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Issue 31
In issue 28, Head of Mechanical Engineering Depart-
LETTER FROM THE EDITOR ment, Dr Afzaal Malik’s demand as a mentor for stu-
So the long vacations are finally over, and it’s time for all of us dents seeking to carry out research was mentioned.
to fit back into that routine of classes, quizzes and college. The Only recently, another student from IIT, Kanpur also
new semester beckons us to start with renewed passion and expressed interest in carrying out research under Dr
zeal. We welcome you back! Malik. Dr. Malik was kind enough to share the con-
The end of the last academic year saw Degree 27 graduate. We tents of the e-mail with us, and we reproduce it below
cover the convocation ceremony being held on 3rd of October, for our readers.
and also bid the members of the graduating class farewell. As Respected Prof. Malik ,
this class goes, a new one comes. We welcome the students of I am a third year(Btech-Mtech Dual Degree) undergraduate
Degree 31 to the College! engineering student in Mechanical Engineering Department
There was a lot happening in the summer. Obviously the Na- from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur(India). I am very
tional Engineering and Robotics Constest (NERC) and COM- much interested in the following areas:
PEC were abuzz as usual in July. NUST, College of EME or- 1. Advanced Manufacturing Processes
ganized a workshop on Information Security and Privacy in 2. Nuclear technology
August. Also, the graduating class had their projects on display 3. Design and Graphics
at the Open House and Job Fair. We take a look back at these 4. Multiphase flow
events in this issue.
As for now, I would like to pursue my further studies(PhD)
We also managed to find some space for a couple of really su- after my
perb articles. Khawaja Fahad Iqbal writes on Electroactive in the field of Mechanical Engineering and right now I am
Polymers, while Noman Bashir is his usual self with a typically looking forward to gain a better insight into the research as-
thoughtful write-up. Nawa-e-Sarosh, the ‘poetry society’ has pects of the field.
been kind enough to contribute a poem by Sundus Khalid. I have a three month summer vacations coming up starting
We hope you enjoy this edition of CampBuzz. Again, your from the first week of May and I am looking forward for an
feedback is vital to make this publication even better. In hope internship (from May to July 2009) so as to gain a better under-
that this semester will bring forth your creativity, hard-work standing of the field.
and passion more intensely than before, we wish you all the
best for this semester, and the academic year as well. I am writing this mail to inquire about the possible internship
opportunities under you.I would like to convey that I have gone
Good luck, and keep buzzing! through your publication Analysis of circumferentially arc
welded thin-walled cylinders to investigate the residual
stress fields and it left me fascinated.I am convinced that given
INSIDE a chance to work under you as an intern, I would learn a lot.

Open House/Job Fair 2009 I am attaching my curriculum vitae along with this application.
Kindly have a look at my academics, project and professional
Page 4-5 courses undertaken and let me know of the chances of getting
COMPPEC 2009, Expressions an internship under you. In case you are unable to take an in-
tern this year, I request you to please forward my application or
Page 6-8 direct me to some of your colleague who would be interested in
taking an intern this summer in the fields mentioned.I would be
Convocation Special glad to provide more information about my background or
Page 9-10
Thank you for your time and patience.
National Engineering and Robotics Contest Looking forward to hearing from you
Page 11-12 Yours Sincerely,
National Workshop VIKASH KUMAR
Page 13-13 3rd Year Undergraduate
Mechanical Engineering Department
And lots more Indian Institute of Technology

2 Issue 31

Editorial Board
Maj. M. Salman Rashed

Malik Basharat Ali Khan, DME

Jawwad Ahmed, DME
Syed M. Ather Ali, DCE

Saqib Javed, DME
Nauman Bashir, DMTS
Talha Aftab, DCE

Anas bin Aqeel, DME
Saran Ahmed, DME
M. Junaid, DCE
GC Sohaib, DME
Saad Zafar, DME
Waleed Mirza, DME

M. Umar Bilal, DCE


College of Electrical and

Mechanical Engineering
Your articles, news and reviews for the next issue of the publication, as well Printing Press
as ideas for improvement in Campbuzz, are welcome at

