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SHAPE D 2008 rltr,'#trr?ililfifl,i^lilli

r. Barack Hussein Obama


e should have known when some months back. a clean slate, a fresh start fiee of past scars and sndges. ln a world
2oo,ooo Europ€ans showedupto watch Obama weary with all knds of econonic woes and political iumoil, Obama
speak in Berlin as ifhe w6 already ihe cnmmander - the man and the nrtth - is dactly what a troubled, apathetic world
in Chie{ratherthan a candidate in the running. mnts md needs nowr a reFeshins bEath of hope, offerins a sincere
So now thai Obama has won the U.S. presidenti.l seat by a historic vision of better things to cone-
landslide ofmore than 35o electoral votes and 51% of the popular
rote, we can confirm that obama's extraordinary popularity is a Already, in Brazil, eisht politicians have chansed their names to
phenonenon that histo ans will most like\ be writing about yea.s Obamq hoping to ride on rhe chaismatic campai8! of a presidential
cediilate a continent away. In S)ria, officials hope that an obana
win would mean a thawins in rcIaiions with the White House and
Ifthe millennium is the age of globalisation and more support for peace talks with the Israelis. Haitian, Malaysim
and Taiwanese youth know his name, wear his tee shirt and
multiethnic pride, Obama is its zeitgeist - packaged
appropriaied his call to Change as theiroM.In his own country,
in palatable metrosexual form. No other sinsle individual he won the votes of both whites and blacks, Main Street and WaI
h6 managed io galvanise so much interest in politics across so Street, men and women - and most significantly. inspired a host of
many disparate politicai. culiural, economic, reliSious and natioDal new voteN and young vot€rs to so to the polls, mahns hnn not just
ljnes. He is an Amencan p.erident u ike any other, the fever drean America's first black P.esident but its first post baby booner
ofDr- Kins's civil rights movement made flesh. Unlike ihe all- president. No other presidential @ndidate has galvanised so nany
Anerican pnnces hailing from the sreat Bush or Kennedy political artists, guphic designers, cartoonists, actoN and musicians to oeate
dynasties, Obama was born in Honolulu to an idealistic white cultural soods pushing the obama's catl for cnange. (ch€ck out
American teenase sirl and a Muslim turned atheist Kenyan who
abandoned then in poverty. He tasted life in a sinsle parent
household, experienced life with his liberal Muslim Indonesian The obama mlthology has reached unbelievable proportions and
stelfather, worked hard to set out of poverty and discovered his sone fear he will be crucified when the first signs of fallibility
own Christian faith. Obama's very identity de{ies simplistic appear. considenble as they may be, Obma's ultinate significance
caregoisation - a major trump card that worked in his favour localty may not centre so much on his owr talents but in his ability to bring
as well as intemationally. ln comparison, John Mccain and Sarah outthebest in each ofhis voters hope, the desire for cnange and
Palin cime off too white, too smug, too rich, too Amencan, too muc}l the stiength to say "Yes We Can". For causing so nany to believe
lite what the world looked like when things went so honibly ]mng. again that there is sh ength in unity and that someday the least shall
be made first, Obama may have already done our world a sreater
So in spite of his relatively thin political resune, he won the heads seNice than he knows and that is why he is arodder Perspechues'
of his detractors because unlike Mccah and Clinton. he embodies Pe$on ofthe Year for 2oo8.It

03 IRoAD !R P t RSP ttTlVtS iheyedrin reuier!] issxe


z. Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon,

Henry Paulson & Ben Bernanke

hey certainly do not look like your archetypal devastating domino effect on Wall Strcct. Fclv carc that Paulson
superheroes. A middle-aged Wall street paunch only did so at last resort $'hen jt seemed ihercwas no $'ay out
would neverlook goodin spandex. Butthesefour to save the U.s. economy. He had refused to use taxpayer money
greybeards mayjust be the supermen we need io to save Lehnan Brothers from banlcuptcy after all inspiring
save the world - or America at least from economic doom. For manydcspairnrg Lehnan workers to use photos ofPaulson as
the fi6t time in four years, the DowJones has dropped below
1o,ooo and even the most seasoned investors are watching their
assets What thcsc four finance
with an anxious eye. with the prospect ofgovemment assistance, all cyes arc now
turned on two of Wall Street s most ponel.ful noney men. Tbere
wiza|ds do in the next te$, rno ths mal'be all
is the legendaryWarren Buffett proud advocate of U.S. style
that stands betr,ecn us and a dcrastaiting crllapse capitalism and also fie world's ric.hest nan worshipped by nany
ofthe rvorld s financial narkets. as the god of investment. His one-man campaign to instil
contd€nce in ihe markets asanr by shiftins his peNonal weaith
Under the nost fire is mild-mannered matknatical child ptudisr' intoAmerican stocks (andperhaps makins a quickbuckwhiic
Ben Bernanke, America's Federal Reserve Chiel who has already he is at it) may just be what the world necds to shore up investor

been simdtaneously lauded 1br his quicktrouble shooting and courase Js.rin. And there js NewYorkt most po'\€rlirl investment
criticised for nukins investors nerous with his lack of a long banker - JP Moryan Chase's CEO Jamie Dinon whose bank
tern plar and his decisionto rescue B€ar Steams but allowing comnands nore than $2 triltion in assets and $9oo billion in
l€hman Broiherc io fall flat. May blue-colld Americjn la$ayers
have pilloried Bemanke toseiher with fomler Goldnan s.tchs
CEO and now US Treasuiy Secretary HeDry Paulson who seNes Buffetl\ favounie invcstnent diom is "be feartul $'hen others
as the leading economic advisor for the U.S. President. The are sreedy and be greedy when others are feadul". Let us hope
bissest perceived offence? Resisting calls to crack down on rhar h-s- ruuf p_FvFnl rle f, onomic Apocdl) psF

obscenely huse nnaDci executive pay packages while approving L,) \,owing rhr,l:ilFrence It
a taa"ayer-backed $7oo bilion bailout plan to prevent a further

ILLUSTR-{TIoN CREDIT / Sbiao-Yin (uik

04 BR0ADIR PtKPtOlVt! thp enr in flri.uJ issue


3. Vladimir Putin

ilhorl i doxbt. to nrDl ItussirDs, irgRtirlirs cst..ialll to-\neri!a and 11. rst ofEulPe. Ptrtir
Iladi.rjr Prti. hrs ])c.r the best ll,ifg llrat has no qralns alroul o|cnh shoNtlij Iis di\danr fotAncic{s
caer haulcned lo Russia sirce Go.Lr(her's attcmgs to le!icl R!ssir as tli. hil Lnrpire on.c morc and
ter.siroifro rud q/.,sD.s. dismrntld the l..rtilg Russi! as if sie lvas lh. tootliless powe. i Iat shc wrs
li)nner USSR and rcdtrccd the oDce Areal Solnrt.lrpire to a
iumililtirg shalo\r ol its tormcr self. 1r 1998. lbe Russian
rn,blLr $6 r.arrlortLless and stit{'r'idc lulo upt(\' l,nd s.ddlcd PutiD isp.usnrali. bcilg fcrred o u tweip,hs b.irg lovcd, benig
lhe proud countN $ilh r S2l)o billio! forcigD debt. Sj.ce th.n. cllcctile out{eip,hs bcing idellistic. China, Russia
thanks Lo th. sk!rcrketing trl*' ol crud. oil rnd fuLji' s abxndoned its cori.rand .conom) for r liee niarltct slstcDi - a. lr.tics. Russir s petrodollirs nindfall rnd sl)ilL a1b.i1 on. lighth coDtrolled bl i|c strte. a'llrllr ri!
towards r l'ee nrrrkct has been deltlr .rrnagcd snch that .i,
ihc RussiaD lerr has llnall] rctumed sitll a \engein.c.
firi lrr;ii,! lrlir laiilii\ h.r rr€ bri!ingul
prope.l\, spolts fraDchises rnd flr.cs in fr.stigious s(hols
Russia hls sixgcdthe greatesl Inliti.rl and ccoDomic rcrrebe.k
{ll o\e. the wo d. }losco$'is ufa$rm.d to luke oil. nuclear
in hist,rry rnd thc \{c'st ren,ti.s !n$n. i{hat to Dake !1 lhis
material r.d seil)ons dcals $ith (o.trorersial statcs like North
coolh chardr idg rDd ilholh iDtiniillali.g louncr KGn lentenall
Korca rnd Itun. P,,I nr has ciosed do$ n bnrrd.ast Dcti{ork ald
coldrel. N.ilrod! is foolcd - the curre.l pr.sidcnt lledvede!
nriglrtbeinthe seal olpivcr it tlie keDLiin lr,,l il is still PutiD
ncNsfapcrs. bughl doNn froninent busiless nr en $'ho ufsct
Itussir\ ini.Dal balan(e ol poN.r aDdjailed op!osilion latl
$hois thctrtre puppeL nrstsfulliDg tlie strjngs In th. global
polillcalar.Dr, Pntin loolis rlfrost likc a crricature ola Janr.s
rne rbeNa.disrunurredlohareo ocd tht assassiiinLion of
journali\ls rrd stics riho olenll c.iticis.d thc Ioemlin. IIis
lond rjllrjn cnca the Coid \!ar Bul |.hasltonthe reslecl an.l
ruthless h.rndling oftirc 2oo2 xlosco{ lhe.h. and 2oo.+ tlesltr
fear oilrie.ds rnd.DcDies fo. beinsvc't Dr ch his o$I Drilr:
r BiLk'readl.8 Ofhodox Ch.istian strl.s'n.n in rn officitll]
school hoslag€ !ris$ and brutal
rpp.ession ol L'hcch.D and
G.orgian rnilit.rirls hrs not dented iris por)trlaritv rt all.
rdrcist st{t!,r a Lhreatening and ltumurless norld l.ader$ho
Rrssia snDpl! adores ]riif: to th.m, hc js Peter th€ Grcal rcbon.
djsrl.r.d his rh\sical p.^ro rnd \irihtr nr a ltnrors s.rics of
'1o r|e .cst ol thc rlorld. he iighl still v.N $'ell tLrn oul lo bc
photos in 2oo: that showed him tis]rinil brre chested in ih.
Stalir but in nr orc frshittiable rloLhing.
siberian orntams (tc'iishtirs rrunl sudring Russi{n Non,e.)l
! polilicia. iD mulirl \!lro Dakcshttlc efforl lo be

ILl ISTR.{TION rRLr)Ir , sb 1. rin Iin,L

05 BR0ANR PIR5PIOVIS //r,..rrn.e.irx isi,r


4. Wen Jiabao 5. Rupert Murdoch


Despitealandnarkirdofchinesescand s{iorn thesuppresion He is thc logth richest person in the world on the 2oo8 forbes
ofTibetan monks io the tainted milk contoversy, prime minister 4oo list and $'orth cool $8.3 bilion. Not bad for a boyfroln

wen Jiabao has sailed through with bis political reputation noi Down UDder who st.trted with only one neivspaper in Adelaide,
only iDtact btrt even groM in populariry. Thoush the Sichuan growing il into ihe massive conglomerate News Coryoration
earthquake was undoubtedly ore ofChina's most delastating ofthe
x,Iur-doch is a rctrdy candidate for any list
natural caiasirophes, it has also been a landslide PR victory for world's urosL inllucntial people for being rhe
china tbanks to comparisons betweeD wens handlins ofthe
crisis tir the ineffcctual handling ofthe Huricd1e Katrina disaster
rvorld's lcading investor in both traditional
by Georye Bush and the appaLling trucrlence.rfthe Bulnese maiDstieam media as well as the fi'ontiers of nerv
senerals to the traged)'of Cyclone Nargis. Like a scene straight lnedia all over the tvorld. Murdochhasbeen accused of
frorn a Holltryood djsastcr novie, upon hearhs Dews o{ the plying a perceptible politicai bias in hisbroadsheets: reporrs on
eadhquake, Premie. wen Jiabao injured himselfin his rush to the 2oo3 iN"sion of Iraq were mtably harlkish in his publiations
the site yet dramatically refused treahnent so that he could take worldwide, News Corp owned Fox News allescdly pushes a
comnand of the rescue efiorts. Mioo-blosgers and statc media conseNative bias. But he js more a bNinessman than an ideolosue
asencies alike innortalised Wen's fierce con1lrland to relief - News Corp's publications generally suppod lthichever politi@l
offi cials that'No matterwhat your [problems are], 1 wani thcse leaders are on the upswing to Sain nore influence on state
loo,ooo people out of darger. Thar's an order." Coupled t\'ith decisions that allect bottomliner. Murdoch hs never shied away
earlier reports ofWen apologising to snowstonn victims and li om doiDg whatever it talies to sell news - after all, tlis was the
images of him hussing and cryjns over children. clina has man who save the world Sun's bare breasied Pase 3 Gnls.
successlolly groM a domeslic cult dedicated to "crandpa Wen" "fi€
Murdoch's takeover ofthevenerable Dow Jones conpan]'has
His deft handlins of national crises and successful manasement now set ihe world of newsnaking for an old fashioned sholv-
of the Beijing Olynpics has demonstrated a speed and down between the Dow Jones'croM jewel, ?he tvou S.reer
transparency uner-pccied of China. Radiaiirs tle charisna of Yo't 7T,nes. After
.rourndl andihe stdwaltlylibeml lhe Neu
MaohimscllWen coulcl signal the flcxing ola new the watershed year of 2oo8 that saw 85% of large daily
newspapers losejobs as the online revolution continued to siphoD
kind of Chinese soli porvcr: a shili away at last
away rcaders and ad revenues, Murdoch migbtjustbcthe swift
tron mereiingoisur and populism. rr ldck in the pants the ailins newspaper industry needs . I t

I |,LUSTR-A rrON CRIDIT/ sh J!-rin (trik

06 8R0A0[R PtRSPtOll/[s the yeor in reirreur Lssu"


6. Bill Gates 7. Muqtada al-Sadr


Wilh a sclf liadc foftune of Sss Lrillion ard lons ruDDins ouier lhe 2006 cxccution of Saddam Hossein, a groupofloung
ofrhe litlc Richcst IIaD in the Wo.ld ' (he droptcd to f3 this neD inliltraled thc roonto taunt saddan, tape tie lillnig aDd
Iea.), ItanaJ'(t droirout Bill Gates is the udoilcial ovmlord of chaDt victoriouslr.. lhe namc "" o!€r and over rgajn.
geekdon. 2oo8 arls a rnajor trrniDg point h }liclosott s Thc sminy \ideo circula(ed on Arab tele\ision and Yc,u lubewas
history as its founder linally stcts doi{n his dar to daJ_ for many of us outside our fi6t nrtroduction io the fea.som€
invohcnrcnt to focrs oD Inore piilant|rofic cndeavours. anre of N{uqtada al-Sadr. Tlioush his enetnics labcl him r mere
AtLhongl Microsoft h6 talen many a bashing fot it's moDopolistic ulrstarl, I h is .13 ycar old radicrl Shi iteMuslin clcic has alreactt
stnlesies, ad campaignflops and the llagging FfonDanccs of undernnred lhe influcncc oflraq s nost powerirl c thc
their laLest hard$'arc and softrvare (e.s {ould be irod yal, Grdxl Ayatollah Ali al Sisiani'dd is suspect€d o1maslenninding
Zune and the mirch rclil.d ]licrr$ftvista ope.ntirB systern), the assassination ol lwo olher nrflucntial Shia cLerics. r'h is spells
thc catcs name has a.quired rbcatific Dei!shiDethanks to the troubl. for anpne hoping lbr a Facctul rcsolutioD to the roilnr!,
sorlt ol the Bill & Melinda crtes loundation. aw WiLh ai violenc. mardng haq and the ['liddle East. $rhi]e al-Sistani
actively pronrotcd Don-violent coDfrontalion rnd ncgotiation.
dropping $38.7 billion in asscts. Gates'
al szrdr"s strategy ol g,uelilla rcsistance irnc'l
fcrundation has swiftll.beconre a velitable global
r,iolence has turncd hin into Lhe champion of
tbrcc of its own, outclassing the develrpruent
wolli of olclcl bchenoths lilie Lhe Worlcl IJank in
nillions of ureducated urban poor as as
wealthier. militart Shi ites. n aliiug hirn thcr
tcrms of bLrd!!et, speed and illno\,iltiorl. T]rc catcs'
ldrsesse is well directed aDd divc$ely invested: linancial tools ovcrall rvinner ol tire post u,nr porver stnrggle ilt
havebeeDb.ought lo lhe poori th. dcvelopment ofvaccines lbr Iraq. ,\l.eady, hordes of al Sadr's foltowers and aL Nlnhdis
AIDS, mrla.iaand tLrbercLrlosis havc bceD given a mchneeded Ar m"vha\c Mised blood) haloc in Iraq, bcliLTing that ai Sislan j s
shotin thc ann; ime. city Anerican high-schoole.s are beinil refrFal to rctrlirte agairst the Unitcd Siatcs is an un-Islaniic
tunded rnd a more globalised education is bciDs pushed fo.. admission of dcfcat in the face ofZionist impcrialism. A1's{dis
Despite ho$'thosc dcliciously obnorious iuac vs. PC ads seem power base will kccf sro$'iDs as long as lhe iraqi uDdcrclass
to associaLe Microsoft \rith a kind ol still nriddlc class continue to see little bcncfits tunn.^merican occuFtion'and
pr.dict.Lbilitr', leN would bc ablc io hbcl Bill Gates'nexl phase thc overlhrow ofSadda'n Husscin. will Muqtada's name ever
of lilc iD that wa! tor sL're.It ..mnrrn{l rs mu.h learas Osama's? ODlvtine can tell. at

rr rrrsr{^r roN CREDIT / shix. Yin liuik

07 ER0rDtR PtRSPtfilVtS th. grrr m r eri, rr nvr'


B. Sarah Palin 9. Omar

& Hillarv Clinton al-Bashir

The biggest dilTerence between a male politican and a female If arryone dre1\ r4r a list ofthc lr orlcl's worst post 'l
politician is that nobody actually bothe$ with whether thc fome.
World War II dictators, Sudanese president b
wears Versace or if he {'ould dcisn to bake cookies for his
ncishbourhood. The U.S. presidential race has always thrown Ornal al-Bashir u,ould not only univcrsally make
up an assortment of female archeBpes for armchair sociologists thc cut without a contest, he $,ould probably h
ro criiique: Michelle Obama is too threatening; Cindy Mccain rank in the top live. At-Bashits "achievements" in the
looks like a spoilt lady ofleisurej Jill Biden, the quiet teacher, resion of Datur in Sudan hal€ been depressingly impressive: he
is a non entity. The big difference iD the 2ooa race is that ihe has caused the most deaths as a resuit of war mongering (2.5
women up for discussion are no loDserjust merely the i.ophy million) and rendered the most people homeless (7 milion) widr 6
wivcs of nalc candidates but aciual power brokers themselves. hi, s.orchFd Fanh milirdD srrflF$. Thr Jtsmasosup ha\ e\ er !
Alaskan sovernor Sarah Palin and New York senator Hillar/ blocked attempts by international aid agencies and U.N. led
ClintoD invite endless analyses, instigaring society to question peacekeeping forces to proted innocent cftlians, tuming a blind
simplistic aitenpts to siereotlpe their decisions.Palin eye to attack on humaDitariaD workeN- In power since 1989,

Clinton are our 21st crentuly fcminist icons, B6hir's bloody ethnic cleas s (lmpaisD asainst three minodt' I
groups has set into play a violent power struggle between
strikingly Ieal life illusLratious of l'ror,v
government forces, allied mjlitia (theji?niuree.l), rebel arnies s
complicated women's rolcs havc bccomc today. andbandits. Rape has been employed as a nauseatins rreapon
Is it right wing" or "left wing for Palin ro go strajght back to of choice - so manybabies have been bom out of this ihat there
wofk three days after having a baby? which woman can be tik€n h6 been m e\plosion ofinlanticide ofthese so-called Janjaweed
serioully Palin who spent $$o,ooo on her wildly successtul babies". Thoush the International Crintual Coun has called for ir
"sexy librarian" look or Clinton {ho insists oD donnins the most the arrest of al-Bashir for c mes against humanity, Khartoum h
trnbeconing suits? Who is the icon of tradjtional farnily values has only responded with a promise to turn Dafur into "ihe ia
- Palin who stood by her daushter's right to get pregnant belore graveyard for the enenies of Sudan . Yet, the powers ofthe n
naniase or Clinion who stood by her philandering man? Being world renain tight lipped as theysit ontheirhands and rratch ir
a $oman has nev€r been more fascinatjng or conplex. at Sudan burn. We should be frightened. Very ftishtened. rt pr


08 BR0ADIR PtRSPtfilVts thp lteatinrcLicu issue

ro. Nicolas
t.r{.\\cIt (ilt x's PoLt f IcALLY t\c0Rn{ t,]c r'.

t hls r!ri.e dilorcLrd Prlda-chd metrcse\u!i is no sLrr.ger l.

beilg sJtashed ir tI. t.bloids,lLhlt i{ith his ghno!rous er
Nife s aflairs,.ud hls e\ en I url {trn'l\ind comtshif rnctnariase
t. sufcDnodel singer, Carl.r llnini. His.riti$ ]ra!. slennncd
hin lorl.iDgtirt BIiDE Bliru, Preslderl ,ib.bcingt riIlolr
Nllh c.lcb ti.s. knr oleL-th ,\rnericaD ir orllook and g.n.mll].
r |]pemdi\L iDfrticnt and orrbelriDglerler. So $hen S.rrioit
took o!e.lhe 0rcsiddrc! ofthr Euroteln thior (ijL) iu Juh
irmTolINlair, r. nr pr.di.t.d ih^t Eurrpc iloukl go clownhill.
tJlll Sarko^ has hail the last hugh. Surfrisinslr. l'.tll ofe s
1l\,oulitc .r??fir7,1 lcllilrL, s LLuplcclictablr anil
il() oahstic \\,a!s Dlar bc jrrst \!lrat llre arorlline rli
nccds to |eportd Lo rLrgent worlcl cljscs. ln rli. i:..
ofthece!rgjn Russia rlm rnd thc 1\irll StrettfimnriaL bloolball',
slrloz! hrs pullel lo!,elhe|an drtir'. .ontincnt cnorLgh to arDL
rpeacelerlNith lbilisirndIrokcr a Eun)F
hlist \'losco\! ir1to
liidc r.scuc plaD to appease irNestor 1ex, s i. tl. rcgntr His
N?akn.$cs tum.d out to be strengLLs: h is hl fe r.r cl n ill nnrcd
into dogued refusal to back do$D till sohrtiors {eJe io,1nd rnd
his !n herch.ess m.aDtthAt lic had little issue \!ilh er(l'.rr)si.g
ideas ilith Brilaii a.d An.ri.a (historicrlh France s bissest
irals). Sxrliozl has ijiren !s a,an itlinrFc ola Eurpc united
iD voic. and agcnda. Too bad thal l,is lurn al lh. rotatilg EU cnds ir Decenber $heu the C7e.hs 1rk. o!.r..:

rrr.LsrRA roN fRLDrr / sr'.L r \ . r! I

09 BR0ADIR PIRSPI(TjVI5 i/r. v.dr nr ro i,1, iss,rl


z. The Slowdown of the Orient Express

II €s, China has naMsed to hit a few significant recalls initiated by various counties in 2oo7 against exports
home runs in 2oo8- Colonel Zhai Zigang became of Chinese nunufactrred toys, toothpaste and pet food. The
the first Chinese man to take a walk in space. dip in consuner confidence in China's goods cannot hav€ come
Pime Minister wen Jiabao won najorbroMie at a worse iime. Already, the great Chjnese jussernaut is
points for his exemplary statesmanship in handlins an showing signs offatisue. Thants to gloomy sentiments about
intimidating series of natrral disasters: January's devastating America's economy, e\ports, investment and consumphon - v
cold snap, May's floods and landslides and a whoie slew of the tluee main &iving forces of China's erplosive eady emnomic h
earthq akes, culminatins in the 19th deadliest quake of all success - are petering off in the credit crunch. The era of s
mushroomins real estate construction projects is over and li
I tine in Sichud. And how about that st€llar showcase of 5,ooo
years ofSinopowerthat xas the Beijjng Obmpics? Not only many factories are closing down in the face ofa major retail
did prctesiors fail to derail the passing of the Obmpic torch slowdown in the States. p
as planned, but many world leaders turned up for the openins
ceremony, offering their quiet acceptance of Chinese power. t\'l ce $ hilF. .eparati\l mov"m"nls donB $e erhni. minoride" 8i
Frcm the Zhang Yinou dirccted openiDs ceremony that blended continue to test China's poliiical stability. And though Beijing
hish technology with high art to the pronised gold medal has taken its fi6t tentative steps towards peace with Taiwan, T
qclory nvcr qmpd. a. Eeling also conjured up, n aw"-rtupidng Taiwanese indeperdence advocates are far fiom appeased. p
urban tand.$ape creaied by the wunderkinds ofth€ architectud Tibetan monks and their s pporters have turned unusually lil
world. militant, attackins non-Tibetd etllnic groups in March. Uyghur di
separa*ts are upping the ante, plasuing the cities of (unming
Then came all those accusatioN ofstaie conuption, negligence and Kashgar with a series ofbombinss, suicide attacks and
and abuse that have always hanstrung Chinak aspiraiions to protests. But what alarms Bei.jjns most should be tne srowing
be a respectnble global superpower.In June, a dot broke out unhappiness mong its own Han majonry. $ten 28 yearold
in cuizhou to protest e
alleged police cover up of a sirl's rape jobless Beijins resident, Yang Jia knifed to death six police fi
and murder. In post-eartnquike Sichuan, grievins parcnts ad ofiicers, discourse on chinese internet {orums andblogs was
activists were apparently silenced by bribery or force wheD s rprisingly s)mpathetic to Yang.
they accused the Education Ministry ofcorruption and beins
conplicit in constructjns school buildings dangerously below China has put on a fabulous show so fhr. But
whether that show can go on in zoog depends
The final kidney punch was September's melamine-tainted
on how carefully Beijing plays the difhcult hand YC

nilk scandal, shanins a country already smarting liom prcduct it has been dealt this year. rt K.

