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General Insurance


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About Partnership
Axis Bank is in a Corporate Agency partnership with Bajaj Allianz General
Insurance to distribute General Insurance products. At Axis Bank, we have
further evaluated your needs and then partnered with Bajaj Allianz to ensure
that the products suit your need for Flexibility, Simplicity and Value for Money.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is India's leading private non-life insurance

company, which deals with all non-life insurance products. Bajaj Allianz General
Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited
(recently demerged from Bajaj Auto Limited) and Alliance SE. Both enjoy a
reputation of expertise, stability and strength. Bajaj Allianz has always strived to
understand the customer needs and customize insurance solutions to suit their

Section Particulars Page No


1 Family Health 2-3

2 Family Floater Health Guard 4-6

3 Silver Health 7-8

4 Health Ensure 9-10


5 Safe Guard 12-13

6 Personal Guard 14-15


7 Safe Home 17-18

8 Safe Home Plus 19-20

9 Jewellery Insurance 21

10 Business Advantage 22-24


Why do we require Health Insurance?

People buy health insurance for different reasons. The following are six of these reasons.
Please look them over and consider which reasons apply to your customers. This will help you
to evaluate what type of health insurance will best meet your customers personal needs.
(1) Health insurance can protect you from the risk of uncertain bills for health care.

(2) Health insurance can help you to get better quality care as a member of a coordinated
health plan than you would get on your own.

(3) With health insurance, you do not have to worry about the cost of care when you are sick.

(4) The additional cash provided under family health insurance can be very valuable when you
are not well.

(5) No need to buy individual policies for whole family, whole family can be covered under
one plan.

(6) You do not pay income tax on health insurance benefits so it is more valuable per Rupee
than the same amount in taxable pay.

Why buy health insurance when you are already covered under the group mediclaim policy?

There are four main advantages of buying a retail health insurance policy;
Pay for What You Need: You get a choice to choose between different insurance plans.

It's Yours No Matter Where You Work: If you buy coverage through a private health plan, you
do not have to worry about cumulative bonus and coverage of pre-existing diseases.

Continuity benefits: Pre-existing ailments are generally covered after 4 years of continuous
renewal. So a Retail Health Policy helps you to have continuity benefits.

Post retirement: With an increase in age health care costs go higher and so do premiums that
you pay for them. By starting early you would pay lesser for higher sum assured.

Your family’s health
is your best asset
Family Health
Hospitalization Expense Reimbursement: In sudden illness, accidents or
emergency surgeries, the hospital expenses are reimbursed.
Floater Benefit: Protects an Individual and her/his family members
(spouse and 3 dependent children) under a single policy.
Hospital Cash Benefits: Provides cash benefit for every completed day of
hospitalization. (Options of Rs. 500/- & Rs. 1000/- per day for max 30 days)
Cashless Facility: Facility available at over 2400 leading empaneled hospitals
across India.
Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses: Covers relevant medical expenses
incurred 60 days prior to and 90 days after hospitalization.
Day Care Procedures: Covers hospitalization even if it is for a period of
less than 24 hrs for 130 listed day care procedures.
E-Opinion: Cover for Insured (subject to limits) who is diagnosed by a Doctor
to be suffering from a Serious Medical Condition, which first occurs or
manifests itself during the Policy Period. The E-Opinion Services applies only
if the Insured has opted for Sum Insured of Rs. 5 Lacs.
Cumulative Bonus: Every claims free year under the policy will entitle
cumulative bonus of 5% to Sum Assured.
Ambulance Charges: The policy covers ambulance charges in an emergency
subject to a maximum of Rs. 1000.
Health Check up: Free health check up for a maximum amount of Rs. 1000
(per policy) at the end of 4 continuous claims free years.
Income Tax Benefit: Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.
Cover for Pre-existing illness: Covered after four years of continuous

Floater policy which covers whole family under one plan.
Comprehensive package at competitive premium.

