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Exercise No.



1. To conduct an interview with a patient admitted in a

hospital regarding any drug or food allergy.
2. To be able to identify from patients history what are
possible indications of the presence of allergy.
3. To prepare an allergy card.
4. To fill out allergy sheet properly.


1. Secure an allergy sheet. Conduct an allergy interview

with patient assigned to you.

2. Prepare guide questions before hand and politely

inquire from patient any presence of allergy in the
past history and present history.

3. Prepare the allergy card in a white card. Put

necessary information of patient allergy on food
using blue ballpen and red ballpen for any drug

4. Be sure to place this card on the first page of the

patient’s medical chart for the doctor to see.


1. What is allergy? What are the possible causes of


2. Give mechanism of action of any drug used to

alleviate allergy.
3. Discuss the different types of hypersensitivity

4. What is the drug of choice for anaphylactic shock

caused by drug allergy. Illustrate the mechanism of

5. Describe or illustrate the mechanism of action of

prednisone in blocking the production of IGE.

6. Submit the following:

a. Patient Drug Profi1e
b. Filled Allergy Sheet
c. White Allergy Card