PNoy: PHL in the midst of a ‘dramatic turnaround’

May 23-29, 2014
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May 23-29, 2014
Msgr. Gutierrez
Permanent Resident
Status - p. 2
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Stanford students prospecting
on Philippine start-ups
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in Paradise
Ben Maynigo Lilli A. Baculli
Believe it or not: Filipinos love
US more than Yanks
Who are the richest, poorest
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Memorial Day 2014: In Loving Remembrance
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Accessibility Tools
for the Disabled
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Hope Always - p. 10
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A personal account
Earl Martin Valencia, IdeaSpace CEO
By Zena Sultana Babao
A verse in the Bible says,
“Greater love hath no man
than he lay down his life for
another.” Because of the ulti-
mate sacrifce of our military
men and women, we Ameri-
cans are secure in our free-
dom. Even today, our brave
soldiers are giving their lives,
not only for us Americans, but
also for people in other coun-
tries around the world .
“For love of country, they
accepted death,” said our 20th
President James A. Garfeld.
by Matikas Santos, Inquir- | MANILA, 4/24/2014
-- Filipinos rank frst in a
global survey on the image
of the United States, beating
even the Americans when it
comes to a favorable view of
the United States.
According to the 2013
Global Attitudes Project
of Pew Research Center in
Washington, 85 percent of the
Filipinos polled said they had
a favorable view of the United
Following the Filipinos are
the Israelis and the Ghanaians,
both scoring 83 percent, and
the Americans, who scored 81
Among those who had had
unfavorable views of America
who scored the highest are
the Jordanians, 85 percent;
the Egyptians, 81 percent; the
Palestinians, 79 percent; and
the Pakistanis, 72 percent.
Only 13 percent of the
Filipinos said they had unfa-
vorable views of the United
The Global Attitudes Proj-
ect “conducts public opinion
surveys around the world on a
broad array of subjects rang-
by Kimberly Jane Tan,
5/21/2014 -- The Philippines
is in the midst of a "dramatic
turnaround," President Benig-
no Aquino III declared before
world leaders on Thursday,
trumpeting his administra-
tion's economic achievements.
"It is evident: Our country
is in the midst of a dramatic
turnaround in every sector and
we are intent on continuing
this trend and making certain
that each and every Filipino
enjoys the full dividends of
progress," Aquino said in his
speech at the World Economic
Forum in Makati City.
"All signs for the future are
pointing upwards," the Presi-
dent noted.
Citing the population
projections of the United Na-
tions, the President said the
Philippines will be hitting a
demographic sweet spot in
2015 that may last for the next
35 years.
Countries in such condi-
tions, he said, post an average
yearly growth of 7.3 percent
over the next ten years.
"We are incredibly poised
to take full advantage of the
situation, having made strate-
gic investments in education
and skills training, which will
equip our future workforce
with the correct skills to fll
the jobs that are and will be
created," he said.
He specifcally said that
government has equipped
the Technical Education and
Skills Development Authority
with the resources necessary
to help people acquire the
skills they need to be "truly
competitive" in the job mar-
Data from the Department
of Budget and Management
indicate only 28.5 percent of
TESDA graduates were able
to fnd work in 2006 to 2008.
But according to a 2012
TESDA study, 62.4 percent of
their graduates were able to
fnd employment.
'Next Asian miracle'
"Note that these numbers are still
improving: According to our TESDA
Director General Joel Villanueva, the
by Willand Cheng, ABS
5/22/2014 - Senator Cynthia
Villar maintained her position
as the only billionaire senator
in the Philippines.
Based on their 2013 joint
statement of assets, liabilities,
and net worth (SALN), Vil-
lar and her husband, former
Senator Manny Villar, had a
net worth of P1.626 billion.
Most of their assets are in
the form of real properties
and investments in shares of
stocks in their family-owned
real estate companies.
The Villar couple listed no
Trailing behind at second
place are Senator Ralph Recto
and wife Batangas Gov. Vilma
Santos-Recto who declared a
net worth of P496.8 million.
Senator Bongbong Marcos is in third
place with a net worth of P197.47 mil-
Senator Jinggoy Estrada is fourth with
P195 million, slightly higher than his
net worth last year of P193.58 million.
Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr.
by Harvey I. Barkin, | STANFORD
UNIVERSITY, 5/22/2014 –
Stanford students who may
one day be CEOs and VCs are
following Philippine and other
Asian start-ups. Thanks to
Electrical Engineering elec-
tive EE-402T.
Dr. Richard Dasher, Con-
sulting Professor and Director
of US-Asia Technology Man-
agement Center told Inquirer.
net, “Master’s students in
various engineering felds, a
few undergrads, MBAs and a
law student are interested in
doing business in Asia; some
are even interested in starting
I always thought that San Diego, California, my adoptive hometown for the past 25
years, is Paradise.
Whenever I would arrive from a trip from out-of-town or abroad, I am always flled
with a sense of relief that I am back home to a life of comfort and convenience. Dubbed
as “America’s Finest City,” San Diego boasts of the “best” weather in America, if not in
the world. With a constant temperature from sixty-fve to seventy degrees the whole year
round, I never get to use my handkerchief in San Diego, for I do not perspire here unlike
whenever I am in other humid and hot places like in the Philippines.
During my visit to Phoenix, Arizona years ago, a local asked where I was from. When
I answered “San Diego,” he asked, “What are you doing here in Hell when you could be
there in Paradise (his actual words)?”
In fact, a common bumper sticker before said: “Tourists, welcome to San Diego! Now
go home!”
This is due to the fact that many who come for a visit sometimes decide to stay for good.
San Diego boasts of the best of many worlds. For recreation, one can visit world-famous
theme parks like the Sea World, San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park and Legoland. One
can enjoy its long stretch of beaches and the snow in mountain resorts like Julian which
is just less than an hour away. Then there are the tourist spots like the Seaport Village, the
historic Old Town, the Cabrillo Point, La Jolla Cove, Coronado Island with its Coronado
Hotel, the favorite of many a celebrity, and the Del Mar Racetrack where the “turf meets
the surf” according to a song by one of its enthusiasts, Bing Crosby. Just across its border in
Mexico are the quaint town of Tijuana and the beautiful resorts of Rosarito and Ensenada.
“What I like about San Diego is the hassle-free traffc,” said the late celebrated Filipino
For years, I have been lulled by the thought that we would be out of reach of raging
wildfres, things that only happen in the back country where trees and dried vegetation
are aplenty
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
San Diego Asian Journal
The Original and First Asian Journal in America
(Editor's note: In view of the wildfres that devasted San Diego, California last week,
we are reprinting an account of the similar wildfres in 2007)
San Diego, California
October 26, 2007
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Our Life & Times
Read Sim Silverio’s previous articles by visiting our
website at
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
A Monthly Forum hosted by and for the Fili-
pino American Community of San Diego
Legal Buzz
Law Offces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Lilli A. Baculi
Read Atty. Baculi’s previous articles by visiting our
website at
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Hell in Paradise
By: Lilli Berbano Baculi, Esq.
James had just fnished with his
Adjustment of Status interview based
on the immigrant petition of his wife,
Kimberly. At the end of the interview,
they were given a piece of paper entitled
“Removal of Conditional Status” and
the Immigration Offcer made them both
sign. A year-and-a-half later, Kimberly
fled for divorce and left James.
Closing in on the 2-year anniversary
of their marriage, James is wondering
what is the “conditional status” that was
given to him, and what does it mean
now that he and Kimberly are divorced?
Under the Immigration and Nation-
ality Act Section 216, a non-citizen
spouse and his/her noncitizen son(s) or
daughter(s) “shall be considered, at the
time of obtaining the status of an alien
lawfully admitted for permanent resi-
dence, to have obtained such status on
Conditional Permanent
Resident Status
a conditional basis . . . .” Section 216
goes on to state that there is a notice re-
quirement: “At the time an alien spouse
or alien son or daughter obtains per-
manent resident status on a conditional
basis . . . the Attorney General shall
provide for notice to such a spouse, son,
or daughter respecting the provisions
of this section and the requirements of
subsection (c)(1) to have the conditional
basis of such status removed.”
What is a conditional permanent
resident status? A conditional permanent
resident status means that a non-citizen
foreign national has obtained the status
of an alien lawfully admitted for perma-
nent residence as an immediate relative
spouse of a citizen of the United States,
as the fancé/e of a citizen of the United
States, or as the spouse of an alien law-
fully admitted for permanent residence,
by virtue of a marriage entered into less
than 24 months before the date the status
was obtained by virtue of the marriage.
What is the notice requirement? Un-
der the Act, the Attorney General shall
provide notice at the time a non-citizen
spouse or son or daughter obtains per-
manent resident status on a conditional
basis. This notice is usually provided at
the time of the Adjustment interview or
upon entry into the United States under
an immigrant visa as an immediate
relative spouse of a citizen of the United
States, or as the spouse of an alien law-
fully admitted for permanent residence.
Requirements of timely petition and
interview for removal of condition. In
order for the conditional basis of a non-
citizen spouse or a non-citizen son or
daughter to be removed, the noncitizen
spouse and the petitioning spouse jointly
must submit to the Attorney General
a petition which requests the removal
of such conditional basis. The petition
must be fled during the 90-day period
before the second anniversary of the
non-citizen spouse’s obtaining the status
of lawful admission for permanent resi-
dence. The interview for this petition
shall be conducted within 90 days after
the date of submitting the petition.
Waiver in certain cases. Failure to
remove conditions on residence will re-
sult in the termination of the permanent
resident status of the non-citizen foreign
national, and s/he will be put in removal
proceedings. In certain situations where
the non-citizen spouse is unable to fle
the petition jointly with his/her petition-
ing spouse, a waiver might be appli-
cable. A waiver may apply if a non-
citizen spouse is able to demonstrate
that extreme hardship would result; the
qualifying marriage was entered into
in good faith but the marriage has been
terminated and the non-citizen spouse
was not at fault in failing to meet the re-
moval of condition requirements; or the
qualifying marriage was entered into in
good faith and during the marriage the
non-citizen spouse or child was battered
by or was the subject of extreme cruelty
perpetrated by the U.S. citizen or perma-
nent resident spouse non-citizen was not
at fault in failing to meet the removal of
condition requirements.
Given the gravity of the consequences
for failing to remove conditions on resi-
dence, it is important to seek meaningful
advice from an experienced immigra-
tion attorney well before taking any
steps, especially if one is unsure as to
the immigration processes. Where there
is a threat of being put in removal or
deportation proceedings, an immigration
attorney specializing in deportation de-
fense would be able to provide the most
benefcial advice in a situation.
Atty. Lilli Berbano Baculi is an associ-
ate attorney with Chua Tinsay & Vega, A
Professional Legal Corporation (CTV) -
a full service law frm with offces in San
Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and
Philippines. The information presented
in this article is for general informa-
tion only and is not, nor intended to be,
formal legal advice nor the formation of
an attorney-client relationship. Call or
e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone
consultation to discuss your particular
situation and/or how their services may
be retained at (619) 955-6277; (415)
495-8088; (916) 509-7280; lbaculi@
columnist, Teodoro Benigno
who spent a few weeks vaca-
tion here while staying with
his relatives every year when
he was alive.
What then can one ask for? Life
in Paradise, so I thought, would last
forever, until the devastating wildfres
of 2007, which from now on, will be
etched in history as the most catastroph-
ic in years.

Brushed aside

At frst, I brushed aside the news of
the wildfres that erupted last weekend
as one of those things that occasionally
happen to give a semblance of nor-
malcy in San Diego. Once in a while, I
thought, a minor catastrophe must hap-
pen in my beloved city so that it won’t
be set far apart from others. Otherwise,
without these mishaps, life in San Diego
would be “too ideal” that everybody
would be focking in its limited space.
Already, residents have to pay a price
to enjoy the comfort of San Diego
lifestyle, through its skyrocketing real
estate prices, making them out of reach
of the ordinary wage earners.
Early Monday morning, however, we
became increasingly concerned. The so-
called “Harris Fire” named after “Harris
Ranch,” its place of origin located near
the U.S. – Mexico border in Tecate,
was fast encroaching towards the west,
threatening the new communities of
Otay Ranch in Chula Vista. Our house is
located in Rancho Del Rey, which is just
north of Otay Ranch and Eastlake.
My wife, Genny, had suggested that
we start preparing for the worst, but I
thought it would be much ado about
nothing. For years, I have been lulled
by the thought that we would be out of
reach of the wildfres, things that only
happen in the back country where trees
and dried vegetation are aplenty. The
closest that the wildfres had affected
us came from the sky as small fecks
of ashes that rained on our cars and our
street during the infamous Cedar Fire
of 2003. Other than that, wildfres are
only things that we see on television, not
in our neighborhood. I must admit that
in 2003, the fre that we saw from afar
lighting up Mt. Miguel, which is just a
few miles away from our home, was a
concern but only for an evening.
With my assurance, my wife went to
bed while I remained glued on televi-
sion. The primetime programs were
preempted by the wildfre coverage on
all local stations, and I had no choice but
to watch them. Increasingly however,
the names of communities near our area
were mentioned: Eastlake, Otay Ranch,
Spring Valley and Mt. Miguel. Fanned
by a strong wind, the fre was going
southwest towards the communities of
Eastlake and Otay Mesa. But just like in
a basketball game, the trend shifted. In
an instant, the winds reversed its direc-
tion and went towards the northwest,
threatening the communities of Spring
Valley. It was about one o’clock in the
morning and I became increasingly
concerned. The television coverage
said that Mt. Miguel was on fre and
mandatory evacuations were ordered
in the new communities of Bella Lago
and Rolling Hills in Eastlake. Later,
the same mandatory evacuations were
issued to Spring Valley residents. One
announcer reported that if the strong
wind continued, the worst fears could
happen. The fre could cross Spring
Valley and into the golf course of Bonita
and its neighborhood. That was the last
straw for me, because we are just beside
Bonita. I believed the announcer when
he said that the fre, aided by the strong
50 miles-per-hour winds could sweep
through miles of neighborhood in an
instant. It does not matter that a freeway
might separate the fre from a housing
development. The strong wind could
hurl fre embers miles away and easily
land and ignite a rooftop, burn a house
and the entire neighborhood.
I thought that it would be the right
time to let go of my guard and expect
the worst. So what if it was a false warn-
ing? I asked myself. The least that could
happen is that I spend so much trouble
packing our things for nothing. But if
the worse ensued, I would have saved a
lot of valuable things, especially since I
had enough warning and time to do the
packing. Moreover, I don’t think I could
stand watching the warnings on televi-
sion, knowing that my time to prepare is
slowly running out as I wait for a more
accurate, if not realistic assessment of
the situation. I would feel comfortable
responding to my fear than my reason-