Section - 1 2
Age Band
Scheme details
3m-25 yrs 26-40 yrs 41-45 yrs 46-55 yrs
Option 1: Hospitalization Expenses of Rs 1 lakh and Hospital Cash payout of Rs 500 (30 days)
Individual 1479 1813 2447 3603
Two Adults 2106 2780 4019 6278
2 Adults + 1 Child 3158 3908 5222 7112
2 Adults + 2 Child 4211 5036 6024 7796
2 Adults + 3 Child 5264 6164 7152 8924
Option 2: Hospitalization Expenses of Rs 2 lakh and Hospital Cash payout of Rs 1000 (30 days)
Individual 2608 3276 4401 6756
Two Adults 3693 5004 7186 11706
2 Adults + 1 Child 5540 6983 9296 13128
2 Adults + 2 Child 7386 8961 10694 14286
2 Adults + 3 Child 9233 10940 12672 16265
Option 3: Hospitalization Expenses of Rs 3 lakh and Hospital Cash payout of Rs 1000 (30 days)
Individual 3576 4416 5864 8153
Two Adults 5048 6714 9526 14081
2 Adults + 1 Child 7573 9419 12411 16138
2 Adults + 2 Child 10097 12123 14340 17834
2 Adults + 3 Child 12621 14828 17045 20538
Option 4: Hospitalization Expenses of Rs 4 lakh and Hospital Cash payout of Rs 1000 (30 days)
Individual 4602 5670 7327 11586
Two Adults 6485 8595 11867 19917
2 Adults + 1 Child 9727 12069 15573 22451
2 Adults + 2 Child 12970 15543 18074 24522
2 Adults + 3 Child 16212 19017 21548 27996
Option 5: Hospitalization Expenses of Rs 5 lakh and Hospital Cash payout of Rs 1000 (30 days)
Individual 5514 6696 8790 13867
Two Adults 7762 10134 14208 23795
2 Adults + 1 Child 11642 14292 18643 26830
2 Adults + 2 Child 15523 18450 21636 29312
2 Adults + 3 Child 19404 22608 25794 33470
Service Tax extra

All family members in the age group of 3 months to 55 years are eligible for this cover.
Age at entry shall not be more than 55 years.
The minimum age for the proposer or single person to be covered is 18 years.
No standalone policies to be given unless the person is unmarried. In case of a family,
all family members have to be insured with Bajaj Allianz without selection.

Section - 1 3
Complete health protection
for you and your family
Family Floater
Health Guard
In these times of rising medical costs, this Policy is the perfect Health protection for
you and your family. It takes care of the expensive medical treatment incurred during
hospitalization resulting from serious accident or illness.


With Family Floater Health Guard, the member has access to cashless facility at
various empaneled hospitals across India. (subject to exclusions and conditions)
In case the member opts for hospitals besides the empaneled ones, the
expenses incurred by him shall be reimbursed within 14 working days from
submission of all documents.
Pre and post hospitalization expenses covers relevant medical expenses
incurred 60 days prior to and 90 days after hospitalization
10% co-payment of the admissible claim to be paid by the member if
treatment is taken in a hospital other than a network hospital. Waiver of the
co-payment clause is available on payment of additional premium.
Covers ambulance charges in an emergency subject to limit of Rs. 1000/-
130 daycare procedures are covered subject to terms & conditions
Health Check up in designated Bajaj Allianz Diagnostic Centers or
Reimbursement up to Rs. 1000/- at the end of continuous four claims free years.
This benefit can be availed by only one member of the family.
Income tax benefit on the premium paid as per section 80-D of the Income Tax

In-house Claim Administration.
Global expertise & local knowledge.
Innovative packages to match individual need at competitive prices.
Quick disbursement of claims.

