homer’s
world because at that time, 1974, people did not pub- permission to do it. You can’t write a screenplay un- se this actor’s name is involved, or it’s a location to be legend of Troy as its starting point. Its four-
lish at that age. It didn’t sell incredibly well and the mo- less somebody gives you a job. It’s like you can’t be excited about, but I think it hurts seriously. night run in the Turkish capital is scheduled
vie didn’t do particularly well, but it established a name. an actor unless someone gives you a job. But you Is there any specic person that you want to for Dec. 23-26 at the Anadolu Show Center.
Did you start writing screenplays after your write a novel, or you paint a picture; all you need is work with? Tickets, priced between TL 40 and 120, can be
novels were made into movies? the material and whether the item is good enough I worked with many different people; I think the purchased at Biletix sales points.
Two of my novels were made into movies wit- to be published or not. It seems like a simple decisi- most creatively successful stuff was done by Martin
hout my participation. They had screenwriters to do on; there’s nobody involved. Scorsese. In terms of actors, I don’t think that any
it, which was probably a good idea. But because pe- You say that writing novels and screenplays actor is consistently excellent. Even the great actors
ople saw how I wrote in the books, they thought it at the same time hurts you. have bad roles, even the great directors have bad
was very cinematic, so I just had offers such as if you It’s like playing two different sports at the same lms, even the great writers write bad books.
ever want to try screenwriting, and after a couple of time such as playing European football and one hour What do you read, and what do you watch?
books, I just felt I had nothing else to write about, later playing American football. I have only one brain, I read a lot of history and any ction. I don’t watch
so I decided to take them up on it and see what was and I can’t multi-task because there’s such a big diffe- too much. I worked on a TV series called “The Wire.”
it like to be a screenwriter so I kept writing at least. rence of sensibility between novel writing and screen I watch that, but I’m not much for TV. And I don’t go
Can you foresee whether a work will succe- writing. They rely on different instincts, and if you try to to the cinema much. As for authors, I like Robert Sto-
ed or not? do them at the same time, they will cross over. If you’re ne, Richard Yates, but I like books too because nobody
I’m nervous about everything I do. All I can do is writing a script, it’s for the screen; people watch it so consistently writes excellent books. But there are wri-
complete it … I can’t think about anything else but the writing is supercial. When you’re writing a novel, ters that I automatically buy a book of theirs. And I’d
nishing the work. you’re multi-dimensional because you’re plunging in- like to know what these writers are going to write abo- BLOCKBUSTER
You say that you need psychiatric nursing side a character; you’re narrating a world around. And if ut next. But it’s kind of random.
while you write. What do you mean? you try to write a novel with a screenwriting sensibility, You’ve seen the stanbul Book Fair. What do
‘Iron Man’ sequel to get
For me it takes a few years to write a book. I it would be very supercial. And if you write a screenp- you think about the literary sphere in Turkey? May release in Turkey
feel so anxious about “was this a good idea?” It just lay with a novel writing sense, it would be too heavy. The only Turkish writer [I know] is Orhan Pamuk. “Iron Man 2,” the eagerly anticipated sequ-
While writing scripts, do you imagine the cha- I don’t know if Turkish writers have broken into the el to last year’s superhero blockbuster “Iron
racters as certain people, like specic actors? American sensibility. Only 3 percent of all the books Man,” will open in Turkish theaters on May 7,
No, I don’t think about that. I put all my energy into in America are translated from another language. And 2010, the same date as its US theatrical rele-
making the novel. If I tried to write creatively and at that includes countries culturally close to America like ase, the Turkish movie Web site
the same time thought about a movie, it takes away the France, Germany, England and so on. I don’t know any has reported. “Iron Man 2,” directed by Jon
concentration of the task. The task is to write the novel. Dutch writers; I don’t know any Turkish writers; now Favreau with Robert Downey, Jr. reprising the
Once you’re done, there’s no harm in having conver- I’m meeting Turkish writers. But I’m trying to get a sen- title role as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark,
sations, wouldn’t this actor be good, etc., but I can’t do se by meeting writers, of what the work is about, but is to be released in the UK on April 30. The
that while writing; I have to do the work. I’m not there yet. I’m not qualied. sequel is set six months after the events of
How would you feel if your novels were adap- One of your works was related to Michael “Iron Man” and follows how Stark’s revealing
ted for the cinema by different directors from Tur- Jackson’s video “Bad.” of his identity is taking its toll on him.
key or Europe? It’s embarrassing.
That would be very interesting. It depends on the But don’t you think it’s more signicant to-
people and on the situation. Another dilemma is that day after Jackson’s death?
I don’t speak any other language than English. So, No, but ... the funny thing is that I live in Har-
when the translations are made, I can’t tell if it’s good lem in New York, which is a predominantly black,
or bad. But it would be interesting to see how some- historically black neighborhood. And I was on the
body from Turkey would interpret my story because I street when Michael Jackson died. And it was like
nd people in this part of the world much more invol- every person on the street started talking, it was like
ved in the life of the family. That is not necessarily the George Washington died, like Atatürk died. The
case in the United States. The generations live toget- entire neighborhood, everybody was on the cell
her in the same house; the grandmother lives in the phone; it was like a phenomena. I didn’t know how
same house; the bride moves into the groom’s house. important he was to the culture. He just seemed so
I didn’t have that experience. This is a sensibility that weird to me. When I worked with him, it was just
might be Turkish or anything not American. I would a music video; I just met him once, years ago. They FESTIVAL
like to see my script ltered through what’s important treated him like a God died. It’s a little bizarre.
to other cultures in my story. It might be something If they offered to remake the video would Chano Dominguez to
that I don’t think is particularly important, so it might you accept? close Pera Fest 2009
be interesting to see how somebody would interpret it. Probably not. The older I get, the more I want to Latin jazz, post-bop and amenco jazz pia-
“The sin wasn’t to write the screenplays. The do what I really want to do. And that’s writing novels. nist Chano Domínguez today performs the -
sin was to write them well.” What do you mean Are you working on something at the moment? nal concert of this year’s Pera Fest in stanbul.
by these words? I’m writing a novel about Harlem. It’s a slow pro- Domínguez, known for his ability to perform
Writing novels is a very solitary occupation. When cess. It takes a few years, but it depends on how familiar almost all modes of amenco on the piano, will
you’re done, it’s all yours. Screenwriting is anything I am with what I’m going to write about. It takes about be onstage at Bahçeehir University’s Fazl Say
but solitary, you’re working with directors, actors, stu- three years. I try to observe the community, and I have Hall to present a selection of pieces from his
dios, agents and you have no control over that. You to change all this into a ction. I have to write a story, wide-ranging repertoire, which blends amen-
have a social world; you have a connection with ot- but the rst part is learning what I need to learn. co with jazz in his own unique style. The con-
cert will start at 8 p.m. Tickets, priced at TL 45,
can be purchased at Biletix sales points.





Why s the
chef prosecutor


Inside the beng montored?
Exempting judges and prosecutors from being asked
wide-ranging questions is out of the question. If they abuse their pow-
spectrum, where the ers or do not comply with their responsibilities it is very
normal that action is taken against them according to
PKK together with standard procedures. If necessary, their telephone con-
the pro-Kurdish versations can be lawfully monitored as well. There is no
doubt about that. But the written statement released by

