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Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG

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This is to certify that the summer project titled “BUYING BEHAVIOR OF THE
CONSUMERS FOR SPRANG” is an original work and is being submitted in partial
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Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG


Completing the project work is never one-man effort. It is often the result of valuable
contributions of a number of individuals in a direct or indirect manner that helps in shaping
and achieving stated objectives.

This project report bears the imprint of those who had rendered their wholehearted
support and encouragement without whose help this effort of mine would be in vain.

I express my deepest gratitude to our Director Dr. M. I. KHAN for giving us such an
opportunity in our curriculum to carry out independent research and understand the market to
the fullest extent.

My special thanks to Prof. S. P. DAS for providing extremely valuable inputs in the
very early stage of my project and helping me understand the objectives of the study.

I pay my sincere respect and gratitude to Mr. ARUN BALKI sir for guiding me
throughout the project and helping me to improve the study and enhance the absorption of the
subject matter with greater depth, insight and detail.

The completion of this project would have been extremely difficult without the never
ending and sincere help from my colleagues at VIVA IMS. The primary survey would never
have been completed in NAGPUR without help and support of Mr. GAIKWAD sir from
PBPL. Finally I thank the Almighty for creating an aura of favourable situations for me and
guiding me throughout the pathway.

Last but not the least, my endless appreciation goes to my family and friends who
has stood by my side and given me moral support whenever I was low and boosted my
will power.

Aniruddha A. Mohitkar

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Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG

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 Objective of the study 20
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 Research methodology 20
 Literature review 28
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This project report gives the brief idea about the. PBPL today is a very well known company in the biological supplements sector in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Every year the land under the agriculture is decreasing. Farmers are not aware of product. Today Y-O-Y agriculture growth (output) stands to around 3 %. Looking at the present scenario the methodology that has been executed to collect accurate data is through the survey of Nagpur and parts of Chandrapur districts of Maharashtra with the help of well designed questionnaire and the immediate responses of the farmers. Thus there is a need to increase the agricultural output along with quality in available land mass. Marketing expansion in progress for North & East India. Result was increase in production of wheat and rice making India a self sufficient country in terms of food production. now a days there is a huge demand of the product in south and west India along with some parts of Maharashtra (western Maharashtra). So with the naked benefits seen with the application of the products. “BUYING BEHAVIOR OF THE CONSUMERS FOR SPRANG”. the conclusion that can be drawn is the company should focus on the structure of its communication channels to design the strategies and implement the same in accordance with the locations and the demand of the biological supplements. Based on the findings through the survey. especially farmers and dealers of the agriculture products. 4 . Mr. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Executive summary We have been experiencing the benefits of green revolution which started in the mid of 1960s on experimental basis. governments strive hard to maintain the existing rate as well as increase the same to 4%. the agriculture sector is gripped in many problems. On the path of hard work and sincerity PBPL signifies the quality and purity of its products. it claims to increase output by almost 30% or more if used along with fertilisers under ideal conditions. so company should design the strategies in order to create the awareness about the product. dealers and distributers which shows the overall attitude of consumers towards the use of biological supplements in their farming activities. Arun Balki found an opportunity with the same objective and floated a company by name “PROOTHVI BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED” (PBPL) which trades in a product by name SPRANG made from seaweeds.

But in real situation. The projected world population by 2025 A. In fact population growing at a much faster rate than food production needs drastic action to increase yield. PBPL is the Manufacturer of eco-friendly and non-hazardous Agricultural inputs like Plant Growth Promoters. The total potential demand is very high for biological supplements taking into account the area cultivated. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. growth promoters. bio fertilizers and micronutrients. Proothvi Biotech today is playing key role by manufacturing and marketing eco- friendly and non-hazardous.D 8. 5 . Presently.Introduction:- Marketing is the continuous or ongoing process of defining anticipating and creating consumer needs and wants or organizing all the resources of the enterprise to satisfy consumer demand at the desirable profits to the integrated business activities designed to develop marketing plans and programs leading to the satisfaction of consumer want. or 15 percent of the total world population. intensive efforts are to be needed to step-up food production from the present level of 200 million tones to 240 million tones by 2010 AD Seventy percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas and most of them depend on agriculture. To feed the growing population in India. demand is much less due to various factors. At Present looking towards use of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides which is showing its effects on soil structure and textures also on the health of human beings. healthy solutions. through new quality biological products for agriculture use. 800 million people in the developing countries. proothvi biotech today is the well known company in biological supplement market in south and west India. and Micronutrients. Biotechnology revolution is only beginning and presents unique set of ethical. safety.1 Organisation profile:- Founded in the year 2005 with the objective of developing innovative solutions for the agriculture business/ crops. bio pesticides. 1. This growth is believed to bring natural resources and food supplies under further pressure. To increase the market demand farmers have to be educated thoroughly. are insecure in their food supplies.35 billion. Bio pesticides. Bio fertilizers.