3 Issue 31
NUST College of EME
Open House & Job Fair: 16 July 2009
The annual event of Open House and Job Fair was held of
Thursday, 16th of July, 2009 at College of Electrical and Me-
chanical Engineering, National University of Sciences and
Technology. The objective of the event was to provide an
opportunity to both, potential employers and the graduating
students of the College, to come closer and share their mutual
interests. Another purpose was to develop new relationships
and strengthen the already existing links with the industry.
A total number of 35 companies participated in the event and
around 100 delegates were registered for participation. 15
companies conducted interviews to select members of the
graduating class for jobs in their organizations in the after-
noon. About 6 industries from various disciplines of engineer-
ing setup their stalls during projects’ exhibition to interact
with the students and the faculty.
The main focus of the event, however, were the Final Year
Projects of the students of the graduating class on display. The Syed Asaad Mashadi, President Rawalpindi Chambers
event was an exhibition of sorts, with around 80 Final Year of Commerce and Industries, graced the occasion as Chief
Projects showcased from all the disciplines of engineering Guest. In his address he emphasized the need for strengthening
offered at the College of EME. The projects were a wonderful the relationship between industry and academia, for rapid
reminder of the vast potential Pakistani students, in general, growth of science and technology in the country. He said that
and those of College of EME in particular. Moreover, these engineering universities were the focal points of such activities.
were also to serve as inspiration for the rest of us. He took keen interest in the projects which were focused on
Pakistani industrial needs, for example, ‘waste heat recovery in
sugar and steel industry’. Designing and fabrication of a rock-
climbing and wall-climbing robots attracted many visitors. The
Chief Guest very much appreciated the efforts made by NUST,
College of EME to arrange jobs for the students before gradua-
tion, which was in-line with the need of the country. Speaking
on the occasion, the honorable guest highly appreciated the
work done by young engineers and congratulated them on their
commendable performance. He also urged them to apply their
technical skills for the betterment of the nation.

Among the projects was a wall-climbing robot, a working car

developed by the students of Mechanical Engineering disci-
pline, a ‘mechanical spider’, and some Unmanned Aerial Ve-
hicles (UAVs) developed by students from Mechatronics and
Electrical Engineering Departments. Students from Computer
Engineering Department also brought forth their brilliant pro-
jects. In fact, the avant-garde projects were representative of
the quality of engineers the College is churning out. Ms. Aiza
Abid, HR Manager of JGC Descon, spoke on the occasion
sharing her experience regarding the expertise and skills of the
graduates from previous years.

4 Issue 31
Chief Organizer The Chief Guest
Prof Dr. M Shahid President Rawalpindi
Chamber of Com-
merce and Industry
Syed Asad Mashadi

The host, Malik Basharat

Maj Gen M Shahid
Ms Aiza Abid
HR Manager
JGC Descon


5 Issue 31
NUST College of E&ME is one of the leading intui- tools in the field of engineering sciences and information tech-
tions in Pakistan imparting quality education since many dec- nology.
ades. College of E&ME has always been in the forefront and
continuously striving hard to create an impact on the field of
science and technology. The institution also promotes extra
curricular activities which also bring a sense of competition
among students.
8th All Pakistan Inter College/ University Software
Exhibition and Competition (COMPPEC 2009) was organized
by Department of Computer Engineering, College of E&ME
from 17th to 18th July, 2009. The exhibition and competition
visualizes the fact that building something new is important but
presenting it to others is equally significant.
The Department has the honor to successfully host
COMPPEC for the last eight consecutive years. This event pro-
vided a platform for all the students from all over Pakistan to
After the speech, the exhibition was formally opened.
demonstrate their skills and share their new and innovative
The guests and judges witnessed the displayed projects by the
ideas. This exhibition is a forum for fertile minds to discuss
contestants. The displayed projects were divided into four cate-
their design strategies, implementation details, modular and
gories which included:
cost-effective approaches in a knowledge-rich environment.
Large number of people participated in this mega  Control/Automated Systems
event either as participants, guests, judges or contestants. Many  Network/Communication Systems
senior faculty members from different reputed institutions also
attended the exhibition and took keen interest in the displayed  Applications/Utilities
projects.  Signal/Image Processing
The exhibition was formally inaugurated by Chief Or- Twelve highly qualified, skilled, experienced and pro-
ganizer and Head of Department of Computer Engineering Dr. fessionally sound faculty member and experts from different
Mohammad Younus Javed. His inaugural address focused on the organizations were involved for evaluation of displayed pro-
development of the state-of-the-art technologies, innovative jects. Total of ninety one project teams from 30 different col-
ideas, new trends, technical skills and modern programming leges and universities from all over Pakistan came together to
take part in this mega event. All the judges critically analyzed
the displayed projects and graded them based upon a number of
factors such as innovation, useability, graphical user interface,
implementation, methodology, quality, demonstration, presen-
tation and design architecture.
The second day witnessed the address by the College
commandant, Major General Muhammad Shahid and the Chief
Guest, Lt Gen Muhammad Asghar, HI(M), Rector NUST.
Commandant in his address laid emphasis upon the importance
of software that has become one of the key components of com-
puter based systems and products. He also focused upon the
need for collaboration between the renowned universities, in-
dustries and government departments of the country.

