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The Bath & Bar Mitsvah is the celebration and dedication of a daughter or a son

reaching spiritual responsibility at the age of twelve to thirteen. This dedication is

celebrated with friends and the son is recognised as a man and the daughter is
recognised as a woman. Prior to this, they were under the covering of their mother,
teaching them the physical truths of life. Reaching maturity moves the responsibility
to the Father, teaching them spiritual truths. They are now under the Father’s
covering and must learn the ordinances or spiritual rules YHVH gave to man in His
Torah. These rules are called the Mitsvots. The boy and the girl are from this day;
responsible for their own salvation and their own faith and relationship with YHVH
and their attitudes will determine their salvation.

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A Bar Mitzvah is the dedication of a boy, and a Bat Mitzvah is the dedication of a
girl, who has gone through what is known as a coming-of-age ceremony. The terms
also commonly refer to the ceremony itself, which normally takes place when the
child has turned 13 (for a girl from 12). At the start of the first day of the fourteenth
year of a boy's life -- the day of his thirteenth birthday -- he is a "bar Mitzvah," a "son
of the Commandment," meaning he is required to keep the Mitzvos
(Commandments) that all men are required to keep. A girl, on the day of the start of
the thirteenth year of her life, becomes a bat Mitzvah, a "daughter of the
Commandment," in that now she is required to keep the Mitzvos that all women are
required to keep. It is synonymous with being an adult, or young adult. Since boys
mature more slowly, they take a year longer to be considered young adults.
(Obviously not all boys mature at thirteen, and not all girls mature at twelve.
However, that is the average date, and certainly at that age all healthy children
should be expected to have begun adolescence.)

• Bar Mitzvah comes from the Aramaic: , "one to whom the

commandments apply". (If it were Hebrew it would be (ben) not (bar).
is "son" in Aramaic, and (ben) is son in Hebrew.).
• Bat Mitzvah is , "one to whom the commandments apply”

To grasp the depth of this celebration, we will now look at the

Hebrew definitions of the word Bar and Bath Mitsvah.

Bar is the Hebrew word for son ad it means:

o Pure
o Clean
o Cleansing
o Empty
o Grain
o Field

It is also related to the word “barah” that means ‘to create’. All
these attributes are the attributes of the Son of YHVH where He is the One Who
Created everything in the beginning. He came to this world the first time and was
pure and without sin. He emptied Himself for us where He gave Himself and all that
He had so that we can receive Life. He came to cleanse us so that we can be clean
and sinless before Him. He is also the Sower Who sows the seed/grain into the
Field/nations so that they may receive it and bears His fruit.

The “Bar” or son must follow in the footsteps of the Messiah and imitate Him so that
he can grow up to have all these attributes in His life and complete the work that the
Messiah has started. How will he so this?

o Live a pure life and keep it clean from the sin you are exposed to every day.
o Empty yourself from your own desires and seek the will/Word of YHVH.
o Study and learn the Word/Torah so that you have seed (Mitzvots) in your
hand that you can sow it wherever you go (field/world). The seed you sow are
mainly your words that are in line with YHVH’s Word.

Study and search the Scripture for the truth so that you may attain pure seed and do
not mix His seed with the seed of this world (pleasures) or with seed of Satan (lies
regarding His Word) so that wherever you go, you may sow plantations unto the glory
of YHVH and not for the fire of destruction (lost souls).

Bath is the Hebrew word for daughter and it also means:

• A unit for liquid measure,

• Description of character,
• Steep cliff,
• End and destruction.

As we see here, there are positive and negative meanings

connected to this word. The unit of liquid measure is
connected to the word “dode” or Jar, also meaning:

• Beloved
• Love
• Jar

The jar is the vessel that contains water and “bath” is the unit of measure for the water it
contains. To love YHVH she must be an empty vessel or jar, emptying herself so that He
can fill her with His Living Water or Word. She cannot say that she loves YHVH if she
hasn’t presented herself empty before Him. This is the main theme for the Bride of the
Messiah and is the goal of the daughter so that she may also become part of His Bride.

The jar must be filled with water. Water is known to be a symbol for YHVH’s Word.
She needs to fill herself with His Word and carry it wherever she goes. His water are
the Mitsvots or Ordinances that act as guidelines to live by. A Mitsvah or ordinance is
a permanent rule, given by a Higher Authority, to guide your actions. Note that she
does not go out and splash everybody with the word, she just carry the Word/water,
making it visible through her actions and if someone is thirsty for the truth, they will
come and ask for a drink. This is what her ministry is regarding YHVH’s Word and
reaching other people. Keep yourself pure and do not pollute the water you carry
because everybody that will drink from polluted water will get sick and may die

Lets look at the following examples to explain it. If you look at

Nature, you will see that everything is in order and in balance.
This is so because YHVH has defined rules for nature. If
nature one day decides that it no longer needs the law of
gravity, what will the result be? Think about it.

Everything will float in mid air and there will be chaos. We will
be floating, our cars will be floating, all the water in the sea
will levitate over the land and will cause destruction and life
will be no more. Just like for nature, YHVH has given rules to
man so that there can be order and in balance and then man
will experience His Shalom. Without these fixed rules, no
moral balanced life will be sustained and man will destroy
himself eventually.