believes that 'the growth of India is directly related to the growth of the rural areas'. 6 . He worked in the managerial capacity right from beginning of his marketing carrier and having very rich experience of agro marketing for 25 years. PBPL has already started an export of Sprang from March 2007. We deliver products and services that meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the sustainability of agriculture. the Chairman of Proothvi Biotech Private limited (PBPL) founded the company in the year 2005. Proothvi Biotech Private Limited. Arun Balki is a major promoter of company and is looking after all activities as a chairman & Managing Director of Proothvi Biotech Private limited. He is a driver for Innovation. Farmers being the central focus of rural India. Creativity. PBPL also strengthening advance R & D wing for quality assurance. Commitment and speed following the highest standards of professionalism. Inspiration and hard work across organization.1 Chairman’s desk :- Mr. Chairman focused on our important goal-providing quality products to the farmer. Chairman has built reputation of trust and faith amongst his peers and customers.Arun S. bio pesticides and bio fertilizers and Micronutrients for Agriculture.PBPL already has three biological products in pipeline to expand product portfolio by 2008.1. His Integrity. it becomes necessary to deliver them products and services that meet the needs of customers and contribute to the sustainability of agriculture. PBPL plans to go for global marketing and achieve 20 million dollars turnover by 2015. He is Postgraduate of Agriculture Soil Science. He also has very good business management skills and very deep financial understanding. Balki. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. His Vision is to develop PBPL as manufacturing and marketing specialized eco-friendly and non-hazardous products of best quality range like Biological growth promoters. He worked with Wockhardt limited right from the launching of their agro-division and made the Biozyme product brand leader in his operational areas.

systematic approach using modern technologies. eco-friendly solutions with highest level of competence. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1.2 management structure:- CHAIRMAN ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER MARKETING SUPERVISOR FACTORY SUPERVISOR SALES PERSONS WORKERS 7 . We believe that 'the growth of India is directly related to the growth of the rural areas'. value based farmer-focused company.2 Vision:- “To establish Proothvi Biotech Private Limited among the most innovative.1. Our aim is to win constantly the trust and respect of the farming community. We at PBPL are committed to enhance the quality of life of the farmers by providing them Innovative.” 1.

water utilization systems and management programs and advanced seed and root stock hybridization. PBPL had already started export in Malaysia and expected to start three more countries in next six months. Company also supplying bulk Sprang to few quality cautious companies in India with brand name Crysopa & Biogene. These include conventional fertilizers. fungicides. and In Third phase Bio pesticides etc by 2009. The agricultural sciences have developed a large and growing number of resources to help meet these demands. The typical chemical fertilizer contains three elements important to plant growth: nitrogen. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. Chemical fertilizers are now being extensively used in agriculture. Sprang Germinator and Sprang granules.3 Products:- In the first phase PBPL launched Sprang foliar. Second phase launch of Micronutrients and Bio fertilizers like Phosphate Solubilising Biofertilizers. Marketing expansion in progress for North & East India. Proothvi Biotech had successfully launch product “SPRANG” in 9 states of South and West India. They must be converted by the enzymes in the existing biochemical 8 . phosphorus and potassium (NPK). pesticides. Many of these approaches are energy based and are increasingly becoming cost prohibitive. The efficient production of food to meet the demand of world’s exploding population is now universally recognized to be the most urgent human and political concern facing mankind. Azotobacter. Rhizobium. herbicides.

Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Organisms in the plant into basic tissue building blocks.They are routinely used worldwide in different crops. resistance of plant to stress. which results in only very small quantities of material being applied. standardized and high quality Seaweed granular extract and proteins fermented in presence of beneficial microbes under controlled conditions. Fig. Why Sprang Seaweed extracts have long been used in agriculture and horticulture? Ans:. However. resulting in increased growth rates. Sprang has solved this dilemma with biological supplements to remedy these deficiencies. These extracts are capable of having an effect at a low concentration. It is a natural product derived from seaweed from the unpolluted nutrition. increased uptake of inorganic constituents from the Soil. greater health and vigor in the plant and ultimately greater yields. resistance to frost and reduction in storage losses of fruit. Sprang is a concentrated. Through the use of biological enzyme complexes. the limiting factor in the utilization of fertilizing compounds is the availability of these enzymes to make these conversions for specific plant growth processes. Seaweeds 9 . This conversion process slowed if there is a biochemical deficiency resulting in the inefficient use of the chemical fertilizer. Q. A wide range of beneficial effects have been reported from the use of Liquid seaweed extracts including increase crop yields.

activators or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG The introduction of Sprang contains a full complement of metabolically active compounds. At the initial stage PBPL has launched 3 products:-  Sprang Granules  Sprang(liquid)  Sprang Germinator 10 . These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as regulatory signals.

Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. The application of Sprang Granules thus. becomes trouble-free and can be applied as basal dressing and top dressing in the standing crops.. It is scientifically user-friendly soil-degradable granular formulation for better inoculation in the field. non-hazardous. Ltd. These granules when applied to soil release nutrients in plant rhizosphere thus stimulate growth of beneficial microorganisms and provide nutritional support to plant at critical stages of growth. and safe biological product compatible with granular pesticides except which are of alkaline in nature. A unique product produced by mixing animal origin and seaweed extract in scientifically controlled conditions.3. which acts as an additional biological nourishment for soil. Sprang granules is storehouse for numerous nutrients in readily available form.1 Sprang Granules:- Sprang Granules is a Biotechnology Research product manufactured by Proothvi Biotech Pvt. 11 . Sprang Granules is eco friendly.

Mustard. Coffee. Spices. and Turmeric. Mulberry. Ginger. Bengal gram. Banana. Horse gram. Oil Seeds: Ground Nut. Rubber. Cole crops (Cabbage. Cumin. 12 . Pulses: Soybean. Red gram. Cauliflower. Green Gram. Condiments. Opium. Maize. Guava. Sprang Granules usage is suggested for following crops:- Horticultural Crops: Chilies. Plantations: Coconut. Orange. and Sugarcane. Mango. Ginger. Gardens. potato. and Papaya. Tobacco. Onion. Okra. Garlic. Commercial Crops: Cotton. Black gram. fodder crops etc. Melons. Seasamum. Pea. Safflower. Grapes. Drum stick. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Sprang Granules helps to increase soil micro flora and it improves soil fertility. Tomato. Brinjal. Ber. Cow pea. Golf course. and Sorghum. Field Crops: Rice. floriculture. Tuber crops: Garlic. Cucurbits. Turmeric. Cardamom. Coriander. Chick pea. Areca nut. Sprang Granules helps to increase higher yield and better quality produce. Citrus. Tea. spinach. Pomegranate. and Sunflower. Cashew. Sweet potato. Narcotics: Black pepper. water holding capacity and porosity. Vegetables: Beans. Apple. Wheat. Know-How). Linseed. Others: Green house.

2) Develop root mass and root hairs and increased supply of sufficient nutrition for plant. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Benefits of sprang granules:- 1) Helps to increase soil micro flora and ultimately its fertility. 3) Improve water holding capacity and porosity of soil. frost & diseases. 5) Helps to improve the resistance against stress condition like drought. 6) Improvement in yield by 10 % to 20 % & best quality of produce. 13 . 4) Break down complex molecule into simpler form. which provides strong support to enhance plant metabolism and development.

Application Of Sprang (foliar):- Sprang (foliar) is a biological nutritional support intended for foliar application on plants. trees and other types of plant tissue. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. Resulting in increased growth rates.2.3. The dried granulated seaweed powder and other biological inputs undergo this specialized Lactobacilli process to formulate Sprang. Sprang (liquid):- Sprang (Foliar) (Unique biological supplements for the plants) Sprang (foliar) is unique biological supplements for the plants developed by Proothvi Biotech Private Limited through high tech fermentation process and innovative biological production technique. greater health and vigor of the plant and ultimately higher yields. 14 . Particularly when responses within short growing periods are demanded.