Paat fanilu scavenqes ot tabbisn dxap in Jiansu, C/ttno, rNrAcE cREDrI / sheilaaz,lr3, fli&r creative comos

12 SRolDtR PtRSPtfllV$ the gear il retieu ksue

3. The Globalisation of Food Woes

ccording to Tony Ha , Cbrisiian hunscr activist foreisn help out of misplaced pride. O. you could have a tlrant
and former U.S. ambassador to rhe UN World like Zimbabwe's Mugabe who used food dist buiion as a
Food Prcgrm, we .tre lookjng at a "perfect storm" barsainins chip to sec re votes. Or you coldd simply be iike
ofslobal hunser. Never have so many factors Monsolia, KazaklNian, Panana and EsDt - countries that have
coalesced at so bad atime. Natural disaste$ iike Australia's six made poor economic choiccs like lsins artificial price controls
year drought have caused many haNests to fail. Fuel prices that kepr tuod prices capped for too lons, discouragiDg
]m€spikeddranatically,increasingthecosiof foodprod ction. dom€sric production and distotinsthe market.
Sone farmers in rcsponse have turned to producins c2ih crops
lile tobacco instead of producing food. Tomes ofwheat. com The slobalisation of our food production and distnbution process
and soybeans are beins funnelled by developing nations to may wo.s€n the problen. Many countries are unable lo produce
produce biotuels or fe€d farm animals instead oftheir own enough food to neet thcir ow1 needs and have come to depend
people b€cause these two areas meet the needs of oil and meat on the iniegrity of other natioDs to srpply eDough and ensure
sLulinbdarFlopednarior. whocan p.\ l\.pn.p. the food that we inport is safe- Yct, the Chinese melamine
tainted milk scandal shows us that trusi is sinply hard to find
Tl€ pice ofbasicfoodshas skyrocketed such that 1oo million and easyto lose. Memories oftainted American beefnca ydid
people today have been forced from an already subsistence South Korean President Lee MFng bak's career in. Since May,
lif€sryle of $2 a day to $1 a day. In quantifiable terms, a $r Seoul has be€n beleasuered by protests against the government\
differ€nce to an Afshan means movins from bread and tea to decision to re open thc courtry's doo$ to American beef impods
ne.+ ten alone. Ofthe 35 naiions hit most acutely by food after banning it in 2oo3. South Koreans reftrse to believ€ that
scarcity, 2r are in Aftica with Ethiopia ironically the focus of Americ:n beef is no lonser contaninated with bovine spongiform
so much attention from Band Aid in the'8os and today - stil encephalopathy (BSE) lhe deadly trigger of "mad cow disease".
sufferjng the worst. No wonder 2oo8 saw food riots and p.otesLs
fiom Burkina Faso to Bansladesh make the headlines. Hungry With a doubt, with a global financial stonn that
n€n are also desperate men, maddenedby Deed and quick to
is depleting the worth of every dollar in our
use violence even against reliefwo*eN. In Srdan, U.N. food
truck are regllarly swarmed and even attacked.
pocket even as we speak, food will without a
doubtkeep its place in the limclight come 2oo9.
Who is kecpins us hunsry? Mostly lousy governments.
We saiditin orr fi6t issue oflheyear and we will say it asain:
unde. ins€cure dictators like Myannar or North
You could be Never has food become so political as it has in 2oo8- It
KoFawhole{u.e to node_ni\c lra.Inonil Jsd,lrll ri or rccFire

CdmJour shelues cleored oJ Chinese nilL pro&rds, rMlAcE CREDIT / Mar can der chiis, flicrr cratiw connors

R BR0AlltR PIR5PFOIVIS t'hr rcor ni reri. ) ksre




4. Terrorism Persists 5.US Financial Crisis
t lhe re.cDt c\ccutioD ol lh. hllnic rniljtanls rcsPonsible for the Asjobs, stock fortfolios and nest cggs wither bythc day in the x
roo2 Bali bomhiDgs wili Inakc DaN a denl in thc $'rr aSainsl $ake ofr se.iotrs global credit clllnch and stockpani., thc ni{sses
I tc'ror. Year by,lcar, the mrnber of tcrroist bcid.nts worldwide aJr otrt on r witchhu.t for Bnt
someone con\.nicnt to cruci1r. I]
coDtimes Lo b.vcl on a de!ressingl! up$'{rl t.aje.tot1 2oo8 Lhe tmth, as Businessl4'cc/i puts u'r-vl]. is that n
qrNrh. s,ne, ilies andthc same lornrs ofDudDess nnke|cadlincs
the finiurcial clisis is "a .lisaster by conlnlittee . h
nd nruscan:Beirul,Je sal.Dr, Krbul. Bashdadr sui(ide LonrbcN.
'1hd. is ldmer Senalor lhil GRmut or Sccurities & iixchange it
Lruck bombs, ca. bonrbs saloE. But when cvcD safe cjtjes likc
2.)o8 target lisl, il ComnrissiorCliairnnn ChistophercorwholooscDedfint cial
Ilelsinli, Aihens and Kunnring nake Lhe
regulaLions. Or go!ennncrrt s!oDsored ente.|)iscs FaDnie Mae di
beconres..l.arthrt js slo$'li but suRl] comnrg kr be
!ar1 a
{Dd I..eddi. Mrc th!l US$6 trillion woth of
ofeleryoneh ]i!cs. \\Ierlth. oe.d xnd nationalill alonc cannot
mor-tsases lo subl'irne bor.o{ers (hish isk borrowers \ith loN
brl )ou se(!.i$ as ivc s$v nr lhe bombtug ofMumlai's Obc'roi
crcdit rattugs) who.oul.t not rflord thcn - tlius ilrt.oducilsa in
andTaj Nlrlialhotels, Pakistrn s I\lam.bad Ma iotL Hotcl and
timc bonb of rbslintial risk i|Lo lh. finrncial syste . Hort
Alghanistll s I,aabLll SctcDa IIoteL. NoN.gians, Iillifinos, G
iboLrt former | cliti.n,rn AlaD Greenspan who
A'nedcaDs. Irabs, Christians, NtusLjnis, clcancrs. di!lomats,
has a lr.rdy grudgirgl! a pologised for s la! ing haDdvoff tow.rds
soklieN, aid $'orkers nonc i{cre spared. CountcFterrorjsnl
the ba.king industn during his 18 )enr st.t{ardship of US th
efib s nrai have talter oLrl a tiw kc'l lead€rs and bmken apart a
nuletal] polic!an.l reli,sing to increase irte.esr rir.s to strl'e
f.$'net{o'ks bntthese l \.€ been llrrliic vic tories Thougli the
olTttre housing buirblc' fmnie a nd Frcddie bujltl' And $',r.aDnot FI
Jclraah lslalliahhasbeen split r.gionaL telrorism cverts
1..!'. ont uhllSlrcct$izards thal ilvcntcd derivatives (Wa e.
wa.D that ittust neans ih{t more splintctgr ps are oleraiiDg
BulLit dubbed Lhem terpors ol mass dcstNction ) and a Rr
independcntly. \\rithout tr grLidilg hcacl or ideologue
mind boggling concett calle.l sec!rjlisation thrt cnabled the
1o control them, the ncu,breed oftcr|orisLs ale to bu) ut said mo.lgagcs, bnndle the r logcthcr and sell them liz
fal nlore unplcdictirirle, r'anclom and thus, clcarJlr'. offfor a fortuDe to equallr- ofpoLlunistic iItrestoN. Likc nr drny -f
,dded bvbombrraknts Danurls and !rcpasaDda onliDe, Lhes. ordinaD Am.icans, linincial iDstitlrtio s lile 1ie l-chman
self trained snull celLs will nrtrlti ysuccesstuliy. Likc the fabled Brothe$ also spcnt i{ay belond thcir means lnd bo(owed l.o G(
Hldn, choppnrg onc lierd Lisonlt lcd to the s!.ou Ling of screral hcatily to sL,fpoft their risk! lilesqtcs. Sor,a, Go.don aleclo
more, multjplyingth. danser le.lold. rt grccd - it tLr'ns out -just isn t so good. {t

( ru r r "l 'l Fir.n.idl.risis, rllrAcn cRtrDIT / fi'rlr. fLia. 0.rr rp.onin]ons

]4 EROADIR PIRSPICTVIS thr rn rluidr issr(,

6. Georgia 7. Asian Leaders
Invaded Bicker On

uI It is still a mystcr-"- whether Russia or Gco|gia 2oo8 has been a mockery ofall that talk abort the diwn ofthc
Asian CcDtury ir 2ooo. Cambodia s Hun SeD declared that
at invacled SoLLtlt Ossetia tirst antl rvheLber thet'
lhailand should rehrquish ils chainnanship of Asean. And
L had been dclibcratel-"- plannitrg to go to tair all despjteJapan s earlicrgcstues to soolhe China s t-orld war II
rcc along. u/hat is clear is tliat both sides \rrc wcll'prepared for wounds, l okr-o sovonor Shnltaro Ishihara s(ill publicly mocked
a ftallight. Aftcr rnoDths of nutual lrovocation and rctrljxtion, Chjn{'s space p.ogrannnc as'out.lated'. ID the nidsL ofa major
diplomacy did Dot scem to be r reaL option lbr eithcr side and lcadc.shi! c.isis, lhailand is conicDdiDs with Ca bodia, B nna
acc$rtions ol|einous humrn nshts viol.ttjons hale been lclcllcd andMalaysir orer border issLtes. Foqt years since th€ir pain lul
at both. Moscow has been palticlla v tutious rt NAt O-s pronrisc sepantion, Malalsia is stjll con LesLing thc \Votld Court s decision
ga in Al ril io giie nembership to Gcorgia, an.l suspicious oI to i$'ard Singapo.c riglits to Pedra llranca, an insignificant little
Ceoqiah closc nilitr]'a rel.rtionship $ith Amc cr. Wlien U.S. rock outc.op. I ndoncsia an.l xklaysia har e even squabblcd ove.
trained Georyian forces launched a. aed.l and srourd rssaull the coplrjithl ofbatik, shadoi! puppetry and thc song "Rasa
rds on Augusl Tth on solth ossetia's capiLal, l'sthinvali, it i{as all
sarang". A,sloDg as AsiaD leilders remain unwilling
US the exNse Russia nccdcd to follow suit, claiming it n.cded to
to risli tbeit domestic populali\' by mal<ing hard
trctect her allies ]'h€ currcnt August ceasefire deal brokcrcd b,v
Frcnch president Sarlioz) is frasilc. Russia $'ilL not complerelt
nosed political ciecisio s that ale frcc oflistoi ical
$'ilhdr air itsiroops iiom lhe conllict and has rlreadJ ofle.ed ancl cullrrlal baggagc, the drearn of seeilg zr
RL6sian citizcnship to mo.e than half of South Ossetia s 7o,ooo unificdAsian political and economic bloc to rival
citizens. Destitc American :Lnd Ir.ench condcrnnation, XIosco\t
the Erropear Union ancl countet U.S. influcnce
h ils"oll,i1 lt. i " (j' .rs,.-l \'i\ It.,
"8r "';i
-SoutllOssetia and Abkhazia - as iDdependent states and offcred still seem lar at'a-v. rlioush AS uAN h.s long pushed the
.i.ean o{ an Asian Union, its hands-ofl nyle limits its clTcctitcncss
Ioi} fomal nilitar-! and diplomatic ties, .telibe.ately cballensnrg
Ceoryian prcsident Saalcsh\ili s .l.ctorai pronise to reunite the
(as we have seen tohm. eMvanmar's iLnrta) and
in its inabilit]
\ill.nsure tlut suspicioo and nationalism ltill continue to divide
rounLry. Do not |e too surprised if innoccnts are once nLore
mulhl betwccD the c.ossfire 01 ti{o nrighty anbitions. at

15 BRoAo[R PIRSPfOVtl t/t. vear ir rfl)t1r tsskl

B. Death of the NPT 9. Religious Persecution
in Orissa

' iandnuli US-India nudear pact l'as linally (Jlissil's historl.has been long steeped iu llintlu I
signcd, r'emoring the final lcgislative hutdlc tbr srspicions over tnissionarv t'ork particularll"
resumption ofcivilian mtclear Lrade bctl'een lhe aruong lhe Dalit lorver castcs bul it has ncver b
tlro collntrics {fier thilty J'cars. Not clcrtbody is devolved inLo violcncre until thc rccent surge in
happy: some s.. the paci as lhe dcath kDell fb.lhe nrrl.'-N.n Hindu nationalism. Hindu hardliDcrs have rccused
Ituliferation Trcatr (NPT). Atim all, r'hat is Lhe point ofthe ChrisriaD missionary groDps of using lbrcc or briber) to g€L p
NPT wlien it aDDlics oDlyto sone nuclcar|ctthaD lliDdus to conlert, elcol,taging Dxlits to overstep rhcir rights,
all? Pakistan is reseniful about the excDrltion ertended by and hence insultiDs Hinduisu. Thcsc tensioDs have snrcc boiled
\\rasiinstoD to its arch val, dcnaDdhf, a snnilatci\ilim uclear o\cr nrto a hor lying arra) of ai l acks cvcr since the murder of
agreenent. Pakistan will uotgo down with a fight, having been Swami Laxsmananda Sa.rswati, a farticularly vocal anti
locked in hostilities wilh lndia for more than six dccades and Christian IIiDdu leadcr. The hardliners have condenred Ir
hNiDg cnried out tit-for tit n uc]car detomtions ii 1998. Though Ch ristians for the crime as t{ell as for eight carlicr assassination
Indir and Pakistanbegan pence talks in 2oo.+, Lhis II s -Indian atlempts on the Swami s life. Ch.jstians hale bc.D beaten up,
nuclcar cleaL hns bccn a sou.ce olitro\iDs tension. Was|nrstotl burnl alive or hacked to death. Churches, homes and prayer
argucs that Pxkistan lacks tlie sa e encrgy requirelnents as halls ha!€ be€D razed to the sround. Thousands have sousht
lndia lvho is rapidly expandins and induslrirlisiDs itself.Ilost rctuge in governrncnt camps. And strangcly enough- the Orissa
feel that Pakistan is beinit |enncd jn because il holds the Dene govcrDnent have stood b) literall! eithcrin silent aPproval ot
mcliing titlc of being the world's only nuclear amcd ishnic vicious encourigerncDt. Most recenlly, aD Indian Calholic nun h
nation whosetop atinnic scjenList Dr. ,!Q. ICran has confessed {as\iciousty aliacked, gaDS-.aped and lorced to pamde doM
to running an intematidul black nrarlct sc'lling its aiomjc s.crets the shcct half naked by a nob of5(J Hindus all this in the fl
to rogue mtions likeLan, Libta and North Krrea. r'hough KhaD presencc of x dozen sullen oissa policenen. Sorne Orissa h
has bcc. kept underhousc aDest erer sincc his official pardoD nee.spnpe$ have even stated baldli that tlie Christians in\ited
in 2lro:1, Pakistan has doggedl! t!ftrsed all intemati.rnal rlLempts these nl)on themselles. No rondcr that VrticaD City has ir
to gain a.ccss tohim. (t stelped ir to ur€c the nU to deal sith thc sjtuation. (t

\1,t-..a|,n| t \1-Jtn J t\ /,r{ien.nmrrdn,IM GEcRnDn/rrrdzimnenrar,!li.k, crernrecomtClik

l6 BR0ADfR PfRSPttTlVtS tI! redrilr ro,pLU issre

to. Congo's

LI ll is ir lrelthcrl \lo!.. .\1r'i(l is rill '.oo 1;rnilirLl

! 1\illr. L L,r,r r.,r,rr. Ltr" ,rirbiLrL]ra g,trr'ri,ie,rt,)r( !,go leit
h hf:jfun Krl)ih. Lr lhc oir|ositt courr. r mightl lirtsi rrhci
f.rcc l{i l)r crncrrl \lnunlr rlaiDiDg thc ncd to fhtcct Jl !4ini a'lel!!!oia
lon!.irsc luisrs trom thr srDrc IIutr milrtirs thrt lfurr
irstlnsil,l. r th. r,),)+ R(rndrn gd..j(lLi. On tlr.l|irgr. thr ii! li ilr tii dil;
|. lLLt(l :.\ RnrndN,sL,spL! r,nri.g tht,.|.1s,
, id il'. u.\t i..r{ nii .l c,igl,LiLi,,r(l ZlitbiLhtrr. \Listrl l.l ,i1

Li{iiri lirLiila O,, 1 ,i ! r e. suilt ,irLrleri \!r!ltrr rrrtio!s rl!)

nrrxdi r l)linl c\c brlare lo thc RfrnlLrn ircn!( c rnd hxrr
dr\ i$t ltN|tc,t n) ifnd !r (ti|lomats tr j bn,licr r |Q(c !{rrmrnt.
hth. brrlilnrnrl..n r.rbitions chinr Insns thr cting.l.n,
gd.rrEni t,) r ri5 lnllit)n rlLll thirl \!jll girri (..g. r
nlhirhrN trIil, ill.rlrgahin.!. riL.rL1li1,L,t1ir,(*s
t,rCon3!s,i,,r rL,,lrr. L)l)r I ll), brLl,,,i6r,rl I!ltrir li)l
(; )l!!$ rnf ht) tolr|. ,\ul (x!3hl in t|r nridd Ic. un lo{Lunltlr . t !! i! L:,Irri ttr i1-;

d0r!r: oithoui.rts ofr!r' h.d1 (ontolcsc r.ligr.s r!d thc

nrrtcq[ otl .i (ir)mr r criti.r] strging gnurd tirr mn.h /i\aE.f!ttj$tj2
h noritrnr. wr.k r.d rn d.N!h( l.ul lr.N.f(N..lLL)ring .,,ffdi.d:lxiirrnkrt{n
i,r Sirt th. ft[goL.n]i{1 ht gNn l. rlx)S, lh. bo(| (.Linl
rlff r i ,., L.,l rNrLs.s { iL.. irir .rLli Lj,)iL i,rlL rLiiriLstl
hA dif,i)el t1, a sl,oitlr! 'l 9 r,illlof nrrl,iDl it llir trodrl s
no:t leth.l orllirl .itrcc \\j(!ld \!rr 11 \\:ilhout lorrigD
iDtoldrti.r. f.n!o r illnn fh slurliirth.r do !intL)Lrh.dt

filirri (,
'rit' r\1,\(;lrrRlltrr,.rL rnr iif.ha:fnrfali,Li, l

/ l]ll0iDtll Pl15Pttf:ir5 rl,r ,(r iJ, f, r'ill, i\s,,,



t. The Great Escape


iDcc his escapefro the Ulhitl.y Road Detention had no grills du. to a nisu de.slanding bctwecn the c€ntre s
C.ntrc in Febnury, Sj.gapore Jenraah IslaDri l (,II) ad riiishatorsandthcrenovatLoncont.a.tor. Instcadtheivnldow
leaderMrs Sclamxt L.tstr.i hxs become SiIga!orc's handle had Inercl) bccD sarved off liron thesindorr. Mas Selamrt
n1ostwanted DcNon. Despite a nassile manhLtnt and w$ believed to have dcsccDdcd a water pi1)e, thcn run 2(l
rr,. .rir 'i, .r. lLp ,l, " lrnn s.. l r rn.'r1 " l, r. . Drctrcstillhe reached a point shcrc the iurer rnd outer Fdmct.r
Ienccs conle.sed $.ith {n en.loscd staircase aDd walkwa!. Onc€
orerth. ouier feDce he {.,uld be on thc fal-Island rix!ress\tai.
Or 27l.ebruar,1 2oo8. at about 3.54p r, X{lrs S.laDrat cnteredthe
toilet cubicle lo s|av. aDd fresheD up for iris weetly familr fisit. Ihe escape and norc'cilicrll!, the revelation of horr it happeDed.
He ciosed the door, Uipped his pants over it, and tu.ed oD thc tap irave sedoush damascd the reputation ofthc crstwlile nrfallible
r{hilca Gurkhr grard stood watch at the door. lvhe he hiled to and efficient lite ral Sc.u ll
Deputment Home AilaiN Ministcr
emerg. aftcr sclerd nniutes, lhe suard bccaDre concerned and WoDg KaD seDg admitled thrt thc hnman and physical lapses in
ale ed |is fcllow curkha, \!ho inlornred thc sfccial Du\' ope.ative. th. ccntrc were "so si ple rs to appear silly and i credible . 'Ilre
Th€ ollcer. beinsf.nalc, called on a ntale assistant casc officerto lnabili$ of thc intemal secL, r'itl hrccs to loc{te X{as Selamal li rther
ihciine tliis officer laclcd op.D the door
checkon Nlas Selanrat. Bi bruLlghl th.n
competeDcejnto quesLion. Dcspite rnobilisiDg NnlioDal
at4.o5pm, eLeren mirmtes lrin tcs lrter, Xlas SelarDatwas gone. Sen icemen. policcm.D rDd th€ public at large 1d conducting one
ofthe largest man|trnts iD singrporek reccnt history, inlolvirg
A rcDolt bvth. Comrnission ol I nquirt rclcascd iti ,\pril elabo rated roadbloclts, nrLeosile chccks at imnigratjon c|.ckpoiDts, finc
o howllas Sclamat could h.we escaped. It was belieled thal Ilas cornbing of the e,ooded arornd dre detenLiorr cen e and
Sela at climbcd onto a lediie, prshed opcn a rcntilntion wirdoN puttiDg up posters otXlas Sclamaton buses, tr.rnN and co1lee shops,
and squeezed lhrcugh thc 7() cm bI55 c otening. Thc i{indoi! Nlas S.hmai siill evaded r€capturc.

