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Appetizer s

H om em adeSpinach Artichoke Dip Nachos Grande
T w o wrongs can make a right. Artichokes and spinach Corn tortilla chips covered with our hom em ade chili,
blended with three creamy cheeses. Served with melted cheese sauce, jalapeno peppers, scallions,
toasted pita bread, tomato, carrots, celery and hom em ade salsa and sour cream. $7.50
olives. $7.50
Wings and Wedges
Chicken Quesadilla Beer-barrel potato wedges and jumbo chicken wings,
served with carrots, celery and bleu cheese. $6.50
Marinated white chicken, bell peppers, onions,
mushrooms, mix of provolone, cheddar and cotija Mozzarella Sticks
cheeses and chili powder. Grilled between soft flour Tasty snack served with marinara. $4.95
tortillas. Served with our hom em ade salsa and sour
cream. $8.50
Cheese Pretzel
Hot sourdough pretzel stuffed with cheese. Served
H ousem ade H um m us with mustard. $3.25
Not guilty is the verdict when enjoying this healthy
snack. Our own tavern hum m us served with pita Veggie Plate
bread, tomato, carrots, celery and olives. $7.50
Carrots, celery, olives and pepperoncinis. Served
with bleu cheese. $4.25
H om em ad
e Parmesan-Battered Zucchini
This vegetable sure has gotten a bad rap. Then, along House Made Crab Dip
came the deep fryer. Served with marinara. $7.95 Creamy crab dip served with pita chips. $9.50

Knickerbocker Firehouse Wings
Award-winning jumbo chicken wings smothered in our Appetizer Dressings
own special hot sauce. Served with carrots, celery Marinara, Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Honey Dijon,
and bleu cheese. Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Barbeque, Hot Sauce, Sesame
O ne dozen $7.75 T w o Dozen $13 .9 5 Ginger.

Extra dressing $.75
Foot-O-Rings Large dressing $1 .5 0
Beer-battered deep fried sweet Spanish onions, served
with marinara, honey dijon and ranch.
Half foot $5.75 Foot $9.25

Chicken Fingers
Although chickens only have three fingers, w e’re
going to give you five. Served with honey dijon. $6.75

Cheese and Veggie Plate
Provolone, swiss and cheddar cheese, carrots, celery,
pepperoni, crackers, pepperoncinis, green and black
olives. Served with brown mustard and ranch dressing.

The Variety R o o m Platter
For the real health nut. A combination of four items
from our appetizer menu. Chicken fingers, onion
rings, beer battered fries and mozzarella sticks.
Served with choice of dressing. $7.95