the Justice Ministry in the aftermath of reports on the
issue reveals that there are some questions that need
Society Party and the immediate clarication. The Justice Ministry statement
Nationalist Movement noted that the phone conversations of 56 judges and
prosecutors were monitored and read “after the exami-
Party are two opposite nation by the Supervisory Board, it was suggested that
ends, the government there was no need to launch an investigation against 46
of the judges and prosecutors including stanbul Chief
should try to focus Public Prosecutor.”
The statement shows that stanbul Chief Public
on maintaining Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin’s telephone conversa-
negotiations, tions were also monitored. The stanbul Chief Public
Prosecutor is not an ordinary prosecutor. He is the su-
instead pervisor of prosecutors leading the most critical investi-
of bargaining gation of Turkey’s recent past. Why did Justice Ministry
inspectors feel the need to monitor the telephone con-
versation of Ergenekon prosecutors’ supervisor? Based
Scenes from yesterday’s meeting in Parliament show that there is much progress that must be made before this calm settles with regard to the AK Party’s democratic initiative. on what suspicion or reason did the court approve the
inspectors’ permission for wiretapping?
The statement reveals that it was determined that
“Red lines” is a military term referring to the borders of the mates by their relatives was abolished, which was a big prob-
there was no need to launch an investigation against
“forbidden zone.” The military tends to set certain red lines MÜMTAZ’ER lem. State TV started broadcasting programs in Kurdish for
stanbul Chief Public Prosecutor after the wiretaps.
beyond which it allows no one to pass, thereby declaring that 24 hours a day. The establishment of private TV stations that
zone to be forbidden. What if anyone crosses those lines? The
TÜRKÖNE will air Kurdish programs was allowed. Civil registers started
Okay but why were the prosecutor’s telephone conver-
sations intercepted for four and a half months?
answer to this question is still determined by military means. to accept Kurdish names in their records. Recently, a citi- It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Ergenekon had con-
Any breach of these red lines is sufficient reason to start a war. zen named his child “Kurdistan.” The reverting of names of nections to the highest levels of the judiciary however
This phrase, however, has over the last several years frequently geographical locations to their originals is making quite a the Justice Ministry’s statements has created serious
been used by politicians, who employ it without paying much atten- are nothing but abstract expressions. The important thing about progress quietly. It is now possible to establish Kurdish questions on whether these connections have extended
tion to its proper usage. By referring to this phrase, they try to state the these lines is that they are characterized by a prevailing military language and Kurdish literature departments. to include the prosecutors that are directly leading the
principles or issues about which they will not make any concession or approach. The CHP does not offer any solution to the Kurdish The progress the democratic initiative contains is obvious to investigation? There are two basic questions that have
which they will not open to discussion. This expression adds some issue, but only talks about prohibitions. Let us return to the mili- a certain extent: the re-naturalization of people who committed formed about Engin. Is he under suspicion in connec-
harshness to the political discourse. When you sit at the bargaining tary’s denition of “red lines.” Faced with a complex problem political crimes but were not involved in armed conict, the non- tion with the Ergenekon investigation? Is there suspi-
table, you use this phrase to put pressure on your opponent. which they cannot solve, the military simply opts to set pro- imprisonment of children who throw stones at security authorities, cion that the Ergenekon organization has reached the
In an à la turca political debate, this harshness is particularly sig- hibitions about it. That is why the military dictatorial rules the evacuation of the Makhmour camp, the possibility of holding highest ofcials leading the investigation?
nicant because the debates relating to an issue are conducted with impose a plentitude of bans and prohibitions and turn the retrials, the strengthening of local administrations, the expansion of The Susurluk Commission set up in parliament
an emphasis on bargaining. In the East, bargaining is commonly used country into a prison. freedom of expression, the introduction of elective courses in Kurd- ten years ago was also in charge of investigating “gangs
to settle on the price of a particular product, and is a considerably The CHP does not have any project to solve the Kurdish issue. It ish, and the wide usage of Kurdish as the mother tongue. within the state.” It later emerged that some of the in-
open-ended process. Tourists visiting the Grand Bazaar in stanbul only wants to say, “You cannot enter these zones,” while the govern- Are there any red lines the government has specied for the spectors assigned to the commission were connected to
are frequently exposed to this form of bargaining. The important ment lists its proposals or Kurds make demands. It makes no expla- initiative? There are boundaries -- instead of red lines -- which go the deep organizations that the commission was inves-
thing is to know how to bargain. A vendor may say that the price nation about the reasons or justications or rational consequences beyond the government’s power and which seem impossible to tigating.
of a souvenir is TL 500 while the real value of that product might of these items. It just defines them as red lines. surmount. First and foremost, none of the constitutional amend- The Ergenekon case is the most important case in
be, say, TL 50. Thus, if you don’t have an idea about the cost of OK, but what are their margins set for bargaining purposes? ments can be made by the government. This automatically con- Turkey’s recent political history. We are facing a situa-
that souvenir, it is virtually impossible for you to nd its real price. cerns the denition of citizenship and education in one’s mother tion in which prosecutors leading the Ergenekon in-
The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is trying to The government’s red lines tongue. Inserting addition letters into the alphabet in order to bet- vestigation are also under suspicion. The suspicion and
solve the Kurdish problem by resorting to methods of deliberative de- The government does not have any openly declared red lines. Back ter represent Kurdish words or utterances is an articial problem reason for wiretapping Engin, the chief proseuctor of
mocracy. When transferred to Turkish politics, this technique, devel- from the start, the government has always refrained from announc- because there is no actual obstacle to the use of these letters. prosecutors must be explained.
oped in Anglo-Saxon democracies, is translated into an environment ing any red line. Also, it has not made any clear commitment about The AK Party is losing votes in western Turkey. Thus, we The government must clarify the issue in a way that
of debates conducted via bargaining. In this bargaining method, there the positive content of the initiative. Looking at the matter from the can say that the real red lines are set by the balance of votes. will satisfy the people. Moreover, aside from Judges and
is a great abyss between the real intentions and how much compromise outside, we can still explain this picture by referring to the analogy While managing the initiative, the government is required to Prosecutors Association (YARSAV) President Ömer Fa-
can be made. Standing on one side of this abyss, a politician of bargaining in an Eastern marketplace. Two opponents -- one a remain balanced. According to bargaining conventions, the ruk Eminaaolu and Sincan 1st High Criminal Court
makes his “no bargain” warning by referring to “red lines.” potential buyer and the other a seller -- shake hands, and keeping government is to keep its word when it gives one. This is be- Chief Justice Osman Kaçmaz the names of the other
their hands in this state and shaking them aggressively, they try to in- cause where it now stands is not suitable for bargaining. eight prosecutors and judges for whom it was decided
CHP’s red lines timidate each other, thereby convincing the other of the seriousness Inside the wide-ranging spectrum, where the PKK together that an investigation should be launched after monitor-
The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) joined the of their bid. The seller asks, “How much money will you give for it?” with the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) and the ing their phone calls has not been revealed yet. Do these
debate conducted in Parliament about the government’s demo- Eyes xed on the commodity in question, the potential buyer gives a Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) are two opposite ends, the judges and prosecutors have anything to do with the
cratic initiative by drawing its red lines even with greater em- similar response, “How much money do you want for it?” In short, government should try to focus on maintaining negotiations, in- Ergenekon investigation? The answer to the question
phasis. The CHP has five main red lines: (1) No constitutional the price is not yet set, i.e., there is uncertainty as to the situation. stead of bargaining. The PKK’s only wish is to make sure that the must be urgently offered to the public.
amendment can be made on an ethnic basis; (2) The definition So far the government has not made any explanation about the democratic initiative accepts it as a legitimate side. It thinks that if it We need to know if we should trust Engin or not.
of the nation cannot be changed; (3) Education in the Kurdish content of the initiative. Instead, it has made an interesting move can do this, the organization and its policies will be legitimized in the Not just the public but the prosecutors heading the Er-
language cannot be allowed; (4) Separation projects cannot which the opposition cannot comprehend. It just implemented the eyes of the Kurdish people. This PKK expectation is a red line of the genekon investigation are going to ask the same ques-
be implemented; and (5) Counterterrorism efforts cannot be initiative. Signicant advances have been made. Almost all this prog- government. A government that negotiates with the PKK has no tion following the ministry’s statement. In fact, they are
abandoned and no concession can be made in this regard. ress has been made while opposition parties were chanting criticisms chance of staying in office. gong to be doing the actual questioning. After all these
The rst item concerns the constitutional denition of citi- of “we do not know anything about the content of the initiative.” Debates delineated by red lines lead nowhere. In order for bar- prosecutors now know that suspicions have emerged
zenship and the inclusion of the words “Kurd[s]” or “Kurdish” gaining to be replaced by negotiations, debates should rst spring up, about their supervisors and that their telephone con-
in the Constitution. The third item clearly rejects education in the What was done, then? and then everything should be calm. The recent unpleasant scene in versations were monitored upon ministry approval and
mother tongue. The last item refuses any bargaining with the With an amendment to prison regulations, the ban on speak- Parliament wherein the initiative was discussed means that there is court order.
Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The second and fourth items ing in one’s mother tongue during visits paid to prison in- much progress that must be made before this calm settles in. If you were an Ergenekon prosecutor, what would
you think? If answers to these questions are delayed the
soundness of the investigation could be jeopardized.

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Could the road to reunfyng Cyprus perhaps go through Westmnster?

Some months ago, I wrote about Cyprus and whether it would Northern Ireland. I am fully aware of the fact that this process Second: Accepting history as what it is and looking forward.
be possible to overcome the impasse with regards to nding a KLAUS was difcult and not awless as up until today splinter groups If a country like the UK managed a successful transition from
lasting and above all peaceful solution for the divided island; exist that aim to destroy all that was achieved with even more empire to single nation-state, Cyprus should be able to leave
I may have sounded overly optimistic at the time, but if every
JURGENS bloodshed. In general terms, though, it has been a huge success the past (atrocities) behind and move on. This only works if
commentator lost hope, there would be no more need to follow as the alternative -- continuous mayhem -- would not have both negotiating teams act as honest brokers and do not try to
developments in this part of the Mediterranean. Hence, I am helped the mainland or northern part of Ireland (an integral dominate or sideline the other side.
still optimistic about the possibility that some time soon a solu- part of the UK) either. I also know that members of families Third: Sharing best practices and listening to friendly advice
tion will be found. Where does my steadfastness come from? “internal” matter involving one member state and one candi- who lost loved ones in this conict may not necessarily agree is required and would benet both the north and the south. The
Let us rst talk about the key actors involved in solving the date country in the rst place. with what I just said, but this is where leadership and political UK, as a former colonial power on the island, could become a role
conict by starting with the international community, which With neither the UN nor the EU in the driver’s seat or even wisdom must replace personal feelings, and that is the strategy model for how to deal with conict and then turn it into peace.
adds a fair dose of doubt to my optimistic outlook as the UN certain whether it is one of their areas of concern, we come to consecutive British governments nally employed: working for The process of nding lasting peace on Cyprus puts many
is understandably less than enthusiastic as it cannot afford a the level of individual states and the northern part of the di- the bigger picture for the benet of the entire nation. matters into a proper, more modest context. It shows that the
second no vote of any dimension. The UN is proactive on the vided island, the sovereignty of which, except for Turkey, is not London and its governments, regardless of their political UN’s inuence on people and nations has (logical) limitations.
island but only to a certain extent. recognized by the international community. And employing the color, came to terms with the fact that a former empire had been It underlines the fact that the EU is light-years away from a co-
Approaching Brussels and the European Union, we must support of individual states explains my great hope that some reduced to a modern nation-state, a frontrunner nation-state herent set of “foreign” policies. It asks Turkey to act as region-
acknowledge that it is in the middle of redening itself, com- time soon a solution will indeed be found. though and very experienced in international relations. al power with enough clout and wisdom alike to not let past
plete with its rst-ever full-time president. Will it be Tony Blair Learning from best practices is something that requires Cyprus would benet quite signicantly from the same ap- events block future developments. It gives the south and the
or someone else? Will it be a true leader or a leading bureau- great courage as you basically acknowledge that a certain poli- proach. First: Working for the common good, which in the case north the historic chance to negotiate according to their own
crat? We do not know. Putting Lisbon into practice will keep cy-making area is in need of an overhaul. Finding lasting peace of the divided island can only mean putting individual concerns people’s devices. If the examples I gave above (working for
the EU busy for months to come -- if not longer -- hence em- for Cyprus is one such area where external help needs be sought behind defending the wellbeing of the entire island. My per- the common good, accepting history as what it is and learning
barking on any “risky” Cyprus-related venture seems highly and cleverly employed. I suggest looking westward to London. sonal viewpoint is that a two-state solution would not work out from best practices) are added onto that formula, my optimism
unlikely. The question would be whether it is an issue for com- Let me come to my key point by mentioning another con- well, neither politically or economically. Hence unifying it is -- may very well last until the item “Solution for Cyprus” can be
mon foreign and security policy or whether it has become an ict rst. The United Kingdom has managed to nd peace in or if argued differently, not accepting a permanent division. taken off the international policy-making agenda.


