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Table of Contents
St. Elizabeth
Holds 13th
Annual Golf
On Monday, March 31, 2014,
St. Elizabeth hosted its 13th
Annual Golf Classic at the
Links at Pelican Point. This
annual golf scramble,
benefitting the St. Elizabeth
Endowment Fund, depends
heavily on the help of countless
team members and volunteers.
It also relies on the consistent
support of sponsors to ensure
success year after year.
116 golfers competed,
representing 29 teams. Majestic
Medical Solutions served as the
event’s Cart sponsor for the
second straight year, and the
Franciscan Missionaries of Our
Lady Health System again
contributed as the Gold
Sponsor. EATEL, the
Pathology Group of Louisiana
and Whitney Bank sponsored
at the Corporate level.
The Action Therapy and
Wellness team, represented by
Clint Guillot, Jay Bryant,
Jimmy Joubert and Dwight
Poirrier, took first place.
Himmel’s Architectural Door
and Hardware, represented by
Jay Himmel, David Barbato,
Tony Freeman and Chad
Himmel, placed second, and
Ascension Emergency
Physicians, represented by Dr.
Chris Trevino, Dr. Jamie
Broussard, Dr. Brian Sanders
and Kreg Richard, placed third.
The Closest to the Pin contest
was won by Jeff Sirk, Majestic
Medical Solutions, and the
Longest Drive contest was
won by Kathryn Graves,
Regions Bank.
Jeff Sirk, Majestic Medical Solutions
won Closest to the Pin
Kathryn Graves
Longest Drive contest Winner
Action Therapy and Wellness golf team won the tournament
Sincere thanks go out to the
numerous volunteers who
assisted with the months long
planning and execution. In
addition to a multitude of
hospital team members, the
Women’s Advisory Council of
St. Elizabeth Hospital,
Franciscan Missionaries of Our
Lady Health System Materials
Management team members,
St. Elizabeth Physicians team
members all gave of their time
and effort to ensure the
tournament’s success.
Treat All Injuries,
Personal Injury
and Work
Related Accidents
We Can Meet All of Your
Rehabilitation Needs
When Your Doctor Orders Therapy
Offer Sports
Assessments for
Athletes of
All Sports
Therapy Team has Over
45 Years of Experience
Therapy Team has Over
45 Years of Experience
Conveniently located on Worthy Road in Gonzales across from EATEL
Photos Provided by ‘The Creole’
St. Elizabeth
Women’s Advisory
Council Announces
2014 Members
The St. Elizabeth Hospital
Women's Advisory Council is
proud to announce the 2014
Member Roster.
2014 St. Elizabeth Hospital
Women’s Advisory listed in alpha
order: Claudette Aubert, Brenda
Bertraud, Audrey Boudreaux, Pam
Cagnolatti, Denise Chifici, Amy
Colby, Martha Collins, Pam
Dawson, Mona Day, Sherry
Denig, Sherrie Despino, Nikki
Dupuy, Charla Johnson, Sue
Knight, Dee LeJeune, Rae Milano,
Miranda Mumphrey, Mary Myers,
Suzanne Patterson, Judy Petite,
Patrice Pujol, Ranee Rogers,
Brendalen T. Scott, Glenda
Shaheen, Kerry Songy, Cynthia
Stafford, Ann Stone, Donna Villar,
Judy Waguespack, Harriet Walters,
Lillie Murphy, Kathy Schexnayder,
Dawn Sharp, Marian Walsworth.
The St. Elizabeth Women's
Advisory Council was formed to
enhance the communication
between the hospital and the
greater Ascension Parish commu-
nity, fostering a greater under-
standing of the services provided
by St. Elizabeth Hospital.
Women's Advisory Council pro-
vides four nursing scholarships
each year. To apply for a scholar-
ship you must be a student and
currently enrolled in an RN pro-
gram, please request an application
form from Mary.Myers@steh.com
Mother’s Day
is on the Way.
By Mike Strong
It is the time of the year when
things are new and fresh with
Springtime and Easter on the
way. Life and family come
together. With Mother’s Day,
in May, I thought I would
share a story that families live
every day.
There is something
special between a
Grandson and his
While in high school my
Grandmother, Mamaw, lived
down the street and she had
trouble walking so it was my
job to go pick her up for
supper in my Volkswagen
Beetle. The best part of my trip
was telling her to hold on and
then driving through the
drainage ditch to park next to
the house. She would fuss and
raise hell every time but
privately. I knew she loved it.
Last week we had a family
dinner after the East Ascension
Senior Ring Night Ceremony at
Sno’s Seafood and Steak
As we sat around the table,
Tristan talked his Grammy into
cutting his steak for him. With
thumbs up he was happy and
plotting to have more fun with
her later.
The desserts were served and in
a blink, Tristan had dabbled
whip cream on her nose like he
has done so many times before
at home. She moaned and
groaned and loved every
minute of it.
Cherish the moments you have
with your loved ones and never
forget their importance.
To All the Mother’s and
Grandmother’s. You are the
most blessed family members
we have.
It’s Time to
Pinch Dem’
In a previous Sweet Eyes article,
I discussed the bloat and
swelling that can occur after a
day of eating crawfish and how
to reduce the effects of that.
Today, I want to give you
several reasons to eat some
bugs this crawfish season.
Reason #1
It’s a social event! Only in
south Louisiana can you make
an all day even out of boiling
crawfish. The guys hang
around the pot solving the
world’s issues while the ladies
chat and prepare a refreshing
dessert for after eating all those
spicy crawfish.
It’s a day for kids to hang by
the pool or the river or some
form of water. The reason for
that is they can just jump in
after eating to clean
themselves off!
Another plus is that because
there is such little meat in each
little bug, you can continue to
eat for hours after your initial
sitting. But overall, a day of
boiling and eating those yummy
red bugs is all about friends
and family.
So, eat some bugs Ascension.
It is so worth it!
Reason #2
They are actually good for you!
Despite the bad rumors about
all the cholesterol and fat in
crawfish, they ARE actually
good for you.
First of all, Crawfish are an
excellent source of protein. And
remember, the more protein
you get in your diet, the fuller
you feel, keeps your insulin low,
which ultimately results in
weight loss!
The fat content in a serving,
which is about 3 oz., of washed
crawfish tail meat is only about
1% of your daily allowance of
fat and half your daily allowance
of cholesterol. Also some
studies have shown that
consuming a diet high in
seafood has been shown to
reduce the incidence of
Alzheimer’s, angina, stroke,
asthma, heart disease and
cancer. Crawfish muscle fibers
are shorter than the muscle
fibers in red meats and are
more easily digested. They are
also low in calories, fat and
saturated fat, and a good source
of vitamins. (crawfish.org)
Nutrients in crawfish:
• Biotin
• Calcium
• Iron
• Niacin
• Phosphorus
• Protein
• Selenium
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin B-6
• Vitamin B-12
Moroccan Oil
Although this product has been
out for a while, I’m just trying
it, so I’d like to give you my
The co-founder, of Moroccan
Oil created the line after
receiving a color service that
left her hair badly damaged. A
friend brought her to a salon
where she experienced an
astonishing oil treatment. The
result was that her hair instantly
transformed from damaged to
shiny, smooth and manageable.
At the time, oil treatments for
hair were not as prevalent as
they are today, and the
Moroccan Oil brand was
The products are a very
reasonable and will last a long
time. The repair line is
especially good for weakened or
damaged hair from color,
chemical processing or heat
styling. It contains antioxidant-
rich argan oil, reconstructive
keratin and fatty acids, is
color-safe, sulfate, phosphate
and paraben-free and
keratin-enriched. The 8.5 oz.
Conditioning Repair shampoo
is $21.80 and
Conditioner is
$22.80. I also
tried the light
Moroccan Oil
serum and it
retails for $39.
There are a few
products lines
like: repair,
hydrate and frizz
control. I’ve
used the repair
line after my
stylist suggested
it to me. Why
did she suggest
it? Well, I got
some bonded
extension in my
hair that really
damaged my hair.
I don’t believe it
was the exten-
sions, but I do believe my hair
was and is too fine to tolerate
those extensions. None the
less, between that and
my highlighted hair, it is
frail and dry.
After using my first bottle of
Repair Moroccan Oil, I’ve
noticed how much shinier,
softer and stronger my hair is.
Now, when I blow dry my hair,
I don’t see small broken pieces
falling out, which is great.
You only need a little bit of the
shampoo. Wet your hair
thoroughly, apply a small
amount of shampoo and then
rewet while you rub the
shampoo into your hair. It
actually lathers more with
more water.