Section - 2 4

Self + Self + Spouse Self + Spouse Self + Spouse Self + Spouse

SI / Age Self
Spouse + 1 Child + 2 Child + 3 Child + 4 Child
0 - 25 Yrs 2,338 3,507 4,091 4,676 5,260 5,844
26 - 40 Yrs 2,736 4,104 4,788 5,472 6,156 6,840
41 - 45 Yrs 3,591 5,387 6,285 7,182 8,080 8,978
46 - 55 Yrs 5,586 8,379 9,776 11,172 12,569 13,965
0 - 25 Yrs 3,306 4,959 5,786 6,612 7,439 8,265
26 - 40 Yrs 3,876 5,814 6,783 7,752 8,721 9,690
41 - 45 Yrs 5,054 7,581 8,845 10,108 11,372 12,635
46 - 55 yrs 6,983 10,474 12,220 13,965 15,711 17,457
0 - 25 yrs 4,332 6,498 7,581 8,664 9,747 10,830
26 - 40 Yrs 5,130 7,695 8,978 10,260 11,543 12,825
41 - 45 Yrs 6,517 9,776 11,405 13,034 14,664 16,293
46 - 55 Yrs 10,417 15,625 18,229 20,833 23,437 26,041
0 - 25 Yrs 5,244 7,866 9,177 10,488 11,799 13,110
26 - 40 Yrs 6,156 9,234 10,773 12,312 13,851 15,390
41 - 45 Yrs 7,980 11,970 13,965 15,960 17,955 19,950
46 - 55 Yrs 12,698 19,046 22,220 25,395 28,569 31,743
0 - 25 Yrs 6,689 10,033 11,705 13,377 15,050 16,722
26 - 40 Yrs 7,511 11,266 13,144 15,021 16,899 18,776
41 - 45 Yrs 9,736 14,604 17,038 19,472 21,906 24,339
46 - 55 Yrs 15,491 23,236 27,109 30,981 34,854 38,727
0 - 25 Yrs 8,160 12,240 14,280 16,320 18,360 20,400
26 - 40 Yrs 9,163 13,744 16,035 18,326 20,616 22,907
41 - 45 Yrs 11,878 17,817 20,786 23,755 26,725 29,694
46 - 55 Yrs 19,758 29,637 34,576 39,515 44,455 49,394

Service Tax extra

Section - 2 5

Entry age for proposer is 18 yrs - 55 yrs. Policy can be renewed up to 70 yrs.

Children from 3 Months to 25 years can be covered under this policy

Sum Insured From Rs 2 lacs - Rs 10 lacs can be opted.

No tests required for SI up to Rs. 10 lacs and age up to 45 yrs (Subject to

clean proposal form.)

No standalone policies to be given unless the person is unmarried. In case of

a family, all family members have to be insured with Bajaj Allianz without

Section - 2 6
When you are unwell,
expenditure should be the
last thing bothering you
Silver Health

This policy offers access to senior citizens to best medical treatment, cashless benefit
or medical reimbursement for hospitalization expenses due to illness or accident. It
covers the following:

Hospitalization expenses: The policy covers hospitalization expenses and an

amount equivalent to 3% of the admissible hospitalization expenses in respect
of any and all pre and post hospitalization expenses.

Pre-existing Illness: Pre-existing illness covered from the second year of policy
only up to 50% the limit of indemnity in a policy year.

Ambulance Benefit: Covers ambulance charges in an emergency subject to a

limit of Rs 1000

Indemnity: The policy has a lifetime indemnity limit of three times the Limit of
Indemnity specified in the earliest senior citizen plan, if the policy is renewed

Cashless Facility: With Silver Health plan the member has access to the cashless
facility at various network hospitals across India. (In case of treatment in a non
network hospital the expenses shall be reimbursed within 14 working days with
20% of co-payment to be paid by the member)

Bonus: Cumulative bonus of 5% to your Limit of Indemnity for every claim free
year and a Family discount of 5%

Health check-up: Health check up in designated Bajaj Allianz diagnostic

centers at the end of four continuous claim free years

Tax benefit: Tax benefit under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act

Section - 3 7

Specially designed for senior citizens.

Comprehensive package at competitive premium.


Sum Insured Age in Years

Age 46 - 50 51 - 55 56 - 60 61 - 65 66 - 70
50,000 1,995 2,495 3,824 4,780 7,170
1,00,000 2,993 3,742 5,736 7,170 10,755
1,50,000 3,741 4,677 7,170 8,963 13,444
2,00,000 4,676 5,846 8,963 11,203 16,805
3,00,000 5,845 7,308 11,203 14,004 21,006
4,00,000 8,767 10,962 16,805 18,905 24,199
5,00,000 10,959 13,155 21,006 23,632 29,039

Service Tax extra


People in the age group of 46-75 Years.

Max age at the time of entry is restricted to 70 years.

Pre-acceptance medical tests at the cost of the proposer. However if the

proposal is accepted the company will reimburse the cost of the medical
tests (only for fresh proposals).

