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4th T Stegge Cannel 4th T Stegge Cannel

By Abdisa Dawano, Connor Ryan Chase Christensen, and Richard parker
Linking Identifications
1. Common Sense and declaration of independence: Was a document that was created before
the declaration of independence itself. It was intended to influence or persuade the settlers to
stand up for what was considered the right idea to split from the herd. This was to set
themselves apart from the British rule. In addition, the Common Sense was written in order to
produce popular support for the aspiration of independence. But nevertheless, the declaration of
independence was more peaceful and balanced foundation with a plan to go forward.
2. Women and colonial resistance: women were the main consumers of tea so when the tea
tax came along they used no consumption and didn’t drink it anymore significantly hurting
Britain economically. Also Women started creating apparel for their family instead of buying it
and they formed spinning bees where they would just make clothes together and it gathered a
lot of public attention. Also a few wealthy women like Sarah Osborn started the daughters of
liberty and preached colonial resistance
Colonial resistance: Was the concept of resisting Britain. It was used by like the sons of liberty
and they promoted it and it started after the 7 years war when Britain started internally taxing
America and they found that very unconstitutional and so they started resisting Britain. All of
this grew with the Townshend acts and tea and stamp act.
3. Internal and External Taxes: when the Britain first imposed an internal tax which was the
stamp act and it required the colonies to use stamped paper for bills, legal documents,
newspapers. This angered the colonies so they got mad and got that tax overturned. So then
Britain imposed an external tax on items coming into the colonies and this were called the
Townshend duties. And then that angered the colonies so in the end they declared their
independence in 1776.
4. Locke Social Contract and Declaration of Independence: Illustrate the way in which
when people come together to create common social order. The theory which is described by
john Locke says that in order to contain social order the citizen should give some rights to the
leaders of the country, that’s in to abstain social order. Locke states the existence of a "Natural
Law" that transcends any man-made law. Simply put all citizens have a right to "life, liberty and
property." Furthermore Locke states that a legitimate government can only obtain its legitimacy
from the consent of those whom it governs. Consent is necessary because for any government to
exist individuals must voluntarily surrender some of the freedom they would possess if they
existed in "a state of nature." (Book)
5. Suffolk Resolves and Olive Branch Petition: This was a article of American settlers that
addressed to King George III and sign by f the Continental Congress in July 1775. This was
delivered by the great speaker manned Richard Penn in 1775. Therefore he resisted the King
and also refuses to see him or the article. And this was the effort done by the American settler
which later led to the revolutionary. (Book)