6 Issue 31
Universities have substantial highly educated human Communication Systems was won by Khan Institute of Com-
resource in all the fields of engineering and sciences. The indus- puter Sciences and Information Technology (KICSIT),
try and the Government departments of the country can utilize “Implementation of IMS”. First prize in Applications/Utilities
this valuable manpower to do research work. The commandant category was won by College of E&ME, for the project titled “A
in his speech extended his appreciation towards the software Sense of Danger for Windows Processes”.
competition and exhibition organizers, participants and judges.
The Chief guest also awarded special prizes in each
The commandant speech was followed by the prize category. The overall best project in all categories was won by
distribution ceremony graced by the Chief Guest. All the judges College of E&ME. The project name was “Design and Fabrica-
evaluated the projects with complete fairness and impartiality, tion of Prototype of Magnetically Levitated Linear Motor Car”.
no judge was selected from the hosting institution and no judge
evaluated the project representing his own institution/

In the end, Chief guest in his closing remarks appreci-

ated the efforts of the participants. The Chief guest also empha-
sized that the youth of today holds the future of Pakistan. The
The first prize in Image/Signal Processing category Chief guest also announced more cash prizes for the winners
was won by College of E&ME, for the project titled “ Arryth- and project supervisors.
mia Detection and Classification with Real Time Transmission
of ECG”. First prize in Control/Automated Systems category
went again to College of E&ME. The project name was
“Automated Highway Driving System”. First Prize in Network/

The event finally ended by presenting a souvenir to the

Chief guest by the College Commandant and Chief Organizer

7 Issue 31
Capt Sana Nasri (Trg Offr UG) has been awarded CLS Com-
mendation Card for representing CLS Sectt and acquiring over-
all 4th Position at 33rd Army Declamation Contest held at Sar-
godha on 28th April 2009 and getting a title of Top 5 Best
Speakers of Army level. Besides she has the honor of becoming
first lady officer of Corps of EME who has done successfully
adventure courses.
Capt Nasri receiving Prize from Maj Gen Mubashir

NS Noman Bashir, DE-29 MTS

For some reason or the other, strange states of mind have been ideas have made me debilitated and unsuited to function in the
haunting me lately. Ranging from moments of extreme elation, practical world. I can give up everything that i have ever be-
heightened awareness and happy moments, to times of weird, lieved in, forsake my dreams and ideals, and live on with an
slow and lethargic melancholy. It is not the disturbance that unending sense of defeat. Or i can persist in my vision, hoping
bothers me most, it is the state of not knowing what it is…not to turn my illusions into reality, and risk ruination at the hands
knowing what to do, not knowing where to be, and not know- of a world that i had refused to acknowledge.
ing what to think. To be lost in the moment and enjoying time
as it comes has become rare. To look sensible and put up with I have this weird desire for silence, for peace and nothingness
things, life and people around me is more a farce than it is real- around me. It is as if i want to just take a step out of my body
ity at times. and for a moment just look at what goes on, how things are,
how people are, maybe just fix things to whatever extent I can
I spent my life in a cocoon that i had weaved around me, di- and then just vanish. I feel less. Lesser and lesser of me with
vorced from the reality, and i was under the illusion that i could the passing days and moments in time. The shadows of the
spend my whole life like that. I shut my parents and other peo- walls around me fail to hold back the sun, and in the open,
ple out, because i thought that the world they spoke of no there is no sun. The day is now the night.
longer existed, that my challenges of survival were different
from theirs, more intellectual. I saw their hard work, their sac- Things that I want to say, cannot be said, what I want to do,
rifices with disdain, with a sense of absurdity. They didn't cannot be done, what I want to be, just cannot be. I feel like I
make any sense to me, because they were out of place in my am cheating myself into saying that things are fine, that I am
cocoon-universe. And now, the cocoon is breaking. Reality is fine, for I am not. For I have never been. Criminally insane, in
flowing in through the holes, its noxious air pungent to my ill- perpetual disdain. A slow rot eats into me skin, my flesh, suc-
immune senses. My world is breaking down, and it scares me cumbing, my mind, eroding, and my thoughts, just flowing,
that the world is not what i thought it was. That all my grand disappearing, and maybe evaporating. My life, just fading.