No standalone policies to be given unless the person is unmarried. In case of a

family, all family members have to be insured with Bajaj Allianz without

Section - 3 8
Ensuring you the Maximum

Health Ensure

The member has access to cashless facility in more than 2400 empanelled hospitals
across the country subject to terms and exclusions.
In case the member opts for hospitals other than the empanelled ones the expenses
incurred would be reimbursed within 14 days from the date of submission of all
An amount equivalent to 2% of admissible hospitalization expenses towards pre and
post hospitalization medical expenses is also covered.
The policy covers ambulance charges in case of emergency subject to a maximum of
Rs. 1000 per policy period.
130 day care procedures subject to terms and conditions.
5% family discount.
Health check up at designated Bajaj Allianz empanelled diagnostic centre after every
four claims free policy periods.
Income Tax Benefit under section 80D of the IT Act on the premium paid for this


No medical tests are required for availing this policy

Pre-existing diseases are covered after 2 continuous renewal

Section - 4 9
A – Rates applicable for cities other than Metros

Sum Insured 3 mths-25yrs 26yrs-40 yrs 41yrs-45 yrs 46 yrs-55 yrs

50,000 638 684 878 1385
75,000 821 924 1184 1879
1,00,000 1003 1163 1490 2374

B – Rates applicable for Metro cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Kolkata)

Sum Insured 3 mths-25yrs 26yrs-40 yrs 41yrs-45 yrs 46 yrs-55 yrs

50,000 696 746 957 1510
75,000 895 1007 1290 2049
1,00,000 1093 1267 1624 2588

Service Tax extra

Sub-limits applicable, please refer brochure for further details


Age at entry 5 years till 55 years.

Children below 5 years (above 90 days) can be covered along with their parents.
Policy can be renewed continuously up to age 70 years.
No standalone policies to be given unless the person is unmarried. In case of a
family, all family members have to be insured with Bajaj Allianz without selection.

Section - 4 10

Why do you require an accident insurance?

Accidents don't just happen on the roads. They can occur in your office, while traveling or
entertaining, or even at home while doing everyday chores.
In terms of your finances, they make a double impact. On the one hand, your healthcare
spending increases as you undergo treatment. On the other, your income is disrupted till
you recuperate. It is here that accident insurance plays the crucial role of keeping the
pincers from closing on you and your family.
According to experts, for people below 45 years of age, the risk of accident is much higher
than of health problems. Health risks and expenses mount with age and tend to typically
surface when a person is 45 years or older. They also say that people between 25 and 55
years of age are twice more likely to get disabled than die. Given that a large number of
disabilities occur through accidents, few can argue against the importance of accident

made less painful
Safe Guard

This policy offers insurance coverage in case of:

Accidental death

Accidental permanent total disability

Accidental permanent partial disability and

Children's education bonus *

Note: *Children's Education bonus is Rs. 5000/- for one child or Rs. 10,000/-
maximum for 2 children below the age of 19.

Table for amount payable

Nature of accident/loss Amount Payable

In case of Accidental Death 100% of Sum Insured + Children's

Education Bonus

Permanent Total Disability 125% of Sum Insured

Permanent Partial Disability Applicable percentage of Sum Assured

based on nature of disability


Comprehensive package.
Premiums are extremely competitive.

Section - 5 12
Premium inclusive of service tax

Sum Insured Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.

5,00,000 10,00,000 15,00,000 20,00,000 25,00,000
1 year NA 990 1,350 1,800 2,250
3 years 1,310 2,619 3,929 5,238 6,548
5 years 2,115 4,230 6,345 8,460 10,575


For any Sum insured the income of the Axis bank customer should commensurate
with the SI opted. Maximum calculation as 60 times of the monthly salary.


1) No Income proof required up to 10 lakh CSI.

2) For CSI above 10 lakh & up to 25 lakh:

For salaried persons - Recent three months salary slips.
For business persons - Previous three years ITR.

3) For any SI the income should commensurate with the SI opted.

Maximum calculation as 60 times of monthly salary.

Section - 5 13
From Insecure to Secure

Personal Guard
Life is uncertain. The accidental death or injury of a breadwinner can create serious financial
problems for the family. Personal Guard cover ensures total security and peace of mind as it
covers the insured against bodily injury or death caused due to accidents.


