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Skyrocket Productions, LLC (the “Production Company”) is a Maryland
limited liability company formed by Spencer Johnson and Sheila
Cutchlow, having its office at 4400 Stamp Road, Suite 314, Temple
Hills, Maryland, 20748; telephone number 1.800.910.6139; facsimile
number 301.702.0841.
The Production Company has been formed to own, finance, produce,
distribute, and exploit feature-length motion pictures and to undertake
other endeavors within the entertainment industry and optioned the
screenplay for Safehouse from its author, David Stever. A subsidiary
company, Safehouse The Movie LLC, is the conduit entity through
which the film was produced. However, for the sake of conciseness and
clarity, “Skyrocket” and “Production Company” will be used throughout
this document.

Skyrocket Mission Statement

Our goal at Skyrocket Productions is to deliver a product that is on
time, on budget, and above expectations. We will deliver a product of
the highest quality in a timely manner. Our team of top professionals is
committed to customer satisfaction. Our priority is to help you make
your vision a reality. We recognize, appreciate, and value the
community, as we are part of the community, and at every opportunity
we will reinvest in the community. We are a people-focused, service-
oriented team devoted to the excellence of our projects.

The Production Company has produced a high quality, independently
financed, low-cost, feature-length motion picture suitable for theatrical
distribution or direct-to-home video distribution. It anticipates the
Picture will be a commercial film with film- festival circuit crossover
potential. The Picture was filmed in Maryland.

The total production budget of the Picture was approximately
$250,000. The Picture was filmed using DVC Pro HD 24p cameras. The
budget was sufficient for the Production Company to deliver a
completed DVD of the Picture ready for screening.
Genre: Action/Thriller
The Producers are committed to producing films that reach a wide
demographic, while maintaining a strong story and concept.
Consistent with this philosophy, Safehouse is aimed to meet
the mainstream market via its story, well-balanced ensemble
cast and its edge-of-your-seat style. The action/thriller will
appeal to the audiences from the following films:

Eraser Hard To Kill

Last Action Hero Manhunter
Tomorrow Never Dies In The Line of Fire
Die Hard Striking Distance
Under Siege The World Is Not Enough

These films of varying budgets were not only financial successes, but
also garnered praise from critics and audiences worldwide. Safehouse
has something in common with each of these films, be it story, style, or
Action/thrillers remain very popular in all worldwide entertainment
markets, making this project very attractive to distributors and foreign
marketplace buyers. The intended markets for distribution in the
United States and worldwide are: theatrical release, home video, DVD,
pay cable (HBO, Showtime, etc.), pay-per-view, satellite distribution
(DirecTV, Dish Network) basic cable, and broadcast television.

Safehouse is an action film. The web address for the movie is

Log Line: To avenge the death of an ex-partner, a former FBI agent
takes on a cunning criminal with a diabolical motive in this sexy action-
packed thriller targeted for the theaters across the country, cable
television and direct-to-video markets.
Ex-FBI agent Cooper O'Neil was content with his new life running a
marina with Emily Sanders until his old partner, Daniel Richards,
washes up dead on his dock. Cooper discovers a thumb drive on
Richards and knows Richards was trying to pass him a message.

Cooper vows to avenge the death of Richards but is unsatisfied with

agent Alex Reed's answers about Richards working undercover. Feeling
uneasy about what has happened, Cooper takes matters into his own
hands. He takes the drive to his computer expert friend, Teaberry
Jones. Unknowingly, Cooper was followed to Teaberry's houseboat.
Back at his marina, Cooper warns Emily that they could be in danger.
Richards had sensitive information on the drive and someone will want
answers. That evening he convinces Emily to leave the marina. A hit
man appears in their office, and just as the situation looks bleak,
another shot rings out and the hit man falls dead. FBI agent Samantha
Ward throws Emily and Cooper into a van and speeds them away from
the marina. At a safe house Samantha explains that Richards was
undercover, having infiltrated into a criminal organization headed by
Antonio Moffa, an ex- Air Force general unceremoniously discharged
from the military. They suspect Moffa of terrorist activities and were
pulling Richards from his assignment when he was killed. Now they're
surveilling him from this safe house. She explains how they'll have to
stay until it's safe for them to return. Cooper and Samantha dance
around a past relationship, uncomfortable with unresolved feelings.

That evening Cooper convinces Samantha to allow him to go to

Teaberry's to get the drive. At the houseboat he discovers Teaberry
bloodied and beaten half to death. Teaberry tells Cooper that the info
on the drive indicates that Moffa has devised a hacking scheme to
divert a portion of the U.S. military's payroll into his own off shore
accounts. It's a bank robbery!
When Cooper returns to the safe house he discovers it has been
attacked by a team of Moffa's hit men. Emily's gone, agents are dead,
but Samantha's found wounded. Cooper patches up Samantha, tells
her of Moffa's plan which is to go down that evening, and heads out to
rescue Emily and bring down Moffa!

Moffa is ruthless and prepared to carry out his plan for revenge.
Nothing will stop him - even a showdown with Cooper O'Neil...!