“Common Sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18”
“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”
“Great Spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds”

Albert Einstein
8 Issue 31


Students of Degree 27 have completed their studies at EME College, and it is time for them to move on. The Convocation
will see them formally awarded their degrees, and bid them a fitting farewell after a fantastic time at this institution. We
look back at that wonderful time and those wonderful people.

It is that time of year when we say goodbye. Students of

Degree 27, having completed their four-year-sojourn at the
College, will formally graduate on the 3rd of October at the
Convocation Ceremony. The ceremony would mark the end
of the graduating class’s time at this institution. We pray,
however, that this would not mean the end of their associa-
tion with the College, and all of us. We wish them all the
best for their future endeavors.

The event would not only see the out-going class being
conferred their degrees, the single piece of parchment they
have to show for four long hard years of study, but also the
high achievers would be awarded gold medals for standing
out among their class. The event is expected to end with the
traditional caps being thrown into the air, marking the last
piece of shughal from college life.

The graduating class will definitely move on, like all those Typical scenes at a graduation ceremony: Students of DE-25
before them, in a sense that they would soon be running celebrate at their coming-of-age at the convocation ceremony
around industrial set-ups, or be engrossed in office work, or in 2007
be carrying out further studies across the country, and be-
yond. They certainly have a lot to look up to. But, despite
It was about learning new things every day. While almost every
all that; despite the hefty pays they would be yearning for,
engineer in any part of the world studies those stupid things like
or the experiences that they would be looking for, the
statics and electromagnetism, we get to add a whole new dimen-
graduating ceremony, the culmination of their time at EME
sion to our learning: the cool battle tanks, the destroyed army
College is bound to bring back memories worth reliving.
jeeps (with differentials and wheels lying around) and the dilapi-
dated solar lab are but a few examples.
As is true for any academic institution, a part of the stu-
dents’ time here revolves around building up GPAs, work-
And then, there were those times and those friends. Who would
ing hard for quizzes and building up a decent resume. While
forget the very first day at the College? (You would, in all prob-
this is true to an extent for every student, for most of us, life
ability, have been shouting greetings to Sir, and be uttering pro-
at EME is more; much much more.
fanities under the breath, or be standing chin-up in the sun, or be
mimicking airplanes or footballs). These days transformed the
While our learning curves are largely unidirectional, only
discrete individuals we were, into the discreet group we are. Time
increasing ones that is, life at EME College was, and is, a
in the workshops was more about forging friendships than metal,
roller-coaster ride, with intermittent highs and lows, local
shaping a community than wood, and hardening our bonds than
maxima and minima to be more precise. No single thing
defines it; it’s the whole experience, the complete package,
that is that ride. The highs in the spasmodic euphoria when Drawing classes might have sometimes been more about new
those awful three digits (for the most of us) exceed expecta- ideas than actually drawing a stereotypical shape. Thermodynam-
tions, or when Manchester United thump Arsenal a few ics classes might have been sometimes more about a utopian per-
thousand miles away, or those merry times at the cafeteria petual motion machine than entropy. Computer labs might have
or the football ground, or the lows in those melancholy sometimes been more about a counterstrike game then simula-
rainy days, or when the robot didn’t work as planned, or tion. But hasn’t that all made us much wiser then we were be-
when some teacher took that unwanted quiz, are close ap- fore?
proximations, but approximations nonetheless. Life at EME We might be bunking some classes, but aren’t we still learning
College is yet more. new things?

