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Department of Performing and Screen Arts

Bachelor in Performing and

Screen Arts
Course No. Course Name Semester Year
PASA6262 Film & Television Projects 2b 2 2009
Lecturer (s) Course Co-ordinator
Brent Hargreaves Dan Wagner
Marker(s) Moderator(s)
Brent Hargreaves, Dan Wagner Alan Locke
Assignment No. & Title Course grade % Due Date Return Date
3 Production Design 30% rd
23 September 23rd October
Learning outcome(s):
1. Demonstrate professional processes and techniques, in a given specialisation, that make an
aesthetic contribution to screen projects
- Apply professional operational and technical skills to screen projects
- Relate screen arts specialisations to other specialist aspects of film-making

Assessment Description:
From a feature film of your choice, find a set which is visually interesting to you.
• You’re going to “design” this set. The set you choose should contain depth and texture. Its
design should provide some sort of a challenge for you.
• Then, you’re going to “pitch” your design to a team of mock producers - actually, the rest of
the class, plus tutors – with the intention of being awarded the contract to become the film’s
Production Designer.

Marking Criteria:
1. Relate your source. Include the film’s title; a brief scene description [e.g. – INT: Yolanda’s Kitchen, seen
in 3 scenes – 2 in the middle (both day) and one at the end of the film (night)] ; and a program-time-in (HH:MM:SS) where
your set can be found. Also indicate whether this time is referenced from a VHS or DVD. (5%)
2. Explain why you chose this set. What about it was especially intriguing or interesting to you? How
will this particular set challenge you? (10%)
3. Write a 50-100 word description of your set. Detail whether it’s an Interior or an Exterior and
whether it’s built on location or in a studio. [Interiors must be presented as though built in a studio; Exterior sets can also
be built inside a studio (dressed and lit to look like it’s outside) or at a practical location site.] (10%)

4. Write 50-150 words exploring issues you might need to consider about this set from the
point-of-view of YOUR SPECIALTY. Discuss briefly how you might handle the issue. [e.g. – This might be a
challenge for SOUND because as an all wooden room, it’s very live. Or…This could be tough from a PRODUCTION standpoint as
regards arranging transport of building materials into the pasture without disturbing the delicate foliage we’ll need to shoot later.]

5. Submit an Elevation and a Plan with rough measurements. (They don’t have to be to the
millimetre. As long as we get the idea.) In your Plan, indicate:
a. Which walls are wild (if any)
b. Where principal camera angles can be shot from
c. Cardinal directions (Either actual if on location, or “in the story”, if in studio. Basically, we want to know
where the sun is.)
6. List and describe the visual elements you will use to build this set. (construction materials,
colour palette, how the set will be painted, decorated and dressed). (15%)
7. Make a rough budget for the set construction. [see Budget form on Blackboard: TFTV Year 2
Projects / The Course / Production Design] [Don’t sweat the micro-details. We want to see that you’ve made an
honest go of it. So: 8-10 if you’ve done it; 0 if you haven’t.] (5%)

-1- 24914610.doc
8. Present Rough Sketches, List of Elements and Rough Budget to your peers in Class 5
(22nd September). (15%)

9. Present your idea and all supporting materials (drawings, budget, etc.) to the class as if
you’re selling it to a Director and Producer. [This mark is for how you present your content.] (15%)

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