Also, I try to leave the
conditioner in overnight. Be
careful though; don’t use a
pony tail holder on wet hair.
It was pull the hair in that wet,
weakened state. I would let
the conditioner air dry a bit
and then clip it before going
to bed.
Also, a new trick I’ve learned is
to use an old T shirt to dry
your hair. It’s gentler than a
bath towel.
Embrace your
I know it’s hard to let people
see weakness or something less
than attractive in us. We don’t
want others to judge us, and
we certainly don’t want them
to leave us. I believe when we
become vulnerable and truly
open up, that’s when real
relationships develop. I think if
someone loves us, they love us
for all the ugly things too. As a
matter of fact, I believe, once
you share something you’re not
proud of, they appreciate your
transparency so much, they
love you a little bit more.
People need to see the real us,
not the person we want to
portray. Our weaknesses can
actually be a platform for us to
serve and to share…to make a
difference. The thing we think
is so ugly is the very thing
God wants to use to fulfill
our purpose.
CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary
non-surgical contouring treatment,
clinically proven to selectively reduce
fat layers in problem areas using a
patented cooling technology. It is a
safe and effective procedure that
gently cools unwanted fat cells in the
body to induce a natural, controlled
elimination of fat cells. This reduces
bulges in treated areas of the body
without harming surrounding tissue.
Fat cells are more susceptible to
cold and are selectively, painlessly
and permanently destroyed. Starting
several weeks after the procedure,
cooled fat cells begin a process
called “apoptosis” and begin to shrink
and disappear. The body proceeds
to naturally and gradually eliminate
the cooled fat cells, reducing the
thickness of the fat layer.
Unlike many other methods of fat
reduction, CoolSculpting involves
NO needles, NO surgery, and most
importantly, NO downtime. During the
procedure, a non-invasive applicator
delivers precisely controlled cooling
to the treatment area thereby
specifically targeting fat. Treatments
last between one to two hours.
Patients can have additional
procedures for more pronounced
effects if they desire. Patients can
start to see results as soon as three
weeks following treatment, with the
most dramatic results occurring over
a period of two to four months in
most patients.
During your consultation, Ann Zedlitz,
M.D. of Z Aesthetic Dermatology will
develop a customized Treatment to
Transformation plan to address your
specific areas of concern. The best
candidates for the procedure are
people near their ideal body weight
who eat well and exercise regularly
and have pockets of fat that have not
responded to a healthy lifestyle.
• It is non-invasive so patients can
resume daily activities including work
and exercise, immediately following
• Patients can generally sit or lie
comfortably and read, work on their
laptop or even nap during the
procedure. The procedure is
performed in the Z Aesthetic
Dermatology office located at 5305
Flanders Dr. Baton Rouge, LA
• Procedures last about one to two
hours, so treatment can easily be
performed during a lunch hour or
without major disruption to the day.
• On average, each CoolSculpting
Procedure results in a 20% reduction
of fat in the treated areas.
Ann Zedlitz, M.D. is a board certified
dermatologists that specializes in
Aesthetic Dermatology. Dr. “Z” and
her “Z” Team are dedicated to
helping every woman and man look
and feel their very best. Z Aesthetic
Dermatology Clinic, located at 5305
Flanders Dr. Baton Rouge, LA, is a
state of the art facility equipped with
the latest in advanced technology
and offers an array of cosmetic and
laser procedures. Feel free to call
with questions or to schedule a
consultation at 225-778-7540.
Say BYE-BYE to
Ann Zedlitz, M.D.
Z Aesthetic Dermatology
The Difference
is in the Details
Grass Rangers is dedicated to making
your life easier by providing trained
crews to Design, Build and Maintain
almost any aspect of your landscape.
225. 622. 5115 •
www. g r a s s r a n g e r s . c o m
Create a
Wardrobe of
Gold Jewelry
with Layne Gautreau
It takes time and thought to
assemble a jewelry wardrobe that
is just right for you. First take
stock of your features and decide
what to play up and what to
minimize. Analyze your facial
shape, body shape and size,
coloring, and the type of clothes
you wear. Decide what your
needs are and in what order of
importance, then accumulate
those items through the years.
The finest gold jewelry is made of
18 karat or 14 karat gold, and a
wide choice of beautiful finishes is
available for you to choose from.
Earrings - These are the most
noticed piece of personal jewelry.
The size and shape of an earring
depends on your face and earlobe.
When buying earrings, always
shake your head to see if they fit
properly. And try both earrings on,
since no two ears are alike. Start
with a pair of plain gold earrings
for daily wear and add others later.
Rings - Engagement and
wedding rings are generally the
first rings worn by women. But it’s
always nice to have a fashionable
gold ring set with diamonds or
colored gems to wear for daytime
or evening wear.
Bracelets - The classic gold
bangle should be your first choice.
It’s a wearable, versatile style that
shows quiet good taste and can be
combined with bangle styles in
various widths or bangles set with
colored faceted gems.
Did You Know?
Fascinating Facts about Gold
Through the Ages
1. In 500 B.C. the great temple of
Babylon contained a large seated
statue of Zeus (Marduk) with a
throne, footstool, and table near
him. According to the historian
Heroditus, all were made of solid
gold and weighed a total of 800
talents. A talent was about 60
pounds so the total would have
been twenty-four tons of gold.
2. The Golden Calf worshipped
by the slaves in Moses’ time
revealed that during that era gold
was available in ample amounts,
even to the Jewish captives.
Unfortunately, it was never
thought to use the gold to bribe
them out of captivity in Egypt
because gold was not yet
perceived as money.
3. The First Gold Coin to bear
the portrait of a living person was
the gold pentadrachma of Ptolemy
1 of Egypt (323 – 285 B.C.).
Ptolemy was a Macedonian Greek
general who served under
Alexander the Great. He became
ruler of Egypt after Alexander’s
4. In 1872 the largest golden
nugget was discovered by
Bernhard Otto Holterman in
Australia. The nugget weighed
630 pounds and was 4 feet, 4
inches high by 2 feet, 2 inches
How to
File a Hail
Storm Claim
If you live in North Ascension
Parish, chances are your roof
sustained damage due to the
recent hail storm around 5:30
am on Sunday February 23rd.
If you live in or around this
area, you will want to know
how and when to file an
insurance claim for damages.
Step 1:
Call Your Insurance Agency -
Notify your insurance
company that you have hail
damage on your home from
the hailstorm that occurred on
February 23rd.
Step 2:
Get a qualified opinion - If you
suspect you have damage to
your roof from a hail storm, get
several opinions from qualified
roofing companies. In making
your selection make sure you
take into consideration a com-
pany's reputation and not just
the price or discounted rates
they're offering you.
Step 3: Filing the claim - 
This is the easy part. If
the roofing companies
recommended you call in a
claim, just call your insurance
company and tell them you
want to file a claim for hail
damage. You will be assigned
a claim number. Be sure to
write this claim number down.
Step 5:
Meeting the insurance adjuster -
 When the insurance adjuster
comes, there will not be much
for you to do. Hopefully, you'll
have the roofing contractor
meet the adjuster with you.
Step 6:
When the adjustor leaves c-
Well hopefully, they gave you
a favorable indication about a
settlement, so the next thing
you want to do is make sure
you get written quotes from
the roofing companies you've
been working with.
Step 7:
Getting the work done -If your
insurance company approves
your claim, you will you will be
assigned a claim number. Be
sure to write this claim number
down, your adjuster’s name
and phone number.
"The hailstorm really affected
many homes in the North
Ascension area," said Fred
Garcia, CEO of Garcia
Roofing, a local roofing
company. "We can provide
FREE roofing and repair
estimates,” said Garcia.
“Make sure to use a reputable
company than to be pressured
by an unqualified contractor.”
Since 1992, Garcia Roofing
has been one of the largest
roofing contractors in the state
of Louisiana, servicing over
1600 customers a year with
25 employees. For Hail
Damage or Free Estimates
please contact Garcia Roofing
at 225-756-3100.
The Official Program will be the
publication distributed at the
Jambalaya Festival.
Advertise in the
Official Program and
Help the Community
Danny Robert 2012 Jambalaya Champion
Advertising revenues raised go to
The Jambalaya Festival Association which, in turn,
are used and put back into our community.
To purchase ad space or
want to be a sponsor contact:
Wally Tallion
Mike Strong
We are seeking
Sponsors for the
Festival 2014
FREE New Patient Exam,
and X-rays.
May not be combined with other coupons.