Product’s components dissolve in water. Uniform quality of grains / produce c. Improvement in Quality- a. Improvement in size of grains/ fruits. Improved cation exchange capacity of plant ultimately more uptake of nutrients. 5. Increased yield through - a. Develop root mass and root hairs. 2. d. However. Increase taste of fruits / Grains d. 7. to be applied on the leaves of the plant. Better retention of flowers / fruits and Grains. separate dilution of Sprang (foliar) in water is needed before mixing with pesticides. Improvement in translocation and utilization of available nutrients b. Increase resistance to adverse climatic conditions like Drought and frost. SPRANG (foliar) benefits:- 1. Sprang ((foliar) can be mixed with most liquid /soluble fertilizers and insecticides. Increase shelf life of Fruits and Flowers. 4. In the leaf Sprang is translocated (transported) quickly through the mesophyll cells or through the inter-cellular spaces to the vascular system and by the vascular system to the plant organs where it is needed. and enter through the stomata and the leaf surface waxes. Early germination of seeds and healthy vigor of young seedlings. 15 . 6. Improve color and shining of produce b. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Sprang (foliar) has been designed as a foliar spray. Develop resistance to Viral and fugal diseases. 3. Improvement in Auxiliary and lateral bud development c. waterloging etc.

The embryo inside the seed coat needs water and temperature to get its metabolism activated and to start the growth of embryo. Use of Sprang Germinator:- Sprang Germinator is unique formulation. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. Doses for Seed Treatment – 2. A specific combination developed by mixing animal origin and vegetable based products under scientifically controlled fermentation process to give strong boost in early stage of plants What is Special in Sprang Germinator? Seeds remain viable for diverse length of time and depend on species and outside atmospheric conditions.3. and warm temperature to allow the chemistry of life to proceed. For Root Treatment .3. Initial nutrition to the germinating seed is provided by Cotyledons and after that seeds require extra outside nutrition to survive in the outer world. Sprang Germinator helps to develop root deeper and sideways it also helps to reduced Abscisic acid within seed to break dormancy.5 ml per Kg . They need some moisture to get their biochemistry activated.5 to 3. Prepare the solution of Sprang Germinator 16 . Sprang Germinator (For Small seeds) For Seed Treatment Mix with 25 to 50 ml water and apply on seeds before sowing. Sprang Germinator (for bigger seeds) 4 to 5 ml per Kg . The emerging seedling thus gets energy to fight the environment stress and grows up to a healthy plant. Sprang Germinator provides the same extra nutrition through its storehouse of available nutrients. Treated seed to be kept in shade before sowing for 15 to 45 minutes for drying. which can be used for seed treatment of all crops/ plants and treated roots before transplanting. Sprang Germinator:- (Biological booster for seeds and Roots) Sprang Germinator is also an innovative product developed with Biotechnology Research.

Improved resistance against soil-borne diseases & pests. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1-2 ml / 100 ml water. (1% . Benefits when seeds treated with sprang:- 1. 17 . Develop more root hairs and more root development 3. Best quality produce and fetch more prices at market place. Breaking Seed dormancy. 5. Healthy and early germination of seeds. More healthy and dark green seedling 5. 6. Absorb transplanting shock and helps for early establishment of seedlings.2% solution). 2. Provide more nutrition’s helps for stronger thick stem plants. 4. 4. 2. Increase in resistance against soil-borne diseases & pests. Benefits when roots treated with sprang:- 1. Longer root development and more root hairs. Spray Sprang solution on roots of seedlings or dip roots in Sprang solution for 10 minutes before transplanting. Increase germination percentage of seeds 3.

Procedure of production goes as below:- Complete procedure can not disclosed. Hengan area at NAGPUR. PBPL also strengthening advance R & D wing for quality assurance.large fermenters used for the fermentation 18 . Hingna. General process of production is:- Seaweeds + Protiens Fermetation Microbes Sprang Figure: . Currently the company is situated in nearly 2000-2500 sqft area rented by the company anchor in MIDC. INDIA. Production unit consists of 8-10 workers supervised by a supervisor. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1.4 Plant:- PBPL is situated in NAGPUR. and NAGPUR. The production unit is in MIDC. MAHARASHTRA. Currently PBPL is executing its work from the head office based in NAGPUR.