Welcome to Safehouse, where games can be deadly and your friends

are your enemies!!!


The Production Company has secured a distribution agreement from

Artist View Entertainment which will distribute the film internationally
and domestically. As of November 2009 Artist View has secured
domestic home video release for Safehouse (street date: August 11,
2009) and is in various stages of successful negotiations with key
international markets as well as domestic cable television and pay per


Spencer F. Johnson, M.D. (CEO, Producer and Executive Producer of

A Board-Certified General Psychiatrist and practitioner of Holistic
Health, Dr. Johnson is an award-winning prose writer with eight years
experience behind the scenes as a consultant to various independent
film projects and has served as a motivational consultant to actors and
producers. His training and skills as a psychiatrist are put to good use
as a Casting Director, a function he served in the independent feature
When Betty Calls, along with being that endeavor’s Associate
Producer and Second Assistant Director. Dr. Johnson is a graduate of
the Hollywood Film Institute.

Sheila A. Cutchlow (President, Producer of Safehouse)

An award winning actress and Screen Actors Guild member, Ms.

Cutchlow’s prodigious acting talents transcend media: theatre, film,
television, and voice-over work. She brings strength and nuance to her
performances and is a much sought-after talent in East Coast projects.
Her characterizations are always fresh and unique, with a strong
presence that nonetheless does not overshadow her fellow actors. Ms.
Cutchlow has agreed to portray Samantha in Safehouse, a role that
will give her an opportunity to demonstrate not only her acting range
but also her athletic prowess. Ms. Cutchlow is a graduate of the
Hollywood Film Institute.

Judie Perry Johnson (Senior Vice-President and Secretary, Co-Executive

Producer of Safehouse)

With degrees in Nursing, Health Care Administration, and Christian

Counseling along with certifications in Project Management and
Chemical Dependency Nursing, Dr. Johnson is a nationally-recognized
speaker and presenter at conferences on diverse topics dealing with
various health care and administration topics. She brings to Skyrocket
over two decades of management and organizational experience,
which have served her well as Safehouse Co-Executive Producer. Ms.
Johnson also serves as Production (Project) Manager for other
Skyrocket endeavors.

Unique Dowtin (Vice-President of Marketing Research, Associate

Producer of Safehouse)

Ms. Dowtin is a skilled producer, director, and screenwriter. With a

degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Visual and
Performing Arts: Film, Ms. Dowtin served as Associate Producer and
Script Supervisor for Safehouse. She is currently developing a web
based drama series.

Crystal Owens (Vice-President of Operations, Associate Producer of

An innovative Producer and Director, Ms. Owens is an asset to
Skyrocket Productions. Her creativity and quick thinking always bring
forth fresh, original, and interesting ideas and concepts to add to
Skyrocket’s fast growing roster of current productions. Ms. Owens’
diligence came forth in her roles as Associate Producer and Production
Coordinator for Safehouse. With a keen eye for talent, Ms. Owens also
served as Casting Director alongside Spencer Johnson and Sheila
Cutchlow. She also oversees all Productions at Skyrocket Productions.
Ms. Owens is currently completing her Mass
Communications/Television Productions degree at Morgan State

John Poague (Director)
Mr. Poague is the founder of the Virginia-based production company,
Capital Film Studios, which is currently wrapping post-production on its
second film, the creepy Bigfoot opus Holler Creek Canyon with Anna
Bridgeforth and Nathan Faudree. The dedicated (some would say
obsessed) Poague directed, wrote, edited, and even produced the
project. He also directed and produced Capital’s debut
vampire/zombie/ghost opus The Wickeds (starring Anna Bridgforth,
Kelly Roth, Ron Jeremy, & Justin Alvarez) in 2005 and managed to get it
all shot in an amazing 13 days! Over the next couple years Mr. Poague
projects that Capital will produce approximately 5 more independent
features. That’s a tall order – but this man has the skills and above all
the dedication and determination to make it happen. Mr. Poague was
an easy choice as director of Safehouse.

David Stever (Writer / Co-Producer)

Mr. Stever is the writer and co-producer of Safehouse. He has written

three screenplays including Strike Force, an action/thriller for
Executive Producer Tom LePine’s Apparition Entertainment. A native
of’ Pennsylvania, he has over twenty-five years experience in business
management in the Baltimore/Washington area. Mr. Stever holds a
Certificate of Completion - Producing Track -from the Hollywood Film
Institute and studied acting at the Maryland Academy of Dramatic Arts,
Bethesda, MD. He is a member of the Maryland Writer’s Association
and the Maryland Production Alliance.
Due to the Skyrocket’s contacts in the motion picture industry, they
have access to professional actors and other talent to whom they
presented the Picture prior to and after obtaining financing. The
Production Company employed the remainder of cast and crew during
development and pre-production of the Picture. The Production
Company has employed Screen Actors Guild (SAG) talent as well as
non-union talent under the Guild’s Modified Low Budget Agreement.