18 BR0AUIR PlRSPlatWS r/r4,1,r t, r.fnar Nsxe


SiDgaporc.ns anl XtPs wercciti.alol lhe $'ar ir r\'hich tbe search t|c Cor. nr itt€e of lDq irl had besicallv exoDeratcd thc gover nent
oFratio. was conductcd, ar.rc o( casioD for a Scnoellr acquiesccnt fiom blarne. Butthcrc$'as u n halpiress ov.r this decision, and the
a.d apatheLic popnlation.cJitjcisn cam. in th. lbrm ofLetters to public ralled for someone lo trlte resronsjbililv lbr this seids
newspaper foNn fages and elel toilct jokes circuiating oD tIe nist{k.. Tlrc issue ras brought to lr ianrent bJ- opposition I'lP
lnterDet tliat scr\'€d as subtlc'but slrarf jib€s at the go!.rD enl. LowTlria Kirng. He aryued that as Xfinisterl srhries $,.rc pesged
Nal11 Singaporeans were shockcd at the carelessness t|at resulLed to trivrt. s€ctor strndakls, thcv should be mbject to corpol?re
D th. especialh gircn thc lrigh leyel of pnbli. lrlrst il the rro d noln]s \!lierc'should anihinggo ilroDs ' $ould rcII".
policc rnd securitv forccs. and their reputrtion for belng super- H. queslioDed i{h! this s'rs not |appening in this situaLioD. Tlis
cfii.ien( and relirbl.. This i.cident serlcd rs r {ake up call for rrgu rent stNck r clo $ith maDy Singapor.ans rvho \!ere still
j r ., .
". . , ,r \..,r..t .r Lair ju.-... r., seething ologolemmert Niristc'd rc.cnl pa! rise despitc Druc|
public ofpos il i,nr lhn)' Silgaporcans beli€v€d that sircc ihcy we.e
There i{xs also e\LeDsire criticisnr ol hoi! irfonnatio. \!ds $ $cll Nlinisters sirould bc nr.rc nccount:Lbleforth.if actions.
oonDnmicrtcd lo the prblic. ccnoall!, inLnnatidr I'rs rccetred P mc X{inisLer Lee Hsicn Loong sLetped iDto th. dcbate arguing
tooljttl. and 1oo late the pullic i{rs on lv nifonncd of II.s SelalLat's againsl n \!itch li Dt" and s!ggesting snch actions lvould be rt
disapFamnce lour liori$ attcr it occurred, losnrg v.lL, able tirne i! -c.s\'wa! out tliltNould.ot sohe the fllndamcrtal problen
nhich tlLe !ublic corld hale poteDtially hclfed irt derecting thc li,rllier dennrmlis. lhe ciyil senice.
escal,ee. SubscqncDt inlbrna D wrs rcl.ased h rehctant dribs
and dmbs. For cxanllt€- it $'as iDitilllyannounred thrt IIas Scla at Ithxsbc.n ore tlrrn 8 moDthssince the escrpe aDd Mas S,rla ar
i!. led nith a limp. Iio$.e1er. sclcral dals later it $'as rnnoLi.ced rcDuirN rl lnJle. ]lthough th. gorernrent has vigo.orsb delended
thathcoDlvlinrped $'heD lic mn. Onl! or the 19th dat ol lhe hunt its fosllj.n, this j.cid.Dt lnought jnto shrrp focus the lacr rhat all
did lhc go!(,'lj nieDi re!€al t|at \,lns Selamat had a nrole utrder liis is rot lppcars.ItIrs nle.ted Sinsrtorcans ro lhe dangerof
$,t,at it,nrg frll al.l accurate in tbnuti{m, it $'as rhus dillicultfor co.rdaceDcl aDd fallibillt! .rithe sovcmm.D rlich perhaps calls
Si'rgaporeans to aid nr the orilhult. llr greatcr ind.ferd€nL oversjght and nroni(oring. On { fositive
note. SiDgaporca.s have becomc morc $illing to \oice tlrcif ofnrions
Bl, ]\pdl. thc lik.l ihood of Mrs S.lamat-s recaphtrc grci{ slim. t he and ast qu.sljolr in o crto hold Lhe government accorn Lable ior
spotliglrt now h, dred lo governD.nt a..ou tabiljn and irtro should jts actlon represeDtilg sicfs toNards beirg { nbrc iDibrm€d and
be hcld rcstons ible lor the .sc!pc. Alt ho! gh guiln of conr 0hcencl. t.rticipalo.! citizenN. rt

19 ER0ADIR PIRSPIUVIS //,r vfdr ir rrl'a,r iss,(,

z. National Day Rally 2oo8

n the National Day Rally, PM Lee Hsien Loong Sone civil sociev activists generally arsue that these rules do
announced a seri€s of measurcs that sisnalled a not go far enough. Although demonstrations are allowed, tiey
libemlising ofSingapore societ] and wide ns of are limired to one obscrre veme, restricted only to Singapore
space for public expression and paticipatioD. citizens and issues ofEce, tansuase or.eligion still remain out
There was to be an easing ofthe ban on public ofbounds. Activists arsue that if the sove.nment was sinccrc
demonsimtioDs such that demonstrations will be in giviry singaporeans a greater say n1 political matters, it would
atlowed in the Speaker's corner in Hons Lnn Park as long as allow public demonstrations in any sitc nr the city as long as
they do not touch on the issues of race. languaSe or religion. In they do noi obstr ct traffic or inconvenicnce residents.
addition, recosnisins the pervasiveness of film and video on the
Intemel. the Pdme Minister dgreed that political films cspecialll' lhF I r.ei ore- hhr rs JIo E n"l J.lo$ed d 'o -c ndr , \asuF.
factual footase, documentanes, recordings of live events' wiil allowing the go\€rnment to have the final say. For examplc, PM
be allowed as well as political podcasts and vodcasts. Lee had said that political filns sucli as documentaries and
recod footase rvould be allowed brt not "made up stuf or
.pat1isan siuff', yet it k inevitable ihat any good film has a
While ihese moves app€ar to be steps towards greater political
participation in the citizenry, exactly how significart are they? certain point ofview 6 Do filn1 is completely objcciive or neutral.
On paper these arc lddmark changes as they ovclturn e{sting A-lthough the subjectivity may not come across in drc commentry
laws that ban any fom of public denonstration and political in th€ film, it is inherent in the director's choice of subject,
film and broadcast- Yct in rcality, these nelt rules have Dot yet editing and thelike. A fine line separates objective and Fttisan
brousht about major chanse. on most days l:long Lim Park political documenrary and vasue rules reflect lirtle change li on
continues to be peacetul. sleepy placc $nth a distinct absence
a what the PM has promised.
ofpeople let alone p.oiestors. Independent filmnakers have
not rushedio submit their political lilms for afproval.In fact, It is still too early to make a final call on these
s€veral "political filns" which have been banned such as Malt'iD
nreJsllr's. There i5 r'oom for fur'lhrr expan:ion
Sees docunentaries, SingdporeRebel, which explores thc civil
disobedience of Cbee Soon JuaD. and Zaharj's rZ sears, a
ofpolitical OB ma|kers and delinition ofthese
docunentar/ of Said Zahari's political detention, have been regulations such that thcy do indeed make a
widely viewed on tlie Internei through thc web-shadng website differencc and enable greater political
YouTube. Opposition padies or individuals have yet to test the paticipation by the pcople..t
rules on poliiical podcasts orvodcasls.

Nationoi DdU Rdllv 2ooa, nL{GE CREDIT / screenshob from hr broadra$

?ll Ei0ADFR PIRSPIOIVIs th. p.i n1r.Dieu issue

3. J.B. Jeyaretnam Passes On
( ]OO I ) II I-F,- .IB,I. Y()U WILL ItE N'ISStrI).

e wasn'l gi!c! a statc fuDeral b!l Joshua ,\t age 82 wheD Drost of his conteniporari.s i{ere eDiolnrg
Benjanrin Jer',r.tnarn, p{rpularlv ftnown bv retireneDt, JllJ $as still fractisingla$ and lursuinghis politiud
his idtirlsJBJ, was a political oldsuardin his ambitions. Ile h.rd jusl fonncd the Refoml Pa.ty sith his idedlism
osn ght, {lbeil ore on t|. optosite side ol intact. Atthe d irnrcr h. urged sirgaporcans to cast
He clid Dot fight against
the rracks. of th€ shrmbcr into i{lich irto fo. the last
J-ou havc bccn led
ro tears. Wal. uf io your.ighLs as a humaD beirg, to yoLlr
thc conlrnu[ists Do| clir] he leird Llie countn to prope. role as citizcns oftliis counlry-' .
rrdel', n'1, r'.. lI.rer,l. lri. ', ":r'' 'rr. itr
breaiiing thc PAP'S llrollopoly ovcl political \\ I ri"Ljrr'rur'ru5.t "ria .ci rs /ra,
porvcl by beirg lhe lilst opposition XllP to bc folitical act{rr who had corsist.ntly served as a ba$ in thc
llesh of thc P,\P". llis adnired his coumge and
electecl into Parliarne|iL aud thus operring, the
conmitment to his ideals ev€n at considoablc self-sacrifice. lo
cloor, ever so sliglrtll', for politir:al liberalisation. then, he was a Dalid coDstrntlr throwing ston.s at the PAP
Goliath, rDd recening th. ftll bmnt oJ Lh e nrassilc P Parsenai
JBJ, thcn r dist.icl cou.t judsc, j onied poLitics in r 971 fiNt aith in rctuu. Ilis detractors, ho$'ever, felt thal he was foliticrll]
lhe National Pafty olSingaporc andlater, the WorkerJ Paftl. naivc and oter jlealisli. which resulted h him i{asiing his
AJ|€r ten \€ars ofcrDpaigning, JBJ finally entered Pa.liament
Dolitical opportunities. ln,rdditio., his coDfrontational stylc
rn.eor ) s i , , , g .lr' !..ur, L') 'lF-i^, H t rirp
Ior i.' has been criticiscd bv the mainstrcam me.lia as beinil
golernnent \ras not oniv cha cteriscd by ligorous ''uncoDstruclive'. Nc!crtheless, bis fighting spi t and
la idmeDta$ debntesbutbl Duniercus court bnltlcsrYith Pr\? commihnent to hisbelicfs have never been in doubt.
bisrigs.Ir 1986 JBJ lost his Parliamentary seal when hc i{as
lnund of nuking a lalse dcclaratioD ofthe ulorlter's Paln
suilll A hrck after his death, a vigil ltas held iD liong Lim Park io
accounts. Hc re-entered Pa.liam.nt iD 1997 only to delal.i in remembcr JBJ. The elent saw a gathcriDg of 2oo people $'|o
2oor whe. he Ms dcclrred a baDltupt. Hc lcft the h"orliers lit candles. nrotc Nords ofcondolenc. and paidtribute to the
lrtythat sa eyearbccausc of internal d isaB.crncnts. Despite nun. Anongsl i|.n $'crc nany yornil peoplc rvho promised
his adrtrsities:tr1d {ailures, ,IB,I peNevered in hjs political caree.,
to rcmemberJBJ and.ontinuchis Legacy. (t
edriDg thc epithet olbeing a doggcd fighter.

Me $tial ta J &t at t k,1q L I Prtr i, I\IAGI CREDIT / lhoiope, liered, Ih.b .ratir com',ors

?l 8R0A0[R P[R5PiO Vt5 i/t.] h rert.ur issrr


4. Serangoon 5. Singapore Fr
Gardens'Dispute Grand Prix

Irew rcsidenrs of SeranCoon GardeDs lvelcomcd the news that ihe Thc nation's most talked about spofis elent, the
old Semnsoon Gardens Technical School $ oLtld be converted into Fr Singapore circuit u'as groundbreaking fbr two
dormitory for an estimated !5oo forcigr n'orkers Criticisms En
main reasons: it was the first street circuit in Asia

rampart: the foreigners would worseD congestion nr the alrcadv

oowded estate, o!€rrun the park and buses, and briDg a host of and the first night race in F1 history. rhe choice of
havins a sireet circuit res obvious in sPace scarce SingaPore [A
socialprcblens. The eklerb'l'ol d be abused, nuids and children
purpose built circuit wil onl\, be comPleted in 2o1o.) tsDt ihis
woLrldbe hanassed ard dr nkcn carcushs would abound (And
option hasbcera boon,tur ng Singapo.e into a 'xlonaco of the
let s not foryet how real estrte prices ltolrld be de\dued eventualiv )
East" uith fast caN flashiDs sexiLy past historic buildinss such as
But.Lespitc fop!]ar stercol,r"es that forcigners are dift\', ro$d)"
tbe old Citv Hall aDd modem icoN lil(e thc Esplanade. Tining the
clarse and cdrnnialy nnrdcd, Police records sho'! thc tnth: the
race at Dighi wrs also a strategic choice to rnakc lising mnvenient
cirne rate among foreign $'orkers is lower than that of the
fo. Euroirean riewc$ in ditrercDttine zonc Fo. thal, a siate-of
Singaporcan population al la€e. Given thai mdiv lbreign leorkers
come to Sjngapore, ofteD at great peNol1al sacnfice, to eam a lifiru,
the art {stem was b!i]t to deliver optinial lisibi}it} for night mce
conditions, lighting thc circlit tbur tnnes brjghtcr thm the lights
few rlould jeopardise thejr livclihood bv breaking laws ard
at sports stadiluns. The multi-million dolar lomrula l enteryrisc
committing crinies. Despite a petition of over r,.1oo sigMtures, dre
js a far c,r- lrorn the arnual Sinsapore Crand Pri{ of thc 196os and
golerment announced in October that the dorm Norld p.oceed
as pldned albeii $'ith concqssions Drade iD response to rcsidents 7os and the Snrdlcl Fl Grard Pri\ is enrnrarked by the SinsaPorc
Torrisrn Board's {STB) 6 tn iconic erenl atructi\e €nough io lure
conc€rns about noise dil The numbcrs of tbrcign
tou.ists to our snlall isl al. was it a success? Depends on s'ho vou
workers are erpected to peak at close to one million ask. The sold-out elent attricted more than 1oo, oD site
within a few years and with scarce land, this will spectators and millions of orerseas F1 fans who watched the live

iust be the first of many future efforrs to house ald broadcast. t]lc main Loserc? Residents iDconvenienccd due tothc
e$ended .c,ad closures as well as rcstaumrts aLld shops near the
integrate them. It is lorcisD $orkers 'i'ho arc doins the harcL rt
circuit who saw an ovet all slow dor$ in busnress
md dnv wo* that allo\s ou. nation to keep iTo$'iDg econornic2llv
Tliis fact alone ought io tell us trtEi to do with ou. Prejodiccs at
22 BROADtR PtRSPttTIV[S tl. !cdr in ruiricr,6s!e

6. The Singapore Flyer 7. OlyrnpicVictories

\tH0 \\'A 'ls t'o PLAY\{rrF.l].T. o] r,oRl rr\Fr'? IIIG DIiLANIS DO (]O}I1I TRIII].

The Snrgll)orc fl\rr olrned i. Nj arch this \ear as the Nn ld s t.llcst r.\.eJr Singrpo.eatr kDo$'s dr. tircd old rcf|ain the ln\t tine
obscn ntion !rh...]. ADpJorirnateh dre height of a 42 siorq buil.liig. SnrEarrore lifted r m..tal \!s iD r!60 idren lan lro$,e LiaDgwo!
tbcnl'.ris 30nr higl)€r tlun tlie pot larLondon E].r]rrl na{ed a silverh i{tishtliftDrg. Hcne.2m8.r.rn$ a! unbelieQblc'rcar
r. .l-l a'r'r"\'. i,,' ..:l fd Singrporc sforts.Ih. {onreris lable tennis team $or r sili.r
arlurd the lrorld. Dcspii. th. f.ntrn . lh€ liher receiyed nixe.l Drcdal al t|e B€iiing sunner Ollrfic cam.s. Snrglpor.w.s also
rc\ic$s. Fc$'pcoplc iv.rc wo\led br Lhe steep picc tag of s:9.9o the citl to hostth. iDatrgurrlYouth Olv.)picCa resiD
n[ r.irai n'as csscniiall) a 30 ]liiNle lerris \lirccl dc. \Vith rn 2o'o rD eyent thrt ilill cnhancc Singapor. s fubU( !rcfile,
oitrall dro! nr nali,Inl to!dsl numbe$, lrnc olt|c l.lril,rnd enourage great.r iDtcnst in stoas nr l|e naLjo! and boost tdlisn
r.statrranl leninLs at the |her ilcrc n.goti.ring rrts ilith rnd commcrcc. Snrgrtorc riso wo. its li$t ever gold, sih er and
tranage rert b] June bccaus. ofslonlusirFss. Surprisxrgl). it br)m .t t|. Pa.alvnrlics. SLill, despite the i)biious .Vlosio.
ilxs feng shui nusters iviro wcrc rcs|onslble lbr changiDg the ofD.tionrl tld€. thek have been mnLtiDgs ofdiscoDt..t. [1a.r
{1, r ll l r.ll t. , ,.1, ,rl,.. lr , r.' \ i Singapo,eaiN i{ere coDscnrus that thc Olmti. siher ras \!o! br
in lh. NloDg dir..tion: br risinjl to frce the c.ntr'. a.d .iorcilD
laleDts srecirllr rccmit.d to h.lD SinAaDoJr wh llie .iedal
goirgdoM on overlooking dlc scn and tlr..irslelJr .rtherthan "hom. g(xur" Snrg.torcans. l. lict,l.eng Tian 11'-ci

farlollheisland, tlretrl)erwasluningitsba.h on l|. ll.arcial who won thc citic.lmrt..|es lhal selurel the medal onll bccaDrc
dislridard laliiDg loltue ri{a! frnn SirgapnJ ln rsponse, a Sirgaporc citiz.n nr ,lanuaJt zoo8. llere hd dso bccn conh o\cr sr,

na rgemetrt reconfignrcd thc \'Ic.] as sogiteslel. $,lile makjns alont t|.\?st Ioequilil! irr rewr s dispeDscd b! tlc Snrga porc
enhancemcnts such as nNtrlliru ro fu\ses iI the capsulcs i{r htlf N.tloi'al Ohmpic Council: for $'nmnrg a itold. Si.gaporeaD
visiloN oricntatc t|crns( l\ €s, and a new visinrs c.!tr. B! Aug!(, Panlynpiln Yit Pnr Xtu goi $r()o,ooo as comp.t.e.l to the $1
thc fl\.rw.lco.r€d its r,ooo,ooo \isin)r and thc goal o1 2.5 .riLlio millior sh. might halc gotIcn iI she {as a riormal' OllrpiaD.
of:oo8 finallrlooks rosslble. The Fl-!-er''s
risitors b\ the end ID contrrst, thc Chi.a lnr OLrnipia! laddlers got s75o,ooo.ach

lalLre iis itlanclnalk attraction is still rqt for cJcbatc\!iD BLrL ciespite all thc coutlovetsy,
but will probablf implove lith thc clo'clopment a spolling r:areer is lookilg more like a viable r,a1.
ol lheX{alina Ba).alca. r'lleo }.questii'r thxt rcmaiN is of litc in olelll' placlictl Sirrgaporc. I(cc1t an ele
Io\'loDs it crn lteer its title of $ukl s trll{.st obs.^alio. out li)r LondoD 2012.4t
vl..l It
Ni,rlrJltla.jr!nnv.rr.,r,rt/,InrAcEcRrir)rr'/r,rrrlnn,,rricltrIrrtnr a)/r,rti.! i,r. rrr^crj cruiDr'r'/ 5u.r.n ( r trrfi.ni11 r.rL,tr!