competition. decision making. client and customers. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 1. Hence the studies have become thorough. sales promotion. Problem statement:- Nowadays research studies are numerous and whenever a need for a study arises.  The product awareness about biological supplements is very low. 2. There is an administrative officer who is taking care of delivery. Even after less employee strength company is able to deliver the order at the committed date either to distributers or to dealers. packaging. satisfaction. A qualified supervisor is there in production unit who is taking care production. At present there are 8-10 workers in company. majority of works attributed to consumer products are linked with the areas of consumer perception. etc.  Demonstration given was not fruitful in the respected villages which created a wrong perception about the product in the mind of people.  Farmers perceived that fertilizers and these biological supplements are under same product line  They don’t believe on novice products because before this many companies had gone to their villages and sold low quality products or completely ineffective product. Marketer should understand the price sensitivity of a consumer in a rural area. quality. 19 . Management researcher they technically deep into the study which results in the origin of a pure technical report which is accessible persons in those areas.5 Capacity:- Production wise it takes near about 4-6 days to produce a batch of 1700 litres after passing through various processes including fermentation.

usage. The quantum of information on this subject matter is enormous and updated. reach and effectiveness in the farm land and plant trade. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 2.  To find out the attributes on which farmer’s purchasing psychology about the product depends  To find out the satisfaction level. 2. 2. and scope of the biological supplements in the farm land and plant trade.  This study helps to identify the promotional activities.tha data was collected through direct questioning to 20 .2Scope of the study:-  This study helps to find factors influencing purchases. Although the project does not entitle for a primary research but for the validity and reliability of the research and better perception of the subject a primary research was undertaken in the selected regions . The secondary sources such as internet and news articles cover almost all sections and geographic locations.  This study helps to find the source of awareness of the brand  This study helps to find the satisfaction level of customers.1Objectives of the study:-  To ascertain the awareness.The primary survey was conducted in the selected regions to get some idea of the subject matter.3 Research methodology:- The basic knowledge about the brands and their promotion has to be gathered thorough the secondary data available on the internet and the documents available in the institute library.

JUNEWANI VILLAGE 2. GONDPIPRI c. KOCHI 4. TAKLI BHANSALI 3. The following sites had been identified and surveyed. target of the survey was farmers:- 1. MANDHAL c. KHAKASANA DEALERS SURVEY:- 1. SAONER TALUKA:- a. NAGPUR TALUKA a. TISHTI 5. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG farmers and dealers. KATOL TALUKA a. NAGPUR (HINGNA TALUKA):- a. NARSALA b. NAGPUR:- a. NIMJI b. BRAHMAPURI b. MANGLI VILLAGE c. KUHI 2. CHANDRAPUR a. KINHI VILLAGE b. KALMESHWAR TALUKA a. NALAJ 21 . PIMPALGAON d. UMRED b.

4Data Analysis and Findings :- The data analysis is to be done using statistical tools and techniques. 22 . The primary data was collected by way of a non-disguised primary survey in the selected areas. The findings are to be reported with the help of suitable graphs and diagrams where ever required.3. The total sample collected was 100 respondents (non-overlapping).3. The result is to be critically analysed and every aspect of the objectives to be dealt with great detail.1Sampling:- Random sampling was done for interview of the respondents. closed ended and multiple industry choices. 2.2Data Collection :- The secondary data was collected from the sources such as institute library. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 2. It was a mixture of open ended. The survey was done with the help of a semi structured questionnaire having MCQs for fact based responses and Open ended questions for opinion based responses. agriculture magazines and internet along with some meetings with subject matter experts. 2. The words were simple and help in avoiding confusing and misunderstanding among the respondents.3Questionnaire design:- The questionnaire used for data collection. A sample of 5-10 respondents per village was interviewed.3. the data is a structured one. The comparative analytical findings are to be reported for most aspects of the objectives. The research was carried out for a period of 30 days.3. 2.

Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Table1: Classification on the awareness of biological supplements:- Aware of B.S. 120 100 80 68 68 60 No YES 40 20 32 32 0 respondents percentage 23 . Respondents Percentage YES 32 32% NO 68 68% Interpretation:- Based on our survey 32% respondents are aware of biological supplements. Graph1: Classification on the awareness of biological supplements.

 24 respondents are not using the biological supplements. Usage Respondents Percentage Yes 8 25% No 24 75% Interpretation:-  Among the 32 samples 8 respondents are using the biological supplements in their farm land. Graph2: Classification based on the usage of biological supplements. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Table2: Classifications based on the usage of biological supplements. 80 75 70 60 50 40 Respondent Percentage 30 25 24 20 10 8 0 Yes No 24 .