9 Issue 31
For the out-going class, graduation would also
mean the end of the other requirements in uni-
forms and discipline codes. Although these
might be peeving at times, but they have been a
blessing in disguise (for one thing, they would
be over!) Haven’t we all become more resilient
to such robust codes and procedures? (How
many signatures were there in the clearance
form again?)

It is time for us to bid the members of the

graduating class farewell. Let’s admit it; they
(most of them) have played their roles as sen-
iors aptly by helping and guiding us through-
out, and they deserve a fitting sending-off.
From the CampBuzz Editorial Board, we wish
to bid them farewell!

Above: Rector NUST speaking on the occasion of the

graduation ceremony from last year.
In the past, very distinguished and prominent person-
alities have graced the convocation ceremonies. In
2007, at the graduation of Degree 25, then President of
the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, General Pervez
Musharraf, was the guest of honour. At right, he con-
gratulates a graduating student.
Last year, the College of Electrical and Mechanical
Engineering saw the Prime Minister of Pakistan,
Yousuf Raza Gillani come and award medals and con-
fer degrees to the graduating class of Degree 26. At
bottom-left, he confers the degree to a student from
Degree 26.
Below: President General Pervez Musharraf poses for
photographs along with the Degree 25 students after
awarding them their degrees at the 13th convocation
ceremony in 2007.
The convocation ceremony will be marked this year,
as per tradition, with students of Degree 27 being
awarded their degrees. High achieving students, who
stood out among the rest, in academics in general, and
in Final Year Projects will also be awarded medals to
commemorate their achievements and their distinc-

10 Issue 31
Ms Sumaira Batool
Department of Mechatronics Engineering

National Engineering Robotics Contest 2009 was or- At the end of the ceremony the Chief Guest gave away
ganized by STEM Career Programme, HEC and NUST at the the prizes to the winning teams of “National Engineering Ro-
College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (EME) Rawal- botic Contest 2009” (NERC) in the following categories:
pindi on 11th July 2009.
Winner NERC 2009 Shield with cash prize of Rs. 80,000 was
The Head of Mechatronics Department Brig. Dr. Ak- awarded to Challenger (CASE Islamabad)
htar Nawaz Malik, in his opening address, welcomed all the
teams and honorable guests. He stated that Mechatronics is a
fast growing discipline of engineering with widespread applica- 1st Runner up NERC 2009 Shield with cash prize of Rs.50,000
tions in industry and that the contest is aimed to train the indi- was awarded to SYLAR (NUST College of E&ME)
vidual for engineering services in Pakistan.
The Commandant of College of Electrical & Mechani- nd
2 Runner Up NERC 2009 Shield with cash prize of Rs.40,000
cal Engineering (EME), Major General Muhammad Shahid (SI)
was awarded to Gladiator (CASE Islamabad)
M declared the final round of the contest open.
The Chief Organizer of the contest, Col Dr. Javaid
Iqbal informed that 80 teams from different Engineering Uni- 3rd Runners Up NERC 2009 Shield with cash prize of Rs.35,000
versities, Colleges and Institutes from all over the country par- was awarded to Wanderer (NUST College of E&ME)
ticipated in the qualifying round.
The Commandant of the College of Electrical and Me-
chanical Engineering, Major General Muhammad Shahid (SI) 3 x Best Engineering Design Award with cash prize of Rs.30,
M welcomed the Honorable Chief Guest, Executive Director 000 each was awarded to Neo (NUST College of E&ME), T-
Higher Education Commission, S. Sohail H. Naqvi. In his ad- BOB (CASE Islamabad), Legend Killer Returns (NUST Col-
dress the Commandant congratulated the qualifying teams of lege of E&ME)
the heats. Giving a brief over view of the past and future activi-
ties of the College, he emphasized that the over all atmosphere
of the College is very well suited for academics as well as co- Winner NERC 2009 Lego Award with cash prize of Rs.25, 000
curricular and extra curricular activities. was awarded to MTS Crawler (NWFP UET)

1st Runner Up NERC 2009 Lego Award with a cash prize of

Rs. 15,000 was awarded to Cyber Invictus (Headstart School

2nd Runner Up NERC 2009 Lego Award with a cash prize of

Rs. 10,000 was awarded to Blitzkrieg (BeaconHouse Islama-

Youngest Participant Award with cash prize of Rs. 5,000 was

awarded to Daniyal Mustafa Baig (Headstart School Islamabad)