There are many Confesson

more walls to fall The press conference held on behalf of the General Staff to announce ac-
credited journalists revealed some very important facts. One of these un-
The construction and the fall of the Berlin Wall has doubtedly is the General Staff’s confession that the whistle-blowing ofcer
many aspects of historical and sociological signi- -- who sent the original of the controversial conspiracy document to pros-
cance. The wall has proven how people can be kept ecutors -- is a source that deserves to be taken very seriously.
separated by material walls but also how it is im- Indeed, we soon found out that the information given by the whis-
possible to resist peoples’ hopes and expectations. tleblower about the Web sites that were labeled by the General Staff
The construction of the wall launched a new kind and the Web sites created by the General Staff for psychological warfare
of international system, and its fall launched an- purposes was accurate. This informant had sent condential documents
other one. Its construction was about ideological titled “Web sites’ plan” and “List of psychological warfare Web sites”
antagonism, alienation and dichotomies imposed attached to his second letter to the prosecutors.
by weapons threatening the very existence of na- A legal advisor to the General Staff, Hfz Çubuklu, ofcially conrmed
tions. Its destruction was about the reunication of these documents, but he claimed that these Web sites were established
peoples, cooperation, human rights and stability. upon the instruction of the Prime Ministry. While his claim was soon refut-
The fall of the wall didn’t save East Germans or ed, the General Staff’s conrmation about the plans attached to the whistle-
many other people in eastern and central Europe blower’s last letter can be seen as another conrmation about the original
from remaining “Eastern Europeans,” but it helped of the conspiracy document fastened to his rst letter. So we can conclude
them leave the vicious circle they were in and con- that this whistleblower is not a military ofcer who would eternally produce
tributed to their efforts to become “Westerners.” fantasies in his mind. If the Web sites’ plan he disclosed in his second let-
Invisible walls still exist, but at least there is hope of ter can be substantiated, then the original of “The plan to nish off the AK
seeing their destruction, too. Besides, the wall’s fall Party [Justice and Development Party] and [Fethullah] Gülen,” signed by
has proven that states and regimes are not able to Col. Dursun Çiçek, attached to his rst letter, cannot be ignored.
resist their people’s will forever. Upon these developments, Çiçek, who signed the conspiracy docu-
When you look at this event from a European ment that targeted the AK Party government and the faith-based Gülen
perspective, the fall of the Berlin Wall has increased movement, was referred to the court for the second time, and he was
hopes about the future. It also allows us to discuss arrested and sent to jail. He still does not admit liability despite the
invisible walls that have appeared since then in forensic reports. In this regard, the truth will come out at the end of the
Europe. It would be better for countries who don’t trial process. But one thing is certain: The General Staff had established
want to see Turkey within the European Union but some Web sites to manipulate the general public by way of defamations
who joyfully celebrate the anniversary of the wall’s and had labeled certain Web sites. This is what the people speaking on
fall to keep in mind that a wall still exists within Eu- behalf of the General Staff confessed.
rope’s borders. When we see the term “the fortress I looked a little closer at the Web sites labeled by the General Staff.
of Europe” in certain European documents, it’s justi- The list is an exhaustive one: The English news sites, the national and
ed to suspect the presence of new visible and invis- international sites where strategic issues are discussed. Every Web site
ible walls in the European geography. But again, the in the list was labeled with such attributes as “nationalist,” “anti-TSK
Berlin Wall reminds us that there is no wall capable
of resisting global transformations, social changes
Understandng the Mddle East n Antakya [Turkish Armed Forces],” “separatist,” “reactionary,” “pro-Jewish,”
“Atatürkist,” “news site,” etc.
and the people’s will. Some of the Web sites are really those that the General Staff is sup-
current gure exceeds $3 billion. Çetin Gürcün from the
The fall of the wall is celebrated as the reunica- Turkish Association of Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) recalled posed to monitor with a security-oriented perspective. For example, the
tion of two separate worlds. It may be true in a Euro- HASAN Web sites that are known to be connected to terrorist organization Kurdis-
that about 500,000 Syrians visit Turkey every year for tour-
pean context, but it would be a mistake to generalize KANBOLAT ism purposes. He further noted that the number of Turks tan Workers’ Party (PKK) fall into this category.
it to the whole of humanity because in many parts of visiting Syria is on the rise since the lifting of visa require- However, the adjectives used to describe these Web sites give us hints
the world, remnants of the “old” system are percep- ments between the two countries; however, he underlines about how those who prepared the list, if not the General Staff, view the
tible and they don’t give the impression that they are that the visitors still have some minor problems at the world and developments. In this context, the Web sites labeled “pro-EU”
about to disappear. Despite the people’s will, obstacles An international symposium on friendship and coopera- gates. Dr. Muhammad Adil, chair of the Turkish-Arab Sci- are of special concern. One of the Web sites that is labeled as such is the
remain. A “two-state solution” is yet to be reached in tion between the Middle East and Turkey was held in An- ence, Culture and Arts Association (TASCA), stressed that Bianet Web site that reports on human rights violations in Turkey.
Cyprus where the Green Line is still there. The Kore- takya on Nov. 3-5. The event was sponsored by the Hatay the recent Turkish-Arabic rapprochement in political and As far as we know, membership in the European Union is a state poli-
ans are still divided by a border full of land mines. Pal- Governor’s Ofce, the Atatürk Research Center Directorate economic elds should be followed and backed by strategic cy. All ofcial statements specically stress this. However, in this Web site’s
estinians can’t come together because there is a wall (ATAM), the Middle East Strategic Research Center (ORS- cooperation. Oytun Orhan from ORSAM said border dis- plan, the “pro-EU” label is used in such a manner that it seems as if it is a
there, too. Is it necessary to repeat that there are also AM) and the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEK). putes are no longer serious problems for Turkey, whereas group collaborating with the enemy.
many people who benet from these walls? For this reason, this symposium, where the economic, so- Assistant Professor Veysel Ayhan from Abant zzet Baysal It is not difcult to understand that the kind of minds that prepare
In some particular cases, the efforts to bring cial, political and historical issues surrounding the Middle University and ORSAM described Lebanon’s political in- Web Sites under fake names and conduct psychological warfare, seeing
these walls down are criticized. As an example, Tur- East were extensively discussed, was an example of good frastructure, which is determined by religious sect. Asso- no harm in labeling people or groups with various denominations, would
key is trying break down the physical and emotional collaborative work attracting the contribution and partici- ciate Professor Özlem Tür from ORSAM and Middle East be bothered by Turkey’s EU bid.
barriers with Armenia, but people who have made pation of some 30 academics known for their expertise on Technical University (ODTÜ) noted that the ongoing crisis Indeed, the critical role of the EU cannot be overlooked in today’s Tur-
these barriers a part of their identity are raising their the Middle East. Hatay, home to different cultures and to in Turkish-Israeli relations is not healthy. The histories of key, where we question the coup plans in which certain civilian and mili-
voices; there is a heated debate about Ankara’s hy- peaceful coexistence of people from different backgrounds, Iraq, Hatay and Antakya were also discussed at the sympo- tary circles have been deeply involved.
pothetical U-turn toward the Middle East when Tur- is Turkey’s gate to the Middle East due to two border gates: sium in separate sessions. Even if we are critical of the slow progress and of the double standards
key decided to change its visa regime toward Syria Cilvegözü with Syria and the Port of Iskenderun. The symposium held in Antakya shows that we need applied against Turkey, this process has made great contributions to the
and to clear the border of land mines; when Ankara Professor Ali Arslan from stanbul University, who de- additional mechanisms for further cooperation in the current state of affairs in which we can openly discuss yesterday’s taboos.
criticizes the Gaza Strip’s isolation, some people livered the opening speech at the event, noted that there region. For this reason, we may apply the model of the If the legal arrangements required for the Copenhagen criteria, a
conclude that Turkey has become an anti-Israeli are long-standing ties of brotherhood between Turks, Ar- Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation prerequisite for membership negotiations, had not been implemented,
country; and when Turkey doesn’t join the chorus abs and Persians, adding that the conicts between these (BSEC) in the region as well. An eastern Mediterranean most of the columnists who wrote about these matters would have been
against Iran, it is accused of favoring the Muslim communities have never been signicant or noteworthy. To economic cooperation organization may be created; this arrested. If it were not for this legal and psychological environment,
world over its traditional allies. him, cooperation between these nations has always been organization may have close ties with the Arab League. those who question the junta’s activities would be subject to interroga-
As long as people use double standards when against a common enemy. For this reason, they should re- Moreover, Middle Eastern intellectuals may pioneer an tion, not those who question them.
determining their policies, the walls will persist. consider cooperation for the prosperity and happiness of endeavor by which a Middle Eastern house is created to Without the EU process and the diverse contacts established with
Thanks to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany had the peoples in the region. The current Islamic identity of maintain dialogue between intellectuals in the region. Europe during it, it would be much easier to label the AK Party govern-
the opportunity to pursue its Eastern policy through the region is owed to the Ottoman Empire. Without the Bringing together intellectuals concerned about local ment “pro-Islamic” and convince the West as such. For this reason, in any
pacist means, and that’s worth celebrating. Why be Ottoman era, Christianity could have been the dominant problems and issues may prevent further conicts and comparison between the post-modern coup of Feb. 28 and the midnight
stressed then, when another state tries to destroy its religion because of the impact and inuence of the Portu- disputes and contribute to the resolution of existing ones. memorandum of April 27, we need to refer to the EU process. In 1997,
own walls? Maybe some players’ stress is justied guese and the Venetians. Ruhsar Pekcan from DEK noted Dialogue between politicians and businessmen is based Turkish-EU relations were frozen. In 2007, Turkey was a country that start-
because when walls come down, a new system starts, that the total volume of bilateral foreign trade between on observance of interests. Dialogue between intellectu- ed membership negotiations with the EU. Can you see how the West’s
and each new system means change and different Turkey and Syria was $200 million when the Turkish-Syr- als, on the other hand, is focused on achievement of last- reactions to these two coups differed? For this reason, it is no wonder that
approaches. It’s not easy for everyone to admit that. ian Business Council was rst launched, adding that the ing and viable peace and friendship between peoples. the pro-coup mentality treats “pro-EU” people or groups as enemies.