Limited to one person in each immediate family.
• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth
Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD
13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call: 225.673.6910 • www. AscensionDentist.com
Diet and
Oral Health
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Your body is like a complex
machine. The foods you choose as
fuel and how often you “fill up”
affect your general health and that
of your teeth and gums. Many
dentists are concerned that their
patients are consuming record
numbers of sugar-filled sodas, sweet-
ened fruit drinks, and non-nutritious
snacks that affect their teeth. These
items generally have little if any
nutritional value and over time they
can take a toll on teeth.
Eating patterns and food choices
among children and teens are
important factors that affect how
quickly youngsters may develop
tooth decay. When bacteria (plaque)
come into contact with sugar in the
mouth, acid is produced, which
attacks the teeth for 20 minutes or
more. This can eventually result in
tooth decay.
Not sure you're getting the nutri-
ents, vitamins and minerals needed
by your body (and your teeth and
gums)? Check out the U.S.
Department of Agriculture's Web
site. The USDA oversees the nutri-
tional health of the nation. The
agency's dietary recommendations
are designed to promote optimal
health and to prevent obesity-related
diseases including cardiovascular
disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancers.
The government's recommenda-
tions recognize that people have
different dietary needs at various
stages of life. They offer guidance
for children and adults based on
their levels of physical activity. Your
physician or a registered dietician
can also provide suggestions for
your daily food intake.
Foods that contain sugars of any
kind can contribute to tooth decay.
Almost all foods, including milk or
vegetables, have some type of sugar.
However, they shouldn't be
removed from our diets because
many of them contain important
nutrients. And they add pleasure to
eating. To help control the amount
of sugar you consume, read food
labels and choose foods and
beverages that are low in added
sugars. Added sugars often are
present in soft drinks, candy, cookies
and pastries.
If your diet lacks certain nutrients,
it may be more difficult for tissues
in your mouth to resist infection.
This may contribute to periodontal
(gum) disease, a major cause of
tooth loss in adults. Although poor
nutrition does not cause periodontal
disease directly, many researchers
believe that the disease progresses
faster and could be more severe in
people with nutrient-poor diets
What can you do?
• Maintain a healthy diet.
• Make sure water is readily
• Limit the number of between-
meal snacks. When you must snack,
choose nutritious foods that are low
in sugar.
• Brush thoroughly twice a day with
a fluoride toothpaste that has the
American Dental Association's Seal
of Acceptance.
• Floss or use another kind of
interdental cleaner daily to remove
plaque (a thin film of bacteria) from
under the gums and between teeth.
• Schedule regular dental visits for
checkups and cleanings.
• Keep a food diary for a week.
Record every item you eat and
drink, including hard candies or
chewing gum that contains sugar.
Compare the diary to the food
Pyramid recommendations.
How does the food you eat
cause tooth decay?
When you eat, food passes
through your mouth. Here it meets
the germs, or bacteria, that live in
your mouth. You may have heard
your dentist talk about plaque.
Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria.
These bacteria love sugars found
in many foods. When you don't
clean your teeth after eating, plaque
bacteria use the sugar to produce
acids that can destroy the hard
surface of the tooth, called enamel.
After a while, tooth decay occurs.
The more often you eat and the
longer foods are in your mouth, the
more damage occurs.
What are tips for better
dental health?
1. To get a balanced diet, eat a
variety of foods. Choose foods from
each of the five major food groups:
• breads, cereals and other grain
• fruits
• vegetables
• meat, poultry and fish
• milk, cheese and yogurt
2. Limit the number of snacks that
you eat. Each time you eat food
that contains sugars, the teeth are
attacked by acids for 20 minutes
or more.
3. If you do snack, choose nutritious
foods, such as cheese, raw vegeta-
bles, plain yogurt, or a piece of fruit.
4. Foods that are eaten as part of a
meal cause less harm. More saliva is
released during a meal, which helps
wash foods from the mouth and
helps lessen the effects of acids.
5. Brush twice a day with a fluoride
toothpaste that has the American
Dental Association Seal of
6. Clean between your teeth daily
with floss or interdental cleaners.
7. Visit your dentist regularly. Your
dentist can help prevent problems
from occurring and catch those that
do occur while they are easy to
What’s Your
I am spending the day today
with my daughter sightseeing in
Denver after a long drive from
Louisiana to the Mile High City
that has spanned the last few days.
We are here for me to attend a
seminar on special needs planning
that is being hosted by the
Academy of Special Needs
During our trip, we have seen
the Route 66 museum in Elk
City, OK, the Cadillac Ranch (a
line of Cadillacs buried hood
down in the dirt) in Amarillo, TX
and now the sites of Denver. We
also used this opportunity to visit
with my stepmother in OK and to
visit my father's and my great,
great grandmother's gravesites in
OK. Later this week, we will also
visit my grandfather's gravesite
here in Denver. All of these
nostalgic venues have made me
give a lot of thought to the title
of this month's article -- what is
your legacy?
While we often equate a legacy
with passing on material wealth,
there are so many things that we
can pass on to our family and
loved ones that are much more
important than monetary wealth.
Each of us has values and ideals
that we would like to see carried
forward to the next generation.
Additionally, we usually have
dreams and goals that we desire
for our children. We want their
lives to be even better than ours.
Despite these desires, we seldom
take the time necessary to com-
municate these things to our fam-
ily. Personally, some of the most
important things I received from
my family have been ethical values
and I will use this time with my
daughter to verbally pass along
some of those values to her.
However, for a more lasting
legacy, I (and you) should
consider an ethical will as a way
to pass on our values to our
loved ones.
So, what is an ethical will and
how do I write one? An ethical
will is simply a document
addressed to your loved ones that
bequeaths your values, ideas,
personal reflections and philoso-
phies to them. You may also
include stories with deep personal
meaning, your ancestral
background, favorite scripture
passages, or even actions for
which you may want to seek for-
giveness. There is no particular
format or content that is required
for an ethical will as long as it
expresses your heart and your per-
sonality. Your ethical will may be
a lengthy document if you choose
to tell your loved ones about your
life events, your goals, your values
and your beliefs. Or, it may be
limited to a specific topic, such as
"Mistakes I Have Learned From,"
"What Spirituality Means to Me,"
or "What I Appreciate Most."
An ethical may provide great
value to your children and other
descendants in the future, but
there will also be value to you
now in its drafting. An ethical
will can help you identify what
you value most and what you
stand for. In the process of writ-
ing your ethical will you are likely
to learn a lot about yourself. It
will also help you come to terms
with your own mortality by
creating something of value that
will live on after you are gone.
If you're convinced an ethical
will is something you want to do,
how do you get started? There
are many sources available to help
you write your ethical will. Jack
Riemer, a rabbi, co-authored a
book entitled So That Your
Values Live On: Ethical Wills &
How to Prepare Them (Jewish
Lights Publishing). A popular
website, ethicalwills.com, can also
help you prepare an ethical will.
You can also order other books
and workbooks to help you in the
process. Some attorneys who
regularly practice in the area of
estate planning may also help you
pen your ethical will or provide
samples of ethical wills to you.
Completing your estate plan-
ning is a very important matter to
ensure your family and loved ones
are protected if you become
disabled or pass away. If you
haven't already done so I encour-
age you to meet with qualified
estate planning professionals to
discuss what plan is best for you.
However, why stop there? Once
you have made sure the right
legal documents are in place to
protect your loved ones and pass
your material wealth to them as
you intend, why not consider an
ethical will to pass an even more
lasting legacy.
Ms. Melancon has engaged in the practice
of law in Louisiana for the past 16 years.
The primary focus of her practice is estate
planning, special needs planning, elder
law and probate. She is also accredited by
the VA to give advice regarding veterans’
benefits. For more information, please con-
tact her at 222-744-0027 .You may also
visit her website at
By Linda Melancon
Simon’s Outboard
Si mon’ s Out board • 13127 Roddy Road • Gonz al es • 647- 5746
In the early 80’s Simon Young made
a decision to start a business that
utilizes his knowledge of boats and his
life long passion. That’s when Simon’s
Outboard on Roddy Road began.
All Ascension Parish residents
remember the Boat Races at Hilltop
back in the 70’s & 80’s. It was the
event of the year for decades for
boating enthusiast and Simon was
right in the middle of it.
Simon set a national speed record in
1984 in his class clocking a sizzling 84
mph in the Southern Outboard racing
Association national time trials. He
drove a 14 foot V-bottom, center
steering Force 85 hp (50-899 c.i.d.
unlimited class) Locals seemed to
think the Chrysler motor was bulky
and clunky but boy for the time it
could flat run.