5 x Participation Awards (Less NUST Students) Rs. 15,000

were awarded each to Smart Rover (Bahria University), Wachu
Mana (UET Taxila, Chakwal Campus), Hitman Returnz
(International Islamic University), Herald (Ghulam Ishaq Insti-
The Winners of the NERC 2009 tute), TRIS-T (Custom Public School Karachi)
Robot Challenger from CASE Islamabad

11 Issue 31
In his address the Honorable Chief Guest, Executive Di-
rector Higher Education Commission, S. Sohail H. Naqvi
complimented the efforts taken up so vigorously by the
College of E&ME (NUST) to enhance the technical know
-how of its students through such exquisite national level
events such as NERC. He said that “I believe that Paki-
stan cannot compete with developed nations unless strong
ties are established between industry and educationists. “
He further commented that “Since every machine these
days is a blend of several technologies, Mechatronics
Engineering as a new discipline has found widespread
acceptance in the world, including a large number of de-
veloping countries”. In his speech the Chief Guest con-
gratulated all the participating teams, faculty of Mecha-
tronics Department and the College to make this contest a

NERC 2009 at a glance

Men and Machines at work

12 Issue 31
National Workshop on Information Security and Privacy
(NWISP 2009)
The rapid advancement in information technology has heralded NUST College of E&ME; Ms. Ruhma Tahir – Lecturer from
a new age of explosive growth in all fields of life with an in- NUST College of E&ME.
creasing demand for practice of security in all applications.
Security has moved into the mainstream of every domain of The workshop was formally inaugurated by the Head of De-
Information Technology and has become a key technology in partment of Computer Engineering, Brig Dr. Muhammad
determining future research and development activities in Younus Javed (Patron-in-Chief NWISP 2009) with an opening
many academic and industrial branches. address focusing on the importance of information security in
the academia and the industry. He stressed that Information
NUST College of E&ME has always been on the forefront to Security is one of the most pressing challenges facing all kind
increase exposure of students to the latest tools and trends in of organizations today. Although many companies have dis-
the industry and academia. The Department of Computer Engi- covered how critical information is to the success of their busi-
neering, NUST College of E&ME organized “The National ness or operations, very few have managed to be effective in
Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (NWISP keeping their information safe and for this purpose we need to
2009)”, held from 17-18th August 2009 at the ASG lecture hall. bring security awareness among the individuals in our society.
The purpose of NWISP 2009 was to cover topics from various Ms. Ruhma Tahir (Organizer NWISP 2009) gave the workshop
domains of computer and network security to provide an in- introduction by highlighting the salient features of the work-
depth view of the information security landscape. The work- shop, the intended events and a brief introduction about the
shop served as a forum to gather academicians, researchers, honorable speakers.
practitioners and students in the field of information security
and privacy. The speakers at the workshop presented new de- The formal proceedings of the workshop started from Mr. Am-
velopments, lessons learned from real world cases, and pro- mar Jaffri who gave talk on “Law and Ethics in Cyber Crime”.
vided a platform for exchange of ideas and discussions on vari- He stressed on cyber crime forensics, investigation, procedures
ous domains of information security and privacy. The talks of and prosecution of cyber crime cases in the courts of law. Ms.
IT industry experts and instructor-led lectures gave the audi- Ruhma Tahir gave a detailed presentation on “The Threat En-
ence a real sense of applicability of security technologies in the vironment and Cryptographic Protocols”. She emphasized on
enterprise environment. various cryptographic protocols used to safeguard networks
against various threats in the environment. Mr. Tariq Malik
spoke on “Host Security”, focusing on the onion approach as
opposed to the orange approach to provide system security. He
further promoted the concepts of sandboxing and virtualization
to implement comprehensive security. Mr. Muhammad Kaleem
presented his viewpoint for providing comprehensive security
by the use of firewalls and changing format of messages for
UDP and TCP communication on different types of networks.
Lt. Col. Hasan Islam gave a detailed presentation on “Intrusion
Detection in Network Centric Cyber Warfare” by focusing on
the concept of information advantage and how security can be
used for gaining advantage over an enemy.