Material things

But what material things would I save
frst? I was surprised to realize that dur-
ing such dire predicament, the frst thing
that comes to one’s mind are not the
valuable things I see laying around our
house but the priceless memories that
could not be replaced. I got hold of plas-
tic crates and emptied my fling cabinet
of valuable documents: the grant deeds
to our properties, the birth certifcates,
the diplomas, the vaccination records,
the transcripts of records, the pink slips
of our vehicles and other similar items.
I did not bother to put in the box the
documents that record the things and
money that I owe. I got hold of all of
our photos, flling up at least fve plastic
crates, photos taken when we, my wife,
I and our daughters were children to the
present day.
The photos I gathered gave me an op-
portunity to recall the happy memories
that we enjoyed as a family: our frst
trip to Disneyland, to San Francisco,
to the East Coast, the time when my
daughters were babies, when they were
in elementary, in high school and until
they graduated from college. I realized
that we were so busy with everyday life
that we never had the time to look back,
enjoy and savor the memories of those
priceless moments. What if those photos
are lost in the fre? The number of fam-
ily vacations we may take in the future
abroad would not be enough to replace
the happy past memories those photos
As I rummaged through the rooms of
my daughters, who few out of our nest
years ago, I discovered some pleasant
There was this broadsheet whiteboard,
the size of a newspaper that commemo-
rated the 18th birthday of my daughter
Michelle. On the front page were her
photo and the photos of her with her
friends. On the inside pages were
photos of her friends together with their
individual messages on the occasion of
her 18th birthday, most of them funny if
not witty. I noticed that the photo on top
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Part 4
The last three articles have focused on
strategic planning as Kalusugan Com-
munity Services is ready to embark in
this process to guide the organization’s
future direction in the years ahead.
Due to its current state of affairs it is
essential that the KCS board with input
from the community determine the best
course for the organization to continue
and be relevant to the Asian Pacifc
American (primarily Filipino American)
population in the 21st century.
“Strategic Planning” is defned by the
Alliance for Nonproft Management
to be “a disciplined effort to produce
fundamental changes and actions that
shape and guide what an organization is,
what it does, why it does it, with a focus
on the future.” It is different from “Long
range planning” in that the focus is in
the changing environment whereas the
former assumes that current knowledge
about the future’s condition is suffcient-
ly reliable to ensure that the organiza-
tion’s plan can be depended upon over
the duration of the implementation.”
The previous articles also defned the
process of strategic planning, starting
with getting ready and assessment of
the organization’s accomplishments,
its environment, and its current vision,
mission and goals. It is essential also to
have a work plan including a time line
for the entire process before undertak-
ing planning. It is also important to
determine the organization’s accom-
plishments in terms of its goal and
objectives, assess its strengths, weak-
ness, opportunities and threats in the
environment (SWOT analysis) that can
either help or impede its development.
The above assessment will provide
data that will be the basis of its future
vision, mission, goals and objectives.
Usually the data comes from the cur-
rent and past KCS board of directors,
advisors, staff, volunteers, students,
and participants in the community. It is
important that data should be gathered
from the community to know what their
perceptions are about Kalusugan and
get some creative ideas on its future
direction. Input can be gathered through
a survey questionnaire, focus groups,
community forums, interviews and
personal contact.
The KCS board has already been hav-
ing a dialogue on this issue on KCS’s
direction. A survey questionnaire will
also be sent out to all the past and pres-
ent contacts of KCS to get input from
them. A Filipino forum is also scheduled
for June 28, Saturday, from 9:00 AM to
11:30 AM at the KCS Filipino American
Wellness Center at 1419 East 8th Street,
National City, 91950.
Based on the information gathered
above, the organization is now ready to
develop its vision, mission, goals, and
objectives including a business plan that
goes with it.
VISION- is quite literally a mental im-
age of the successful accomplishment of
the mission, and thus the purpose of the
organization. For example, the vision of
KCS is to see healthy Filipino American
individuals who are living long and
productive lives, and contributing to the
betterment of the community.
MISSION- The mission summarizes
the what, how and why an organization
exists. It describes its purpose (why it
exists or seeks to accomplish); busi-
ness (main method or activity through
which the organization tries to fulfll its
purpose), and values (the principles or
beliefs that guide an organization’s as
it pursues its purpose. KCS’s mission
is to improve the health and well-
being of Filipino Americans and other
underserved groups through promotion
of positive changes in lifestyle and the
environment. We have nine values that
are outlined in our brochure.
The mission statement communicates
the essence of an organization to the
readers. An organization’s ability to
articulate its mission indicates its focus
and purposefulness. The mission should
Short and sharply focused.
Clear and easily understood.
Defnes why we do what we do, why
the organization exists.
Does not prescribe means.
Is suffciently broad.
Provides direction for doing the right
Addresses our opportunities.
Matches our competence.
Inspires our commitment.
Says, what, in the end, we want to be
remembered for.
STRATEGIES- Once the organization
has decided on its vision and mission
statement, it is time to fgure out what to
do with them: the broad approaches to
be taken (approaches), and the general
and specifc results to be sought (goals
and objectives). These may be devel-
oped from group or board discussion,
individual inspiration, formal decision-
making techniques, surveys and other
methods. The leadership agrees to ad-
dress the critical issues.
Goals- These are broad statements of
purpose. They relate to large health and
social problems which are the target of
a specifc program. It should be related
to realistic expectations for a change in
outcome for a health and social prob-
lem. Goal statements should state the
condition to be changed and the target
population of the program. For example,
the goals 2010 to 2013 of KCS are to:
Be fnancially self-sustaining through
a diverse plan of fundraising.
Enhance and maintain organizational
Develop and expand effective com-
munication strategies.
Provide effective, relevant programs
to the community.
Expand KCS facility.
Objectives and Strategies- These are
measurable statements related to the
achievement of the goals. They are
more specifc and should state the fol-
1. WHAT will be done by the organi-
zation (strategy)?
2. HOW MUCH change will occur?
3. WHEN the change will occur (a
time frame)?
Examples of objectives by KCS are
for goal # 1 are:
A grant writing committee will be
formed by the end of the frst year.
At least 5-10 proposals for a grant will
be written every year.
Write one federal grant every other
Appoint a fund raising committee
composed of 5 individuals at the begin-
ning of each year to plan fund raising
Conduct two major fund raising ac-
tivities each year.
Review business ventures every year
and make recommendations for changes.
Conclusion: the next steps are Busi-
ness Planning including the Budget and
Reference: Alliance for Nonproft
Strategic Planning Process
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Health and Wellness
Quiet Neighborhood in National City.
No smoking. No drugs. 619.746.3416
by Dr. Ofelia Dirige
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan
Community Services.
Contemporary Asian
American Issues
by the Society for Cardiovascular An-
giography and Interventions
Every second counts if you or
someone you love is having a stroke.
A stroke is a medical emergency that
requires immediate treatment. Just a few
hours can make the difference between
recovery or learning to walk and talk
all over again—or worse still—death. If
you think you might be having a stroke,
don’t wait, note the time, call 911, and
“I think I’m having a stroke. Please
take me to the nearest stroke treatment
center as quickly as possible.”
You should also call 911 if someone
you’re with might be having a stroke.
Don’t hesitate. Every moment you wait
increases that person’s risk of permanent
You only have three hours from the
time of your frst symptom to receive
treatment that can minimize the damage
to your brain that can cause serious,
long-term, disabilities. If you get to the
hospital and it’s not a stroke—that’s
wonderful news! If it is a stroke, you’ll
get the help you need.
Warning Signs
Learn the two things Dr. J. P. Reilly,
Ochsner Medical Center, insists you
should do if you think you’re having a
Save precious time—know and
respond quickly to the warning signs of
Most of us have headaches or clumsy
spells now and then. But the symptoms
of stroke will seem unusual and come
on suddenly. Call 911 if you or someone
you’re with notices these unexplained,
sudden warning signs:
A feeling of numbness or weakness in
your face, arm, or leg (You might notice
it on one side more than the other.)
Vision problems in one or both eyes
Dizziness or loss of balance; diffculty
Problems speaking or understanding
what other people are saying
Severe headaches without warning or
Women may have the same symptoms
as men, but they’ve also reported a few
others. These symptoms also happen
suddenly and unexpectedly:
Pains in the face or legs
Feeling weak all over
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Rapid heart beat
Strokes are painless, but don’t let that
stop you from getting help. And, don’t
assume that if the symptoms stop before
you call 911 that you’re okay. You might
have had a TIA or what’s also known
as a mini-stroke. Even though you feel
better, and it seems like the problem
has passed, according to the National
Stroke Association, 1 in 20 people who
have a mini-stroke have another stroke
in the next two days. Just like a stroke, a
mini-stroke requires immediate care and
follow-up medical treatment to control
any risk factors, such as high blood
pressure and high cholesterol.
Quick Check for Stroke—It Can
Save a Life
If you’re with someone and you notice
a sudden change in appearance or be-
havior, make sure it’s not a stroke. Ask
them to do these three simple things—
Smile—Is it the smile you know and
love? Or, is one corner of the mouth
drooping down?
Close your eyes and raise your
arms—Are the arms held high together,
or is one drifting back down to the side?
Repeat a simple phrase—Why not
make it funny? If the person is fne,
you can laugh about it later. Try “If at
frst you don't succeed, skydiving is not
for you.” Listen for slurred words and
unusual sounding speech.
If you notice a droopy, lopsided smile,
one arm held lower than the other or
drifting down on its own, or slurred
speech without reasonable explanations,
call 911 immediately and tell them that
you’re with someone who needs to get
to a stroke treatment center as quickly as
What is a stroke? Why is it so seri-
A stroke is an interruption of the
blood fow to the brain. When the blood
supply to a part of the brain is restricted
or cut off, the affected brain cells can
die. That’s why it’s so important to be
treated for stroke as soon as possible.
Your brain is involved in everything you
do—walking, talking, stopping to smell
the roses—whatever you enjoy doing.
If the part of the brain involved in those
activities is damaged by the stroke, you
might not be able to do those things
anymore. So don’t wait. Take care of
your brain—Call 911.
What to Expect at the Hospital
After you call 911 and help arrives,
the emergency response team in the
ambulance and at the hospital or clinic
will work to stabilize and monitor your
blood pressure, temperature, heart rate,
and breathing. Next, physicians and
Stroke: When Seconds Count
Timing is everything when it comes to surviving and recovering from a stroke because time is brain—every second that
passes could mean the loss of more brain function, which affects your ability to think, walk, and talk.
other members of the healthcare team
will order tests, such as a CT scan or
MRI make the diagnosis.
If your doctor determines that you
had a stroke, he or she must quickly
determine if the stroke was ischemic or
hemorrhagic. The treatment will be dif-
ferent depending on the type as stroke as
well as your unique circumstances, such
as your age and other risk factors.
Ischemic Stroke Treatment
An ischemic stroke happens when
blood fow to the brain is restricted or
blocked. Once the cause of the isch-
emic stroke is determined, the doctor
may give you a dose of aspirin or other
drugs to thin your blood. But do not take
aspirin before coming to the emergency
room because if you are having a hem-
orrhagic stroke, aspirin could increase
Opening Blocked Arteries
If a patient who has an ischemic
stroke arrives at the hospital in time, he
or she may be given a clot-dissolving
medicine called t-PA (tissue plasmi-
nogen activator). Patients who receive
t-PA within the frst three hours after
their frst symptoms of stroke seem to
have a better chance of recovering and
have fewer complications. Unfortu-
nately, fewer than 5 percent of patients
who have ischemic strokes receive this
treatment because they don’t make it to
the hospital in time or they are they are
not diagnosed quickly enough after they
That’s why it’s important to go to a
primary or comprehensive stroke treat-
ment center. These centers are certifed
as meeting certain requirements, for
example, having testing equipment, such
as CT Scans and MRIs available on a
24-hour emergency basis, doctors close
at hand to read and interpret the results,
and physicians and other healthcare pro-
fessionals who specialize in recognizing
and treating stroke.
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California Communities
Bilingual and Standby Poll
Workers Are In Special Demand

Time is running short and poll work-
ers, especially those who are bilingual in
any one of eight specifc languages, are
still needed for the June 3 Gubernatorial
Primary Election. The Registrar’s offce
is required by federal law to provide
bilingual speakers and voting materials
to voters who speak Spanish, Filipino,
Vietnamese and Chinese. A recent
survey by the University of California,
Berkeley showed a need for speakers
of Khmer, Japanese, Korean and Hindi
at about 20 precincts so the Registrar’s
offce is also recruiting poll workers
bilingual in those languages for the June
3 election.
The Registrar also needs standby poll
workers who can be assigned on short
notice. Standbys who can also speak
a second language are in demand too.
Poll workers receive a stipend rang-
ing from $75 to $175 depending on the
assignment, and those who are bilingual
receive an additional $15 if they are as-
signed specifcally to provide language
assistance to voters. Poll workers must
be registered voters in the State of Cali-
fornia or must be Permanent Residents
in the United States and have transporta-
tion to their assigned polling location;
they will also need access to the Internet
to complete an online training and at-
tend a two-hour class.
Bilingual poll workers are needed in
these neighborhoods: Alpine, Campo,
Cardiff by the Sea, Carlsbad, Chula
Vista, Clairemont, Del Dios, Del Mar
Heights, El Cajon, Encanto, Encini-
tas, Escondido, Fairbanks, Fallbrook,
Helix, Jamacha, Jamul, Julian, La Jolla,
La Mesa, Lakeside, Linda Vista, Mira
Mesa, National City, Navajo, Oceanside,
Pacifc Beach, Paradise Hills, Pomera-
do, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo,
Rancho Peñasquitos, Rolando Redwood,
Santee, San Marcos, South Bay, South
San Diego, Spring Valley, UTC, Valle
De Oro, Vista.
Prospective poll workers can apply
online at For more
information, call (858) 565-5800 or
Please note the Registrar of Voters offce
has moved and the new address is 5600
Overland Ave., San Diego, 92123.
Poll Workers Still Needed for
June 3 Election
Invites all former Olongapo resi-
dents, former US military personnel
and civilian employees of former US
Subic Naval Base, Olongapo Educators
Association, School Alumni (Public and
Private Schools), Fraternities, Baran-
gay groups, Zambaleños, and Friends
to its 35th Anniversary & 2014 Grand
Reunion Celebrations to be held on May
25, 2014, Sunday 11:00 AM- 5:00PM
(Luncheon & Dance) at the Pala Resort
& Casino Grandballroom, San Diego,
Special Guests of Honor include the
Honorable Ron Morrison Mayor, City
of National City California, and special
Olongapo City Association, USA, Inc. 35th Anni-
versary & 2014 Grand Reunion Celebrations
GMA News | SAN DIEGO, 5/20/2014
-- In an effort to recognize the services
rendered by small groups or community
organizations for Filipino-Americans,
the Philippines, and the American soci-
ety, the National Federation of Filipino
American Associations (NaFFAA) is
partnering with GMA Network, Inc. to
hold the very frst Alex Esclamado Me-
morial Award for Community Service
on August 10, 2014.
The Alex Esclamado Memorial Award
for Community Service is inspired by
the life and works of Philippine News
publisher and editor Alex Esclamado,
who is well-known for being an ardent
advocate of the rights and interests
of the Philippines and Filipinos in
Mr. Esclamado's signifcant contribu-
tions paved the way for Filipino World
War II veterans to become US citizens,
allowed Filipino professionals to hone
and practice their craft in the US, and
led to the formation of NaFFAA, which
up to this day is one of the biggest
national organizations of Filipinos in
In this endeavor, GMA Network, Inc.
is deemed to be the ideal partner as the
Philippine network giant itself has been
NaFFAA partners with GMA for community service awards
effciently servicing its kababayans
abroad through its international chan-
nels – GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV,
and GMA News TV International. Each
channel is managed by GMA Interna-
tional, which makes sure that the net-
work’s offerings abroad uphold Filipino
core values and bring Filipinos closer to
home, one show at a time.
Filipino organizations in the US that
are undertaking outstanding non-parti-
san, non-political, and non-denomina-
tional services to the Filipino com-
munity or to the mainstream American
community are eligible to receive the
Alex Esclamado Memorial Award for
Community Service.
Those who would like to nominate
certain organizations are encouraged to
e-mail the Awards Committee through
Mr. Ryan Tejero at ryantejero@yahoo.
com. The deadline for nominations is on
June 30, 2014.
The recipients of the Alex Esclamado
Memorial Award for Community Ser-
vice will be presented at the 11th NaF-
FAA National Empowerment Confer-
ence to be held at the Town & Country
Resort & Convention Center, San Diego
California. The event will last from
August 7 to 10, 2014.
For more details on events abroad,
visit the GMA International website,
Facebook pages
GMALifeTV, and
GMANewsTVInternational, Twitter
pages @GMALifeTV, @GMA_LifeTV,
and @GMANewsTVIntl, and Insta-
gram page @GMAPinoyTV. —GMA
Management: Strategic Planning
9:00 am To 11 pm
Kalusugan Community
Services - Filipino American
Wellness Center
1419 East 8th Street,
National City, CA 91950
For Information and RSVP:
(619) 477-3392
Light snack will be served
guest from the Philippines Dra. Luz
Lipumano, former Olongapo City First
For more details contact Connie
Leyva at (951) 461-0154, Fred & Celia
Reyes at (951) 302-2712, Lilly Tor-
reliza at (619) 471-5893, Dra. Violeta
Matsuada at (858) 565-6958, or Rose
Huertas (310) 530-3151
Photo on left: Connie Leyva
their own.”
Dasher also said, “The
Philippines is getting great
work outsourcing and that
involves a combination of
English language skill and
also technical knowledge,
especially in software. I think
the Philippines is a recipient
of customer service outsourc-
ing and software development
outsourcing. China and Viet-
nam still lead in manufactur-
ing outsourcing.”
“I’m especially interested in what Earl
is doing – focusing on the opportunities
and needs of the Philippines and other
emerging markets because outsourcing
is ultimately a problematic industry for
continued economic growth.”
Dasher is referring to President of IdeaS-
pace Foundation, Earl Martin Valencia, who
spoke to aspiring CEOs and VCs on campus
For his part, Valencia painted a sober
picture of the Philippines. He revealed that
the country is among the fastest growing
Asian nation with healthy fnancial markets
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Only from the Asian Journal
Disney Club Penguin Launches
Global Online Safety Campaign
Initiative spans web, TV
and goes Direct-to-Kids in
schools and includes new
Online Resource Center
Disney Club Penguin, the #1 vir-
tual world for kids, recently launched
the global ‘It Starts with You!’ safety
campaign to give kids and families the
information and resources they need to
navigate more safely online.
The ‘It Starts with You!’ campaign,
developed primarily for tweens and
parents of tweens, is Club Penguin’s
most ambitious and expansive online
safety campaign ever. It will span across
multiple platforms including placements
on Disney Channel and Disney’s online
destinations, integrations in the virtual
world of Club Penguin, as well as real-
world, direct-to-kid components by
working with leading online safety and
educational organizations.
The ‘It Starts with You!’ online safety
campaign will include:
•A branded campaign on Disney
Channel and Disney’s online networks
featuring a safety PSA starring G Han-
nelius from Disney Channel’s “Dog
With A Blog,” the hit comedy series for
kids and families.
•An online safety resource center
( to help kids
and parents learn the latest in online
safety and empower them to be good
digital citizens. The resource center will
•Multilingual safety tips for kids about
how to protect their information online
and be respectful to others
•Multilingual online safety informa-
tion and news for parents
•Printable activity sheets to help kids
be thoughtful digital citizens
•Online safety PSA starring G Han-
•Printable safety pledge for families to
take together that encourages communi-
cation about online usage and rules.
•Within the world of Club Penguin, an
in-game quiz to test players’ knowledge
about online safety. Players that suc-
cessfully complete the quiz will earn an
exclusive virtual item for their penguin
"The question is no longer whether
kids should be online, but how to
prepare them for a social online world,"
said Chris Heatherly, VP of Club
Penguin. "'It Starts with You!' is about
empowering kids and their parents with
the information they need to play an ac-
tive and educated role in online safety."
The campaign will focus on teaching
kids how to:
•Be cool: and respectful to others
online and not post anything that could
be hurtful to someone else.
•Be heard: if they see anything online
that worries them, to speak up and tell a
parent or trusted adult.
•Be safe: and protect their personal
information online and not share private
personal details.
Club Penguin is also supporting
leading non-proft and safety organiza-
tions to spread the message behind ‘It
Starts with You!’ to local schools and
communities through new outreach pro-
grams. Upcoming ‘It Starts with You!’
programs include:
•Safety Tour: Together with Free The
Children, Club Penguin will launch the
‘It Starts with You!’ Speaking Tour.
Schools across the U.S. will now have
free access to a one-of-a-kind youth
leadership program that will provide
kids with the tools and resources they
need to become leaders in bullying
•More Online Safety Resources: Club
Penguin is working with leading child
safety organization, the National Center
for Missing & Exploited Children
through its NetSmartz Workshop to de-
velop an unprecedented online program
that will give thousands of educators,
parents and youth leaders the tools they
need to teach online safety.
•In-School Activities: Through Scho-
lastic, ‘It Starts with You!’ posters and
activity plans will be distributed to more
than 90,000 teachers accompanied by
a strong digital outreach program that
is expected to reach at least 3 million
parents and families with the goal of
teaching kids how to become respon-
sible, respectful and safe digital citizens.
Disney Club Penguin is a leader in
online safety and has invested mil-
lions of dollars to build one of the most
advanced chat and fltering technologies
available for kids online today. Club
Penguin’s unprecedented technology is
complemented by 200 human modera-
tors who monitor in-world activity to
help keep kids safe. More information
about Club Penguin’s safety efforts can
be found at
About Club Penguin
Club Penguin (, is
the #1 virtual world for children. Club
Penguin strives to design a fun and
safe online entertainment experience
by using fltering technology and live
moderators. The award-winning virtual
world of Club Penguin is free to use and
enjoy, however a subscription member-
ship provides access to additional fea-
tures that enhance the play experience.
Club Penguin is enjoyed by children
around the world.-- Source: Disney
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Light &
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by Zena Sultana Babao
Memorial Day 2014: In Loving
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Believe it or not
Our 40th president, Ronald
Reagan, also said, “Freedom
is never more than one gen-
eration away from extinction.
We didn’t pass it to our chil-
dren in the bloodstream. It
must be fought for, protected,
and handed on to them to do
the same.”
In loving remembrance, our grateful
country and people pay tribute to our
war dead this Memorial Day (Monday,
May 26, 2014). As we gather in our
backyards and hold barbeques this
special day and welcome the arrival of
summer – let us pause to give thanks
and remember the sacrifce of our mili-
tary men and women.
Sadly, not all of our soldiers who
have passed away are given the honors
they fully deserved. The classic and
internationally-acclaimed poem “Just
a Common Soldier” also known as “A
Soldier Died Today” describes the dif-
ferent treatment of a common soldier’s
passing away versus that of a politician
who dies. This iconic tribute to common
soldiers all over the world was written
by A. Larry Vaincourt, a well-known
Canadian poet, author and ex-military.
In 2005, the U.S. Military Academy
in West Point, N.Y. engraved words
from this poem into a marble monument
dedicated to America’s fallen soldiers.
This beautiful poem is read or recited
over the radio and TV every Memorial
Just a Common Man
(A Soldier Died Today)