16 TODAY’S ZAMAN S AT U R D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9

Gregorian Calendar: 14 November 2009 C.E. Hijri Calendar: 27 Dhul-Qadah 1430 A.H. Hebrew Calendar: 27 Cheshvan 5770 tv gude
08:00 The Rachael Ray Show
Today is World Diabetes Day. This day was proclaimed in a game against England at the nönü Stadium in stanbul with Duke of Edinburgh. He has held the title of Prince of Wales since 10:00 The Martha Stewart Show
12:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
1991 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the In- a score of 0-8. The sorrow and humiliation caused by this defeat 1958 and is styled “His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales,” 14:00 The Jay Leno Show
move gude ternational Diabetes Federation. Nov. 14 was chosen because it is was cured only 15 years later when Galatasaray became UEFA except in Scotland, where he is styled “His Royal Highness The 16:00 Umutsuz Evkadnlar
18:00 Dedikoducu Kz
the birthday of Frederick Banting, who, along with Charles Best, champion after winning against Leeds United in the semi-finals Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay.” 20:00 Later With Jools Holland
first conceived the idea that led to the discovery of insulin in 1922. and against Arsenal in the finals. Today is King Hussein Day in Jordan. King Hussein Day cel- 21:00 Breaking Bad
22:00 Mad Men
World Diabetes Day is also observed by the UN in accordance On this day in 1985, the Democratic Left Party (DSP) of Tur- ebrates the birthday of King Hussein. Hussein bin Talal, King 23:00 Hung
with a Dec. 20, 2006 resolution of the UN General Assembly. key was founded by Rahan Ecevit, the wife of Bülent Ecevit, who of Jordan, was the ruler of Jordan from the time his father, King 24:00 Breaking Bad
01:00 Eastbound & Down
Today is Readjustment Movement Day in Guinea-Bissau. had been banned from political life in the wake of the 1980 coup. Talal, abdicated in 1952, until his death. Hussein guided his 01:30 It's Always Sunny In
This national holiday commemorates the day in 2002 when the Soon after the ban on former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit was country through the Cold War and through four decades of Ar- 02:00 Breaking Bad
president of the country dismissed the government of Prime lifted, the DSP became a major player in Turkish politics, win- ab-Israeli conflict, balancing the pressures of Arab nationalism, 03:00 Later With Jools Holland
04:00 Mad Men
Minister Alamara Nhasse, dissolved the national assembly and ning 22.19 percent of the vote and 136 seats in Parliament in the the burdens of sheltering a large Palestinian refugee population 05:00 Eastbound & Down
called for legislative elections. 1999 elections, becoming the largest partner of the ruling coali- and the allure of Western-style development against the stark
“2012” Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Jawaharlal Neh- tion. After the death of Ecevit in 2006, the party formed an elec- reality of Jordan’s geographic location. CNBC-E
07:30 The Mighty B!
ru (1908-1964), the Indian leader of the independence move- tion alliance with the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and man- Today is the liberation day of Aralk (Idr), Idr, Hayrabo- 08:00 Dora The Explorer

08:30 Go, Diego! Go!
ment and the first prime minister of the country after partition. aged to win 13 seats in Parliament in the July 22, 2007 elections. lu (Tekirda) and Malkara (Tekirda). Aralk and Idr were 09:00 The Fairly Oddparents
STANBUL: BEYOLU AFM FTA 11:00 Nehru’s birthday is observed as Children’s Day in today’s India. Today is the birthday of the prince of Wales. The British liberated on this day in 1920 from a unified Russian and Arme- 09:30 Back At The Barnyard
12:50 14:30 16:20 18:00 19:45 21:30 10:00 iCarly
23:30 MAÇKA CNEBONUS 11:30 12:15 Today is the anniversary of the darkest day in Turkish soccer Virgin Islands celebrate the birthday of Prince Charles. Charles, nian occupation force. Hayrabolu and Malkara were liberated 10:30 Spongebob Squarepants
14:45 15:30 18:00 18:45 21:15 22:00 00:15 history. On this day in 1984, the Turkish national soccer team lost Prince of Wales, is the eldest son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, on this day in 1922 from Greek occupation. 11:00 Two And A Half Men
CADDEBOSTAN AFM 10:30 12:15 14:00 12:00 The Big Bang Theory
12:30 One Tree Hill
15:50 17:40 19:30 21:20 23:10 ANKARA:
13:30 Gossip Girl
ATA ON TOWER 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 14:30 Merlin
17:15 18:45 20:30 22:00 23:00 00:00 15:30 Leverage
BLKENT CNEBONUS 10:45 12:15 13:55 16:30 Scrubs
15:30 17:10 18:45 20:25 22:00 00:00 17:00 The Jay Leno Show
ZMR: CNEBONUS KONAK PER 10:30 19:00 Doctor Who
12:00 13:45 15:15 17:00 18:30 20:15 21:45
10:45 12:15 14:00 15:30 17:30 19:00 20:45
22:15 00:00 14:45 18:15 21:45
Tormented Caravaggo and 20:00 Cold Case
21:00 Without A Trace
22:00 The Closer
23:00 Ghost Whisperer
00:00 South Park

11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 20:00 22:00
Bacon connect n Rome show 00:30 Two And A Half Men
01:00 Doctor Who
02:00 Merlin
03:00 Leverage
04:00 Cold Case


00:00 BEYOLU ALKAZAR 12:00 14:00 Portraits by Italian master to death after killing a man -- are echoed
16:15 18:45 21:00 MAÇKA CNEBONUS Caravaggio and Irish-born in their works. “They were both conscious GOLDMAX
09:00 Kekexili
11:00 13:00 15:15 17:30 19:45 22:00 00:15
ALTUNZADE CAPTOL 11:00 15:30 17:40 20th-century painter Francis of the shortness of life and of the fragility 10:35 Coneheads
19:50 22:00 00:10 ANKARA: BLKENT Bacon stand side-by-side in a new of humanity, and each powerfully conveys 12:05 As Good As It Gets
14:25 Sideways
CNEBONUS 11:00 13:10 15:20 17:30 19:40 exhibition connecting their tormented this consciousness through his art,” said 16:35 Interview
21:50 00:00 CNEBONUS PANORA 11:00 18:00 The People vs. Larry Flynt
13:00 15:15 17:30 19:45 22:00 ZMR: AFM views of humanity despite contrasting Peppiatt in a statement. 20:15 He Was a Quiet Man
FORUM BORNOVA 11:00 13:10 15:50 18:30 approaches to realism. Seventeen works by Bacon are fea- 21:55 Film Noir