This is happening in our time and what do we do about it? We jin in with the world
and throw our children at the mercy of Satan, doing the same things the world do.
The issue is that YHVH gave man “free will” to choose if
they want to apply these rules in their lives or not. The
choice is yours and the result of your choice will bring
either shalom (peace) or chaos and bondage. Your life
will be either be a life of balance and order, or a life or
chaos and destruction. You may say that you are “free”
and not under the law. As I said earlier, you have the
freedom to choose, but the reality of your freedom lies in
the result or consequences of your choices in life.

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YHVH gave us safe area, like fences around us where we can make “safe” decisions
without the bad consequences that will bind you. These fences are known as His
Mitsvots or Commandments that protect you from the
ravishing wolves and death. If you abide within these
fences, the result of these choices is liberty and not

This is the choice this young person will have to make

today. He/she must decide to be open to learn from
his/her father, everything that is applicable to his/her
given in the Mitsvots. If you apply His Mitsvots in your
life, you will live a happy and blessed life, protected from the evil in the world. You
will receive Salvation through faith in Y’shua and blessings by following His guiding
rules of wisdom.

Live a Sexual Pure life

Set apartness or holiness begins with sexual morality. This is the first major thing
taught by the Disciples in Acts 15. They taught the new gentile believers who came
to faith in Messiah; to keep from sexual immorality. Your body is like a Torah Scroll,
treat it with respect and do not add to it or take away from it. You add to it by allowing
things of the world in your life. You take away from it
by loosing you virginity outside of marriage. Your
body is also the Temple and dwelling place of
YHVH and you should keep it clean and Holy so
that you do not drive His presence away from you.

Sex is like a powerful river, beautiful flowing within

it’s banks. If the river breaks outside it’s banks, it is
an awful, destructive power that destroy your life.
Keep your river inside its banks and let it flow within
the ‘banks’ of marriage.

Live a Set-apart or Holy life

The second thing mentioned in Acts is not to be polluted by

idols. An Idol is something in your life that elevates you to a
position of divinity. This means that this idol will make you
stand out above the others and you will be exalted above
them. Keep away from such things and never try to be exalted
above others. Be humble and always seek the advantage of

An Idol is something you bow down to, do not idolise the worldly things or people and
bow your self down to them, submitting to the pressures of this world. Come out and
stay out of Egypt. Do not look like Egypt (fashion, makeup, est.) Egypt means
bondage and if you allow peer pressure, conforming to the world, you will have no
light to shine. You will look no different from those in the world. Be set apart, look set
apart and shine your light by being different, attracting people that are looking for the
light. If you go into Egypt then you will mix the seed you have with Satan’s seed and
you will pollute the your water of life.

Meditate on His Word

The third thing mentioned in Acts is not to eat meat of animals

strangled and to abstain from meat with blood in it. This refers to the
kosher guidelines described in Lev 11. a Clean animal is defined by
chewing the cud. Since we are His sheep grazing on the pastures He
leads us to, we must only eat what He gives us to eat (His Word -
green grass). To chew the cud is to chew the grass, swallow it and
then later, bring it back into your mouth, and chew on it again. You
must consume His Word, bring it back into your mind, meditating on
it, so that it can digest properly and be imbedded in your mind and in
your life.


Go to the lily pond, sit there and meditate on what you see. Try to see YHVH’s
character, motives, goodness and creative awesomeness in everything. Mediate His
Word and try to see YHVH’s character. If you chew the cud, you are a “clean animal”
before Him. When you chew on His Word, over and over again, His Word will
cleanse you and make you clean and you will live a clean life and experience His

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Always be open to YHVH’s Word, to follow His instruction and to seek His will. Then
your life will be full of blessings and joy and you will be satisfied in walking in the way
He prepared for you. Be always teachable and never think that you know it all. Keep
things out of your life that cause division between you and Him. Humble yourself
because water flows to the lowest point. Don’t be conformed to this world, but let
your light of set apartness shine and bring many into His light.

The Mikvah or Immersion is one of the well-known customs in

Scripture and in the Hebrew Culture and there are different
reasons to go through a Mikvah:

• When a Gentile converts to become an

• Immersion of repentance (John’s baptism), similar to
the previous point.
• At age 13 when a Hebrew boy/girl chooses to
embrace YHVH' s covenant and be numbered with the
• When an individual gets married.
• When an individual is crowned king
• As a disciple of a Teacher/Rabbi, you are immersed in his name to show that
you follow him.
• When an individual becomes a Rabbi/Teacher. (The reason Y’shua was
• When an individual becomes the head of a rabbinical school.

The mikvah symbolizes moving from one state to another - from ritual impurity to
ritual purity, from one phase of life to another. In this case it is moving from being a
child to becoming and responsible adult, one who will follow the Commandments of
YHVH with their whole heart and to cleanse themselves from the things of a child as
they step up to the next level into becoming young adults. This is also a sign that you
will follow the Master Y’shua, the Shepherd and listen to His Voice (Word/Spirit).

The boy then reads , out loud as his declaration before YHVH of what a
man should be like, and the girl reads % as a declaration of what a
woman should be.