He was getting old and paunchy and
his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion, telling
stories of the past
Of a war that he had fought in and the
deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies; they
were heroes, every one.
And tho’ sometimes, to his neighbors,
his tales became a joke,
All his Legion buddies listened, for
they knew whereof he spoke.
But we’ll hear his tales no longer for
old Bill has passed away,
And the world’s a little poorer, for a
soldier died today.
He will not be mourned by many, just
his children and his wife,
For he lived an ordinary, and a quite
uneventful life.
Held a job and raised a family, quietly
going his own way,
And the world won’t note his passing,
though a soldier died today.
When politicians leave this earth, their
bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing
and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell their whole life stories,
from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a soldier goes un-
noticed and unsung.
Is the greatest contribution to the
welfare of our land
A guy who breaks his promises and
cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow who, in times
of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and of-
fers up his life?
A politician’s stipend and the style in
which he lives
Are sometimes disproportionate to the
service that he gives.
While the ordinary soldier, who of-
fered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal, and perhaps,
a pension small.
It’s so easy to forget them for it was so
long ago,
That the old Bills of our Country went
to battle, but we know
It was not the politicians, with their
compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom that our
Country now enjoys.
Should you fnd yourself in danger,
with your enemies at hand,
Would you want a politician with his
ever-shifting stand?
Or would you prefer a soldier, who
has sworn to defend
His home, his kin and Country and
would fght until the end?
He was just a common soldier and his
ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us we
may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict,
then we fnd the soldier’s part,
Is to clean up all the troubles that the
oon, the regular school
year will start again in
the Philippines. Balik-
bayan boxes with school sup-
plies, clothing and other stuff
were shipped to your student
dependents. Money for tu-
ition and school fees, board
and lodging, and even their
allowances will be remitted
too in the days to come. With
the US dollar getting weaker,
it is becoming diffcult for us
and other OFW’s around the
world to keep supporting the
never ending list of scholars.

One way or another, most of us
have helped or currently helping some
relatives in the Philippines to acquire
college degrees. Without our fnancial
support most of them could never afford
such education. Even those grandparents
who receive government benefts sent
most of it to help their grandchildren get
college education. It is very common
among Filipinos here in the U.S. to pay
for the educational expenses of their
nephews and nieces back there while
their own children here acquired student
loans to fnish their college degrees.
Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There
are plenty of us in the same boat. It feels
good to lend some help. Maybe, that’s
why even a number of older Filipino
men have young Nursing Scholars back
in the native land.
For most of us, we don’t expect
to get paid back for all these fnancial
student aid. We only hope that these
recipients will use the money smartly
to get better education and then become
self-suffcient. We also hope that once
they get employed, they will help their
siblings and their parents fnancially.
How many of you were disappointed by
the stupidity of the recipients of all your
kindness and hard work? Some of these
people have no conscience or don’t re-
ally care how you earned the money that
was sent to them. All they can ever think
is how much more they can receive from
you in the future.
It is also sad to know that most of
our older parents still send most, if not
all of their money to their children,
grandchildren and other relatives back
home. I never know of anyone who
received money from their kids in the
Philippines. The direction is one way
and all they got back were phone calls,
some text messages or those scary air
mail envelopes from the Philippines.
Most likely there were no warm greet-
ings or sincere inquiry about health of
grandparents but demands for more
money… ASAP. I told most of them
about my theory that the main reason
why they live longer here in the U.S.
is not due to better medical care or the
convenience of life but, because there
are so many dependents back home
praying for them not to die yet. You
know what will happen when these old
grandparents expire.
In some cases, these scholars will
get their college degrees. Since there are
not enough good paying jobs for them
in the Philippines, they will be looking
for good jobs overseas. Guess who will
fnance the visa application and travel
expenses? Hopefully it is not processed
by one of those crooked and illegal
Good luck to you and your schol-
ars and just remember that you are not
You’re not alone
n Greek Mythology, we
learned about the so-called
“The Three Furies.” They
were the Greek Goddesses of
Justice who were called upon
to prosecute crimes such as
disrespect, injustice, perjury,
arrogance and murder.

In the Philippines, many of our public
offcials unjustly and arrogantly appro-
priated for themselves public funds at
the expense of the people that they were
meant to serve. Under the law, these
disrespectful acts are called plunder,
graft and corruption.
Dutifully and fearlessly prosecuting
these crimes are three brilliant women
lawyers aptly described by PNoy’s
Press Secretary Edwin Lacierda as the
country’s “Three Furies”. They are
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales,
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, and
Commission on Audit (COA) Chair
Grace Polido Tan.
In this digital age, in order to reach
our destination, we get directions from
our GPS > Global Positioning System.
GPS > Guiding Path is Straight
When PNoy got elected as our Presi-
dent, he was committed to lead us to our
chosen destiny. Defned as his GPS is >
Guiding Path is Straight, which to most
Filipinos is Matuwid Na Daan. The di-
rection is very simple – go straight and
you get there. Follow a crooked path
and you would be considered a crook!
So a straight shooter you must be - think
straight, get the facts straight, and fol-
low the straight arrow.
GPS > Grand Prosecution of the
The Furies in following the path, also
use a GPS > Grand Prosecution of the
Sleazy. They are as committed in pros-
ecuting the plunderers and the corrupt.
They are fghting injustice with justice,
arrogance with humility, disrespect
with respect for the rule of law and due
process, perjury with truth and eviden-
tiary facts!
GPS > Gathering of Proofs for Sup-
The legal process is also straightfor-
ward – a GPS > Gathering of Proofs
for Support. In order to effciently and
effectively prosecute the case, the Three
Furies made sure of gathering suffcient
evidence to prove their allegations. In
the frst batch of charges that Ombuds-
man Conchita Carpio Morales is fling
before the Sandiganbayan, the support-
ing set of evidences include the “sworn
statements of Benhur Luy and co-whis-
tleblowers Marina Sula and Merlina Su-
ñas who detailed the sequence of events;
the 2007 – 2009 Commission on Audit
(COA) Report; the documenting results
of the special audit undertaken on PDAF
disbursements and the reports on the
feld verifcation which secured sworn
statements of local government offcials
and the purported benefciaries of the
supposed projects which turned out to
be inexistent; and pieces of evidence
that either remained uncontroverted by
mere denials or dovetailed with the af-
fdavits of some respondents.”
The affdavits of the latest whistle-
blowers like Ruby Tuazon, Dennis
Cunanan, and even Janet Napoles, espe-
cially the narration of facts that corrobo-
rate the evidence that the Ombudsman
already has, will most likely be added.
The cooperation between and among
DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima, COA
Chair Grace Polido Tan, and Ombuds-
man Conchita Carpio Morales is indeed
a key to a successful investigation, gath-
ering of evidence and prosecution.
The DOJ and its investigating arm, the
NBI – National Bureau of Investigation,
had fled charges before the Ombuds-
man a second batch of accused public
and private individuals. A third batch is
Upon verifcation, authentication, valida-
tion, and consolidation of all the supporting
set of evidences, the Ombudsman will most
likely fle more plunder and corruption
charges before the Sandiganbayan.
In the digital fles that Benhur Luy stored,
he entered in the course of business, records
that are admissible as evidence. Per instruc-
tions from his boss - Janet Napoles, he
also had entries narrating facts and events
occurring at or close to the time they were
Among these records are: bank documents,
bank fund transfers, cash and check dis-
bursements, money transfers, bank deposits,
bank placements, and of course, fnancial
transactions. The bank account numbers of
JLN Corp, and all the fake NGOs/founda-
tions are also entered and stored. They are all
Special allocation release orders (SARO)
numbers totaling 500 plus for more than
100 lawmakers, letters of endorsements,
and many more documents form part of the
business records that could support the fling
of charges.
Details narrated include sources of the
funds namely: PDAF, Malampaya, other
Public Funds, Calamity Funds, Road Proj-
ects, Budget Insertions and other allocations
for hard projects.
Uses of funds include: Kickbacks, rebates
or commissions, purchase of properties,
funding the lifestyle of Napoles’ daughter
abroad. Payments were made through bank
transfers, checks, and cash either picked up
or delivered in some designated places.
The title of the cases will most likely
be “People of the Philippines vs. Enrile,
Estrada, Revilla, et al.” Ausual move used
by one with a weak defense is to confuse the
enemy. Hence, confuse the people with a
variety of lists that include both guilty and
The only list that will count is the list of
people charged by the Ombudsman before
the Sandiganbayan. The frst list already
came out. If we let the Furies be Furies,
more of these corrupt will be included in
the list.
GPS > Gigantic Prison Site
Apublic statement made by Ombudsman
Morales said, “the ultimate goal is to put all
the corrupt in jail.” Hence, another direction
comes into play, GPS > Gigantic Prison Site.
I understand that the government is now
building a prison site big enough to house
all these public offcials who betrayed the
public trust.
GPS > Government of, by, and for the
People Society.
In my younger days, I was one of those
who believed in a “just and humane society –
based on human dignity, built on justice, and
dedicated to progress, where every man may
develop and fulfll himself according to his
ability and in the service of his fellowmen.”
(CSM Credo). Naturally embedded was
also a GPS > Government of, by, and for the
People Society.
ing from people’s assessments
of their own lives to their
views about the current state
of the world and important
issues of the day,” Pew Re-
search said on its website.
The 2013 survey, posted online
indicator/1/, was conducted in 39 coun-
tries and interviewed 37,653 respon-
On its website, Pew Research Center de-
scribes itself as a “nonpartisan fact tank that
informs the public about the issues, attitudes
and trends shaping America and the world.”
Pew says it does not take policy positions.
The center also says the Global Attitudes
Project team “regularly consults with survey
and policy experts, academic regional and
economic experts, activists and policymak-
ers” whose expertise gave “tremendous
guidance” in shaping the surveys.
60 countries covered
Since 2002, the Pew Global Attitudes Proj-
ect has surveyed more than 325,000 people
in 60 countries.
Other facets of the US image also polled
in the study included opinion regarding
confdence in the US president, the spreading
of American ideas and customs, American
democracy, business, music, movies, televi-
sion, technological advances, drone strikes
and the US president’s international policies.
Also covered were the world economy, the
European Union and China’s image.
The survey also showed 85 percent of
Filipinos thought the United States gave their
country’s interests a “great deal” or “fair
amount” of consideration.
Here, the Kenyans scored 79 percent, plac-
ing second, followed by the South Africans
(73 percent), and the Americans (70 percent).
Leading superpower
On the question, “Will China eventually
replace the US as the world’s leading super-
power?” the Filipinos also ranked frst, with
74 percent, answering that China will never
outrank the United States.
The Japanese placed second, scoring 72
percent and the Egyptians came in a distant
third with 56 percent.
The Philippines and Japan are locked in
territorial disputes with China in the East and
South China Seas.
Among the people who believed China
would eventually replace the United States
as the world’s leading superpower, the Chi-
nese scored the highest, 58 percent.
The Spaniards and the British tied for
second place with 55 percent, followed by
the Canadians and the Australians, also tied
at 52 percent.
Influential partner
Ninety percent of the Filipinos thought
the United States greatly infuenced their
country’s affairs, followed by the Kenyans
(85 percent), the Brazilians (83 percent), and
the South Africans (77 percent).
But the Filipinos ranked only fourth in
considering the United States a partner of the
Philippines, scoring 81 percent.
The Israelis were the top scorers there,
with 90 percent, followed by the Salvadorans
(88 percent) and the Senegalese (84 percent).
-- Inquirer Research
Page 7 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at May 23-29, 2014
(Continued from page 1)
PNoy: PHL in midst
most recent batch of trainees for the
semiconductor industry has posted a 91
percent placement ratio," he said.
Aside from this, the President noted
his administration also undertook a
large-scale expansion of the conditional
cash transfer program by quadrupling its
budget in four years.
He said they are now assisting 4.3
million families, equivalent to about
22 percent of the population, that are
expected to equip their children with the
skills needed to become a "productive
part of the workforce."
And even before this, the Philippines
has acquired a "renewed perception"
from the international community
because of the recent upgrade in credit
ratings and standing in other indexes,
the President said.
"Our country has the social and eco-
nomic momentum to go from success to
success, and truly make waves through-
out our archipelago, in the international
community, and in the vast, immeasur-
able ocean of history," he added.
Foreign and local business leaders
that attended the frst day of the World
Economic Forum on the East Asia have
agreed that the Philippines will have
the strongest performing economy in
2014 in southeast Asia. They dubbed
the country the “next Asian miracle”, a
report on GMA News' “24 Oras” said
“There is a positive momentum in
the Philippines for the last three or four
years. There is an incremental improve-
ment in terms of the perception of
economy, in terms of trade. I think the
positive view is widely shared,” said
Kevin Lu, a distinguished fellow of the
multi-national graduate business school
Participants in the forum projected
that the Philippines can even exceed the
6.5 percent growth rate target set by the
government for this year.
PHL still needs consistency in lead-
ership, inclusive growth
Despite the bright outlook, some
economists said there are issues that
need to be addressed to ensure that the
economic growth will be sustained.
These include the need for political sta-
bility and a more inclusive growth that
will be felt by most Filipinos especially
the poor.
“The Filipino market is quite tricky,
more diffcult than Indonesia because
the size of the (Philippine) market is
much smaller,” said Karim Raslan, chief
executive offcer of public affairs con-
sulting frm, KRA Group, Malaysia.
“One thing you also have to look at is
the consistency in leadership,” Raslan
Last year, the Philippines recorded a
7.2 percent growth in Gross Domestic
Product (GDP). However, a Labor Force
Survey (LFS) released by the Philippine
Statistics Authority (PSA) showed that
the unemployment rate for January 2014
climbed to 7.5 percent or an estimated
2.9 million individuals, up from the 7.2
percent or 2.7 million individuals in
January 2013.
A Social Weather Station (SWS) sur-
vey conducted from December 11 to De-
cember 16 in 2013 also indicated that 55
percent or about 11.8 million households
considered themselves poor, up from 50
percent or 10.8 million households in
September of the same year.
The SWS survey also showed an
increase in the number of households
who rated themselves as poor in terms
of food. From 37 percent in September,
the self-rated food poverty rose to 41
percent or about 8.8 million households
before the year ended.
“Everyone must create wealth in this
country, but we need to make sure that
while we create wealth, we don't leave
people behind us,” said Cherrie Atilano,
co-founder of Gawad Kalinga Enchant-
ed Farm Agricool.
Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez
meanwhile said the country's economic
growth cannot be simply described as a
“I take a bit of an exemption to the
news of the world. Because it tends to
imply that something happened that is
unexplained.... The logical explanation
is, there was a restoration of faith in the
leadership, consequently, there followed
a restoration of faith in the system,”
Jimenez said. —with a report from
Elizabeth Marcelo/VS/NB, GMA News
(Continued from page 6)
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
Immigration 911
Read Atty. Susan Perez’s previous articles by
visiting our website at
Memorial Day
IMMIGRATION 911 by Atty. Susan
V. Perez.
A permanent resident (commonly
called a green card holder or LPR),
or conditional resident (CR) who has
remained outside the United States
(U.S.) for longer than one year, or
beyond the validity period of a re-entry
permit, will require a new immigrant
visa to enter the U.S. and resume
permanent residence. Our immigra-
tion laws provide for the issuance of
a returning resident special immigrant
visa to an LPR who remained outside
the U.S. due to circumstances beyond
his or her control. The chance of getting
a returning visa depends on how you
prove to the consular offcer that you
don’t have any intentions of abandoning
your lawful permanent resident status
and that your failure to return to the U.S.
within one year (or two years as the case
maybe) is due to circumstances beyond
your control. A few good examples of
circumstances beyond your control are:
illness, pregnancy, and your travel docu-
ments are being withheld. I was able to
successfully get a returning visa for an
elderly lady who stayed in the Philip-
pines for more than two years (without
a re-entry permit) because she had to
take care of her ailing husband. Her
husband’s illness lingered for years and
she couldn’t leave him in that state just
to preserve her legal permanent resident
status in the U.S. The husband eventu-
ally died. My client had to stay longer
after the death of the husband because
she had to take care of the estate and
wait for the one-year death anniversary.
I think the consular offcer is quite
compassionate in this case and under-
stood that family is more important than
maintaining a residency.
You may apply for the returning
resident special immigrant visa at the
nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. If
your application for returning resident
status is approved, this eliminates the
requirement that an immigrant visa
petition be fled on your behalf with
the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS). You will need to be
interviewed for both your application
for returning resident status, and usually
later for the immigrant visa. A returning
visa applicant is required to establish
eligibility for an immigrant visa and
have a medical examination. Therefore,
this involves paying both visa process-
ing fees and medical fees. It’s advis-
able to fle the application at least three
months before the intended travel to the
U.S. to give suffcient processing time.
If your application for a returning
resident visa is denied on the grounds
that you have abandoned or relinquished
your residence in the U.S., it may or
may not be possible to obtain a nonim-
migrant visa depending on whether
you have established a residence in
your home country or abroad to which
you will return. If you cannot submit
convincing evidence of compelling ties
to your home country or abroad, you
may have to apply for an immigrant
visa on the same basis and under the
same category by which you immigrated
originally. If you obtained your LPR
status through a parent’s petition and
that parent had died, you have to look
for another petitioner. A sibling petition
should work but this could mean waiting
for ten years or more.
We welcome your feedback. If you
have any immigration questions, please
feel welcome to email me at susan@ or call 619
819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone
Legal Permanent Residents
Who Stayed More Than One
Year Outside The United States
politicians start.
If we cannot do him honor while he’s
here to hear the praise,
Then at least let’s give him homage at
the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a
paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for a
soldier died today.
It is my fervent hope that this Memo-
rial Day be also a time to remember the
joys of life, and a time to create those
special moments that we can look back
on with fondness.
Quiet Neighbor-
hood in National
City. No smoking.
No drugs.
California’s Post-9/11
Heroes to be honored
on Memorial Day
The names of American ser-
vice members from Califor-
nia who have died in the line
of duty since 9/11 to be read
aloud on Monday
San Diego, Calif – The names of more
than 700 American service members
from the state of California who have
made the ultimate sacrifce since the
attack on 9/11 will be read during a cer-
emony on Memorial Day immediately
following the 68th Annual Veterans of
Foreign Wars Memorial Day Service.
Californians will join together on
Monday, May 26, 2014 to read the
names of these heroes in the order they
were taken from us. The Vietnam Veter-
ans Memorial Fund (VVMF), in partner-
ship with The Veterans of Foreign Wars
(VFW), and the Iraq and Afghanistan
Veterans of America (IAVA), will host
the day’s events.
The Reading of the California Names:
Post-9/11 Heroes is part of a larger slate
of Memorial Day events being held
at the Carter-Smith VFW Post 5867
Post at 12560 Lindo Lane in Lakeside,
California. Events will begin at 9:00
a.m. with booths, displays and music by
the USMC Band. The VFW’s 68th An-
nual Memorial Day Service will begin
at 11:00 a.m., and The Reading of the
California Names will begin at noon and
continue until each name is read aloud
(for an estimated 90 minutes). Partici-
pants will
include Congressman Duncan D.
Hunter. Hunter is a Marine veteran who
served three overseas combat tours. A
barbecue and musical entertainment will
follow the service.
“As a ftting complement to the
National Reading of the Names being
held in DC, the event here in San Diego
will honor the now 725 California
service members who made the ultimate
sacrifce. Often when Vietnam veterans
came home, they were not given the
respect they deserved. The Vietnam
Veterans Memorial – and soon The
Education Center at The Wall – will
continue to change the course of history
by providing places where citizens can
respect the warrior, despite what may
be their feelings about the war. With
that in mind, it is time we give heroes’
“welcome home” to those who served
and sacrifced in our nation’s current
IAVA will also be hosting a candle-
light vigil at 7:00 p.m. for those who
have been lost on and off the battlefeld.
Gold Star and Purple Star families are
welcome to participate.
Page 8 May 23-29, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
by Louis Bacani, GoodNews Pilipinas
| MANILA, 5/8/2014 -- Americans
will soon get a taste of beer cooled to
perfection by a revolutionary technology
invented by Filipinos.
Beer Below Zero is set to extend its
products and services to the United
States this month after successfully
expanding to the the Asia-Pacifc market
in 2010.
The 100-percent Filipino company
is the brains behind the revolutionary
technology that enhances the taste of
beer by serving it at the perfect tempera-
Pinoy creation Beer Below Zero to hit US stores in May
ture. It invented the specialized freezer
that cools beers right above the freezing
point (-8 degrees Celsius) which is said
to be the ideal state that enhances the
crispiness of the beer’s taste.
“We are excited to be bringing our
one-hundred percent Filipino invention
to the West. Our company wants nothing
more than to establish the Philippines as
the country that serves the coldest beers.
Though we are committed to increas-
ing our company’s global presence, we
aim to maintain the brand’s identity as
distinctly Filipino,” said Luigi Nuñez,
Beer Below Zero president and chief
executive offcer.
“The Philippines is known all around
the world for many reasons—world-
class beaches, exotic cuisine, friendly
locals. One of the objectives of Beer
Below Zero is to add to that list by mak-
ing the Philippines the top source and
destination for revolutionary refrig-
eration technology for extremely cold
beers,” added Nuñez.
Beer Below Zero was founded in
2008 and has since created a demand
for beer refrigeration technology. Aside
from producing freezers for commer-
cial establishments, the company has
also produced small beer freezers for
personal-use as well as a mobile ap-
plication that records users’ daily beer
The freezers and technology are both
patented in the Philippines, two patents
for design and two for utility models.
Beer Below Zero currently has more
than 600 outlets in the Philippines and
over 200 in international markets includ-
ing Guam, Hawaii, Thailand, Singapore,
Hong Kong, Vietnam and Chile.
After North American, the company
also plans to expand in South America
and in other countries in the Asia-
(Story courtesy of Louis Bacani of
Philippine Star)
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At minimum additional charge.
Ask for details
per person
Arts & Culture
by Dr. Tung Nguyen
This week, the White House Initia-
tive on Asian Americans and Pacifc
Islanders and the U.S. Department of
the Interior hosted the 2014 Opening
Ceremony for AAPI Heritage Month.
The Opening Ceremony was the frst
in a series of events to celebrate Asian
American and Pacifc Islander (AAPI)
Heritage Month.
We were honored to be joined by Vice
President Joe Biden, who spoke about the
importance of the growing AAPI demo-
graphic, and the pressing need for im-
migration reform. As Congressman Mike
Honda, Chair Emeritus of the Congressional
Asian Pacifc American Caucus (CAPAC),
and Congresswoman Judy Chu, Chair of
CAPAC, remarked, the Vice President has
been one of the biggest advocates for the
AAPI community. We were also honored to
be joined by Rhea Suh, the Assistant Sec-
retary for Policy, Management, and Budget
at the U.S. Department of the Interior, and
Chris Lu, the Deputy Secretary for the U.S.
Department Labor, and a former chair of the
For me, the most exciting part of the
event was to be ceremonially sworn into
the President’s Advisory Commission on
AAPIs. The Commission, which is charged
with improving the quality of life for AAPIs
through increased participation and access to
federal programs, advises the President on
innovative ways to engage AAPIs across the
country. During the event, U.S. Circuit Judge
Sri Srinivasan ceremonially swore in 14 new
and two returning Commissioners.
To open the program, the Initiative’s
Executive Director Kiran Ahuja and Deputy
Director Audrey Buehring led an interactive
monologue to highlight the Initiative’s work
and included a social media “selfe” with
Commissioners and audience members.
This year’s theme for AAPI Heritage
Month was “I Am Beyond,” a phrase that
captures the aspirations of the American
spirit and the rich and complex diversity
of the AAPI community. In light of the
theme, DJ Yoon, the Executive Director of
“We Are Beyond”: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at
Our Opening Ceremony with VP Joe Biden
The offcial non-sponsored #APAHM2014 Opening Ceremony selfe! @
MaulikPancholy @KathyKoChin @DaphneKwok522 @BillyDec
the National Korean American Service &
Education Consortium, Maulik Pancholy,
an acclaimed flm, television, and stage
actor, Helen Zia, an infuential activist and
journalist, Mary A.Y. Okada, the President of
Guam Community College, and Konrad Ng,
the Director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacifc
American Center, participated in a panel
discussion about “I Am Beyond.” In addi-
tion, spoken word artists George Yamazawa
Jr. and Maxie Moua, ukulele singer Kama
Hopkins, dancer Mike Song, and beatboxer
KRNFX performed their own interpretations
of the theme.
AAPI Heritage Month serves as an oppor-
tunity to celebrate and re-dedicate ourselves
to the ongoing work of improving the com-
munity. As a returning Commissioner, I am
deeply grateful to the previous Commission,
and the leadership of former Chair Daphne
Kwok. To highlight this Commission’s
tremendous work, a report on its accomplish-
ments was released this week. In the last
four years, we’ve hosted over 200 national
gatherings, roundtables, opening dialogues,
and workshops, reached more than 30,000
people, held 24 federal agencies accountable
through annual Federal Agency Plans, and
launched the Regional Interagency Working
Group as a platform to connect regional
federal representatives with local community
leaders. Within the past four years, the AAPI
population established itself as a civically
engaged and politically important commu-
nity. However, we know that there is much
work to be done. As the new Chair of the
Commission, we will continue to build upon
our efforts by opening the doors of govern-
ment to the AAPI community. Together, the
community will push towards better health,
immigration policy, education, and jobs.
Together, we will be beyond.
Dr. Tung Nguyen is Chair of the
President’s Advisory Commission on Asian
Americans and Pacifc Islanders.
San Diego - KPBS is pleased to an-
nounce the 2014 One Book, One San
Diego selection: Monstress by San
Diego-native, Lysley Tenorio.
More than 800 nominations were sub-
mitted by San Diego County residents,
representing 350 different titles. Of
these, the One Book advisory committee
narrowed down the lengthy list over a
period of weeks, researching and read-
ing dozens of selections. Ultimately, the
committee chose a book of quirky short
stories set amongst Filipino-American
communities in California and the
“I’m honored that Monstress has
been selected for the One Book, One
San Diego program, and I'm excited
to discuss my book with readers from
my hometown,” said Lysley Tenorio. “I
can't imagine growing up without the
library, especially the San Diego Public
Library’s Mira Mesa branch, where I
learned to love books and the joy that
comes from browsing the shelves in
search of a great read,” Tenorio said.
Monstress will kick off in early Oc-
tober with a series of headlining events
featuring the author. This will be fol-
lowed by over 60 community events and
discussions to be held throughout the
fall. An event schedule will be available
by late summer.
One Book, One San Diego community
partners will host a variety of activi-
ties including panel discussions, flm
screening and book talks based on issues
and themes in the book. Event sites will
include all 35 San Diego Public Library
branches, 34 San Diego County Library
branches, the Escondido Public Library,
Oceanside Public Library, Chula Vista
Public Library, San Diego State Uni-
versity, University of San Diego, Point
Loma Nazarene University, and City
College. Additional schools and local
organizations will also participate in the
This is the eighth year of One Book,
One San Diego, a community reading
program that aims to bring San Diego
County residents closer together through
reading and discussing one book. The
program also selects both a children’s
and middle-grade companion book to
complement the adult selection. Those
titles will be announced in June, and
programming around those books will
occur alongside adult programming in
the fall.
Funding for One Book, One San
Diego is made possible by the Linden
Root Dickinson Foundation, Jerome’s
Furniture, Lloyd Pest Control, and
Cubic Corporation.