21:00 23:45 CNECTY KPA ÇL 11:15 23:35 Stigmata
13:15 15:15 17:15 19:15 21:15 23:45 The show at Rome’s Galleria Bor- tured alongside 14 paintings by Cara- 01:25 Cheech & Chong's Still
ghese marks 400 years since Caravaggio’s vaggio, six of which, including the “Ma- Smokin'
THE WATERCOLOR death and 100 years since Bacon’s birth donna with the Serpent” and the “Sick
03:00 The Wedding Director
ASTORA 11:00 12:45 14:30 16:15 18:00 and at its heart lies their shared fascination Bacchus,” belong to the Borghese’s
19:45 21:45 23:45 MAÇKA CNEBONUS with the human form and their predilec- permanent collection. Many of the
07:05 Nancy Drew
11:30 13:30 15:30 17:30 19:30 21:30 23:30
tion for the expressive portrait. works by Bacon, including “Head VI,” 08:50 The Mermaid Chair
10:25 The Water Horse
11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00 Both were radicals of their times: the result of his studies of Velazquez’s 12:20 Le Concile de pierre
ANKARA: BLKENT CNEBONUS 11:30 against the distorted idealism of high portrait of Pope Innocent X, are on loan 14:10 Impostor
13:30 15:30 17:30 19:30 21:30 23:45 15:55 21x
CNEBONUS GORDON 11:00 13:00 mannerism, Caravaggio was driven by ob- from London’s Tate Gallery. 18:10 The Seeker: The Dark is
15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00 ZMR: BALÇOVA sessive attention to the real, while Bacon The lavish entrance to the Galleria Rising
CNEBONUS KPA 11:00 12:45 14:30 16:15 20:00 Ripley's Game
was derided for his refusal to relinquish Borghese is devoted to Bacon’s triptychs, 22:05 40 Days and 40 Nights
18:00 19:45 21:30 23:15
the human figure in favor of abstraction. painted after the suicide of his lover George 23:50 Wild Things: Diamonds in
THE TOURNAMENT “Bacon can be compared to Caravag- Dyer, with chilling scenes of distorted,
The Rough
01:20 The House Next Door
CAPACTY 11:00 13:00 15:15 17:30 gio above all in terms of intensity,” said semi-naked male figures whose life oozes
19:45 22:00 ESENTEPE CNEBONUS art historian Michael Peppiatt, co-curator from them to form flesh-colored puddles. MGM MOVIES
ASTORA 11:15 13:15 15:15 17:15 19:15 of the exhibition and Bacon’s close friend The show runs until Jan. 24, 2010 and 06:10 Girl With Green Eyes
21:15 23:15 KADIKÖY CNEBONUS 11:00 07:45 Network
15:30 17:30 19:45 22:00 00:15 ANKARA: and biographer. Both painters have been has already attracted well over 67,000 visi- 09:50 Quincannon, Frontier Scout
CNEBONUS PANORA 11:00 13:00 15:15 11:20 Wanda Nevada
seen as icons of gay, tormented genius tors, with the record numbers forcing the 13:10 The Happy Thieves
17:30 19:45 22:00 00:00 ZMR: BALÇOVA
CNEBONUS KPA 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00
and their tragic natures and lives marked Borghese to extend its open hours and in- 14:45 The Ambassador's
19:00 21:00 23:00 by violence -- Bacon’s lover committed crease the number of tickets available for 16:40 Annie Hall
suicide and Caravaggio was condemned the daily tours by 30 percent. Rome Reuters A Francis Bacon painting (L) and a Caravaggio painting displayed at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. 18:15 Birdman of Alcatraz
20:45 Yellowbeard
22:25 Mystery Date
00:05 Harry & Son
02:50 The Happy Thieves
04:35 Alice

Crossword Mr. DploMAT! Cem Kzltu
07:00 Reba
08:30 3rd Rock from the Sun
ACROSS 40 Golfer’s 9 Certain 36 Place for 09:30 The Cosby Show
1 Sound from gouged-out building race cars 10:30 Everybody Loves Raymond
a toaster? clump materials 37 Suffers 12:00 Arli$$
6 Stinging 41 Certain 10 Store, as grain discomfort 13:00 Ugly Betty
response to legume (Var.) 11 Inverted 39 Woodwind 14:00 Cougar Town
an insult 43 Coral 12 What platelets with a conical
10 Carve on creatures help blood do bore 14:30 Til Death
crystal 44 Tried to win 13 “Get your 40 Pieces in a 15:00 The Cosby Show
14 Where over red-___!” chain reaction 16:00 Everybody Hates Chris
eagles land 45 “Uncle ___ 18 Washington 42 Major blood 17:00 Rules of Engagement
15 Far-fetched Cabin” newspaper vessels 18:00 Everybody Loves Raymond
16 “___ 46 Wasn’t greedy 23 Boons for 43 Annoyingly 19:30 Til Death
contendere” 48 Japanese beggars slow 20:30 The Middle
(no contest beverage 24 Struggle with 45 After-bath
plea) 49 Campaigner, sassafras? powders 21:00 According to Jim
17 Insipid and in brief 25 Distiller 46 Diner side 22:00 Arli$$
sentimental 52 Supermarket Walker dish 23:00 Nurse Jackie
19 Cohort of shopper’s 26 Eighth word 47 Way up there 23:30 Entourage
Fido or Rover need of “The Star- 48 Vast number 00:30 Will & Grace
20 Where to take 53 In a Spangled 49 Chug along 01:30 Rules of Engagement
a mud bath haphazard Banner” 50 ___ podrida
02:30 Everybody Hates Chris
21 Variable star way 27 Muse for 51 City on the
22 Places for 56 Middle Yeats Rhone and
love handles Eastern 28 Indecisive Saone
24 You might muckamuck 29 Started 54 Nobel-
do it if you’re
57 Actor
30 Ban legally
31 Tranquil
winning U.N.
rado gude
25 “Peggy Sue” 58 Quarter-round periods 55 Suffix with
singer molding 33 Water “excess”
26 Joyce of
59 Toddler’s
60 Cries of pain
nymph, in
Sudoku TRT Toursm Rado
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Justice Ministry, TB strongly deny wiretapping claims Turkey says

it may store


contnued from page 1 mocratization of the country. … Instead of engaging
However, the Justice Ministry Inspection in theatrics, we should acknowledge one fact, which uranium from Iran
Committee subsequently decided that there was no is that it would be a dream to expect the media to contnued from page 1
need for the wiretapping of 46 of those judges and be ‘objective’ in extremely polarized societies. We “Storage is technically not a problem. What mat-
prosecutors. Deliberations over the remaining jud- need to read many sources to understand what re- ters is the decision that will be made during meetings
ges and prosecutors are ongoing,” read the state- ally is going on in the country. This is what I do per- with our president and prime minister,” he said, wit-
ment. TB President Fethi imek also denied the sonally,” the columnist stated. hout elaborating further. Mohamed ElBaradei, the di-
claims, stressing that a directive from an stanbul Council of State President Mustafa Birden joi- rector general of the Vienna-based International Ato-
high criminal court calling for a chief public prosecu- ned the wiretapping debate on Friday. Speaking to

mic Energy Agency (IAEA), said he proposed Turkey as
tor and members of the Supreme Court of Appeals reporters, he said: “The wiretapping of telephones a third-country destination after Iran failed to agree to
to be wiretapped had not been followed. belonging to members of the judiciary and this being a Western plan where its enriched uranium would be
The wiretap controversy emerged late on Wed- given frequent place in news reports is nothing but sent to Russia for further enrichment to reactor-grade
nesday after claims that the telephones of stanbul an attempt to take full control of the judiciary.” He fuel. Tehran has yet to give a full ofcial reply to the
Chief Public Prosecutor Engin had been wiretapped also made a statement against wiretapping activiti- proposal, which was drafted three weeks ago after con-
since 2008 as part of a probe into a criminal organi- es and said everyone should refrain from any act that sultations with Iran, France, Russia and the US.
zation known as Ergenekon. Then came allegations would destroy the independence of the judiciary and The plan requires that Tehran send 1.2 tons (1,100
that the telephones of some members of the Supre- TB President Fethi imek said on Thursday that a directive from an stanbul high criminal court calling for a chief contravene the principle of separation of powers. kilograms) -- around 70 percent of its stockpile -- of
public prosecutor and members of the Supreme Court of Appeals to be wiretapped had not been followed.
me Court of Appeals had also been wiretapped sin- low-enriched uranium to Russia in one batch by the
ce 2008. The TB’s imek also complained that Pri- agenda totally changed with wiretaps. What fortui- lopment Party (AK Party) and the faith-based Gü- Jurists emphasize right to privacy end of the year for further enrichment, a move that
me Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan’s telephone was tous timing!” exclaimed Adem Yavuz Arslan, a co- len movement. Though Col. Çiçek is a key gure in in wiretapping debates would ease international concerns that the material
illegally wiretapped for six years by Ergenekon sus- lumnist for the Bugün daily. the plot row, the plot is not believed to be solely the According to jurists, inspectors need to present so- could be processed for a bomb. After further enrich-
pects. “The point we have arrived at is thought pro- Arslan also expressed the view that the wiretap work of the colonel. Prosecutors are expected to ex- und evidence to courts in order for them to issue a ment in Russia, France would then convert the ura-
voking. We did not witness a single debate over the controversy revealed a war within the judiciary. pand the scope of the investigation and nd out who decision to wiretap individuals’ telephones. nium into fuel rods that would be returned to Iran
illegal wiretapping of the prime minister. This is a “The telephones of individuals are wiretapped gave the Çiçek the order to prepare the plan. “If it is a judge or prosecutor whose telephone for use in a reactor in Tehran that produces medical
double standard. TB wiretaps are done in line with in line with court decisions. This means that courts According to Alper Görmü, a Taraf daily co- will be wiretapped, then inspectors need to be more isotopes. Fuel rods cannot be further enriched into
court decisions,” he stated. will not issue a decision for a wiretap if they do not lumnist, the Turkish media is “divided into different careful. We cannot voice any objection to wiretaps weapons-grade material.
Aydnlk Editor-in-Chief Deniz Yldrm and the have sound evidence or documents at hand. … Ho- camps,” which means that it cannot produce “ob- that have been approved by court decision. The re- On Thursday, ElBaradei initiated a telephone con-
security chief of the Ulusal TV station, Ufuk Akkaya, wever, there is a chaotic situation before us. This is jective journalism” on various issues. “What we are cent debate over wiretaps results from an ongoing versation with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davu-
were arrested recently on grounds that they had wi- almost a war. One part of the judiciary is at war with witnessing is that while a party in the media high- political wrangle,” stated Yakup Erikel, the chairman tolu, during which ElBaradei offered “some techni-
retapped the prime minister’s telephone. another part of the judiciary. This war will certainly lights certain developments in line with its ‘beliefs’ of the Legal Research Association (HUDER). cal details” concerning the proposal. Diplomatic sour-
According to most observers, a heated deba- not yield any benets for the country,” Arslan ad- [views], another party either minimizes or ignores Erikel also emphasized that wiretaps should not ces approached by Today’s Zaman admitted that the
te over wiretaps was part of a systematic campaign ded. With the heated debate on wiretaps, Çiçek’s ar- them. While one party criticizes this move, it does be aimed at violating the right to privacy of indivi- technical details were about Turkey’s possible role in
to remove the arrest of Col. Çiçek from the agenda. rest fell to second place in the country’s top develop- the very same a few days later and is subjected to si- duals. “We should not forget that this right is gua- shipping Iran’s enriched uranium. Yet the same sour-
“The other evening, Col. Çiçek, who has his sig- ments. The colonel was arrested and sent to Hasdal milar criticism,” he added. ranteed by the Constitution,” he added. Reat Pe- ces declined to give further details on the content of
nature on an action plan that is deemed to be plot Prison in stanbul on suspicion of “membership in a Görmü said the same paradox exists in state tek, a former public prosecutor, said every individu- those technical talks, pointing to the sensitivity of the
against the nation, was arrested for a second time. terrorist group.” He is believed to have prepared a institutions. “While one part of the state seeks the al is equal before the law and that debates over wi- ongoing process.
The extension of the junta at the General Staff was document that details a Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) continuation of the status quo, including military tu- retaps should not focus on the status or position of Thus, there is still no clarication by the UN or
expected to be the order of the day, but the country’s plan to destroy the image of the Justice and Deve- telage, another part seeks the normalization and de- the individual whose telephone is being wiretapped. Turkey as to whether ElBaradei’s proposal is solely
about storing Iran’s uranium in Turkey or whether
it also involves a role similar to the one which wo-
uld have been played by Russia and France. The is-
sue was discussed during talks between senior Irani-
an and Turkish leaders on the sidelines of an econo-
mic summit of the Organization of the Islamic Confe-

