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Huawei S2300 Series Ethernet Switches Overview

The Huawei S2300 series Ethernet switches (hereinafter referred to as the S2300) provide the
access and data transport functions. They are developed by Huawei to meet the reuirements for
reliable access and hi!h"uality transmission of multiple services on the metropolitan area
networ# ($%&).
'ositioned for the access layer or a!!re!ation layer of the multi"service $%&( the S2300 provides
lar!e capacity( hi!h port density( and cost"effective pac#et forwardin! capabilities. )n addition( the
S2300 provides multi"service access capabilities( e*cellent e*tensibility( uality of service (+oS)
!uarantee( powerful multicast replication( and carrier"class security( and can be used to build rin!
topolo!ies of hi!h reliability.
Product Appearance
Product Features
Carrier-Class Maintainabilit

The carrier"class desi!n of the S2300 is as follows-
. The small chassis effectively saves the space in an euipment room and reduces the
/apital E*penditure (/%'E0). The chassis can be easily installed in various types of
. The fan modules and power supplies are field"replaceable( which facilitates maintenance.

The S2300 provides in"service patchin! and up!radin! of the system software.
Power!ul Multi-service Access Capabilities

The S2300 is usually deployed on the access layer of the $%& to a!!re!ate service traffic from
downstream devices such as the access media !ateway (%$1)( di!ital subscriber line access
multiple*er (2S3%$)( and 3%& switch (3S4) to upstream devices. )t supports the followin!

5oice services of the ne*t !eneration networ# (&1&)

)'T5 and video"on"demand (5o2) services

6roadband access services

The S2300 adopts the mature and economical )' core technolo!y and the hi!h"performance
%pplication Specific )nte!rated /ircuit (%S)/) chip to provide a lar!e switchin! capacity( thus
satisfyin! the reuirements for low delay and hi!h reliability of traditional telecommunications
services. )n addition( the S2300 !uarantees hi!h bandwidth and supports multi"service access by-

%doptin! the Ethernet networ#in!

Supportin! multicast services

'rovidin! +oS !uarantee mechanisms and various protective switchover technolo!ies

Fle"ible #etwor$in% Capabilit
The S2300 provides ,07,006ase"T Ethernet electrical interfaces( ,07,007,000 6ase"T Ethernet
electrical interfaces( and ,007,0006ase"0 Ethernet optical interfaces. )t supports multiple
interface types such as access( trun#( and hybrid.
The S2300 provides swappable Small 8orm"8actor 'lu!!able (S8') optical modules for optical
fiber connections. The len!th of optical fibers can be selected accordin! to thetransmission
The S2300 can be used to construct a tree( star( or rin! Ethernet networ#. 8or the rin! Ethernet( the
S2300 supports the Spannin! Tree 'rotocol (ST') to prevent loops and provide rapid switchover.
#etwor$-&evel 'oS (uarantee

The S2300 provides comprehensive +oS mechanisms. )t can intelli!ently identify services and
classify traffic accordin! to 3ayer 2 to 3ayer 9 information in the :pen System )nterconnection
(:S)) model. Then( it provides various polices such as access traffic filter( traffic policin!( and
ueue schedulin! to provide differentiated services.
Hi%h E"tensibilit

6ased on the Huawei proprietary 5ersatile ;outin! 'latform (5;')( the S2300 provides hi!h"
speed switchin! and various service features by inte!ratin! networ# mana!ement technolo!ies.
Co)prehensive Securit Measures

The S2300 !uarantees the security of networ# devices and data transmission. )t provides the
followin! security measures to protect the networ# a!ainst attac#s initiated by malicious users-

'ac#et filterin! based on $%/ addresses

5arious %/3 policies

$echanism of searchin! the forwardin! table based on 53%& )2s and $%/ addresses

Traffic suppression
)n addition( the S2300 provides the followin! functions to ensure secure lo!in of users-

'rovidin! lo!in passwords and password encryption for lo!in users

'rotectin! commands throu!h users levels and command levels

3oc#in! the confi!uration terminal throu!h a certain command to prevent ille!al use of the