About KPBS: KPBS serves the San
Diego region with news and entertain-
ment programming that respects our
audience with inspiring, intelligent and
enlightening content. KPBS will deliver
this content via multiple outlets, includ-
ing television, radio, and digital media
and will adapt and remain relevant in a
rapidly changing world.
KPBS values integrity, truth, transpar-
ency and lifelong learning. We strive to
engage with our citizens and showcase
the unique neighborhoods and people
that make our community thrive. As a
public service of San Diego State Uni-
versity, education is a core value – from
our children’s programming to our local
news coverage.
KPBS is committed to being a reliable
source for in-depth, thoughtful, and high
KPBS Announces 2014 One Book, One San Diego Selection
Community Reading Program to feature
‘Monstress’ by Lysley Tenorio
quality content.
About San Diego Public Library: San
Diego Public Library, which is the larg-
est library system in the region, serves
a population of more than 1.3 million
people. Its mission is to inspire lifelong
learning through connections to knowl-
edge and each other. Learn about other
events at the San Diego Public Library’s
Central Library and 35 branches, fnd
links to numerous additional resources,
or search for materials in the Library’s
online catalog at www.sandiegolibrary.
About San Diego County Library:
San Diego County Library has dili-
gently served the community of San
Diego County since 1913. Through 33
community branches, two bookmobiles,
and two 24/7 Library To Go kiosks,
SDCL spans the county’s 4,500+ square
miles, providing access to over 42 mil-
lion items and more than 24,000 free
programs each year. Recently named
the 2012 Library of the Year, a national
award for excellent customer service
and innovation, SDCL successfully in-
forms, educates, inspires, and entertains
a diverse population of over one million
residents. Visit for more
Rising Arts Leaders invite members of
the arts and culture community, veterans
service organizations, and the public to
join us on Friday, June 6th at the iconic
Barracks 17 of the NTC Arts and Cul-
ture District at 3:30pm for a discussion
on how these communities can work
together to better serve San Diego’s
veteran community.
San Diego has the largest popula-
tion of veterans per capita in the entire
(Continued on page 15)
Veterans focus of community collaboration
nation, and an enormous amount of
potential exists for arts programming
that could serve those who've served.
Helping ease the reintegration process,
facilitating rehabilitation, improving job
skills, and artistic engagement are just a
few of the unexplored avenues that will be
addressed, as well as what leadership op-
portunities exist for up-and-coming members
of the arts and culture community to take the
lead in developing them.
Guests include representatives from
Veterans Village of San Diego, the Veterans
Administration (VA), San Diego Grantmak-
ers, Military Transition Support Project,
Travis Manion Foundation, Combat Arts,
Playwrights Project, and more.
Know your audience, San Diego! Ahuge
number of them wore a uniform at one
time or another, and they're wanting to get
involved with the arts more than you might
Page 9 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at May 23-29, 2014
(Continued on page 15)
Tech IT
from My Barber
by Benjamin Maynigo
Thomas Francisco - Community Man-
ager (Contractor) -- It’s im-
portant to be prepared no matter where
we are. These apps are a great tool
to have in your preparedness arsenal.
While your battery might not it through
the night, with the help of some of these
apps, you or a loved one likely will.
These apps include everything from : Pre-
paredness Planners, First Aid Information,
Weather, Radio and even a fashlight!
Do you know of any other free apps for
mobile devices that can be useful in emer-
gency situations? Share them with us!
American Red Cross: Mobile Apps: from
the American Red Cross, there are multiple
apps designed to get you information for
specifc disaster types and emergency sce-
narios. From foods, to hurricanes, wildfres,
general frst aid and pets, the Red Cross has
provided multiple offine capable apps to
assist you in a time of need.
Disaster Alert provides real-time listing
and map of active disasters occurring around
the globe. (for iPhone and Android)
Dropbox is an online, cloud storage
service that offers a mobile app. It is a free
service that lets you access your photos,
docs, and videos from anywhere, including
via the mobile app, and share them easily.
This is useful for storing digital copies of
important documents in the case of home
fres, burglary or natural disasters.
Emergency Radio provides access to real-
time information via police and fre scanners
as well as maps where relevant events are
occurring. (for iPhone)
FEMAApp contains preparedness
information for different types of disasters,
an interactive checklist for emergency kits,
information on how to stay safe and recover
after a disaster, Recovery Center and Shelter
maps, and more. (for Android, iPhone and
Flashlight-4 uses the iPhone white screen
as a fashlight. This app jumped to 3rd from
65th for free apps in the app store download
rankings following the recent earthquake
off the east coast of Japan. See also Tiny
Flashlight (Android)
Google Earth mobile allows user to view
the same 3D imagery and terrain as the
desktop version. Find current location with
the touch of a button; pan, zoom, and tilt
view. Search for cities, places, and busi-
nesses around the world and view layers of
geographic information. User can also search
by voice. (for iPhone and Android)
GPS Tuner aggregates a number of maps
that then can give on-road or off-road direc-
tions that may be useful during disasters
when typical navigation markers have been
destroyed. (for iPhone, Windows phone and
HealthMap’s Outbreaks Near Me was
Take Preparedness on the go
with these (Free) Mobile Apps!
developed by a surveillance team from MIT
and Children’s Hospital in Boston in order to
try to gain more current information on the
H1N1 outbreak at the time. App (and website aggregates a range
of data sources, including a user-generated
crowd-sourcing feature, to track outbreaks.
User can search for outbreaks based on loca-
tion or disease. (for iPhone and Android)
ResponseVision 4.0 Mobile gives you real-
time access to the project, mission, supply
chain, and resource information you need to
manage your emergency response efforts.
The ResponseVision® 4.0 (RV4.0) product
suite, produced by Emergency Visions,
Inc. (EVI), is a proven, end-to-end Disaster
Resource Management (DRM) solution de-
signed by emergency management experts,
developed utilizing the latest cloud-based
innovations, and deliverable to virtually any
device. (for iPhone and Android)
First Aid from the American Red Cross.
This app saved lives during the Haiti
earthquake in 2010 and offers up-to-date,
just-in-time frst aid training and informa-
tion (including instructional videos) which
are stored on the phone and accessible when
out of cell phone range. (for iPhone and
Psychological First Aid (PFA) Tutorial
App PFATutorial provides a just-in-time
review for those who have previously
received training to provide PFA. The
tutorial describes the four core actions of
PFAproviders, reviews ways to engage with
disaster survivors, lists common reactions to
traumatic events, and provides an oppor-
tunity to check understanding in practice
scenarios. Available for iPhone, Android and
as a mobile website.
PTSD Coach app can help individuals
learn about and manage symptoms that
commonly occur after trauma. Together with
professional medical treatment, PTSD Coach
provides dependable resources. If you have,
or think you might have PTSD, this app is
for you. Family and friends can also learn
from this app. (for iPhone and Android)
WISER (Wireless Information System for
Emergency Responders) is a mobile applica-
tion designed to assist frst responders in
hazardous material incidents. The WISER
application extracts content from TOXNET’s
Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB),
an authoritative, peer-reviewed information
resource maintained by the National Library
of Medicine. (for Android, iPhone and iPad)
ReadyNova was developed to assist resi-
dents and business owners in developing a
Family Emergency Plan or a Business Emer-
gency Plan and follows basic and accepted
emergency management practices. Both the
Family Emergency Planner and the Business
Emergency Planner provide an easy to use
tool in developing your emergency plan. (for
Android and iPhone)
SecondsCount Survival Guide:
Taking Care of Your Heart
When Mother Nature Strikes
If you have heart disease, taking care
of your heart is a job you have to do 365
days a year. In addition to monitoring
your symptoms, taking your medications
as prescribed, and following recommen-
dations for a heart-healthy lifestyle, you
have to be prepared to handle the curve-
balls Mother Nature sometimes throws.
That means knowing how to handle
extreme weather conditions, power
outages, and natural disasters that might
make it tough to get to the pharmacy,
among other things.
To help you get prepared for, check
out these tips and keep them handy. You
never know when you might need them!
When it gets really hot … (or if you
live in, move to or travel to a destination
with a hot climate)
When outdoor temperatures rise, the
heart has to beat faster and work harder
to pump blood to the surface of your
skin to assist with sweating to cool
your body. If your body can’t cool itself
enough, strain is put on the heart, and
organs can begin to suffer damage - a
potentially fatal condition known as heat
Anyone can suffer heat stroke, but
people with heart disease and other car-
diovascular diseases are at greater risk.
If you have heart disease, your heart
may not be able to work harder in the
heat to maintain cooler body tempera-
tures. If you have a baby or young child
with complex congenital heart disease,
try to avoid exposing your child to
extremely high temperatures.
Some medications prescribed to pa-
tients with heart conditions reduce water
in the bloodstream. These medications
can reduce a person’s ability to cool off
in the heat. If you have been prescribed
diuretics or beta-blockers, ask your
doctor about safe levels of water to
drink for hot conditions versus milder
Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is a form of heat
sickness that can lead to heat stroke. The
symptoms include:
Heavy sweating with cool, clammy
How Extreme Weather Can
Affect Your Heart
by Ding Cervantes, |
SAN FERNANDO, 5/20/2014 – A
24-year-old woman was pinned to death
while another was critically injured in
a highway mishap caused by a weather
phenomenon that experts described as a
“micro burst” in Barangay Telebastagan
here on Monday night.
Inspector Louie Sason, Telabastagan
police station head, identifed the fatality
as Juvily Gardamo and the seriously
injured as Erlinda Manansala, 54, who
were both pinned in a southbound pas-
senger jeepney along the MacArthur
Highway after a huge acacia tree fell on
the vehicle as unusually strong winds
swept the barangay at around 7:30 p.m.
Sason said police personnel and
Department of Public Works and High-
ways employees had to use chainsaw to
cut the fallen tree and retrieve the two
women from the jeepney.
Gardamo was pronounced dead on
arrival at a nearby hospital, while Man-
ansala remained in serious condition,
he said.
Hundreds of northbound and south-
bound motorists were stranded as it
took more than three hours to remove
the fallen acacia tree, which blocked the
entire width of the MacArthur Highway.
“Traffc buildup on the lane toward
San Fernando reached southern parts
of Angeles City about four kilometers
away,” Sason said.
“The weather event started suddenly
with very strong winds coupled with
dust that caused diffculty in visibility,
then a very strong downpour followed
and lasted for several minutes,” he
In a telephone interview, senior
weather specialist Mar Palafox said the
phenomenon could not be described as
a freak tornado, as reports said the wind
was not swirling.
“It could have been what we call
micro burst which at times result from
thunderstorms. It’s a phenomenon that
can cause a plane to crash at airports.
Aircraft are not allowed to take off if
micro bursts are observed during thun-
derstorms,” he said.
Palafox said there are times when
micro bursts give rise to tornadoes,
although this apparently did not happen
in Telabastagan on Monday night.
Pampanga woman dead, another hurt
in mishap caused by ‘micro burst’
METRO MANILA $ 55.00 $ 50.00
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3200 Highland Avenue, Ste. 201
National City, CA 91950