Government unveils details of rence (OIC) held in stanbul earlier this week.
Speaking to reporters before departing from s-
tanbul late on Monday, Iranian President Mahmo-
ud Ahmadinejad declined to comment directly on
ElBaradei’s offer for Turkey to play a role, but said Iran

democratization initiative
contnued from page 1
had much trust in Turkey. “We have very good relati-
ons with Turkey. We trust each other,” Ahmadinejad
was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency.
He avoided giving a direct answer when persistently
asked about Iranian media reports that said Tehran
had rejected the offer. Ankara Today’s Zaman
Another independent body will be set
up to monitor all complaints about se-
curity forces, especially as concerns violations of
human rights. The interior minister also added
that the government is working to remove check- ‘Malatya killings
points on roads in southeastern and eastern Ana-
tolia and to ease traveling conditions in the re-
could be linked to
gion. “Amendments and mechanisms to be es-
tablished aim to prevent any infringement on

the freedoms of all our citizens, regardless of the- Lawyer Erdal Doan has voiced serious concerns
ir ethnic origin, sex or political orientation,” Ata- that the 2007 Zirve Publishing House murders, in
lay told deputies. He emphasized that these me- which three people who sold Christian literature were
asures are not everything and that more will fol- killed, may be related to Ergenekon, a clandestine ter-
low because the government perceives the initi- rorist organization charged with plotting to overthrow
ative as a dynamic process. Atalay also underli- the government. Doan, a lawyer for a co-plaintiff in
ned that the Constitution has to be changed as it the case, made the claim during the 22nd hearing of
is out of touch with the people. “Our people do the trial of the murder suspects. The defendants in the
not deserve such a constitution. A new pluralistic case include Emre Günaydn, Salih Gürler, Cuma Öz-
constitution must be prepared with the broadest demir, Hamit Çeker and Abuzer Yldrm, who are cur-
participation,” Atalay stressed. rently under arrest, as well as Varol Bülent Aral and
Hüseyin Yelki, the alleged instigators of the murder,
‘Initiative has two aims’ According to Interior Minister Beir Atalay, who is the coordinator of the Kurdish initiative, the government’s peace plans aim to provide broader freedoms to the who were arrested but later released.
Atalay underlined that the initiative has two goals country’s citizens. DTP leader Ahmet Türk indicated that guns would fall silent within three months if the government managed to implement its Kurdish plan. The court adjourned the trial to Dec. 25 since the s-
-- to end terror and to improve democracy. Both tanbul 13th HighCriminal Court has not responded to an
are intertwined, he said. ign of psychological warfare. “This situation has hed in Parliament with representatives from all Turkish nation,” he said. He claimed that for cen- inquiry over whether the Malatya killings have any link to
Atalay further argued that the AK Party go- created an enormous difference in perception and political parties in order to nd a democratic solu- turies there has been a plan to remove the Tur- the Ergenekon case. On April 18, 2006, Christians Neca-
vernment has been working toward democra- sentiment. The only way to ll this gap is to expla- tion to the problem. “If this problem is the prob- kish nation from those lands and that this can be ti Aydn (35), Uur Yüksel and German national Tilman
tization due to its respect for humanity since it in the realities of the Kurdish question to the pub- lem of all of us, if we have to nd a solution, then summarized as the mentality of crusaders; this Ekkehart Geske (46) were tied to their chairs, stabbed
came to power and will continue to do so. He no- lic. Stopping ofcial history is a must,” he said. the government, instead of trying to manage the problem is called the “East question.” “Whatever and tortured at the Zirve Publishing House in the eastern
ted, however, that they will never change the ba- Türk said the existence of the outlawed Kur- process behind closed doors, should bring it to its name, opportunity or initiative, it is an extensi- Anatolian city of Malatya before their throats were slit.
sic principles of the state, which are listed in the distan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is listed as a Parliament,” Türk suggested. on of the East question,” he said. The publishing house they worked for printed Bibles and
rst three articles of the Constitution -- namely, terrorist organization by Turkey, the EU and the “In our country, who can claim that ethnic Christian literature. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
that Turkey is a secular, democratic and social US, is a result of the faulty policies pursued by the Bahçeli: This is an initiative origin is an obstacle to entering into trade, burea-
state based on the principles of Mustafa Kemal state and previous governments. for destruction ucracy or administration? If there is a problem of
Atatürk, the founder of the republic, and that its The DTP leader also asked deputies to em- Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the Nationalist Mo- expression, it is not because of the Constitution
language is Turkish. pathize. “Think for a moment if people tell you vement Party (MHP), claimed that terrorism was but because of the economic structure,” he said.
there is no language called Turkish. Try educa- about to come to an end in 2002, when the ruling
‘Guns could be silenced ting your child in Kurdish despite him or her not AK Party came to power, but after seven years, Baykal: Government
in three months’ knowing even one word of it. Will you be able to instead of the elimination of terror, the elimina- negotiating with PKK
Pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) le- feel like an equal and respected citizen of the co- tion of the nation-state has come to the agenda. Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz
ader Ahmet Türk urged the government to state untry?” he asked the deputies. “Parliament is talking about a plan of dest- Baykal claimed the government’s initiative is a
its intentions clearly and as soon as possible and He stressed that even today state ofcials do ruction today. What we are witnessing is the rea- process of deception and that it is not clear who it
explain how it will implement them. He signa- not apologize for mistakes of the past. Türk ad- lization of a desire for terror on the part of politici- has taken on as a partner in this process.
led that if the process is approached in a serious ded that the dispute is not between Kurds and ans. The desire is not for individual rights and de- Baykal added that the government is taking
manner, guns will fall silent within three months. Turks and that all Turkish citizens are in despera- mocratization but to create a minority,” he said. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah
Türk, who spoke in Parliament right after te need of democracy. “The problem is the ofci- Bahçeli claimed that the government is buil- Öcalan, who is serving a life sentence on mral
Atalay, underlined that Turkey’s Kurdish questi- al ideology of the state, which prevents its citizens ding its efforts around the demands of the PKK Island in the Sea of Marmara, as an interlocutor.
on should be solved inside Turkey and with its from enjoying democracy and freedom,” he said. and said this attitude is leading to the wrong per- “The government is talking to mral in sec-
own dynamics. The lack of democracy and the Kurds do not have any problem with the ception, that is, is to think that the PKK is repre- recy. There is cooperation going on between the
denial of the existence of differences have made country’s ag and border, he said, adding that sentative of all Kurds. government and the PKK. But even laying down
the problem open to the exploitation of foreign
powers, he said.
there are many common values which keep the
society united. “Our common language is Tur-
“This is a plot against our citizens and a seri-
ous threat. This is why the AK Party’s attitude has
arms was not put forth as a precondition for this
cooperation,” he said.
President Gül receives
He claimed that the country’s non-Kurdish
citizens were denied access to accurate informati-
kish. Even those who will be educated in the-
ir mother tongue will use Turkish as a common
been wrong from the very beginning,” he said. Baykal said the government’s fatal mistake in Chilean ambassador
Bahçeli suggested that the owner of the country is the process was to negotiate with an armed or-
language of communication.” President Abdullah Gül received Chilean Am-
on about the pain and suffering of people in pre- the Turkish nation and that it has unity. “Whate- ganization. “You don’t negotiate with terror, you
He recommended a committee be establis- bassador to Turkey Luis Palma Castillo, who pre-
dominantly Kurdish regions as part of a campa- ver the language of our mothers, our name is the ght with it,” he said.
sented his letter of credence to Gül, at the Çankara
presidential palace yesterday. Ankara Today’s Zaman