23 BR0ADtR PlflSPttTVtS th.,.rtitr* .r i\stn

B. The Tang 9. The Fall of
Wee Sung Case Shi Ming Yi

In :ro08, Tang Wce sung bccane lhc fiNt Singaforean to be Thc face ofth. Ren Ci Hospjt,rl, VeDerabl. MiDg $. $'as beloved
charged in court ior tr,\ing io buy I kidncvf.ou a li\iDg donor lbrhis chi.itable$oJts aDd his dcath del]ing stuuls in Ren Cis
lor $3oo,ooo. Pl€nding guilly and rslting for leni.Dcv. Tang ar,rual tele\is.d thal hrlc made Rcn ci Hovital the
claimed he was driaen by"pu.e desperalion'as lie sitffcred nol second laryesL chadt] h Singrpore ButMingYi's life hasbcen
o lv fron end-stage rcDal failurc but also othe. ncdicil .tosged by n rours of a ict settirs lifest)le and t $ro,ooo
conplications such as diabctes and.oronalr' artcla diseasc lle monthly salan lh.t clashed $ith the humble li li pcoPle exrcct
was finally sentenced lo oDe-d.q iail arct fincd $17,ooo ,\t fron r delout Buddhist nio.t. Late 2oo7. Rer Ci Hospilalhad
presenL, thcre are about 6l:)() SiDgaporeans thal rcquire kidncv conrc under a gore rmcnt !.ob. over accounLing
transplants but the alerrge saitiDg timc is 9 veaN lt is no ir.egrladljes. B) 2oo8, NlingYi$'as aslied to step dowD as C]jO
wondcr thal many people resort to desperatt measures like of Ren Ci- abbot of |oo Hai Ch an montslcrv rnd tlc other
acquirinso.gans throush the blac market orsoins abroadfor ereculivc fositions he held in larious tcnples nr Singrporc and
o.gan ftansplants. If,galising orgalr h adiDg is sccn as a practictl Hong l(oDg. h JLrly.tlie nonkwas (hargcd hcourtoD
but touchr- soLu lion. r\ctressAldrea dc Cruz *']]o rvas sav'd b) tcD cou n ts iDcluding dcfi aud ilg the chei!, . forgerl ard h ehnrg

a ki.liev tlanspla nt from her husband sloke oot in $pport of tofalsifi its accou l s. Hc Nus ako rccused of forging docu 'ents
lesalisation as di.i
shockingl) I'Ifiister of Health Khan'Boon to clicat auditors and gnjng false informalion to the
Wan himself. Still. ihe locrl medical colnmuDitv is r.sistarl. Co rmissioner ofCharilics. To nrakc thi gsNorse his f{rner
a.guing that therc isjust too nNch Dotctltial lbr tlre rhusc oftlie personsl assistant s'ith hom he slav.d occasioDall in a HolhDd
poo. and defencelcss. Dono$ do pul thcmseLves atgrcltterhcalth R,.n,^,,.,, \.. k-8.'l c ' rr lJr I' rP rp'r'' J'r
ol la4,e nunber ofobscelre lideo tapes. Shi lias v.t to be lbtrnd
But the grcatest "ic]<
risk iD sivins away thcir.rrgans
guilq but this news cones hot oD the oI th. 2oo5 high
lhctor" is knorving tltis: that a lcgalisccl olgan profilc dolvnfall ol l.T. Durai, CIO of ih. Nationa] Kidn'v
trade leprescnts thc ultinale consLtmcrisL Fonn.larioD rNKFl. Shi s Lt agic lall has otlly fulthcr
attitu('le where Plncticalll rothing is be1'ond thc clarnpcnecl public coltlicicnce in Ieligiotrs
purchase ofrnortel cven thc saclcclness ofthe orglrlisatio s ancl lheir lrse of ptrlllic funds rr
bocly ancl all ils pails. (t

24 ER0ADIR PIRSPEOIVIS ilr. v.d. ii r.ui?t iss!.

ro. The MiniBonds

The bankNptcy of US investnent baDk, Lehman Brothers, in

Septembcr had serious repercnssiois for the ro,ooo or so
Singapo.ears irho invested nr rninibonds or st cturcd financial
prcducts associated wilh thebank. Entire n€st e€gs halc al.cady
been lost to the shock ol man! relirees who tmsted the
local baDk $'hich asstr.ed their clients that these werelow dsk
iN€stnents aDd safe as a fixe.l deposit acc.runt. The failure ol
the bant's financial adlisoN to infom their clients about the
aclual risk and comflexitt of such iDvcstrncnts aroused nuch
purlic anser. With thc govelnment keeping
silenl on the issue, ground up initiativcs havc
flourishetl. t,o.mer rq t uC hcome CEO, TaD Kin l.ian startcd
ano nie petition signed bt rore than 9oo jnvestors asking the
ILdS to jnvestigate the enent of \[ong doing comnitted by the
financial institutions ir
the creaii{D aDd niarketing ofthese
products. Foronce, Speaker's Comcr $€s fillcd \trcn nr october,
Tan and over r,ooo inlestors gathered to explorc options and
|remes to heLp the r get back sone of their inveshncnts.
Ma1'bark,IIong Leong |inance and DilS ha!€ said llrat they nill
compensate investors aged ove. 62 and who hale less than a
prinaryschool education. The ninibonds cisis liishlishts tlie
needfor bettcr financial cducatioD here aDd is a pahful
demoNtration of just howvulnerable the Norld's most globaliscd
Prole.tdrHong l,in Parlr,IMAGE CREDIT/ scrccn crptutu fron thr onlineciiizsnonYontube

25 ER0ADIR P[RSP[[T|V[S iftcaledrfi redeu 6sre

/( lD)



ince iLs inception as a publicly held compaDy i! 2oo,l, Googlcplex, over r5,ooo enrployees Deeds are cornplctcll catcred
Google has transformed the entirc business to lrom gournet cafeterias. generous nedical benefits. gynN,
stratosphere ofshat it means to be a succ.ssful childcare to clen ababy grand.'[hesc fcrks are available so t]rat
corpo tion, growing faster than iPhone proliferation the)' can concentlatc on naking Cooglc cvcD nore dominant
You knowl'ou
arnongst ihe fashionable vouth.
coogle also lures thc best minds by prornoting a culture ol
innovation and fle{ibility: it encotr.ages all ils ernployees to spend
have tapped into thc zeitgeist of an age when you
one daya $€ek on projects ofihcir own irter€st. Many GooSle beta
are refercnced as a verb and in varrious languagcs proiecis like coogle Mail |avc been the r€sult of such an
at that - film to googlc, to thc Gemran gooqelie, fi orn ihc Finnish
googldrd tothe Japaneseguourr, Google lias cone to shape aDd
develop our viea oftheworld in \2ys that $'e nevern ticipaicd or -^l these pamp€red and crertivell nurhn ed cmplolees sPeDd mosl
oftheirtime ol)lhe corcbusiness ofCoosle nraking seucli better.
coogle at any.rne tine has a 60% share ofthe searcb market, more
cilr|ll, rhr : l\p .ontalr \ ru.- all "n. o r l,r .it e ni.'iun i than Yahoo ard ruicrosoft combined by rn ernbarrassnrsly lons
reflcctcd iI tlie etymological roois ofits Dane towanito"orga ze stretch. Cooglc.con haDdles oler 150 milliiD lntemet search€s a
the $'orld's infonnation" is a nassivc declaration of intent to anlone daywilh more than 2l nillion uniqueuscrs cach morth.Anl self
pa) ins aiicDtioD. the world has dcfiDiteb been paying aneniion respecting webmastcr wants his site listed high oD Google s search
sirce two Stanfod ^! studenls, Scrgcy Brin and LarryPagc, r!$ ts because il alwrys g:Lrardtees nore traii.. Google hs beconr€
developed a set of alsorithms which $'as auc to make an amazjns thc fi$t siteand plaifonn ofrcsort for nosl ofhumaD kir.l's dailv
lcapfilg in the ac.uracy aDd perfomance ofweb search perfomance onlinc activities ' Gnajl, Goosle Docs, Gc,ogle Blosscr, Goosle
by tapfinS irto the collectivc intclligence ofthe intemet aDd t acking Groups. Google News and YouTube. Not satisfied with nrapping
the nrtricate connections of i'eb pases and tlieir links. the billions ofdocumerts online, Goosle is mapping eve.!'lhins
elsethatconstitltes as infonnation, includnrg digitisjDgthe Dillions
coogle is also a great enpl.ryer, ha\ingbccn electedtrvo years in ofbooks pubLished and clen Darth itsell(i.e. Gooslc Earth, Googie
a row s the best cornpaDy to work for by Forrue magaziDe. At the Maps and its Street Viei{fcaturc).

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G@qle Deuelopet Intlt
vidor de ld Roch..
flickr crcati\c CururoM

Google has iD ll,e spr.c ol a fci{ yca$ becoue o|e ofthc ltorldk irfomlatio,r. Conccns !b.nt sucli irlbrnalion l.d to fressure r.cosDisable b.ands and |.s no real n jo. (orn!€litor. will from luropean regulators to lirlit the li e il l.cts snch nser
CooBlebcconcthc oDe conrlanr thal mlcs us !ll? l!-ill Goo!,le one intbrmation to 18 months and to cut rhc life span olits cookies fioDr
dr) rolt f|omrcrb to God?

The sigDs indical. drat Googlc i{ill onl} geL bigger and liggeri the Google se .h r.sults {lso can] oulsiTed iDrpoftrncc. searches thal
coDrpaDr is aLre.tdy ba..lcd b!an cstinatecL 15o,ooo seNeF ir otdcr cone lirst oisecord at most lilielv io be cli.l<.d wiih N)st peoPle
rnalrse atrd nr ap c.ti.s of tlrc inteDet. l llis iech nologv
to storc, brrelr'loohirg be)ond thc first page of resLrlts. This onlv
conuanyis croh'ing iDto an ad\e.lisin8, nrcdir, iDtemet and soli$a'e miscs coDcerDs over Googlek toncr to order irlbrl alio. on drc
behenroth allrollcd nrtooDe.,\nd iL js e!e. cxfandiDg its coDipan) i.lenrci, contmlliDg $.ha13ets nllention rnd i\'hat gets ignored. and
oit.sig|t to l.clud. comb{iing environnrenl.l challcDgcs, herlth ii\ need lo Drakc its searchprcresses rnd rankings more tnnslare.t.
rd lorert) issL,es, and othcr global problens. ll is alrcady usiDg r\ coogledc$'cs nrrcthrn 90?6 ofjls h'lunuc ffom sellng oDline
th. coogle searclr eDginc io hclt track the sp.end of infcciious ldleflise tcggcdt.r specific searclt l,e.rNords, it|.concs nore n,t,i.rl{ilsrsle,s. And ithas comnitted r% ol ils an.ul lnd more ol an i.rf$.tivc to vcify thrt such n conrfanv \ith a
prolils io chaftrble eflorts, dir€cling snch actirities throuij| ils land nr clery pie can kecf io its Drission to proy e rnbias.d.
pliiiaulhropicadn, ndrc.lsof Dillions accuratc nnd fice access lo i.lormation"! will a
ofdolla.s on lt&lr.nd rclcases nore and rore li.. frodtrcis beta conpanl halc $'hcD it $,akes up one drr,' to find o t tl t its (onrpany
\lebsiLe js n.rrly nnpossible to find whcn Googl.' eDgiree.s or€
agail t{eahs lhc s.crct algorithN lhal de.idcs how to process
IsrhcrcaDvthing coogle \vill not do? or mabe lhe mo.e inrporant kc)vords and lin[s?
quesiion to rskis - is there antthing Googlc cannot do? $hile publi.
suspiclon and mistNn nornlllr rcseAcd tbr bis conprnies lilte 'I|.r. is no denyiDg lLat GooSlc Ias flatc.i a big prrt in op.ning
Miorosoli has bar.l) scratch.d Google's cool rcpLrtrtion aDd 'DoDt t|e door th. futurc ofhoN irlomntion is indc\.d {nd percei\.ed

Be Eil shield, Ihe.onuan) s rll'enconilassjng n.tur. is a loiDt lut ill lhe.ext liw dccxdes $ill$e 1o scc Googl. rs a terhno
ol pot.aitial i!o.r) 1b.l|. futnrc as it acquires rlror€ inuurr.c and ltopian ideal o. as thc n.xt Big Llrolher. lh. n.\t all assimilatnrg
Borg? What happens r.n Google becom€s God ofthe
nrfonnation a8e, essenli.lly s.ttiDg the couNe olhu'nan kno$'lcdgc
Coogle s donrnrancc ovc'r the iDlbrrralion sph.rc m.rns thrt it (a and und.Ntand g:i \\'|en asked hon long it $.oxld talie to
edih sh.r!€ {,,, nn.l percepiiui olt|c i{o d.conlrclliDg the €ntirc $'orld's irfomaLion, the ans\'.r givcD was 3c)o lears.
IhdNe lea[ a d undeNtrld of t]re worl.l arou r)d trs. Coogl.track ODL\ a co m Da Dv lvith sarslntuanj
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and stores ere.r itcm Nc s.arch for onliire a.d rll cmails farsighled riew olth. fnturc i{orld hare a respnsc likcthat.
{c!en dclctcd oD es) Urat r,o llniug| its scrcr, rnd the o.isin of Rrc.h
contcnt, gainirsaccessto nriissi\t.mounts of Dersonal and sellsili\'. \f. h,!e,ll hee,, \!.,ied. (t

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orb bc Di\ed up with evil fidional Marcl conics Thoush Genentech aDd Rocbe have invesied morethan $2.25
corporation Genetech, GeDentech is widely biliion into developins Avastin, this woDder d rs has been wel
considered to be tlrc most successni biotethnolos, orth it- Zie Neui yo/t ?i?ner even pcgs sdles ofAvastnl in the
fimr h the wo d. Reguded b! some as the world's Uniied Siatcs as ihe most sigtificant baroneter ofCeneniech's
fiNt biotechnology company, it has the Largest stock market growth. Avasiir has been caiapulted into the uPper ecbelons of
value and is second in sales only to Arnsen. top-selling cancerdrugs in thc lvorld, witb global sales in 2oo7
peaking at US$3.5billion with $2.3 billion cominsfronthe
This San Fmcisco based fitm is no staDser to public accolades:
F.rrftrne nagazine has put Genentech on its "Best Companies
io Work Fol' list for ten consccutile years; Science Mdqdzirr€ Looldng at their legendar,v worker perks - day care for doss, an
rarl-uir"lbpBop,rmd,FU i .l trnPlo)"r lor."t"1)edFil oDsite larmer's market brimmins with organic foods, subsidics
a row; and fbr the pastfouryearls, Bbiness 2.o has dubbed it to encourage employees to cartool or tak€ public transport it
one of the "Top 1oo Fastest Growing Tech Companics" is Do reonder that Geneniech has nunaged to foster a work
culiure that attracis tlt best and thc bdghtest of the R&D world
cenentech's fortune has been built uporl its swiftness in
discoverins, developing and cornmercialising multiple lnngtimc cEO Art Levinson, has been crcdited for his leadeNhip

pharmaceulical products. Also, raiher than develop drugs for in eDsuringthe preservatjon ofGenentech's unique DNA In an
a broad cuslomer profile, Geneniech focuseson trcatmen8 for nlteniew hift Wdll S.reetJorrndl. biocheniist Michael
Ross an early Genentecb employee summcd tlis DNA up as
specific patient groups. is kecn aitention to i rovation has
rcsulted in exponential grotr'th ihat has been thc talk ofthe "a (silicon) Valle]'ctrlture thai has aspects ofGoosle and the
pharnaceutical wor'ld. Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche old Hewle( Packard". A slalwart prcsence in thc SiliconVallev
Holdnrs wliich alreadv owls a significaDt share ofGencntech scenc. Levinson even seNes on the boards oI both Goosle and
even offercd aD astoundnrs $43.7billion io acquire nore sharcs Apple
Already, a third of Roche s ovcrall2oo7 sales came from druss
developed b)' Genentech, particularly its siable of cancer What separatcs Genentech from evcry other
medicines. Avasiin. Rituxan and Herceptin. biotech firm? A science-drivcn culture, stock
Avastin tops lhe list of Genentech's cutting edge products aDd
options zrncl attentioD to the freedom aDd
is widely seen as a l'onder dns - thoush some dispule itslons independence of the company's scientists. A
tern effectilcness and costljness. used to treat patients $ith precious equation that night falter if Roche
advmced luns, colon or breast cancer, its innovatioD is in killins succeeds in their takeover attenlpt. at
offGncerl)y cuttns otrthe tumons'blood supp\

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LL: irr lre |r;t trl. nr.iLllr\. IrrrDrh lu!Lr1 g|or, rr(lnsirilr. ), ,\ rr\ nrD.gnD.r n l,rg v)id rrnlhu.g,),j Llrt

, i),rsiom.rrtc l..L, : \ ,Ll toD lIrci IIL,\ (1.\ lll ll .nn nl , . oi diu.!1 rurNn.. Lll.iLi Iet. :tt mr(trtILi Nnil r^ei.rll
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i.lo t, ush. !llnr.r)ii,L,r i,L! ijra ultrr ln\., n,.,r rioolhrrs
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surlh ,i1 ,Lrrl!r(l (t )rs llriLL |,1)iriotr r giltl.(l r.,lll ,) rlrioltrrt,
liiell.d h1 thr sLiBi.! pot,!hrih .lits nrl) !)!.!rflrd hlndbNsr t,er1c(li,!r (lhssil lrfuL! r!ulrn. ifuus lii. I iL. I oLri:\uition
rnLlth.9...,, Lr!)ful.ditl,, i,ririlirIunlLs urrsitrLjni rL.rmohrLnl rl,oselnn,ll.rlon. l,Ll.,r jIrstcf cfrtfl(.rN.
str|lt,lil, L)l),rfiKrrrn.llNr.rrroL.rr,l(iir.r.h\ trlo h.rLrs l1r.rQtr rn,stjllrr.rL.(l Ll) nLrintrrn ahNL fir rl
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lrr L,r !rst. hshi.n ll.,1!.s !rcrl n) b. rn.i.0.iLlle,,tl\ r1!rr(1.
t!ir(tircorrrrgi . (l,Lr)l) r,rrhcst )oills.L,ii,{lLit)rud!nril.,tnl NlriL,rrhilc.rhlrnrhl.n!1,,r1 tlcr l].r ncnts. l,iLsi,,r r(t!n)iL
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t,) dlrr ()!rnNn l) L Lirr ri3ht n),tr,n r r,..r,,1 lu\nn l(!h\ rri (r{tc(ln), rirL,Ls ,,,,,grr lri!i(ll. (h!: tl) l)!r ' hfs. !n
thou!b th.i b.1,tr erl rLrn.s ( hrn.l N.,l ir),,j.rlh. .,.. l..LL . quirth ontnrLrN,LLi)C ,llcsr(! ll,r1ri .liLrL! it,s.ftl rcLLrn..l
|rilto. l\. I sl ll Il!n thLi dr.t r1, iLs. lishnD hor\is rLr{ rr(l nrli'hu.\h,., nrnrsnrrll (.nrpl)..,r1 llr(l{1.(l.nt{,l.s,rl\
loigt, !irl,,rthritistir{,r.1,,)l,)r Llrr;r!!.xsiln.s(.r Llrrt,)l rll,r1 lh, ,Lfrl ..ri ll.rL. m lttL]\ iLL)r ,,1)r.rtrrch(],jsjojr

llieir (hildNr) Lnt th. l,r)lit Irin!Lrd t)nni.r ,)1 ,ul D.scd ol l.\ r1r I sillbr nrtrt I \0|^l\ i rr tlrfrmrrgnrgnirrlt l.o1 \sir
l,!si!fis mogrLls liL,,. J.\i\l1l CltO B.,,rri(l \Jrrult. |ii,llcfl!r'i\ Chru trll.,1,rirs(ijliingrr{lsliLLrLr {le,,.t(l
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.trkimi i1i.l. l,i root. thcL\'lllIg,.Lil,iLi,c!l lrr LISD$:;.lt- I iru is \:Lu1tt,n s r35 \Lri !, lll o\ rr th. ror'l1L. ro rt ir ,ht)r.
i,illi.n. t n,l.i lri !. th. l.\'\lH .nr0i,t.lL|s son! o. r slrrl.gil ; rrr l(xrt.d in 1,,1,\o rlllrr. 1h.r. r 1.,,1, s \i iLi(rr l)rgis rln
Iuifqi,,rr7\.rIubi.!mrri,f, ir!rrnr.!iNrlS.t,irliir tusr r hr\LL r s,trrl. it is r lit..l|rs3,,!r ll) rrt)l!f li,.., Lr L( r:,1r1
rlip r\l)Nsi\ c rlutr liL! rt liLi .r l )trs nrtrlok lnlL L.r, \ l,rtDrr\ bi(llr1r\ io\ tirrrrnltlrbrl\,,1i lrr\
llln: l)!m t'. g..n, i\1,! ! Ctrdrlon in(l ( Ii iu! rl llLun.
rris {r(c.sirl rn1. s, i I ori ol \d rrrl Ii srigil)1,\ l,r rr),1\ !tr(l.r .i,,t.,tt,.
.n.h.idnlgrl, il)tir\ rst)ncdmr.\.1lrri lrL\!r\ slarIstl)rl.
\flilits. l,\ \ ;i riis lItLt!rt!t1l ii)follcliitt,ili l]'t
L ip L.p\ to LIXllI s sn( r.i: is i , ilr\il.h1dhsl
lLlLll,!that irll o\ r,l lirr' \1.i ii. ii'1, r, ill lrlll l, orlr hlrirl]rtrg:.
Lhir ljnr l)rfi\r.. rnslri, iL! rirrl in.rl)lirg th. .rNss.s 1,, ,trn r ii( ( i,)51,r'ir,! ltnai ri|iililta's t-r',tLt ii \\ (, iilLtsi g1)
lillle trr.r ol lLr\Li,r ri,,1 \.1 .onthllin! th, i\ril)rfrcol th.
irloir' Lr l;tLr r Liti'lt.

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Toyota 'l H[. [rRrvE f() lNNo\iATE Fliorl TOP TO BO l"foNr

riraid lost nmch olils a! Lo indnsnt' and ,\rne.icn to f on lheir orD. cveN bodr, hid to conrc togellier l.
h! \!ilh
slards lofaccthcsaDle Iile Nh)? Bccause. udilie n.gotirt., debrle rnd instit cach per.r t]].y lLct rskirrE loJ
Ja!rnese c Drrnnfrciurers. lh.] hrvt not 'llrough n tide oori,l/ds, Tolotrdid noL ha\e t{r Dralic r sirgle
maDaged to adrpl t|cn crcltile \!orking froccss. cLa!ge lo thc ll{trir wl,eJr lh. final dcsign tus roll.d out' rn
Btlt iD.Japiln, To1'ota has r-oured to anonialr in th. cr. nrrn!lnctnring sorld wh€.c .icsign,
rrg eeri.e, rnd manrfrclLiring dcfatmcnts olten tonr. into
Lhe hcaclof the pack bccause lhe! rcplcscnt i1 conflid allL|e $.!thrNgli prodlr1i r. hr upholdiDg eleD bodi s
rcvoiuLio[:rrr corpo|ale cultulc ancl rre',1 sclioo] coDtibutior to llk'trnccss ofmaldlu, tr txr. Tolota h!.1 nLarag.ti
ofthought in caI making tltal cloes Dotjust focus ro mininise costs lr.,nr last Dliu!te .hrngcs due to
on processcs, incerrli\es oI talgcts. urconrmLDicative de!a(nrenLs, rtttcktrobleif s ul 1|c rootaDcl
lreale.r c0 ofoutstrndii,g \rl1r. rnd affo rbjljtr.
TNkc the wr! j1 \!cnt about developjnt:. ils D.\'truck.lhe Iundm.
Tolotr sent oul r small ttani or n) frolile lhc Nowonde. lhalthccsiDthe lor,.liTcchnicxl SliillsA(,
nro!.lrcnts ofpeople mxt likclt to be li.s ofhllcks - ortdoor aDd Tovota lnslilutc.rc so souElrl all.r. Th.,l formalh iripr,t

h! turs, fisheme!. \!n.n, hoDrc' nnrrorenrcnt jnrkies. th. Tolotr Urat ol$irkingihat $as on.. onl!trxnsmitled bI
\\ia\t , r,, .- , ,tl r r., irhnn.l cxchanses n.d i{ord ofmouth.
listene.s lhe! also dug throrEh scr.f)atds to iBenjjr,ale lvhiclr
plrtsolrlsli.gtickuptNcks lheirosrrsrtellascorip.liturs' torola has all its eniDlovecs buv ilto the core vxhcs
lrld hsterl or$ lh. lcars. that mude lb.Dr A grcat corrlun! lo b.gir with. Ker Lencts lik.:
' g.nclri jlenlrulsn (solving ! on sitc insterl ol b.ihind

O, .\.milc their apf to kccping lh e Nj al \.thcfire doo. dcsks)and liii,en mind (an rllil!de oftr.cndinglisis to li,el
veNion of th.irbest selliig.lassicTo\dx Cot!114. rl.D alfordrbLe thc dcsir. to inpJo{e) .Dd nrdinum fislbilit,t b.h{een (o
workds (such that e\ e i cLr|iclc $'alls ue ron c\istcno havt 10
|rice ol !ndcr nnd ).t nill delirerilrij hlgh tcch
g{dgetN. lhjs s'as r.n)hcd b} a b r.rkthtotrgh problem s.hing le do(!nrcntcd and inlr .d.
afprcach lsro\vn rs oobeyo lhe Jut)ancsc w) lor bjit. oP.!
officc. oo6duo js ebontlringing toEel|.r D.otlc tuon rllpa s Sone grtrLse lhrtTold! isEro$jng listcrthan it cln

olthc co!rpa!) lbr nronthll neelilrgs l$o)clts bcfore the its coryorale .rlhrrc fc ectb lo ils globai workforce Alrerdl
ii!n.h ofth. cu. r' l. --r r r'1.'-, r; i l '
l)esjgners, cngiDttrs- and logistics ' ^
s trodd] craftsmansl, ip ,r Drong its ole$ers hclorics. Ncu-theless.
ofllcll! sit atth. sanl'table, olDrl: sluing ul emnnmieatirg
llout problcms nr lrious def.rtDrcnts that i{rs r.risjdg costs. br lighting for a cult! r€ t hat cnrlNers $orl(eJ s lo i nd sohltions
iDcreasiru rislikcs and clnsirB bollldrccks. Rather tba. hi\ing u, ll , \, rl.i''r ' I t \' I

onr herd blindl| rDDottuD out r bLidg.t for .[h dePa nrnr srr is h..d rDdslio lders ih.!cthcir rtrlls 6t