For Inquiries Call (619) 474-0767
2 Boxes or More
Serving the Filipino Families and the Community Since 1993.
Drop off your BOX at Pentagon Cargo Office
And Receive an Additional $ 5.00 Off.
Basta Kahon, Mag Pentagon Cargo Na!
There were several technologies that
caught my attention at the FOSE and
GovSec conferences in Washington, DC
last week. One was Digital Forensic
Evidence Tools, and two was the Acces-
sibility for the Disabled technologies.
I got interested on the frst one because
of how these tools could be used in analyz-
ing and evaluating the digital fles which
head whistleblower Benhur Luy in the Pork
Barrel Scam case stored as evidence.
The second one always attracted me
because of the legal ramifcations and the
social dimension that they bring. I will
focus my discussion only on this one for this
In the United States, legislation was
passed into law – Section 508 and Section
504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the 21st
Century Video and Communications Acces-
sibility Act. It mandates that website owners
and/or publishers of Federally-funded
programs and services should make their
websites accessible to all end users including
the disabled.
One of companies that attended FOSE/
GovSec and has the expertise and the
patented software to make it easier for the
federally funded agencies to comply with
the legal mandates was AudioEye (www.
I had the chance to meet and talk to
AudioEye’s Senior VP for Sales and Cli-
ent Services, Michael Griffth at the confer-
ence. Based in Tucson Arizona, he referred
and showed me the company’s website.
AudioEye has an audio player that is made
available to all end users without the burden
of any software/plugin installations. The
player is cross-platform and will provide
access regardless of the operating system, be
it Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android.
When I talk of accessibility, I always
think of considering the diffculties those
individuals of varying disabilities face. Be
they in the form of blindness, partial vision
loss, color perception defciencies, deaf, hard
of hearing, impaired mobility or dexterity
in their hands, cognitive conditions such as
dyslexia, and other impaired senses common
in older individuals, AudioEye as demon-
strated to me was built with these differenti-
ating disability characteristics in mind.
AudioEye provides tools unique to each
impairment. Wrapped up into a single
platform, it creates an all-encompassing ac-
cessibility solution.
AudioEye also offers captioning, transcrip-
tion, and translation services. The synchro-
nization has been proven to be effective in
both audio and video fles generated by You
Tube, Vimeo, and other sites.
While it is known for its text to speech
technology, the AudioEye solution now
includes native support on a limited basis for
Voice or Speech Recognition.
Afew years ago, when I introduced the
eBook technology in the Philippines, I
came across a research that showed varying
comprehension results. When you just read,
research showed a 20% comprehension.
When you just listen, comprehension is 30%.
When you read and listen at the same time,
comprehension is 50%. And when you read,
listen/watch, and do or enact what you are
reading and listening to, comprehension is
about 80%.
It looks like the accessibility tools for the
disabled could beneft normal beings as well!
Accessibility Tools for the
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Who are the
richest ..
and wife, Rep. Lani Mercado, landed
ffth with a net worth of P166.7 million,
slightly lower from their net worth of
P169 million last year.
Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares is at sixth
place with a net worth of P148.9 million,
surpassing Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and
wife Cristina who declared a net worth of
P119.37 million, slightly higher than the
couple's P118.63 million last year.
Completing the top 10 richest senators are
Senators Teofsto "TG" Guingona III, P114.9
million; Sonny Angara, P97.8 million; and
Miriam Defensor Santiago, P76.7 million.
Completing the list of senators are
JV Ejercito (P73,998,448.59), Pia
Cayetano (P73,296,314.82), Vicente
Sotto III (P63,850,950), Ma. Lourdes
Nancy Binay (P63,778,409), Frank-
lin Drilon (P58,139,382.09), Lo-
ren Legarda (P41,423,523), Sergio
Osmeña III (P38,770,000), Manuel M.
Lapid (P30,000,000), Alan Peter Cay-
etano (P21,790,568), Gregorio Honasan
(P20,958,838), Paolo Benigno "Bam"
Aquino IV (P20,493,306.59), Koko Pimentel
(P16,996,000), Francis Joseph "Chiz" Escu-
dero (P8,243,820.21), and Antonio Trillanes
IV (P4,912,000).
Bike to Work
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With much of the public safety
resources in the region focused on the
fres, SANDAG wants to do its part to
keep people off the road to avoid putting
further strain on emergency responders.
Our thoughts are with the families
who have been impacted by the fres
and the emergency responders who are
working hard to save homes and lives.
Page 10 May 23-29, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
and a credit rating that has been graded
worthy of foreign investment since 2003.
In terms of actual Gross Domestic Product
(GDP) rating in 2012, Malaysia is frst with
US$303.5 billion; Singapore second with
US$274.7 billion; and the Philippines third
with US$250.3 billion.
But alongside these, the Philippines still
suffers from inequality despite a growing
economy, ineffcient transportation system
and the number one disaster-prone region
rating from the UN.
Valencia also revealed the diffculty of
locating local talents and entrepreneurs with
only 30 percent effective use of the Internet,
having to contend with radio as the alterna-
tive outreach medium and having to go on
more fights than road trips to comb 7,107
islands whose population is more interested
in entertainment than entrepreneurship.
Resorting to extraordinary measures to
fnd talents, IdeaSpace Boot camps set up in
Manila, Santa Rosa, Laoag, Puerto Princesa,
Davao, General Santos, Naga, Tacloban,
Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Baguio, and even
in Kuala Lumpur, areas in Indonesia and
Singapore. Amillion pesos in investment
went into seed funding, mentoring and train-
ing, IP protection and government support
and offce (most likely in Makati) and living
(around Metro-Manila) spaces for meetings
of technical and business minds.
Silicon Valley-style presentation was
taught to inventors and innovators who were
used to getting the door slammed on their
faces by large banks requiring collateral.
IdeaSpace also ended the era of same-last-
name-as-the-owner qualifcation to empower
the mostly young and student innovators
who only have original ideas and could not
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Read Virginia Ferrer’s previous articles by visiting our web-
site at
by Virginia H. Ferrer
Spiritual Life
©2014 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Retired Filipino Language
Teacher who once taught at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.
Read Monsignor’s previous articles by visit-
ing our website at
by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
Lower Your
6th Sun. of Easter: May 25, 2014
(Continued on page 15)
Malapit na Tayo
Huwag mag-alala dahil malapit na tayo
sa matagal na pangarap na tayo'y magsalo
sa sinimulang pangarap, sa akin, sa iyo
para sa ating dalawa, malapit na tayo.
At pagdating duon ay ating pagsasaluhan
mga pangarap na ating inaasam-asam
sandali na lamang sana'y huwag kainipan
para sa iyo't sa akin, malapit ng tunay.
Mahaba nang paghihintay ang ating tiniis
ngayo'y naririto na naamoy ko na'ng tamis
kaligayahang ito ay biyaya ng langit
upang simulan ang inaasam na pag-ibig
Dahil sa tayo ay magiging isa na lamang
paraiso natin atin nang matatagpuan
sandaling mga mata ay iyo munang takpan
dahil hayan na tayo walang alinlangan.
Sadyang tayong dalawa'y para sa isa't isa
walang pag-aalinlangan, walang pagdududa
sa paraiso natin sadyang magaganap na
kaya 'wag mainip mata mo'y ipikit muna.
Joke of the week: The poor thing
was a perfect specimen of unblessed
womanhood. She had a pug nose, buck
teeth, a wrinkled face, and a sagging
chin. Besides she was way overweight
with a head of hair that looked for the
entire world like a worn out mop. After
looking her over for some moments,
the beauty parlor attendant muttered,
“I can see one hope.” “What’s that?”
eagerly asked the woman. The attendant
solemnly declared, “Reincarnation.”
Scripture: First Reading: Acts 8: 5-8;
14-17. After Philip, one of the Seven,
had been expelled from the synagogue,
he had moved on to Samaria to proclaim
the word by signs and miracles, such
as healing and exorcism. His ministry
shows God’s ratifcation of the church’s
mission to despised Samaritans and
non-Jews. Second Reading: 1 Peter 3:
15-18. The author exhorts the Christians
to suffer courageously for their faith just
as Christ did. When accused unjustly for
their deeds, the Christians best witness
to that faith is their honest life. Chris-
tian life is leading a way of life similar
to Christ. Gospel: John 14: 15-21. Just
as the disciples see Jesus now, if they
persist in their faithfulness and love,
they will also witness his union with
the Father. Jesus promises his disciples
that he will share with them through
the Paraclete this union with the Father.
This is Christian life: an intimate union
with the Father through the Son by the
power of the Holy Spirit.
Reflections: After the death of
Stephen, the disciples moved on to
Samaria to evangelize that region. The
Samaritans were related to the Hebrews
by family ties and religion, but lived
separately and were considered heretics
by orthodox Jews. The Samaritans,
however, had their own hopes about the
future Messiah. To the Samaritans Philip
gave witness to this Messiah who gives
hope and joy to anyone who accepts
The same environmental turmoil is
felt by the Christians of Asia Minor. The
background for the second reading is the
undergoing political, legal, and social
discrimination against the believers in
the Messiah. In such a situation, the
Christians’ faith is being tested and is at
risk. The author encourages his readers
to live honestly in the midst of such try-
ing times and continue being inspired by
their Christian hope.
The Gospel speaks too of hope amidst
the impending departure of Jesus. He
assures his followers not to be discour-
aged. He wants them to be hopeful,
because when he departs he will send
upon them the Holy Spirit who will
strengthen them during their diffcult
times. Jesus encourages his disciples to
lead upright lives and be ready to give a
reason for their hope.
During Pope Benedict XV1’s frst
papal visit to the United States he la-
ments the sad condition of our com-
munity, society, and the world. There is
a breakdown of morals not only among
youths, but also among adults. Peace is
still an illusive dream in some neighbor-
hoods and among nations. There is still
an ongoing injustice committed against
blacks and Indians. Some victims of
clergy abuse still remain to be treated
pastorally and compassionately. The
Gospel has still to be preached fully
and actualized in people’s lives. Some
Catholics are disillusioned and con-
fused; others have left the church and
sought Christian fellowship somewhere
else; a few have just entirely rejected the
faith they grew up with.
But during these trying times for God-
loving people, the Holy Father speaks
about hope. The reason for that hope
rests on the Risen Lord. Jesus promises
his disciples that he would not leave
them alone, but would send upon them
the Holy Spirit of hope and strength. He
wants us to do the same: to be flled with
hope and to lead a way of life based on
that hope. It is also a time for soul-
searching: have we really proclaimed by
our lives the Risen Lord as our Mes-
siah; is our faith that involves not only a
profession of creedal formulas, but also
a living example, a light to others?
Quotation of the week: I am a man
of hope, not for human reasons or from
any natural optimism, but because I
believe the Holy Spirit is at work in the
Church and in the World, even when his
name remains unheard. Joseph Cardinal
Hope Always
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Is our heart
fxed "on every day gods" or "fxed in
the Holy Spirit?". This was the ques-
tion at the center of the homily at Mass
celebrated by Pope Francis this morning
in Casa Santa Marta, which inspired
by the frmness given to St. Paul by the
Holy Spirit, centered on the juxtaposi-
tion of "frmness-motion" in the hearts
of Christians.
The Pope, Vatican Radio reports, based his
homily on the First Reading from the Acts
of the Apostles, which speaks of St Paul's
commitment to evangelization "his frm heart
in continuous motion". The Apostle to the
Gentiles is in Iconium, where they tried to
kill him, but still he does not complain. He
pushes ahead on to evangelize in the area
of Lycaonia, and in the name of the Lord,
heals a paralytic. On seeing this miracle, the
pagans, think that Paul and Barnabas, who
accompanies him are gods Zeus and Hermes
descended upon the earth. The Pope noted,
Paul "struggled to convince them that they
were men". These , he said, " are the human
trials that Paul experienced":
"We all have many of these, all of us; we
are surrounded by many events that move
us from one place to another. But we asked
for the grace to have a fxed heart, like Paul:
so as not to complain about the persecution
he went in search to another city; he began
to preach there; to heal the sick; realizing
that that man had enough faith to be healed;
then, calm this excited people who wanted
to make a sacrifce to him; then, to proclaim
that there is only one God, with their own
cultural language. One thing after another ...
And this can only come from a steady heart".
The Pope asked: "Where was Paul 's heart
that he was able to make so many changes in
such a short time and meet these situations
in an appropriate way?". In the Gospel ,
the Pope said , Jesus tells us that the Holy
Spirit, sent by the Father , "will teach us all
things" and "remind us everything " that He
had said. St. Paul's heart "is fxed in the Holy
Spirit" , this "gift that Jesus has sent us".
The Pope warned that "if we fnd stability in
our lives" we must "go to Him. He is in our
hearts, we received Him in Baptism". The
Holy Spirit, "gives us strength, gives us this
steadiness to be able to move forward in life
in the midst of many events". Jesus says,
"two things" of the Holy Spirit : "He will
teach you all things and will remind you of
everything". That is exactly what happens
with St. Paul: "he teaches and reminds him"
of the "message of salvation". It is the Holy
Spirit who gives him frmness of heart:
"With this example, we can ask ourselves
today: What kind of heart do we have? Is
it a fckle heart which like a dancer, like a
VATICAN Pope: our hearts,
"fxed on the Holy Spirit" and
not "on the everyday gods"
butterfy fits from one to another...always
in motion; Is it a heart that is scared by the
vicissitudes of life, and is hiding and afraid
to give witness to Jesus Christ; is it a brave
heart or a heart that has so much fear and is
always trying to hide? What does our heart
care for? What treasure does our heart cus-
tody? Is my heart fxed upon creatures, the
problems that we all have ? Is my heart fxed
upon everyday gods or is it a heart fxed on
the Holy Spirit ? ".
Pope Francis said that it would do us
good to ask , "Where is the frmness of our
hearts?" And also "remember the many every
day events that we have: at home, at work,
with our children, with people who live with
us, with work colleagues, with everyone":
"Do I let myself get carried away by these
things or face these events with a fxed heart,
that knows where it is? The only one that
gives frmness to our hearts is the Holy Spir-
it. It would do us good to think that we have
this great gift that Jesus left us, the Spirit of
fortitude, of counsel, who helps us to move
forward in the midst, surrounded by every
day trials. We should do this exercise today,
ask how our heart is: Firm or not? And if it is
frm, where does it dwell? In things or in the
Holy Spirit ? It would do us good.--- Link:
get into the family-monopoly giant corpora-
tions in the Philippines.
From the initial works of Dado Banatao,
STAC-Silicon Valley, then Trade Commis-
sioner Michael Ignacio and other mentors
and VCs, IdeaSpace reaped about 700
submissions with 70 per cent applications in
mobile, consumer business and digital media
But the frst 10 to receive early stage
incubation from IdeaSpace include innova-
tions like: water purifcation system using
nanotechnology, an energy start-up develop-
ing a more effcient windmill design and the
development of prosthetic joints for (and
which will ft) the Asian market.
Nevertheless, some of IdeaSpace’s start-
ups are already earning revenues, have been
launched or are at the patent fled stages.
Among the revenue earners are:
PinoyTravel – a long distance bus reserva-
tion system allowing consumers to book
seats on-line, TimeFree Innovation – a
virtual queuing solution helping businesses
improve customer service through SMS noti-
fcation, reports and analytics and ZipMatch
– a real estate site using proprietary lead
generation technology.
Already launched are: PortfolioMNL – a
web portal allowing the global market to
view portfolios of and hire Filipino creative
professionals, internME – a web portal en-
hancing an employer’s ability to identify and
hire high-quality interns, Tudlo – an award-
winning disaster awareness and management
app and OrangeApps – an educational tech-
nology start-up running a learning platform
to help users gain industry relevant skills.
Still at pilot phase are: MobKard – a mo-
bile loyalty app enabling merchants to create
real time, location-based and relevant pro-
motions to target large customer segments
and DMAP (or Dengue Mapping and Aware-
ness Portal) – an app providing accurate, real
time visualization and notifcation of dengue
cases to help communities respond and avoid
the transmittable disease.
Coming soon, after patents are processed:
ArthroLogic – soon to be FDA-approved app
specializing in more economical Asian-ft
knee replacement using a two-component
knee design, WeGen – an award-winning
wind turbine design that captures 50 per
cent more power and withstanding extreme
weather conditions and KineticStrips – when
installed at major thoroughfares, harvests
residual kinetic energy from vehicles slow-
ing down and coverts the free energy into
marketable electricity.
According to Valencia, in only two years,
about 150,000 students and professionals
have attended multi-awarded IdeaSpace
talks, 18 investments were made across
multiple industries and fve patents were
fled this year.
Small wonder, Valencia said, that IdeaS-
pace is up to par with global standard startup
accelerators like TechStars, 500 Startups
Accelerator, Y Combinator and Harvard Uni-
versity’s Offce of Undergraduate Research
and Fellowships.
Before IdeaSpace, Valencia was Busi-
ness Incubation Manager at Cisco. Previous
to that he was a Senior Systems Engineer
at Raytheon Space and Airborne systems.
Valencia also worked for VC frms and is
the head of corporate development at Smart
Communications. Valencia has a degree in
Electrical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude
Page 11 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at May 23-29, 2014
(Continued on page 14) (Continued on page 14)
Co-owner arrested; Hundreds
of pirated ABS-CBN TFC
movies, teleserye DVDs seized
LONG BEACH, CA, May 20, 2014
– The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department (LASD) and private indus-
try investigators stormed recently into a
Filipino store at the Santa Fe Center on
Santa Fe Avenue in Long Beach, Cali-
fornia after an investigation found out
that the owners were selling and renting
out pirated DVDs.
A total of 4,500 pirated DVDs with
a value of over US$90,000 were
confscated by LASD from F.L.B.
Video Pinoy, together with a computer,
external hard drives, a disc burner and a
burner tower, among others, to dupli-
cate DVDs illegally for rent or for sale
at US$10 apiece. A ffth of the seized
DVDs were flms and TV shows from
ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema and TFC.
The said center on Santa Fe Avenue
is a hub for Filipinos living in the City
of Long Beach as it has an oriental
supermarket, cargo and money remit-
tance services, and restaurants serving
Filipino and Asian food, among others.
F.L.B. Video Pinoy, which is a retail
store offering media and telecommuni-
cations-based subscription services and
pirated DVDs, was beneftting from the
traffc of Filipino customers that fows
into the area.
“I would say that this is a mid-level
distribution and manufacturing. But we
can’t be deceived by the small mom and
pop type of shop because the amount
of parts you can mass produce in a very
short period of time is really incredible,”
said Kris Buckner, president of Investi-
gative Consultants (IC).
A Filipina described by investigators
as a co-owner of the store was arrested