Y ou may place you order in advance by phone or order in with choice of dressing. Served House Balsamic. W e reserve the right to add 1 8 % gratuity to parties of 1 0 or more. carrots. carrots. carrots. Sesame Ginger. poultry. carrots and shaved parmesan. shellfish or eggs Blackened upon request may increase your risk of food borne illness.m.m. $10.95 The Trod Bros. French and Red Roquefort. seafood. red onion.75 Iceberg lettuce and fresh romaine hearts topped with grilled chicken. carrots and shaved parmesan. vinaigrette dressing. red onion. bacon. Kitchen open until 1 :0 0 a.50 Bowl $3. mandarins. French fries. tomato. $10. topped with grilled salmon filet. tomato.95 Spring mix and romaine hearts. tomato. Honey Dijon. topped with spicy buffalo chicken. carrots.. celery and C up $2. olives. until 2:00 a. $3. celery and Bleu Cheese. Blackened upon request hot pepper rings and grated provolone cheese. $5. tomato.75 Iceberg lettuce. $9. Served with house vinaigrette House Salad dressing. celery and a.a match made in heaven. $3.95 Spinach. olives.00 A d d a grilled cheese to your soup. Tossed with Caesar dressing. A d d grilled chicken $3. no pink) . food for the heart.00 C up $2. tomato. celery.H o m e m aed S o u ps Chili Buffalo Chicken Salad W e never quite understood why something hot would Iceberg lettuce. chicken and meatballs . $9. cucumber. $8. Tavern C obb Salad Served with Sesame Ginger dressing on the side. avocado (seasonal) and scallions.75 Caesar. Italian W edding Soup Served with bleu cheese dressing. bleu cheese crumbles.m. tomato. bell peppers and Roasted Garlic Creamy Tomato feta cheese. Greek Salad C up $2. fresh romaine hearts.00 Asian Chicken Salad Romaine hearts. spring mix.75 person.95 olives and shaved parmesan cheese.75 Soup of the Day A d d grilled chicken $3. Steak Salad For the vegetarians who can’t get enough meat.50 French fries. pepperoncinis.95 Iceberg lettuce.50 Our family favorite. Blackened upon request Extra dressing $. red onion. Tossed with olive oil and vinegar. Served for carryout. Ranch. grated provolone cheese.25 Quart $6. M onday through Saturday 1 1:0 0 a. Served with house Spring mix and romaine hearts. pepperoncinis.95 Chicken Noodle Caesar Salad A n American classic." STEAK TEMPS: RARE (cold red center) MEDIUM RARE (warm red center) MEDIUM (pink center) MEDIUM WELL TO WELL (cooked throughout. cucumber.00 A sk your server for the daily selection(s). topped with grilled steak. Sunday 10 :3 0 onion.75 The Knickerbocker Hotel Chicken Salad Large dressing $1 . tomato. Dressings onion. House Vinaigrette.50 Bowl $3. $8. sesame Salad s seeds. parmesan. "Consuming raw or undercooked meats. topped with Charbroiled Salmon Salad blackened seared tuna steak.25 Quart $6. onion. Iceberg lettuce. Our entire menu is available French fries. topped with grilled chicken.m. black olives. tomatoes. with choice of dressing. cucumber.50 Bowl $3.75 Bowl $3.50 Quart $7.25 Quart $6. black C up $2. Eagle ’s Garlic . Open 7 days. $7. A d d blackened salmon filet $5. egg. Russian. olives. pepperoncinis. be called chili. Blackened Tuna Steak Salad Served with house vinaigrette dressing. crunchy strips and grilled chicken breast smothered in our own sesame ginger sauce. carrots.m. Served with choice of dressing. grated provolone cheese. until 2:00 a. tomato. The award-winning tomato soup.75 red onion. $10. grated provolone cheese. Fresh romaine hearts topped with croutons.5 0 Iceberg lettuce.

95 Green Side Salad .50 French Dip A dd marinara for a Philly Pizza Steak $6. melted provolone cheese. coleslaw and Cuban Sandwich Russian dressing.Rom aine hearts. $5. $6. just fried ham. tomato and onion. but ours tastes turkey and American cheese. fried onions and peppers. Bacon. $8. French brie cheese roll. Steak patty. Ham. tomato and parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. Eagle’s Fried Pepperoni Hoagie tomato.00 A d d avocado $1. melted provolone cheese. Served on a grilled steak roll. just the recipe. tomato and red onion. $5. lettuce. Salami and Brie Panini lettuce.99 toasted to perfection. you can make this at home. bacon. even if you eat it at eleven o’clock at night. American cheese. tomato. lettuce.95 provolone cheese on a toasted steak roll. $6. this is an Coleslaw $2. ham. croutons. pickles. mustard and provolone cheese. Served on a toasted steak roll. ham. Served on Texas with mayo. Sure. lettuce.95 The 1 9 0 4 Classic Steak Sub The meat isn’t from 1904.Rom aine hearts. tomato. lettuce. provolone cheese and red onion.25 baby.95 awesom e sandwich. $8. Fried eggs. Just avocado.75 Grilled chicken filet with fried onions and peppers. fried pepperoni. fried onions and Caesar Side Salad . Served with our special Eagle’s Garlic Egg Sandwich dressing on a toasted steak roll. lettuce.50 toast with mayo. $7. lettuce.50 pork. $6. Served on a Not to worry.25 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Chicken filet dipped in our own special hot sauce. Served with au jus for dipping. red onion and red pepper relish. D on’t let the name strain your brain. hot pepper rings. $7. Served on Texas toast better. provolone cheese. fried onions and peppers and hot pepper rings. $6. Choice of dressing. Bacon. Served on a toasted kaiser Hard genoa salami topped with French brie cheese. provolone cheese. pulled bread. peppers. Served on a toasted steak Green and delicious.75 Thinly sliced roast beef and provolone cheese A dd pepperoni $. tomato and provolone cheese on a toasted steak roll. fried salami. $2.25 Club Sandwich BLT A traditional favorite.75 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Grilled steak tips.S a n d w i c h es (Served with French fries and pickle) The Badwey Cheesesteak Want to skip the fries? Choose another side.95 The Rachel Grilled turkey with melted Swiss cheese. tomato Avocado and Brie Sandwich and hot pepper rings.0 0 Reverend Long’s Hero Salami. $6.95 red onion and tomato on sourdough bread.25 A d d grilled chicken $3. $6. Served on grilled marble rye N o trade embargo on this tasty treat. roll with bleu cheese dressing. $8.95 . $6. lettuce and tomato. tomato The William Genther Chicken and Cheesesteak red onion on toasted sourdough. lettuce. $6. $2. there ’s no actual eagle in this toasted steak roll.95 Philly Cheesesteak Chipped steak.95 and fresh romaine hearts on a toasted steak roll. tomatoes. pepperoni.