Simon ended his racing career in
1997 after winning the World
Championships with a 1600 lb
modified motor.
His business is built on a hand shake
and return business of customers
knowing they were going to be
treated right and fair.
He works with Casey Owens and his
son Cary. They have been together so
long they all sound the same on the
phone. However the end result is the
same. Your boat gets fixed.
Simon Young Sets National Speed Record in 1984.
Casey Owens
Cary Young
Simon Young
Poos Bourgeois
• Oysters By the Sack
• Fresh Shrimp
• A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
• Snow Crabs
• Turtle Meat
Ask for Sally’s stuff crabs.
You’ll love them.
Doug & Sally
Boi l ed Cr awf i sh Ar e Her e!
Hey Dr. Rob,
I have a question,
after my nap.
Me too,
after my nap.
2 22 25 5. . 7 74 44 4. . 4 49 90 05 5
wi t h Mar i l yn Bowman
For some time now we have heard
so much about refinancing. Here
are a few questions to ask yourself
before your decide if refinance is for
you. A home mortgage refinance
may sound like a good idea in
theory but it's not always possible
or desirable. For starters, lenders
have lightened up the approval
process, making it more difficult to
get a loan. Homeowners today need
to qualify for the loan, have great
income, great credit and great value
in their home. In addition, a
refinance may not be in your best
interest if you plan to sell your
home in a few years.
Before taking the next step, ask
yourself the following questions:
You need to have at least 20%
equity in the home to qualify for a
new loan without paying private
mortgage insurance. Adding PMI
to the coast of a new loan could
negate the benefit of a refinance.
Today many homeowners owe more
on their mortgages than the house is
worth. However, this does not
necessarily rule out the refinance.
You should still apply for a refinance
even if you have low equity because
there are some programs and loans
that may accept it. The best way to
find out if you fit into one of these
programs is to visit a lender.
Good credit scores play a big role in
securing a good mortgage interest
rate. You will need a good credit
score to qualify for any type of
mortgage. Mortgage rates operate
on a sliding scale, with the lowest
rates going to applicants with the
highest credit score of 720 or
higher. Borrowers with scores
below 620 will have trouble
qualifying for a mortgage at any rate.
Many homeowners refinance to
lower their monthly payments.
A mortgage calculator can give
borrowers a sense of what their
new payment would be after a refi.
Others choose a shorter-term loan
with a higher monthly payment so
that they can reduce overall interest
payments and own their homes
faster. Some people are
restructuring their loan to a 20-
15 or 10 year mortgage which works
well for people with plenty of dis-
posable income.
Consider your overall financial goals.
It may be better to contribute to
retirement savings or college
savings, pay off high-interest debt
and save 6 to 12 months of expenses
before considering a shorter more
expensive mortgage.
Also consider whether you want to
retire without a mortgage before
considering a new 30 year loan.
People who have employment
concerns may want to refinance to
the lowest possible payment in case
they experience a job loss.
Mortgage professionals will advise
homeowners who are considering a
refi that it will cost from 3 to 6
percent of the loan amount.
Consider how long it will take to
reach the breakeven point and when
the savings outweighs the costs.
Borrowers with adjustable rate
mortgages or interest only should
consider the potential benefit of
switching to a fixed rate loan.
Borrowers with an ARM should
switch to a fixed rate loan unless
they intend to move within a year.
If you have a subprime ARM you
should definitely switch to a
new loan.
While new loans today rarely have
a prepayment penalty, many home-
owners still have loans with that
restriction , which could reduce
the financial gain of a refinance.
If you have a second mortgage or
line of credit refinancing could be
complex but speak to your
mortgage professional.
Celebrating 6 Years of Commitment to Service in the Dutchtown Community
Chase Roy, PT, DPT
We are Your Community
Physical Therapy Provider
36501 Mission Street, Suite A (Inside Fusion Health & Fitness) Prairieville, Louisiana 70769
225.744-3631 • Fax 225.744.3647
THERAPY is excited to
offer you a free and
confidential way to ask Chase
Roy, PT, DPT, questions you
may have about nagging pain
or injuries that a physical
therapist might be able to
assist you with.
Your inquiry will go directly to
the clinician’s e-mail box and is
completely confidential. Chase
will reply to your question with
the knowledge and profession-
alism Ascension residents have
come to know and trust.
Chase Roy, PT, DPT, may offer
you a written reply to your
question or should he feel that
he could best answer your
question by seeing you in the
clinic, he may suggest a free
assessment be done to better
assist you with your problem.
Some inquiries may be
printed in the ASK THE
EXPERT column each
month, but the inquiry
will only be listed by
a first name and
last initial.
I was diagnosed through an MRI that I have a torn meniscus. My doctor
suggested I try some injections and stated that I could avoid surgery.
I have had two injections and although I really do not want to have surgery, I am
still suffering pain and stiffness. Is there anything I can do that might help me
along with the injections to avoid surgery?
Mary H. - Prairieville, Louisiana
Mary - In conjunction with the injections that you have received, it would be
beneficial to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. The stronger you can
get the muscles, the better they can support the knee and thus assist in decreasing
pain. Feel free to call our clinic at any time to schedule an assessment and I will
demonstrate several exercises that will specifically address this problem.
Chase Roy, PT, DPT
Good morning, class. I will be
your substitute teacher today as
Professor Phite N. DeSistem has
been relieved of his duties here at
Wossamatta U. for comparing
Rep. Vance McAllister-“The
Kissing Congressman”-to Sen.
David Vitter-“The Working
Girl’s Best Friend”-and calling
them both hypocrites.
You can call me Coach
Delaune or Wild Bill from
Prairieville or Sweet William but
you don’t have to call me
Johnson. In fact, when I was
coaching high school baseball,
some of the fans even called me
“Sweet Old Bill”-or at least by
those initials-as in “Why doesn’t
that S.O.B. ever bunt?”
Today’s lesson will cover
several subjects including history,
language, cultural literacy and
odds and probability. And to
keep a timely topic-since we’re
not allowed to discuss
Remorseful Republicans any
more-we will concentrate on that
annual rite of spring known as
the Kentucky Derby.
Every first Saturday in May
since 1875, three-year old
thoroughbreds have raced a mile
and a quarter to see which
colt-or filly-has the speed and
stamina to win the “Run for
the Roses”.
The official song-for you music
majors-is “My Old Kentucky
Home” written by Stephen
Foster and modified from its
19th century second line, “…It’s
summer, the darkies are gay…”
to “…It’s post time, the bettors
must pay…” to be more politi-
cally correct.
Some of you liberal arts
majors-who know just enough to
be aggravating but not enough
to get a real job and might be
cleaning windows after gradua-
tion- would be wise to remember
that the track is the only place
where the windows clean you.
Now let’s talk about some-
thing you college kids are really
good at-drinking. The official
drink of the Derby is the Mint
Julep. To prepare this
concoction, make a sickening-
sweet syrup out of powdered
sugar and water, insert a few
sprigs of fresh mint and pour
over crushed ice.
Then, throw that crap away
and pour a jelly glass full of good
Kentucky bourbon-Jim Beam
would be my choice-and enjoy
the race. With those prelims out
of the way, let’s see what we can
learn from the horses themselves
by the power of association.
Remember, horse sense is that
quality which keeps horses from
betting on humans.
I’ll begin with our hometown
favorite Vicar’s In Trouble-a
Louisiana bred ridden by the
darling of the Fairgrounds Rosie
Napravnik. She will certainly be
the cutest jockey in the race-that
won’t even be a contest if you’ve
ever seen Calvin Borel-and she
loves to beat the boys.
Make note of the fact that a
vicar was a substitute-especially
for a religious figure in Jolly Old
England-and the word “vicari-
ously” is derived from that term.
As in, “Tim is going to the
Derby this year and I can’t go.
So I’ll have to live vicariously
through his trip.”
Vicar was also the grandfather
of our local hero and his sire was
named Into Mischief-hence the
name Vicar’s In Trouble. See
how easy that was. Now who
wants to try one? How about
you, Mr. Shoemaker?
“Okay, I pick the horse named
Hoppertunity. The race is only
two weeks after Easter and I
think he’ll come hopping home
like Peter Cottontail.”
Well, not the educational
reference I was hoping for but
any colt trained by Bob Baffert
can certainly run like a rabbit.
Anyone else? Ms. Delahoussaye?
