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Walter stood still in front of the roaring fireplace in his spacious living room. The wind
howled in from outside, through a shattered window on one of the outer walls of the
room. What once was a room of comfort and relaxation had turned into a nightmare. In
the dark red light of the fire, everything looked more menacing. The many trophy guns
hung against the walls, the silhouettes of the furniture in the room, even the flat bear skin
rug seemed to be eyeing him with a look that ensured his death. He occupied his mind by
looking down at his revolver and slinging the barrel open. One bullet left. He gently
pushed the barrel back in and, as he did, heard the sound he had been dreading for
minutes now. A dull moan echoed out through the hallways of his once lavish home. He
turned to an open hallway that connected to the living room and sure enough, only
seconds later, the animated remains of what used to be a man stumbled out of the
opening. It made its way limping and dragging nearer and nearer to the fireplace. Walter
took a small voice recorder out of his robe pocket and placed it on top of the mantle.
With a small sigh he aimed his revolver at the forehead of the corpse as it moved closer.
With his other hand he clutched a photo tightly. Im sorry. He mumbled. As the
abomination closed in, he turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger. He went limp,
falling to the floor, the picture of him, his wife, and his young daughter fluttering to a rest
beside him.

“I’m not gonna let you worm your way out of it this time Kade!” A rather large man
looked at him and flexed his muscles flashily as he threatened. He was huge, around 6‘3“
with the body of a competitive weight lifter. His dark skin glistened with the light sweat
worked up by his warm up exercises and intense brown eyes stared back at him. If it had
been anyone else of that size he would’ve been nervous, but knowing the man as he had
for over 10 years, it was just entertaining. Kade gave a wry smile, “As if I would have to?
This’ll be over before you can blink, Lance.”
“Oh, well don’t you sound confident? Maybe we should start this then?”
“Sounds good to me.”
As if on cue a small bell rung twice shortly to signify the start of the round. Kade
approached slowly, crouched so low to the ground that his hands were almost touching.
Lance lunged forward, driving into his waist, clinching both of his huge arms behind his
back. He was lifted up into the air and squeezed tightly. Kade could feel the strain being
put on his ribs. He flattened his palms and slammed them against Lances ears hard,
causing his grip to be loosened enough for Kade to fall free. With the training gear on
they din’t have to worry about holding back. Once he hit the ground he crouched and
whipped his leg hard into the back of the large mans knees, knocking him onto his back.
Wasting no time he leaped on top of him and grabbed his wrist, snaking his legs around
Lances bicep and threw his body back against the mat, pulling with all his strength. Kade
saw another huge hand reach across and grab the fist at the end of the arm he was pulling.
He pulled harder, but even then Lances arm began to draw back in towards his body.
Suddenly the arm straightened back out, catching Kade by surprise and sending his head
bouncing into the mat, then Lances large body rolled over on top of him and he felt a
hand on his shoulder. The next thing he knew he was in the air over Lances head.
“Hah, looks like I win this one!”
Kade punched the inside of Lances wrist hard, weakening his grip and fell onto his
shoulder slightly. He wrapped his legs around Lances exposed neck and clutched his
arms around his waist tightly, pulling downward with his legs. Caught off balance Lance
fell backwards, Kade’s pulling momentum sending him down against the mat on the back
of his neck and shoulders. He releases his grip as Lance slammed into the ground, and
immediately began his assault anew. As Lance rolled onto his knees to get back up, Kade
leaped onto his back and tucked an elbow snugly under his neck, using his other arm as
an anchor and torque his body back as far as he could. Within seconds he felt Lances
large hand patting against his shoulder repeatedly.
“Whoo! Oh yeah, who’s the man?” Kade let his arms slide from around Lances neck
and raised them in a show of victory to the only other spectator in the S.T.A.R.S.
gymnasium, who tipped his glasses up and laughed sportingly.
“I think he almost had you that time Kade.” A blonde youngster, no more than 19 in
age, sat on a chair with a small bell in his lap. His thin black framed glasses hung lightly
on his nose, deep blue eyes peering through the transparent lenses. He wasn’t nearly as
large or athletic as Kade or Lance, but then, that wasn’t his strong point anyway.
“No way Nate. It’ll be another three years before he’s good enough to beat me, and even
then hell be too old!” Kade joked as he helped Lance up from the mat.
“There’s no way I’ll ever get so old that I completely lose to you and that Jujutsu.”