5 12.5% Hiramoti 2 25% Pragati biotech 1 12. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Table3: Various supplements used by the respondents.5 10 4 1 2 1 0 Respondents Percentage 25 .  One respondent is using product of Pragati biotech. Respondents Percentage PBPL 1 12.  Maximum 4 respondents are using Wockhardt’s product. 60 50 50 40 PBPL 30 Hiramoti 25 Pragati biotech 20 Wockhardt 12. Name of co. Graph3: Various supplements used by the respondents.5% Wockhardt 4 50% Interpretation:-  Only one respondent is using product of PBPL.  Two respondents are using product of Hiramoti.

Reasons why respondents purchase the product.  2 respondents told that because of both efficiency and availability they purchased the product. Representation 4:.Reasons told by the respondents 6 Efficiency 2 Availability 26 .  In all 8 people purchased the product. Price Availability Packaging Efficiency Ecofriendly Respondents 0 2 0 8 0 Interpretation :-  6 respondents told that only because of efficiency they purchased the product. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Table 4:.

Attributes stated by the farmers. 90 84 84 80 70 60 50 Quality Campainig 40 Price Free samples 30 24 24 20 10 4 4 4 4 0 Respondents Percentage 27 . Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Q. What are the attributes the company and product should look up so that farmers will purchase the product? Response :- Quality Campaigning Price Free samples Respondents 84 24 4 4 Percentage 84 24 4 4 Graph 5:.

farmer’s works in the field throughout the year. It has become a seasonal bussines.  Since the study was limited to a specific period (may – July 09). Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 2. Most of the farmers are dependant on the rain water in vidarbha. Irregular weather conditions creating many difficulties in farming.3. 28 .  The findings in this study are purely dependent on the answers of the respondents.still there are some areas where the irrigation exists.  The information recorded is based on the opinion and reactions of the respondents as on the date of research.  The data pertaining to the project were gathered by referring to books and journals. The purpose of the literature review is to ensure that no important variable that has in the past been found heatedly to have an impact on the problem is ignored. hence the results cannot be generalized. 2. Farming is no more a business which farmers can do through out the year.  The results hold validity for specified group (farmers) and cannot generalize.4 Literature review:- Rural marketing:- It is the documentation of a comprehensive review of the published and unpublished work from secondary and also primary data in the areas of specific interest of the researcher.5 Limitations of the study:-  The study is confined to Nagpur and chandrapur districts only. further qualitative research on the topic was not possible.  Some of the people surveyed were not the full time farmers so they are partially unaware farming.

 Most of the traders and farmers maintain the mutual relationship with Company so that they should enjoy the schemes and concessions provided by the company.5% of these 8 %( 1 of 8 people) are using the product of PBPL. Wide use of the chemical fertilizers are resulting in the soil erosion.  Based on the survey one person of 100 who is using PBPL product is happy with product in terms of quality and efficiency. Findings:-  Based on the survey 32% people are aware of biological supplement. Though there are some areas where people are getting more yielding year on year.  50% of these 8 %( 4 of 8 people) are using wockhardt product which is the biggest threat to company. Plants are not getting enough minerals. Microbes responsible for symbiotic association with the plant are vanishing. This waste acts as a bio fertiliser for the plants resulting in the increase in yielding. Reason behind that they are using the water which heavily consists of plant and animal waste.  Only 8% people are using biological supplements of different companies.  It can be inferred that 25% of the respondents who knows about these supplements ignored their application due to high price.  The consumption level of these supplements is low because the plants are grown for a certain period. 3. Because of low quality crops they are not getting expected returns in monetary terms from the government.  Only 12. 30 % respondents ignored by the better 29 .They are not much cautious about the quality. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Farmers of vidarbha still talks about the quantity of the crop. Heavy use of these chemical fertilizers resulting into decrease in the yielding year on year.

public relations can be used.  To explore the farmer’s interest. 4.  There is consistency in yielding from many years. event. Company should focus on to improve the communication channels. company can organize intensive promotional campaign exclusively for the farmers. Suggestions and recommendations:-  From the survey it is found that people are attracted toward the product only when:-  There is decease in yielding year on year. Campaigning can be done through personal channels or non personal channels.  The company should concentrate more on advertisement of biological supplements through farmer contact programs. If possible contact number of the farmer can be added. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG response of other fertilizer than these supplements. Finally rest of the respondents ignored by other valuable reasons. Generally the upper half of front page is more effective. Expert channels can also be used effectively. As a new entrant in this local market company needs to promote its brand in such areas. personal channels includes sales persons who gives the demonstration on the plant in farm land.  There is increase in yielding but decrease in quality of the crop. Advertising through news papers can be done as most of the farmers do read news papers daily. Advertising should be on the page where it will get farmer’s attention. Non personal channels like print media. To make an advertise more effective photo of one of the farmers who is using the product can be published. sales promotion. 30 .  Company is not having a full time sales persons in order to give effective demonstration in the farm land. The professional in the agriculture sector would attract people’s attention more.