There are three basic plans

a. Basic: Death + Children's Education Bonus

- Maximum SI 100 times of monthly income.

b. Wider: Death + Permanent Total Disability + Permanent Partial Disability + Children's

Education Bonus
- Maximum SI 60 times of monthly income

c. Comprehensive: Death + Permanent Total Disability + Permanent Partial Disability +

Temporary Total Disability + Children's Education Bonus
- Maximum SI 24 times of monthly income or maximum of 5 lakhs.
(Not applicable for Risk Level 3)

PS: Total (Basic + Wider + Comprehensive) not to exceed 120 times of monthly income

Additional: Medical Expenses + Hospital Confinement

Family discount of 10%.


Comprehensive covers with the option to choose your preferred package.

Competitive premium.
Easy claim settlement process.

Section - 6 14

The Premium differs in case of different risk levels determined by the occupation.

Risk Level I :
Administrative / managing functions, accountants, doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers
and similar occupations

Risk Level II :
Manual labour, garage mechanic, machine operator, paid driver (car / truck / heavy
vehicles) cash carrying employee, builder, contractor, veterinary doctor and similar

Risk Level III:

Workers in underground mines, electric installations with high tension supply. Jockey,
circus performers, big game hunters, mountaineers, professional river rafters and similar
Premium rates given below (%) - Rs. per 1000 /-

Cover Risk Class

Basic 0.45 0.6 0.9
Wider 1.0 1.25 1.75
Comprehensive 1.5 2.0 Not available
Medical 25% of above 25% of above 25% of above
Expenses premium premium premium
Hospital Rs. 300 Rs. 300 Rs. 300
Confinement per person per person per person

Benefit Chart

Medical Expenses Reimbursement upto 40% of valid claim amount or actual

medical bills, whichever is less
Hospital Confinement Rs.1000/- per day for a maximum of 30 days hospitalization
Children's Education Rs. 5000/- for a child or Rs. 10,000/- maximum for 2 children
Bonus below the age of 19 or 10% of capital sum insured,
whichever is less

Any Indian citizen between 18 to 65 years is eligible for this policy.

Section - 6 15

Why do you require a home insurance?

Taking home insurance has many benefits.
The house is safeguarded against a variety of unwanted incidents.
The cost of the premium that you have to pay is very low often less than 1%.
The insurance covers a host of segments - from terrorist attacks to breakdown of
water tanks.
In the Indian scenario it is all the more imperative to have a home insurance since
Forty million hectares of land, roughly one-eighth of the country's geographical
area, is prone to floods and
54% of the land is vulnerable to earthquakes
Realty rates may escalate 10%-15% in the coming years and demand to protect
single largest investment will increase.

A comprehensive protection
for the contents of your house
Safe Home
This policy safeguards the contents in policy holders household, due to the losses that
can arise due to fire, theft, burglary and other perils.

Household Contents

Householders contents (excluding cash, jewellery, valuables) against

fire and allied perils .

Householders contents (excluding cash, jewellery, valuables) against

burglary and larceny .

Exclusion: Burglary and/or housebreaking where any member of the insured's family is
the principal or accessory. It also excludes cash, stamps, jewellery, livestock, motor
vehicles and pedal cycles. It also excludes loss or damage due to terrorist activities.

Jewellery and Valuables

Valuables include silver items, gold coins, and expensive watches above
Rs 10,000/-

Note: A Valuation Certificate would be required in case the value of any individual item
in this section, exceeds Rs. 15,000/-
Exclusion: On loss or damage caused to/ from crackling, scratching or breakage of lens,
glass, gramophone records or other items of fragile nature.

Cash at Home

This section provides coverage for cash at home against fire, burglary,
theft and larceny. Any loss due to larceny shall be restricted to 50% of
Sum Insured under this subsection.

Exclusion: Theft of cash by any family members or relatives.

Comprehensive package policy.
Competitive pricing.
Easy and hassle free claim settlement process.