your own milk.5 0 R E B A RRegular or Decaf Coffee (free refills) $1 . Maraschino cherries. lemon-dill mayo. toasted kaiser roll. Peanut butter. mixed berries and whipped with tartar sauce.50 Red Bull $3. $5.25 $7. Minimum Jr.00. Served Cheesecake with French fries and pickle. tomato and red onion wrapped in a soft flour torilla. Vanilla ice cream.5 0 Jumbo lump crabcakes served with bay fries. Peanut butter and jelly . whipped cream and tartar sauce on the side. Fish ‘n’ Chips credit card charge 5.50 www. $3. $3.50 cream.50 certificates and gift cards issued by the PBJ Knickerbocker Tavern. pickle and lemon wedges. Served with Godiva Chocolate Beer-battered cod on a bed of beer-battered fries. tomato and Strawberry.5 0 Creamy and light N e w York-style cheesecake baked in Fish ’n’ Chips a graham cracker crust.95 and pickle.5 0 Served with pickle and beer-battered fries. French fries. chocolate syrup.25 Peanut Butter and Nutella Panini Blackened Tuna Steak Sandwich B . The Knickerbocker Tavern.50 A d d . 16602. PA.50 M E T H O D SO F P A Y M E N T W e accept cash. Cheeseburger Served with beer-battered fries. $8. chocolate sauce. $9. Served Liqueur.9 5 Hot or Iced Tea (free refills ) $1 . French fries and pickle. parent ’s nightmare. lettuce. Jr. tartar sauce and lemon wedges.8 5 Chicken Fingers Hot Chocolate $1 .75 Soft Drinks (free refills) $1 .942.50 Fruit juices $1 . M & ’s. coleslaw. $3. $1 1 .5 0 Lemonade $1 . Creamy and cheesy. $7.2 5 Chocolate Milk $1 . Just like home. Texas Toast.5 0 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Aquafina $1 . Served with French Fries $3. lettuce. Served with with mint liqueur. Visa and Discover. $9.5 0 Served with beer-battered Children ’s Dream Plate Children ’s dream. 814. $3.Fi s h a n d S e a f o od Salmon Wrap Dessert s Blackened salmon filet.25 to all T o G o orders. MasterCard. $3. vanilla and chocolate ice cream served red onion on a toasted kaiser roll. $2. Served with French Fries and pickle.MBring . M chocolate syrup and whipped cream.grape or strawberry . chocolaty Yellowfin Tuna seared with blackened seasoning and topped with red onion and tartar sauce on a Nutella and powdered sugar on grilled Texas toast. American Express.00 M ac‘n’Cheese The classic.5 0 Arnold Palmer $1 .75 Housem ade Maryland Crabcake Platter Stewart’s Root Beer $1 .knickerbockertavern.O .0770. $4.75 Loaded Fish Sandwich Drunken Ice Cream Battered-dipped haddock filet with yellow American cheese.W e also accept gift Served with beer-battered fries and lemon wedges.5 0 Chi l dr e n ' s M e nu Milk $1 . coleslaw.Y .75 Ages 1 2 and under . $3.on 3957 Sixth Avenue. Altoona.95 Housem ade Maryland Crabcake Sandwich Be ve r a g e s Jumbo lump crabcake with lettuce and tomato on a grilled steak roll with tartar sauce and lemon wedges on the side.