“Being a double major in
Shakespeare and World History,
I find Cairo Prince and intrigu-
ing choice-especially since his
dad Prince of the Nile reminds
me of the Queen of the Nile,
Cleopatra. If he can run like
Caesar and Antony ran toward
Cleo, his backers won’t be in
de-nial when they cash their
winning tickets.
Now we’re getting somewhere.
How about you, Mr. Jindal?
Anything jump out at you?
“You uncultured knaves must
have been educated in a
Common Core curriculum.
Based on names alone, the
winner is most likely to be the
aptly titled Samraat-an Indian
term that means ‘Emperor’ or
‘Greatest King in the World’.
Sort of like what I aspire to be
one day.”
Ambitious is hardly a strong
enough word for you, Piyush,
but your Hindu horse is certainly
a strong candidate.
Would someone wake up Mr.
Zonker there in the back and
invite him to join the discussion?
“(Sputtering) Oh-um-sorry,
Coach. I was ‘California
Dreaming’ of days gone by when
the Camaros and GTO’s ruled
the West Coast drag strips. If
you could find a horse to run
like those muscle cars, you’d
have a cinch in the Derby.”
Strangely enough, Zonker,
some folks out West think they
have one this year and with a
name you can appreciate-
California Chrome. No one’s
even come close to this speedball
as he’s won three races this year
by a total of 20 lengths. The
only problem, class, is that we’re
not the only ones who know
about him. So, with apologies to
Drew Carey, the price may not
be right.
Excuse me, Ms. Peta, but you
seem a bit upset with this
dialogue. Did we say something
to offend you?
“No, it’s just that the idea of
those beautiful animals being
whipped unmercifully to go
beyond their capabilities for the
enjoyment of hedonistic humans.
And then to name one of them
Dead Wildcat or something like
that. It’s no wonder they’re
dead. With all the development
in this area, the wildlife has
nowhere to go.”
Begging your pardon, Ms.
Peta, but I think the horse you’re
alluding to is named Wildcat Red
and if he takes to the Kentucky
Blue Grass as well as he did to
his native Florida sawgrass, he
could be the “cool cat” in the
Winner’s Circle.
How about a comment from
one of our out-of-state students.
Mr. Kennedy, did Massachusetts
ever have a party like they do in
“No sir, but we did have a
Boston Tea Party once that
“(Interrupting) Tea Party-
that’s the only way to save this
country from these left-wing,
life-hating, low-life liberals.
Does anyone remember the
Constitution? Has anyone even
read the Constitution? Is the
Constitution still…”
Calm down, Mr. Ryan. You’ll
get a chance to speak in a
second. This isn’t “The View”
you know. Even you pre-law
students must learn some
etiquette. Now, Mr. Kennedy,
you were saying…
“The biggest race in our area is
the Boston Marathon and after
the tragic bombings last year, we
rallied around the slogan ‘Boston
Strong’. Then along comes this
horse this year who uses another
favorite adjective of ours to com-
bine into ‘Wicked Strong’ and he
wins the Wood Memorial in New
Yawk. If he duplicates that
performance in the Derby, he
could be the biggest thing to
come out of the Northeast
since-well, the Kennedys.”
And Mr. Ryan, you may be
glad to know that there is a
horse named Constitution for all
you Rainy Day Patriots. And he
can really ramble-sometimes
longer than a Tea Party
There Is No Substitute for the Kentucky Derby
by Bill Delaune
It’s Time to Get Ahead of the Spring Pest
10% Off
Pest & Termite Work
If you are running out of space?
We are the place.
Storage Space Available
filibuster-as evidenced by his
Florida Derby victory.
“(Sudden group singing from
the back of the room) Who can
take the sunrise, Sprinkle it with
dew, Cover it in chocolate and a
miracle or two… The Candy
Man can…”
Why, have I been ignoring
my Theatre majors? I know
how you love being the centers
of attention.
“Sorry, Coach. We’re doing
‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate
Factory’ for our spring produc-
tion and sometimes we just
burst into ‘Candy Man’. You
know how it is-you taught
drama once.”
And it would be a tragedy if
Candy Boy-another one of those
California comets-doesn’t get
into the Derby because of the
controversial point system. But
if he does-look out. He may just
be dancing all the way to the
finish line.
Say, what are your computer
techs staring at so intently on
your PC screen?
“It’s a site called the Chive,
Coach. You’d enjoy it. There
are clever posters, cool
merchandise for sale and-uh-
other things of interest.”
Like scantily-clad young
women? Come on, guys. I may
not be Mr. Technology but I
discovered that site a while back.
Now, may I suggest a spinoff site
called Tapiture which is also the
name of a Derby contender who
gets into more trouble than-well,
than students looking at
inappropriate websites in class.
Now for your assignment-you
are all to take $100 in fantasy
money and wager it on the
Kentucky Derby. You can stick
to the traditional win-place-show
or you can attempt some more
exotic bets like exactas (first two
finishers), trifectas (first three) or
superfectas (first four).
Your work will be graded on a
curve-a Commanding Curve, if
you will-because that is the horse
I placed a $50 futures wager on
in Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday.
Alas, Curve now finds himself
in the same boat as Candy
Boy-lacking the needed points to
get into the race but miracles
do happen.
As for me, I’m going to use
my C-note to box several combi-
nations of “C-horses”. That will
give me California Chrome for
Zonker, Cairo Prince for the his-
tory majors, Constitution for the
law students and Candy Boy for
the performing arts.
Now let’s sit back and “c”
what’s going to happen.
or Not to
That is the
I’m guilty. I have procrasti-
nated during my life. Matter-of-
fact I procrastinated writing
this article.
Procrastination is probably
one of the easiest things I do.
You should see my dishes in the
sink when I know no one is
coming around.
There are times to procrasti-
nate and times not to. If you
come across a live rattle snake
in the woods. It is time to pro-
crastinate. It is time to delay or
postpone any action for you
could get a bite you may not
recover from.
If you hurt your sweetheart’s
feelings you should not
procrastinate to apologize. It
may be your last time to talk to
her of which you may not
If your dog has an accident
on your floor, it is alright to
procrastinate from the ugly job
of cleaning it up. However if
you have dinner plans that
evening and you are cooking at
your house you can not
procrastinate. Get the paper
This past month I had a situ-
ation at my home of which I
procrastinated and I shouldn’t
have done that.
For about a week I had start-
ed noticing a pungent odor like
an animal had died in the area
and it was progressively getting
worse. It got worse and worse.
Then I thought about and old
refrigerator I have down stairs
and the freezer had frozen deer
meat in it. I soon found out it
wasn’t frozen anymore.
I eased up to the door and
took a peek and it wasn’t pretty.
There were a few signs of
magots and I closed the door
and bungee corded it real tight
to help keep the smell down
while I figured what to do and
how to clean this mess.
Well, I soon hit my procrasti-
nation button and went and
worked in my garden and drank
beer. Like Scarlet O’Hara, “I’ll
think about that tomorrow.
Well, tomorrow came and
woke to an even stronger smell
than the day before. As I
organized a bucket, a shovel
and a cloth’s pen for my nose
my phone rang. I received a call
that their was a great golf game
going on at Pelican Point.
I had a tough decision. To
play golf or shovel rotten meat.
I lied. It was an easy decision.
Get my clubs. I could do the
freezer after golf. What could
that hurt.
I had a great round of golf.
Got my mind off my worries. I
even won $2. Life was good
and I had totally forgot about
the freezer chore until I got
home. One step out of the car
and I was reminded immediate-
ly. Crap. I’m back on rotten
meat detail.
Suddenly I remembered East
Ascension was playing a baseball
game that evening. The weather
was cooling down and in my
procrastinating mind I con-
vinced myself the smell would
be better on a cooler day, like
tomorrow. Off to the baseball
game I go. Watched the game.
Went out to eat. Came home
and jumped in the bed and got
a good night sleep.
The next morning was
D-Day. Dead Deer Day.
This fridge is in the back of
my carport. First, I had to clear
a path wide enough for my 4
wheeler to back up to the
fridge. I placed a big plastic
bucket on the back of the bike.
I grabbed a shovel and removed
the bungee cords and took a
look for the first time in 4 days.
When I opened the door I was
horrified with the stench and
gross visuals. From the crack in
the door it was as if Rice
Crispy’s were falling out and
the magots were 4 inches deep.
OMG. How in the hell did it
get this bad. I’ll tell you. I pro-
crastinated. Now I am about to
learn a lesson of a life time.
I can tell you a cloths pin
wasn’t going to cut it. I
wrapped a towel around my
head and I looked like I was a
Taliban Fighter. No way was I
going to smell through these
layers of cloth. Wrong again.
