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Accomplishment Report

Date: January- October, 2009

JANUARY- BPOAC monthly meeting at Victoria Village Barangay under Punong

Barangay L. Somera.

-monthly meeting of Barangay Tanods every last Saturday of the month. To

discussed matters on how the Barangay Tanods were effective to their work in serving
the community.

FEBRUARY- BPOAC monthly meeting at Quezon Hill Proper Barangay under Punong
Barangay C. Dalisay. Sub-station 1 commander PC/Insp. Radino Belly updated the crime
incident happened.

-monthly meeting of Barangay Tanods, presided by the committee chairman

of peace and order committee relayed to them the monthly report of the sub-station 1

MARCH- BPOAC monthly meeting at Fairview Barangay under Punong Barangay


-monthly meeting of Barangay Tanods, Kgd. Ferrer monitored that the two
Barangay ordinance (curfew hours for minors and closure time of business establishment)
be implemented.

APRIL- BPOAC monthly meeting at Lourdes Subd. Extension Barangay under Punong
Barangay Macadangdang together with the 13 Punong Barangay and all Barangay
Kagawads and Tanods of different barangay.

-monthly meeting of Barangay Tanods, Kgd. Ferrer evaluated all their works and

-attended the seminar of charting the future of the City of Baguio. A visioning
workshop held at Hotel Supreme on April 13-16,2009.

MAY- BPOAC monthly meeting at Campo Filipino Barangay under Punong Barangay
Abdulah. PC/Insp. Radino Belly alerted all the Punong Barangay committee chair of
Peace and Order and all the Barangay Tanods to be more active especially at night
because the “Akyat Bahay Gang” were active.

- Presided the monthly meeting of the Barangay Tanods of Middle

Quezon hill, to discussed matters and implemented ordinances for the
benefits of the community.Attended also, were matters regarding
queries being reported by the community people.
- Reported the incident happened at the house of Virginia Tuffay where
the Akyat Bahay Gang strikes again and conveyed stricted patrol of the
Barangay Tanods mostly on that area.
- Supervised the riding public in easier transport in cooperation of the
Driver’s Association.

JUNE- Attended the BPOAC meeting at MRR Queen of Peace under Punong Barangay
Quiñones together with the Punong Barangay, Kgd., Barangay Tanods, and PC/Insp.
Radino Belly updated us the incident happened for the whole month of June and
discussed to us on how to be more effective in crime SOP’s and intervention. P.B.
Macadangdang discussed also the professionalization of the tanod.

August 22 –attended the bpoac meeting at lourdes proper brgy.

under the leadership of punong brgy. cuetso.

August 26 – monitored the proper disposal of garbage at night

until morning.

August 29 – joined the clean up drive at purok 1.

September 1- joined the parade for the celebration of the

centennial of baguio.

September 8- attended the multisectoral forum

“ pagtitipon para sa kabataan” under educator

tenedero sponsored by abba alumni of baguio


September 25 – Pb informed me about the meeting of the Barangay Tanod at the

residence of Julius Kitong, we attended the meeting together with the Barangay Tanods.

September 26- Attended the general assembly and the continuation of the training-
seminars of the Barangay Tanod held at Convention Center.

September 30- Assisted the sub station and the SOCO ( Scene of Crime Operation) to
investigate the crime at Baquiran’s residence.
October 7-14- Monitored the garbage station on how the proper disposal of garbage.

October 7- Assisted and rescued the family of Florentino the caretaker of Carmen
Peralta. And assisted the CCDC (City Disaster Coordinating Council) for the emergency
cutting of 3 pine trees caused by soil erosion.

October 8 – Assisted and rescued the family of Rolando Mamerto to mare the necessary
moved and prevented the caused of the soil erosion.

- Helped also the family of Martin for clearing operation not to caused bile

October 15 – Also conducted an ocular inspection of purok 7 and checked the Project 1.



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