Lance playfully jabbed him in the chest. Kade frequently made old man comments about
Lance, but the truth was that he wasn’t that old. At the age of 31 he was the oldest
member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Squad and still in great shape, far better physical shape
than Kade, which was a great feat considering how large he was. He was slightly startled
as a voice came from a nearby doorway.
“If you two are done feeling each other up, Boss wants to see us in a half hour.” Kade
turned to see his second in command, Karrie. She stood in the open doorway, her auburn
hair falling down around her shoulders, and her crystalline, light blue eyes shined in the
artificial light of the gym, the usual serious expression across her face. A drop dead
gorgeous girl, they had all frequently wondered how she got into the militaristic line of
work. But none of them ever had the courage to ask her. As she was one of the most
beautiful, she was also the most serious and dangerous. A top class sniper and the best of
them in shooting accuracy, it was best not to get on her bad side.
Kade ran a hand back through his black hair that was plastered to his forehead with
sweat from the wrestling match. The long silver streak that adorned it was barely
noticeable when it was wet. “Sure thing. Wheres Janet?” he asked.
“She already knows. She was going over entry tactics in the briefing room, something
productive. Unlike you three.”
Janet was the final one to round out the five member team. She was second only to
Nathan in terms of intelligence and second only to Karrie in terms of diligence. She was a
reasonably attractive woman, with short jet black hair and almond shaped hazel eyes
supported by a round heart-shaped face. Regardless, some could be put off by her
sternness and her interest in explosives as she was also the team’s bomb expert.
“We were being productive. We wont be of much use to you and Janet if we’re
overpowered by tank-like men such as dear Lance here.” Kade made an absent-minded
wave in Lance’s direction.
Karrie shook her head and turned to exit the gym. “28 minutes!”
A half hour later Kade walked into the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team briefing room. They
would have normally used the Alpha Team room but it was being remodeled to give it
more space, as were the rest of the briefing rooms, but Alpha’s was being done first. As
he entered he scanned the room quickly, counting five bodies in the room, aside from his.
His entire squad was sitting around a U-shaped conference table across from their boss.
John Harding wasn’t a particularly imposing man physically, but the aura that he exuded
commanded and received respect from everyone around him. He looked every bit the
stern leader, wearing a dark brown business suit with a red tie pressed neatly against a
white vertically pin striped shirt. His deep chestnut hair was slicked back, whispers of
gray beginning to run up the sides. Kade sat in the free chair between the four of his
squad mates and almost immediately after, John stood up and clasped his hands behind
his back. He felt Karrie glaring at him from his left, and turned his head slightly to look at
her. She gave him a dirty look and pointed at her watch. He mouthed the word ‘Sorry’ as
Harding turned to face them, after a few long seconds of silence.
“What do you all know about Raccoon City?”
“Raccoon City? Where is that?” Kade shrugged, curious as to what the name had to do
with anything.
Nathan pushed his glasses back against the bridge of his nose. They were a size too big
for him and had a habit of sliding down. “Its the place where a virus outbreak occurred
about 53 years ago. Some company thought they could make the perfect human bio-
weapon and started experimenting with people around there. Somehow the virus got
loose and swept through the whole city. Everyone that was infected got turned into
zombie-like creatures. It was one of the biggest news stories ever.”
“Okay, whats that have to do with us?”
John turned to Kade, a wrinkle of concern crossing his forehead. “We have reports that
similar things are happening now.” He slid a folder onto the table, and the group leaned
forward as Kade parted the covers.
Inside were dozens of pictures of decayed bodies. Some with jaws or limbs missing,
some even without eyes.
“These are...”
Harding spoke as if continuing Kade’s thoughts. “People infected with what was known
as the T-Virus. Its what the company Umbrella used in attempts to make their bio-
“They really came back to life?” he looked up in disbelief, hoping that John would deny
the answer he knew was coming.
“They did. Then they began to feed on others.”
“How long has this been going on?” Janet’s soft voice seemed to boom loudly in the
quiet room.
“We’ve been receiving reports like this for about a month now.”
Nathan took his glasses off and set them on the table as he rubbed his eyes. “Does this
mean that the Umbrella Corporation still exists?”
“I’m not sure. So far all we know is that someone has gotten their hands on the virus
and is doing more experiments. The best bet now is that Umbrella is continuing their
previous work.” John turned his back on the table and gazed at the wall, as if trying to see
something on the other side of it.
“So whats our mission?” Kade asked, getting to the question that was on the top of
every brain around the table.
John gave a slight sigh and turned to face them again. “Your job is to go on location and
figure out just what is happening. We’ve got your helicopter ready. You leave tomorrow
morning at 04:00 hours.”
