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You’ll find outstanding features

available on the Specialist
Walk-in models
Cab-Body Access Door Seagrave Cab
• Door located between the cab and the • Seagrave custom cabs
front of the body • Stainless steel enclosed
• Features a complete bellows-type seal
• Convenient sideways-sliding open and
close design
cage design
• Stainless steel or aluminum
cab construction
• Built in window for visual contact from • Full-tilt, split-tilt and extended tilt
either side of door cab designs — all from 2 to 10 Walk-In and Walk-Around Rescues with Seagrave Custom Chassis
person capacity Seagrave Service
• Minimum 58" floor-to-ceiling height Seagrave Fire Apparatus
Body Floor in cab
• Non-slip treadplate over 3/4" plywood
• Flat or optional 8" and 14" raised roofs
are sold and serviced by a
sub-floor nationwide, factory-trained
• Minimizes noise through floor
dealer organization that is
• Helps retain interior temperatures Chassis readily available to assist
• Meritor (MFS) front axle,
Independent Front Suspension, and with all your service and
Body Ceiling and Walls Large double-door access
• Rigid-foam insulated
FWD semi-elliptical, constant-rate, technical support needs for
spring front suspensions the total Seagrave product;
• 1/4" washable white vinyl coated, medium
• Reyco, Neway, Hendrickson and
density fiberboard
FWD semi-elliptical constant rate
including cabs, chassis,
• A bright interior that’s easy to keep clean rear suspensions bodies, pumps, ladders and
• Drum or 17" EX225H disc brakes aerial components. In
addition, these professionals
Interior Lighting
• Windows
• Dynamic variable section frames
available can help with specifying all Specialist
• Skylight • Specially designed front
bumper frames
the many features and
• LED dome lights
options on your new custom
• Mini fluorescent lights
Seagrave. Your local
Available Engines Seagrave dealer can be
HVAC (Cab Dependent)
Walk-in hallway looking towards the rear • Detroit Series 60
identified on the Seagrave
• Two Heating/AC combination units:
 5,000 BTU heating • CAT C9, C13 web site, or by calling us.
 25,000 BTU cooling
• Cummins ISL, ISM

Action Wall Electrical System
• Wired and strengthened wall for mounting • All NFPA compliant
and accessing various switches and • Seagrave Custom Chassis
• 110/220V and duplex receptacles
• Generators — hydraulic, diesel and
• Stainless Steel and Aluminum Cabs
PTO driven
Electrical Systems • Stainless Steel Bodies
• Heavy-duty 12-volt wiring
• Line voltage supplied by 120/240V power
• Square D 24-unit circuit breaker
• Shore-line system to all 120VAC electrical
devices to be powered from both the on- Phone: 715-823-2141
board generator and from shore power
Fax: 715-823-5768
Effective 3/06 Specifications subject to change without Clintonville, WI
notice. Photos shown may include optional equipment and
accessories, and may not include all standard equipment.
Skylight/roof access
© 2006 Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC All rights reserved.
SG-128 4/06 10M INPR

transmissions or satellite toolboards. • Under body storage compartments Air. rooftop compartments and Air cylinder storage in • Water tanks equipment center walkway wheel wells — taking • Winches advantage of all available Rooftop walkway with optional light tower space Side and rear awnings with manual or power operation . the • Benches Built-in cabinets. dividers and pegboard communications from floors and ceilings to drawers and doors … the best materials. Turtle Tile for connecting phone. roll-up or lap-type every detail from bumper to bumper — double panel doors including your budget. the power. Then connect and immediately accessible • Ground ladder compartments with a Seagrave dealer to explore and specify each of the variables and construction details. When you’ve got a special task • Fold-up steps Portable winch receivers in • Air compressors ahead of you. The Specialist Rescues carry on the Rooftop Access Seagrave tradition of superior • Ladder Accessories construction and high-performance design • Built-in steps • Absorbent storage hoppers features. roll-out trays. you’ll have control over • Heavy-duty. • Scuffplating for interior doors available Exterior weatherproof port From cab construction and chassis • Floor options: Dri-Dek. readily Available on the Seagrave Specialist Rescues available. data suspension to doorways and stairways … • Adjustable shelves. ready built-in refrigerator with diamond-plated door. A Variety of Built-in Specialty Items are Specialist Custom-constructed compartment doors. the board. dry-erase compartmentalization. Shown here is a • Desks Versatile and dependable. respond with the confidence wheel well Roll-out trays for easy tool access Air cylinder storage • Air hose reels of a Specialist. Through this custom • Spatter paint interior design approach. • Radio cabinets • Library to meet a future of possibilities Hinged exterior compartment door with locking Roll-up interior compartment doors provide Louvered interior compartment doors allow • Refrigerator D-ring handle provides secured storage instant access to stored equipment pharmaceuticals access to heat and A/C • Air cylinder storage Build your Seagrave Specialist Rescue • Suit compartments from the ground up with the space. desk. mounted on Use this brochure as an overview of the • Wheel well air bottle compartments cab or body many features and options available on • Air bag. backboard and stokes basket compartments Wheel chocks conveniently your Specialist Rescue. compartments • Awnings • Cable reels Shown here is a heavy-duty • Cascade air systems Specialist Rescue • Communication equipment • Dry-erase boards • Fill stations Fold-up steps (where needed) • Interior ventilation • Light towers Highly Functional Rooftop Walkways • Over pack drum storage • Receiving tubes Dedicated to quality since 1881 • Well-lit end to end • Security equipment • Diamond plated for non-slip surface • Tool boards • Provide access to topside • Water pumps Stairs to rooftop compartments and Water-tight. sliding window. designs and configurations are available on the Compartment Types Specialist Rescues to fit the most • Transverse compartments demanding requirements. electric and hydraulic reels Storage compartments for suits • Rooftop storage compartments Light towers. cab-body access door functional variety and mission performance Specialty storage compartments designed for Compartment Construction all your needs to adequately handle any situation your • Sweep out floor design department may face.