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Written by....... ( Prof.Anoop Tiwari)

The building made with simply bricks and cements is not the educational institute.
Educational institute is that in which every brick will speak about the story of the success of
their students. The above lines really characterised by the collage that isSISTEC.
SISTEC- Sagar Institute of Science and Technology is established in the beautiful city of
lakes !hopal near airport road.The foundation of the institute is kept by a dedicated and
committed personality shri Sudhir kumar "grawal.The dream of technical education along
with good moral values is taken ahead by shri Siddarth "grawal an obedient son of shri
Sidhir "grawal.
Sistec is best engineering collage not only in !hopal while in #.$. also% and the by the great
efforts commitments and &uality sistec is going to be come as best engineering collage of
'ow I would like to put some light on those factors which made the SISTec (The best.
)ne of the beautiful peaceful vastushilp clean and green site with awesome construction is
the campus of sistec. "round *+++ students are taking education from sistec .sistec is
decorated with ever green -Mechnical Engineering bough of communication- Electronics
& Co!nication engineering !ranch of electricity- Electrical an" Electronics
Engineering The need of contemporary -Cop!ter Science & Engineering outlook of
planet- Inforation technology the mainstay of construction- Ci#il Engineering. "long
with it sistec offered $, courses in -igital Communication ./SI -esign computer science
0 Engineering Thermal power 0 Engineering and #achine design.
To provide the e1cellence management education and to train the managers to crack the the
problems of business worldsistec offer #!" course the field of pharmacy to raise the
high standard sistec provide !.$harma and #.$harma programs also.
In sistec highly e1perienced &ualified and dedicated panel of professors is all time steadfast
to seek the potential and eminence in students and shape the carriers of them. The vision of
collage to provide the brilliant and valuable education with ama2ing practical knowledge.
3or wake uping the values morals and belongingness sistec has an uni&ue and ethical
concept of #orning 4prayer5 "ssembly. In this collage so many 6ob recruitment training has
been organi2ed by e1pert sof their fields. !y the academic progress report 4"$75 and
$arents teachers meet 4$T#5Sistec regularly be in touch with the parents or guardians of
students. )ne thing that I can say with fully confidence that the sistec is such a machine in
which you enter the raw students and after the duratioin of four years one can find the
trained educated decent engineer as the output of the machine.
Sistec knows very well that every students has so many hobbies to enhance their hobbies
along with study in sistec so many hobby club like music club literary club dance club etc.
!y the side of it sistec emphasis to various departments to form some technical clubs like
electo -pulse and S#E" etc. to give the podium for those who always eager to e1press their
technical skills with some techno events.
Sistec consist a wonderful library with so many books C-s 8ournals and maga2ine .The e-
/ibrary facility is also in sistec.
'ow the most important thing is Training 0 placement .sistec is the only collage in !hopal
which provides so many trainings to students9 .for campus drive every week aptitude
technical and communication skill classes are going on. To make the students high
techsistec declared the campus wi (3i.
Sistec has so many memberships like IEEE ISTE ISTE CSI give the technical
e1posure at national and international levels.
To develop the team ship and characters building sistec organi2e :Sagar #anthan; every
year. !y this event sistec put the seed of team workleadership e1pressing themselves and
a motivational approach inside the students .
There are so many things in the sistec which make it different from many engineering
collages and foremost in line.
In last I would like to say that sistec is one of the best engineering collage which focus on
e1tremely e1perimental and practical approach.
I wish all the very best to sistec and the students of sistec and those who are thinking to be
the part of sistec.
8ai <ind.... 6ai !harat
=ours ...............
"noop Tiwari
4"ssociate professor5
-ept.of Electronics 0 Communication