OK the doors open, every-
thing seems to be moving and I
go to shoveling hind quarters
and neck roast. Help me Lord.
I was able to empty the
freezer into the bucket. Now I
have to get on the 4 wheeler.
The bucket shifts up against my
back as I start to drive. The
contents are sloshing around a
bit and now I’m afraid of not
just smelling it. One wrong
bump and it’s touching my skin
and I’m wearing it. I’m in
procrastination Hell. I ease
down the driveway and some
kids were riding bikes. They
caught one whiff and soon
they were peddling like Pee
Wee Herman.
I made it to the pond
without incident. I dumped the
toxic cargo, rode off up wind,
and took a break by the garden.
I sat and pondered the
mistake I had made for
procrastinating the freezer
I had been sitting there for
about 5 minutes when I noticed
a shadow moved across the
landscape. I saw another and
another. I looked up to find 6
buzzards circling my house.
Now these birds were high and
with in minutes they started
landing in my trees. They
certainly weren’t scared of me.
Matter-of-fact, they kept look-
ing at me like, “Where’s the
A Sheriff Deputy drove by
the house and I wondered if
someone had called in a dead
body. Is NCIS going to show
I hosed the fridge down and
Cloroxed it. To this day a
spring breeze will drift by my
nose and I receive an
unpleasant reminder of the
thoughts of procrastination
Thoughts from Bully
If your freezer goes out? You better tie a towel around your head
real tight before you open it.
Useless Random Facts
with Kellie

The St. Louis Cardinals have the 2nd most
World Series wins with 11, but have never won
back to back World Series.

The tallest player in Major League histor y is pitcher
Jon Rauch, who is six feet, eleven inches tall.

Carlos Beltran was the first switch hitter to hit
300 home runs and steal 300 bases

Mixed breed cats are called domestics.

Over a lifetime, an American woman will spend
$125,000 on clothes. 3,000 items—271 pairs of shoes,
185 dresses, and 145 bags.

Women’s nominal clothing sizes have increased in
physical size over the years in a phenomenon known as
“vanity sizing.” A size 8 dress with a 32-inch bust in
1967 is now considered a size 0 today.

In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of
80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich
buried its head in the sand.

Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the
bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

In 1955 the richest woman in the world was
Mrs Hetty Green Wilks, who left an estate of $95 million
in a will that was found in a tin box with four pieces of
soap. Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Queen Beatrix of
the Netherlands (may not count) for the top
10 count under the 10 wealthiest women in the world.

The record for the lowest attendance at
MLB game is 347 fans.

Ever y MLB ball is covered in mud from a secret location
in New Jersey that only one man knows.
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We'd decided to make the
fishing trip anyway although
deep inside we knew the deck
was stacked against us. A major
cold front had blown through
the day before bringing hard
wind and cold temperatures. We
had fished for about an hour at
our first spot and had not
gotten a bite yet. I was sitting
there trying to warm my hands
when out of nowhere an osprey
dives out of the sky and catches
this fairly large fish. With this
prey in his grasp he flies to the
nearest power line and begins to
eat his catch. Bird one, us
fishermen zero.
A short time later we began
to discuss our decision to fish
on this this type of day, along
with what our next move would
be. While we were sitting there
questioning our intelligence, we
had the pleasure to witness a
very large blue heron catch and
eat a foot long garfish.
Although it was only a garfish,
it was still a fish. Something
that we had not had any contact
with. Birds two, fishermen zero.
We left that area and continued
fishing elsewhere and finally
boated six fish for a full day of
fishing. I don't know how many
more fish the birds caught that
day, but I would have to say
that they were more successful
than us.
By far, buzzards are not a
favorite bird of humans. Most
of us probably understand the
responsibility of the large bird,
but it is hard to accept the
thought of eating something
that's rotten. For whatever
reason a large flock of buzzards
has decided to roost on the
structure of one of the
operating units of BASF. They
sleep there at night and venture
out during the day in search
of food.
About a week after our not
so successful fishing trip, I was
traveling one of the roads in the
massive BASF complex when I
noticed a dead duck in the
road. This particular road passes
near the facilities' fire water
pond. It's not uncommon to
see ducks there in the winter.
The speed limit there is fifteen
miles an hour, how that duck
got hit is a mystery to me. On
top of that, the dead duck was a
male wood duck, not typically
the species seen in the pond.
I continued on my mission
and about a half an hour later I
returned and noticed several
buzzards feasting on the dead
duck. When I returned fifteen
minutes later, there was not
even a feather in the road.
What's amazing to me is how
those those creatures can tell
the difference from a dead duck
or a piece of paper in the road
from thousands of feet in the
Natures creatures are truly
remarkable in many ways. They
are faced with very harsh
k7conditions at times but they
are survivors. Humans are at
the top of the food chain. But
even though we have the most
advanced equipment available, I
still can't tell a dead duck from
a piece of trash from thousands
of feet away or even outfish a
bird on any given day.....
Till Next Time,
"Enjoy Natures Creatures"
James "Goosie" Guice
How Do They Do It?
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24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service
Second to none. That’s what can be
said about high school softball in
Ascension Parish. Whether its facili-
ties, coaching, commitment or results
on the field the ladies of Dutchtown,
East Ascension and St Amant take a
back seat to no one.
The goal of every softball team in the
state from the start of the season is to
advance to Sulphur and participate in
the FastPitch56 tournament. It’s a
two day event where the top eight in
each of the LHSAA’s seven classes
coverage in southwest Louisiana to
crown their champions.
Its where St Amant was crowned five
times, consecutively, between 2002
and 2006. It is where all three
schools have become fixture, seldom
is FastPitch56 played when Ascension
isn’t represented. A year ago St.
Amant and Dutchtown did the hon-
When asked the secret to the local
success East Ascension head coach
Amy Pitre had a couple thoughts
“The travel ball around, and the fact
that more kids are playing fastpitch at
an earlier age. I truly believe that the
expectations that we have at the high
schools are a big factor. We expect to
win and we expect to compete with
the best in the state.”
This past winter that softball commit-
ment was recognized when former
Lady Gator Leah Heintze was induct-
ed into the Louisiana High School
Athletic Association/Louisiana High
School Coaches Association Hall of
Fame. Heintz went 97-7-7, was a
perfect 19-0 in the playoffs, and
named La Miss Softball in 2004. Her
induction is validation of the softball
prowess in Ascension and a bench-
mark for future players to strive.
While we don’t know the exact seed-
ings of the playoffs at deadline, we do
know that all three schools can be
found on the bracket when it is
released. It wouldn’t be a surprise if
all three made appearances at
FastPitch56 this season and it’s not
inconceivable that someone in that
group could hoist a championship
The Dutchtown Lady Griffins
advanced to FastPitch 56 a year ago
before losing to eventual State
Champion Sam Houston in the quar-
terfinals. If they hope to replicate, or
exceed that success, they will have to
find someone to fill the shoes of Aleah
Craighton (now at ULL), Tia
Patterson (BRCC) and Akela Gordon.
“Aleah was a big hitter, our number
three batter” said Head Coach Nancy
Ensminger “Tia Patterson was our
leadoff hitter and shortstop, and Akela
Gordon was our centerfielder”.
This year the Lady Griffins turn to
seniors to Jessica Crum, Hannah
Schexnailder, Ashara Grimes, Shelby
Newcomer, and Kayla Orgeron to
help replace the production and lead-
ership roles left behind. Coach
Ensminger, in her 8th year as head
coach of the Lady Griffins feels good
about her seniors “it’s a good group
of senior girls, it’s a core group of
girls that have been playing together
for a long time, so there is pretty
good chemistry between them”.
Leading the group of seniors is Crum,
a four year starter behind the plate,
and one of the most feared power hit-
ters in the state. “She has probably
been intentionally walked by everyone
that has watched her, know her, or
charted her, they just put her on
base” Ensminger said of Crum.
When opponents employ that strategy
however, they must then contend
with Bria White. “She loves to be in
those situations, she doesn’t get nerv-
ous about it, she just thinks ‘Lets Do
It’” Ensminger says of White.
Two of those seniors take turns in the
circle in Kayla Orgeron, a BRCC
signee, and Ashara Grimes. They
share the pitching duties with a soph-
omore Ali McCoy. “They all have
had pretty much equal time out
there” Ensminger said of her pitching
corp. “Kayla is coming off shoulder
surgery last year, she has come a long
way and really improved. Ali has been
good for us, she has learned so much
since she has been here. I’m definite-
ly looking forward to her future. We
just have to play solid defense behind
all of them”.