Section - 7 17

Package type Scope of Coverage Sum Assured Premium

Silver Package Household Contents

(Excluding: cash, jewellery,
valuables), against Fire
and Allied Perils 2,50,000 1,130
Household Contents
(Excluding: cash, jewellery,
valuables) against
Burglary and Larceny 1,50,000
Jewellery and Valuables,
against all risks 1,00,000
Cash at Home, against all fire,
burglary, theft and larceny 3,000
TOTAL 5,03,000
Gold Package Household Contents
(Excluding: cash, jewellery,
valuables), against Fire and
Allied Perils 5,00,000 1,929
Household Contents
(Excluding: cash, jewellery,
valuables) against Burglary
and Larceny 3,00,000
Jewellery and Valuables,
against all risks 1,50,000
Cash at Home, against
all fire, burglary, theft and
Larceny 4,000
TOTAL 9,54,000
Platinum Package Household Contents
(Excluding: cash, jewellery,
Valuables), against Fire
and Allied Perils 10,00,000 3,031
Household Contents
(Excluding: cash, jewellery,
valuables) against Burglary
and Larceny 5,00,000
Jewellery and Valuables,
against all risks 2,00,000
Cash at Home, against all
fire, burglary, theft
and larceny 5,000
TOTAL 17,05,000
Premium inclusive of service tax

Section - 7 18
Make your dream House
live on forever
Safe Home Plus
Home is a dream you have turned into reality - with your sweat, pain, happiness,
energy and time. We help you protect this dream against unforeseen calamities.

It covers losses arising out of:

Fire (excluding own fermentation, natural heating or spontaneous combustion,

undergoing heating or drying process, burning of property by order of public
authority) .
Explosion / Implosion (excluding boilers, economizers vessel in which steam
is generated except domestic boilers) .
Aircraft Damage (excluding loss caused by pressure waves).
Riots, Strike, Malicious damage.
Storm/Cyclone/Typhoon/Tempest/Hurricane/ Tornado/ Flood /Inundation.
Impact Damage / Damage caused by fire and shock occuring due to earthquake.
Subsidence, Land/Rock Slide.
Bursting/Overflowing of water tanks/Apparatus /Pipes.

Leakage from automatic Sprinkler (excluding repairs or alteration of building).

Missile testing Operation.
Bush Fire (excluding forest fire).

Comprehensive package Policy
Easy claim settlement
Long term cover up to 20 years
Low premium rates

Section - 8 19
Method of premium calculation

Sum Insured is calculated on the basis of cost of construction X Built up Area

(Super Built up Area).

Cost of construction.
Rs. 1500/- per sq. feet: Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, NCR,
Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and
Rs. 1200/- per sq. feet: Rest of India

Service tax extra Tenure of the Insurance Rate per Rs. 1 lac of sum insured
3 Yrs 113
5 Yrs 170
10 Yrs 250
15 Yrs 375
20 Yrs 500


All Individuals who own residential property.

Non Axis Bank Home Loan customers only.

Section - 8 20
Your royal treasure
needs a reliable guard

Protection against loss of Jewellery due to Burglary or Fire while at home or
being carried to the bank locker.

All risks covered worldwide while worn.

A special provision of 5% additional bonus is provided on renewal, if no loss is

reported in the expiring policy.

No list of insurable items to be insured required up to certain limits. Documents

to be submitted for claim settlement:
Valuation / Invoice certificate: In case of sum insured 2 lakh and 3 lakh, valuation
certificate would be required at the time of claim for gold and other valuables above
Rs. 15,000.
In case of sum assured 5 lakh and 10 lakh, valuation report would be required at the time
of claim for jewellery and valuables above Rs. 50,000 and for diamond articles and
exquisite Jewellery above Rs. 1lakh.

Minimum documentation. Also no list of items to be insured required
Worldwide coverage 24*7
Covers jewellery from fire and burglary while kept at home / bank locker

Service tax extra Particulars Sum Insured (Rs) Premium (Rs)
2,00,000 2,499
Jewellery 3,00,000 3,249
Insurance 5,00,000 4,999
10,00,000 9,999


Eligibility - All Axis Bank customers can avail of this policy

Section - 9 21
Yet another smart decision
for your business
Business Advantage
Fire & Allied Perils
A. Coverage:
I Fire
II Lightning
III Explosion / implosion
IV Aircraft damage
V Impact damage
VI Riots, strike and malicious damage
VII Storm, Cyclone, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood & Inundation
VIII Subsidence and Landslide/ Rockslide
IX Missile testing operations
X Leakage from automatic sprinkler installations
XI Bush Fire
XII Earthquake (Fire and Shock)
XIII Bursting and / or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes

Burglary & Robbery

A. Coverage:
I Loss or damage:
1. To the contents caused by actual or attempted burglary/ robbery
(excluding valuables unless specifically declared and insured)
2. To the insured premises including the cost incurred for changing
locks at the insured premises resulting from burglary with
indemnity and/ or robbery but limited to 10% of the total sum
insured under this Section.

