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The Aims of Mujahideen

Saturday, 14 November 2009 11:53 administrator

As an Islamic liberation force, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate

represent aspirations of the Afghan masses who want to free themselves Digg
from the claws of colonialism. This is the only force, the people look to for
realization of their noble aims.
Therefore, to live up to the expectation of the people, the Mujahideen’s Share
objectives are clear. They want to establish an Islamic system based on
justice and equality and gain independence of the country where the
Afghans will be owners of their own country and fate. Education, spiritual and
material uplift and reconstructions are other aims of the Islamic Emirate. It has
declared time and again that it will implement these goals upon gaining
independence. However, the intelligence agencies of the invading countries and the
biased media are trying to mar the good name of Mujahideen. Under the notorious
name of terrorism, they want to create hatred among the people against the true
sons of this land (Afghanistan). Even some time, these agencies resort to
perpetrating gruesome crimes like explosions in congested places where hundreds
of innocent people lose their lives. Some time, they flare up sectarian violence as
per the old divide and rule formula of colonialism. Then, they accuse Mujahideen
of being involved these crimes. The Mujahideen are free from all such charges. No
Mujahid will ever want to kill an innocent Muslim or Muslima.
But the biased media constantly publish the official story and the people under the
influence of the partial reports are confused and some time, misjudge the events
because they do not know to tell facts from lies. On the other hand, the mainstream
media do not publish the stand of Mujahideen regarding every event, fearing the
invading Americans will accuse them of helping the so-called terrorists. In fact, the
world has now been taken hostage by the media suffocation unleashed by the
Pentagon has a psychological war department. This department is charged with
spreading lies against Mujahideen. They spend millions of dollars to make it possible
that the lies fabricated in Pentagon reach every ear in the world. They pay high sum
of money to journalists who is ready to publish maligning stories against
Mujahideen. According to a media report, a CIA cell in one of the neighboring
countries of Afghanistan pay a journalist $1000 for a story against Mujahideen.
They put on air dramas aimed at marring the image of Mujahideen. Ironically, the
colonialists have taken this war from the battle fields to the fields of media, labor
unions, business circles and scholar forums. So they should be confronted in all
these fields.
Those journalists who are committed to human dignity, liberation, and justice
should form Mujahideen Support Groups and wage an unwavering and constant
campaign against the black propaganda launched by the colonialists because in the
final analysis, this is not the war of Taliban. This is the war of all freedom-loving and
justice-loving people all over the world who want to live as free people without the
sword of colonialism hanging over their heads in this 21 century.

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