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(Robert) Michael Tuszynski

180 S. Garrison St. Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood, CO 80226

Ph: 785.408.0059 l Email:


My ministry, whether in the church, at home, or in public is to serve God
wholeheartedly (Eph. 6:7-8), relentlessly pursue a relationship with God (Rom.
8:13-17, 1 John 2:28), and to worship Him through my life as a living sacrifice
(Rom 12:1, Lev. 1). By serving God wholeheartedly my goal is to do all things as if
unto the Lord. In my relationship with God I pursue Him as my heavenly Father and
I attempt to mimic Him as a child mimics their father. Finally, I strive to worship
God through being a living sacrifice by offering up every part of me so that I am
completely surrendered to Him.

In ministering at a church, I still strive to meet these same goals. Also, while
ministering at a church I take a participatory leadership style. By this I mean that I
take part in the lives of those involved in my ministry. Not only do I try to lead
others by showing or telling them what to do, but I also listen intently and consider
input from those who are involved in ministry with me.


God’s work in my life began before I even had understanding. I was born into this
world with lungs full of holes. (My parents describe my lungs as if they were like
Swiss cheese.) The doctors told my parents that it was unlikely that I would survive
more than two weeks after my birth. So, my parents along with a group of friends
offered me up in prayer. My mother specifically begged God that he would let me
live and if he did she prayed that I would be able to use my voice to honor him.
God brought about a miracle in my life and completely healed my lungs to the point
where I do not have problems with my lungs at all.

Later on in life when I was about five or six years old I decided to begin my
relationship with God during a Sunday morning service at church. I continued in
this child like faith until I was about twelve years old. At this point in my life I was
no longer seeking after God, but he still had plans for me. During a middle school
retreat God grabbed a hold of me and I decided to recommit my life to him. From
then on I have been in a continual relationship with God with both highs and lows
as I continue to grow in him.

0059 l Email: rtuszynski@students.). Baritone Graduated Magnum Cum Laud MINISTRY EXPERIENCE 2009-Present Colorado Christian University. Newton. Kansas Undeclared Major. Colorado Youth Ministry (B. Independence.A. Kansas Honors English course 2002-2006 Independence High School. Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood. KS Summer Intern Church of 250 2008 Summer Mission Trip.ccu. AK . Lakewood. CO Chapel Stage Manager Discipleship group leader 9 guys 2009 Fist Missionary Church. Three Semesters Vocal Performance Minor. Senior Year 2006-2008 Kansas State University. Juneau. Kansas National Honors Society Member of select choir and choir: 3 years Parts: Tenor 2. (Robert) Michael Tuszynski 180 S. EDUCATION 2008-Present Colorado Christian University. CO 80226 Ph: 785. Manhattan. Lakewood.408. One Semester 2005 Independence Community College. Specialization: Biblical Studies. Bass. Independence. Garrison St.

Worship director Team size of 9 Bible study leader Ministry of 100 2007 Emmanuel Church. Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood.408. KS Summer intern. (Robert) Michael Tuszynski 180 S. Mission’s music team (electric guitar/acoustic guitar/vocals) Missions team size of 40 Disciple group leader for 9 men 2006-2008 Campus Crusade for Christ. KS Worship team member (electric guitar/acoustic guitar/vocals) Youth volunteer/Youth music coordinator Church of 400 2006 Timberlake Ranch Camp Summer cabin leader Worship team co-leader/member Average camp size a week of 100 . CO 80226 Ph: 785. Kansas State Univ.0059 l Email: rtuszynski@students.ccu. Abilene. R. youth Youth worship team coordinator Youth group of 50 Church of 400 2006-2007 Emmanuel Church. Garrison St.

CO Student Staff Responsible for processing transcript requests. customer service. starting/stopping films. Lakewood. Independence. helping cook/prepare food. KS Youth worship team leader Youth group of 40 Church of 350 MISSION TRIPS 2008 Juneau. R. CO 80226 Ph: 785. managing general student employees.408. Manhattan.ccu. training new employees on equipment . Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood. (Robert) Michael Tuszynski 180 S. First Baptist Church/Amour Missions WORKEXPERIENCE 2009-Present Colorado Christian University Service Central. AK. and scanning documents into computer system 2006-2008 Kansas State Dinning Center. KS General Employee Responsible for ticket and snack sales. Independence. Youth With A Mission 2003 Average cabin size 8 2003-2006 First Baptist Church.0059 l Email: rtuszynski@students. KS General Employee than Student Manager Responsible for serving food. contacting those whose requests have issues. customer service. Garrison St. and trained new employees 2005-2006 B&B Theaters. Campus Crusade for Christ 2005 China and Mongolia.

R. Instead.0059 l Email: rtuszynski@students. 4:6-7) Serving (1 Cor. the minister puts God first and foremost by spending daily time with the Creator. Network of Youth Ministers HOBBIES AND INTERESTS Distance Running Studying Old Testament Law Music Recording Hiking Learning New Music Writing Music CORE VALUES Honesty (Deut. A longing to grow.ccu.408. (Robert) Michael Tuszynski 180 S. A longing for God. Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood.The minister serves and encourages those they minister PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS 2008-present.The minister does not get caught up in the duties of their ministry or day to day lives. 16:19-20) Developing Skills (1 Chron. 9:19) Faithfulness (Matthew 25:21) Humility (Psalm 131:1) Patience (Psalm 37:7-9) MINISTRY CONVICTIONS A servant’s heart. CO 80226 Ph: 785. The minister considers others before themselves. 25:6-8) Prayer (Phil. Garrison St.The minister has a longing to get better at what they do whether .

963.The minister has the same heartbeat that God has for the lost. Garrison 180 S Garrison St. (Robert) Michael Tuszynski 180 S. R.0059 l Email: rtuszynski@students. swerner@ccu. in speaking/preaching. The minister seeks to do the work of God’s hands to those who are poor or needy or to train the flock to do so.3376. or in their study of the Word of God A heart for the lost/those who break God‘s heart. CO .edu that is musically. Campus Ministries Building Lakewood. REFERENCES Scott Werner Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Ministry Programs Colorado Christian University 303. CO 80226 Ph: 785.ccu. Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood.408.

CO 80226 Ph: 785.0059 l Email: rtuszynski@students. (Robert) Michael Tuszynski 180 S. 5976 Stagecoach Jody Waldrop Pastor to Students and Music Prairie Community Church 303.ccu. Garrison St. stixwaldrop@hotmail.350. R. Box #60 I Colorado Christian University l Lakewood. CO 80504 .