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fcoursc it's hard to dccidc whcih.r a co{romtion tinc waiiiDg to cmss seleml laDes oftrtric.
deseNes thelabel of nrost cthic.l '. And of couNe.
o busjness is 1oo% pure goodness. But when a h is simple bur sroLrnd br.rkins dis.ovcr,l cnfor..d across its

co.poration like United Pa.cel Sen ice (UPS)gets entire lleet of94,5oo ground v€hicles has rcsolled iD signilicnnl
coDsistently pegged br consune$. peeN aDd industryobseners fueL saviDgs. UPS sr\ed 5r,ooo gallo|s ol Luel wilhin iLs
as bcing so over niany yerrs, the corpomtion niust be doing l\'aslijngton D.C. routes alone ir :ro05 rtter i irlemertatio .
This lninimai lcft turD policy hrs alreacly been adopted b!
Dun] AmcricaD firc fighting units asatll. SiDcc 2oo7. Uls has
UPS consistelltly tops surveys on corporate added 2io hybnd clcchic !.hictcs rnd 1,1oo comprcsscd Daturl truclis to jls llee(.lls long lem goal? lb reflaceitsless Urel
reputation, cornrnunity leadership, hcalthy
effi.ieDt velicles, cutti g li,el con!unution and carbon dioxide
workplace culture and quality of products and
scrvices. rn"nnn mngozirc ranked UPS nunber one in its
indrsht lor social rcsponsibilii,y for ihc fast four )caN. Thc You $'ould ihiDk that { comfan} that delite$ rnore tliaD 15
RepuLation lDslitu!e invites 6o,ooo coDsunrcrs rooss 26 .rillion packagcs a d!] io 6.1 million iD nue thrn
cotrDtries lo weish ir or 6()0 Blobal companies lo. ils l'he 2oo countries and lelitolies .round thc rior]d \ould shugglc
World s Most Respected ConprDiei' list rml trPS cane iri rst $ith cross cullural issues $haL js amazin!, is l|.t LIPS las
in coryoutc citizensliip, srd higliest slobrl\'in the losistjcs displayed uDusual cultural sersjli!i1r'ere. .rs il l.unslrtes ils
ildnstry and 25th orcrall ir its 2ooT ranking. Many respect ethical standuds to its ove.seas ol1lces, alonlnrS the nnpositioD
llPS lbr its cha tablc lcaniDgs: duing its 14 ycar paftnership of rn,\nerican-ceDtric peNpective tliat would alieDale its lorcign
$ith humanltariaD oqaDisation CARE. UPSgav. lrorcthan $1 uDNllrlisiig as iD its lnc can headqnxrleN, UPS
sta{f. Tbat is
miLlion lo CARL'S e and reliefeffors throug|ont Ias itenemll) .n.ouragcd multictrltu.alisDi And diycrsit!. It
.lis,\t..7ones lil,e K.$r. S,idi,, .inl rliiti Lopped the AilanLa 'l iibuntts 2oo8 list of Pla.cs for
Xlino.ities lo Work' based on Lhe erLenl ol !rinorill
UPS |as gcDcratcd industNbuzz in its coDscious efforl to make represeDtntion oD the board ot di.ectors a d alnon!,st its 5c)
its irel defend.Dt busincss go grccn bi kccpinsits opcmtids highest paid crecutiles. It is also knowD for ils equitnbl€
as as possihl.. In 2oo4, UIS aDrouDccd ihat it $'as
elliciflrt trcatncnt of say, lcsbiaD, bise\ual aDd transgender employees.
goirg nrinimise lell lutrrs in a bid to savc fucl. Appar.Dtlt,
drivers were most idle at intersections $hile lvaiLing lo make lhouill toe knorl'UPS best by its Dbiquitous chocolatc bro\rr
left trrF. i) UPS developed software that strategicalll planned trucl(s and unilor ls, this corporation s aitention lo social
1 r..rr "\ ILIrl / i lur' r r l \ ".! .;r". ..' rcsponsibility is definjteiy beyond plajn ranilla. (t
cons.qrcnc. ofchoosnrg dghi tums oler left, drilers speDt less

3l EfnADlR PfR\PlOlWS tht trnt in rptii.Ii i..rp


1. Google Chrome
irally, a browser without ugly toolbars applications. The sinplistic intertace will delislit those who find
the usual toolba$ an eyesore, and the in!ovative start_up page
and an almost-full screen's t'orth of which allows inmedjate access to a useis nine most lisited
\'icwing space. How chic. Its entrance into lvebsjtes via hyperlinked thumbnails vidually takes convenience to
the world of browsers was even heralded by a a wholene$'level. On the othcrhand, some ha\€ complairedthat
beautitully drasr 4o-page iong comic, detailing sinply the whats, the lack of the regllar toolba$ makes tseating sorfins prcfcreDces
whys and hows ihat Nent into the wholc de1€lopment prccess So ahassle. but ihen again, one man's mcat is another man s poisoD.
what is the great deal about this new browser? Wel], despite only
havins capiured r% of the browser market since its rclede, Chrome coosle has also madc searching much easierwith ilie innovation
packs a mean punch. bchiDdits mrlti function URLbox, dubbed the Ornnibox". As its
name sussests, it deals wiih far nore than j ust URk ! it also doubles
Seeing that ihe way we use the jnternct has changed vastly sincc jts
up as a search tool lhai not onlyprovides a one stol scarch box
inception wc now do alnost eve[ahing on the web, from playing without haviDg to access thid pan]* websites, bLrt also intuitivcly
sanies to social networkins and feeding our appeiite for nusic and churns oui suggestioDs for searc.hes, accotdingto the user'shistory
.rovies - the Google ensnreers designed Chrone fron scratch and ofpr€viously visited websites and popular t{ebsites that are olien
conccived a new browser thai they thought would seNe the modern associated with ceftain search phrases.
day intemet user n1ore efficientlythan the currert oDes do. As a
result, Chrome h.ts a minimalist desisn, built upon the idea that The greatest value addednessthat c.rmes rtith using Chrone is in
nsers do noi care so nuch about the browser. but how well ii scFes ils faster speeds, added stabiljti and more secure browsiDs. The
N a tool in trawlins ihrcugh the Intemet and loading ivebpages and use of sandboxing causes any individual tab thal is opencd to run

32 BROADIR PIRSPIOIVIS ti€ yed. fi reDleu rssue

nnnn t,l/E Ar_r r_rKE OuR sHrNy, pRETTy rErHN0r_0crrs rHAr MAKE t"lrr

/uuu il'T,\i ?[HflflTfli?i-itiit-fitil H,ii-,ilil-lll

r TH€N, TO I
fOt}AY'5 rrJE 6
,. SCRATCH .- ,
\. ,,'
t' i{ \l


indcpendently of ihe othels, so Lhat the problenrs ilt a cerLain tab \\ith thc inclcasing \'alict] of uPplicatioDs that alc
arc contained $ithin itseiland does not destabjlis€ anl othertabs
being clc'r'eloped, aLnrost eYerl'lhing thaL we nri.s,hl
lvhich might be open. Asaresrlt, Ch.oDe is rlso less \arheubie to
malicious haclter attack. r\n inierestiDg and very useflrl featurc of
possiblr. reed can norv be founcl on thc rvcb.
Chrone is its Licognito bro$siDg Drodc, which docs not keep , Ior instance, shoppinC frnatics can shop to their hea.ts dclight
rccord of onct vicwiDg historl, nor hansnrit cookies. allo$ing lmce
$'ith "NIy Shoppilg", aD applietion oD Faccbook, and lcss-privilcgcd
studcnts \'ho cannot a{'ford Micmsoii Officecan nowulilise Google
ftee. p.ilaie browsirg for importanl occasiols mch as Christmas
gilt shopptrrit. Do.s. a llee web based word processing, spreidsh€et aDd
presentaljon applicaLior that ofte.s equally good and rilal
Like other $'el]-loi€.i brorvse$ sucli as Mozilla aDd Safai, chrcnc caprbilities. The inte.let is tlie marketplace for our Deeds and
is an open-source browser, DrcaniDg that jts dcvclopcr codc is
alzilablc to anyoDc$'ho rnight be interosted. As mLrch as Chrome
sasbLrilt usirg aspects 01existing code lro r Apple's Webkit aDd
wcb bascd apDlications are such intesral Darts of oul lir€s, and lor
rnost ol us jn the de\eloped \!orld, we cannot possibl) inusine
Mozilla's f.irefox, coocle hopes that bv nakirg its source code
opellr rvailable, buddhs pros.aDnneE will step forlh to fiddlc livinB $,ithout theDr. As the internet is hcreasingh avaihble ard
accessible to those hthe developnis workt, such applicatiirls $'ill
sith rDl aspects that are still lacking or not yct fiDc turcd, .nd
prove to be \itrl in connecting its citizens to th. rcst of thc $'o d
hclpdcvciof thc qualit! ofChroDrc. frolidilguscN all around t|e
by prlviding them i\ith outlcts to honc thcn skills and intemct wit|
{0 d i{it| b.tter bro$'sd .atibilities. encouragiig constanl
innolation and inprolement or the web.

'fhc pulposc ln this age of increasing slobalisation, who kro\rs? These

fin $hich Chronlccrcrte.l fulther'
applications rnijaht just becone nian's ne\t best fiic'nd.6:j
reinlb|ces hoir,clepenalenL we are on the llrterI]el,
fol rrorlr. cntcr-tainmcnt or just simplr', liling.

33 BROADIR PtRSPtiTlVts tht qanr h n'i. i\\tt.

2. Personalised Medicine & Retail Genomics
siJ99 saliya test can roi{ reveil nran) lfecious as n kllemrn betreen scjentist and nan on the streel. StL ving
Serreti( sec.ets about onesell, fron the odds of our seDes h$ rerer been easier.
gettiDg a heart attack dowD to nitt) -gitt-v details
such rs the chances that one's soD $'ill sutrcr fr oDr I-ikc Dranr'' fiNt timc cfforts. rctail gcnomics siill lcarcs rnani
baldness. T|is is relailsenomics. It is liolted
Lhal $ ilh qucstions xnin${crcd. T|ough geDe analysls frornises e l!
djsease detecLion, iL does not !,uaranLe€ treverLion sonre
linorvlcrlgc ofonc s gcnctic crorfiguration. cioctols
diseases are sirongiv detenniDed bl' environmeDtal an.l not
l'ill bc ablc to ilsscss one's lcspolisileness Lo geDeticfrctors. ThepMcticeDat also seem ffio able rt g1ooo, hirds ard quanlities oldrLrgs, and then bnt oDlv because { prlt of the entire genctic s.qtrencc is bciDg
tirilol trcltlDcnt iD il 1\,a1 that rlariiliscs thc aDa\scd to salc tim. and c{foft. It is also too carlyto t.ll if suc|

poLeno ol the nredicine. frilat. information conc.rring one s h.alth . nd bodl i{ill.ome
at a cosL lbr dala nrining js a concem lo' Lhe li,tL,.e. rt see s
that the sudden energeDce ofretail genornics promises to puzzle
Rctail gcnomics is a fiNt in offc rg gcnc anallsis to thosc \illnrg
to frrlor it.ID othcr $'o s.itis nolongo just doctors tcllnrg
as nmch as itprorides answe$.
us about lhe slLrll thal is ii our cells. ll js l)eople lea rj.g $ha(
.ral,es Lheir genes and reading irto it thensehes. 23a dlle-
lvith still much nccrtaint!, rctail g.noDrics is botrnd to
continuc devcloting. 23andII..lrc.dt hrs an aDbitious plaD
aptl) naDled.tfte. the Dunbe. of chronosomes present in hurnaD
DN^. is oDe such comprnl offeirs DN^ profiliDg. Using xn
toi ilyse Lhe en tj.e genonre sequence trst€ad oliL,st idertitrnrg
onlincdatabasc. uscrs acccss thc rcsults of th. .bolcDrc.tion.d !inr. r.L'.i ur'' .'lin, l'JnL,L'r.l!., r.. ri ,i r.
srlila iesi to Lrace their genetic origins and €voluLion. A social \\ith this rcrolutitliran'shift in thr usc ofgcnctic
eoterprise is also at rvo i lrere. l he cusloDer js lhe ind;vidual inlolnrrtiou as a firLio\f Llp lo the Large scale
eaEe. Lo lix his genetic faults with the help of the Hunrilr Ci('nonrc Project. sci('ntists (iln look
biopharmaceutical (ompani. DeClODIne rnd llealth Conprss
rrc also profilins scrfices $'hich like 23and}'Ic, makc usc of i{cb
', r',r rl .,'tl , l.,,.l't\ ', ,1..,',r, i r: rl ,.
tcc|nologl to iDtcgratc t|c.ustonrcr iDto this n.r' of lboul lhe irrlr'icrcies oI-rrurlliirtd trrcl slnlhesisire
ge.e anallsis. Previously u nh l}oInable science speak is b.olren arcl cnstoniising tlmgs lirl cnlrcntlt' irrtulnblc
dowr lbr the larperso to urderutand as lharrnnceuticals ict cliscurscs. 1i-l

l4 SROADIRPtRlPttTlVts tl. urdli,i kri.d,"rr

3. The Nano Car
his is a quirky lookins, fuel efficient and non Indusiryreaction to thc Nano car has geDerallybeen positi!€,
expensiae carj the most desirabLe aspects of it eveD being called a piece of "ouistandins ensineerins" br-'
autonobiles all rolled st)lishly into ot1e. Dubbed lndia's wS Molor company. T|ough the car is notyctalailablc
the "People's Car", the NaDo is the newest offeriDg for sale, public response fiom the domestic and intemational
in cheap iransport and India's latcst sho$'of prowess d a rapidly mdket has snnihrly been enthusiastic especiilLy for the E Nano.
lhc car has also becn compared to the Ford T-model $'hich
similarly aspired to be durablc and depcndablc and at the sane
-4.tr2o,ooo rupees (3,68() SGD), theTata Nano, brainchikt of time, ve{, afordable.
automobile company Tata Motors in lDdia, is the cheapest ca.
in thc wor'ld, sivins avcmse niddle-class Indiar families the Likc tle I-nodel, the Nano car looks sel lo be
opportunjty to fulfil their aspimtions of o$'ning a car. It is
a milestone ofthe automobilc inclust4'. Alrcac\'.
somewhat ol a cross between the Martrti 8oo. the "original
people s car" and secoDd cheapest one alier the Nano, and a there are plans to lllarket tlre Naro in places lil(e
lhe magic of Lhis car is sulprisinglv
motorscooter. Latin America and Africa, and looliing at thc:
sirnple lol, procluction cost thilt docs rrot heaps oI praises it has alreadl' garnered, the
cornpronlise on Le ch n olollt. Tlie result is a car with a Naro car night just bc the poor family's ticket
hollow stecins column, rear-mouDied eDsine, wheel lo modern upper class living. rhe car mayalsoseeits
nount insread ofthe usual four, slightly thinner burnper and electric versjon come into benu, tholsh there bas been no ofiicial
tumished i{ith a standard lile light bulb. The innovati\€ creation announcemc.t so far.
one-uls notor scooters by offeriDg protection from all weathers
aDd slightly bigger seatiDg capacity- Besides being a safer The alarning rise oI steel costs ho\rever threate. to dampcn
alternati!€ to scatbclt'fice scooteN, theNano is also supposed demand fo. the small car. Wilh no sales.just l€t, it seenrs that
!o be easier on the envi.onmcnt as it has a lowcr ca.bon dioxide beirg light and conpact is not enough to help the Nano car face
€nission level. However, by costing less, the Nano naturallyhas whatlooks Like abLrnpy ride ahead.It
to cutback oD sonie kuuries. Air-conditioning is only avnilable
in tlrc deluxe model to provide sone relief to oppressively hot

35 ER0ADIR PtRlPtOlV6 the . in ftrieo iss@

4. The iPhone
pplchas done it again. Afirst in devicc too nuch iBeer, therc js ahvays the educational application
doMload to balance tun witli learning.
convergence u'ith revolutionary
x4ulti-Touch technology that does The iPhone is an immcnsely ingenious creation.
au'a1' u,ith the neecl for that clumsy stylus, the
It is nuch morc than a simplc example of device
iPl'ole is a brillir nt piece of L ttgineering Aetriu' convergcnce. It is a navigator, entcrtainment
that seanllessly incorpoiaLes thrcc different plovider, information supplier', and business
technologics, namely the Mobi)e Phone, iPod tool nallager all at the same timc, and scarily
and Internet, rvithout compromising on style.
efficient in all its taslG.'r'he 3Gmodel enables jnternet
The inhoduction of the iPhone has sotten people suddenly h)"ed
connectivity to rcach broadband speeds. lts use of flasli memory
up over touchscrcen phones and spawred a rvhole series of new
means ihat it does away wiih access time lag. Tiuc, paying for
touchscreen models fron other handphone nanufacturers.
downloads and inteniet use may cause some danage to already
shrinking pockets. It nay be even more of a bother findins
Whai is so attractive about tlie iPhone is tbe dizzying range of
compatibLe applications and adapting to a new operating systen
applicatjons that c.:n be domloaded or crealed to tuIthcr etlhulce
for some- But it seems small price to pay for agadget thatis
the devicc.Itlets the user choose its tunction accordingto his
the techDolo$"s ultinate immactriate conception. At leastthe
needs, be it for business, leisure or entertainment Digital Sinsaporeans lvho have bought it seen io think so-
orsanisers, voice rccorders and spell chcckers are ready for
domload for the businessnan. Games like iBecr (crrrently the
As technology becomes an increasjngly indispensable part of
most doalloaded one accordhs to the Apple wcbsite) and
our lives. the iPhone scis ilie benchmark for a new kind of smart
B bblewrap are great for borins waiis or long bus rides. Even
phoncs that a.e immensely usetul, and yei ai the same iime,
boolts can be doMloaded to the iPhone to be read at onc's o$n
superbly tun and addictive. If ihe iPhone we have now already
time. A quick scan of top ro book applications shows that just hlagine whai the iPhones of ihe future
.clssics", ofiering practiczlly anltiing lrom Alice m Wonderldn.l dazzles us,
can do- at
to Parodise I,ost, js the surpise favourite. OlTenngs by literary
legends JaneAusten and Edsa.Allan Poe are at a respectable
sth and 9ih positions respectively. And for those who pla]' a bit

36 ER0ADIR PtRSPtfllVtS tlrc leur h reDieru issue

wl an \rotr, Ftickr Creative Codtrrors


5. Laptops for the Poor

mall comprLters for a big cause - lnt€rnational ChndreD s DisitJ LibMr-a (ICDL) that h6 a colcction
povert-y.'fhcsc n.rchines, christened of or€r 5ooo cliildreD's bool<s in 4l laDsuages. Each laptop also
has abrilt-in cmer4 midDphon€, sarne contlollerc and speakerc.
the Xo 1. ale built with mate.ills
rrbich are we ath cr- re s i stant, I?nguagebader and basic literacy are najor obstacles eveD the
incorporate technologies such as hardy antennae scheme cannot guarantee to abolish. The schene has also bccn

that allow for internet conncction via mesh criticised as being a nore er"ensive altemat c to local libr?ries
simply ftrnjshed ryith books in local ionsues and English that
nctworking and have remarkably eflicient energy
arc norc cultumlly relevant. However, the OLPC has thus far
consumption, nlaling tlleDr plirctical foI usc garnered more support and cooperation than criticism. To date,
eve4'nhcrc, giving poor children living in far- laptops have been distributed to public scliools iD Peru and
flung areas access Lo the rvorld. Unrguay since last )'ea. and de in the process ofbeing givcn oui
in lislunistar, Canbodia and Monsolia. Over hau a million
the One t aplop per Child (OLPC) project Ms st ned by Nicholtus laptopsha1€been siven this year alone. OLPC presidents hare
Negroponte, in the hope that children ni developing countrics also been apponrted in Irrdia and China this year as thescheme

lvho received one of tliese low-cost I'et flilly tunciional laptops extends over to Asia. rhe Give I Get I program of 2oo7 was
would be enco mged to engage in active and self motivated repeated againin2oo8. Donors in the Us aDd Canada could pay
lcamins, hence promoiing education and providing a possible US$399 and set an Xo-1 for themselves as wcll as a child in a
long term solution to the problem of poverty. In a! uDusral pdticipatjng developing county. nlese repeated suc.€sses indicate
departure f.oni the tpical bottom-up approach of accessing thJl rl p iniral rp i. gaining nom"nl rrn dn,l is showing no siJnr
technologt tlirough education, XO-1 softwarc is intended to
stiDulate irterest in learnjDg through exploration. Memory as
'rhese nifty devices are a breath offiesh air for ihc education
well as nazc aDd logjc sames, music composition software
TamTamJam, and a paint program Olicina are included iD tlie landscape in the ]lid World, but a lot more s)ncins and action
laptops. Etoys, an authoring softr'are, takes exploration a step within pariicipaiins countries itseu is needed. When used in
turthe. by allowing users to share desktops iD real time and iandem rrith a complenenlary syllabus in the schools, the
communicate in atr interactivc onhre environment. Academic XO 1 can go a long way in lifting many out of povefty through
and story books are also readily available, tlanks to the

3/ SR0ADtR PtRlPtOlV6 t'hp rpor in r?riplri\sup




Beijing, China RI'I)F]}.-INING COOL.

twasthe coming outpaftyofihe century at8p.u. duriDg th€ Games. One fcNon $'ho d not have a iickct was If,i
on the eighlh dayofthc eishth month (eightbeing a Xiuying,6r, apeasanl. She had traveled niore than r.5oo rnilcs oD
lucky number in China) the world loolted toward a thrcc-daytrain trip from the citJ of KuDnnig. She had no tickci
BeijiDg and the 91,ooo peoplc inside ihe National ard wasslccpnrson apalLet beneath an underpass notfarIloln t|e
Siadium. The ctazzling opening cercmoDy, directed National Siadiun because she could not afford a hoteL room.
by Chnla's most famoN film director, ZhangYimou,
cost tens of nillions of dollars to produce a ftaction of the estimaied Bui she sa she had to be in Bcijins, a!)vay. "I watc|ed telelision
g.+3 bilion that china has spent in buildins roads, stadnrns, parls and listened to rny radio ever] day, ' tf,i said as she $,ore a piD with
and subwaylines in trying to transform Beijins into ar Olplpic a thoto ofMao on her shirt. 'Therc was so much exciling news
city. The elaboEte prcdudion for the openins cercnonyniduded about the Ollmpics that I decided six months ago to come here and
is,ooo performers and a three-part perfbrmance focuscd tattly on
clina's lons history and its desire for good will s'ith the rcst of
the world. It seems nideed, that Beijing is the place to be this year at least.

