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Contact No: +91(0)9677103920 Emai:!"#i#amanm$#$%an&'a( )
Aim" to +$#"$, c(a,n%in% mana%,#ia a""i%nm,nt" in t(, Man$-act$#in%) .annin% /it( a #,+$t,0
A perceptive professional with over 5 years of experience in Manufacturing management, Planning
Designated as Assistant Manager Production Planning and Department Incharge of Planning,
Inventory Management and !ourcing activities for "actories.
#xpertise in $ost $ontrol %&ong ' !hort term Investment !trategies(, Material Planning and )andling,
Production planning.
Indepth *nowledge in +oyota Production !ystem %+P!(, +otal Productive Maintenance %+PM(, &ean, and
,orld class manufacturing Process.
Indepth *nowledge in 3S1 9001, 100 ..M Documentation process.
A team player and leader with exemplary interpersonal, analytical and pro-lem solving s*ills with the
a-ility to adopt changes.
KN145E6GE 61MA3N
Man$-act$#in% 7 .annin% Mana%,m,nt:
Develop and manage the material planning function for goods and materials re.uired for the company/s
product and services.
Preparing the detailed planning process and executing the manufacturing in the factory.
Monitoring the activities of the su- contractor to execute the wor* as per shop drawings, !pecifications
and engineering standards.
Develop a system to adhere the !chedule adherence index %!AI(.
Identify the areas for improvement and consult with the engineering and Maintenance to execute the
Man Mana%,m,nt:
&eading and motivating teams ensuring their career development and positive contri-ution to the
Determining the man power re.uirement in accordance with the man power rationali0ation and
production norms.
Imparting training to various personnel/s there-y ensuring optimum performance.
!olving the dispute1 negotiations of the wor* force with the firm.
Sinc, AUS8906: S;.C AU81M183;E .;8 53M38E6: C<ENNA3:
ENG3NEER = .R16UC831N .5ANN3NG AN6 C1N8R15
+he $ompany was esta-lished in 2345 at $hennai and expands its manufacturing locations in
P67D8$)##98. +he company manufactures the sheet Metal forming, riveted, electrical -rea*er, pole
main switch assem-ly %low, medium and heavy voltage(.
R,+o#tin% an0 #,"+on"i>iit':
9eporting to "actory manager.
Preparation of Material and Production !chedule.
Preparation of :6M.
Preparing and Issue the material Plan to the suppliers.
$apacity planning once in ; months -ased on the sourcing plan.
!upply $oordination
Preparation of operator and machine utili0ation.
Develop a system to ensure the material handling.
Preparing the Daily, wee*ly and monthly Plan.
$onducting the Daily Performance Meeting.
Implemented the &ean concepts li*e <!M, 6$$, +a*t time
9educed the inventory level from 25 days to 5 days there-y -y introducing the =an-an.
Practiced the 5s in the 9M and "> !tores.
Implemented the +P! $oncept in the Planning !ystem.
$onsistently maintain the 2??@ !chedule adherence index.
AUS890@ = AUS8906 3N MM A1RG3NGS 53M38E6) .5AN8 @) C<ENNA3:
MM "orgings &imited is one of the leading forging industries in south India over A? years of experience in Metal
"orming Process. MM "orgings serves maBor vehicle and automotive components manufactures and process
Industries -oth in Domestic and 6verseas. It is a C! 3???, I!6 3??2D5??? certified company. +he range of
Materials handled include $ar-on steels, Alloy steels and !tainless steels. +he supplies are made in -oth forged
And premachined conditions. +here a A manufacturing facilities in India with a annual capacity of 55???M+.
R,+o#tin% an0 R,"+on"i>iit':
9eporting to Assistant >eneral Manager Production
#xecuting the daily and ,ee*ly Plan.
)andling the shift Production
Manpower allocation.
Interacting with the inter departments to ensure the availa-ility of resources for
Practiced the 5s activities in the "orge shop.
Played a +eam leader for the 2???+ !haring pneumatic Press for implementing the +PM.
Involved in the erection of 55??+ and A???+ Press.
)andled the !hop floor from material receiving to Dispatch activities.
Preparation for "M#A, Po*a8o*e and EC$ tools techni.ues in the Production process.
Process improvement -y introducing the +hermocouple and inferred sensor in the I:) to
+he overheat material and under heat.
Increased the production of Adapter -ra*e -y 2?@.-y conveyer to Bo- handling.
Fndergone +PM training in $hennai conducted -y +PM $lu- of India.
Fndergone 5s training in Productive council
Aca0,mic B$ai-ication"
:achelor of #ngineering in Mechanical division with first class %E3@( from Madras
Fniversity during 5??25??A.
Diploma in Mechanical division first class with honors %3;@( from Anna
Fniversity %D6#( during 233E5???.
Diploma in Auto$AD at $ad $omputer $entre during April 5??; to 6cto-er 5??;.
Aca0,mic .#oC,ct:
Productivity increase of ,or* study method.
S!i S,t":
Diploma in Auto$AD 5??E
M! 6ffice, M! Access
5an%$a%, .#o-ici,nc':
!pea* +amil, #nglish
9ead +amil, #nglish
,rite +amil, #nglish
.a""+o#t 6,tai":
Passport 7um-er >E435E?;
Date of #xpiry 221?515?24.
6,ca#ation (on R,D$,"t):
I $ertify the information furnished a-ove are true and to the -est of =nowledge and -elief.