Kade nodded slightly and pushed the folder back across to Johns side of the table.
“We’ll be ready.”
John simply nodded. “Dismissed.”

Kade peered out of the glass light coat of frost to watch the street lights fly by. He was
on his way, riding passenger to his host, to Lances house. For longer than he can
remember it had been a tradition between the two of them to stay the night at Lance’s
home before a mission. Nadine, Lance’s wife, always cooked the same meal, grilled steak
with mashed potatoes and a slice of cheesecake for dessert. It was Lance’s favorite and he
insisted that it was what gave him the courage and luck to return home every time. Kade
began to enjoy her cooking just as much, each time he had it, and could see Lance’s
attachment to it. Though is favorite part by far was spending time with their daughter,
and his god-daughter, Chelsea. Even at the age of four she was like her father in every
way minus the physical aspect. She was just as strong-willed, just as exciting and just as
stubborn as he was, but she was a delight to be around. As they rolled to a stop Kade
looked ahead to see that they had finally arrived at the Fields Household.

“But I don’t wanna go to bed! I wanna stay up with dad and Uncle Kade!” Chelsea’s
protests could be heard echoing from her bedroom all the way to the dining room, where
Lance and Kade were still sitting after their meal. They could also hear Nadine’s denials.
“You cant stay up bothering them, they have to leave early in the morning.” She argued.
“Oh, let her stay up with us a few more minutes, hun.” Lance yelled back. Shortly after
Kade could hear the sound of little feet pounding across the floor as she came running
into the dining room and jumped on Lance’s lap.
Nadine followed at a more leisurely pace. “You know you spoil her.” She said as she sat
at one of the two remaining empty chairs. She was beautiful, long brown hair that
reached the middle of her back, and deep green eyes sat above a small round nose. She
was like a second mother to Kade, partly because she, along with Lance, was almost a
decade older than him and spent much of her time caring for him, but mostly because she
so closely resembled his own mother.
Kade reached across the table and pinched Chelsea’s cheek, to which she reacted by
rubbing it furiously, the second he let go. He chuckled and patted her on the head.
“So, am I not allowed to ask what you boys will be doing this time either?” Nadine
probed, trying to figure out just what sort of danger they would be put in.
Lance looked to him and shrugged slightly. Kade turned to her. “Someone’s been doing
some illegal experiments. Thats about all I can say. We’re supposed to find out who it
is.” Part of him wanted to tell her the truth, because he didn’t like keeping things from
her. But the other part of him knew it was best not to. If she knew what they were really
going to investigate she would worry to no end until they returned, and he couldn’t do
that to her. “We’ll be fine, Nadine. We’ll be back before you know it.” He smiled, trying
to put her at ease.
“Yeah, you both say that a lot.” She said, raising a skeptical brow, but she had no choice
except to believe him.
“Are you gonna get to ride in a helic- a helic...” Chelsea struggled trying to say the word,
which made Kade smile.
“Yep, we’re gonna ride there in a helicopter. I’ll take pictures for you when we come
back, okay?” he winked at her and smiled as he saw the huge grin spread across her face
at the mention of pictures.
“Okay!” despite how happy she was, a long yawn escaped her.
“Now it looks like its time for someone to get to bed.” Nadine said as she lifted Chelsea
off of Lance’s knee and carried her off back down the hallway. As they exited the room
Chelsea waved a sleepy hand to them. “Bye daddy, bye Kade.” They both waved back as
she disappeared around the corner.
“She gets cuter each time I see her.” Kade said, leaning on his elbows into the table.
“Yeah, she definitely takes after Nadine.” Lance nodded as he looked at his watch. 9:32
“Its about time. We should get ready.” He said as he stood from the table, leaving his
cup of tea sitting on the small decorative coaster. Kade stood as well and they waited at
the entrance to the hallway, Nadine walking out shortly after. She knew what their
standing there meant. They were waiting for her so they could say goodbye.
“Already? But you just got home...” Kade’s heart dropped at how sad she sounded. He
knew that she cared deeply for both of them and, if she had her way, they’d never leave
“Yeah, we leave pretty early. I’m sorry.” Lance leaned down and kissed her.
“Its okay. Promise you’ll come back? Both of you?” she held both of her hands up, fists
clenched with her pinkies protruding. Kade thought it was slightly silly, pinky-swearing,
but it made her feel more comfortable with their leaving, so he didn’t hesitate at all. He
locked his pinky with hers and Lance did the same.