SPORTS Bolt handed diplomatic passport
Triple world and Olympic champion Usain Bolt received a diplomatic passport
from Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding on Thursday. The 23-year-old
received the document, which allows him to travel overseas as an ambassador-at-
large, during a brief ceremony at Golding’s Jamaica House office. Kingston Reuters



Woods takes
Tiger Woods opened with two bird-
ies, saved his round with two pars and
wound up with a 4-under 68 on Friday
to build a three-shot lead going into the

weekend of the Australian Masters. It
was the fourth straight tournament in
which Woods has had the 36-hole lead, The French, 1998 world champions and runners-up in 2006, were beaten to automatic
although his only victory during that
stretch came at the BMW Champion- qualication by Serbia and must now take their chances along with seven other European
ship outside Chicago in September.
He lost the last two times, including
sides hoping to take a second chance at qualifying for next year’s World Cup nals Pacquiao

last week in Shanghai at the HSBC


Champions. Woods was at 10-under
134, three shots clear of an American
French national soccer
team players jog during a
Pacquiao set for
-- Jason Dufner -- and a pair of Aus-
training session at Claire-
fontaine, south of Paris, on his biggest test
tralians in Greg Chalmers and James Wednesday, ahead of their
Nitties, both of whom dropped shots 2010 World Cup playoff
qualifying match today.
against Cotto
on the 17th hole that cost them a spot
Manny Pacquiao, the biggest drawcard in con-
in the nal group Saturday with Woods.
temporary boxing, will face the toughest chal-

Before another enthusiastic crowd that
lenge of his career when he takes on holder Miguel
topped 24,000 people who endured hot
Cotto for the WBO welterweight title today.
sunshine and dust from so much trafc
Although Filipino Pacquiao is widely viewed
along sandy paths at Kingston Heath,
as the favorite in his bid to win a seventh world
Woods quickly regained the lead from
title in an unprecedented seventh weight class,
Dufner, who shot his 67 in the morning
the scheduled 12-round bout has whet the ap-
to nish at 7-under 137. Melbourne AP
petite of fans and boxing insiders alike.
Renowned trainer Angelo Dundee predicts
MOTOR RACING “a great, great ght” at the MGM Grand Garden
Lotus F1 looks Arena while former heavyweight champion George
Foreman has backed the bigger and more powerful
to GLCs for cash Puerto Rican to win on a split decision.
Lotus Formula One is still seeking “You have a perfect blending of style in this
sponsorship to help the new Ma- ght,” Dundee told reporters in the build-up to this
laysian team survive in its rst sea- clash. “If I ever had a ghter ghting Pacquiao, I
son in 2010 despite a tight budget. would implement the things that Cotto brings to
Launched two months ago as a col- the table. “Cotto is a pressure ghter and he’s going
laboration between the Malaysian to be on Pacquiao from the get-go. He’s got a great
government, who hold no equity in left hook and he’s a good body puncher.
the team, and a trio of entrepreneurs, “I see a very tough distance ght, and there is go-
Lotus insisted it had the means to ing to be blood,” added Dundee, who has trained Mu-
compete. A team director told Ma- hammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Foreman. “Pac-
laysia’s Bernama news agency the quiao takes it to you all the time but in this ght he is
company would look to attract in- going to have to back up. He’s smart, slick, and has
vestors from various corporate bod- great hand speed, but Cotto counters those things.”
ies, including government-linked Pacquiao, regarded by many as the best pound-
companies (GLCs). “What is wrong for-pound ghter in the world, has a glittering
with asking for sponsors from record of 49-3-2 with 37 knockouts but Foreman

GLCs like Petronas?” said Kama- believes he could fall victim to complacency. “Pac-
rudin Meranun. Kuala Lumpur Reuters quiao has been riding high and has beaten some of
the best in the world,” Foreman said. “And it leaves
ATHLETICS you kind of complacent when you’re winning.

France faces a severe test The Irish were impressive in

“Even if you don’t want it to, sometimes you
of its resolve in Dub- their qualifying campaign and
Liu wins third lin on Saturday when pushed Italy hard to the top
can’t get up for a big ght -- and that’s a plus for
Cotto. I think Cotto wins in a 12-round decision.”
Asian title Raymond Domenech’s under- spot. Defender Richard Dunne
Cotto, who has won a world title every year
achieving side takes on Ireland believes they can break French
China’s former world and Olympic since 2004, has an enviable career record of
in the rst leg of their World Cup hearts.
champion high hurdler Liu Xiang con- 34-1 featuring 27 knockouts. Las Vegas Reuters/AP
playoff at what will be a raucous “I think over the last World
tinued his comeback from injury by
Croke Park. Cups and Euros, they haven’t
winning his third continental title at the
The 1998 world champion run smoothly for France but
18th Asian Athletics Championships in
Guangzhou. The 26-year-old cruised
and runner-up in 2006 was
beaten to automatic qualication
they’ve always got through and
maybe it’s time we put a stop to
49ers punish
to victory in the 110-meter hurdles -
nal in 13.50 seconds, well outside the
by Serbia and must now take its
chances along with seven other
that,” the Aston Villa player said.
Portugal would be more com-
sloppy Cutler to
12.88 he ran to claim the then world
record in 2006 before an Achilles in-
European sides hoping to take a
second chance at qualifying for
fortable taking on Bosnia, which
is bidding to qualify for their rst
grind down Bears
jury ended his Beijing Olympic dream. The San Francisco 49ers intercepted Chicago
next year’s nals. major nals, had Cristiano Ron-
Liu, who also won the regional title in quarterback Jay Cutler ve times on the way to
Failure to overcome the Irish aldo been declared t. However,
2002 and 2005 but skipped the 2007 a 10-6 victory over the Bears on Thursday.
would leave Domenech almost the Portuguese will have to do
version in favor of the world cham- San Francisco safety Michael Lewis made the
certainly looking for a new job. without the Real Madrid winger
pionships, ran for the rst time since nal interception in his own endzone with less than
Portugal, another glam- after he was ruled out of both
the heats of the Beijing Games in his 10 seconds remaining after Cutler had driven the
our nation in danger of missing legs with an ankle injury.
home city of Shanghai in September. Bears to the 49ers’ 12-yard line. The victory snapped
out, must get past Bosnia and Even so they will start big
The championships conclude today a four-game losing streak for San Francisco (4-5)
will look for a healthy lead from favorites. “I’ve never been more
in Guangzhou, the host city of next and gave coach Mike Singletary a win over the team
today’s rst leg to take to the worried in my life because this is
year’s Asian Games. Beijing Reuters/AP where he had a successful playing career.
Balkans for the second leg on the biggest test of my career and
Wednesday. it will take a world class perfor- “It was a big relief,” 49ers tight end Vernon Da-
SOCCER Russia hosts Slovenia today mance over two legs to eliminate vis told reporters. “It’s truly a blessing to be able to
while Euro 2004 champion Greece Portugal,” Bosnia coach Miro- get this. We just have to keep winning.” San Fran-
Real inks deal starts at home against Ukraine. slav Blazevic said. London Reuters Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo undergoing a medical inspection in Lisbon. cisco running back Frank Gore opened the scoring
with Saudis with a 14-yard touchdown in the second quarter
and tallied 104 yards on the ground.
Real Madrid have agreed a four-year Gore has scored in his last three games and
sponsorship deal with Saudi Telecom
(STC) that will give STC clients ac-
Bahrain set to build on lessons Costa Rica-Uruguay clash today was a steady presence for the 49ers, who gained
just 216 total yards. Chicago made it 7-3 just be-
cess to news, photos, video and video Bahrain will be hoping to build on a dominant second-half display Costa Rica and Uruguay waged a war of silence rather than fore the end of the half with a 50-yard eld goal
games linked to the La Liga giants. in last month’s scoreless draw with New Zealand as the platform words as they prepared for the rst leg of their 2010 World by Robbie Gould, who added a 38-yarder in the
The deal was announced at a presen- for a better result in today’s Asia/Oceania World Cup qualier second leg. Cup playoff at the Saprissa Stadium today (0200 GMT on Sunday). third as the Bears pulled within one.
tation at Real’s Bernabeu Stadium The winner of the match at a sold-out Westpac Stadium in “Today I’m not saying anything, like (Uruguay’s Oscar) Tabarez,” Home kicker Joe Nedney made a 21-yard eld
with club president Florentino Perez, Wellington will advance to the 2010 World Cup nals after the Costa Rica’s Brazilian coach Rene Simoes said. “He’s not talking goal with 10:11 left to cap the scoring as the 49ers
STC chairman Muhammad bin Suli- side’s battled out a 0-0 draw in Manama, with Bahrain failing to either, he’s not saying if he’s going with three or four defenders.” took advantage of Cutler’s career-high ve intercep-
man Al Jasser and Portuguese for- convert several clear-cut chances. Despite the stalemate, Bah- Costa Rica is hoping to reach their fourth World Cup and third tions. Acquired in a trade with the Denver Broncos
ward Cristiano Ronaldo, Real said rain coach Milan Macala said the match had been a tremendous in a row, while twice winner Uruguay, which last played in the in the offseason, Cutler has struggled with his con-
on their Web site (www.realmadrid. learning experience for his side as they had only previously seen nals in 2002, is in its third successive playoff. Simoes looks set to sistency and has a league-high 17 interceptions.
com). “The deal will benet the nu- the All Whites on television. New Zealand trained all week with eld three central defenders and two wing backs as he seeks an Cutler drove Chicago 68 yards in the last
merous fans that Real Madrid have the 3-4-3 formation they used in Manama, and Rory Fallon is advantage to take to next Wednesday’s second leg at the Centena- 2:47 before surrendering another turnover. He
in the Middle East and Asia,” Perez likely again to join Killen and Smeltz up front. Wellington Reuters rio, where Uruguay won the rst World Cup in 1930. San Jose Reuters nished 29-for-52 passing for 307 yards as the
said. The club gave no nancial de- Bears (4-5) lost their second in a row and fourth
tails about the deal. Madrid Reuters in the last ve games. San Francisco Reuters/AP

