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Halloween events for Columbia

adults and children


By Anna Gaynor, Sanqeeta Shastry'


Keepingkids happy, while avoiding the inevitablesugarhighs, can be hard. Here'sa

list of family friendly, and adult only, eventsfor this Halloween.


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Explore beyondyour normal neighborhoodwalk to find
traditiona{ trick-or-treating.
other waysto celebratethe holiday weekend.


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COLUMBIA - Hailoweencan be challenging.Betweencostumesand sugarytreats,
it's almost impossibleto avoid the hoopla,whether you rvantto or not.

here are eventsacrossColumbiato keepkids, parents and horror fanatics


. ScauengerHunt, 7 p.m. Oct. 29, ColumbiaMaII Barnes & Noble; for students
irkrudg:jpre-Ktofifth srade*l; free
Wittr the booksellers Mysterl, Month ScavengerHunt, studentsagedro and younger
(accordingto whom?)1.

*rt*r*t"-, :3o 0.m. Oct.zg, ColumbiaMaIl Barnes& Noble;for Aoung

children; free

Alsoat Barnes& Nobleffie3 Thursdayj_s..l of "Halloween

qlllmimicsthe poem"TheNight
Night"by MarjorieDennisMurray,whichl!:.F_*g4

fi"a;t i"iut"n." to the storybeingbasedon the poem,but the bookdoes

mimic it\,arjorie-Dennis-Murra
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. TRWS and Treats,6-8 p.m. Oct. 3o, noon-Sp.m. Oct.3t, Torget tuing, Columbia
MaIl; for tod.dlersthrough age to; free adult admissiontuith a child under the age oJ
g, otheruise the cosf fs $Sfor adults and children older than 3.

is "pretty sure" about the $S cost for adrrlg a15!

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chiiAie" over 3. Shedidn't speak!,o,?nyg+.9i-g*ly"Fgy".1RT"9F9-

;4""* i; noi clear either. (I thought it meant $5 for adults.) shewi[t13gk down
answer M onday morni ng. http :/ / n"* sit co,lu,m,bi
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TRYPSand Treatsis presentedby the young artists troupe, TRYPS,

which standsfor TheaterReachingYoungPeople

The theater troupe puts on stageshowsr,r'ithffipifferent agelevel groups,and is

offering a show with face painting, activitiesand storltelling at the Columbia Mall.
Childrenare encouragedto shorn'offtheirHalloweengarb.

. "It's the Great Pumpkin, CharlieBrotuh," 6:gOp.m. Oct.zB, ColumbiaPublic

ri b,o , y ; f o r f a m i l i e s , co stu me su e Ico me ;free.

Every year, the library puts on $ll--.g"g{lfllholiday film showing. This year, children
and parentsalike can enjoy the 1966classic,"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie

.ll!gof!]g:-Cnntgd",9er Nightof Fun, 6-8p.m. Oct.3t, HearnesCenterFieldffihous


kast entrance);forchildren sixthgradeand younger;fee.ffi

There'sstill the issueof candy and trick-or-treating safety.If you'd like to steeryour
little monster,witch or goblin awayfrom roaming the streetsat night, checkout the
Tiger Night of Fun, an annual event put on by ColumbiaParksand Recreationud+3

Filled with activitiesfor the younger set,Tammy Miller, spokeswomanfor ffiearks

and Recreationruidil:$.t]_Qtherewill be$su-"t and lots of

"It's a safealternativeto door-to-door trick-or-treating," she added.


. RockyHorcor Picture Shotu,g:30 p.m. Oct. 27, TheBlue Note. Tickets: $to

It's 3o yearslater and the "Rockv l{orror.-PictlrreShou"'is still going strong.All the
fun of costumeswithout the nsufferable d. For thosewho regularly attend this
Halloweenevent,this year marks the 3oth anniversaryof the film's release.

l-r t*J
Mark Chambers
l"luasterof iClceremoniesill
if e:).tn_i
saysthe evening'shighlight will be a
would be done to mark the occasion,lChambers
slide show 30 yearsin the making.

