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Warning For Teachers


when you get stuck, turn around it

observe which students participates during the

lesson. Make everyone participate the lesson.

be well prepared

be on time

keep your word

The first day is too important.

Never say to the students "my way or the


"okay let's get started"

(don't say "hurry up" )

Never argue with the students.

Don't touch American students.

When you are talking with a girl in your office

keep the door open.

Be a polite host.

Never say to the students

"stupid" or
"shut up"
Don't be so cordial with your boy friends and
don't hug them
To work in our schools is an honor.

Don't yell

"Your daughter/son went word for word with me"

write the class rules and consequences in your

Write the following expression at the end of your
syllabus: "The rules can be changed with no condition

First read the test policy, then hand out the tests.

Always keep your watch with you because being

on time is too important.

Dismiss the lesson on time

Don't constantly warn the students, give them
time to correct their behaviors.

You have to give at least four grades for each

students in a week

Justify your grade

You have to have a notebook which is written in

the students grades.

Make sure that the students are on task.

Don't give busy work to students.

They'll come after you

"let's go to the video"

You will be credible

The students will test you.

You must not tolerate bad behavior

If someone is angry, don't laugh or smile at her or

him especially for parents.
Parts of discipline plane:

1-Rules 2-Consequencess (punishments)

You had better prepare a board about yourself
and post your degree, photographs, etc on it.

Procedures must be rehearsed.

Don't use the question-word "why" to the

Instead of "Not" or "It is not correct" ;
say: "It is an idea" or "Try it again"

Some students are willing to participate

But some students are stubborn

apply pop quiz

spell out everything in your syllabus.

Your syllabus must be post on the wall.

Troubled Student

" Richard I would like you to post the daily

announcement because I need a responsible
student. "
" Richard I would like you to post the daily
announcement because I need a responsible
student. "

Never say! " I need your help"

Post the procedures of homework, test, etc. On

the wall of classroom.

The students like to have a certain reputation.

Teachers as Coaches (coaching skills)

to apply the enjoyable and educational activities

is too important.

Even to make them be disciplined, you can say

"If I don't do what I say, There won't be
any activity today ! "

Misbehaviors Of Teachers :
1- Absenteeism (to be absent)
2- Tardiness (lateness, delay)
3- Keeping students overtime
4- Early dismissal
5- Sarcasm(irony) or put-downs
6- Unreasonable and arbitrary rules
7- Verbal Abuse
8- Lack of response to students' questions.

9- Apathy to ward students

10- Unfair grading practices.

11- Negative personalities
12- Show unfairness
You can't lower or raise one's grade because of
his or her behavior.
Do not publicly reprimand a student

Don't publicly yell a student.

You have eye in the back of your head.

When you caution(Warn) a mischievous student,

try to not interrupt the lesson.

A student may glare at you.

You should say "Excuse me!" when you are

passing among or in front of people
Capitalize (write in capital letter) :
President Wilson
Mr. Wilson
Uncle Paul
my uncle, whose name is Paul.
The President of United State
Dr, Smith
Nurse Wilson
Professor Jones
Instructor Jones
Jim is a mechanic

Days of the week and Months of the year are capitalized

"The feelings I'm going to concentrate on are;

happiness, sadness, and joy."

"The feelings I"m going to concentrate on are;

happiness and joy."

What is the difference between the words

"problem" and "challenge"
What is the difference between the words "true"
and "correct"

"Write them in your notebook."

Say "Again please!" or "Excuse me!"

not "What?"

While you are going over lesson, you should take

something in your hand. (pencil etc.)

Use "rock" instead of "stone"

Say "Are we ready?" not "Are you ready?"

Instead of "Who can remind me?"

Use "recall me."

"As you gain facility with the language you will

then be more comfortable."

Striking his or her books or notebooks on the

desk is a big insult

Cool your anger !

Be careful when you pronounce the last word of

your sentence!

If you convey (communicate) confidence, then

you will be seen as confident.

When you start to speak slowly and calmly, they'll

stop talking and pay attention.

You should walk around in the class while you are

teaching. Don't constantly stand at the front.

Instead of "anybody, somebody"

Use "anyone, someone"

"Welcome to math. Class "

Neglecting to write the objectives of the day can
come back to bite you

You may prepare a table which shows the

success ratio of the class after the exams.

When you hand out the results of the exam, don't

let anyone see the others results.

Acknowledge the newness of a student.

(It shows that your sensitiveness)

When you explain something say what it is, don't

say what it is not.

"hall pass" system

Choose a student and his parents to become

A teacher in US ; teaches 25-30 hours in a week,
tutors at least one in a week, makes a club
activity, prepares students to Olympiads
Grade level meeting
Department meeting
Dean of academic
Dean of students
Project coordinater
Counselling department
Homeroom teacher
Advanced team

You should always have B-plan

You should have an activity folder.