“We promise.” Kade said as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “See you soon.”
Lance gave her one more hug and with that they both turned and exited the house, Nadine
escorting them to the doorstep and waving them off as they pulled out of the dimmed
gravel driveway.

Dust kicked up higher from the ground than his height. Kade tucked down low and
scurried a few dozen feet away from the helicopter, moving from under the whirling
blades. He raised a hand and waved it once, giving the pilot the signal that they were all
clear. Immediately afterwards, the chopper lifted up and hovered only feet off the ground
before taking off into the air and, soon, disappearing into the distance.
Kade turned to the rest of the squad. They were all wearing the same thing he was: the
standard issued gear for S.T.A.R.S. members. This consisted of a dark blue bullet and
stab proof vest, covering their entire torso, from the neck down, and a heavy duty utility
belt with extra holds and clips for their issued knives and any extra ammunition they
were carrying. Thin, yet hard pads covered their knees, and thick soled black boots
adorned their feet, with wide ridges on the bottom for perfect balance. This was the basic
outfit, though some members decided to make small alterations to fit their own personal
taste. Lance, for example, chose to smear two thin lines of black face paint under his eyes
and cut the sleeves off of his issued undershirt, claiming they ‘restricted arms of his size’,
whereas Kade tended to wear his long sleeved shirt when they were in active missions.
Karrie hung a small pink charm from a chest zipper on her vest, a memento of her sister
that she brought with her on each mission, and Janet had stuck two patches on the rib
areas of her vest. On them were depicted symbols in Mandarin, her original language.
She frequently reminded them that they were the most important things to have with them
at all times, one stood for courage and the other meaning loyalty. Nathan’s was the only
outfit that stuck to regulation, as everything extra he had to bring fit in a small silver
briefcase along with all of his electronics, which was strapped to his back.
Kade nodded to him and Nate immediately held out a small, circular PDA. He pressed
one button on it and the screen flickered to life, a thin blue ray rising up from the wide
screen. Shortly afterwards a three dimensional and rotating map hazed into existence.
Nathan pointed to a glowing red spot in the middle of the blue map.
“We’re here.” he trailed his finger along and pointed to a glowing green spot. “The intel
that we’ve gathered suggests ground zero for the experiments is here at an old cathedral
in the center of town.”
Kade nodded and snapped suddenly, and Nate put the data pad away. “Lets move out.
Keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious.” He normally was a very cheery and laid
back person, but everything about the mission they were on was a bit creepy to him. They
began walking and soon passed through an old broken down archway, what was clearly
supposed to be the entrance to the town. From the looks of things it had been deserted for
quite a while. The buildings on either side of the gravel road were dusty and nearly
destroyed, many with holes in the walls and roofs. As they trekked inward he became
uneasy about being in a place like this. A hand drifted down to the pistol on his hip, more
for comfort than him thinking he might need to use it.
Beside him he saw Lance pull off his green and yellow camouflage bandanna and wipe
his face with it. “Why is it so warm here?” he asked, tying the bandana back around his
Kade did notice that a few beads had been steadily forming on his forehead as they
landed, even though he had been almost to the point of shivering when they first took
flight. “You’re right. Its the middle of autumn in Wyoming and I’m sweating.” He turned
to Nathan. “What’s up with the weather here?”
“Well,” he began as he tapped a few keys on his PDA. “It looks like there’s something
big putting out a lot of heat in the area.“ He finished his thought as numbers scrolled by
on the screen of the pad.
“Can you tell where its coming from?” Kade asked, moving over beside him to take a
better look at the screen.
“Yep.” Nathan nodded once decisively and held the data pad so he could see. A bright
red orb glowed brightly as the map materialized again. It was in the same place they
suspected the lab to be.
“Well that makes sense.” Kade nodded slightly. “Whatever’s going on in that cathedral,
its changing the climate around here.”
Karrie snapped twice quickly, causing them to look over at her. “We should go. I have a
bad feeling about this place.”
He nodded and waved his hand in the signal to keep moving. Whenever Karrie got a bad
feeling it was best to be on guard, as they were often very accurate.
After a long and uncomfortable walk they found themselves at the base of a long and
tall stairway leading up to a wide open area in front of the cathedral, which seemed to be
the town center.
Kade glanced back to the rest of the group, sweat freely falling from his face now. “Let
me guess Nate. It gets hotter the closer we get to the source.” He exhaled, figuring that
was the only way the temperature could skyrocket in such a short distance.