', 9 , ,'- t r.-

ke \ Llr/\!r cl I s/ It F pern.p. Lnr' r.same
\l NEv**vAl-l-s/_It&gerhaqsthis
cRrlAl dynani
me oJ ndmlra
ng 8 roy"'ry+i&E- fridfi;\iisJom, hi r zs . t t"h F,l
tJ.ijnry w.lcones Yar
Ilrlactr cRnrrrT / wQ, creaiile comDons

ForltJ.s, ChinJ s ltJdL6 hJ\ c shJpcd lioD, compared xith 5r million Commu ist Party
thcir culturc. T|e Fofbi
nrjglrt aDd rcflcct
to illustratcthc Ming Dlnastr s afliliatioD
Nassoon engulfed b!- Soviet styled halls E-ln'l i..l ui\\d'l r,'l 'rl-ll $lo..n.i"h.
the rise olthe communist sentiment i! a homcgrcrn1,acooD. Until a fci{ }cars ago, the
N,tionrl(+.rnd The,iresii.h is sitnrk,d rt lr.llustc .onsu n.r good. in state srorps. Now,
chaDgan -\venuc, fonns thc s)Dbolic bcli of merc have cash to burn nrdeed, the whole city of
ccst tn trcst acroqs dre ciq s iintef3l rtir ofTi s covered in a Gucci Prada Louis Vtritton lacque.ed
the Forbidden City. wiih lhe new buildinus zzing {ith the spending porver of the Notrvear Riche.
a soft power" in its bid to disLract from the "l Ddirg boom, WesterD businesses oDce aganr are
trying to d.own rhem out rvith fireworks. at hoart opportunistic drcam: sciljng cnough oil for
ofthc 1.15 billion consumcrs ofChina. McDonald s.
TIIL NE.IV GRL\T }[\ILS/ -ds Bcijins sishts nd Pizza Hut all hale come hnocliing or lhe golden
0n€ ofthe nrosttelling. Last fall, in the archaicTem literdlr, "elejaant-
ChjDese yuppies, cnLled ya pi shi, or
ahere Chnrese emDerors.nce made lo irgs," seened blissful to bask in the influx of lu$.]
has,ests. Patrick Louis Vuitton constructed an 'Ei Wcstcrn r.'tions brstnh upor tlrem.
luggage. Aided and abetted by a young woman in jmp
'Mi VuLiggr, ttre greargreat-sranilsoD ofthe fouDilcr walls and grcat malls josile for space in t|e {renelic
/"f; o l$nl(s, attachi cascs and purser thal seems lo hal-e cha.acterized tseijing, it is und€ iable
Chinese hinterlandhas to also be mindtultopresene and
t remdi n" uf t} r ulLl e ib .


Copenhagen, Denmark WHBITE LIFE IS A FAIRY TAIE.

he famous children's author Hans cliristian Not thai thc charms ofDanish sociery in seneml, and ihose of
AndeNon once quipped, My life is a lovely story, its capital in particular, liave previously gone uDnoticed. A 2(]c)6
happy and full of incident. Indeed, as we suNey found Denmark to be the happiest place in the world,
reninisce by flifpins through rhe ever green b6ed on standards of eductioD, liealth and welfarc. But, despite
favouites of the Litrle Match GirI, me Princess a1L1 the Ped the smiling faces, conmentators were starting to insinuate that
afi. nrc Little Mermaid, and gaze upon the loveliness that is the city might be slidinS into complacencl'- After all, there is
Copenhagen, we begin to understand why Ande$on attnbuted only so nuch one @ e\tol about the !'iriues of a broMe nernaid.
his charmed life to his birthplace.
That has all chang€d. Anew wave ofDanish chefs, arclitects
It fterefore seens befining that Dcnnark displayed reciprocity and desisners, has prompted a Danish Renaissance. The reasons
$'hen it enbarked upon eight months of celebutions to coincide are obvious, fron1 the prj?e winniDs slass cont.ol tower and
with thebiccnienary ofhis birth. The festiviiies besan with a teak floorcd enension at Kastrup airNrt to the freshly minted
lively sho$'ofmusic, dance, li,ahts and comedy hspired by lis buildings linins the harbor. New desisn boutiques, snch as
fany tales before a crolvd of sonie 4o,ooo people iDcluding Jacobsen's hens and Hay's showcase, whil€ once shoddy areas
Queen Margrerhe II and hcr family - at the Parken Naiional such as vesterbro (the old rcdlisht districo and NonelN, are
Siadiun. They were followed by concerts, mtrsicals, ballets. seeins a slew of restaurant aDd bar openings.'rhese give Dancs
exhibitions, parades and outreach education prosrams costing even more chances to leap on bicycles (their favourite activiry)
a total of g4o million- and enjoy a drink andsnoke {then secoDd and third favourite
aclivities), to the e\tent that life expectancy is among the lowest
The Danes wjll thus be celebmting favorites like Enrpe.orl in {F.1.-n tur oi'.. J iJ.r r h, ) .hoo.e to L isstu-l\ 8norr.
Neu Clotfier, and ?ft€ Ugly DrrftIing, and other "he
such favountes
that have been immortalised in children's hearts or if rot, It is perhaps tlis state ofwanton bliss and fi'ee-
Disn€y's celuloid. In organising this etravasanza, of course,
wheeling hippie idealisn that has been a paft of
Dennark is also celebrating itselt
Copenhagen's self image and popularity as a city
Itis not often that an advertising slogan sums up ihe spirit of to live or holiday in.
a city, but the one adomnrs a bilboard for new homes designcd
by yours Danish architects "therc's something modern in the As one residcnt enthused, "Copenhagen's default
state of DenDark' - encapsulates Cop€nhagen's cur.ent mood
mode is ah,vays sanguinity. I would never live
o{ creative maelstrom and youthful energy rather aptly.
anvwhere else." rl

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on't hf
Helsinki iD the offseason, no matter what In pafti.llar, the Viikld envircnrncntal houins project reprelents
the brochures saJ. llore famous for Ioruula One alaDdnark in sustainable ecological plannirs ard const.uction
driver Mika Hakkinen and Nokiahand phones than in Finland. ArchitectLrraL competitions and strict ecological
an)thins else, Ilelsinki, lhe capital ofFnnaDd, conjures iniages criteria for construction ensured that ttco Viikkiwas oDc ofthe
of bitter sinter cold and red nosed rcindeer. Thc ciB is peftaps {irst prciects thai mct specially defiDed enlironmental objcctjves.
atiis bcst during high sumner, ithen daylight lasts for a giddy The entire proiect was constructed adhering to a set ofsirict
20 hourc out of 24, whe! the sidewalk cafes and thewatcNide environmenial criteria to rcduce emissions, e courase bio
markets are thronged by handsome, hardt, people, the procession diversi\'md the use ol natLrrEl resources. Viikki is distinguished
of crayfish f€asts builds toward a climax, ald the pale blue by its east-west oriented rows of buildiDss nlterspersed
wate6 ofthe lalGs and the harbor and ihc white bark of the alternately with Darrowe. belts ofgardens aloDg strcets aDd
birch trees match its illustrious national flas. then wider srccn bclts. The buildings emphasisc ccolosical
innovation and pmctical cnviroNnentally friendly constNctioD
However, peftaps what is m.rst impressive about Helsinki is its
connitment to curbing climate change. Th€ city has s€ernedto
nake this its rajson d'6trc, andthis sreeD initiative has been Other initiatives in uco Viikki includc the use ofsolar eneryy
taken into consideralion in ahnost all aspects of Ilelsinki s to providc heat and electricity lbr hornes. Solar cells cover a
lesislatil€ decision making. r'he main eners/ company, Helsingin total area of 1,4oo square meteN, naking it t|e larycst ofsuch
Enersia has been prodded to build wind fams ard develop projects in Finland. Flexible tinibe. constructio. tcchniques
suslainable bio-eneryy production. The govemmcni has also liaae also been nrnovaiivcly applied and so .esidents bencfit
pledged to hallc all ca$on diox e emissions by 2o3o, and is f.oni low enerBy housing dcsign. Essentially, the structure of
committed to activelr dcveloping alternatives to fossil fuels. the houses minimise energy \zstage. Assessments illustrated
that housins projects such as these werc also econornically
This "greeD-mentality ' pervades every aspect of the ci\, as the viable. and rrojccts such as viikki lookpoisedto
meropolis has been designed such thatschools, shops and day- rvave ol enlilonmcntal residential living areas in Europe.
carc centers can be easily reached by walkins or via public In an age where the spccter ofslobal warnnrg looms oler onr
transport. Pedesi atr streets and open areas have also bcer frazzled planel, it is comforting io know that such an eclectic
exlanded and the sufply of borowable bicycles has bccD sense of style and personal rcsponsibility exists in this
improved in oder lo encourzsc pedalins tlirough this ecologicnl ScandinaviaD By putting the carth's
Ia\cn. Brs companies have also bccn encourased to adopt ""u."",pe.
interests ahead of its own, Helsinki thus
natural gas and hyb. buses.
distinguishes itself from the glitz ancl glamour'
ofother smog u,Tapped cities. at

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ew cities have been stereotyped more lhan 1oky.,, IllLrstnting this is the idea of Cos Play, thc Jatancse peDchaDl
with its Elade Runner esque nec,n lights, qunky lbr dressing in oullandish Halloween cosiumcs cvcrt' day of thc
street fashio.s, sky hisli prices and overali high year in Shniui(o. tsalsi'ithin the arca also boastbizarre themes
octaDe urban jDtensiv. But rcal Tokyo for the nost such as Alcatraz (a ghastl)' prison), to the Chdslon caF (tlemed
part confouDds.xpcctaiions. Visitors are mrely prepared for like a church replete x.ith crucifixes) and the oddly nnmed
t|e ot|er side oft|e ci!v, so unlike iis vivaclous alter ego: the Varnlirc caf6. Staff arc iD flill chancter aDd costume - goi.g to
quietness of the subway, the peaceful residential slreets, the a bar or restaurant is akin to stumlting onto a Holltvood nolic

quaiDtness of the is perhaps thjs schizophrenic quality set or faling down the Rabbit Hole. It is a cirr_whcr! sub culturcs
lr1: I n i\' s TLI\u ur,r ut.l'r pl.'1' I r rnurr inl r slirE. ir:-" are condoned andeven encoumged e!€ry'thinit masnified and
With a populatioD of about 4 milljon, isirg to Deady 20 million made stranger when passed through the Japanese lens. Sone
on i{cckdays whcn cornmutcrs arrivc for work, Tokyo is thc explajD the enersence ofsuch trends as a result of rebellion
quintesseniial rnetrcpolis. Buithereis a definiie oui*nr€ss and agaiNt an ovcrly confomist JapaDese society. Only iD Tok)o
buzz aboutlokyo that elevates it abole manyEnropean cilies. will I ou be able ro witness pcdcshiaDs $cains "veDdnrs-machine
It is a city of superlatives while oDe may be dazzled by the sltids"", and carrying lnan hole"bass,both dcsisncdto cscafc
bus ess atld sanitised Nsh of the strbrrar, .rne can also take fron a potentinl mugger in the dalt alle)avays. It lvas in Tob o
tjme to $ak ir the quiei beautj of the cheer] blossonN drrtug that the trend of"Blacklace'or "Gang!ru" arose nhich is to
sp Dg tinc. It is this seDse oftug and pull, ofold and new, or liteMlly adopt tlie ,^Jrican Ame.ican sellse ol strle by darkening
t|e tmditional versus iechnologl thai infuscs To(]lo $'ith a thcir sknr as a forn ofrebellioD by taDhs their bodies and
cuttirg edge hipness lhat can be lound no place else. gymting tiantically to hip hop tuncs.

ln:l natioD that lvas infamous for its isolatioDist It isa city where everything and aDllhnrg is electronic and a
gadget. ltom .obot dogs to miniato.e neon coloured hand
policies and strict renophobic culture, it is
phones, to Ninendo Wiis and instant everything, lokyo is a
perhaps iionic that the city ol Tokyo boasts of pulsatins, electrcnic hub and hive ofbizarreness and energy.
the striurgest fashion and cultural sccncs. tt h"" Frcm cnrcmc costumcs to the brcath-taking speed oftlie blllet
been lupoth€sised that rbk)-o's aversion ofall thirgs Weslern trah lo the maniacal fluoresccntlighis ofits daDcc floors, Tokyo
nay have caused tliis cultural iDlplosjon, rrhereby everythnrg is a cjtt like o oth€r wlere the only constant is changc. at
seens to hale been elevated to lieightened levels of$eirdness.

42 S R0ADIR PiRSPIOIVIS ti!Uc , irr.ritr,i"xr


Melbourne, Australia AIL ROUND MOST VAI-UABLB PLA\'ER.

or the weary city dwellcr who is tired of the litter Melbournians are also self prcfe$ed spods fanatjc -beitA ssie
in Paris, the neon henryihai characterises Nere tules fooiball, the Melboorne Cup hor se mce, iest crickei, rowing
York and the sierile sanitation of Singaporc, regattas on the Yar.a River, or nelball in the Telstr2 Dom, thcy
Melbourn€ bc,asts a moderate kind of appeal ihat are ofteD seen otrtdoors either watching orplaying sport.Ii is
is appealing to everyone. It is, to use a sports analoB/, a city that p\idFl rh"r \.'l,lhnurnel J.pu. riun Llhrr:elldid prFmiFr
distinguishes itself for bcins an all-rouDder, an above average sporting centre. The ciryhas hosted tlie olympics, the Grand and the most consistent player. lt is drus not suryising P.ix, the Australian Open, andthe illustrious Melbounie Cup.
to know that Melbourne has djstinguished iisclf by behg one Melbourne has commilted itselfto also proriding top-notch
ofthe preniier sporting cities in the wo d. Consistentlyvotcd sporting facilities such as the rusra Done. MelbourDe cickct
as onc ofthe most lilable cities by ditrerent periodicals and Thc cround aDd the Rod LaverAftna. The city also pridesitselfon
tcononist Intclligence Unit, Austraiians are proud to boast providnrs a Njde raDse of sporting facilities that are readily
that, "Melbourne prctty much top scored ni eveq'thing," said available to all and sundry as lons as they have the penchant
suney co editor Jon Copestake. for a cardio vascularworkout.

Thh mayseem a rather uninspiring and hunrdrun alva that Few citics have made such a commitment to
lacks thc pizzazz ofthe London eye and the brilliant cityscapc
sports and healthy living, and their effofis are
ofHong KoDg, but llelbourne's charn lies preciselyin itslow
key, moderaie and scrcnc pace of life. Comparedwith Stdney's
visible in the myriad of sporting greats that hail
Los Angeles style bmsbness, Mclbonrne has the geDtility of from Australia such as Ian "1'horpedo" Thorpe,
Paris. The cilv's grand late 19th centurybuildjDss, plane-tree- Pat Cash and the "Awesome Foursome". pn' o
lincdboulevards aDd verdant parks speak of its foundins !'ith nation of so million people, Australia has produced a
gold rush mone)' at the peak ofthe victorian €ra. M€lbournc disproporiioDately hisli ntrmber of athleles and Ol)mpians.
rvas ner€r a coDlici colony like sydDey, but was settled. instead, The benefits ofthis spoftinscult re are perhaps most lisible in
by hard wolking Scots. It is no{.also the third largest city of irs teotlp Au.r-ali.n. ar" a \ Do) lur. -n,l rhi5 serFn:l' \
Greek in Lheworld andhas a sizeable VietDmlese coDlmunity. perhaps best characterised by their wjllinsDess tojump iDto the
Decades aso,Italian immisrants brousht espresso to its caf6s. surf or to play a game of backyard rusby. Anstralians, aDd
) T,.rl u'J.,li\.r"ih na. rerrl "dinanpaect r h^dc, -t,nd8" Melbourre itseE should be lauded fbr its comtnitmentto spofts
:r dn' d mu cur rari'n r ' ' and thc bcnefits that it provides to the mind, body and soul.It
:l::^::^. i:i::'' '(i


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()ona\e, l laiti aJict the hutticon.s hit
IMAcrj cluiDrl / R.dioNede,t rd$I.ddom.oep, rlickCrtatire CoDnio's

aft$ food riots broke out and then rejected ih. Dcrt n{o noDirees, Noi{, }idnatfiDgs are the latest scourge. l-ikc most c mes,
leaviDg thc golrmmert lost and adrili. llrking otcr as lrime MiDister ldd appings tend to go unrcpofted. But the aLrthorities in the jnteim
in the rnidst of the trnnoil was Michelle Pierc Louis, $'ho tied to governmenL and forcign diplonats estimate that six io 12
rcach the disastcrzone but did Dot nunage to. Ihat in itselfsccmcd kidnappings occur jn ihis city cyert day. ]\mong lhem are high
teLling ol Haiti\ inabilitj to settle its domestic problelns witboui profile cases,lilte lhe recent abductions ofan Indian busnressman
and of a Russid contractor to the United Nations. Sone authorities
say they halc rcccived rcports of vegetable \€ndors bcins kidnapped
llt.lAlrl HCARE \gotrS/ Poor geogmphy and inclcmcntwerther for $3o.
seem t|e least of the people's worries. l he city is also raDkcd the
fourth dirtiest cit! iD the i{orkl, hrviDg to conlend $ith a rafidl) ADDlcl ljD lO l RA(; l.i DY/ Drug trafficking his also proliferaicd
srowiDg urban population aDd the ever-growing need lbr efficient as Haiti has r,2oo miles olunuotcctcd coastliDe and 225 miles of
ilate. ancl rlaste managernent. Fctid sxter, oil ponds- jnLclious unpatrolled land border, makirgit an idcal iransliipment point fbr
discasc ard life threatening lelels ofair folluiion characterise the cocaiDe. Drug shil)tneDts by fast boats and small flanes land at
Haitian citlscape. lnfant mortality and unemploymcnt rates are tinr ports and on claDdestine airst.ips scattered along Haiti's
soarins in aland idrcre nost people subsist on $r a day. southe.n coasL. Hairi\ corNpt and dystunctional police is
trnabletorespond to l|e challcngc, as traffickers often takeaslittle
as five minutes to o11load their cargo and reflrel. Ilaitit li y coast
Ferver than r5% of Hailians ovel thc agc of t5 iue
guard has only ttro patrol boals,95 pe$onncl, aDd no air ftsources.
literate, and less than 4o% have access to basic Xloreover, corrgion amons llaiti s law enforccmcnt authorities
healthcarc. A stagllerirg,6% ofllaitians arc infecteil is.ampi t. A near rccord scizure of 925 pounds of cocanrc oD Mny
$ith HI\r aDd AIDS, the highesl ill the \\'estcrn 3r, 2oo7 in th€ coastal towr of Legare liiglilighted B aiti s prcblerns.
Ilcrnisphele, with 13o,ooo pcoplc cl1-ing fr-ont HI\L The druss were discovered at a road checkpoint in vehicles hiill
golemmeDt license plates. Five Nlicc officen were among dre len
leiaterd cliscases ealch -"-ear. The statistics are
depressinpi to sal'thc lcast. 1he YiciorLs cycle of
'llil"t r, r rnrl l'"r.r1r rnr I rotr.eltt.t ll,. r'rintr''r'nr. \Vith snc.h clrronic domestic problenN thaL pla€luinll
to pe.petoate itsell. the nation, it is little \\'onaler Lhat tbreign invcstors
fcel r-epelled. DIug monc-v 1-oster-s corrupLion iu the
Ntr$rScOtJRGuS/ Wlen Gehannc Beaulieu Nas kidnapped, her
qrcritrs were astounded. A hunrblc baDk teller, slie and her policc, coults, arld costoms, {ucls weaports
hu$and, Jacques-llenri, had litlle if rn)'ihins to offer her trafficl<ing, finances armccl gangs, breeds insecuri\';
Iidnappers. Hor{cver, as Gehanne tseaulieu anived for work oD and harrtpers economic clcvclopment b1'
Tuesda!. in broad davlighi, on the busl Rue des x'liracles, drre.
tliscouraging invcstnent and tourism. The HaiiiaD
nen caryingguns forccd ihcir i{ay into her crr. Within the houf.
goverDnent k iniegralto solviDg the country's healLhcare, oimc,
thq called herhusband b mobilcpbone xDddemanded $2o,ooo.
an.t economic woes. rhe obvious need for strong leadership and
In a country'\ehere unenploynent mtcs havc soared to 7(r percent,
sovernmertal relo.m is hishlishicd \ith eachfiesh hur.icane and
violcnt c ne and k Dappirg instances sccm s)m$onutic of a each kidnatpiDg- Denocratic relbrm has to arnaiSamate its fractured
country oD ihc bdnk of chaos. "This country is oui ofcoDtrol,"
political partics so tliat a senblance ofa civil defcncc system can
Jxcques Heni said. "No one is safe.
beestablished to deal !'ith the cliallenges thatfacethe nation- Inst
but Dot least, Haiti also rcquircs both technical and econonric
Foreign obsene.s sn) the internaiional commuDity has failed 1o
assistance the lnternational Conmunity, with perhaps a
undcrtake the lons, hard ard danuerous i{ork Dceded to rebuild
Haiii, almost from scutch. Many Haitians openlyaonder ifthere
targctcd coDcertration o cerlain sectoN Danely agriculture,
comrnunications and housing. Perhaps onlythcn can this nation
is €noug| monc,v and rnanpolre. i the lvorld to do thxt.
hope to elevaic itsclffrom the abtss it seems to Iave fallcn in. (t
obse$,ers say HaitircnaiDs a country pois€d 1br inplosion, with
almostrllitsi stilutions mlagcd from the nN e out b-v cr,rruption.
Rutl ess nobs have .isen in their placc, lcd by drug traffickers,
{omcr military otricers, co.rupL police olTiccrs aDd street thugs.
The.y |a!c sct offa devastatingwave olmude*. carjacknrs, arned

45 BR0ADIR PtRSPttTlVts iieileor i,r /cri.rr bsle

Poiirrc(l .orrr abolr ,V gdbc, rl|-{ci cRtrDIT / mbcdodev o, Flirkr craiivc cdlxno s







n Zinbabrve. olTicers of the intclligence currency however, lhat works out to approximately 69 cenls.
Organizatio! a.resled ofposition supporters and :l he price of toilet paper, like alnost elea,thing else in Zimbabrve,

threatenedto makethem eat an MDC poster that they soars almost daily, spawningjokcs about an impendiDs better
i{ere alfixing io a wall if they refused to vote lbr use for ZiDlbabwe s $5oo bil, norv the smalest Dote h circulation.
President Robert G. Mugabe. 'ttacheN distributing anti Bni $'liat is happennrg is Do laqhnrg matter. For untold numbers
Mugabc flyers were assaultcd $'ith iron bars by ruling partv ofZimbabwerns, loilet paper - and bread, margarine, meat.
thugs. ID areas plagued by food shortages, lhe Nlins party even thc oDce ubiqoitous moniDg cup oftca - have b€come
distributes com meal orly to those who vote for Mugabe The unreachablc luxtrries. All are casualties ol the hweriDflation,
commander ofthe Znnbabwean army proniised thal should trNal\,se€n onlr in ilar zores.
I'Iugabe lose, he woLrld stage a coup to ensure otheftise. Not to
be outdoDe, the commissioner of poLice promised to oPen Znnbnbne has been tormeDted this entire decadebr both decp
llre at anyone Nho protested Nlugabe's success. recession md high in1'lation, but jn recent vears the economy
seerns to have abaodoncd whatever nrooinss it had leli
ID a nation thai suffe$ b.rth phlsical aDd psychological damage Zhrbabwe's political opposition is callins for nass Protests
under the dictatoNirip ofPresident I'Iugabe, it is LittLe wondcr againsl the cconomic situation. so Mugabe has tighterecl his
that Zinibabwe is oDc ofihe nosL nriserabl. nrtions on grip on power cvcn further, turnjng tlie economy ovcr to a
ptanet. Suffering frour one of thc \\'olst natioDal secudly couDcil ofhis closest aiiies. siDlullaDeousl,v,
MDgabe's gove.nment has printed 1ri11io.s of Dere Zimbabnean
dictatorships since the clcspotic Idi Amin, dollars to keep ministri.s flinctionnrg and to slield the salaries
Ziurbau'e is a beleaguered nation, oDe tbat seems of key strpporters aDd fotential enemies agaiNt further
unable to denocratically free itself liolr its ercsion. This ridiculous mow i{il otiy worser inflation. Printing
quagmire. Any atrempt atopposilion is efficicntly squelched: too many sothless d.rLlars is paftlywhat gol Zimbab$'e irto
year.eign, Mugabe has,lready killed 86 s
nr his 26 tlis ness tobegin !'ith. Zimbabsefcll nrto h)'perinflation after
Mo!€rnent for a Democratic ChaDse rDdmaimed dozcDs mo.e. thcgovemn€nt began scizingcom rercial famN iDaboul2ooo-
Forcign investors fled, nanufacturing grouDdto a hali, goods
condjtiors in Zimbabwe - where morc thaD 8c) percent of adults aDd forcisD cur€ncy needcd to btry impolts fell into shod supply

are unernployed and nea y eaeryone is hunsry; wher€ lhere arc

startlirg shortages ofstaple co.n, sheat and brea.t, sugar, oil,
milk, and gasoliDe; where bNtahty is alwals arouDdthe next Said Milie tla\ics, Chairman of Combined Ilarare ResidcDt's
corner have become unspeakably dire. Zimbabwe's hflation Associations, l]rerc's a realism herc that's liard to get acrcss
Dos, e)iceeds 16(l,.l(]c) p€.cent a year. In the local supennarket, to pcople. Normalhodzons don'te\ist|erc. Pcoplelive hand io
toilet paper costs $q5,75o 1br a snrglc two pl)' sheel ln Arncrican mouth.It

46 sR0ADtR PiRlPttllVtS /r.rrr., iit tfitlr i'i,.