Always act positively

Parents and students participate together to the
parents meetings.

When you check their homeworks, save the date

and subject of the homework.

Absolutely be routine in your applications

If a student has a discipline problem, talk to

him/her privately

Learn their names and call them with their names


Lack of communication


You may send a card to the parents which gives

information about you and your course just before
the begining of school.

Don't forget the birthdays of your students, call

them and give a small present.

You should also notify the parents about the

positive development of their child.

Think out of the box. Not in the box.

The Noah Principle: "When it comes to

achievement for all there are no more prize for
predicting ."

In group activities do not put same level students

in one group.

You may require more then one board for your


Don't do what you don't belive

Be yourself !

You should say "please" at the end of each

request or command

Do not give your cell and home numbers to the

parents if it is not necessary

Never say "loser" to a student

Get the cassettes of course books and use them

for lesson preparing

Don't use red pen for evaluating tests (use blue

pen) and don't mark the wrongs (Mark the correct

Give a chance them to make up their low grades.

But write a policy about it in your syllabus.

Instead of the phrase "Bad behavior"

Use "Wrong behavioral
Use "miss" for women. If she own makes clear it
you can use "mrs."

If you don't have a definite information about

something, don't act and say any thing.

If you don't have a definite information about

his/her family, don't ask any question about
his/her parent.
Warning For Teachers

If it doesn't work find another way to run it.

If no one participates the lesson, it means there is a problem.

Have a variety of activities

Be ready at the door before the time and let them see you there. Don't be late.

Do what you say you are going to do. Your actions must meet your words.

If you say that they will try to test you.

to make them start

don't warn a student in public, do it in private after the lesson.

Keep your distance

don't forget to register the interview or the meeting. Because she is skittish.

The people may misunderstand you. ( They may think that you are gays.)
you can use this sentence to a parent when his children goes word for ward with you. (Because acting to a
teacher like that is an insult .)

it shows that the rules depends on you, they can be changed by the teacher.

Fairness (justice) is too important.

It is an important evidence to prove the grades to parents.

They will chase you

parents use this phrase when they want a poof

People trust your words.

(for example; "Why are you sitting in that position? " ) They will answer as
"Because!!! " only.

Some students have a very strong will (They are willful.)

You have to convince an American to do something

to make them come to classroom on time.

Make clear every rules in your syllabus.

A student Who causes trouble.

It is said to make a troubled student be motivated. But if you say only "Richard I
would like you to post the daily announcement." then the student will think that you punish him or her.
It is said to make a troubled student be motivated. But if you say only "Richard I
would like you to post the daily announcement." then the student will think that you punish him or her.

If you say that they think you are week. Instead of it say "I need this."

You motivate the students

Because they may be bored.

to make them feel stupid. "She seemed to enjoy putting her

children down in public."

arbitrary : Based on or subject to individual judgment or preference:

Insulting or coarse language

1.Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference. 2.Lack of
emotion or feeling; impassiveness.
verbally punishing (to scold a child)

angry look

otherwise it is too impolite.

The word which comes before the surname and describes it, should be capitalized.

The titles of professions with name

ays of the week and Months of the year are capitalized

Notice the commas in both sentences

Use "correct" in the classroom.

not "on your notebook"

When you could not understand or hear what someone said.

It keeps you away doing misunderstood things.

Don't let them behave like that.

make it good emphasized

You may be shaking like a leaf but always convey confidence

In order to have classroom management.

It is better then to say "How are you" or "Hi"

Be sure the students to write the objectives of the day in their notebooks.

For Exp.: %15 gets less then 50 , %40 gets 60 , %25

gets 80 , %10 gets 90

Never announce the exam results publicly.

For example you may say : "New haircut ? Nice ! " "New bag ?
Nice ! "

giving permission system to go out class for bathroom or infirmary

They will may help you with many thing.

The meeting of teachers who teach the same grade.

The meeting of teachers who teach in the same subject.

The vice-principal which responsible of education

The vice-principal which responsible of discipline

The vice-principal which responsible of students' activities.

The department which responsible of university entrance exams. (Guides students about universities.)

A teacher who guide a class

A group of students who are prepared to olimpiads

a gathering of students for a particular purpose.

seminar, brief intensive educational program

Before the meeting prepare the the report cards and make the students write their comments in the backside them.

It is more effective

It is too important

a brand new teacher (a teacher who is in the

first year of teaching.)

Don't let be a lack of communication with students or their parents.

individual education plane

One of our teachers tried this method and got good responses.

It is too importent to remember them in their birthday. Don't be aggressive and make them be sad in that day.

Otherwise they will not be able to help each others.

to post homeworks, lesson plan, etc.

Otherwise they will ralase it.

Don't make supposition