The speaker panel included experienced individuals from the

industry and academia, namely Mr. Ammar Jaffri – Additional
Director General (Technical) from Federal Investigation
Agency; Mr. Tariq Malik – Chief Technical Officer from Com-
munications and IT Branch, GHQ; Mr. Muhammad Usman
Saleem – Assistant Manager IT Security from Mobilink; Mr.
Saeed Qadiri from Nokia Siemens Networks; Lt. Col. Hasan
Islam from Communications and IT Branch, GHQ; Dr. Ghalib
Assadullah Shah – Assistant Professor from NUST College of
E&ME; Mr. Muhammad Kaleem – Assistant Professor from

13 Issue 31
NWISP 2009 was attended by around 80 participants who came
from different organizations, establishments and academic insti-
tutions. They gained the required knowledge and skills for pro-
viding threat free networks and security solutions for their re-
spective organizations. The participants suggested that the dura-
tion of the workshop should have been more than two days
keeping in view the sensitivity of issues and security threats
pertaining to all sensitive establishments of the country. The
participants also suggested that more such workshops be ar-
ranged in order to cover specific topics relating to QoS and se-
curity in Wireless Sensor Networks, WiMAX and EVDO. All
of them highly appreciated the initiative taken by Department
of Computer Engineering for organizing such first workshop of
its kind in the country. They also commended the excellent ad-
ministrative arrangements for the participants such as arrange-
ment of quality food and snacks during tea breaks and lunches
on both days of the event, and giving workshop folder to each
participant containing the necessary workshop material.
The second day of the workshop started with the lecture on
“Penetration Testing” by Mr. Muhammad Usman Saleem. He
spoke at length about the importance of white hat hacking and
its importance in evaluating the vulnerability of information
systems. He also demonstrated various penetration testing tools
used in the industry. Mr. Saeed Qadiri emphasized on the im-
portance of security for telecom operators, thus stressing on the
trends and challenges faced by telecom operators regarding
incorporation of critical security infrastructures. Dr. Ghalib
Assadullah Shah gave a detailed presentation on “Wireless Net-
work Security”. He stressed on various wireless network threats
and security protocols used to safeguard against different kinds
of threats. The last lecture on the second day of the workshop
was on “Security in Wireless Sensor Networks” given by Ms.
Ruhma Tahir. She introduced the concept of lightweight secu-
rity algorithms and emphasized how traditional security algo-
rithms/ procedures are not suitable for providing security in
wireless sensor networks.
Ms. Ruhma Tahir
Organizer NWISP 2009
Brig Dr.
The event finally ended by awarding souvenirs and certificates
Muhammad to the speakers and participants of NWISP 2009.
Younus Javed
NWISP 2009

The closing ceremony took place on August 18, 2009. Brig Dr.
Muhammad Younus Javed welcomed the dean College of
E&ME Brig Dr. Akhtar Nawaz, who was the guest of honor on
the occasion. Speaking at the closing ceremony he said,
“Security indeed is the greatest challenge facing individuals/
organizations today and National Workshop on Information
Security and Privacy was a very positive initiative towards in-
formation security awareness among individuals”. He appreci-
ated the efforts of the department of computer engineering for
organizing NWISP 2009.

14 Issue 31
Brig. Abdul Ghafoor, previously Dean of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, moves on to bigger assign-
ments at the NUST Headquarters in H-12, Islamabad. His post is being taken up by Brig Akhtar Nawaz, who was the Head
of the Mechatronics Department. We look at the contributions of Brig Ghafoor, and the task ahead of Brig Akhtar Nawaz.
With a plethora of
achievements for his
predecessor, the new
Dean has big shoes to fill.
But the repertoire that
Brig Akhtar Nawaz
brings suggests that he is
the big man for the big
Brig Akhtar Nawaz is to
take over the position
Brig Abdul Ghafoor
leaves. However, Brig
Akhtar Nawaz, has shown
in the past that he would
take on new challenges with great vigor, determination and
Outgoing Dean: Brig Abdul Ghafoor success.