IJ 1;!!

No $Aa


Caracas, Venezuela TIINRE WILL tsE BI,OOD.

rlk iDlo al Lost {nr! room in rnt t) 25. UNESCO lbund that gun r.larcd denrhs ir
the a6es of 15
poo. prd ofthis booDrnrg, oil rich nation on Ve ezuela$'.rc cl.r vs!.gilg. to 41..+ pcr i abitants
a \!eelieD.t Disht aDd rou $ill be oicB']rc]n.d in roo2 from 34.3 h 2ooo, clearl), maknrg Cara(as one ofth.
rictirns of sunshol \!onn.ts and dru.tien most d..gero!s and violcnt cilies jn Latin An.rica.
(ouidors. Hornicldesareup 6r%snrce r999 rnd
is thc tof corcem ol most Ve ezuelans. T|c flinr€ seems iroDic at a time as
resurgence of
Ve. eru elaeconomi h.s boo ored thank to high oil frices. i he
Concem orcr cim. |as €sraLated aftcr a se es o l bNtal incidcnts g.oss domestic trodnct increased rapidlv, gi\ing Ve e^rela the
pierced cvcn the reliti\eh sirclt$ff] e\istetrre of thc uffer i.' ' l--a n 'g. , r, r.r\ I L,tr' \ r', rr '. ',.:. . -, I, ri -
middlc class a d the diplom.tic aul iritenaiion.l tusiress boomsIclped verezuela soid thc $ildinsviolenc. and social
comrnunilies. StR'ct frotcsls broke o t iD Afril .rlier three conlli$ I trit phgued ncighbo ng A ndean couhies lilc Colombia
brolhe.s ilith CrnrdiaD .itiTership ilere tidnaDfed. abductcd r.d PeN.IoDerhasbccD..|.rnreledintohc' thcarc.ndlirerar)
a.d dis(olercd dcad. Sirr!ltaneouslv, ])Drslars shot uialt.r progrannnes, the nunber of Vcnczuclans Iiving in
Rehberger. a coDsulaL t[e local,\nstriaD Etubassr, iD ! lr.rl po\erq'frnn 4.1 to 34%.
iD. Dittom.ts $'ere Laryeted ! r|is nionth. r\.h.D rhiLr!es
|rokc into the trade officc oft|e ChnLese trD lssv a.d rooli Thc sfik. in c.nne couldlebc.aDs. ol PresideDt Ilugo Cha!.zk
llj1.1.orro. l-yen thc high$'r\ liom the int.rDatlonal airyort ir nnrvilllngDess to rddrcss t|e problenr, rnd choosilginstead ro
Maiqrctia to Caracas h.s also p.orcd particulailr, dangc(us, fape. olerthe situaiion through a slstcn of crlcnsi\€ hardouts
wlLh a ned gangs rc endilBCarsxith ariijng pissengers aDd lle eases the irurclraR: ol basic goods but do.s lntle Lo restore
,obbiDg thcnr of t|eir belongings. ,\ H.$'lcl I Paclia coDn iant, lublic or.lcr. II.n) clain lliat Chrvcz's conlion(ational stic
Carlos Colina. i{,rs gurned do$r on i|e rcute in,hrlr one ot aDd trndcDcv L.r tour lhe confts, Drilitr't aod poljce jrto tools
scvcr.l incide ls that l.d thc local LLS. Embassv to issue ofhis orin po$.er $.ere fc.dins the cri re elidemic. -Chalez
a i{d. in3 rgrinst tmr.ling on rhe rcad aft.r nightlalt. non shes tlie rnuchic for'.es riit.t.e terriDg\r.D.zuela alarr
sjlh aggressjon on all lio ts.'Opposition candidare Rosrles
Whilc rluch ol Lhe r-eccnt attenLiol has fbcused chims. IIoi!c!cr. il renrdN to bc if t|e PresideDt can
resolve thcprol)letu ot ilaDtdr crimcshi.| plagu€s thecitizcDs
on killings atnong tlie privilcgccl, the virst
of Caracas. we re wihrcssing a .cductio ir inirnt nortaliry
najoritl ofhomicides il Vcnczuela occrrr-in the ratcs .rlv 1o see our boys kill.d wher tliev tLrn 16," said Ana
0oulltr'\''s poorest commtll]ities. Acco irg to Nf a Saojur, asociologistat Cen t.rl Uni1.'Nit! in C acrs and
ojnrinologists, killilgs tend Lo spike durnrg seekends and aD otficial with l.olea, a o! go'ernmcnt.l ol€a.isarion that
rcbbe es rrouDd p.ldnrs inthe niiddi. and e d ofthe moDtlr. !ronitors human rights isNes. (t
lLe large nujo t\ oJ jn(trleDts iDvolv. bo\s aDd mrn bctri..n

4/ ER0ADIR PIRSPIOVt5 th. t/..r tr,.r'ilf issr.


Kabwe, Zambia A POISONOIIS L\ND.

hanks lo thc copperboom, Zantbia s economyat ID soDre neighboufioods h Kibwe, blood coDceDtrations ol2oo
last is grorinit. Inst ycar, I]er capita g.oss donrestic Bsldl o. norehavebeen rccordedin children and rcco.ds shorv
product ros€ by arouDd 4%. Hotever, like avcrase blood levels olchildrcn rarse betaeen 50 and roo l8/dl.
,lnosr rll.onnties in thc Afiican b-contine t. Childrcn $'ho plar in lhe soil and iouns men who sca!c!s. the
thc problem lias never been \tiih the lack of minesforscnps ofrnetal are nrost susceptible to lead produccd
mineral resources, but rather the problenrs that arisc from the b) the nrinc and snelter.
cxploitation ofsuch Cod givcn aealth. Irrom the e\ploitatioD
ofblood diamoDds tc, the exhaction of oil,,^Jrican nations Ialc Zanbir renains onc of the fei! cities, includnrs BaDslactesh and
r_et to leam how to naDage the extraction of their $'ealth. Baklr, Azerbaijan thal are |cfcatedly fealured on this infanoN
list. To sce {.hicli cities ii the workl xere diiiest, $'. turnedto
Wten dch deposits oflcadwere discovered near Kab$€ in 19(12, Mercer Human Resorrce ConsultiDs's 2o07 Health and
Zan$ia was a tsritish colony called Northem Rhodesia, and little Sanitation RankiDss. -^s part of their 2oo7 Qtrrli\' of Lile Report,
conccrn rvas given for the irnpact that the Loxic nretal rnight they rarJted 215 ciiics i{o.ldwide based on levels ofairp.,llution.
haYe on Dative Zrmbians. Sadly, there's been aLDrost no w{ste mana€lern€nt, watcr podabilitr-, hostit sen'ices, medicil
improvenrcnt iD the decades since. and thoush the nines and supplies aDd the prcscnce of inlectious diserses.
snelter are no longcr oterating,lead concentratioD levels in Zambia lcnains one ol thc fcw places on thc
Kabwe are astronornical. on ave.age,lead conccntrations iD
plarrel Lhat is hazilrdous Lo li\'c in.
childreD are five to ro tinres thc pennissible U.S. EnrironmcDtrl
Protcction lgency levels, and are high enotrgh Lo be faial. Ul
Hcncc, eventhough lhe capital is btrs] {ith n€nconstruction,
lo 225,ooo people have been affecicd lead and cadnriurn
it rcmairN tobe seen ifZanrbia can manage this ne$'sourcc of
poisoning due to lead niining and prccessins. We d blood
wealih. Alreadr- traffic to the coppcr bclt has d€leloped so
tests on sone of thcsc kids, rnd they literally broke otr hapliazardly that travclliDg time has doublcd to eighr houN.
machines," says fuller. "Thcre is a long, nasly |istory herc."
Already, after decades ofpoliution, Za bians rccosnise that a
clcan-up p.olect is complcx aDd .tifficult. 'l} e \votld Bmk hts
A small watcnray Nns from the miDc to the centre ollom and
also pledged $.+o million to the Zatrbia coppcrbelt
has been uscd to carry waste from the oncc active smelt€r. lherc
lhlircnmental Proiect astoclcan up wrste a d rclettlc fcople
are no safeguards or restrictions on use ofthe $'rterway and
in a la|d thatrcquires drastic rern.diatioD. rt
local children use it for bathing. in addilion to contamiDated
sato, dry, dustv, leadlaced soil i{as fouDcl neir workcN. Hones
are also a sisnificant source of contaninrtion lbr the locals.

48 sR0ADtR PtRiPttTlVtS l/rcr,',, rr,.fi.t iirI

'.r l
f {


Parts of Tamil Nadu \1,'rTlrRE {n{)F'X.] SI,t},|1nS I a)(] n.IT'fX.ii.

or 1s yerr old Raie Sabi, clcD a $'eekerd fro.r suicidc'from a uni dmrersional Fr{omunce anxielr orient.d
school i{as ro resfite. Sabi. !ho rcprescnted issue io tlrat ofa poor orernLldelelopm.Dt.nvironmenL lor a
'lanril Nadtr iD athletics irL herap,e grout rnd i{as cliikl,.rL school rndhomc. Teenase.s j. l'amilNadu fferfrom
an .rbolc rlcragc stu.Lent, \tas lold |.r ma*s x mlrirl ol a.ute shcss factom fa ill conflicts, domcstic
$.ere inad.quat. lnd she had to Iocds on liolcDce, and icade nri. failurcs seem to head lhe list.T|cl halc
acadcmics. ulitli all he. leisur. rctilitics trken a\!ay a.d her rlso dcleloped afpctite for high e d coDsurncr
a \r,raciotrs
parcnts mountirg a vigil oD her'lV ri.wing and a slci! ofrnodel gno(ls spnrrc.l bv no!€!le.ders .nd hire-purcliase schemes.
lens slated tbr thc }I(rxlay, R-tie lelL sliiled. OD lt JrDuaN, she 'lhe disiitcgrati.D an.L the drslunction of iraditional sociaj
was left alone al h onr. to focN oD her stulies wh ile h.r faDrilv Dechanisnis such as rhc frmilr uniL hive als. dilcn tccns to
nttcnded the Sundnr.hdlc|. uihcn thel returned hone, thc! despeRtior rnd desfrn. Th. rise in suic e rales coxldjllstb.
found hcr hrngjng lronr htJ li\ing rooNfxn. r' { rr "ll. r' rJl ^l rtri . \r"' 'r
gaf and { hck ol sociil sl:rli.cs to support adolescents r'|o
Itale reDrcscnts iust ore ol laoril Nadn's sroiliDs suicnles |,rvc to dcxl $'ith paro(hial lanrilics aDd their denlands.
arnolgsi lcdrs. Th.rcliavebeen h{o tee,r dclrt|s nr Jannary ancL
tolice sry 19 childrcn bcloi{ tlic age of15 cou,rrjLled $ri.idc last Pslcliologisl Nathcw Kuric'n of th€ Soulhern }I.dical CentE,
\c , manrLl due to tcade.r i. rDd par.Dtrl pressures. lhe slaLcs BaDgrlorc, agrees. In l|is Inod.rn age, DrKuriensn!s. c|ildrcD
high icide rate arioDg ) oLr ng $'oDrcn, bcn{een tlie ages ()1r5 arc rot brlught u! peaceirll]. Thcl are underpressure lo d.lilcr
and r9. gotih. atteltion ol ljriljsh n.dic.l lragrziDe, 'l )ie l!, {?r .r schoolj the! are under prcssnrc to appear for co pelllivc
rramnrations. r\fte. thev rench Dubc 1, Do one ir the lun!ily
smLiilille, a pofulatnr of loE,ooo !e lcllor. (arormd 2oo 6ives 1|cm an,v advice aboul t|. n.aring of liIe.'
kDi tuom chefnaj), i t.rrn lcd bv ch.istian vedi.rl collcsc Dr Kurien\ arytrDrcnt is borne out b) Lhe fa.t that cr.ryverr.
r.scarcliers sa betr!een r99-1 dd 2llo1. suicide rales aDrong Nhetr the resulls ol s..oDd!ry rnd jnte.mediat. sclrool
lhe )ouns p.ople, especiallr lodng noDr.D stcrdiLt ircreased. c!aniinxtids are !nnourrccd, couDs.llirg centr€s arross thc
\\ihilc in otlrr:r' prIls of thc Nor-1cl srricicle was .otrnir! arc' ooded $ilh distrcss calls frorn
llre li)rLrth Llading lr:asor lil dellhs. in lanril 'I geL hundr.ds ofcalls fion \'|o rrc coniemplaling
\adlr it lrlrs ber:olie thc urtirlLrnille (ltltrl loppcl. suicide becausc l|ryconldnot achiere the good scor.scxpected
But this is iusl lhc tif ol the icebe.!,. lt is not iust a tccnage bythcir parenLs, sals l.'.lizab.ih Vadrkhekaft, co odinrtor rt
|robl.D1. Ilore leople nr tlrcso ih.n states bel,niging to .\'ct]' -lr'rr. r'..rl.'_ .,Ia,'Lrr\,'1.r.l.'",.r ..
\!ell ollif. xre liillxr8 Lhe.rsrh.s thaD in other regiors i i.dir.
Childcrrc specialists are n(tr! ch.rgnrg ihc wav tirev look at 1e.n

49 ER0rDrRPtRSPttTlV[5 r/r.1rrdr i, ',r,i',, i.,r'

0F 2008

50 ER0ADIR PIRSPIOVE! ilt.y&, il rcruui asue


Internet Marrieds Virtual Cops & Robbers

r.()vl.t Al tIRSt ttYt u. LdW FOR A I,A\'\,'I,trSS \'IIORLD.

'rhestigma ofonllne datilsis dliDs, ifDot alreadv dea.t. onhie ln October 2oo8. a Jafancsc aoman $'as hauled to court fo.
daters rlho we.e once labeled as desperatc,lcft on thc shclfor \nude."j lieronlnre hLlsband |ad dilorccd hcr withort$u rs
simplvpredatoN irthe r99os, ire havhgthe last lauith noi{ as and in her mse she liilled his online alatar. bludsconins it to
they arc amons the raDk of[close to 16 nillior in An)erjca alo.e) d€ath with ho dclcie brttd. successful convictions olonliDe
peofle Nlro arc Do$'activcly using the lnte.let L. datinu. cdmes nre not nDprcccdcDtc.t. r!rca.t t$o Dutcht€enagers ha\€
According to online studics coDdrctcd by industry rmlrsts rDd bee charged nith st.aliDg a virtual aDulet, Belgian ard Gemian
uire.sities, aheadl l in 4 pcoplc @Dsidcr oDhrc dntins ,N pedecd) iirtual 'se\ oflenders ',
authorities are sl ftr]ltj ing $ith how to chargc
acceptable. i{ith r in 6 aclL,allr grcwiDg liaisons nrio connnittcd {nd South Korea has alread! passed statutcs trcating cases of
rclationships. s ryrisirgly, studies have shown that onlin.lolc fitual theft as sererely as ph]sjcnl theli, b.inging mo.c rban a
can happcn to anlone resar.lless ofuce, creed o. age. fh€ most thousand South KorcaD teenagers to court torvirlual crinre .It
conxno n reason citcd for bciDg opcn to onljne datirg is that it has is ot tllat lar fei.]red to conccilc ihat rexl norld laws should €\€n
i mense potential in hehing siDglcs weed out the imDredirtely need to llex its strong a D in thcliftual rvorld. The law has no
undesi.ibl€. Oniine daling riebsites gilc siDglcs thc abilit! ti) probLern with treaLing irla'rgiblcs as goods tlut can be stolen:
pedo.m aD advanced searchwiLh clear faram.t.N likc tnust likc protectiDg int€llect{al properl-v an d braDd intcgli$ arc faft and
dogs" or "must accept cliild.en lroltl prclious rnar age , allo$iDg parcclofthis alrrad) pucticed principle. Larnakers are findnrs
t|cm to sift thrcush millions of profiles and inore e iciently that !iltral cinics i{arant theiLLttention, llndiI]g tbe a,Bument
identilylike minded paftD.m - somcthiug quite difficultto do in lbr prosecurion strons. IDcrcasnrs cime jn the rirtual workl rvill
rcil ljf€. certainli , therc ar e !er,r rcal isk, considciDs ho$'rours lbRe govenrnents to act sooncr t|an lat.r'so don't be supised
:md naiv€ som€ r,nline dalers ar e and ho$'maD' dcccittul pr.dators to see authorities ascerLainlnglherealNo d \rluc of )ur m.Lgic
prc$'l the sites for easy pre). tsut as r'el, data shols that drc sa'ord, a prccess necess:1rt 11r. realworld prosecuiio!. Viriual
number of crses of nldiscretioDs o. erer crimina I acriiviq alt|ough 'tbrcnsics miSht see a steadv growtl) as computer data is easilt
discenabl. is not.Dough to coniince people that o line dating tam|ercd wit| m*ing it .as,v for "ciminds to e\"cLe prosecution.
is harrnlill. l.ool tbr a fDiu.c ofmore nulticulhral paiiDss as lverr ilgo\ernmenis do not act, oDliDe ligilantes already have
peopLe rcach across the globe to find drcir huc lovc.It nete.l outiusljce b) turling offendeN nrto tariahs both hthe
\irlrul comnunitr and ir realworld tbNlns.(t

R!,ndncc, $r]\CE CRnDIT / lionikn.i nnt' c.cxtnrco.nnon\ (illc.l lv i]Ic{?rs., IMAcn cRnDIr / k,,.s.rnnrunmrl, i.I.cftrtivccomnrons

5l BR0ADIR PERlPttTlVtS .i. lear ir issrr


Paotheon' 199

!cal.dl-{i{at -Fri.{*l'


The Working Retired


According io natioDal ceDsuses conducted in developed countics, Jnst t\ o decadcs baclr the e!€ryday nan was still largely clucless
life expectancy is increasing togelher wiih better qualiti oflife about the intlicatc workings ofthe hunan body and jts nrany
I'IoE people are tiving hcalthily till the age of 85- with retirement ailmerts. i tenvl' reliancc oD nedical practitioDcrs for their experl
initiallyset at 65, this means that people rvould havc 2.) ye.tls adviccicdtous havingsreat rcspect for the medical profession.
more to ltolk befo.e they ire forced to .etire due to physical Better education, the lnternci, readill availablc druSs and
deterioratioD. The question is ofcouNe, s!trld they? ID some co ntless mcdical la\esoits lor malpractice laler. pcople are
cases, peotlehave little choice. Risins cost ofliving, especiall"v beginning to suspect that they lnow as much as then doctoN
in healthcare (or t conpel som€
cs in reelfare states), ccdanny and would rather save the consultancy fcc ard sinp\ presc be
io a do-ji-yourseLlcLrre. After,ll, thepresc ptioD dmgs that doctors
Fople to work past their rctirenent simply pay for necessities
like prcscription drugs or physiotherapy. But rnostly, it seems dispcnse to us are increasinsly available in Dcishbourhood
people will go on worldng simfly because they i{ant to The pharmacics. A quick search on the Internet can equip people
nature of work has certainly chansed. older Pec,ple. amed !'jth with basicknowledse to handle nost jnfections, alleryies or eveD
a lifetine ofei"crience, are stiLl conn ibuting sigtificantly at ihc psychological abDonn ities and allowthem to dispensc thei.
work"lace, panicularly wlie! they master moderD day t€ch nology own advice, saving then the need to worry about escalating
that keeps then competitive. Even iftheir bodies a.e not as coDsultancy fees. Homc reniedies could, hoivever, elrgender
mobilc as before, their minds are sharper than cver - more somc interestirg implicatioDs. On the Lrright side, doctors are
managerial roles, consulting orsoftwarc-o ented iobs arc benis allowed nore breathing space to deal uith more urscni cases or
filled by them. Youns trpstartsjust might have to wait loDgcr follo\ up $ith better !fter cnre sewicc. We can even look foNard
before the old geezer ai the top knocks off Aseisrn night wanc to nore drugs available ove. the couter, certai ly saviDg us a
as olderpeople prole ihenselves to be increasingly c.rmpelent. small bundle. It is one tling thoL'gh to rcmed)'tour orn casc of
Tr aditional srand pareniins roles niigh be redcfined sith toung baldness or erectile dysflinction but trytakiDg cancer inlo your
couples finding their parenis too busy to lake carcofthei. kids. own hands and you are askins for po tentially life-threatering
M.rst importantly, tlie dreaded tax burden ive have been misdiasnoses. we will soon need more guidelines for Dn docto.
predicting, brought on bt, our ageing population, night notbc sites and a greatcr online presence of qualified doctoN to prc!€tit
as catastrophic as wc ilink. at a generntion of quacks iiom irising. (t

Mdn dt Liro, Dook.tdn, rrL{GE CREDIT / haprl, Flirkrcrd.tive com'nons Pr?ls- IMAcn cI$DrT / vortheoia, crati'e conrn'oDs

5? ER0ADIR PtRYtOIVtS t/p uedrin reuieu

" ;.fu..