Thomas Calabro is renowned for playing Dr. Michael

Mancini on the popular 1990’s series Melrose
Place. While attending Fordham University in New
York City, Calabro discovered his love of acting. His
big break came when fellow classmate, Denzel
Washington, dropped out of the lead of the school’s
ROBERT MIANO production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer
ANTONIO MOFFA Night’s Dream. Calabro also studied at the Circle
Repertory Company and the renowned Actors
Studio. In the 1980’s Calabro began to make a
name for himself appearing in several commercials
and guest starring roles, including Out of the
Darkness, Dreamstreet, and NBC’s Law and
Order. Calabro’s work was so effective that
producer Aaron Spelling cast him in the Beverly
Hill’s 90210 spin-off, Melrose Place. Calabro was
the only original cast member who remained a
series regular throughout its seven season run. He
also directed four episodes during the last three
seasons. Since the Melrose Place series finale,
Calabro has continued his work on network
television in guest starring roles in Nip/Tuck, Cold
Case, and Geek. Calabro has also Miano was the role of “Modoc Leader” in
starred in several features, the Bridger, a 1976 TV movie. Miano resurfaced
thriller A Perfect Husband, a sci- in the late 1980s in supporting and bit roles in
fi thriller, Ice Spiders and Till films including 1987's Weeds, a prison-rehab
Lies Do Us Part, a crime drama.
film starring Nick Nolte. Since then Miano has
amassed more than 150 film and television
credits, starring in Hollywood films such as
Donnie Brasco with Johnny Depp, the
Sundance Film Festival winner Smoke
Signals, Amy Heckerling’s Loser, and Edison
Force starring Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey
and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few. ~
Excerpt From Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

The earliest published credit

for American actor Robert

Johnny Alonso got his degree in acting from N.Y.U.'s Actor's
Studio. A scout from ABC studios saw Alonso's work during an
improvisational technique class and asked him to audition for
a role they had not been able to book for almost two months.
Alonso landed a one year contract role as "Seth," a Pine
Valley High School student (Susan Lucci's nephew) on All My
Children straight out of the Actor's Studio. From there many
gigs have followed: a guest starring role next to Ned Betty
and Andre Brauer on Homicide, a two episode guest starring
contract on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (Alonso also worked
with Sarah Michelle Gellar on All My Children), a contract
role next to Samuel L. Jackson in Rules Of Engagement,
and as the bass playing boyfriend of Rachel Leigh Cooke's
character in Stateside. Alonso’s most prominent role to date
has been his recurring role as Jimmy Franco, a snide junior
stock broker, on the last season of Dawson's Creek. What
was originally a two episode contract became an eight
episode run. Since hitting his stride this up and coming actor
has worked non-stop in many other series and projects
including the F.B.I. Files, One Tree Hill, Johnny Come
Lately, Night Cry, The Passing, and Good People. Alonso
is also the host of NASA 360 ~Excerpt from IMDb mini
biography, Joey Vinceno.

A love of acting drew Sheila Cutchlow to the East Coast
from the great, but small, town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She
began in the theater with recent credits including The
Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler and Christmas Gifts
by noted Washington, DC playwright Alan Sharpe. Film and
Television is where Sheila's enjoyed the most success. Her
extensive host credits include In the Kitchen with Ivory
Kent and a series of talk shows on Love TV. In addition to
many roles in the independent film arena, her acting credits
include principal roles in The Salon with Vivica A. Fox, Kim
Whitley and Terrance Howard, as well as a stint on One
Tree Hill as Susan Battle. Sheila feels most fortunate to
have been part of the cast, in the recurring role of
Superintendent Shepardson, on HBO's The Wire. Her
current lead role in Safehouse coincides with her starring
role in Spoiled, an award winning comedy short currently
on the festival circuit tour.

Hailing from Washington, DC, Carolina Hoyos has filled her
film acting resume with a variety of diverse roles, including a
prostitute, a thug, an AIDS victim, a cartoon character and a
stoner. Working as a panelist on Beat Seekers since
November of 2002, she is often found dishing her opinions
on various shows on the music channel. Since her tenure
began with the channel, she has hosted programs and
interviewed celebrities walking the red carpet for Millennium
Stars, Corona TV and Loyal TV. A few of Carolina's films have
also found success on the film festival circuit, including the
action comedy satire Lethal Force. Of her latest films,
Perception, starring Piper Perabo, is now available at
Blockbuster. She is currently shooting a lead role in Violent
Meditation, a gothic heroine drama. Not forgetting her
roots, she also marked her return to the theater with starring
roles in 8 Shades of Layon Gray and The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy last winter in Los Angeles. Hoyos can
currently been seen in Roses of April, a Native American
drama, that recently premiered at the 2008 Backlot Film
Festival. ~Excerpt from IMDb mini biography, En Pointe PR


Safehouse DVD Wrap

Safehouse DVD Face

Safehouse Poster
Article In A Local Newspaper Done During Production
Web link:

Legal Advisor

Raquel Gordon, Esq.

For more information, please contact:

Spencer Johnson, CEO
Skyrocket Productions, LLC
4400 Stamp Road Suite 314
Temple Hills, Maryland 20748