II Loss of money, by actual or attempted burglary, if it is kept in a safe

or strong room when the insured premises are unoccupied.

III Loss of money from the cashier's till and/ or counter caused by robbery
in the insured premises.

Money Insurance
A. Coverage:
This section will indemnify the Insured for the loss of money in transit
to the specified destinations against robbery, theft or any other
fortuitous event. Transit for the purpose of this Policy commences
with the taking over of the money for the purpose of transit and ends
as soon as the money reaches the place of delivery.

Section - 10 22

Plate Glass
A. Coverage
Fixed plate glass, frames, frameworks etc. in the interior of the business
premises or the display windows is expensive and is prone to accidental
The Company will indemnify the Insured for:
Accidental loss or damage to the Plate Glass at the Insured
Reasonable cost of repairing/ reinstating damaged frames
and/ or frameworks but subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/-
for each and every claim.

Neon Sign/ Glow Sign

A. Coverage:
The Company will indemnify the Insured for :
Loss or damage to Neon Sign / Glow Sign due to Accidental
Means, Fire, Lightning, Storm, Tempest, Typhoon, Hurricane,
Tornado, Cyclone, Flood, Inundation, External Explosion,
Theft, Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage.

Electronic Equipments
A. Coverage:
This is an ALL RISK COVER.
Loss or damage due to any cause other than those specifically
excluded are covered.
Damage to External Data Media and the cost of reproduction of lost
data stored therein is covered.
Sum insured to be on reinstatement basis.
Basis of Indemnity.
The cover is subject to Excess as follows:
The first 10% of the claim amount subject to a
minimum of Rs. 2500/- for each and every claim
involving computers.
5% of the claim amount subject to a minimum of
Rs. 1000/- for other equipments*
In case of partial loss, no deduction shall be made for
depreciation in respect of parts replaced except those with
limited life but the value of salvage will be taken into account.
In case of total loss, the settlement will be subject to
depreciation from the replacement value of the insured item.
* Terrorism cover Extension can be opted for an extra premium.

Public Liability
A. Coverage:
This section will indemnify the Insured against his legal liability to pay
damages for third party civil claims arising out of bodily injury or
property damage caused in the course of the business by an accident
in the insured premises during the policy period. This is in accordance
with Indian Law and other than in respect of the Public Liability
Insurance Act, 1991, or any other no fault liability base.

Section - 10 23

Premium excluding service tax

Description For Shops For Office

Fire & Allied Perils
Structure 1.00 0.30
Contents 2.00 0.30
# Terrorism Cover 0.13 0.13
Burglary & Housebreaking 1.50 0.50
Money Insurance 1.5 1.50
Plate Glass 8.00 8.00
Neon Sign/Glow Sign 8.00 8.00
Electronic Equiments 7.00 7.00
#Terrorism Cover 0.13 0.13
Public Liablity 0.50 5.00
*Premium mentioned above are for Rs. 1000.
#Terrorism rates are as on date(17th Aug, 2009)


Complete risk cover for business needs

Cover against loss due to terrorism (can be opted for at an extra premium)
Competitive rates
Simple documentation
Easy payment options

Section - 10 24
How are claims handled?

All claims would be taken care of by Bajaj Allianz. You need to register the claim
directly with Bajaj Allianz, by dialing any of the following numbers:

Toll free number: 1800-209-5858 (From any mobile / landline)

1800-22-5858 (MTNL/BSNL Users Only)
1800-102-5858 (Airtel / Bharti Users Only)
Chargeable: 020-30305858 (All Users)

For any further details on this policy, please contact our nearest Axis Bank Branch
SMS “Insurance <<city name>>” to +91 97170 00002

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation

Axis Bank is a licensed corporate agent for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company
Limited. (License No. : 1891411)