Day by day the involvement of government and many other private companies is increasing in the contract farming activity. set the target in front of him and let him enjoy the product in less price. This person can be used as a dealer for that particular area. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG  Create awareness about the product and the company.  Usage in contract farming. Organising the seminars in villages through the contacts of localide of that village would help to aware people about the product and its benefits which might help company to built reputation (branding). Once he starts believe on the product he will tell others in village to use the product.  As a new entrant in the market company can focus the villages nearby the village where people or a person is using the product (depending on the results). Give free demonstration to his land and take his feedback. so that there will be the demand for product throughout the year. Sponsorship in the events usually held in village can also help to build brand image. so it would be it would be an advantage for the company if that other company is promoting its product. After achieving the higher target again increase the profit margin to him.  Focus on the person who can influence rest of the village. Finally restrict the profit margin equal to other dealer’s profit margin. It would help people to know more about the product as their neighbours are using the product. 31 . With the help of such bodies company can promote the product. Company can do the contract with company and government bodies who are involved into contract farming business. Company can appoint a professional who has many contacts with farmers and a good image in the community of farmers. this might motivate them to use the product. Company can focus on the area where there is an irrigation facility. Once farmers got belief that this product is actually a good product then they by their own starts recommending product to others. 5. 3.en. Koshy and Jha – 13E. 32 .esnipe. www. Keller. www.  The user level of these biological supplements is low. Conclusion:-  The awareness of supplements is in better position only.wikipedia. Bibliography:- 1. but their satisfaction level is in better condition. 4. 6.scribd. but the usage is not that much in farming. Marketing Management by Kotler. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 5.magazine for farmers.

Q. 9-How? Cash or credit  Cash / Credit-why? Q.4-Are you using any supplement to increase yield? Yes / No. price b. availability c. 8-From where do you purchase it? Dealer’s name.3 which crops are you taking? Main Q Q. Bio fertilizer c. Q.7-Have you seen any changes in quality and quantity of crop? Yes/no  If yes then in what %? Q. Packaging d.5-If yes then of which company? Q. Chemical fertilizer b. ecofriendly Q. 2-Why do you use this fertilizer? Q. efficiency e. Q. Organic manure Q.6-Why are you using that particular supplement? a.10-Are you satisfied with the type of business he is in with you? (then we can supply our product to that dealer. recommendation f. then why? 33 . Micronutrients d. 1-What type of fertilizers are you using? a. QUESTIONNAIRE SAMPLE-1 General Q. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG 7.)  If not.

6-How farmers prefer to purchase from you? Cash/credit Q.2-Which type supplements are you dealing with? a.11.4-How often farmers demands this in a year? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Micronutrients d. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Q. Biological supplements b.5-Is there any discount or scheme on this provided by company or from your side? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q.8-Margin you are getting? (If you wish to) From quality product and general product.7-Which type of payment would u prefer the most?  How does this type of payment benefits to you and farmers? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Q. Other (____________) Q.1-Which type of fertilizers are you dealing with? a. a.Any recommendations? QUESTIONNAIRE SAMPLE-2 FOR dealer- Q. Bio fertilizer c.3-Which is the most preferred supplement used in this area? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Chemical fertilizer b. Organic manure Q. Your expectations about margin? ---------------------------------------- 34 .

Company had appointed the sales persons.If the company focuses to market its product in the area where there is facility of irrigation. where farmers takes crops throughout the year and appoint the sales persons there. they are not ready to join the firm. Buying behaviour of the consumer for SPRANG Q. 35 .December. Appendix:- Problem:. Reason:. This thing will create work throughout the year for them which means they will be employed by the company throughout the year. Why should they left the job which is providing them employment for the whole year. Solution :. after working for one day or couple they left the company just because they have got the job somewhere else or they don’t want to work. In the regions like vidarbha product like this is having sales during the month of july. What about rest of the period of the year. 8.9-Any recommendations from your side. This thing might be creating the insecurity of the job in their mind.One of the reason behind that might be job security.