during the raid while an arrest war-
rant was issued for the store’s owner,
Fernando Legaspi Bernabe, who ran and
lost for the Long Beach City Council
four years ago. Both are facing felony
The store has foor to ceiling metal
shelves offering miscellaneous illegal
DVDs including ABS-CBN titles for
“You know it’s fake because the im-
ages on the cover are weird and there
are typos in the print. Then when you
open it, there’s a purple glow on the
back of the DVDs,” explained LASD
Deputy Chris Figueroa.
This is the third Filipino business
raid this year for alleged DVD piracy
in Southern California. ABS-CBN has
partnered with law enforcement and
investigators to step up its anti-piracy
campaigns throughout the world in 2014
to ensure that the content that is distrib-
uted, whether in DVD or digital form,
is the best experience for its customers.
Moreover, the company combats piracy
as it is a known to fnance other criminal
Busted. (Clockwise from top left) LASD Deputy Chris Figueroa and Sgt. Janice Munson of LASD COPS explain how to spot
pirated DVDs; LASD and private investigators raided. F.L.B. Video Pinoy on Santa Fe Avenue in Long Beach, CA and seized thou-
sands of pirated DVDs; Hundreds of illegally produced ABS-CBN content were confscated; among the seized items were a disc
burner and a burner tower that were reproducing ABS-CBN Star Cinema movies; (Photos by NMFernandez/ABS-CBN TFC)
activities, including terrorism, and it
also impacts detrimentally the industry
workers and communities.
“It’s all over the U.S. and all over the
world. Hundreds of thousands of people
are losing their jobs due to the risks of
counterfeiting and piracy. And with
that, obviously we’re not able to fund
schools and hospitals because we’re
losing tax revenues that fund them,”
said Sgt. Janice Munson of LASD
4,500 pirated DVDs worth over $90k confscated from Pinoy
store in Long Beach
COPS (Community Oriented Policing
ABS-CBN has partnered with Los
Angeles Regional Crimestoppers (www. and they will
investigate anti-piracy tips reported any-
where in the US. For more information,
visit http://abscbnantipiracy.wordpress.
com/ (Reports from Nerissa Fernandez
of ABS-CBN International & Steve
Angeles of Balitang America)
5/19/2014 -- The character Malefcent
was a Disney creation frst introduced in
their 1959 animated feature “Sleeping
Beauty.” But the story of the princess
who falls under a spell of eternal sleep
has been told since the beginning of
fairy-tale time.
The story of Sleeping Beauty
evolved—under different titles—over
approximately 400 years (1000 if we
count some overlapping elements from
Medieval times). The early written
origins of the story can be traced from
the French novel “Perceforest” (author
unknown) written in 1527 to a tale by
Italian storyteller Giambattista Basile
(1636) called “Sun, Moon & Talia” from
a collection entitled “The Tale of Tales,”
which is generally accepted as the frst
collection of fairy tales ever printed.
In 1697, a version of the story,“The
Beauty Asleep in the Woods,” was published
by Charles Perrault in his book, “The Tales
of Mother Goose.” The Brothers Grimm bor-
rowed heavily from this version in writing
their own 1812 story of a beautiful princess
awakened from a spell-induced slumber,
“Little Briar Rose.”
Sleeping Beauty fable comes
full circle with ‘Malefcent’
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Hell in Paradise
of the page was that of her high school
friend, who eventually became her
boyfriend and now her husband. On the
last page was a message entitled “Last
Will and Testament of a 17-year-old”.
To commemorate her 18th birthday,
Michelle decided, much to my protesta-
tion, to jump and parachute from an
airplane 11,000 feet above, together
with a friend, Stephanie who happened
to be celebrating her own birthday also.
The “Will” stipulated all the things
she would hand over to her individual
friends in case “something” happens.
After enumerating all her friends and the
items she would will to them, she ended
up with the following words:
“To Ashley (her sister), I leave my en-
tire wardrobe and return all the clothes
I’ve stolen from her.
“To Heather (her other sister), I leave
my Beanie Babies and lots of junk mail
so she won’t feel left out.
“To anyone I may have left out, I
probably don’t have anything of interest
to you but you can go through my stuff
“And fnally, to my father, I leave the
knowledge and satisfaction that for once
in all the ‘discussions’ that we have got-
ten into, Dad, YOU WERE RIGHT.”
In the end, Michelle put a disclaimer
that said: “Know that this letter was
completely and utterly meant as a joke.
NOTHING is going to happen to me
(except maybe loss of bladder control
while I’m in freefall) and you people
can’t really have my stuff (ahem…
I would not have gotten and known
that piece of treasure had I not decide to
collect the precious items in my daugh-
ters’ rooms because of the wildfre.
Six crates
After I have flled at least six crates
with valuable documents and photos,
I walked around the house to look
for things I could salvage in case the
fre reach our home. Funny, I saw the
expensive appliances like the television
sets, the VCR and DVD recorders, the
stereos and other furniture, but I did not
have the incentive to collect and save
them, despite the fact that I had plenty
of time to do so. At that moment, those
“material” but replaceable things, didn’t
look that important to me.
As my fear increased in the wee
hours, I decided to wake up my wife
who gave me that “I told you so” look.
I convinced her to take those important
stuff to one of the three storage sheds in
one of our rental properties in National
City, which is out of reach of the fre.
At that time, we had four vehicles in
our house, one my own Infnity car, the
other a Jeep used by my wife, another a
Silverado pick up truck I use as utility
vehicle and the last a Honda car owned
by my daughter who is in Japan. If the
fre were to sweep at that moment, we
would only be able to drive away two
of those four cars. Because of this, I
decided to load the car with our photos
and important documents and drive to
National City while my wife drove the
pick up. I left my car behind and drove
back home with my wife. We passed
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WF_2014_BackToSchool_Soccer_HP_FIL_SD_Final.indd 1 5/1/14 12:09 PM
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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 20, 2014
– AARP and AARP Foundation donated
more than $1 million in emergency
relief funds to support victims devas-
tated by Typhoon Haiyan (also known
as Yolanda), one of the largest and stron-
gest storms to make landfall in recorded
history. AARP and AARP Foundation
matched contributions dollar-for-dollar
up to $500,000 and distributed those
funds to relief organizations to provide
meals, medical care, shelter, and other
forms of support to those in need, par-
ticularly older adults who are dispropor-
tionately affected during times of crisis.
“AARP members responded to the
devastation in the Philippines and
Southeast Asia by donating funds
to those in need,” said Lisa Marsh
Ryerson, AARP Foundation President.
“We’re proud to partner with relief
organizations that are responding to the
needs of the most vulnerable people af-
fected by this natural disaster.”
“We’re committed to serving the
Filipino American community and
supporting Filipino Americans who
are 50+ with family and friends in the
Philippines continuing the long and
diffcult process of recovery,” said
Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice President of
Multicultural Markets and Engagement
for Asian American and Pacifc Islander
One hundred percent of all funds
raised went to organizations helping the
victims of Typhoon Haiyan:
HelpAge USA was granted $725,000
to distribute food, water, hygiene kits,
and shelter materials and to set up
helpdesks to direct seniors to essential
CARE was granted $200,000 and is
partnering with local organizations to
provide short-term assistance, such as
food distribution, and to work on longer-
term recovery efforts.
ABS-CBN Foundation International
was granted $60,000 to rebuild schools,
provide livelihood, and connect older
adults with food and medical assistance
AARP and AARP Foundation Announce
Recipients of Typhoon Haiyan Relief Funds
in hard-hit regions.
Gawad Kalinga USA was granted
$60,000 to provide meals to and build
new homes for affected seniors and their
Feed the Hungry, Inc. was granted
$30,000 for its work providing basic
sustenance to people located in some of
the most remote areas of the Philippines.
“All of us at HelpAge are proud and
More than $1 million donated to organizations providing aid in the Philippines
Top: Analiza Gelasio of ABS-CBN Foundation International; Ahnileen Martinez,
AARP California State Associate Director; Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice President of
Multicultural Markets and Engagement for Asian American and Pacifc Islander
Audiences; Jo Ann Kyle, Managing Director for ABS-CBN Foundation Internation-
al; and Marissa Niles of ABS-CBN Foundation International.
Bottom: Maxine Fischer, California Associate State Director, and Tony Olaes,
Chairman of the Board of Gawad Kalinga USA.
5/16/2014 – Aspiring for a healthy
lifestyle for her son was what drove a
Filipina entrepreneur to put up a juice
Joy Torres said she started making
vegetable smoothies after her son, Mat-
thew, was diagnosed with a congenital
heart disease.
She said her son always complained
about diffculty in breathing, but they
only discovered that he had an ailment
when he fainted inside a church.
Matthew was used to eating junk food,
but following doctor’s orders, Torres
had to change her son’s diet to add more
vegetables and fruits.
To push Matthew to eat healthy,
Torres decided to concoct vegetable
smoothies using her own recipe.
She eventually found the perfect mix
after many attempts, and it soon became
a hit even with Matthew’s classmates.
“Dinadala nila sa bahay ‘yung mga
lalagyan nila tapos magju-juice ako para
sa kanila libre lang,” Torres told "My
Puhunan" host Karen Davila.
Torres said she was convinced by her
husband to make a business out of her
smoothies and juices.
She started selling 1.5 liter-bottles of
vegetable juice for P1,000 from a capital
of P800.
“Hanggang sa dumami na ang mga
order ng mga customer, hindi na namin
magawa sa bahay. So ‘yung asawa ko
‘yung nag-isip na magtayo ng tindahan,”
she said.
Using her and her husband’s 15 years’
worth of savings, they opened Detoxify
Bar, which sells different varieties of
all-organic and nutritious fruit and veg-
etable detox juices.
“Unang juice bar na naging attraction
din kasi jinu-juice namin sa harapan
How Pinay mom got rich from 'gulay juice'
Detoxify Bar's green vegan detox (left). Detoxify Bar owner Joy Torres. Photo from My Puhunan Facebook page
nila, na hindi siya parang sa grocery na
mapi-pick up mo lang ‘yung bote na
gawa na,” she said.
A bottle of “green vegan detox,” made
from apple, cucumber, romaine lettuce,
broccoli, celery, moringa and lemon
sells for P220.
Detoxify Bar is also selling other
vegetable detox concoctions and prepar-
ing healthy meals to go with the healthy
drink, with the help of Torres’ friend,
actress Judy Ann Santos.
Torres said Santos gives her tips on
how to improve the entrees.
From P3,000 gross sales a day, De-
toxify Bar now brings in over P100,000
a day.
“I’m proud of my mom, and because
of this ‘yung success namin talagang she
really worked hard for it,” Torres’ son
Matthew said.
Detoxify Bar has branches in East-
wood and McKinley Hill in Taguig.
Bike To Work Day Set
for May 30
In light of the disruptions caused by
the wildfres, the SANDAG iCom-
mute program has decided to post-
pone tomorrow’s Bike to Work Day
event countywide to Friday, May 30.
At this time, the agency’s primary
concern is the health and safety of
riders, the public, and emergency
response personnel. The fres have
affected air quality countywide,
making physical exertion inad-
visable in areas where there is
still smoke in the air. The lives
of thousands of residents have
been disrupted.
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Temecula, CA - Nearly any dawn in
the Temecula Valley - Southern Califor-
nia's Wine Country - they can be seen.
Colorful hot air balloons ascend to the
heavens dotting the cerulean blue skies.
Enrapt in a glorious sunrise that slowly
peaks over the hillsides, hot air balloon
fights over wine country are part of the
area's culture and viticulture. It is this
perfect blend of color and favors that
the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine
Festival delivers from Lake Skinner
during the event May 30, 31 and June 1.
For 31 years the Festival has com-
bined the valley's assets into one
weekend showcase of massive dawn hot
air balloon launches, evening balloon
glows, wine tasting from up to 20 winer-
ies, and chef demonstrations that offer
recipes while pairing with the valley's
premium wines. The Festival also high-
lights another part of the area's culture
- freestyle motocross - on Sunday. FMX
champions like Jimmy Fitzpatrick,
Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha
team make the hillsides surrounding the
Temecula Valley their training grounds.
Yet, there is much to experience that it
takes a 3-day event. Top bands and mu-
sicians are in concert on two different
stages with the Main Stage sponsored by
local 4-Diamond Award Pechanga Re-
sort & Casino. The 2014 concert lineup
includes: Justin Moore, Frankie Ballard
and Tim Charron on Country Friday,
May 30; 3 Doors Down, Gin Blossoms,
Nelson and Access Royale Saturday,
May 31; and Warrant on the Wine Stage
Sunday, June 1, while Jimmy Fitzpatrick
presents the Metal Mulisha Freestyle
Motocross Demo at the Main Stage.
Country singer and ACM New Artist
of the Year, Justin Moore headlines
Friday night. His third album "Off the
Beaten Path" was released in Septem-
ber 2013 and peaked at No.1. He has
produced a string of hits including the
sentimental favorite "If Heaven Wasn't
So Far Away" (No.1 and gold record.)
Named Billboard's "Top Country
Artist of 2009," the Arkansas native's
top 10 hits include "Small Town USA,"
"Backwoods," "Point At You," "Till My
Last Day" and "Bait A Hook." Moore's
self-titled 2009 debut album was recog-
nized by the New York Times as one of
the best albums for that year. His music
has been featured on the ABC drama
"Nashville," "Hannity & Colmes" and
"NFL Rewind.”
Special guest Frankie Ballard has en-
joyed 25 weeks on Billboard's Country
Charts with his hit "Helluva Life." The
lead song in his third album, "Sunshine
& Whisky," is Ballard's frst top 20 hit
since he won Kenny Chesney's "Next
Big Star" for Michigan in 2008. Ballard
has opened for Chesney, and has pro-
duced two other albums, with songs that
broke the top 40 Country Charts. "Hel-
luva Life," however has had the best
ride, peaking at No.9 on the charts. The
song still sits and No.12. Special guest
Tim Charron will open the evening. His
album "Chasing the Sun" was recorded
with Jason Aldean's band.
Saturday Southern California Wine
Country rocks with rock headliner 3
Doors Down. This band, known for
their debut album and hit single "Kryp-
tonite" has sold over 16 million albums
worldwide since “Kryptonite” launched
them to fame.
"Kryptonite" was just one of many
hits that evolved from their debut album
"The Better Life." The album sold six
million copies and went platinum six
times. 3 Doors Down furthered their
success with the 2002 album "Away
from the Sun," which spawned the
singles "When I'm Gone", "The Road
I'm On", "Here Without You," "Away
from the Sun," "Dangerous Game,"
"Dead Love" and "Wasted Me." "Here
Without You" and "Away from the Sun"
crossed over to Adult Contemporary
charts as well as rock and alternative
rock charts.
Also appearing Saturday is the Gin
Blossoms, the alternative rock band
from Tempe, Arizona. Always one of
the top requested bands by Festival fans,
the Gin Blossoms will make their third
appearance to the Festival fueled with
their hits “Hey Jealousy,” “Follow You
Down,” “Found Out About You,” and
“Till I Hear It From You.” The band
released three albums by the mid 1990s,
took a break, then released a fourth
album, “Major Lodge Victory,” in 2006.
Saturday's lineup includes Nelson,
the band comprised of Ricky Nelson's
twin sons, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson.
Considered an arena rock band, Nelson
experienced huge success in the 90s
with the debut album "After the Rain."
The album featured the No.1 hit "Can't
Live Without Your Love and Affection,"
and also reached multi-platinum status.
The twins also perform under the name
of "Ricky Nelson Remembered." The
Nelsons landed in the "Guinness Book
of World Records" as the only family in
Entertainment to have No.1 hit records
in three successive generations, with
Grandparents Ozzie and Harriet, father
Ricky and sons Gunnar and Matthew.
The Nelson family has other stars in
their genealogy with maternal grandpar-
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Taste all that Southern California Wine Country has to Offer in One High Flying Festival
Page 14 May 23-29, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
ents football player and sports broad-
caster Tom Harmon and actress Elyse
Knox. Their maternal uncle is actor
Mark Harmon.
Opening act for Saturday is Access
Royale an alternative indie rock band
created by Vee Styles (Vocal, Guitar) ac-
companied in the studio by Art Pacheco
on drums with Jessica Fagre-Perry on
bass. Their 2012 self-released “City of
Paradigm” album has had remarkable
feedback internationally.
Sunday's musical headliner shifts
to the Wine Stage, and includes rock
band Warrant with Erik Turner. The
hard rock band is known for their hit
album "Cherry Pie," and singles, "Down
Boys," "Sometimes She Cries," and
"Heaven." “Heaven” reached No.1 in
Rolling Stone and No.2 on the Billboard
Hot 100 for two weeks in a row.
The Temecula Valley Balloon &
Wine Festival features dawn hot air
balloon launches, free morning tethered
rides (weather permitting), premium
wine tasting, microwbrew tasting, food
and wine pairing, chef demonstrations
and beer and food pairing, as well as a
full international food court, arts and
crafts, exhibits, and a kids faire. Friday
and Saturday evenings also feature the
popular evening balloon glow (weather
Check for scheduled
times and activities or call (951) 676-
6713. Hot air balloon fights, tethers and
evening glows are weather permitting
What You Should Know
Recreation Area 37701 Warren Rd. Win-
chester, CA92596
GATES OPEN: 3:00 pm FRIDAY, 6:00
HOURS: Friday - 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.,
Saturday - 6:00 am to 10:00 pm., Sunday -
6:00 am to 5:00 pm.
ANIMALS: Animals are NOT allowed in
the Festival Area and SHOULD NOT be left
in vehicles.
Friday $24.00 adults; youth 6-12 $5.00
and children 5 and under FREE, Saturday
$25.00 adults, youth 6-12 $5.00 and children
5 and under FREE; Sunday $17.00 adults,
youth 6-12 $5.00 and children 5 and under
FREE. Weekend Combo $50.00 (Friday, Sat-
urday & Sunday entrance tickets only). More
detailed information is listed under Tickets.
SUNDAY ONLY: Active Military Dis-
count $10.00 - Must show Military ID.
PARKING: Autos - $5.00. Buses, Motor
Homes $10.00, Premiere $20.00 NO OVER-
ENTERTAINMENT: Cost is included
in the price of admission. Look for special
information regarding ticket packages for
main stage entertainment located in close
proximity to the Main Stage. Please go to the
section on Entertainment for the details!
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
Taste all
“20+ Years Experience”
Been living in San Diego since 1977
Attorney is available daily on regular business days at the San Diego Offce
*Member, California State Bar
Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court
Southern California and California Supreme Court
*Author,”How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa” as listed by
worldwide bookseller Bookstores
*Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immi-
gration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic
Diocese of San Diego
*Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City
Association, Inc., San Diego, California
*Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985),
Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and
Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984);
Bachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983);
Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979)
*Born in the Philippines (Cavite)
For your convenience, walk-ins accepted
especially between 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Business days Monday to Friday
We can accept the following on a Contingency Basis
• WORK DISCRIMINATION (Racial, Age, Gender, Disability)
240 Woodlawn Avenue, Suite 11, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Convenient location and plenty of free parking;
Near Chula Vista trolley station. Nagsasalita kami ng Tagalog
For free consultation
call (619) 203-5782
We can help you stop worrying about your legal problems.