2isplayin! confirm or prompt information for important commands that affect system
The S2300 provides the %utomatic 3aser Shutdown (%3S) function. That is( when the fiber is
bro#en( the S2300 stops transmittin! laser. This protects users a!ainst the laser.
Convenient Operation and Maintenance
)n addition to collectin! traffic statistics based on interfaces and 53%&s( the S2300 provides fault
detection and location tools such as pin! and trace route on an )' networ#. )t can also wor# with
the Huawei <2000 networ# mana!ement system (&$S) to implement performance monitorin!(
alarm report( and fast fault location.
Throu!h the <2000( you can confi!ure and mana!e the S2300( for e*ample( mana!e interfaces(
53%&s( multicast services( software up!radin!( and confi!uration files. The <2000 supports
various personali=ed confi!uration modes such as end"to"end confi!uration( batch confi!uration(
and confi!uration wi=ard. )n addition( it provides default confi!uration templates for mana!ement
The S2300 supports the Huawei 1roup $ana!ement 'rotocol (H1$'). Throu!h H1$'( an
S2300 can mana!e multiple 3ayer 2 switches by automatically collectin! topolo!y information
and usin! a uniform mana!ement channel.
Ener%-Savin% *esi%n

The S2300 adopts the followin! measures to save ener!y-

)t adopts natural heat dissipation so that power consumed by fans is saved.

/urrently( only the Huawei S230>T'"'4;"E)( Huawei S230>T'"S)7E)( Huawei S23,?T'"S)7E)(
and Huawei S232@T'"S)7E) support natural heat dissipation.

The chip switches to the power savin! mode when no connected device is detected on a
service interface( that is( the interface is idle.

)t uses hi!hly"inte!rated and ener!y"savin! chips produced throu!h advanced processin!
techniues. 4ith the help of the intelli!ent device mana!ement system( the chips notonly
improve system performance but also !reatly reduce power consumption of the entire system.
&atural heat dissipation has the followin! advanta!es-

The product reliability is hi!h.

There is no noise pollution.

Aou do not need to maintain the fans( which saves the maintenance cost.

The system does not have additional power consumption !enerated by fans( which improves
the power efficiency.

6oards are prevented from bein! eroded.

Advanced &i%htnin% Protection ,echnolo%ies

The S2300 adopts the Huawei patented li!htnin! protection technolo!ies( for e*ample( cablin!
without the cablin! rac#( to protect the euipment in atrocious environments. The li!htnin!
protection technolo!ies reduce the probability of dama!es caused by li!htnin! and increase the
safety factor by 30 times( thus !reatly improvin! the device reliability.
Convenient PoE Power Suppl

The S2300 has the 'oE function. )t provides centrali=ed power supply for the attached )' phone(
wireless access point (%')( portable device char!er( ':S machine( camera( and data collector
throu!h twisted pairs.
The 'oE function of the S2300 complies with )EEE ?02.3af and )EEE ?02.3at. The S2300 can
provide power for the devices of different vendors remotely. )n )EEE ?02.3at( the ma*imum
power supply capability is 30 4. This capability ensures adeuate power for )' video phone( dual
band 4i8i %'( )' camera( multi"function ST6,,( and ;8)2 and simplifies the networ#.
The S2300 has the ability to control power supply based on time ran!e( thus effectively mana!in!
networ# devices( reducin! power consumption( and lowerin! the :'E0.
The S2300"E) can connect to ,00"$bit7s 2S3%$s as an a!!re!ation switch in buildin!s. )n this
case( the selective +in+ function is confi!ured on the S2300"E)B outer 53%& ta!s identify the
locations of the 2S3%$s or campus( and the inner 53%& ta!s identify users. The S2300"E) can
also connect to home !ateways directly or supply power to 'SEs such as wireless %'s or )'
phones throu!h 'oE. This enables the S2300"E) to better support multi"service deployment(
unified plannin!( fine mana!ement( and convenient maintenance of customers.
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