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lalkitab basics - 1

The difference between lalkitab and traditional astrology?

It has been explained in the book metaphorically, 1. a young man full of

enthusiasm, infused with will power; having all possible material tools of success
at his disposal decided not to look for any divine help but try to succeed by the
dint of his hard labour and efforts alone: but the results were not as expected:
instead he saw another person who was far under -qualified ascending the
ladder of success by leaps and bounds, he was perplexed, cold sweat appeared
on his forehead and his mind asked him to find the reason for this.

He turned towards study of destiny.

Astrology and Palmistry were the basic prevalent tools. In case of astrology it
was observed that so many people have identical horoscopes but destinies differ.
So much so that destinies of twins are not similar.

In case of palmistry, lines of hand develop till 12 years at rapid pace; there is less
change after 18 years, so how to depend on lines that change.

Then it was seen that in calamities like floods, famine, earthquakes, war,
accidents thousands perish at the same time. Do the have similar horoscopes
and palms.

Deep meditation, concentration, elevated consciousness and keen

observation led to the answer that; When (as per the divine scheme) a soul
enters the womb of the mother, the graph of its karmic record also accompanies
it. In the first stage, the brain of the child develops, the karmic records' graph
influences the development of the brain, this development of brain, in turn is
instrumental in further extension i.e. giving shape to various limbs and organs of
the body: palm, lines and mounts on the palm. This karmic graph can also be
deciphered by drawing a horoscope coinciding with the time of birth of the child.
When a soul gets shape of a body the planetary influence also manifests itself in
the native's surroundings, his relatives, animate and inanimate things that
accompany or are to accompany him. So vaastu, face reading, body structure,
body language, handwriting analysis, eating habits, behavioural pattern,
relatives, articles, etc. all were synchronized to see the pattern. Some of these
karmic records’ results can be moulded to native's advantage as these are
treated as suspicious: whereas to others which are treated are unchangeable,
the native is chained and is bound to suffer the results. Only some person
blessed with divine powers has the power to alter them: But then also the result
will be there, it is altered in the sense that the divine person who alters them
transfers the effects unto himself....