$tat used to bc aD obsessive aDd unhealtliy past-time for anti What ishappeninsio sociery? oDe minute we are trlking about
social teenage boys has vastly cvolved into an industrythat is how over sexed and apathetic we are and ncrt minute we are
appealing and catering more and more to all ase sroups, sendeN seeins a rising trend ofyoong neo consenatives pushins a
andinterests. The surpdsing statistics from the Entertainnent rnodcmiscd Puritanical code of morality. lncreasingly, many
Software AssociatioD shows that the average ganer is more likely youths arc incrcasingly trl{iDg a ptrblic stand against pronigale
to be in his 3os. Polls have shoM that people ranging from consumption, smokins, prcmarital sex, junkfood, shopping and
ambitious white-colar workeN to bored housewies, fanilies in other health and environncnt-thrcatening behaliours. It is not
search ofquality time together and even ihe pFfessioDal saner trendy to be a guih free hedonist. Betier io bc an orsanic food-
all derive prolbund satistaction from the inieraciive cngagement eaiins, placard-carrying responsible global ciiizen likc ihe
of disitil sming. Grcwing up with technolos has helped many fashionably soufly atrd cause-espousing Jolie Pitts.In Paris, a
\p@ri, .uf5ciprU) d 1",l8ht-with thF clandestine srolp caled IFs Desonfles (The Deflated) th.ow their
"bll, "mplFr:nlFrd.,ivi!
of todat's entertainment dd thercfore they are more comfortable lot in with Mother Eatth by aiming to deflate about 4c) gas-guzzlng,
navrgating the viftual environments that these Sames prodde. emissions spewjng Slrys a week. Amonsthe Americd eveselicil
More people also recosnise thc iDtrinsic skill and knorvledge conrmunil,v, fainers dance $'ith daughi€Is at Purivbals, bestowiDs
d€velopment that occurs as they inmerse ihemselves in thcse uponthei.girls silver Purjty rings as a slmbol ofiheirpledscto
sames.,^lthoush the consuner base forgames has clearly besun protect the chastityoftheir little girls. One ofthe mostpopular
to iake a Edical shift towards the audience, soliware or (and controvesial) youns Chnstia Miters is Joshu Hanis who
gaming conpanics have yet to respond with a satisrying lin€ ot made a nane for hnnself biddins aI youDs people to "kiss dating
p_odu.ts thrr mp", L'sn drv.r.. n.$ ,ccd.. Wrll, aing
r'r' goodbye" and abide by old fashioncd coudship les insteact.In
nunberof universitiesofferingdigitaleniertainmentorcomp ter the Netherlands, young Dutch Muslirn wonen proclaim their
gane design as modules or even desrees, and more same jndependent choi(f to we:r the hendscnrlas a standard ofmod6v.
pioneeins companies making financial headlines,look out for tuc Neo-PuritaDs neurotic killjoys? Perhaps they are simply ahead
fascinating developments in niliiary training, education, ofthe'rtime early discovereN of an escape otrt of hopelessness
government adninistratjon m wel as nnaci,l mdket snndation fron wirnessing rhe de$mction M ecked by impnlsive, ser-cent€d
as indosFiesleam to caterio a poweffirl new consumer base.It living. at

ldulr gon€rs, IM,{ctr cnnDIT/bcnimoto, diclrcrerrivecordons ,]ln/slim girb. IMActr cRnDIT/ shazmn, Flirkr cftrtirecommons

53 BROAOTR PtRSPIflIVtS rie yeorilr i? eu 6sLC


Militant Migrants The Mildlv Disordered


clobalisaiion is compelling all nations to serbrsly .elooi( There uscdto be a time \rhen there i{as no excuse 1br laziness.
citizenship. Invaiably, at the stage olconnectedncss ree have Nor stupidit"v. Nor misbehaviour. Now,larseiy because ollhe
alreadr reached, rural ulban misration is at an all tnne hish leith work ol child psycholosists, it seenN that the case for clinicrl sloth,
rnillions ofpeople fron) less deleloped conmunities nalins the apathy or bad manneN is incrcasinsly saining ground. Indicators
journey to the world s e,eallhier conuibatioDs a b for a better lion the .1ru9 induslry show ihat the use of anliprychotic dngs
li1e. UnfotuDately nost ofthis migratioD is done illegally. A havc shot up 138% over the pasi decade. child delelopment
fascinating n€$'treDd ho$'eve.. is seeing illegats enerye from research backed by atrluent and cauiio s parents have even
thef hiding holes in bold pursuit for recosnition of their identified potcntial disorders in toddlels, ihcreb,v .illowing lhen
contibution to society and coDsequently aLso dras'ing rnuch to seektreatment clen fron r young age. InicrestiDglt' enough,
ernpathy {ron lesrl jmrnigr"nL! who had cone ii.rn1 similar root.s- this seems to encourasc findnls reason for thcir child's
Large imniSrant states like the U.S. and Ausiralia as well as incffcctiveness. Ard this is notjDsi an Anierican trend- -ffiuence
snaller oncs like Sinsapore ar€ findins it incrcasinsly difficult lo adoss the reo d, as ilell as Darents' everylood intention to allow
ignore tbe immigraDi voice as their numbers s\€ll to meet a their belolcd childrcn to conpete on aD flen pla).iDg g.ound hal€
deniand tbr labour or healthy popoLation growth. lvhat is helped prcpcl new industries in early childiiood development,
interestiru though is the fact that these imnigrants would nrdeed fion educational speci.lists to dng enhanc€rs io eveD pe.son:iised
g3i ,.rgn ii..1. .njlu"n." iIrel nn"l ". irr ir ll"v$e-"si\cn tuitior for afected tids. The SAT exam alonehas up to '1o,ooo
legitimate voice. Mrch 2006 sawillegals acrcss 40 cities in the candidates diagnosed with learDins disorders lhereby carnins
U.S. march in p.otest of a newbill that would scltrely linit their then dtatineforthe exanr. Thisisupfrom a nere 2,ooo oDc
ability to sLrwive. Sitikiry resonmce and gaini.g slmpathl, elong decade aso. shor d $'e be disturicd? It really depends on how
Anricans, the protesi prompie.l congress lo relook thc bjll. Even qnical we arc about diis tend. C€rtainb , all ihis etenul assistance
Dotoiously patemalistic singapore has op€ned up avenues for t.r heLp a child exccl can be e\cessir€ or to put ii across stidently,
public forun, afteralso,seeing resular discussions on immisrant ei€n corrupt. Yet, work in this field js conside.ed to be seious
rights. Should intesmtion ofconnnunities cotltintre like lhis, and has profouDdly addresscd mey silentstnlggles that childt€D
citizenship trill indced besin to take a very interestiDs new used to go ihrougli alone in earlier gcncrations. Orit, lime will iell
sldt. (t if the clnics are risht. I t

Prclesl. lMACtr cRIDl l / havnes phoIor:mDly, l'liclo crltna Coono.s Sref Porr.dii. nt {Gri CR€DIT / alexis dcad\, Flirkr cre.rn e connnons

54 BR0ADn PtRSPttTlVts /i. uprr tn r?ri.r, 6sre


Profit for a Cause Lunchtime Nip & Tuck


Big corporations hale taken a PR beating over the past decade An increasins nunber of wonen are havins Eotox for brunch.
and this millennium's senemtion of Neo-Puritans especi,Ily find Suryrisingly, its notjust women: men, families, racial minorities,
themselves repulsed by such flasrant co$orate irresponsibility- and even teenagers are finding the new convenience and speed
It is no wonder that communiry conscious social enterprises like oi iJsta pl6ti. surgery ire.'stible sd in l-hF prcces. are pu m ping

Du€hy Orisinals ed Pantagonia have emersed d the more popular billions of dollars annually jnto the econorny. The uend has not
Thoud many comercial businesses
business ofchoice to support. been unique to jusi western industrialised states. Wealthy Asian
would consider thenselves to have social objectives, social destinations like Singapore, Hong Kons and especialy rorea have
enterprises are distinctive because their social or envircnmental all reporied st€ady increases in people se€kins pldric surgery,
puryose is cenlr:l to what they do. Unlike traditional non prcfits on-the-go and on th€ quiet. what used to take a weekend is now
that need support from public or pdvate tunds, socirl enterprises a procedure that can be conpleted in a matter of two hours. For

gun for profits aDd enh epreneurial excettence in order to be sef the price of a laptop, people can sei tuller lips, slimmer waists,
sustaining. Th€ pay in the sector is also none too shabby, with bette! eysisht and even new e)€lashes to boot. More distu$ingly,
recent figures showins that socially conscious enieryrises may teenagers ar€ .skins for larger breasts while their nother is getting
pay their employees only 5% lower than in the privaie sector for her lips done, coNuners are undergoing multiple procedures in
ajob of sinilar scope. With nore young and energetic talent one sitting and to top ii off, the media has no qualms about
' flockins to this emerging sector, more companies are being slanourising th€ whole affair 6 a rejuvenation ofdiSnitJ, identity
compelled to tale on simila r socialy oriented directions, beefing and wol1h. Beyond these queer and unnening tr€nds are also
up th€ir CSR (corporate social responsibility) prosrammes to serious impiications for the medical industry. Already, more
appeal to society's emersing idealism. Of course there are doctors ar€ beins drawr into the lucrative area of "aesiheiic
busin€sses seeking to take advantage of the tax exernption and medicine".I€ss shrss,less emergencies, less lawsuits, no night
intangible favour that comes with being a sociai enteryise - cals and of murse better pay are all good rcasons in thenselves
governments ne€d to r€gulate the sector somehow. Uitimately io enter the beauty industy, nuch less the deal of the century in
though, if more witlin the business comnunity aim for a triple ge$ins them aI in one pac.kage. Like iheir patients, doctors night
bottomline that meets financial, social as well as environnental just fall pr€y to ihe ,llure of the beauw industry in a bid to escape

soals, this trend bodes wel for our tuture.

(t harsher realities. l!
stnrbuck (Taiuan) Cupeeq fisurcs Adfat plasti stsers in Austi olia,
IM.\.GE CREDIT/ k6inwen, dickr CEalie Conmons IMACE CREDIT / photonquantique, Fli.k C€ative Conmons

55 ER{)AOtR PERSPEOIVIS the uear in reriew issue



We're on a 21st century crusade:
Neo-Conservatives vs. Spiritual Richard
Agnostics vs. Radical Atheists
It's a major cnltural $'ar - a cnsade for the hea s and minds - and a radically different perspective to why p€ople believe in Godstill.
the battle lines have been draM bet$€en those who lirrnly believe Between ilie learned voice of Timoihy Kell€r's The R. a!r1.lar Go<l
in cod, those who prefer not to makc up their minds and those wbo and the iconoclastic post modern ione of Rob Bellt /.sN l'l(inls
refuse to accept that civilisation still clings oDto religion as a cnrtch. to S.]ire Clrtsrtuns, the religious quafter renains well defended.
This year partjcr arly has seen a suge ofbooks pushins a panicularb Where both atheists and b€lievers can stransely find thenselves
vehement strain of aiheisn with Richard Da$'kins' 71r.' Go.i ,,r!si.n, agreeing upon thoush is their rejection of agnostic, fecl-sood, pseudo-
Sam Haris l,ellerloo C'I|is.tanNdhon and Christopher Hitchens' religious pop philosophy that has energed from the crowded shelf
Go.1rs -\io. a;fldt at the forefroni ofthe novenient. In reaction, of self-help books. 'l.he current flavour of t}te month? Thanks io
ihcrc has been a flurr./ olbools wittcn by theolosians ro debunk Oprah's ringing endo*ement. it is Eckhart Tolle's :1 -Nex -Litti that
tbe arguments raisedbythe atheist fundamentalists or to present proposes a new world order through "persoDal trmsformation '. I t


We desire answers beyond e
Hard Science and are looking for
why we do the things that we do.
The best selling sci€ntific books are increasingly focused on the nirvana is neve. more than a mere thought away, accessed by
nebulous, grcy realns ihat lie beyond the purview oftladitional stepping to the right ofourleftbrains, veers dangercuslyinto the
hatd sciences. One ofihe most c\t aotdindf bools thal has emerged territort' of conjecture. Neverlheless, nany of us remain compclled
ihis year is ,rU!/ Sirote o/ /,rsirhl- W tten by Harya.d trained io puNue book like Taylofs, lookins for invisible answers to hunan
neuroscieniist Jill Bolte Ta!'lor, she shares herjo rney from a behaviour. It is the rcason why Malcom Gladwell remains a popular
debilitatirs stroke to tuli recovery. As a blood vessel exploded in writer sith his laiest book Ourlidrs which explores the economic
the left side ofherbrain, rather than panicking, she actually had and sociologjcal reasons why some people can live such productive,
the capacilv to mtionally obsen e how her own dlind was shuttiDg strccesstul lives while othcN droM in mediocrily. Look out too, for
doM tunclion by lunction such that within four hours she lost her the newest kid on the btock Martin Lindstrom whose art/ologq uses
abiliv to walk, talk, read, $.rjte and remember her life. For some neuroscience to explain how we are sedrced into buying things that
scientists, Tator's discomforting conclusion that the feeling of we do not need everlrine we wander around the shopping ma . rt

56 8R0ANR PiRSPtOtVtl th€ lear in reuieu issue


We want to exchange the

drudgery of reality for fantasy.
,^fter J.K. Rowlings'Han] Potter sagawappedup last ycar. several dazzling, strons naD to swccp a girl out ola lile ofobscuritl' and
fantasvserics have attempted to fill the void but none have done nundalitl. Like alltraditional ronarticheroes cast ir the mould
so as dramaticallr, as Slephenie Meyer's'/1/ t/irlr/ series. Stripped of Mr Darcrand l-ord Byron, EdwardCullenis popular bccaDse he
oft|e nlstical elements ofvanpircs and were&olves, this wikUy is thecoNcnient reposilo$ ofso naDy romancehuDgry women\
popular series is at its heaft a resuneciion ofold lashioDed sotlic drcanrs. He is lhe ridiculously pefect man that ?ll,i1iofil s hordes
roniance Dolels $'jth a suryrisinsly (some sajr unredistic,lly) chaste ofeDrotionally and sexuatlyfrustratcd female fans high scliooleN
code of ethics. The se es is focLrsed on the love affair bctween the and h.,usewives alike - {znt io find in reallile aDd caD !e!er fiDd.
nnpossiblyhandsone, rich add powertul teenase varnfne Edlrard Is there arything Mong nr that? As critic Lau..(X{iller pojDts oui,
cullen and the shy and clunsy htrmar sirl Bclla Swann. Literarl much as nr ight fans nray protest, such sappy rom{nce nolcls are
critics bave been harsh, poirlting out how amateurish and anti, thus cvcrt' bit as nonsensical and unhealthily addictive as their
feminist 1uiligfrt is, panderiDs to girlish fanlasies ofneedins a malecounterpart porDographv.It


We feel lost and need to find

ourselves and feel good again.
,Iohn Grogan nas cedaiDly sur?ised at how people tool to ,1 /., rlrr/ how thc city dweUing autho. is forced to coDsidcr wbat he or she
& ,'i/., his ode to the naughty pupfy that he took in that taught hjm iruly wants oLrl ol li1e due to rD unwelcomc disrrr ion ljke a
about pa.eDthood- Elizabcth Gilbert did not expect I at. prdu.ldc devastating illness, personal h asedy, ioss of job or dirorce. I he book
to be such a hit too but h€l memoir ofhow she got over hcr dio.ce, will then centre nostly oD his or he.iourney trom epiphdy to
tempstuous rcbound rom:nce and deprcssioD by travellinil to ltaly, epiphay ard fiDallv end iith an upliftins Dlessaseto scizcthcdav.
IDdia and Indoresia became one aD)Nay. Books nr the ineaning of look for simplc plcasures and s€ek love radier than Dutcnalisiic gain.
life" oeulre will be an eversreen fi\turc o! bestseller lists as lons s Mawkish as the oeu!rc lal seem, these book nc\rrt|eless rerfid
e\€rlbody stays o\cNorked, cxhausted and tircd of the urbar snDd shottirne on earth. The
us to live nrore and gmmble less during our
ard paper ch.tse. Critics complain aboui how trite aDd fonnulaic late Canegie Mellon professor RaDd], Parsc.h who wrote TTrrldsr
such book har€ becorne. Stereotypicaily, such books bcsjn with /.'di,rr while stmggling with cancer woLrld certai y corlcur. It


We really want the world

to be a much better place.
T|ere is a grorving ninority - albcit a v.ry vocal and poLjtically curious abou lhat tofi{the sitL,ation.
some ofus are p.oposing to do
active one that believes in thc nccd for deep change iD the way Rcading Obama s l/rr r,(l{( iiq d 1.1rf., Michael Pollan s call to
ou. institutions, economies and lifestyles are currently run. This returrr to en\ironnentaih fricndh eatnrit habits in 7rr (,,i,rnu..:t
treDd nay partially cxplan) wh!. Barack Obama has woD thehearts lil.r,,l(, or David Rclin's accoLrnt ofhow cres Mortenson iruilt
ofDotjustArnericaD voiers btrt people halfway across the world as schools across mral Pakistan andAfgharistan forpoorchildre. ir
wcll. This herd also is the reason rrh). books advocating socio 7L, ( alifs d'l-rd sillres(o.e sone of]otrr faith nr humanii!-agaj
economic change are topping the bcstscller lists. People are not amidst bl€ak cifcumstances. Ior that, tliis gcDrc ofbooks is ceftainlt
jrsl hu gry to loo$ nhai is rnong about our world but are most a welcome addilio. ,)n rn! hookshelf {t

5/ BR0ADIRPlRJPttTlVtl t'hp por fi reri.tii.s,tp


2oo8 was the year of the Anti-Ilero, the year where what was black The protagonists of our favou ie movies held up a glass to reflect
and rehat was wliite merged nno a disturbnrg $virl of grct Likc '/l,c how murky the moral waters have becone in an age ol counter-
Ddrk Ktliqlrr, No C.unttu Jbr Old ,\'/., r present the audience njth a ierrorism Gitmo style, extraordinarv rendition and suNeillaDce
nulti-facetcd character siud)' ofsood and evil, junaposing a morally cameras galore. Fe$'people expected a superhero no\ie like
ambisious hero with an outrageously unapologetic yillain and finily, ,o7* ,(ir&fit to be so corlteniplati\€ of tlie desensitisation rnany"neof
a qui€t secondary character with old fashioned noral vahes but orr lawmakers ard peacekeepers go through in ordo io keep
ultimately inadeqrate at changing the fate of the world. Tlterc Will nishtmares at ba]'for th€ rest of us- Can heroes alTord to hold onto
be ,lood dispenses away {ith my herc aDd instead presents us lrith noble values and stayuntainted or is it true thai the best !t'ay to fight
a casi of characters uitcd in thcir rcpulsive lust for power and evil is io becone evil as well? Or are \re to beli€ve l lkre will Be
h)?ocritical preiense to be otherh'rse. alood's that all men at hea.t are tundanentally sca.redby evil? It

The ronantic drama or romantic comedt is a beloved genre that in one magical night and an edsy wardrobe. l)!,/hilely ,uovb"
audiences will never tire of. Most ronantic movies are qtrite depicts a siDgle father reconntiDs his romantic history $ith ihree
lbmulaic: boyneets girl in a charming set-up, then comes conflict womer. The sad t$'ist of the tale is that thc woman $'ho ends up
that tears the lovers apart for a while tlien fiDally the)'maturc, paich bcing thc onc hc thoughttully chose, fell in love lvith, nar ed and
up and love is restorcd. T]1e formula is derivedfiom our collecii\€ had a beautitul child witb still eDded up divorcing him a departure
hopc in how relationships olght to pan out in a perfect world. from the usual ending x,here \!e are set op to assume once the
Hos'e!€r, 2rt century socio economic trcnds have delinitely changed !,lctv
lovers chose each other, tlings rvo.k ort perfectly. Finally,
the way romance, relationships and naniages are cirnducted in the arislrra lJdr(elora is a seductively shot ode to abandoning the
21st century. Nict (lrd Nor.r/r is an entertaining cotrflatioD of "boins" respoDsibiliv of conmitmcnt to cnjoy afiairs with mlltiple
ever)thing that modern youths waDt in their ronance: a great paftDers. Thc days ofold school romanccs likc Rondn Holtdd!
soundtmck, the rapid ease of moving on fron an old love to a new where the couDle stays chaste tbroushout is well o!

58 8R0A0tR PfRsPFOIV|s t'hp \pdr in r?t)ipltri\\trp


Dlane it on Jude Apaio$'. Ever snrce the nassive box oflice success humourousbmter,sharediDtercslsanddcvoidof any touch\-feelr"
ofhis creatioDs,/o l'c.Ir O1.1 yl,!ir, (nol*.d Li| and ^lu|.rbd.i, se jnent- So lrhat is startling about ihis year's Stelbroticrs and
thcrc has been a flood of male driven filn1s at the cilema, celebratnu l" /.-v)rrss is how they hale talten male bonding into Dew
all fonns of heterosexual nasculine excesses. Flolllvood pudits ljkc tcnitor,l. Ofcourse male driven movies have not wanderedtoo far
screenw.iter Billy M€mittheorise that the "bronaDtic conedl is a arlay from their usual focus oD lewd behaviour, raunchyjokes and
naturil pros.ession f.on movis likc Srd M.,.rr tr,lt?s and 1/if l)iutrr outr.geous strnts but therc is a ftx.beart of suryrising decency and
S..rc.s o/ tlte i',itla Sisr.)t,oo./ epitomes of that long beloved rvarnith lnderDeaih the dross. ds nerdy, badly dressed or badly
ciDematjc staplc. thc Chick Flick . $'hich celebrates femile bondiDs. behar€d the malc proiagonisis are, tirey are striingely lovable at the
Mcn have ah{a}'s tmditionally shonned oyerlr sentnnental nlovies co.c. As morc quick declarations of I love you, man-' turn into tull-
and steered clear away liorn any scenes witli even a shred of on huss aDd nen literally walk through llre for one another, these
homoeroticisn1. Eut "buddy flicks" like o.,rns L/.r)., were movies may be a growing reflectioD of ho$' comfortable mcn have
considered kosher because they fanrtcd rnalc 1ii€ndships as all abont become $'ith admittins their need for atrection.It

Wry ret teDdcr, painful yet uplifting, ll)c ])itltkt RrlL dnd the gorseous kaleidoscorc ofdrcamy inrages and sensitive acting, a
,L.tct7vsas easi\'one of:oo8 s most artistic and nio\iDg films. sroup ofBauby's close friends have come out in public to clarii,
And it is no $'onder 1br it is fouDdedupon the rcal life stor] ofhow that while the lilm gets the meaning and spirit of Ba btr's mcmoir
Jean Dominique Bauby, popular editor ofFrcnch Elle nagazire well, it distods certain key trutlis .ibout the peoplc in his lifc. Thei.
sutrered a nassive strcke and a{okc to find hnnselfpanlyzed troin biggest grouse? The saiDtly portrayal ofthc mother of Bauby s
head to toe. Diasnoscd $'ith a rare neuroloiaical disorder called children (who consuitcd on thc film) as a devoted weekly vislor and
locked-in sl,ndrorne and able to only nove his left eye, Bauby ilorked the uDflattcrins dcpiction ofhis then si fdend as a coward who
wiih a speech t|erapist nnd ghostwriter to paintully bhrk out his rcfused to i'isit as she was unable to deal ivith Eauby benrg so
memoir belbre his death. Though nost asree that thc filt! is a broken roles thnt were apparentb reversediD reallife.It

Wall-E the Citv
Who rrodd havc thought a molie about two robots in love could Therc arc nary thilgs that halr
alrcady bcen w itten about this cult
snndianeously be an indictment against lrasteful consllierism, classic TV scrics its cafiung of Doden tromen's attitudes to
enliroDrnental neglect and obesity? Eilled as the "saddest besinnins rclationships, sex, money and power. But the one thing that stood
in the world 'b] its creato., l/.1/ ]r. preserted
a drrtopian vision of out most iD themoviev€rsion is the sheer amouDt of braDd-nancs
an Lafin long abedoned by human beinss $'ho leere unable to clean that we.e Dame dropped - 65 in total, from thc ubiquitous - .pple
up after tlienselves and who presumed that corporations and laptop to the Manolo BlahDik hccls uscd as a key proposal gifi to the
politicians could bc tmsicd to take up the slact( lbr thenr.'r'he image Starbuck takea$'ay culrs grippcd throug|oul e!€ry str€el scene. l€ad
ol hrmans losins bone mass i{hile they watched nr ald drank cliaracter Caric Bradshalv actually went through as manv as 8t)
Slurye€s for decades is eroogh inspiration for dloDe to set off their costume chanites to fLrlly showcnse yarious sth Avenue fashion
couch and take charge of their lives aganr. (t labels like Pmda, Vivienne Westwood, YsL and chmel. rt
59 ER0ADIR P[RSP[UIV[! thc qLat in tu'uh L 6'u.
I B r Da,iT
-l t l ot iU"
Bi qY
r iri,"
trr r1l
.__*J i,,