Brig Abdul Ghafoor leaves for the post of Director Brig Akhtar Nawaz is an alumnus of the prestigious
General NUST School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engi- Military College of Jhelum (MCJ). He did his BE in Aerospace
neering, at NUST HQ, after wonderful time at the College. As Engineering from College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE)
Dean, he oversaw the a long list of projects and activities under- also receiving the coveted Sword of Honor. He then pro-
taken at the College. Indeed, it was during his tenure that the ceeded to the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for his MS,
existing MI room was upgraded to a complete Shaheed Mushtaq before completing his PhD from Salford University in UK. He
Baig Medical Centre, with a marked improvement in the medi- did his Post Doctorate from Kings College UK.
cal equipment and the number of patients that can be accommo- Having joined EME College in April 1994, he re-
dated. mained HOD Mechanical from 1995-97. He was among the
founding members of the Mechatronics Department at the
The look of College as it stands today is all dedicated
College in 1998. When he and his fellows laid the foundations
to the tireless efforts of Brig Abdul Ghafoor. In fact, all the of the Department, EME became the first institution in the
functions, ceremonies, and routine College affairs have in fact country to do so. Today, his efforts have turned the depart-
matured due to tremendous contribution and active involve- ment into a hotbed for research in robotics.
ment of Brig Ghafoor. Besides massive development of ASG
paraphernalia , Brig Ghafoor also deserves credit of construc- As the Head of the Mechatronics Department, we
oversaw a host of improvements , both in the curriculum, but
tion and renovation works including New JCO Mess, Golden also in the facilities available to the students. It was his vision
Jubilee Monument, Utility Area Shops, married accommoda- that paved the way for EME hosting the first National Engi-
tion of Officers and Soldiers, sports facilities at Jhangi Com- neering and Robotics Contest (NERC) in 2002. Since then,
plex, are to name a few. Then is the revamped Army Public the competition has gone on to become Pakistan’s most so-
School Campus at College with professional principal and up- phisticated.
graded pay structure. Volumes can be written on the achieve-
Brig. Akhtar has always been extremely supportive
ments of College during the tenure of Brig Abdul Ghafoor as of the his students. His support and encouragement extends
Dean College of E&ME, but I fear the pen would not do justice. beyond academics. This is reflected by the fact the he is cur-
Brig Ghafoor served the College for 17 years as Battal- rently the patron of SPAL, SAS, the Drama Club and the
ion Commander, SI, HOD Mechanical, Dean, Head of Quality founder of the Media Society.
Management Cell and Deputy Commandant. It is apparent that his traits and qualities will allow him to take
on this new challenge in the best possible manner. We hope
We wish to thank him for his services to the College, that his time as Dean would be auspicious for him and the
and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. College, and wish him all the best.

Quality Management Representative (Professor Briga-
dier Dr Nawar Khan, Head of Engineering Management De-
partment) and his team including AQMRs (Assistant Quality
Management Representative), CQA (College Quality Auditor,
CQC (College Quality Coordinator), QPO (Quality Project
Officers) and Support Staff have once again proved the exis-
tence of a standard Quality Management System at the College
of E&ME, both in its Academics Studies Group and Military
Engineering Group. The present certification of ISO 9001:2008
version is valid till April 2012. A simple but graceful ceremony
was held at the College of E&ME to celebrate the achievement.
Top management of the College appreciated the efforts of all
those who contributed to the certification process. College has
consistently maintained its quality engineering education
through Quality Standard Certification System since 1998.


We take pleasure to announce the much awaited result of the 2nd
CampBuzz Article Writing Competition, held before the summer
The level of the competition was quite good, and the judges were
indeed impressed. After careful evaluation, the following were
found to have taken the honors.
First: Obaid ur Rehman, DE-29 ME
Second: Mashud Khan, DE-29 EE
Third: Salman Hameed, DE-29 MTS
The CampBuzz Editorial Board congratulates the winners of the


By the grace of Allah Almighty the Ground Surveillance Ra-
dar project has met many successes. The radar has under gone
successful field trials by Pakistan Army and the radar’s per-
formance and features demonstrated in the field were equiva-
lent and in some cases better than those of the radars of Euro-
pean origin. Recently Minister of Science and Technology Mr
Azam Khan Swati witnessed the radars performance at M-2
Motorway on 8 Jun 2009 where all capabilities and features
were successfully demonstrated. In particular a new feature
wherein detected target were displayed on google earth satel-
lite image of M-2 Motorway which clearly showed targets
moving on the motorway with the correct range and speed
detected and displayed on the radar screen. The radar is at the
threshold of pilot level production with very bright prospects
of becoming the first and very significant project to see com-

16 Issue 31