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~ JL~fro

We Make America Happen
Gerald W. McEntee
(30~-3rt/ CCg d
William Lucy
Dear AFSCMEMember:
Vice Presidents

Ken Allen
We are proud to enclose your AFSCMEmembership card for 2008-2009.
Portland, OR

Henry l. Bayer
Chicago,IL This card signifies that you are part of a family of 1.4 million workers across our nation
George Boncoragllo
who provide the vital services that make America strong. Our members are the first to arrive
Anthony Caso when disaster strikes and the very last to leave, whether the crisis is a bridge collapse in

Greg Devereux
Minneapolis or raging fires in Southern California. We are also the ones behind the scenes,
working in government offices, scho_ol~and universities, corrections facilities, hospitals and
anny Donohue
Albany, NY child care centers. We do the jobs that few people spend much time thinking about, but
David R. Fillman
Harrisburg, PA
upon which all of us depend,
Michael Fox
Harrisburg, PA
Albert Garrett
As an AFSCMEmember with a union contract, you enjoy decent wages and benefits as
well as workplace protections that workers who are not part of a union don't have, What's
Raglan George Jr.
NewYo,k,NY more, you're part of an organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of all
Sherryl Gordon
Trenton, NJ
working people, whethe-r they are in a union or not. With your participation, we can become

Lakesha Harrison even more effective in standing up to those who wish to undercut public services and
Oakland, CA

Danny J. Homan
eliminate workers' rights.
Des Moines, IA

Salvatore Luciano
New Britain, a In fact, today we are in the midst of an anti-worker climate unlike any in recent memory,
john A. Lyall
Worthington, OH
That's why membership and activism in our union are so important. We hope this card
Roberta Lynch reminds you that the vitality of AFSCMEcomes from members who are dedicating their time

Glenard S. Middleton Sr.

and talents to build power in the workplace, at the ballot box and at the bargaining table,
Baltimore, MD

Veronica Montgomery-Costa
NewYo,k,NY Thank you again for being part of the AFSCMEfamily - a family that stands strong
Doug Moore
Son Diego, CA
because we stand together,
Michael D. Murphy
Madison, WI

Henry Nicholas
Philadelphia, PA

Eddie L. Parks
Westerville, OH In solidarity,
Randy Perreira
Honolulu, HI

George E. Popyack
Oakland, CA

Greg Powell
Austin, TX Gerald W. McEntee ~~~
Eddie Rodriguez
New York, NY
International President International Secretary-Treasurer
joseph P. Rugola
Columbus, OH

Kathy j. Sackman
Pomona, CA
Eliot Seide
South St Paul, MN

Mary E. Sullivan
Albany, NY

Braulio Torres
San juan, PR

David Warrick
Indianapolis, IN

Jeanette D. Wynn
Tollahassee, FL
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
TEL (202) 429-1000 FAX (202) 429-1293 TOO (202) 659-0446 WEB 1625 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-5687