Its defense that Ensminger believes
will be a defining ingredient going
into the playoffs. “One thing you
want to see as a coach is solid defense
and we need to see that innings one
through seven. Hope Vezinat has
been such a solid defensive player for
us, she’s such a good versatile player.
Bria White, we can put her anywhere.
She’s been playing rightfield, when Ali
is on the mound we move her to first
base, if we have to we can put her
behind the plate, I can put her any-
where out there.” Not to be over-
looked for the Lady Griffins is Royelle
Cobb “she is a silent but deadly
weapon in my opinion” Ensmingers
said and added “she’s not real flashy,
but she’s solid, she gets the job done.
She speaks when she needs to, a great
silent leader, the same thing with
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is High School athletics.
These Kids Are Good!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
2014 High School Girls Softball
PHOTOS BY JIMMY DUNKLEY, Ascension Magazine Staff Photographer Written By Kevin Shillings
Dutchtown’s tough schedule was by
design for Coach Ensminger “Our
schedule isn’t fluff, I believe in playing
good competition, I believe in playing
teams that we might face down the
road. It’s open season this year, it’s
who plays the best defense behind
your pitcher. There are a lot of good
hitting teams out there, we just need
to step it up in the circle and play
defense behind her”.
East Ascension
After having reached the FastPitch56
tournament the three previous sea-
sons, East Ascension fell in the first
round of the playoffs a year ago to
Suphur. Amy Pitre, in her 7th year at
the helm, realizes just how good a
group she had to replace from a year
ago “we lost a core group who had
started as freshmen on their way up”.
Foremost amongst that group was
Bailey Landry, an LSU signee who is
currently starting for the Lady Tigers.
Pitre said of Landry “She was our
leadoff, she was like an automatic
double. If you walk her she was steal-
ing second. She was a threat in the
lineup, to steal bases, hit for power,
she led us in RBI”
This year the Lady Spartans are not
only young, but inexperienced as well.
Many are starting for the first time on
the varsity level but thus far through
the season that hasn’t slowed the
Spartans. One of the reasons behind
that success is Carmisha Payton and
the senior leadership she provides.
“Carmisha is doing great job for us as
a leader, even off the field, leading off
the field as an example to these young
ones” Pitre said of Payton. The
youthful Lady Spartans feature only
two other seniors on the squad, Anne
Marie Arceneaux, who has been pro-
viding a quality bat all season and
Marina Speligene who brings an ele-
ment of speed to the lineup.
However, it is youth that is being
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is High School athletics.
These Kids Are Good!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
served at East Ascension. One way to
replace a Division One signee such as
Landry, is to have another waiting in
the wings. The Spartans have that in
sophomore shortstop Claire
Weinberger who is already committed
to LSU. “I put her in Bailey’s role”
Pitre said of Weinberger “she does
what Bailey could do. She’s a threat,
she can lay down a bunt, she can slap,
she can power slap or she can swing
Another sophomore in the limelight
for the Lady Spartans is righthanded
pitcher Jesse Watts, a starter as a
freshman and has thrown nearly every
inning this season. “Last year she was
really good for us and she has just
gotten better. She’s got a year under
her belt and she learned a lot of
things within that year” Pitre said,
“She’s learned where she can leave the
ball and where she can’t”. When you
ask Coach Pitre about Watts however
she doesn’t want to have to choose
whether to take her as a hitter or a
pitcher. “I don’t know whats more
important, what she is doing offen-
sively is outstanding as well”
Coach Pitre likes the way things are
progressing with her young squad. “I
truly believe that every game we have
gotten better. We knew we would
have to learn from experience, we
were going to make some mistakes
and we would have to learn from it
and I think we did”.
Looking ahead to the playoffs with a
young team doesn’t change the out-
look for East Ascension according to
Pitre “Our goals never change, no
matter how young we are, you want
to be in Sulphur at the end of the
year. We expect to win and expect to
compete with the best in the state.
The kids know that, so it’s a matter of
staying focused throughout. You have
to be playing good at this time of the
St Amant
As good as all the local schools have
been in softball over the past decade,
St Amant is still the gold standard by
which all other programs are judged.
The Lady Gators have been to the
FastPitch56 tournament in 12 of the
last 13 years and brought home five
consecutive championships from
2002-2006. A year
ago they advanced to
the semi-finals before
falling to Sam
Houston 4-2.
While most teams
would wonder what
to do after losing
standouts like pitcher
Kasey Neilson
Louisiana), catcher
Brooke Roberts
(Pearl River CC) and
centerfielder Kirsten
Dispino, all the
Gators have done is
back up those losses
with an unprecedent-
ed ten seniors.
Amazingly five of
those seniors have
signed to continue
their careers at the
next level as Maddie
Edmonston, Jaci
Lavigne and Jordan
Hartman will be
moving on to LSU-
Eunice while pitcher
Skylar Cook (Pearl
River CC) and Ali Delany (NW
Florida) extend their careers as well.
“These kids have tremendous chem-
istry, eight of the ten have been play-
ing together since 10 and under, and
believe me, that chemistry goes a long
way” said Scott Neilson of his senior
class. “They believe in each other,
they love each other, and get along
really well with each other and that
goes a long way in the clubhouse.” A
class this large could be a curse rather
than a blessing but that hasn’t been
the case for St Amant. “It’s a me now
generation, kids aren’t willing to put
in the time, the effort, the energy, and
commitment to the program, they
want results now” Nielson said. He
added “We have three or four kids
now who are first year starters as sen-
iors. I applaud them and commend
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is High School athletics.
These Kids Are Good!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
them tremendously for the effort they
put in to work and hold on knowing
their time was coming”
With all the talent the senior class
contains, it’s a junior who is perhaps
the best athlete at St Amant High
School regardless of gender.
Shortstop Kara Gremillion, a UL-
Lafayette commitment, is a multi-
sport athlete who truly excels at all.
“She could sell out a gym for volley-
ball, sell out a gym for basketball and
sell out the bleachers for softball, and
probably start on the football team”
Nielson said “She’s just that good of
an athlete. She’s a very quiet, lead by
example kind of player. I don’t know
if Kara has ever had a bad game.”
Cook inherits the spot in the circle
previously occupied by Coach
Nielson’s daughter Kasey, an all-
stater, and has stepped up for the
Lady Gators. “Skylar has done well,
very well” Nielson said of his
righthander, “I think her best softball
is still ahead of her, as her experience
When it comes to winning in the
playoffs, Nielson knows a thing or
five (rings) about what it takes at this
time of year. Without hesitation his
key to playoff success this year is sim-
ple, “Timely hitting! It doesn’t mat-
ter how many hits you get, it matters
how many hits you get when you
need them. We have to make sure we
don’t make any mistakes in the circle.
We have to hit spots, change speeds,
it’s all about movement and location
you can’t leave it big”. This year 5A
doesn’t appear to feature that domi-
nate pitcher in the mold of Corbello
at Sam Houston a year ago. In fact
according to Nielson “I think num-
ber six (Cook) for the Gators can be
as dominate as anybody.”
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East Ascension High School Baseball Host Senior Night
Paid For by Friends of Spartans Baseball
Relay for Life
“Destination... Cancer Free”
is the theme for the 2014
Ascension Parish Relay for
Life event. This year's relay will
be held on May 3, 2014, at
Lamar Dixon Expo Center in
Gonzales. Actual relay festivities
begin at 12:00 noon on May 3
and carry out until 2:00 AM on
May 4. Our goal this year is to
have 44 teams and raise
$164,000. The reason we Relay
is simple…. Each of us has been
affected by cancer in one way
or another. We relay to raise
funds that will help support
cancer research and by helping
those who have been affected
by cancer with various services.
In 2013, many families from
Ascension Parish were provided
these services by the American
Cancer Society. For example,
100 people benefitted from our
Transportation Grants, 89
people received a patient packet
on their cancer diagnosis, 12
wigs were provided to cancer
patients, 38 gifts items (pros-
thesis, bras, etc.), and so much
more. All services provided by
the American Cancer Society
are free of charge. In addition,
we were able to house 36
people from the Baton Rouge
area at Hope Lodge in New
Orleans. This was a total of 593
nights. The Hope Lodge allows
patients to stay in the hotel,
free of charge, while they are
undergoing treatment away
from home. This service helped
these families to save $94,287.
