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In Malaysia, a handbook which contain about handling a weapon
is very rare to be find in local bookstore.Usualy this kind of book is
only available at overseas or own by military library. Since 2000
,when National Service is first introduced, the trainee have to
master the skill firing from M-16 rifles. The student encounter
problem while handling the weapon because there is no basic
exposure about the way to handle a weapon. There is several
experienced trainer that could teach them but not every one is
included.So,a handbook about M-16 rifle can be very helpful for
the national service trainee.
The objectives of our project are;

1. To provide a basic information about M-16 rifle to the

National Service trainee.
2. To update the handbook that owner by Malaysia Armed
3. To enable the gunsmith owner know more about the latest
version of M-16.
4. To provide a guideline to the owner of the weapon about the
handling and maintaining the M-16 rifle.

1. We have to use several method of data collection such as
interview and research to accomplish our objectives.
2. We will start our project by conducting interview with the
higher military staff about their point of view about M-
16.Then,we will interview and give questionnaire to 50
military staff who currently handling the M-16.
3. We will interview the several owners of gunsmith about their
own opinion and the costumer’s feedback about the rifle M-
4. We will go to one of the National Service centre and
distribute the questionnaire to the supervisor and the
students and at the same time interview them.
5. We gain more some information from the military library
and the internet
6. We will make an appointment with the manufacture of M-
16,Colt Defense Fire Arm(CDFA) that located in United
States, to dig out further information about M-16,such as
Muzzle Velocity, Removable Handle and Night Vision.
7. We will also interviewed the officer of United State’s ministry
of defense to find out about the involvement of M-16 in the
battleground around the world and several classified project.
8. We will measure our survey from the obtained results such
as the interview and questionnaire. Then ,the information is
documented into a book .
9. We will send sample books to the representative of the
interviewed persons and get their feedbacks.Then,the books
is corrected and distributed to all National Service centre in
Name :Dinaskumar A/L Arasu

Position: Team leader

Task :-Prepare the layout of the research and overall planning

-Delegate the works to other members

-Conduct meetings

Name : Mohd shukri bin lorddin

Position: Secretary

Task :-Find information about M-16

-Write the important minutes of meeting

-prepare paper work

Name : Mohammad Khairul Anuar Bin Othman.

Position: Treasurer
Task :-collect the money to make this project successful

-control the group budget

-control the flow of money

Group work :-preparation

 Prepare of the project.

 Interview the leader of MAF,gunsmiths,officer of
ministry of defense.
 Collect the information from internet.
 Evaluate and analyze the data gathered from
 Prepare the report for submission.
 Prepare the report for presentation.
Tasks Week
Interview the leader of MAF and 1,2
officer of ministry of defense,
United States.
Search for more information in the 3
Consult the CDFA about the 4
problem of weapons
Evaluate and analyze the data 5&6
Prepare the report 7&8
Presentation & submission of the 9
final report



Internet Fees 4.00
Transportation Fees 3000.00
Bullet price 467.00
m-16 price 7415.00
Miscellaneous 500.00
Total 11782.0

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