Also Featuring:
Debt Negotiation
Bankruptcy Assistance
Loan Consolidation
Food for Thought
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Hell in Paradise
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The US' National Weather Service explains says microburst is a down-
draft (sinking air) in a thunderstorm that is less than 2.5 miles in scale. Some
microbursts can pose a threat to life and property, but all microbursts pose a
signifcant threat to aviation. Pictured here is a microburst event.
By Fr. Shay Cullen, Mssc
The sights, sounds, and smells that as-
sailed me as I was walking through the
devastated chaos and destruction of
Tacloban city in the Philippines last
year, soon after the most powerful storm
ever to hit land, made me realize that
this was the future. This utter devasta-
tion wrecked by a vengeful nature on
her tormentors was going to be repeated
across the globe. Climate change is
upon us.
Extreme weather conditions will be what
we can expect in the future. In the UK last
year, massive unprecedented fooding cut off
towns and villages. The economic cost was
massive. We have to ask why and what can
be done to prevent such destructive weather
conditions getting worse and less frequent.
The Philippines experienced 25 typhoons in
Humans are the custodians of the creation
and guardians of the planet and yet we have
sinned against it. Now it's time to repent and
make amends, but how?
As I write this, the Balkans are experienc-
ing the worst fooding in 120 years
when records began. Vast areas of coun-
tryside, towns and villages are inundated and
as many as 300 land slides have destroyed
property and 35 people were killed. In three
days, rain that would normally fall in three
months hit the region causing destruction,
death and huge commercial loss. In Afghani-
stan a few weeks ago, an entire village with
hundreds of people were buried alive when a
rain saturated hillside came roaring down to
bury and smother them all.
Every news bulletin seems to carry
reports of another huge ecological disaster,
droughts and wild fres in the United States
are consuming forests and felds, even more
destructive foods are to come in Europe we
are told.
Climate Change Is Upon Us
Last week, the United Nations Inter-Coun-
ty Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made it's
latest report after seven years of exhaustive
research and number crunching to inform
and convince us that catastrophic climate
change can be averted and even reversed if
we act now. The report was made by 1,250
eminent scientists and experts and endorsed
by 146 governments.
It's for real, the planet has warmed up
and we humans have caused it by burning
fossil fuels non-stop for the last 150 years.
That has to stop. We must turn to alterna-
tive sources of energy, the report strongly
advises, or else..
The worst offenders are the oil and coal-
burning industries. Their power plants,
factories, houses and cars warm the earth by
releasing CO2 gases. The carbon dioxide and
methane gases create a blanket around the
earth causing this
warming. This in turn has melted huge
sections of the polar ice caps and removed
nature's big refector of sun light. Antarctica
is melting too. Soon the rise in ocean levels
will be covering low lying islands and beach
The permafrost in Siberia and Canada is
melting, releasing even more deadly
methane gas from the once frozen bogs
and releasing it into the atmosphere. The ef-
fect on food production and water resources
will be massive and will lead to food short-
ages and the social impact will be great;
migration and armed conficts will erupt.
China, one of the worst climate pollut-
ers with its thousands of coal and oil power
plants is in direct confict with Vietnam after
moving an oil drilling platform into waters
claimed by Vietnam. Riots, property destruc-
tion and the evacuation of thousands of
Chinese from Vietnam is the news this week.
The content of the reports of the IPCC are
vehemently denied by powerful
business interests in the gas, oil and coal
industries. These thermal tycoons
want the burning of fossil fuels to continue
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on Twitter
Sleeping Beauty
(Continued from page 11)
The origins of Malefcent as a female
personifcation of evil are less clear. Basile’s
story casts a Queen as the jealous, vengeful
villainess but she was married to the King
and not an independent outsider who inficts
a curse on the royal family. The villainess
was changed to a wicked fairy by Perrault,
whose version was closest to Disney’s.
Perrault also introduced the element of a
handsome Prince whose kiss could break
the spell.
So it fell to 20th-century writers and ani-
mators and actress Eleanor Audley to invent
Malefcent for Disney’s classic “Sleeping
Beauty.” The flm took 10 years to make and
cost $6 million. It was the most expensive
movie the studio had produced to that point
in time.
Malefcent remains both the favorite and
the most feared character in Disney’s gallery
Laughing Matter
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It's game 7 of the NBA fnals and a
man makes his way to his seat at center
court. He sits down and notices that
the seat next to him is empty. He leans
over and asks his neighbor if someone
is sitting there. He responds, "No, the
seat's empty." "The frst man exclaims,
"What?!? Who in their right mind would
have a seat like this for the NBA fnals
and not use it?" The neighbor responds,
"Well the seat is mine, but my wife
passed away and this is the frst NBA f-
nals we haven't been together." The frst
man responds," I'm sorry to hear that.
Wasn't there anyone else, a friend or
relative, that could've taken that seat?"
The neighbor responds, "No, they're all
at the funeral."
NBA Finals
I’ve learned- that you cannot make
someone love you. All you can do is be
someone who can be loved. The rest is
up to them.
I’ve learned- that no matter how much I
care, some people just don’t care back.
I’ve learned- that it takes years to build up
trust, and only seconds to destroy it.
I’ve learned- that no matter how good a
friend is, they’re going to hurt you every
once in a while and you must forgive them
for that.
I’ve learned- that it’s not what you have in
your life but who you have in your life that
I’ve learned- that you should never ruin an
apology with an excuse.
I’ve learned- that you can get by on charm
for about ffteen minutes. After that, you’d
better know something.
I’ve learned- that you shouldn’t compare
yourself to the best others can do.
I’ve learned- that you can do something
in an instant that will give you heartache for
I’ve learned- that it’s taking me a long
time to become the person I want to be.
I’ve learned- that you should always leave
loved ones with loving words. It may be the
last time you see them.
I’ve learned- that you can keep going long
after you can’t.
I’ve learned- that we are responsible for
what we do, no matter how we feel.
I’ve learned- that either you control your
attitude or it controls you.
I’ve learned- that regardless of how hot
and steamy a relationship is at frst, the pas-
sion fades and there had better be something
else to take its place.
I’ve learned- that heroes are the people
who do what has to be done when it needs to
be done, regardless of the consequences.
I’ve learned- that money is a lousy way of
keeping score.
I’ve learned- that my best friend and I can
do anything or nothing and have the best
I’ve learned- that sometimes the people
you expect to kick you when you’re down
will be the ones to help you get back up.
I’ve learned- that sometimes when I’m
angry I have the right to be angry, but that
doesn’t give me the right to be cruel.
I’ve learned- that true friendship continues
to grow, even over the longest distance.
Same goes for true love.
I’ve learned- that just because someone
doesn’t love you the way you want them to
doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all
they have.
I’ve learned ..
I’ve learned- that maturity has more to
do with what types of experiences you’ve
had and what you’ve learned from them and
less to do with how many birthdays you’ve
I’ve learned- that you should never tell a
child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish.
Few things are more humiliating, and what a
tragedy it would be if they believed it.
I’ve learned- that your family won’t
always be there for you. It may seem funny,
but people you aren’t related to can take care
of you and love you and teach you to trust
people again. Families aren’t biological.
I’ve learned- that it isn’t always enough to
be forgiven by others. Sometimes you are to
learn to forgive yourself.
I’ve learned- that no matter how bad your
heart is broken the world doesn’t stop for
your grief.
I’ve learned- that our background and
circumstances may have infuenced who
we are, but we are responsible for who we
I’ve learned- that a rich person is not the
one who has the most, but is one who needs
the least.
I’ve learned- that just because two people
argue, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each
other. And just because they don’t argue, it
doesn’t mean they do.
I’ve learned- that we don’t have to change
friends if we understand that friends change.
I’ve learned- that you shouldn’t be so
eager to fnd out a secret. It could change
your life forever.
I’ve learned- that two people can look
at the exact same thing and see something
totally different.
I’ve learned- that no matter how you try
to protect your children, they will eventually
get hurt and you will hurt in the process.
I’ve learned- that even when you think you
have no more to give, when a friend cries out
to you, you will fnd the strength to help.
I’ve learned- that credentials on the wall
do not make you a decent human being.
I’ve learned- that the people you care
about most in life are taken from you too
I’ve learned- that it’s hard to determine
where to draw the line between being nice
and not hurting people’s feelings, and stand-
ing up for what you believe.
I’ve learned- that people will forget what
you said, and people will forget what you
did, but people will never forget how you
made them feel. -- By Omer B. Washington
but the time is coming when fossil fuels have
to be abandoned and left in the ground. Al-
ternative renewable sources of electric power
like solar, wind and geothermal electric
generation have to power the future.
Huge investments have to be made in
wind and solar power. Natural gas is a much
cleaner source of energy but with some
limitations, but a better alternative to coal.
The common people and their governments
have to stand up to the polluters of the planet
and bring closer that day when the demand
for oil and coal will taper off. In the Philip-
pines, crony capitalists are manipulating
the national leadership and "capturing" the
regulators to persuade them to approve more
coal plants.
We all have to be caretakers of our God-
given world, the garden of Eden is sadly
wilting and dying and we humans will be
dying in body and spirit with it through
disease, famine, and extreme weather events.
Remember, more than 6000 people were
killed by Typhoon Haiyan last November
8, there will be many more dying in future
storms and foods of equal magnitude. We
must preserve all life, especially the life of
the planet itself. [,]
of infamy. Now she returns in a live-action
version of the classic story directed by Rob-
ert Stromberg and starring Angelina Jolie.
“It was important to me as a director to
retain enough of the elements of ‘Sleeping
Beauty’so that people who are fans of the
original won’t be disappointed when they see
this,” explains Stromberg. “I felt it was im-
portant that people not only see this classic
character realized in a new light but also see
the genesis of some of those story elements
that they remember from the original flm.”
To blend the old and new into a fnished
screenplay, Disney hired writer Linda
Woolverton. “In my time at Disney both
as an executive and as a producer, Linda
Woolverton is the most important writer
Disney has had,” says producer Joe Roth.
“Over the past 20 years she’s written ‘Beauty
and the Beast’ and ‘The Lion King’ in the
animated area and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in
live action. More than any other writer, she
has really kind of unlocked the notion of
what a Disney flm is.”
Woolverton began her process of discover-
ing the secret life of Malefcent by watching
Disney’s animated “Sleeping Beauty.” “After
watching the movie, I came up with some
ideas that revealed more about her charac-
ter,” Woolverton explains. “I created a past
for her that leads to the singular moment in
which she curses the baby Aurora and then
takes us past that moment from Malefcent’s
point of view through the ending of the flm.
But it’s a reinvention; it’s not just a retelling
of the same story.”
In addition to the challenge of reinventing
a fairy tale that has been a staple of every
childborn in the last 50 years, Woolverton
had to honor both the iconic character that
Disney created and the talented actress
stepping into the role. “The character really
is fantastic and once we had Angelina Jolie,
my task was to seamlessly meld the two into
one to recreate a classic, but wholly unique
Malefcent,” concludes the writer.
Bonita Road and saw Mt. Miguel glow-
ing in the dark ahead of us. It was two
o’clock in the morning.
I hardly slept that morning as I watched
the frestorm coverage on television. Many
people in different areas of the County like
Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Ramona and
Lakeside have been told to evacuate and
seek refuge at the Qualcomm Stadium. If
we were asked to evacuate, we would not
be able to get any hotel room as they would
be taken by locals displaced by the fres.
My plan of action was to move to my other
rental property, which happened to be vacant
at that time, to spare us from the hardships of
staying in a public shelter.
At around nine in the morning, I heard the
areas near our house being mentioned on
television: Spring Valley, Bonita, Eastlake,
Chula Vista and Otay Mesa. When I heard
that “voluntary evacuations” were being
urged in those areas, I did not think twice.
Days before, I bought forty plastic crates
from Home Depot to be used in our news-
paper fles in our storage facilities. I brought
them home and flled some of them with my
clothes. I discovered that I could dispense
with a bagful of clothes I hardly used, which
I intend to donate to the poor. Whenever I go
home to the Philippines, I bring a balikbayan
box full of old clothes with me, while I use a
luggage for my personal use. The old clothes
are distributed to the poor during our fam-
ily’s annual medical mission in our barrio in
My daughter and son-in-law came to help
out in case of an evacuation. Everything
was ready. All the things we needed were
packed and ready to be brought to the pick
up truck in an instant as we awaited the call
for a mandatory evacuation. There were
now enough drivers to drive away the three
remaining vehicles in our house. Fortunately,
however, the dreaded call never came. At
around four o’clock in the afternoon, the fre
threat in our neighborhood was lifted and our
neighborhood was declared safe again.
Old friends
The experience gave me an opportunity
to reconnect with old friends. Since the San
Diego fre was being broadcast nationwide
if not abroad, I got calls of concern from
friends in New York, Washington, Burbank
and Oceanside, a brother in the Philippines,
a sister in Guam and cousins in North Hol-
lywood and West Covina. I later found out
that the house of a friend of ours in Rancho
Bernardo was spared from the fre while that
of his next-door neighbor was gutted down.
So far, we have not heard any of our rela-
tives or friends becoming a victim of the fre
although many have their own evacuation
stories to tell. My daughter from Japan called
up three times in two days, one of them, as
usual waking us up in the wee hours in the
morning as she was in a different time zone
in the other side of the world. Our daughter
in New York whom we could hardly reach
because of her busy work schedule, suddenly
found time to get in touch with us every two
To be sure, the threat of fre is far from
over. The wind direction could change
anytime and with the dried grass and trees
all over, the fre might be at our doorstep
anytime. This is why on this third day of
concern, our eyes are still glued on television
as we watch the miseries of the victims on
the other side of the mountain in our back-
yard and in other areas of San Diego, this
time, temporarily relinquishing its reputation
as “America’s Finest City.”
Funny, when my late beloved mother was
visiting us here in San Diego years ago and
heard about our city’s moniker, she thought
it meant “America’s Spanish City” what
with the presence of many Mexicans in the
area. If she were alive, I am sure she would
mishear the nametag and think it meant
“America’s Fiery City!” Sorry mom! Just
Finest City or not, I still like San Diego. I
just wish I could afford to live in a yatch so
that I could easily sail out, with my belong-
ings and all, when the next wildfre season
comes. Anybody in need of a cabin boy? I
don’t eat much. - AJ
Sorrento Tower Apartments is currently
accepting applications for studio apartments only
(maximum occupancy is one person) for seniors
62 years of age and older and/or disabled individuals
who qualify with low income.
Starting Wednesday, May 28th applications can be
submitted at the address below on weekdays between
the hours of 10am to 4pm. For more information,
go to
Equal Housing Opportunity
Sorrento Tower
2875 Cowley Way, San Diego, CA 92110
Page 15 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at May 23-29, 2014
HR Assistant II #70564
Hiring Salary Range: $17.03 - $20.19/hour
Provides administrative support to the Human Resources Development unit of Housing & Dining Services,
which consists of 450 - 475 career staff, up to 700 student employees and 50 Limited Appointment
Employees. This includes office management tasks including, filing system maintenance, data entry,
assembly of materials, tracking/processing invoices, and production of various flyers, brochures, ads
and other promotional materials, scheduling meetings and training sessions and maintaining unit
calendar. Assists in the scheduling, planning, organizing and implementation of recruitments, events
and programs. Independently maintains computerized database systems. Prepares correspondence,
forms/paperwork for signature/approval. Utilizes a variety of computer applications to include Microsoft
Suite (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher), Integrated Financial Information System
(IFIS), EmployeeLink, FinancialLink and Payroll Personnel Systems (PPS). Maintains confidentiality.
Responsible for heavy customer service.
Operating needs of the department require varied work schedules, (i.e., a.m., p.m., and/or weekend
shifts). Employees may be required to take off (vacation or temporary layoff) during scheduled
operational shutdown periods, such as Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks.
º E/pe||e|:e aº a| adr|||º||a||.e aºº|º|a|| || a |ura| |eºcu|:eº/pe|ºc||e| c||:e ºe||||¸.
º E/:e||e|| :uº|cre| ºe|.|:e º||||º |e(u||ed |c| |||e|a:|||¸ W||| º|ude||º, º|a||, a|d ||e puo||:.
º P|c.e| |||e|pe|ºc|a| a|d :crru||:a||c| º||||º, oc|| c|a| a|d W||||e|, ||:|ud||¸ ||cW|ed¸e c|
correct English grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage.
º P|c.e| ao||||] |c uºe Wc|dp|c:eºº||¸, da|aoaºe, ºp|eadº|ee|, era|| a|d deº||cp puo||º|||¸
software, preferably MS Word, Access, Excel, MS Publisher and MS Outlook.
º Oerc|º||a|ed ao||||] |c Wc|| e||e:||.e|] W||| ||e(ue|| |||e||up||c|º, :|a|¸||¸ p||c||||eº a|d
conflicting deadlines.
º S|||| |c ||depe|de|||] c|¸a||/e a :c||||ucuº 1cW c| Wc|| || a ||re|] ra||e| W|||e ree|||¸
deadlines and with close attention to detail.
º P|c.e| ao||||] |c e/e|:|ºe |a:|, ra|u|e (ud¸re||, :c||de|||a|||], d|p|cra:] a|d 1e/|o||||] |c
p|crc|e pcº|||.e Wc||||¸ |e|a||c|º||pº a|d (co e||e:||.e|eºº.
Filing Deadline: Monday, 4/21/2014
To apply, please visit:
UC San Diego is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants.
Applicants will receive fair and impartial consideration without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national
origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic data, or religion or other legally protected status.
Classifed Ads
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CNAs needed for 60
year old ambulatory,
disabled gentleman.
Morning, day and live-
in opportunities. Linda
Vista area. Flores
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Sorrento Tower Apartments is currently
accepting applications for studio apartments only
(maximum occupancy is one person) for seniors
62 years of age and older and/or disabled individuals
who qualify with low income.
Starting Wednesday, May 28th applications can be
submitted at the address below on weekdays between
the hours of 10am to 4pm. For more information,
go to
Equal Housing Opportunity
Sorrento Tower
2875 Cowley Way, San Diego, CA 92110
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How Extreme
Currently looking for live in nanny
help. We are looking for professional
nanny who is truly interested in be-
coming part of our family unit! Trav-
el, internationally and domestically,
lovely accommodations and vehicles
for the nanny to drive. All expenses
paid. If interested, please send your
childcare related resume's VIA email:
for consideration.
Other treatments for ischemic stroke
Surgery—A carotid endarterectomy
is a surgical procedure that removes
blockages from arteries in the neck that
supply blood to the brain.
Interventional procedures—Physicians
also use balloon angioplasty and stents to
open up the artery blocked or narrowed by
the buildup of fatty deposits, or plaque.
Hemorrhagic Stroke
Ahemorrhagic stroke occurs when a
blood vessel in the brain bursts or weakens
allowing blood to leak into the brain. It is
very important with this type of stroke to
control the bleeding. Do not take aspirin or
any other blood-thinning medication before
going to the emergency room. Like ischemic
stroke, hemorrhagic stroke can be treated
with surgery or interventional procedures.
Depending on the stroke’s cause, your doctor
may choose one of the following procedures:
Aneurysm clipping. If your stroke results
from an aneurysm in the brain, your doc-
tor may place a clamp at the base of the
aneurysm. This separates the aneurysm from
the artery to which it is attached to prevent it
from bursting or rebleeding if it has already
leaked blood.
Coiling (aneurysm embolization). In this
procedure, a catheter is used to deliver a
tiny coil to fll an aneurysm. This seals the
aneurysm off from connecting arteries and
the risk of rupture is reduced.
Surgical removal of AVM (malformed
arteries in the brain). Surgical removal of
malformed vessels in the brain may be
possible if they are not too large and are
accessible. Removal eliminates the possibil-
ity of their rupture and lowers the risks of
hemorrhagic stroke.
Stroke care has come a long way. Physi-
cians have learned a lot from treating heart
disease with catheter-based treatments,
such as angioplasty and stenting, and they
have transferred that knowledge to treating
strokes. Neuro-rescue stroke treatments
are revolutionizing stroke care. Emergency
medical responders, hospitals, and clinics are
establishing and improving systems to help
patients get the help they need as quickly as
they need it.
Symptoms of Heat Stroke
Heat stroke is an emergency. If you experi-
ence the following symptoms, apply cool
water to your skin immediately and seek
medical help.
High fever
Hot, dry skin without sweating
Pounding pulse
Nausea and/or vomiting
Getting out of the heat immediately, ap-
plying cool water to your skin, and drinking
cool (not cold) water can help you stop heat
exhaustion before it worsens.
Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat
Everyone is at risk in high heat, but the
risks are even higher for those with heart
Come learn what's currently out there,
meet and talk with our panelists over drinks
and hors d'oeuvres after the discussion, and
come away better connected with your own
Rising Arts Leaders is sustained by The
James Irvine Foundation and sponsored by
The The San Diego Foundation.
Rising Arts Leaders present:
FUBARts, a Symposium of Arts, Culture,
and Veteran Organizations on Friday, June
6th from 3:30pm to 6:30pm at Barracks 17
Event Center, 2710 Historic Decatur Road,
San Diego, CA92106. FREE!
Inquiries can be made to Justin Hudnall
by phone at 619.887.2856 or via e-mail at
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thrilled to be the partner of AARP in our
work with seniors in the Philippines,” said
HelpAge CEO Toby Porter. “HelpAge is
delivering assistance directly through a large
and dynamic network of Filipino senior
volunteers and older people’s organiza-
tions. There are hundreds and thousands of
older men and women who were seriously
impacted by this terrible tragedy, and it is
wonderful that the generosity of seniors in
the USAis providing a helping hand to them
at their time of need.”
“We’re deeply grateful to AARP and
its members for their tremendous generos-
ity,” said Jo Ann Kyle, Managing Director
for ABS-CBN Foundation International.
“Thanks to AARP and AARP Foundation’s
leadership and assistance in this crisis, we’ve
been able to help more than 3.5 million
people in 14 provinces in the Philippines.”
“AARP’s support and collaboration al-
lows us to reach our goal of building 20,000
new homes in the affected disaster areas,”
said Tony Olaes, Chairman of the Board of
Gawad Kalinga USA. “We’re proud to have
a partner like AARP who matches our com-
mitment to the Filipino community.”
For more information about how AARP
helps Asian American & Pacifc Islander
families get more out of life, visit www.,
PAAPICommunity and
from Boston University, a Masters in Sys-
tems Engineering from Cornell University
and an MBAfrom Stanford Graduate School
of Business. He was named one of the top 40
leaders focused on economic development in
the Philippines.
Valencia “showed up in (Dasher’s) radar
“when Valencia and Dasher spoke at the
Philippine consulate some months ago.
Dasher also put up programs on Mexico,
Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea and Sin-
Dasher’s parting shot: “I don’t know how
the Philippines will compare to India. But
I think the Philippines is well positioned to
fnd and grab early emerging market oppor-
tunities that leverage cloud-based IT storage,
processing and analysis. This has less to do
with outsourcing than it does with taking a
look at the needs in the Philippines. At the
same time, if the Philippines looks at these
emerging market opportunities with the pos-
sibility of international or even global expan-
sion, it will be even more successful. India is
a huge scale. The world IT companies there
have already established a strong reputation
over a number of years. It will just take a bit
more time for the Philippines to achieve its
own potential.”

