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School board to vote on buYtng


By Alvcia Yount
The district is expectedto considerpurchasing a 6o,275foot property off of Paris
road. purchasing the property would allow the district to house its own storage and
havebuilding servicesoperatefrom a central location.


LYCIA YOUNT 816 7t6 5tg7 CE'dby SarahD. Wi COLUMBIA-The schoolboard

is expectedto vote on a pro curriculum changesas well property purchase
during its meeting Monday evening.

storv does not talk about curriculum cha until a si e sentence at the

The district is expectedto considerpurchasing a 6o,275foot property off of Paris road

to store food serviceproducts and housebuilding servicesshops.

Currently, the schooldistrict owns &roperty off of Van Horn Tavern Road,which is
f*:---.._.*.* , r .f r.
qi:l:lc{. The propertyis hometo building services,
usedfor storageltq*bS-s_gboC
suchasthejanitorialor maintenan."q9-p_1*t:nts,andis usedto storeproductsfor
the NutritionalServices for school
is responsible

Becauseof limited space,the school district must store someof i

food productswith a privatecompanylutTgg{ P-iSJfi}__+:_19jr-4ggeqtgtjgllo.u
in KansasCity,pchief ffioperationsQofficer Nick Borenmv\Tote in an e-mail.

$rz,ooo a year for this storage.

The schooldistrict has been using the t7,996 square-footspaceoff Van Horn Tavern
roadffi 7,996squaref br many years,but as a result of a growing school
district and increasingenrollment more storageis needed,Boren said.

Theproposalis to purchas.u ltuffi 6o,z75footproperby, o,z75feet, of Paris

road.M The new location will more than triple the sizeof the current building. With
the purchaseof the Paris road &--&roperty, all food serviceproducts couldlfr be
stored in Columbia,and building serviceswouldffi be able to operatefrom one

The current building is rcUlcumbersome and inefficient for building servicesbecause

there are groupsscatteredat different locations,Boren said. Both the carpentershop
in two differentlocations.
andgroundshopffil"rrrr"ntly operat"ffi{ru Paintersand
locksmiths alsowork at theseother two locations,resulting in z6 employeesat
different locations.

According to Boren,the new property wouldlr.ffi

cost approximately$r,z87,5oo and
was chosenbecausethe sizeof the facilitv meetscurrent district needsand allows
room for growth.

The timing of the proposedpurchasewould allow for a budget-neutraltransaction as

a result of the saieof the existingVan Horn Tavern road property, Boren.

The Van Horn Tavern Road property *ouldHilbe listed for saleby a real estateagent

Also on the agendaare proposedcurriculum changesfor the ColumbiaSchool

District. For more information on the proposedcurriculum changesseehere.

The board is scheduledto meetfsiat7 p.m. Monday in the district's Administration

Building, rBrB W. Worley St.

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