This year’s opening ceremonies
will begin at 12:00 PM with
guest speakers and team
presentations. The Survivors’
Ceremony, which is open to all
cancer survivors, will begin at
6:00 PM. If you are a cancer
survivor and would like to
participate please visit us at
la to register. It is free to join.
Please sign up for the Survivors’
Ceremony. If you are interested
in joining a team or forming a
team, you can go online to
register. The day of relay is a
busy yet exciting time for
teams. On this day, each team
sets up their campsite and
decorates it according to the
theme. Team campsites will be
judged on the decorations and
creativity. In addition, each
team raises money by selling
food, drinks, games and raffling
items off. Any information
can be found on our website
While there is plenty of things
for teams to participate in
during the Relay for Life event,
there is also many memorable
activities for spectators. There
will be a balloon launch as well
as a sky lantern lift off during
the event to celebrate those
who have won their cancer
battles and to celebrate and
remember lost loved ones.
The Dutchtown Allied Health
students along with their
teacher Ms. Sharon Saia help
to organize the luminary
ceremony. They do such a
wonderful job in helping us
remembering our loved ones
lost to cancer and celebrate
those who have won their
battle against cancer. It is such
a touching ceremony for all.
During the day and throughout
the evening, many other
activities and events are
planned. If you like to cook, we
will be holding a jambalaya
mini-pot and crackling cooking
competition. The crackling
contest will start at 9:00 AM
followed by the jambalaya
mini-pot contest at 11:00 AM.
Preregistration is required for
the crackling contest. For more
information contact, Casey
Walker at tcwalker@eatel.net. If
you like to run competitively or
for fun, put on your running
shoes and join us for the
Second Annual Relay for Life
5k Race/Walk. It will be held at
Lamar Dixon beginning at
10:30 AM on May 3rd. Please
contact Brian Janis at
bjanis@cfindustries.com for
more information. Don’t like to
cook or run? That’s okay!
Spend your time checking out
some amazing cars at our 2nd
Annual Relay for Life Car
Show. The car show will begin
at 11:30 AM on May 3rd with
judging at 1:00 PM and awards
presented at 3:00 PM. You may
contact Sue at 225-206-0737
or Noelle at 225-439-1263 if
you are interested in joining. In
addition, there will be live
music, a womanless beauty
pageant and much more fun
to be had by all ages.
Many thanks goes to several
organizations who help us
throughout the year especially,
Air Liquide, Tanger Outlet
Shopping Center, the Jacob
Dugas Foundation, St.
Elizabeth Hospital and
St. Elizabeth’s Physicians.
Brave Heart Children in Need
Needs Your Help!
4 Person Scramble
Saturday, May 31, 2014
Pelican Point
Get Golf Ready Course
Shotgun Start • 9:00 a.m.
Why Support Brave Heart
Children in Need, Inc.?
• Mission: “Assisting children who have
been removed from their home due to
abuse and/or neglect; instilling hope for
the future and comfort as they go
through this trauma."
· Goal: To provide services to all parish-
es in the state of Louisiana. Currently
Brave Heart (BH) serves 37 parishes.
The Department of Children and Family
Services (DCFS) distributes BH back-
packs to the child who has been
removed from their homes due to
abuse and/or neglect. The bag contains
items of comfort, self esteem and per-
sonal hygiene.
· Christmas Program: Provide Christmas
gifts for the children who are in foster
care or group home care.
· Life Book: Brave Heart has developed
fun sheets that the children can fill out
and color. These sheets help to provide
a basis for a “journal of life” for these
· Scholarships: Three scholarships are
awarded per semester for children who
are or have been under the care of
DCFS. Study must be in the areas of
Engineering, Medicine, or Education.
· 7:30 a.m.
· Range Open
· 9:00 a.m.
Shotgun Start
Following Golf:
· Box lunch from
Don’s served
· Auction
· Door Prizes
· Golf Ball Drop
· Awards Ceremony
For more information on how you can help our kids contact:
Linda Montagnino 225-296-0000 or 225-937-4137
Celebrating Mother’s Day
“Azalea has been a big blessing in dealing with my
in-laws! The care my in-laws have received has gone
beyond our expectations. There is not a word that
describes our gratitude. Thank you.”
“My mom has been a resident for over five years and we
are very pleased with the facility, the people and the
whole experience. Thank God for Azalea Estates.”
The fun and caring employees at
The Azalea Estates retirement
/assisted living community in
Gonzales, LA makes living for
those in need of assistance
a true blessing.
2305 S. Pur per a Avenue,
Gonzal es, LA 70737
225. 644. 1028
La Quinta Inn
and Suites
La Quinta Inn and Suites held a
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on
Thursday, March 6, 2014,
announcing the opening of their
location at 2816 S. Cabela’s
Parkway, Gonzales, LA 70737.
La Quinta Inn and Suites is a
franchise hotel with over 1800
locations throughout the United
States and other countries. The
hotel opened in September of 2013
with 60 rooms including 4 guest
suites, guest business center, two
meeting rooms, fitness room and
breakfast buffet. The outdoor pool
features a hot tub surrounded by
palm trees and chaise lounges.
Attending the ribbon cutting for
La Quinta Inn and Suites were:
Owner Dr. Francisco Candal;
Builder David Luper Luparilo;
General Manger J W Smith; City of
Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux;
Gonzales Councilman Kenny
Matassa; Ascension Chamber of
Commerce President/CEO Sherrie
Despino. Also in attendance were
Ascension Chamber Members and
Chamber Ambassadors.
If you would like more information
on La Quinta Inn and Suites,
please call 225-644-4726, email
lq6563gm@laquinta.com or visit
For more information on the
Ascension Chamber of Commerce,
please visit www.ascensioncham-
ber.com, e-mail info@ascension-
chamber.com or
call (225) 647-7487.
Blue Runner Foods
Donates to Food
Bank as Part of
Gonzales Rotary’s
Food Fest
Blue Runner Foods recently donated
40 cases of red beans to the St. Theresa
Food Bank. Every year Blue Runner
participates in the Gonzales Rotary’s
Annual Food Fest by matching can for
can of goods that are donated to the
Food Festival. This year’s Food Fest is
scheduled for Tuesday, April 22, 2014
beginning at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are
$25.00 each and can be purchased by
any Gonzales Rotary Club member, at
the Gonzales City Hall, St. Theresa
Food Bank or at the Ascension
Chamber of Commerce office. More
than 40 local vendors from Ascension
Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish
will be represented. Food Fest
Committee Person, Glenda Shaheen
said, “Tickets include samples of food
from one or all of the vendors- more
than most people can eat- as well as
drinks. Buy a ticket, get some great
food, and support a very worthy
cause,” she said.
left to right : Glenda Shaheen, Brayden Morgan, Martin McConnell, Rae Milano and Bobby Schexnayder.
After your crawfish boil or
Easter celebration turn
your extras in to an extra
ordinary appetizer
Yield: 12
35 minutes
6 eggs (hard boiled)
¼ to ½ lb peeled boiled crawfish tails
1 or 2 corn cobs (cut corn off of the cob)
2 boiled red potatoes (mashed)
¼ cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Creole mustard
¼ cup green onions (thinly sliced)
1 teaspoon dry crab boil mix
Salt & Pepper to taste
Peel all of your boiled eggs. Cut them in half length ways and
carefully remove the yolks. Place all the yolks in a mixing bowl
and add your mayo, mustard and green onions. Be sure that
before adding your corn and potatoes that you chop and mash
them as much as possible to ensure proper mixture. Finally,
rough chop your crawfish tails and add to mixture. Salt and
pepper the mixture to taste. Using a piping bag or spoon add
the mixture back into the boiled egg halves. Sprinkle with dry
crab boil and serve.
Cooking Gourmet at Home
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau
“After The Boil”
Deviled Eggs
OPEN 7 days a week • 9am till 6:30pm
17497 Airline Highway • Prairieville • 225.673.9085
F r e s h S e a f o o d Ma r k e t • Cr a b s • S h r i mp • F i s h
Tim Godso Kari Godso Kaylon Godso
Latil’s Landing
Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
Invites You to Experience
Daily Tours:
Monday, Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM
Wednesday-Sunday 9AM -7 PM
Cafe' Burnside:
11 AM- 2 PM daily
Latil's Landing:
Wednesday through Saturday 6 PM- 9 PM,
Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 3 PM;
Reservations Required
Latil’s Landing
R I V E R R O A D , B U R N S I D E , L A • 2 2 5 . 4 7 3 . 9 3 8 0 • k k @ h o u m a s h o u s e . c o m
J e r e m y L a n g l o i s ,
E x e c u t i v e C h e f