Herewith is proof of
your classified ad for
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Journal. Please proofread
i t and f ax back t he
correction if any or call
us for your approval. The
ad is tentatively scheduled
to be published in the
issue of
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time. At $4 per line
lines, it costs
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Toni Thompson
City of San Diego

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of San Diego will receive bids for work at the Public Works
Department, Public Works Contracting Group, 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1400, San Diego, California, where
bids are to be submitted prior to time specified. Plans and specifications can be obtained from The City of San
Diego’s website: A pre-bid meeting and/or pre-bid visit to the work
site will be held, if indicated, at the time and place specified in the contract documents. Prospective bidders are
encouraged to attend these sessions.
It is the policy of the City of San Diego to encourage equal opportunity in its construction, consultant, material
and supply contracts. Bids/proposals from small businesses, minority-owned, disabled, veteran-owned businesses,
women-owned businesses and local firms are strongly encouraged. Contractors are encouraged to subcontract
and/or participate in joint ventures with these firms. The City is committed to equal opportunity and will not
discriminate with regard to race, religion, color, ancestry, age, gender, disability, medical condition or place of
birth and will not do business with any firm that discriminates on any basis.
Contractors interested in bidding on projects must be pre-qualified. Please contact DAVE STUCKY of the City’s
Pre-Qualification Program at (619) 533-3474 or to obtain an application.
Sign language or oral interpreting services are available at pre-bid meetings and bid openings with a 5 business
day notice to the Contracting Division at (619) 533-3450.
Bid No. K-14-6014-DBB-3-A. WBS No. S-11057. MANDATORY Pre-Bid Date: May 29, 2014 @
10:00 a.m. Pre-Bid Location: Conference Room, 14th Floor, 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1400, San
Diego, CA 92101. Bid Opening Date: June 25, 2014 @ 2:00 p.m. Construction Estimate: $739,000.
License Requirement: A.
Al Rechany
Public Works Contracting Group
May 22, 2014

Herewith is proof of
your classified ad for
publication in the Asian
Journal. Please proofread
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lines, it costs
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Samantha Rufus
Request for Proposals
Labor Compliance/Workforce Tracking System
Thank you for your interest in contracting opportunities with the San Diego Association of Governments
(SANDAG). SANDAG is seeking proposals from qualified firms who can provide an enterprise, online, web-
based labor compliance software system to track, monitor, and report labor compliance and workforce activity
for applicable SANDAG construction projects
Proposal Due Date: Proposals must be received by 4 p.m. (PDT), on Friday,
June 6, 2014, at SANDAG offices located on the 8th floor.
Non-Mandatory Pre-proposal Date: A pre-proposal meeting will be held on Monday,
May 19, 2014, at 1 p.m. in SANDAG Conference Room 7 for this Request for Proposals (RFP). Attendance at
the pre-proposal meeting is not mandatory.
A copy of the RFP No. 5004235, and related informational documents and forms, can be accessed from the
SANDAG website at: or by contacting: Janet Yeh, SANDAG, 401 B Street, Suite
800, San Diego, California 92101, (619) 699-6952,
disease or high blood pressure. Afew simple
tips can help you prevent both heat exhaus-
tion and life-threatening heat stroke. Re-
member, while heat stroke may happen after
only a short time in high temperatures, heat
exhaustion results from days of exposure to
high heat and can progress to heat stroke.
Heat waves - long periods of hot weather -
can make you ill more slowly and make it
harder for you to realize the seriousness of
your symptoms. Be mindful of how you feel
each day during a heat wave.
Whether it’s a single hot day or a heat
wave, remember these tips to stay cool and
Avoid vigorous physical activity in high
heat. No task or exercise program is worth
risking your life for. Make plans to complete
a task when the weather cools. Move your
exercise program to an indoor gym or pool.
Stay hydrated by drinking water and
sports drinks that contain electrolytes.
Water is critical to all functions in your body.
Electrolytes not only help balance hydration
in your body, they also help keep the body’s
natural electrical system that governs your
heartbeat working correctly.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These bever-
ages can contribute to dehydration.
Choose a cooler environment. Switch
your air conditioning on. If you don’t have
air conditioning, use fans and periodically
apply cool water to your skin. If your home
is still not cool enough, go to an air-condi-
tioned mall, senior center, friend’s house, or
library - anywhere that’s cool enough to keep
your body temperature within the normal
range. Also, if you are not able to leave your
home, do not be shy about asking for help
from friends, family, or your local town or
city services.
Wear light-colored, lightweight clothing.
Light-colored clothing refects the sun’s rays,
rather than absorbing them like dark cloth-
ing. Heavy-weight fabrics will trap body
heat in, while lightweight fabrics allow heat
to escape and better allow for your natural
sweating processes to cool you off.
Don’t go outside without sunblock.
Apply sunblock before you go outside. A
sunburn can make it harder for your body to
stay cool.
Is it ever too hot for your heart to
Whenever the temperature reaches 70
degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and
the humidity is 70 percent or higher, your
heart has to begin to work harder just to cool
your body. When the outdoor temperature
climbs into the 80s (Fahrenheit) or high
20s (Celsius) or beyond and there is high
humidity, the risk to your health also rises.
If you have heart disease, it is especially
critical that you avoid exercising when the
temperature and the humidity are both high.
Consider delaying any intense exercise until
the temperature has dropped and the humid-
ity has reduced, or consider doing your
doctor-approved exercise where the weather
won’t be a problem, such as in air condition-
ing or in a swimming pool.
Another important issue to consider when
planning your exercise for the summer
months is that some common heart medica-
tions, such as beta blockers and diuretics,
can also make you more susceptible to heat.
Ask your doctor about summertime exercise
guidelines that make sense for you based on
your medical history and current prescribed
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- What is Meditation?
health. Acclaimed as a natural stress relief method, it further help revitalize the mind and free the
spirit, and f acilitate improvements in both mental and physical health.
suited to manage pressure of urban life – and the health issues that result from them. In its mere 20
irrespective of age, religion or personal background.
Benefits of Bodhi Meditation:
Enhance Overall Physical and Mental Health
Help you with Stress Relief
Increase Spiritual Energy Flow
water dampened the carpet under his feet and his pants were soaking wet. However, immediately his legs felt much
in his eyes, Mr. Zhao said “Bodhi Meditation has given me a second life”
Chang Hua::
I had terrible pain in my knee because of a bone spur rubbing against the joint. I often heard pieces of bones rattling when I shook my leg.
I also had a bone spur on my nose and my lower back often hurt too. After the healing by Master Guan-Hai not only my knee was no
Registration Hotline: 909-612-9232 / 619-992-4065
Meditation & Energy Healing Classes: May 24th - May 26th, 2014 9:30 am - 6:20 pm
*All Fees Waived & Lunch Provided*
Special Energy Healing Event: May 25th, 2014 (Sunday) 10:00am - 1:00pm
*Free Admission & Auspicious Gift*
Location:Scottish Rite Event Center 1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108

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