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Krizzalis Velazco Flores.
Cecilia Portocarrero Molina.

Date: February 25
, 2014.

Class time: 8:10 to 9:00 50 minutes

Level:3 Group:A # of Ss:15
General Objective:
Ss will be presented to the most common occupations in Mexico to describe their own or their families
occupations, as evidenced in a role play activity.
Simple Present. Occupations vocabulary: butcher, shepherd, plumber, tailor, laborer, lorry driver, baker,
blacksmith, chemist.
Most common occupations in my country.
Previous Teaching Point:
Verb to be and occupations.
Teacher: Krizzalis Velazco. Objective: Ss will recall the name of some occupations seen
on the previous class by solving a crossword puzzle in
Skills: None.
Time: 15 min.
Language: Recycled vocabulary: Occupations.
Material: Two big puzzles, description of the occupations.
Lead in: Guys, Do you know what a crossword puzzle is? Do you remember some of the occupations that
we saw yesterday?
1. Ss will name some of the occupations presented.
2. Ss will mention some characteristics of the occupations they remember.
3. Ss will be divided into two teams.
4. T will give instructions.
4.1.Each team will be assigned one big crossword puzzle. (That will be on the wall)
4.2.T will give each team a paper with the description of each occupation.
4.3.As a team, Ss will have five minutes to solve the crossword puzzle.
4.4.When the time finishes, the team with more correct words on the crossword puzzle will win the
4.5.T will prize the winners.
5. T will check and provide feedback.
6. Ss will be asked if they know any other occupations besides the ones presented.
7. T will introduce next peer.

Link: Hey Cecilia, Do you know any other occupations that are common in our country?
Teacher: Cecilia Portocarrero. Objective: Ss will be presented to some common
occupations in their country by identifying words and their
Skills: Speaking.
Time: 15 min. Language: Simple present. Vocabulary related to

Material: Computer, projector.
Lead in:Ok, guys, do you remember that yesterday Veronica told us that her dad works as a cotton
1. Ss will read the words and the definitions.
2. Ss will share if they know somebody with that occupation.
3. Ss will do coral and individual repetition.
4. Ss will discuss if they like that occupation and if they know somebody with it.
5. Ss will then share with the whole class what they discussed.
6. Ss will receive feedback.
7. T will introduce her peers.

Link: Krizzalis, do you know what a welder is?
Teacher: Krizzalis Velazco. Objective: Ss will practice the simple present tense and the
new vocabulary taught by doing a role-play and acting it in
front of the class.
Skills: Speaking.
Time: 20 minutes
Language: Simple Present, Occupations.
Material: Wigs, little papers with the context and the information of the role-plays.
Lead in: Guys, do you know people who has these occupations? Are these occupations different or
similar as yours? Would you like to have any of these occupations? Would you like to be a butcher, for
1. Ss will share some of their personal beliefs and experiences regarding occupations.
2. T will tell Ss that today they will act as if they had those occupations.
3. Teachers will model an example of what is expected from Ss.
4. Ss will be divided into trios. (Depending on the number of Ss)
5. T will set instructions.
5.1.Ss will be given littler papers with the context and some occupations.
5.2.Ss will have five minutes to prepare their role-plays and create a conversation.
5.3.Ss will be asked to come to the front and perform the conversations they created. (Ss can use
the wigs to interpret their conversations)
5.4.T will price the most creative conversation.
6. T will check and provide feedback.
7. T will dismiss the class.