“Thats right. I don’t understand it though. If it gets this hot around whatever is causing
this heat, how is anyone even inside the cathedral? They would be burned severely within
They finally reached the top of the stairs and gathered around, as much to rest after the
burning climb as much as to examine their surroundings. Where the outer edges of the
town still had patches of grass growing despite the heat, the area around the church was
barren. There were no trees, no grass, and no wildlife. The ground had become cracked
and dusty and seemed to crackle under each step.
Kade wiped his face with his shirt sleeve which had begun to stick to his forearm in an
attempt to clear is face of the sweat, but to no avail, as more just poured out of him.
“Lets hurry and get inside. Maybe there’s air conditioning in there.” Lance winced as a
bead of sweat rolled into his eye.
“I agree. They must have taken measures to protect themselves from the heat inside the
building.” Janet chimed in as even she was beginning to show fatigue from prolonged
exposure to the heat.
Kade nodded his agreement and they began at a quick jog towards the cathedral doors.

“What should we do about them, sir?” A tall, slender man in a black pin-striped suit
asked as he glared at the monitor. His thin black hair matted itself to his forehead as he
began to break out in a nervous sweat. through the screen he watched as the 5 heavily
armed people made their way closer and closer towards the towering old church.
A much larger man sat in a wide cushioned chair, his hands clasped in front of his face,
peering over them towards the array of monitors arranged in front of him. His dark eyes
looked black in the dim room, and his gray hair was slicked back, save for one strand that
hang down over his face. “Nothing.” We let the virus take care of them. he snarled. He
turned his chair to face the thin man. “How long until the hangar bay is pried open,
Matthew?” he asked, still a little upset at the situation. Before the added headache of
what looked like a government raid on his laboratory, there had been an explosion. From
what, he wasn’t sure, but it had caused some problems with the helicopter hangar, and
they had to resort to cutting it open. It was taking longer than he’d liked and it had began
to anger him.
“Um, I’m not sure, sir. W-we’re working as quickly as we can.” Matthew stammered,
visibly uncomfortable under his boss’ firm gaze.
“Well speed it up. We need to leave here by yesterday.” he growled as he turned his
chair back to scan the monitors. Their visitors were just outside of the cathedral double
doors. At least he would be able to take some satisfaction in watching them die before he

Kade reached out, touching one of his gloved hands to the door knobs to check its
temperature. It was surprisingly cool, almost cold, given the situation they were in. He
glanced back at his team and nodded once, pulling his pistol up out of its holster and
holding it against his body. Once he heard everyone’s shuffling cease behind him he
twisted the knob and kicked the door open, taking a few steps in, swinging the barrel of
his gun around as he surveyed the room. He held up a hand, signifying for them to split
up and search each side of the room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Karrie, Nathan
and Janet go along the wall on the other side of the door. He and Lance moved slowly
behind the pews, his gun at the ready. He touched a finger to his ear as he reached the far
wall, and began making his way towards the altar.
“Report.” he whispered.
Static crackled only momentarily then gave way to perfect sound, as if Karrie was
standing right beside him. “Nothing here. Have you looked between the benches? There
are people lying all over the floor in here.” she said rather calmly. But then again, Karrie
wasn’t one to lose her cool easily.
Kade looked inwards, and for the first time noticed the bodies strewn across the ground
between the church pews. “You’re right. Check to see if they’re still alive.” he said as he
moved closer, kneeling beside one body. He felt a hand to its neck, finding no pulse. The
same result accompanied the second and third that he checked. They were all dead.
“All dead.” said Karrie, confirming his own thoughts. “They don’t look infected though.
Maybe they were killed?” she said, thinking aloud.
“Can’t rule it out. Stay sharp over there. I don’t like how this feels.” Kade said, still
unable to shake his uneasy feeling.
He and Lance reached the altar seconds before the other three emerged from the cover
of the thick stone pillars that lined each side of the huge room.
Kade turned to Nathan, sliding his pistol back into his hip holster. “Nate, where do we
go to get to that lab?” he asked. “I didn’t see any doors or elevators anywhere.”
“Yeah, I was thinking that too. The only thing I can imagine is that they’ve hidden it
somewhere.” he replied shrugging.
“Great. Now we have to play hide and seek.” Kade sighed as he ran a hand through his
hair, and noticed he wasn’t sweating. “...Its much cooler in here than it is outside.” he
“You’re right.” Janet added. “Maybe if we can find where he air is coming from we can
find an entrance?” she said, offering up a solution.
Kade heard a slight groan behind him and laughed slightly. “It won’t be that bad
Lance.” he said, shaking his head.
