Biosa Air Refresher

Making neighbors and employees happy Biosa Air Refresher is a proven biological mean to effectively reduce odors and nuisance smell caused by air born organic aromatic particles.
Among the many sources causing the unbearable problem are • • • • landfills, dumps, sewage treatment facilities food and fodder industry, animal production and processing facilities, rendering industries Smelling A/C

An effective solution to the unbearable problem is • Biosa Air Refresher

Product Biosa Air Refresher is a blend of selected GRAS listed biological food grade cultures fermented with Organic Molasses. Purpose To bring fast relief and refresh air quality by effectively decomposed organic matters such as air borne aromatics. Reaction time From contact with to decomposing an airborne aromatic particle takes about a second. How and where to apply Where to apply is depending on the circumstances. Generally Biosa Air Refresher is applied by an atomizer, either a hand driven one or by an “ready-to-spray” system. Application frequency Industrial applications are normally 10-30 seconds spraying time every 1515 minutes. Warnings of use Biosa Air Refresher is harmless, no precautions are needed. Information:

Reference: • • • • Slaughterhouse and food processing facility Animal: ~2.0mill porkers yearly Country: Denmark -----------------------------------------------------

Problem: The Tican Corporation is state of art slaughterhouse and food processing facility with a strong international sale. Being located in the middle of a community, it’s important to Tican that all activities are carried out in a way that do not effect the surrounding environment negatively. Happy neighbors mean happy employees. One reoccurring problem was odor nuisances, which strained the employees followed by community complains. Therefore Tican engaged in an effort to once and for all minimize or better to eliminate the problem. The goal To supply an adequate technology able to eliminate community complaints, with no negative effect on employees, animals and products. Solution Among others, the qualities of Biosa Air Fresher in combination with a modern industrial “ready-to-spray” system targeting sources were chosen as solution. Bonus Because the Biosa Air Refresher is high on antioxidants, environmental caused deterioration of equipment is reduced. Result Biosa Air Refresher makes neighbors and employees happy. Information:

Biosa Air Refresher also decomposes the build up of disease causing gems and bacteria in automotive A/S systems. Removes cabin odor effectively.

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