The oldestphoto is of an r8-year old Chambers,and it movesto the present,

documentinghis experiencewith the shor,v.It showstimes from wher{iglChambers
did four showingsevery Friday and Saturdaynight to rvorkingwith his two oldest

. Spooktacular,B p.m. to midnight Oct. 3o, Memorial Union. Ticketsarefree to MU

studentsas uell asfomily membersof graduate or professioncl students,and $5 to
Tr r nr
Mizzou after Dark$ sponsors"Spooktaclllar"with Hallo\ryeen
crafts,free pizzaand
soda,and DJ Rusty. Psychicswill give personaireadings;and caricatureartists,
balloon artists and airbrush tattoo artists will be availableas weli. Prizeswill be given
) away during the lunu*.icostume contest.

. Halloween concerts,B:go p.m., Oct.Sl Mojos endThe BIue Note.Mojo's ticketscost

gS a the door. Ticketsfor TheBIue Notecosrffiy% $rc in sd.usnce.$tz at
The Blue Note will present"Hallor,r,'een
night with Eli Younq Band." Meanwhile,
Moio's is presenting"HalloWEEN," a Ween tribute band and StoneTemple Pirates.

. un-Halloueen Concert,7 p.m.Oct. 3t, tlnited MethodistChurch.Ticketscost$to in

aduanceand $t5 at the door

The 9th StreetPhilharmonic Orchestrais performing an "Un-Hall"gweenConc at

the United Methodist Church,but conductor,Alex Inneccosaid he has nothing

When choosingcompositions,Inneccofound nothing fresh or ne\^/to play. "I didn't

want to sound like the Addams Family," he said.

The eveningwili featureTchaikovskySymphonyNo. 6, Mendelsshon'sSymphonyNo.

5, and Brahms Hungarian DancesNo. 5 and 6. Inneccor,r'illprovide the history behind

. CabaretX.B: Talesfro^ theBasement,g:30 p.m. Oct.3o and 3t, TheRagtaglQo.

. rickets: $t o
Hiff €tf9 {1"}
CabaretX.B: Talesfrom the Basementfeaturesthe Bie Mucitiv Oilera Companr{ilI
p " allowed Weeni e" at
?gg]lJ$Il]lb gi-l_{*ll9.bJll}.gl.c.31_hgltglas t hev r esent The H

the Ragtag.

The show stars longtime Big Muddy performersAudra Sergel,Travis McFarlane,

Colin Daly, Eric Meyersand Beth Hunter.
. Ragtag Zombie Funk & SouIParty: Zombie Walk at 6:9o p.ffi., Zombie Funk & Soul
ot g:Sop.m. Oct.3t, ColumbiaAccessTeleuisionand the Ragtag;ft'ee

Think your costume'sso good it should be featured on television?Considerjoining the

ColnmbiaAccessTelevisionZowbie Waik and Zombie Funk & Soul event at the

PrintArticfe ...

Arrive at CAT-TVat 6:3o p.m. to dressyourself up in your favorite "undead" attire

and makeupusing the suppliesavailableor eventhe professionalmakeupartists
readyto bring out the zombiein you for a costumejudging.

Then wander the streetsof Columbiaand show your zombiepride in almost every
public location available,from the District to cemeteties,ltlll'kj*hile being broadcast
by CAT-TV.

Finally, head to the Ragtagfor another contest,drink specials,a screeningfeaturing

you guessedit) mbiesat ro p.m.,and musicprovidedby DJ Slabffioffnacon.


A Guide to Trick-or-Treatingfor UNICEF

Order your boxesonline or make your own canisters

Insteadof candy,asli for loose change

After you're finished, send}'our-mole)'in to UNICEF

Celebrateyour successby attempting to raise over $5oo to be recognizedon

UNICEF's"Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF" webpage