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SINGLE PHASE CONVERTOR TYPE 540/541 PRODUCT MANUAL HA047490 Issue 3 ~ WARNING This equipment contains hazardous voltages and hazardous rotating mechanical components. Loss of life, severe personal injury or property damage can result if instructions contained in this manual are not followed. ‘Only qualified personnel should work on this equipment, and only after becoming familiar with all safety instructions regarding installation, operation and maintenance procedures contained in this manual. The successful and safe operation of this equipment is dependent on proper handling, installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment CONTENTS SECTION w eer an INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL DETAILS 2.1 GENERAL ..... 2.2 ELECTRICAL RATINGS ....... 23 MECHANICAL DETAILS. PRODUCT CODE 540/541 BASIC WIRING DIAGRAM 540 BLOCK DIAGRAM 541 BLOCK DIAGRAM CIRCUIT DIAGRAM FOR CALIBRATION BOARD CIRCUIT DIAGRAM FOR PRESET BOARD. BASIC SETTING UP & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ... 4.1 BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CONNECT POWER cece 42 PREPARATION .... 43 CHECKING THE DRIVE & SETTING UP 4.4 RUNNING PERFORMANCE ADJUSTMENTS 540/1 CONVERTOR TERMINAL ALLOCATION ..... INTERNAL OPTION SWITCHES ... DRIVE CONDITION INDICATORS DIAGNOSTIC UNIT (5570) SPARE PART IDENTIFICATION LIST 540, 541 MODIFICATION RECORD SALES & SERVICE ADDRESS LIST 1 ‘RODUCTIO! The 540/I single phase controllers are designed as armature voltage controllers for DC shunt motors up to 10'/,;KW (14HP). ‘The 540 regenerative controller is intended to provide a full 4 quadrant armature controller for motor Currents up to 35A. The 541 non regenerative controller provides 2 quadrant motor armature control in the same current range. Both controllers are capable of operating from either line to line ot line to neutral supplies up to 480V AC at 45 to 65Hz but require an additional auxiliary supply of 110/240V AC for the control circuits. The 540/541 controllers are designed as system products and incorporate as a standard feature a sophisticated electronic control system for speed and current control including a setpoint ramp for smooth acceleration and deceleration. Other standard features include field failure, fuse failure, motor ‘overtemperature and zero speed detection. The power circuits are fully isolated from the control circuits which allows simple interconnection of controllers to form a system, while customer inhibivenable inputs provide for safety interlocks. Alll units are designed for simple mounting by means of keyhole slots whilst control interconnections are made via simple two part connectors for easy removal. Only power connectors require the use of a screwdriver. Commissioning and the location of faults (both within the controller and external to it) are greatly assisted by built in Condition Indicators which show the status of the various system alarms. Further assistance is available by use of the optional Diagnostic Test unit type 5570 which provides access to 27 alarms, inputs and principal circuit nodes throughout the controller. This unit, which is available as a portable hand-held instrument also has output sockets for the connection of an oscilloscope, chart ‘540/541 Product Manval 1 INTRODUCTION