“I didn’t say anything.”
In an instant Kade whirled around and had his pistol drawn, as did the rest of the team,
their collective eyes scanning the area surrounding the altar.
“Do you think all these people might be...” Nathan trailed off.
Lance adjusted his grip on the machine gun in his hands. “Wouldn’t surprise me. This is
why we came here after all.” he said, swinging his gun across towards the door.
“...Guys... You should find that door soon.” he said, sounding a bit worried.
Kade turned around to see what had startled him and realized why he was unsettled.
Every corpse that they had seen on the way towards the alter had begun to slowly lift
themselves off of the ground.
“Nate, get looking for that door. Now.” he commanded. “Rest of you, nobody even gets
near to laying a finger on him.” he lifted his pistol, taking aim at one of the corpses
getting up from one of the front pews.
He heard a clatter and saw Nate drop to the ground, almost dropping his things, his PDA
open and pressing buttons frantically. A loud growl brought his attention back to the front
of the altar, and he noticed one of the infected bodies that had finally gotten to its feet
began to hobble towards the altar. “Fire at will.” He ordered, even as he pulled the
trigger, burying a single bullet into one of the decaying legs. It didn’t slow.
“So much for disabling them.” Lance barked. He hefted his machine gun and let out a
small burst of fire, walking several bullets up the chest of the infected corpse’s body,
causing it to tip over and shudder once, falling still.
“Uh...” Nathan stammered. “Uh, Kade. You have to shoot them in a certain place!
Reports from the last-”
Kade interrupted. “Keep it short Nathan!” he shot a few more rounds into an armless
corpse that began walking up the steps to the dais. The body rocked back and finally
caved, falling back down the stairs, under the joined fire of his and Karrie’s pistols.
“Okay, shoot it in the head! If the brain is dead it won’t function!” he said as he held his
PDA up, scanning the room in comparison to the model his map had created.
“You heard him. Aim for the head.” he echoed, pumping another shot into a nearing
zombie’s face. To his surprise it dropped from the single bullet. He reloaded, looking
around. He noticed that more were cropping up faster than they could kill them. “How’s
that door coming Nate?” he yelled back over the echoing gunfire.
“I almost got it, just a bit longer!” he said, still pressing buttons.
“I got something that’ll hold ‘em off.” Janet almost sang, and Kade knew immediately
what she had in mind.
“Be careful with that. This room isn’t huge!” he said as he shot one of the corpses in the
leg and then in the head, when it dropped to its knees.
Janet didn’t reply, and after a second of silence he heard a small click. “Everybody
down!” she yelled as she tossed a small metal ball into the middle of the aisle.
They all ducked behind the large desk in the middle of the altar. Two seconds later they
heard a pop, followed by dozens of pained wails and metal clanks.
Kade peeked from behind the table and saw the havoc that she had unleashed. The ball
had exploded and released over 20 smaller spiked balls that began bouncing off of walls
and the floor. Some tore through the corpses and others embedded in them, but for the
most part the bulk of the horde was arrested for a few seconds. Which seemed to be
enough time.
“Got it! It’s under this!” Nathan tapped the desk they were hiding behind. “Lance, push
this out of the way.” he said, packing his things up.
Kade and Lance immediately began pushing, and sent the desk rolling down the steps,
crushing several of the infected husks under it. Nate pulled the red carpeting back
revealing a metal trap door. He tugged on it, pulling the hatch open. “Let’s go!” he said,
as he dropped his suitcase down, and hopped down into it.
“Go, go, go!” Kade ushered them down into the hatch one by one until just he and
Lance were left.
“After you, leader.” Lance chimed as he let off a burst from his machine gun before
“You’re having too much fun with that.” Kade shook his head and jumped down the
hatch. Shortly after Lance followed closing and bolting the hatch behind him. “Whew!
That certainly got the blood flowing.” he laughed as he wiped his forehead.
“You’re crazy. Seriously. And Janet, what the hell was that?” he asked, turning to her.
“Just something I made up. It worked didn’t it?” she retorted.
He sighed. “Just warn someone before you do something like that.” he shook his head
again. “Where are we now Nate?” he asked, holstering his pistol.
“It looks like this is the back entrance. From what I can gather this is just one of the few
emergency exits. There’s only one way from here, so I guess that’s where we’re headed.”
he gestured to the hallway that they had escaped into, and the door at the end of it.
“Stay up people. This is gonna get worse before it gets better.” Kade said as he moved a
hand to the grip of his pistol and began moving down the hallway.