SPORTS S AT U R D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 2 0 0 9 TODAY’S ZAMAN 19

No Turkish winners


in Euroleague as
Efes Pilsen beaten
A day after Fenerbahçe Ülker was beaten at
home by undefeated Italian side Montepaschi
Siena, Turkish champion Efes Pilsen also suffered

defeat as it was downed 105-90 by Olympiakos of
Greece in game four of their Euroleague Group B
basketball match in Piraeus on Thursday night.
Olympiakos, 3-1, now shares second place
with Lietuvos Rytas of Lithuania behind unbeaten
Unicaja, while Efes dropped to 1-3. Mario Kasun
and Igor Rakocevic banged in 15 points for Efes,
Kerem Tunceri and Bootsy Thornton added 13
each and Bostjan Nachbar scored 10 in the high-
scoring and thrilling encounter, but that was not
enough to save the stanbul side from defeat.
The Greek side had several sharpshooters on
the score sheet: Linas Kleiza scored 20, Panos
Vasilopoulos 18, Sofoklis Schortsianitis 11 and
Nikola Vujcic 10. This in fact was Efes Pilsen’s
third consecutive loss in as many road matches.
But there is no cause for alarm because the Turk-
ish champion will be hosting four of its six re-
maining matches. With the backing of its fans
at stanbul’s Abdi pekçi Sports Arena, Efes is
expected to rebound when Euroleague play re-
sumes after the break week. stanbul Today’s Zaman

LA Lakers eclipse
Phoenix Suns in
The Turkish U-21 national soccer team during their final training session in Trabzon ahead of today’s 2010 European Championship Group Two qualifying match against Switzerland at Trabzon’s Hüseyin Avni Aker.
one-sided match
The Los Angeles Lakers routed Phoenix
121-102 on Thursday to cool off the Suns’
sizzling start to the NBA season. Phoenix had
won four in a row coming into the contest to
sit atop the Western Conference standings but
found the Lakers in top form.
Turkish U-21s face Swiss in
Kobe Bryant scored a game-high 29 points
and center Andrew Bynum returned to the
lineup with 26 and 15 rebounds for the Lakers
(7-1), who won their sixth in a row. Phoenix (8-
2) reserve Jared Dudley had 14 points and Steve
Nash had 13 as the Suns struggled to nd the
crucial Euro 2010 qualifier OKAN UDO BASSEY ÝSTANBUL overtake them,” Mandral said.
mark, shooting 36 percent from the eld. GROUP TWO STANDINGS
In Miami, LeBron James scored 34 points as “Estonia will be the next in the line after
he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to 111-104 victory The Turkish U-21 national team will be TEAMS P W D L GF GA PTS Switzerland, and if we win these two matches,
over the Miami Heat, despite Dwyane Wade’s hosting Switzerland in their 2010 Eu- Switzerland 5 3 1 1 10 5 10 then we will have covered a great distance on
36-point effort for the hosts. Miami had won six of ropean Soccer Championship Group Turkey 4 3 0 1 9 6 9 our journey toward the Euro nals [next year].
seven to start the season and while Wade was able Two qualifying match at Trabzon’s Hüseyin Estonia 4 2 1 1 5 5 7 And this will also be a test to prove to every-
Avni Aker Stadium this evening and Estonia at Georgia 3 1 1 1 5 3 4 one what Turkish youngsters are capable of
to win the points duel between him and James, Rep. of Ireland 4 0 3 1 3 6 3
Rize’s Yeni Stadium next Wednesday. doing on the pitch,” he further stated.
Cleveland’s extra class showed through. Armenia 4 0 0 4 4 11 0
These are indeed very crucial matches be- Mandral, a Trabzon native, also said he
Speculation surrounds the futures of both
cause they could determine whether Turkey was very happy that this evening’s game is
Wade and James, who are both able to opt out of
qualies for next year’s nals. As a result, all smail Köyba and Bar Bada trained taking place in Trabzon. “Let Avni Aker be
their contracts next year and the prospect of the duo
Turkcell Super League and Bank Asya League separately, while the rest of the team fo- full to the brim and that will make me very
teaming up in Miami next year was described as
1 (second division) matches this weekend cused on tactics and collective teamwork. happy indeed. In our match at Eskiehir, the
“improbable but not impossible” by Wade prior to
have been canceled because several junior Switzerland leads the group with 10 stadium was full, and we also got full support
the game. “I enjoy playing LeBron probably more
internationals play in these leagues. points from ve matches; Turkey is second from the fans. I expect similar support from
than anyone else in the league,” Wade said of his
The national team, under the supervi- with nine points from four games, so the our Trabzon fans this evening and our sup-
good friend. “Over the course of our careers we are
sion of coach Hami Mandral, trained at Turks could topple the Swiss if they win. porters in Rize next Wednesday,” he added.
going to continue to have those battles.”
the Haluk Ulusoy facilities in Trabzon on “We are going to play a very important
Wade followed up on two recent 40-point per- Turkish U-21
Thursday and at Avni Aker -- where today’s match against our archrival Switzerland at
formances against Washington with another prolic coach Hami
Avni Aker and if we win, we will turn the
Live on NTV Spor
Mandiral match will be played -- on Friday. Slightly
display; including a devastating rst quarter dunk 19:00 Turkey vs. Switzerland
injured Serdar Kesimal, Abdullah Karmil, tide in our favor. In other words, we will
that left Cleveland’s Brazilian center Anderson Va-
rejao sitting on the oor. Los Angeles Reuters/AP


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King to replace CNN’s departing Dobbs
CNN reporter John King will replace controversial departing host
Lou Dobbs in a new weeknight political program on the 24-hour
cable news network, CNN has said. The appointment of King fol-
lows the abrupt resignation one day earlier of Dobbs. LA, Reuters


Michael Jackson’s


earns $200 mln
around the world


Michael Jackson’s concert movie
“This Is It” has taken in more
than $200 million at box ofces world-
wide in the rst two weeks of release,
the studio behind the movie has said.
“American Idol” champion Kris ny run by “American Idol” creator Simon Sony Pictures Entertainment said
The album,


Allen, who once traveled the Fuller, was a completely different expe- the movie had grossed $61 million in
Allen’s rst since world on church missionary rience. Allen had the luxury of time, for North America and more than $140
trips, took an equally wayfaring approach one thing, unlike when he booked the million internationally. Japan ($27.2
winning top-rated to record his new album, working in stu- studio himself on his rst album and had million) and the UK ($14.3 million)
TV signing show dios across the United States. “Name a only a few days to record. This time, he were particularly strong markets.
big city and I probably recorded a song also included exotic instruments, includ- The movie is now the 22nd big-
‘American Idol,’ there,” Allen told Reuters ahead of the ing a sitar, and experimented with differ- gest grossing movie worldwide of

self-titled “Kris Allen” release on Nov. 17. ent styles, from pop to the blues.
was mostly writ- The album, Allen’s rst since win- Allen’s “Idol” fans will recognize his
2009, according to industry tracker “This Is It,” dis-
ten and produced ning top-rated TV signing show “Ameri- cover version of rap star Kanye West’s song tributed by Sony Corp-owned Co-
can Idol,” was mostly written and pro- “Heartless,” which Allen performed on lumbia Pictures, was compiled from
while he toured duced while he toured the US this past the show and also recorded for the album. footage of Jackson rehearsing for a
the US this past summer with “Idol” runner-up Adam Another track, “Red Guitar,” predates Al- series of planned comeback concerts
Lambert and the other 10 nalists from len’s “Idol” run and is the only song on the before his sudden death in June.
summer with the show. The Arkansas native recorded album he wrote on his own. Before joining Sony paid concert promoters AEG
songs in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, “American Idol,” Allen traveled widely on
‘Idol’ runner-up Milwaukee and other cities.
“American Idol” winner Kris Allen performs with Minnie Mouse in front of The American
church missionary trips, touching down in
and Jackson’s estate about $60 million
Idol Experience attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. for the right to make and distribute the
Adam Lambert “It was pretty crazy, and kind of such countries as Thailand and Mozam- movie. The $200 million plus gross is
weird switching your mind from tour nine of the record’s 12 tracks. into, turn the windows down in their car bique. Even though he said his faith is im-
and the other mode to writing and recording mode,” One single, “Live Like We’re Dying,” and sing along with it,” he said. portant to him, he has no plans to release
almost three times more than 2008’s
“Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of
10 nalists from he said. The 24-year-old Allen was the was released in September and is cur- When Allen was still a college stu- an album of Christian songs. As for the Both Worlds Concert Tour” -- a movie
center of a carousel of songwriters who rently ranked 39th in airplay on radio sta- dent in 2007, he made a low budget, future, the singer said he hopes to go back
some box ofce watchers had used as a
the show included “Idol” alumnus Chris Daugh- tions playing Top 40 music, said tracking self-released album called “Brand New on the road -- on an international tour. “I
benchmark for “This Is It.” The Jackson
try and Joe King of rock band The Fray, rm Mediabase. “It’s got a really jumpy Shoes,” but he said making his latest EP have always wanted to go to Australia,”
lm opened on October 28 for a planned
but Allen was instrumental in penning chorus that I feel people can really get through 19 Recordings, a record compa- he said. Los Angeles Reuters
two week run but has since been extend-
ed until early December. LA Reuters